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Cold Mountain Download by Charles Frazier

Click Here to Download the Book The protagonist of Charles Frazier's initial novel is Inman, a disenchanted Confederate soldier who did not die as presumed after being gravely injured in a conflict In the course of the final days of the Civil War. Instead of hanging around to be sent back to the front lines, the soul-sick Inman runs off, and commences on a perilous and solitary journey through the traumatized South, making his way home to North Carolina and endeavoring solely to be rejoined with his dearest, Ada, who herself has been striving to keep up the family homestead she inherited. Cold Mountain is a intensely-imagined addition to the printed works of one of the most transformational eras in the history of America.

Reviews Cold Mountain is superb, but it's very dense and slow moving, so it's obviously (judging from the wildly different reviews here) not for everybody. But I was held spellbound. However, you kind of want a dictionary at your side when you read Cold Mountain, but just any dictionary won't do. Frazier uses farming terms from the era of which he writes, the American Civil War, and some of the names for those pieces of equipment simply won't appear in your pocket Webster's. But know what? Skip it. Just keep reading - and reading and reading and reading. It's a long book, but I finished it in about 2 days. It's that good. Inman is a wounded soldier. Ada, his love, is back on Cold Mountain keeping the home fires burning. The book alternates between Ada's story of her life on the farm with Ruby, a loner who just materializes one day and offers to help run the man-less farm - and with Inman's story of trying to get back to Ada, wandering the countryside with grievous injuries, trying to keep out of the way of the bounty hunters and other baddies. Frazier's novel is full of dense details of nature, farming, war, the countryside, and the social milieu of the 1860s. The prose is elegant, the details are said to be stunningly accurate, and the story is spellbinding. No wonder it won the National Book Award. Can't wait to see the film, tho I have trouble visualizing glamorous Renee Zelweger as the plain Ruby; if she manages to lose herself in that dificult part, she'll surely win an Oscar.

Even rustic Cold Mountain, NC feels the cold embrace of the Civil War and most of its young men answer the call to fight. Some of the more hardened stay behind and form the Home Guard, which amounts to nothing more than a group of violent men intent on delivering their own brand of justice to those they call outliers, deserters of the war. This is the story of two people in Cold Mountain who meet, are separated by the war, and meet again, both drastically changed by the hardships they’ve endured. Inman, a Confederate soldier, walks away from the hospital where he’s being treated for a near-fatal wound and begins his long journey to reach Ada, the one woman he hopes can save him from his despair over humanity. Ada Monroe is a socialite whose preacher father took her to the isolated backcountry of Cold Mountain, NC. When Ada’s father dies shortly after the war begins,

she finds herself alone and destitute. To her rescue comes Ruby, a homeless young woman who lives her life relying on natural signs. Ruby teaches Ada many life lessons, foremost of which, how to survive on her own. While working his way back to Ada, Inman encounters every sort of danger imaginable, from men intent on killing him to wild animals. Ada encounters her own hardships, from starvation to hard living. The two work toward one another, physically and mentally, and when they meet have reached the point where their lives can merge into something truly beautiful. Cold Mountain is a fascinating read; filled with historical and geographical information wrapped around a beautiful love story. Frazier’s style is eloquent, lyrical, and mesmerizing. He uses unique phraseology relative to the time of the story and delivers characters the reader does not soon forget.

One would be hard pressed to think of any words of praise that have not already been heaped upon Charles Frazier's Civil War masterpiece "Cold Mountain." Winner of the National Book Award, it has been called "Magnificent," "Impressive and enthralling," "Magnetic." These views were shared by millions of readers who bought the book and eagerly shared it with friends. Fortunately, my task is not to amplify the accolades that "Cold Mountain" has already received but to focus on the unabridged audio version read by the author. Many have called Mr. Frazier a born storyteller, that appellation proves true in his sometimes intense, always understanding reading. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, he brings appropriate voice to the saga of Inman, a wounded Confederate soldier who leaves his regiment to begin a trek home to Ada, the woman he loves, and a farm on Cold Mountain. Set against a backdrop of the last days of the Civil War and the changes that will bring much drama is found in the people Inman meets along the way and in his relationship to the ravaged land he encounters. The recent release of "Cold Mountain" as a major motion picture starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger will undoubtedly win this popular novel countless new fans. Yet a very special pleasure is to be found in listening to the story read by its author. Mr. Frazier has said in an interview that Inman is based upon his great great uncle and his great grandfather, both of whom were soldiers in the Civil War. In effect, this is a family story beautifully imagined and related. Charles Frazier is the one man who could write it; he is the one man to give it voice.

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