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Navigating The Progra Laurentian Environmental Center is an accredited residential learning center that is owned and operated by Mounds View Public Schools. Educational programs are hands-on discovery oriented, and aligned with Minnesota’s state graduation standards. Open year-round with day and overnight programs, Laurentian provides activities that are weather appropriate and geared to grade and group levels.

Open year-round with day and overnight seasonal programs, Laurentian provides activities that are geared to grade and group levels, including:


Environmental education classes

Large group activities

Bog Ecology

Predator Prey

Boreal Forest


Cross Country Skiing  Fire Ecology


Lake Ecology



Map and Compass

Northern Mammals

Nature Jeopardy



Outdoor Survival



Ultimate Frisbee

Wildlife Management

Wild Munchies

Woodworking for Wildlife

Scavenger Hunts

Ice Fishing

Ojibway Lifestyle


Cross Country Skiing

Life Below Freezing


Climbing Wall


Buckskinner Bob

Challenge Courses

Canoeing & Boating

Leapers and Creepers

Whitetail Deer


Evening programs

Recreation activities



am Activities are led by qualified and caring staff who hold degrees in one or more of the following areas: biology, natural resource management, outdoor recreation and education, environmental studies or education.

Laurentian is committed to enforcing the “12 Habits of

Mind.” Activities are designed to offer students opportunities to develop key life skills. Lessons encourage students to adopt these 12 mindsets: • persisting •  managing impulsivity •  listening and understanding •  thinking flexibly •  striving for accuracy •  questioning and problem posing •  applying past knowledge to new situations •  thinking and communicating with clarity

Programs are specially designed for specific grade levels to align with schools’ curriculum. Laurentian is the only environmental center in the state that provides specialized programming for high school alternative learning centers and high school leadership and post‑secondary planning. Staff are knowledgeable of Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies (PBIS) programs and initiatives and have incorporated key concepts into grade-level programs. Laurentian will also work with school groups to help reinforce school-based behavioral strategies and other programs while attending Laurentian.

•  creating, imagining and innovating • engagement • teamwork •  continuous learning

For class descriptions and a full list of programs, visit


Located in the Superior National Forest, overlooking Arrowhead Lake, Laurentian Environmental Center offers access to hundreds of acres of wilderness. The property includes 100-acre pristine lake access and hiking and ski trails that connect with the Big Aspen hiking and ski trails.

CABINS  Students are assigned to one of Laurentian’s six dorms. The facility’s bunk configuration includes 164 beds.

In addition to indoor classroom space, the Center maintains a 12-station Challenge Course, a 32-foot outdoor climbing wall, an archery range, canoes and rowboats, a sauna, an outdoor campfire theatre and a large playing field.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Laurentian is a wilderness site and much of the program is outdoors in a rustic setting. There are many features at Laurentian that make this experience more accessible for students with disabilities such as an physically accessible cabin located close to the dining hall, accessible paved trails to some activity sites, and the availability of school staff to support students who might need extra assistance. Individual advance planning should be addressed for students with a

disability to participate in the Laurentian educational program. Planning for a student’s trip to Laurentian will be discussed on an individual basis and documented on their Section 504 Plan, Individual Health Plan or Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Plan. Teams, including the parent, will meet to discuss appropriate accommodations available at the Laurentian site and program how each student can participate based on individual needs.



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The on-site dining facility seats 175 and serves healthy home-cooked meals from menus developed by a dietician. Menu items vary. Food and snacks are not allowed in the sleeping cabins. Chewing gum is not allowed at Laurentian.



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Chicken n uggets and Fren ch fries Sloppy Jo es





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Spaghetti and bread

Potato ch ip




Pizza and salad

Milk, pun ch

Chicken and mashed potatoes Vegetables Fruit Milk, water Dessert

SNACKS may include

Rice Krispie


Cookies Orange crea


sample menu items

Special Dietary Requests  With a minimum 2-week advance notice, most requests for vegetarian, food allergies, etc., can be met. To assure you or your student’s special needs do not get lost along the way, please contact Laurentian directly and ask to be transferred to speak with the camp cook before you or your student arrives.

Packing List All seasons:

□ Sleeping bag (or bedding) and pillow

□ Bath towel and wash cloth □ Hand towel (Laurentian

avoids use of disposable paper products, no paper towel is provided in cabins)

□ Toothpaste and toothbrush □ Flashlight □ Bar of soap □ Flip-flops for the shower □ Comb or hairbrush □ Waterproof boots □ Underclothes □ Shirts □ Jeans or pants □ Many pairs of socks (two per day)

□ Headwear (warm hat in

winter or cap if seasonally appropriate)

□ Pajamas and slippers □ Swimsuit for the sauna □ Small backpack □ Rain gear □ Water bottle

Add for winter (November 1 - April 1): Layered dressing is the best for staying warm in winter.

□ Long underwear

(tops and bottoms)


□ Fishing equipment; barbless hooks

□ Camera □ Inexpensive binoculars

□ Sweater, sweatshirt or vest

□ Bug spray

□ Warm hat

□ Bug head net

□ Scarf □ Warm parka or coat

Do Not Bring • Electronics

□ Snow pants

• Radios, iPods, mp3 players

□ Three pairs of warm mittens

• Electronic games

□ Warm boots with removable

• Food, candy, soda, chewing gum

liners (Do not bring fashion boots. Make sure the boots are warm and fit properly.)

□ Two-three pairs of warm (wool) socks per day

• Curling irons, straighteners

Before your scheduled visit to Laurentian Environmental Center, the information and forms enclosed here must be reviewed. Complete, sign and return all forms according to the instructions on each form.

! Must be returned m and r o f n io t a r t is g e R 째 informed consent ical 째 Health and med release form ontract c r io v a h e b t n e d 째 Stu

Find us:  Located just a few hours north of the Twin Cities, Laurentian

Environmental Center (LEC) is an accredited, year-round educational facility located in the Superior National Forest. Laurentian Environmental Center, 8950 Peppard Rd., Britt, MN 55710

Laurentian Environmental Center Arrowhead Lake



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Plan an event with us  Planning a family reunion or group event? Consider Laurentian Environmental Center (LEC) in Britt, Minn. The Center can accommodate small and large groups year-round with 160 beds, five large classroom buildings, a lodge and a dining facility that seats 175. LEC offers access to hundreds of acres of wilderness with trout streams and diverse wildlife habitat. The environmental center’s property includes access to a 100-acre pristine lake and hiking/

ski trails that connect with the Big Aspen hiking and ski trails. LEC maintains a 12-station Challenge Course, a 32-foot outdoor climbing wall, a dogsled yard and trails, an archery range, canoes and rowboats, a sauna, an outdoor campfire theater and a large playing field. The on-site dining facility serves healthy, home-cooked meals from menus developed by a dietician. Call 1-888-749-1288 or visit for more information.