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HELLO BUTLER Hello Summer Well that went quickly.

We’ve really enjoyed being editors of the magazine this year. It’s really As our year draws to a close it seems important that the college has a like so much has happened but that it magazine where anyone can express has gone so quickly. There have been their views and have an opportunity so many memories, so much drama, so much change since October but as to write. with all the busiest periods in life the Next year we will come back with days, weeks and months flashed by more ideas and innovation. To start, and suddenly a third or quarter (for most people) of your life as a student we are planning a special fresher’s is over. We are both freshers so this is edition with advice and information sort of the beginning for us, and as about Butler and Durham. such we can only imagine what it must feel like to be graduating. Have a great summer and good luck to those leaving! This edition of Mound contains a goodbye note from Stu (who has been Jaz and Ruth x here longer than most of us) in his final presidential column on the next page. We also look forward to next year for those who are staying. Effy Edwards wonders how second-year life will be different to the Fresher year. There is a feature on the highs and lows of Freshers’ Week and advice on how to be a good frep from Sajan Bhakoo and Siri Minsaas: a must-read for all those donning the yellow shirts come autumn.

submissions, suggestions and feedback:

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CONTENTS ISSUE 2 EASTER TERM 2013 04-5 Farewell message from Stu

Reviews 06-8 Dilston vs. Milfield reviews Jack G. King reports from the sidelines at the intra-college showdown

09 Butler Bikes Benefits of the new green scheme from Lucy Astill and Jason Colville

10 Ultimate Frisbee Season BUTLUF’s season according to Vincent Lim

12-3 Jumping Bean Café Review Slyvia Sit visits this funky café in town

Features 14-5 Crown Jewels Jen Martin is back to review designer Lily Kamper’s new collection

16-7 Ten Things to do in Amsterdam Back from a recent visit to the Dutch capital, Richard Meaney

18-9 Hopes and Fears for Second Year Effy Edwards contemplates what will change from first year

20-2 Freshers’ Week The highs and lows of the week and advice for Freps from Sajan Bhakoo and Siri Minsaas

Light bites 23 The Song Column 23 Poll Results

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13 Start of exams June 16 Night 21 Film Farewell Party 23 Graduands’ Film Night Formal 22 31 Graduands’ END OF EXAMS! 24 Cocktail Party


25 Graduands’/ Parents Celebration 2 Butler Day 27 Graduands’/ 6 Theme Park Trip Parents Celebration 7 Dilston v Milfield


8 Mr & Mrs Butler 25 International Competition Freshers’ Week starts 9 JCR Meeting and 29 Freshers’ Week Quiz starts 10 Summer Ball


06 JCR Meeting

FAREWELL MESSAGE FROM Alas my friends it is time to say goodbye. A huge amount of thanks are in order to so many people for this year. Firstly - the staff. College officers, porters, cleaners, Pam, Debs, Viv, Mandy, Pete, Vicky, Jo, Rob – we really are indebted to you for the work you put in in helping the JCR on a day to day basis so on behalf of all the student body can I say a massive thank you. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I shall miss you all very much. Secondly – I need to thank exec of 2012-2013. I knew you’d be good but you have just been exceptional. You have raised the bar in every department and thank you for not adding to my workload by simply getting on with it without question. Every one of you has left a mark and an idea that can be built upon by the current exec. Thank you to Sian for all her hours in supporting us all when needed, the creativity in the office has been exceptional and something I could contribute absolutely nothing towards so you’ve got me off the hook there! Some personal thank you’s need to go to my friends

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beautifully. Butler Day was the best I’ve been at and I think many would concur with this – I have never known us have so much to do on one day. Okay the weather helped but still…the circus guys were hilarious. Billy/Danny – champion. Then Summer Ball…if Rose is smiling then we know the event is going well. Rose/Beth – well done guys, a fantastic effort on your parts. I’m really hurting from the dodgems as I write this…

who have supported my throughout my entire time here. You have kept me going through all the difficult times as well as making the good times extra special. Love you all very much and you (should) know who you are. It is humbling to think how far this College has taken me since I arrived 4 long years ago (no Hannah Reed and Hattie Pridmore – not 20!) Every day I still can’t quite believe I have been elected by my peers to represent them and all the rest of the dog’s body work that goes with it. I hope I have repaid your trust in me this year. We’ve had some terrific events in 20122013, some old favourites mixed with inaugural ideas. Every single President who has seen our wallplanner cannot believe how much we do. (and they then nick our ideas so yeah I think we’re winning the student experience battle here) Our ‘bigger do’s’ this year have been exceptional. Hannah was really brave in going for Winter Ball Arabian Theme and she pulled the evening off

On the flipside our smaller events have been equally enjoyable – in particular for me the performances in the arts. The choir at Cathedral Evensong, STAB ‘The Secret Garden’ as well as our termly music concerts have been an absolute joy to watch and listen to. It is an unsung area of our College that I hope can be given greater publicity and attendance in future years. I had so much to say when I put some notes down about what I could write about our development this year. But when it comes to it, I just want the pictures and memories that you will hold to speak for themselves. The JCR and this College is what we make of it after all. Once again thank you for everything and good luck in the future. See you around, Stu x

OVERHEARD AT BUTLER : ‘I'm going to wear my dad's

spare gimp mask to summer ball’

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DILSTON LADIES 2 – 0 MILFIELD LADIES Captains Chrissie Fuller and Alice Driscoll kicked off proceedings in the blazing sunshine, the fitness of both teams sure to be put under the cosh. Dilston’s Tasha Kay carved the first chance of the afternoon from the left flank, sending the ball across Maria Eracleous’ goal towards Sian Daniel, only for Butler’s SCDO to miss an absolute sitter. They were almost made to pay, Milfield’s Hannah Reed only just unable to find Rachel Wood in acres of space on the counter-attack. It was Dilston, though, who struck first, Maxine “She Scores When She Wants” Webster (nickname provided by her flatmates) sending a placed effort in off the post. Dilston did not sit on their lead, with Sarah Frost dominating proceedings from attacking midfield. She was able to send Webster through into a oneon-one with Eracleous, the fresher keeping a cool head to notch her second of the game and cap an excellent half. Unfortunately the second half did not live up to the exciting standards of the first, both teams tiring under the suffocating heat. The final chance came from Milfield’s Ellie Hackney, who saw her long-range effort cannon into the chest of Fuller in goal. Ultimately it was Dilston who earned the first win of the day, with special mention to both Sarah Frost and Nicole Worthington for dictating play in attack and defence respectively. Woman of the Match: Maxine Webster

OVERHEARD DURING THE POST-LOVESHACK RECOVERY PROCESS: Someone ferociously and relentlessly slapping their bare foot in an attempt to subdue pins-and-needles while screaming 'MAKE IT STOP, THE PAIN, MAKE IT GO AWAY, IT HURTS SO MUCH.'

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DILSTON LIVERS IN 3 – 2 MILFIELD LIVERS IN The incredibly intense opening ten minutes of the first boys’ encounter of the day was described as “like an Old Firm derby” by one fascinated crowd member. Indeed it was an impassioned affair, with Ben Cushion and Milfield captain Jordan Drummond setting the tone with a crunching exchange of tackles. James West had Milfield’s best chance early on, but was hauled down as he surged into the box. Inexplicably, however, Harry Lomas was on hand to stroke the ball into his own net as he attempted to clear, sending the Milfielders into raptures. Going behind seemed to kick Dilston into life, captain Danny Agar grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. It wasn’t long before they equalized, Agar winning possession from Milfield’s defence, beating a couple of men, and finding the bottom corner with a wonderful finish. They didn’t stop there, Greg Pearson bombing forwards from the back and finding the ball on the left flank. He floated a great ball all the way to the back post, where Billy Fraine was on hand to force the ball into an empty net. It was older brother Tom who almost brought Milfield back into the game with a close range header, but Jamie Alderson was able to react well and clear his lines. The second half opened with equal tenacity from both sides, a number of fouls committed as both teams tried to physically seize control. It was from one such subsequent free kick that Matt Fellows was able to channel Ronaldinho, sending a looping free kick just under the Milfield crossbar from very deep (although whether it was intended as a delivery or shot remains ambiguous. Ask Fellows yourself, but don’t expect an honest answer.) A break in proceedings followed as Rob Wood unfortunately turned his knee in nasty fashion, although he was thankfully able to hobble off the field after on-pitch treatment. With the game heading rapidly for penalties, Andrew Wheelhouse looked to surge into the Dilston area with purpose, only to be tackled hard by Alderson. With both teams up in arms, referee Matt Gillet opted to award no penalty. It proved to be a crucial decision, as Dilston were able to find their elusive winner, Agar sending Fraine through into a one-onone which he expertly dispatched.

Man of the Match: Danny Agar

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DILSTON LIVERS OUT 1 – 1 MILFIELD LIVERS OUT (DILSTON WIN 32 ON PENALTIES) The Livers Out game proved to be a far more tentative affair, both sides rife with experience and guile. Clear-cut chances were few and far between, the only shot on target of the first twenty minutes coming from Dilston captain Tim Reynolds’ cheeky test of Chris Reilly from near the halfway line. Just as Milfield looked to build momentum with a sustained period of pressure, Dilston were able to break from a corner in numbers. The ball fell to a surging Dave Bartlett at the edge of the Milfield area, and the third year was able to hold off defensive pressure to squeeze an excellent finish past Reilly. The remainder of the first half passed without incident (save for Harry RoynonJones’ horrendously late challenge on James Priest), only for Milfield to come out in the second with greater purpose. An intense midfield battle ensued, the aforementioned Roynon-Jones and Reynolds engaging in a particularly chippy sequence of exchanges. As the half passed, so too did a blanket of clouds over the baking afternoon sun, allowing Milfield to search for an equalizer with renewed vigour. Jonny Gabriel appeared to spurn the last of their chances, however, as he blazed a low cross from Jason Colville over the bar with time running out. With the referee seemingly about to blow the final whistle, Milfield launched a final attack. It was Gabriel again at the centre of things, but this time he found himself clattered by an onrushing Ali Poll. Penalty! With the Rubbercrumb holding its breath, captain Joe Barwick stepped up to look for a very late equalizer. The game had yet another twist, however, as Poll expertly dived to his right to palm the ball away, only to see Barwick arrive quickest to the rebound and slip the ball home! The Milfield bench erupted onto the pitch, but both had to quickly settle down and take their place in the centre circle; the game was going to penalties. Ultimately it was Poll who proved himself Dilston’s hero, saving well-struck spotkicks from Roynon-Jones, Garrison and Drummond. Special mention must be given to the far less experienced Reilly, saving well from Tim Charlton and almost turning Rob Young’s drive aside (although he got nowhere near Priest’s face-punchingly nonchalant effort). Poll’s save from Drummond completed a second successive Dilston whitewash, also capping a frustrating day for Milfield. Credit, however, goes to all those who took part in the day, from players to referees and organizers to fans; we saw three hotly contested games, and overall a marvellous advert for football in Butler.

Man of the Match: Dave Bartlett

by Lucy Astill I’m sure you’ve all picked up on the buzz surrounding Butler’s newest environmental initiative: Butler Bikes. Members of the scheme are now able to borrow bikes for up to 24 hours at a time, to get to lectures, into town or out into the countryside now that we’re free from exams. Instead of going on about all the environmental/ health/convenience benefits that the bikes offer (which could, quite frankly, take hours), here is Jason Colville, a member of Butler Bikes, to explain why he’s finding the scheme so useful:

“Free toast, fruit, muesli, tea, coffee, fruit juice, jam ,marmalade and marmite - just a few of the benefits of the new Butler Bikes scheme. From a livers out perspective, I found the Butler Bikes scheme highly beneficial, and not just because it gave me motivation to be in college in time for the free breakfasts. The scheme proved for me, to be very useful during the exam period; having to return the bike to college the following morning, I found the motivation to rouse myself for an early start - agreeably a mighty feat for the average student. This ensured I had a productive and full day revising at college, avoiding the temptation of returning to bed during revision lulls. I'm sure many will agree that Ben and Jerry's becomes your best friend during the revision period; an overly regular treat to ensure maximum productivity. As a result, the exercise was also very beneficial! Biking to and from college also served as a pleasant break with a small time to think of absolutely nothing - a rare treat during this period! All in all, the Butler Bike scheme aided me greatly; giving me a balanced, healthy and positive outlook to the day of quantum mechanics that awaited me...”

The Butler Bikes scheme will launch fully in October, and membership will cost £10 for the year. For more information please email

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By Vincent Lim

Butler Ultimate Frisbee, referred to affectionately as BUTLUF, have had a successful season this year, coming 3rd out of 9 in the Premiership. Having run a fruitful taster session, the club’s fresher intake has been significant, especially when compared to other colleges, some of whom have been unable to retain a single fresher this year. We eased into the season with an 8-5 win over St. Aidan’s, followed by a tight match against Grey B, which ended with the same score line, but only after a feisty comeback. The cold front that descended upon Durham over the winter months meant that training was intermittently disrupted and matches were cancelled; even when conditions seemed to be fine, the odd sudden hailstorm would remind us that the weather was far from perfect. The first match of the Epiphany Term saw us fall to a dominant John’s side that eventually went unbeaten over the season. The second was a very close 5-8

loss to Grey A, who were runners up. We finished the rest of the season in winning style, however, as a dominant performance over Castle A ended 11-6, Trevs were beaten 13-7, we beat Hatfield 7-4, and an enjoyable match with Hild Bede ended 7-5 in our favour. We finished the season with the Festival of Sport, in which we placed a respectable 4th. After winning all our group games, including a 10-0 demolition of St Mary’s, and smashing Trevs in the quarter finals, we lost narrowly to Grey A in the semi and were unfortunate to lose to St Aidan’s in the playoff. Club awards went to Nick Williams for Best Layout, Nick Cliffe for Best Fresher, Felicity Parker for Most Improved Fresher from last year, Carlo Hill for MVP, and Tom Dyson for Most Committed, or, rather, most likely to get muddy. The new Exec are Nick Cliffe, who takes over as President from Jason Colville; James Fahy, who takes over as Captain from Nick Williams; and Vincent Lim, who takes over as Social Sec from Rachel ‘One Social/I Play Football’ Wood. Having come 3rd three years on the trot, there is a feeling that next year will be our year; we unfortunately lose Felicity to her year abroad, but no other players will be leaving. A big fresher intake will be key to our success next year, and if we can keep them and keep improving, BUTLUF will be, to a greater extent than this year, real title challengers in the coming season.

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One day, on the way to lectures I noticed

contemporary fillings such as mouth-

an unfamiliar red sign declaring ‘The

watering Mediterranean vegetables,

Jumping Bean’ off North Street. Curious, I

while the anti-pesto selection and raisins

recruited a friend and we braved through

on offer make an attractive display.

the snow to try out Durham’s latest caffeine hub.

I ordered the ‘Pan Ooh Chocolate’; a hot chocolate with a giant marshmallow and

Entering the cosy nook, decorated in a

chocolate brioche served in a small

fashion to rival Flat White we were

saucepan. Sarah ordered a cappuccino,

greeted by Kayvan, the owner and James,

beautifully decorated with a foam leaf on

the barrister. If that weren’t welcoming

top. Taking a sip, she declared it

enough, the wide selection of food

‘stronger, and nicer than regular coffee’.

highlights how they consider a wide

However, if you’re a foam-lover, you may

variety of diets such as vegetarian, vegan, have to request more foam as she found it gluten-free and dairy-free. Their selection slightly lacking. Similarly, while I of paninis and sandwiches have

thoroughly enjoyed the Pan Ooh Chocolate I found the same. On the other hand, ‘The Works’ is the nicest hot chocolate in Durham. Sitting on top of a perfectly balanced drink, a swirl of whipped cream and marshmallows crown

Page 13 the King of Hot Chocolates. Their carrot cake was delightfully moist and unlike other cafes, cake is offered both with and without icing- perfect for those of us who cut it off as soon as the plate arrives. Kayvan informs us that the coffee is sourced from the Ouseburn Coffee Company in Newcastle. A trained chef, he cites his part-Iranian background as an

Eager to reach out to the student

influence on the dynamic seasonal menu.

community, if you’re looking for a healthy treat- or venue for an event- then may I

With a clear business plan; they’ve

suggest The Jumping Bean?

appraised Durham and are trying to fill the gaps. All the more better for us! “What sort of atmosphere are you going for?” Without blinking, Kayvan starts describing a proletariat utopia where people come together for events like ‘Scrabble Sunday’ and free film screenings. There’s also mention of ‘Wine and Wifi’, something to keep an eye out for if you like free glasses of wine…

5 Neville Street, North Road Open from 9-5 everyday

CROWN JEWELS //fashion editor jen martin reviews

lily kamper’s A/W 13/14 collection

Young British Designers has long since been one of my favourite fashion sites. Despite the tragic fact that I have barely been able to afford to go food shopping this term, let alone purchase new clothes, something I unreservedly blame on the fact I never carry cash around so constantly take my card on nights out, I have been repeatedly browsing its amazing wares recently. Something (shiny) that caught my eye was the wonderful work

Page 14

of Lily Kamper. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2012, Lily founded her London based, eponymous jewellery label. It’s exclusively available at Young British Designers and Liberty by the way so get browsing online (or pop down to Regent Street if you’re lucky enough to live near the UK fashion capital) if you’re interested in purchasing any of her beautiful items.

Lily’s first AW 13/14 collection is a combination of Perspex which is dip dyed (a season’s favourite) and turned by hand on a lathe. The only metals Lily uses are gold and silver so her pieces can be quite pricey but at least you know you are buying quality. I love the look of the jewellery, it’s really quirky and the colours are eyepoppingly vibrant. You almost want to gobble her trinkets up (at the risk of sounding like Elvis Costello) they look ‘so like candy’. Lily claims she has been ‘inspired by architecture, pyramids and temple structures’ and this really comes through into her final designs; think Chichen Itza on a necklace.

it’s my pride and joy (it hasn’t properly taken off quite yet but let’s blame that on exam stress). Though my creations are a far cry from Lily’s wonders I still think some of the rings (my first venture) are really cute. Most of them are vintage watch faces or vintage dominos fastened onto ring backs; all are handmade, all are unique one offs and all come in a cute little navy ring box (well the ones that fit inside do anyway). And guess what? They aren’t going to break the bank either as they range from a tiny £3 to only £10. A shameless little For those of you who plug but if you are interdon’t know I recently set ested in purchasing any up a little jewellery brand wares contact me on Faceof my own. book or email It’s called ‘Thrifty’ and

Page 15

Some examples of what Thrifty has to offer: jewellery at more student-friendly

My total favourite has to be a piece YBD describes as a ‘Navy Crystal Step Column Pendant’, not least because it looks like a giant glow stick (displayed above, centre). The colours work really well together and from dark to light they blend into one another effortlessly. At £235 it’s safe to say that I won’t be purchasing this pendant myself but it will certainly be going on my 21st birthday wish list, (hint, hint!) I also rather predictably lovelove the PINK tetrislike pendant (displayed left).

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Having been to Amsterdam a year ago, I left Holland having not seen much of the city with regrets and a serious hangover.


I get the general impression from my mates who go there, that there is a fairly narrow plain of interest amongst those who regularly stop off at our Dutch neighbours’ capital. I went to Amsterdam this year trying to right the wrongs of my last trip, and see what Amsterdam had to offer. 1. Get a boat/pedal boat on the canal This seems to be very popular if the weather is nice! Pedal Boats are available to those who want a good blasting of their calves. 2. Art The likes of Rembrandt and Van Gogh are simply the first layer to the thriving artistic community, with small artisan shops decorating Prinsengracht and galleries scattered all round the city.

4. Food Dutch baking offers a pastry for every occasion. I was lucky enough to encounter a highly hyped blue waffle on my travels; for â‚Ź3.50 I was not disappointed. The Burger Bar is a reasonably priced franchise across town and I have not had many a better burger in my life.

3. Anne Frank Museum A harrowing, but very interesting trip to the Anne Frank Museum on Prinsengracht. Would definitely recommend to those with an interest in history. 5. Music A fantastic city for a plethora of musical tastes. From the Drum and Bass events provided by the Liquicity label to Jazz and Classical ventures, Amsterdam is a bustling Mecca for musicians, meaning you can actually go on a night out with music you enjoy! If being leered/started on by a smelly bloke in your local followed by the premixed closing Coldplay medley of Loveshack isn't your cup of tea, Amsterdam can certainly cater to your musical tastes.

6. Sex Museum Essentially does what it says on the tin. I wouldn't recommend going with anyone too immature (yes, something about a black pot) or too high. Some very interesting artwork and lots of phallic sculptures that truly baffled the sweaty man tripping balls sitting in the lobby. They let you have a bit of a chuckle, so don't worry about holding back laughter too much. I was somewhat bereaved at the lack of a gift shop, and felt a paper-weight or something may have provided a pleasant souvenir for my visit.

Page 17 7. See Faris Al-Ahmadi Due to traffic, I sadly didn't get to see Faris. But he lives sort of near, so this is sort of an option.

8. Leidseplein Lots of people fail to lose their herbal prejudices in Amsterdam, and my Dutch pal Maurits always likes to remind me that Amsterdam is a fantastic place for a few drinks! There are plenty of friendly bars and clubs in the Leidseplein, offering a variety from Absinthe and Jazz to Bacardi Breezers and Pitbull (curb your enthusiasm Billy Fraine).

9. Bikes Amsterdam is fantastic for cycling. Everyone seems to do it, rather than it being reserved for the single-geared Hispters of Dalston, or the judgemental bloke who used to cycle to work to complain when you drove. Cyclists have their own lanes, and whilst they seem at first to be anther pesky obstacle to traverse on your stagger home with a kebab, it noticeably reduces traffic, and people seem to have solid calves in the Netherlands, so this is another recommendation if you want to enjoy the treats Amsterdam has to offer, but maintain that fantastic rig you've got at the minute. 10. Heineken factory My personal favourite. Not quite the beer based Willy Wonka/Closing scene of the 'Ali G In Da House' utopia I dreamt of, but certainly the closest I've been to it! Try a beer fresh out of the brewery, but don't worry, you get three during the tour. For those who don't drink, the visual displays of the factory are more than enough still to go here!

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ttempting to look

constructively at the future, I asked myself and other first years around me, what hopes and fears we have for next year (second years and above please humour our naivety).


However it suddenly dawned on me that it was a tad presumptuous to assume that I’m actually going to pass all my exams! So if I fail then this may turn out to be just a little awkward... Nevertheless, here I am, in this splendid postexam/denial of results period, where I’m praying that I’ll scrape on by into second year. Speaking to many Almost-Ex-Freshers it seems that everyone has a similar attitude. But I’m hoping we’ll all do fine. I live by the ideology that if you do the best you can, you should have no regrets whatever the consequences. The fact that exams almost drove us all insane is surely testimony that we’ll do alright on results day; either way I’ll be drinking. But anyway, moving onto the topic at hand: Firstly, I’m worried that the modules will be such a painfully large step up that I’ll sit in lectures like a clueless idiot. I’ll scrape by on a third or a 2:2, purely because I won’t be able to compete. On the other hand, I know it’s a little keen, but I hope that next year’s modules continue to fuel my passion for my subject and expand my knowledge. Secondly, exams actually count for something next year, as we’ve been told far too many times, I’m scared for what caffeineinfused stress we are going to encounter in less than a year’s time! But in a twisted way, I’m looking


forward to the work load because I know, then, that I’m truly beginning to challenge myself. Undeniably being a Fresher has been an incredible experience and I wish I could continue to be one but time flies, and life goes on. I know I’ll always be a Fresher at heart! Being a first year did have its downsides... I’m looking forward to walking into the library without the paranoia that I’m being judged for working. Although indisputably, I’m sure that next year I too will bitterly judge the first years when they complain about

Page 19 about going out next year? However monotonous Klute, Loveshack and Academy can get sometimes, I have never missed going clubbing as much as during the revision period. It was an unacceptably long time without any Jägerbombs, Butler Bullets and ‘That’s Amore’ their formative 1500 word essay. singalongs. I hope next year isn’t so hectic that we don’t have time to go However the biggest transition from out. On the other hand, we’ll live so ‘Fresherdom’ to second year life will close to town that there’s really no be Living Out. I hope that it’ll make excuse not to. What’s a 5 minute me much more independent. I think stumble to and from Studio compared the biggest worry is the responsibility: paying the bills, to a sobering huddle whilst waiting cleaning up after ourselves and for the unpredictable night bus? generally keeping the house Living out in the Viaduct also means standing. We’ve had a year of relying that I’ll be closer to the Veg Shop and on college to fall back on when it all Tesco; we’ve all complained about goes wrong. But, trying not to sound too cringey, this is just another one of the distance from town to Butler and those challenges that we have to face now for most of us getting food whilst growing up. It can’t be that shouldn’t be a problem. Especially hard....right? The majority of people with both Tesco Express and ‘Spoons seem to be getting on fine, so I guess within such a short distance and there’s some hope for us. Urban Oven not a moment away. If anything I’ll probably be forcing Also, I do worry that I’ll lose contact myself to run up to the Howland’s with people I live to near now. gym to make up for all those cheap College is great because you’re guaranteed to see someone you know and hearty dinners I’ll be eating in Ye Olde Elm Tree pub. every time you walk out of the flat. I think I’ll miss that a lot. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get to know our new neighbours next year and I know there’s lots of Butlerites nearby to stop us all getting homesick! But I do fear that I won’t get up to JB much or be as involved in college life. I have very good intentions to climb The Hill as much as possible but when it’s a freezing winter’s night I’m not sure I’ll be so motivated. And what

Page 20

HIGHS AND LOWS OF FRESHERS’ WEEK by Sajan Bhakoo Highs When people around you feel asleep and you aren't tired at all. Although this can reverse incredibly quickly... still, as a sinister person I always loved the opportunity to take pictures of people who were foolish enough to fall asleep in my company

When you decide that you don't want to dance to Gangnam Style for the 3rd time in a night and instead spend the evening in the chilled marquee. Especially if you get a spot in front of the heater. New realms of pleasure even an internet service provider can't match.

The inflatables, specifically for the last Freshers' Week, Macauley finally getting destroyed by Pountney (as many do), but in general it's amusing to see that 90% of the people on these inflatables are Freps. 'Oh, you want a town tour? I'm a bit busy right now; come back in half an hour?'

Waking people up on matriculation morning. Singing Whitney Houston's 'I will always love you' through a megaphone made me realise two things: Firstly, that I can't sing for shit, and secondly, that people really, really don't appreciate emotional power-ballads when they are hungover. I may have been instantly hated by over 200 people but it was so worth it.

Butler stroll night is always special. Thanks to the forward nature of a lot of the freshers, you quickly learn how much their flatmates would charge for sexual favours, maybe even with helpful arrows to make the process that much simpler.

Meeting your kids for the first time. This is always exciting, although for me it was even moreso as it turned out all of my kids were white, meaning that me and my wives essentially defied social convention and defeated genetics.

Page 21

Lows When you get to the JCR lounge even 10 minutes after Mandy unveils the free lunchtime sandwiches and you find that there's only egg mayo left... Genuinely, why is it even an option in the bar? 'hi, can I have an egg mayo panini please' is something no one at Butler College has said ever.

until I realised that one of the porters still had one of the handsets. They probably think that I'm simple.

When you spend a full 3 hours fireproofing banners and Viv comes in with a bag of lighters... In the few minutes after her arrival, the onlookers in the bar got to see not only the banners go up in flames, but my hopes and dreams.

When a fresher throws up and you are last The JCR meeting on the Sunday. It's during to say 'shotgun not' and as a result spend the next 30 minutes clearing up sick...

that hour that you realise that the next day, everything goes back to normal and the week is all over. Even I can't be arsed trying hen you get to use the porter walkie to convince you that it's a fun end to the talkies on moving-in day. I had particular fun week... using ridiculous code names, talking in military time and giving extreme details about cars (including registration plates)


OVERHEARD AT (AND IN THIS CASE BY) BUTLER : ‘Whenever I have an exam

there, I just think about how a reality tv show of Durham Uni should be called "Maiden Castle".’

Page 22

FREP ADVICE by Siri Minsaas In just a few months’ time, Butler will be welcoming a new generation of freshers for the eighth time in its short history. They will be welcomed, as tradition stands, by balloons, banners and a team of fifty enthusiastic, excited and friendly freps. These freps, and Taha and Laura in particular, will have spent months meticulously planning all the intricate details of the week, but as a starting point, here is some frepping advice and a glimpse of what is in store:

The frep polo probably won’t suit you; very few people look good in yellow. Accept that, move on and be proud to wear it.

Things don’t always go exactly according to plan, and you just have to go with it. All of the microphones will inconveniently disappear the week before the freshers arrive, and nightclub bouncers will insist that Loft is the same as Studio and renege promises of free entry, but Freshers’ Week is nothing if not a lesson in problem-solving.

It is fairly obvious what constitutes a bad frep, but what truly distinguishes a good frep from an unforgettable frep is approachability, a constant and unwavering smile, and the ability to talk to anyone. Remember that a frep is for life, not just for Freshers’ Week.

You will be rushed off your feet, but try

The best ideas come when you least

to take a moment to appreciate just how wonderful it is that fifty individuals have voluntarily sacrificed sleep and countless hours to give the incoming freshers the best possible start to their university lives.

expect them. ‘Team JB’ was the brainchild of one former JCR Chair on a lazy Friday afternoon in August, and led to a tdesign and Freshers’ Week events!

Even the keenest frep will, at some point

You can never have too many banners, and that is a fact.

during the week, be exhausted, fed up of moving tables, tired, physically repulsed hroughout the week you will most likely at the thought of more ice-breakers and unable to muster enthusiasm about any spend the majority of your time moving activity other than sleeping, but at that tables, chairs and boxes. You should point someone will tell you that they are probably start training for it now. having an incredible week, or a group of freshers will make up their own Butler ever underestimate the value of duct chants, and you realise that it was all tape, ice-breakers and free food. worth it.



D. Ablo & Eric Volta - Believe (Original Mix) A bit more upbeat tune this time round, this track has a House vibe and bassline which can easily get you in the mood for a night out. The soothing vocals meanwhile, make it a perfect track for a sunny day on the beach also. Take this one abroad with you, definite song for the summer!

by Richard Meaney


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Mound Magazine Easter Term Issue 3  

featuring Dilston vs. Milfield, butler bikes, ultimate frisbee, café review, fashion, amsterdam, second year hopes and fears, freshers' week...

Mound Magazine Easter Term Issue 3  

featuring Dilston vs. Milfield, butler bikes, ultimate frisbee, café review, fashion, amsterdam, second year hopes and fears, freshers' week...