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The Equestrian Centre


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and preparation for both dressage and show jumping competitions.

Commercial Experience In line with the industry, and as part of a skills development programme, students complete morning and evening commercial experience. They follow a duty rota and routine which also includes working full days at the weekend. Students are allocated horses to care for based on each horse’s suitability and availability as well as consideration given to each individual student’s ability.

This guide is designed to provide students and other visitors to the Equestrian Centre, with details of the facilities available and an understanding of the role that the Centre plays within the College. The primary function of the Equestrian Centre is to provide education and training of students during their equestrian courses. All resources are run on a commercial basis, as this is the best way of ensuring students receive sound experience. Although the College currently owns a range of horses, the majority are either on Working Livery or Full Loan contracts.

Equestrian Unit The Equestrian Centre at Moulton College has commercial representation within four businesses that enable students to gain experience and a good work ethic in preparation for the industry. These areas include livery, equine hydrotherapy, event management and coaching/training.

At the same time as learning and developing both their practical and supervisory skills, students are also supported with their functional skills, including English and Maths. Students are also encouraged to become actively engaged in the management of the commercial operation including being involved in the preparation and management of equine events.

Events and Facility Hire

The Equestrian Centre Manager oversees all of the commercial activities of the unit and the Yard Manager oversees the day-to-day management of the horses. They liaise with the academic teams for the provision of current and up-to-date equipment, and attend to the horses’ health, care and welfare needs. The facility grooms assist both managers and liaise between all of the yards, staff, clients and students, enabling an efficient service and good communication.

Riding Lessons Students enrolled on courses that include riding sessions are taught by British Horse Society (BHS) Coaches. The ridden sessions include a variety of lesson types such as riding on the flat, pole exercises, gymnastic jumping, cross-country jumping

With state-of-the-art facilities, the Equestrian Centre at Moulton hosts a number of events to include unaffiliated and affiliated dressage (BD) and showjumping (BS) on a regular basis. Students are mentored and actively involved in the planning and running of these shows. They also have the opportunity to compete.

Equestrian Facilities The unit has 36 loose boxes, divided into two yards, together with a variety of turn-out paddocks.

The College Yard The main yard of 28 stables is primarily for educational use. The yard also includes a purpose built washbay with solarium, stocks and crossties as well as a tackroom and feedroom. Students who are attending the commercial experience weeks can bring their own horses which are also housed on this yard.

Cross Country Facilities The cross-country paddock consists of a selection of jumps, including coffins, palisades, natural fences and the bank which has eight different jumping options. The heights range from 50cm to 80cm and can be linked to form a number of different tracks.

Estate Bridleway

Therapy Yard This consists of six stables used specifically for horses visiting the therapy centre.

Horse Information College horses are used during weekdays for approximately three sessions per day. These sessions may be ridden or a stable management practical class, when students learn horse husbandry skills such as bandaging, plaiting and clipping.

Indoor Riding Arena There is a trail that provides a circular route around the College estate for approximately five miles. Access is available by express permission and only to students and owners who have horses on livery at the College.

Mechanical Horse Simulator

This state-of-the-art 40x60m indoor riding arena and immediate surrounding equine buildings were completed in September 2006. The wax-based Leisure Ride Jump Track surface provides a dust free environment all year round. It incorporates a viewing area for 246 spectators and commentary box.

Outdoor Riding Arena The outdoor arena consists of two arenas side by side. One measures 20m × 60m and the other 20m × 40m. The outdoor arena has access to the neighbouring cross-country paddock.

Fondly known as Phoenix, the College mechanical horse is well used for riders of all levels, standards and disciplines, from the complete novice to advanced, and is very helpful to those wanting to develop skills, confidence and stamina as well as being an excellent way to keep fit.


Working Livery Vacancies Livery includes: • • • •

Feed, bedding and hay/haylage All year round turn out Fully equipped and secure stabling Daily exercise, grooming and mucking out

Take advantage of our facilities: • State-of-the-art Equine Therapy Centre, including a swimming pool, spa, aqua treadmill and solarium • 40 × 60m indoor arena • 20 × 60m and 20 × 40m all-weather outdoor arena • Cross-country paddock • Off road hacking on the college estate • Well maintained all year round paddocks • Regular events and competitions Places will be subject to a thorough assessment and trial period.

Moulton College Livery Packages Stable Bedding Hay / Haylage Turnout service AM feeds given PM feeds given Horse turned out Muck out Monday to Friday Muck out Saturday and Sunday and skip outs Daily feet pick out and leg wash Rug changes Holding for vet and farrier Use of facilities including arenas, bridleway, walker etc Rehabilitation and exercise programme Individual turnout

Student Livery

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Working Livery

Rehab and Holiday Livery

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For further details please contact the Equestrian Centre Manager: 01604 673585 | equestriancentre@moulton.ac.uk | www.moulton.ac.uk