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WELCOMEÂ TO THE BUDDY PROGRAMME Thank you for signing up to join the Buddy Programme. It will be a life saver for the international students coming to Halmstad to have someone to turn to with questions and concerns. Just imagine yourself moving to the other side of the world. It's important for the Student Union that you to know what is expected of you as a Buddymentor. Therefor we have created this leaflet with some guidelines and tips. The purpose of this Buddy Programme is that you help the international as well as swedish students to settle in both in the town of Halmstad but also at the University. The new students coming here might be interested to get to know the swedish culture, practice their language skills or discover Halmstad. This is where you come in as a Buddymentor!

THINGS TO REMEMBER AS A BUDDYMENTOR Cultural differences It is important that you remember that the international students coming to Halmstad are from all over the world. This means that there might be some cultural differences. But it is important for you as a Buddy to embrace them! You might learn a lot from your buddies! Be the one to reach out Also consider being the one taking initiative to meet up, ask them how they're doing just to make them feel welcome to Halmstad. When you get in contact with your buddies tell them a little bit about yourself and about life in Halmstad. Be a Buddy for the whole semester Remember that you have signed up to be a Buddy the entire semester. This means that you should have contact with your buddy regularly throughout the fall/winter.

When do I contact my buddies? You will get their contacts by e-mail somewhere between week 35 and week 36. You are then welcome to contact them as soon as you get the possibility. Preferably before the end of week 36.

ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR BUDDIES - Fika! Talk and learn about each others cultures while you eat kanelbullar. - Explore Halmstad! For example the castle, Norreport, Galgberget. - Visit parks, for example Norre Kattsparken or Linehed. - Join UFO's acitivities, check out their Facebook-page "UFO Halmstad Studentkür". - Take them to other Student Union events such as movie nights or go watch gigs at the Student pub "Lilla Hjärtat". - Attend the initiative by the Student Health and the Student Union "Just join in" that arranges activities every month. We do everything from movie nights to exploring Prins Bertils stig and other parts of Halmstad. A great idea if you want to meet other Buddy groups and are lacking ideas on activities to do. - Inform them about swedish norms and habits. For example that you stand on the right side in the escalator, that you can drink the tap watern or tell them about the word "lagom".

When does the international students arrive? When the international students arrive varies but their semester starts approximately at the same time as yours starting from the 2nd of September. It's probably in the beginning that they will have the most questions, so make sure to be contactable in the beginning of the semester as well as in the end.

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