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Smart Plus Media Buying Software Mottert Systems ad agency media buying software was designed and written by a twenty year national media veteran with the needs and budgets of small-to-medium sized agencies in mind. The software supports the planning, buying and reporting and ordering of television, radio, internet and print media. All systems appear in familiar Excel pages with an easy to use, functional design. The combination of Excel and Visual Basic gives the software powerful capabilities that are not available in Excel alone. The software provides professional, detailed reports for the agency and client, and orders for the media. Selected screenshots may be viewed on the media pages. Features: TV-Radio systems include Invoice Checking and Agency Invoicing systems. Support for Electronic Invoicing for television and radio buys. Your logo image may be included to customize the orders and reports. Orders and reports may be printed or sent to PDF files and distributed as email attachments. Exposure Analysis system for estimating reach, average frequency and frequency distributions for any media. Also, the Media in Combination page shows the combined impact of all media on the target audience. The software is great for distributed workgroups. Work can be done in several locations on a shared sever, or e-mailed to the office. Affordable rates for small to medium advertising agencies, in-house agencies and freelance media buyers. Trial systems are available for qualified prospects

TV & Radio Systems The Television and Radio Systems support the planning and buying of television and radio advertising time, including composing the buy, ordering the units from the stations, cable systems or networks and providing complete, detailed reports for the agency and clients. The TV and Radio systems are very similar. The images below are from the TV system.

Internet Systems

The Internet Systems support the planning, buying and reporting of internet impressions, clicks, views and spending. Versions for buying on a weekly or monthly basis are available.

Print Systems

This print systems support the planning maintenance, authorizing, ordering, and cost reporting functions of newspaper and magazine advertising. The newspaper system is shown here. Type in Blue is user input.

Exposure Analysis System

The Exposure Analysis system enables users to estimate reach, average frequency and the frequency distribution for media schedules. With this powerful tool users may, for example, plan and buy media schedules to an effective frequency level (e.g. the % of the target audience exposed 3+ times, or 5+ times).

Invoice Checking and Electronic Invoices

The Invoice Checking System supports and enhances the agency’s stewardship of the client’s financial resources. It compares invoiced items dates, times and costs with the rotations purchased and identifies matched and unmatched items. Horizontal, vertical and commercial rotations are checked. Also, units that fail the agencies separation requirements are identified. When discrepancies are found, a discrepancy report may easily be printed to a PDFfile and sent to the station for reconciliation. The system supports electronic invoicing in the standard 4As format.

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Mottert Systems ad agency media buying software was designed and written by a twenty year national media veteran with the needs and budgets...