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Turning base allows you to easily reach all sides!

4MV M  axville™ • Wooden activity cube with a turning base! • Features curvy maze, racing rollers, spinning gears, peek-a-boo mirror and spin and match pictures. • Turning base allows you to easily reach all sides! • Cube with bead maze measures: 12”W x 16.5”H x 12”D (30 cm x 42 cm x 30 cm). Increment 1 •Age 12 mos+

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1995 Sort

& Count™

• Count, sort and color match 6 wooden shapes into Max's house! • Roof is made of colorful counting beads. • Measures 8"H x 9"W x 8"D (20cm x 22cm x 20cm) Increment 3 •Age 10 mos+

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6 shapes!

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Watch them roll!

1994 B  op

& Roll™

• Grab your wooden mallet, bop the ball and watch it go round and round! • 3 wooden balls travel down 4 colorful levels of twirly fun. • Measures 9.5"H x 10"W x 9"D (24cm x 25cm x 23cm). Increment 3 •Age 10 mos+

4 levels!


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Sparkly too!

More blocky fun! 1980 M  axville


• 30 block set! • Wooden blocks are double-sided with bold colorful artwork, graphic patterns and sparkles. • Includes faces, arms and feet so you can build your own characters. Increment 3 •Age 10 mos+

able w o od

30 double-sided blocks!

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Shake & teethe!

1973 S  hake,

Rattle & Teethe™

• Set of 3 fun friends to shake, rattle and help baby teethe! • All rattle buddies include teether limbs and ears, shake and roll rattles and friendly faces. Increment 6 •Age 3 mos+

1957 See

Saw Wooden Rattle™

• A bead maze and rattle in one! • Turn up and down to watch the fun! • Features big chunky wooden grips and lots of multicolored sliding beads. Increment 6 •Age 3 mos+


able w o od

Turn up, turn down to watch the fun!

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Wooden Rattle™

• You'll giggle when you shake the squiggle to watch the beads wiggle! • Wooden Max face is easy to grip from any angle. • Lots of patterned and brightly colored wooden beads travel on flexible tubes. Increment 6 •Age 3 mos+

able w o od

1958 Squiggle

in ta


Cake Wooden Rattle™

• A sweet squiggly surprise! • Wooden cupcake that's easy to grip from any angle. • Lots of patterned and brightly colored wooden beads that move on flexible tubes. Increment 6 •Age 3 mos+

able w o od

1959 Squiggle

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Great for tummy time! 1993 Busy


• It's 4 sides of fun! • Wooden activity triangle includes racing rollers, turning picture tiles, mirror and funny faces. • Measures 9"H x 10"W x 10"D (23cm x 24cm x 24cm). Increment 3 •Age 10 mos+

able w o od

4 sides of colorful fun!

in ta

It’s baby’s first art kit!

1851 T  ots

Art Start™

• Toddler's first art kit! • 6 works of art that your child can create! • Stick, scribble and collage! • Contains 2 preprinted paper frames and 3 first crayons for scribbling, paper giraffe and tree with tons of stickers and 2 crack and peel collage boards with lots of doilies, tissue, fringe and crepe papers. Increment 3 •Age 18 mos+

6 works of art that baby can create!

No wrong way to hold!

1848 T  ots

First Crayons™

• Toddler's first crayons! • Triangular shape makes it easy to grip. • Set of 6 rainbow crayons. Increment 12 •Age 18 mos+

Perfect grip everytime!

3 Jungle Jammers & lots of accessories!

871W Rock'n'

in the Tub™

• Dress up 3 jungle jammers and get rockin'! • 28-piece set also includes rocker gear, clothes, instruments and a mesh storage bag with suction cups. • All pieces stick to the tub wall and each other when wet. Increment 6 •Age +

Bear stands & floats in boat!

872W Camping

in the Tub™

• Pack up your boat for a fishing trip in the tub! • Dress up your bear buddy with fishing vest, swim trunks and fun hats and stand him up in his row boat. • 31-piece set includes tub stickers, floating plastic boat and mesh storage bag with suction cups. Increment 6 •Age 3+

endless combinations!

1496B Betty


• Button on a fashion show! • Mix and match to create an endless number of outfits! • Includes 27 double-sided pieces: doll with 9 chunky buttons, faces, hairdos, dresses, coats, shoes and fashion accessories. • Measures 15"H x 6.3"W (38cm x 16cm). • Helps in the development of early motor skills. Increment 6 •Age 2+

posable arms and legs!

1496R Button


• Button together a robot with double-sided pieces! • Mix and match to create endless combinations. • Includes 25 double-sided pieces: robot body with 7 chunky buttons, 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 body panels and 2 heads. • Measures 15"H x 8"W (38cm x 20cm). • Helps in the development of early motor skills. Increment 6 •Age 2+

endless combinations!

1496A Assortment Increment 6 •Age 2+

of 1496B/R


delicious mix & match mania!

Mix & Stack Pop Shop™

• Make and serve silly sweets out of your very own pop shop! • Switch and stick the interchangeable pieces for endless fun! • Wooden set includes 12 double-sided hook and loop ice pop pieces and wooden shop with sign. Increment 3 •Age 2+

able w o od

1482 Wooden

in ta

9 vehicles in 3D!

1460 My

3D Race™

• Build nine 3D trucks, cars and planes! • Each piece is thick and chunky and easy to hold. Increment 3 •Age 3+

build big! build high! skyscrapers to the stratosphere!

1469 3D


• It's a puzzle and a play set in one! • Build super tall skyscrapers! • Giant city floor puzzle with three interchangeable 3D buildings. • 42-piece puzzle measures 20"W x 30"D x 11"H (51cm x 76cm x 28cm). Increment 3 •Age 3+

10 wooden clothespins

1511 Clothespin


• Create 5 clothespin crafts from around the farm! • Peel, stick and glue onto wooden clothespins. • Includes 10 clothespins, 52 stickers, 35 paper shapes, glue stick and easy picture instructions. Increment 6 •Age 3+

peel & stick! 1406 Picture


• Peel and stick 5 mosaics with photo stickers! • Contains five 9" (22cm) pictures, 984 stickers and easy picture instructions. Increment 6 •Age 3+

5 monstrous puppets!

1512 Paper

Bag Monsters™

• Make 5 monstrous paper bag puppets! • Peel, stick and glue to create your favorite Moody Monster characters. • Includes 5 paper bags--6"W x 9.5"H (15cm x 24cm), 225 stickers and paper shapes, glue stick and easy picture instructions. Increment 6 •Age 3+

Product title now at the top for easy readability.

Icons on each box easily show the consumer how many stickers or components they receive.

Monkey holds a sign telling customers this is a preschool craft.

Enlarged images are easier to see and understand.

Project count and descriptions located on lower right corner.

8 colors of crayon crumbles!

174W Doodle

Cake Crayons™

• Make cupcake crayons! • Just fill the silicon mold with the included crayon crumbles, bake and draw! • Recycle your old crayons and use the baking mold again and again! • Includes silicon baking mold, 8 colors of crayon crumbles to make 8 cupcake crayons, spoon, doily and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

Make 8 crayons!

Recycle your old crayons, too!

From the creator of Galloping Horse!

1550 ScaniMagic™ • From the creator of Gallop! Now you can color your own animation! • Open the lid, color the scrambled image and roll the knobs back and forth to watch your picture move! AMAZING! • Includes ScaniMagic Scroller with storage drawer, 6 markers and two 40" (102cm) coloring scrolls. Try Me package. Increment 3 •Age 6+

Color in & turn to see the motion!

Color in & turn to see the motion!

So sweet & easy! 316S Dough

Sweets Play Set™

• All the tools you need to create a collection of doughy confections! • Mold 38 different dough shapes. • Includes 4 colors of dough, 4 dough molds, 2 sundae cups, plastic plate, dough roller, dough shaping tool, 4 plastic ice pop sticks and easy instructions. • ∆ SMALL PARTS. Not for <3 years Increment 3 •Age 4+

85 Shrinky Dinks® shapes!

398W S  hrinky


- Fantasy Forest Jewelry™

• Create enchanted charms and accessories! Then decorate a dazzling tree with jewelry you made with owls, butterflies and flowers. • Includes 11" (28cm) tall display tree with 3D butterflies, 60 precut Shrinky Dinks® shapes, 100 sticky gems, 8 colored pencils, beads, 10 earring hooks, elastic (100" / 254cm), 30 jump rings, 30 glue dots, beading needle and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

100 gems!

110 sweet stickers! Just peel & stick!

171C Tea

Set Sticker Party™

• Decorate a tea set with 110 sweet stickers! • 13-piece ceramic tea set includes 4 teacups, 4 saucers, teapot with lid, sugar bowl with lid and creamer. • Easy instructions included. Increment 3 •Age 8+

13 piece porcelain set!

60 gems! 108C Color a Peace & Love Memo Board™ 108F Color a Funky Fashion Memo Board™ 108A Color a Memo Board™ - Assortment • Color in a groovy memo board and decorate with gems! • Hold all your notes, pictures and keepsakes! • Includes satin memo board (11" x 14"/ 180cm x 36cm), Increment 3 •Age 7+

harajuku lovers

urban outfit e

ad p s e at





So chic!

503C Color

a Chic Purse™

• Purse measures 9.5" x 6.25" (24cm x 16cm) not including plastic chain handle. • Includes 6 brightly colored permanent markers and zipper top closure. Increment 3 •Age 7+

Color in your own designer tote!

505C Color

a Chic Tote™

• Color in your own designer tote! • Tote measures 10.25" x 11" (26cm x 28cm) not including handles. • Includes 6 brightly colored permanent markers. Increment 6 •Age 7+

e t c i o r l o o v r s a a f r e y M e l k r a a n p d s shine! , glitter

Bling By Color!

178C B  ling


- 3 Cake Jewelry Boxes

• Decorate a sparkling 3-layer cake that stores your jewelry, too! • It's so easy, just bling by color! • Includes 3 stacking jewelry boxes with lids, 720 sticky mosaic tiles, 175 sticky gems, 72 stickers and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

895 Tiles and gems!

It’s so easy!

179F B  ling


- Flip Flop Jewelry Box

• It's a jewelry box that looks like a flip flop! • Bling by color to decorate a stylish box for all your stuff. • Includes flip flop box with real flip flop strap, 432 sticky mosaic tiles, 70 sticky gems and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

530 tiles & gems! 1171A Assortment

of 1171B/C/M/P 1171B Bling Along Frame™ - Ballerina 1171C Bling Along Frames™ - Cupcake

1171M Bling

• Create a sparkling work of art! • It's so easy. Just bling by color and it's ready to hang! • Each kit includes a ready-to-hang preprinted frame, 26 sticky gems, 504 sticky mosaic tiles and easy instructions.

Ready made shadow box - just bling & hang!

Increment 6 •Age 6+

Along Frames™ - Mermaid 1171P Bling Along Frames™ - Pirate

Bling by color!

189X Very

Merry Ornaments™

• Make 6 Christmas ornaments with sparkling tiles and gems! • Then add the paper strips to the stem and snap together. It's so easy! • Includes 108 paper strips, 475 sticky mosaic tiles and gems, plastic stems and knobs and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

Silver, too!

Make 6 sparkling ornaments!

Save your money! Save the Planet!

156W 2

Birdie Banks™

• Build 2 birdie banks out of recycled paper molds! • Save your money and save the planet! • Just wrap with paper tape, decorate with stickers and glaze to make 2 double-sided banks. • Includes 2 recycled paper bank molds, 150 stickers, 2 coin slots and lids, sponge brush, glaze, paper tape roll, 8 adhesive squares, tape dispenser and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

1190 POPS Increment 6 •Age 5+

Craft™ Assortment

Bored? Give your creativity a POP!

1191 2

Tutu Dolls™

• Peel, stick and glue 2 friends in tutus! • Includes 14 cupcake liners, 30 sticky gems, 29 stickers, 8 paper shapes, glue and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Spoon on the fun!

1192 3

Spoon Critters™

• Create 3 crazy critters with bendable legs! • Contains 80 stickers, 10 paper shapes, 3 plastic spoons, 6 pipe cleaners, glue and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Cute cupcake skirts!

1193 4

Paper Chain Dolls™

• Peel, stick and glue a parade of fashions! • Includes 46 stickers, 26 paper shapes, 1 paper doll chain, 6 cupcakes liners, glue and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Peel, stick & glue!

1194 4 Paper Chain Monsters™ • Make and decorate 4 monstrous friends! • Contains 141 stickers, 45 paper shapes, 1 monster chain, glue and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Just peel & stick!

1195 5

Bling Treats™

• Decorate and bling 5 sparkling treats! • Includes 432 sticky mosaic tiles, 133 sticky gems, 5 craft sticks, 6 stickers, 5 paper shapes and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Let your creativity soar!

1196 3

Happy Birds™

• Layer and stick 3 bright bird puppets! • Contains 136 stickers, 26 paper shapes, 3 craft sticks, glue and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

Just stick & wear!

1197 5

Lovely Rings™

• Just peel and stick to make 5 ravishing rings! • Includes 41 sticky gems, 4 stickers, 5 plastic rings, 1 fabric flower, 1 felt circle and easy intructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

So Easy!

1198 2

Pretty Headbands™

• Ooh la la! It's so easy to make 2 pretty headbands! • Contains 3 fabric flowers, 1 satin headband, 1 stretchy headband, 1 gem stem, 6 tulle squares and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 5+

148R Simply

Marble-ous™ Refill

• Even more marbling fun! • Display holds 12 cans of Marble-ous Foam. • Net Wt. 7 oz / 200 g. Increment 12 •Age 7+

128N Yarn


• Learn how to knit and crochet. • Contains everything you need to make a scarf and a bag. • Includes 6 skeins of yarn (50 yards/46m each), wooden knitting needles, plastic crochet hook and easy illustrated instructions. Increment 3 •Age 8+

New improvements to look and durability!

• New Printed Nylon Material and New Fabric Markers. • Dramatically improved water proofing. • Clean bright white look and soft feel. • Bright marker colors won’t fade.

Ready made earrings!

177E Zippy

Zipper Jewelry™

• Get zipped-up in style! • Make zipper accessories including a necklace, 2 headbands, 2 presewn bracelets and a pair of earrings. • Includes ready-made stud earrings, 13 zipper pulls in 4 bright colors, 3 zipper bracelets, 2 zipper headband sleeves, plastic headband, ball chain, stretchy bracelet loop and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

Make 8 zipper accessories!

Tile it on!

753N Tile


• Make wooden tile charm jewelry! • Layer, stick and string to create bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. • Includes 12 wood tiles, 30 gems, 136 stickers, 14 clear stickers, beads, pearls, 2 rings, 20 jewelry findings, chain necklace, 3 ribbons, elastic string, stretchy loop, beading needle and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 7+

12 wood tiles!

Peel, stick & bead!

175S Ceramic

Bead Sticker Party™

• It's so easy to decorate ceramic beads with stickers! • Just peel, stick and string! • Includes 17 ceramic beads, 225 stickers, seed beads, 7 cords, ball chain, elastic, beading needle and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

225 stickers!


prom nigh

tote bags


funky ories ss acce

Rip, wrap & wear!

Fun printed duct tapes!

Wrap 6 bangles! 767W Duct

Tape Bangles™

• Rip, wrap and wear trendy duct tape bangles! • It's easy to make funky stripes with 5 skinny rolls of duct tape in bright colors and prints. • Includes 5 rolls of duct tape, 6 plastic bangles in 3 widths and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 7+

Pre-sewn bag makes it easy!

768W Duct

Tape Tote™

• Design your own bag--in duct tape! • Take the pre-sewn bag from plain to fab! It's so easy! • Includes pre-sewn tote bag, 6 rolls of duct tape, non-stick paper, stencil and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 7+

From plain to fab!

Duct tape your word! Tear, stick & wear!

769W All

Duct Out™

• WOW! Duct tape fashions! Just tear, stick and wear! • Make belts, jewelry, headbands, glasses, a purse and more. • Templates and stencil make it easy! • Includes 8 rolls of duct tape, 3 templates, precut fabric, 4 earring hooks, 4 jump rings, brooch pin, 2 belt rings, 2 plastic chains, hole punch, stencil, 2 stretchy loops, non-stick paper and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 7+

Duct tape fashion!

760A Hot

Duct Tape Fashion™ 760B Cool Duct Tape Fashion™ • Tear, stick and wear your own duct tape creations! • Multi-pack includes 54 feet (16.5m) of duct tape 2 widths. • 6 colors and animal print patterns too! Increment 6 •Age 7+

Make your own duct tape creations!

CRAZY FOR bows bows bow



lo fabulous f le y t s n tee icons

Make 10 headbands!

724 So

Many Headbands!™

• Make 10 headbands in endless combinations! • Build bows, bejeweled flowers and pom-poms. • Slide-on gem stem and easy-attach ribbons allow you to create different looks again and again! • Includes 8 satin headbands, 2 stretchy headbands, slide-on gem stem, 2 easy-attach ribbons, 8 fabric flowers, 5 ribbons, 86 gems, rainbow shoelace, 6 tulle pieces, felt shapes, rubber bands and easy instructions all packed in a keepsake case with handle. Increment 3 •Age 6+

Switch & slap!

117N Slap

n' Switch Watch™

• Switch and slap it on! • Change your mood, change your watch. 9 different combinations! • Includes a sliding watch, 3 metal face rings, and 3 fuzzy animal print slap bracelets. • Japanese quartz movement in a stainless steel case. Water resistant. Increment 6 •Age 7+

Fuzzy animal prints!

String & bling! Rock your blocks!

133W Bling


• String and bling! • Make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and a ring with blocks and gems! • Includes 24 blocks, 50 silver-colored beads, 1 block ring, 30 sticky gems, satin cord, elastic string, 4 earring hooks, 5 jump rings, beading needle and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 8+

Bling a ring!

726W J  uice

Tab Jewelry™

• Wow! Make bracelets out of juice tabs! It's so easy! • Enough tabs to create 4 unique bracelets. • Make and trade with your friends! • Includes 48 tabs in 12 colors, including neon, and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

Hot new trend!

Juice tab jewelry? No way! 726WI J  uice Singles

Tab Jewelry™

• Each singles pack comes with 12 links in 4 colors to make one bracelet! • 3 different color collections in each display: Berry Blast, Tropical Zest and Wild & Fruity. • Single packs can be hung as well. Increment •Age 6+

124S BFF

Cord Bracelets™

• Make your BFF a bracelet in just minutes with a special foam wheel and chunky satin cord! • Make 6 thick shiny bracelets. • Comes with foam wheel, 24 strands of satin cord in 6 colors, including rainbow and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 8+

Make in minutes!

795B M  ix

& Makeup™ Make your body

- Body Glimmer


• Mix your own cool colors of body glimmer! • Fill 5 cute candy containers with professional grade ingredients. • Comes with all the supplies you need: 5 candy containers with key chains, 3 bottles of color drops (.16 oz/4.5 g each), body glitter base (1.2 oz/35 g), rainbow glitter (.04 oz/1 g), 20 stickers, mixing cup, stir stick and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

795L M  ix

& Makeup™

- Lip Shimmer

Mix yummy flavors & colors!

• Mix your own yummy colors and flavors of lip shimmer! • Fill 5 fun ice pop containers with professional grade ingredients. • Comes with all the supplies you need: 5 ice pop containers with key chains, 3 bottles of color/flavor drops (1.6 oz/4.5 g each), lip shimmer base (1.2 oz/35 g), rainbow glitter (.04 oz/1 g), 28 stickers, mixing cup, stir stick and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+


15 piece set!

703W Yummy

Tin Tea Set™

• Have a yummy tea time! • 15-piece tin set with a cupcake teapot! • Includes 4 cupcake teacups, 4 saucers, 4 plates and a serving tray. Delicious! Increment 3 •Age 3+

714W Wooden

Sweets Bar™

• Slice and serve tasty wooden treats! Great make-believe fun! • 33-piece set includes a two-tiered sweets bar (15"W x 11"H x 8"D / 38cm x 28cm x 20cm), 8 tea cakes, round cake in 6 slices, 2 cupcake bottoms and tops, cake roll in 3 slices, 2 candies, plastic server, 2 plates and a wooden cutting tool. Increment 3 •Age 3+

Slice and serve!

796W Connect

a Giant Monster™

• Connect a giant monster with 100 interchangable wooden pieces! • Build your monster high and wide with connectors, eyes, hats, hands and feet. • Includes 100 double-sided wooden pieces that easily slot together. • Monster measures approximately 14" x 18" x 10" (36cm x 46cm x 25cm). Increment 3 •Age 4+

100 doublesided pieces - monstrous possibilities!

Over 3 yards of flexible tubing! 789 Talking


• "Hello! Can you hear me?" • Make some long distance calls indoors and outdoors! Incredible sound! • Set comes with with 3.3yds (3m) of flexible tubing and 2 handsets in red and blue. Increment 3 •Age 3+

Soft foam encased metal spring for extra comfort and safety. 770 Ready,

Jump high, fast & far!

Bounce up to 24"!

Set, Pogo™

• Jump high, fast and far! • Bounce up to 24 inches! (61cm). • Encased metal spring for extra safety. • Easy grip foam handles, padded center pole for added comfort and wide rubber foot for improved stability. • Suitable for kids from 44-99 lbs. (20-45 kg). Safety helmet and protective pads recommended (not included). Increment 4 •Age 9+


New design for improved stability!

786X Little

Jumpers Trampoline™

• Jump for fun and exercise! • Improved frame for enhanced stability! • Colorful, padded trampoline with cushioned handle is the perfect outlet for kids’ energy! • Simple assembly, just attach the bungee cords, place the colorful pad and take the leap! • Holds up to 80 pounds. • 34.5” W x 34.5” D x 29.5” H (88cm x 88cm x 75cm) when fully assembled. • Adult assembly required. • ∆ SMALL PARTS. Not for <3 years. Increment 2 •Age 3-6

29B Blazin'

Buggy Racers™

• Little buggies, start your engines! • Four-tier wooden roadway and 4 colorful roll-over race cars. • Start the cars at the top and watch them flip over to the next level. • Provides hours of speedway fun. Increment 3 •Age 3+

Be a chocolatier!

78D My

Chocolate Shop

• Make and wrap your own chocolates! • Make 60 different delectable shapes and show them off on a candy shop display. • Includes chocolate stand, 3 candy molds with 60 shapes, 10 lollipop sticks, 10 lollipop bags, 2 gift boxes, 60 stickers, 3 pastry bags, 5 paper cups, 4 candy wrappers, 10 foil sheets, 5 wooden stir sticks, ribbon and easy instructions. • Stand measures 10”H x 5”W (25cm x 13cm). • Chocolate and candy not included. Increment 3 •Age 7+

260 stickers, gems, borders & frames! 106D My

Sweet Scrapbook

• Create a scrapbook to hold all your sweet memories! • Includes a 36-page hardcover scrapbook (8" x 8"/ 20 cm x 20 cm), zig zag scissors, 6 papers, 207 stickers, 30 sticky gems, 23 paper frames, marker, stencil, 2 ribbons, glitter glue, glue stick, sequins and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

750 tiles and gems! 178D Bling

a Candy Jewelry Box

• Make a sweet and sparkling candy box to store your jewelry! • It's easy! Just bling by color! • Includes 3 candy boxes with lids, 750 stickers and gems, and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

Make 6 bangles!

125D Arm


• Make 6 beautiful bangles with stickers, gems and glitter! • Includes 400 candy wrapper stickers, 90 sticky gems, 6 bangles in 3 widths, glitter glue, burnishing tool and easy instructions. Increment 3 •Age 6+

4 headbands!

754D Color

4 Sweet Headbands

• Color 4 sweet satiny headband sleeves with 6 brightly colored markers! • Add gems, too! • Includes 4 printed headband sleeves, 6 permanent markers, 30 sticky gems and plastic headband. Increment 6 •Age 7+

Color, bling and wear!


Wacky& WildStuff!

Squeeze it! Stretch It! Glop it!

942 G  lowing Asst PDQ

Slime™ & Metallic Slime™

• It's always time for slime! • Counter display holds green and orange glow in the dark slime and gold and silver metallic colors, 4.6 oz. (130g) each. Increment 24 •Age 6+

Glow in the dark & metallic!

Pull it! Stretch it! Snap It! Bounce it! Sculpt It!

941 C  olor

Asst PDQ

Changing Putty™

• Amazing putty changes color when you mold it! • Comes in 3 colors: green that changes to yellow, purple that changes to pink and blue that changes to white. • Sold in a display. 1 oz. (30g) each. Increment 24 •Age 6+

Changes color!

Erupt your volcano over 10 times!

954 E  rupt

a Volcano™

• Make your own volcanic eruption! • Just mix the 2 lava powders together, drop in water and watch all the fun! It's lava mania! • Enough lava powder for over 10 eruptions. • Includes a 2 tiered plastic volcano, 2 dinosaurs, 2 lava powders .7 oz. (20g) each, pipette, spoon, 2 resealable bags and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

Expands 100 times its size!

956 G  row

Glow Snow™

• Make instant snow that glows in the dark! Just add water! • Expands to 100 times its size! • Reuse again and again! • Includes 1.4 oz. (40g) of instant glowing snow powder and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

See crystals form in minutes!

957 G  row

a Crystal Dino™

• See crystals grow in a few magical minutes! • Includes precut and colored paper dino, palm tree and bush, magic crystal liquid .7 fl oz. (20g), 2 plastic trays and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

950 K  id



• Sturdy counter display comes with an assortment of 951/ 952/ 954/ 955/ 956/ 957. • 18 units per display. • 10.75"W x 12.5"H x 10.5"D (27.3cm x 31.8cm x 26.7cm) Increment 18 •Age 6+

Over 20 eruptions!

968 M  ix

'n Blast Volcano Play Set™

• A volcanic landscape that's totally prehistoric! • Just mix the 2 lava powders, squirt in water with the injector and watch it erupt! • Refill your volcano over 20 times. • March 3 plastic dinos through the black slime pit! • Includes plastic volcanic landscape, 3 dinosaurs, 2 lava powders 1.4 oz. (40g) each, injector, black slime .7 fl oz. (20g), 4 googly eyes, plastic lava shovel, 2 resealable bags and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

967 M  agic

Crystal Dinoland™

Grow Magic Crystals!

• Grow a magical crystal dinosaur wonderland! • See crystals form in minutes! • Includes precut and colored paper stegasaurus and T-rex, volcano and tree, magic crystal liquid 2 fl oz. (60g), plastic tray, paper grass cutout and easy instructions. Increment 6 •Age 6+

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