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Official Auction of:

E V E N T I N F O R M AT I O N LOCATION Watkins Glen International 2790 County Route 16, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Guest Admission

Complimentary to SVRA Ticket Holders and Members

BIDDER REGISTRATION $100 Includes: • Bidder badge and 1 Guest Pass • Official Auction Catalog
 • Admission to Auction and Preview • Open House Cocktail Preview

BIDDER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS • Valid photo ID driver’s license or passport • Credit card on file
 • Bank letter of guarantee For those unable to attend the sale, complimentary remote bidding options include telephone and absentee.

Now Inviting Consignments 1967 LOLA T70 MARK IIIB SPYDER Driven by Dan Gurney in the Can-Am Series


COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION Saturday, 10 September / 5pm - 10pm Auction Preview 8 - 10 September / 10AM - 9PM

Vehicle Check - IN 7 - 8 September / 10am - 6pm

ONSITE CONTACT 7 - 12 September Tel +1.512.813.0636 Fax +1.512.857.9357 info@motostalgia.com www.motostalgia.com

7 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M


Lot 01

Ferrari “Better Half” •

Clay Sculpture

18 inches Long

With Wire Wood and White Gold

$700 - $1,000 Without Reserve Hammer Price ________________

Lot 02

Bugatti Type 35 •

Clay Sculpture

26 Inches Long

With Kiln Fired and Stained with Water

$500 - $750

Hammer Price: ________________

Lot 03 The Glen •

Clay Sculpture

24 in by 24 in

With Kiln Fired and Stained

$1,800 - $3,000

Lot 04 Maserati F1 •

Clay Sculpture

13 Inches Long

With 14K White Gold and Wire Wheels

$600 - $1,200

Without Reserve

Hammer Price:


Hammer Price: ________________


Lot 27 2007 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake

ot 05 L 1956 Harley-Davidson Hummer Motorcycle Designer: Dean Hummer

Estimate: $ 7,000 - $10,000 Engine Number: 56ST2546 Decoded: 56=1956; ST=125 cc engine; 2546=Unit number Engine: 125 cc/2-stroke Single Cylinder 1-barrel Carburetor/Three bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Rear Wheel Mechanical Drum Brake Odometer: 12,061 miles

• • •

Genuine Harley Hummer Authentic Restoration Built For Safe Riding by the Factory

12 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Model –Based on captured documents from DKW, in the early post-war years, Harley-Davidson looked to capture the lightweight motorcycle market in the USA. While technically the Hummer didn’t come along until 1955, the small Harley did quite well in getting young people to experience the joy of motorcycling in a rather tame fashion. In 1951 the Tele-glide front forks were adopted. A larger 165cc version was created, but Dean Hummer, a leading dealer in these small bikes proved that with proper marketing the 125cc version was still a viable machine in the market. To honor his dedication to the small bikes, starting in 1955, the economical two-stroke Harley was marketed as the Hummer. It would stay in production up to 1959, and while the other small Harley-Davidsons of the era were officially known by specific model designations, today these post-war two-cycle fun machines are often collectively called Hummers.

The Motorcycle – From the engine number, it has been verified that this Harley-Davidson is a genuine Hummer. While the original DKW designs were shared with both Russia for the production of the Mockba MA1 as well as the British built BSA Bantam, Harley was always trying to make a good thing better. The Tele-Glide front forks, better breathing valves and more durable engine casings made the Harley Hummer the only two-stroke to own. This example appears to have been given a restoration a few years back and is complete down to the color-keyed handle-bar grips. Mounted at the ready is a can of genuine Harley Davidson Two-Stroke Oil, while the seat appears brand new and this bike ever retains it original headlight and taillight units. Vintage motorcycles are basic and often primitive machines, but we agree with Harley’s advertising of the day, this bike was built for “Safe Riding”.

ot 06 L 1965 Volkswagen “Beetle” Convertible Designer: Dr. Ferry Porsche

Estimate: $13,000 - $18,000 Chassis Number: 155540734 Decoded: 15=Type 1 “Beetle” Convertible; 5=1955; 540734=Chassis unit number Engine: 1192cc “Flat” 4-cyl. 1-barrel Carburetor/40 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 98,350 mi Miles Showing • • •

Loved and Adored by All Open Air Motoring on a Budget Tasteful Upgrades

14 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Model: When the original Volkswagen Beetle was developed in pre-WWII Germany, it was decided that a number of Cabriolets would be included in the mix. With a classic Mercedes inspired folding top, the flat-bottomed Beetle sedan’s chassis needed just a little tweaking to make it convertible ready. In the early 1950’s, VW experimented with a couple of different coachbuilders but eventually settled on Karmann as the supplier of the open Beetles. Over the course of its production, the little Beetle saw constant improvements striving to make a good thing better. During the previous season a revision to the folding top reduced the down-position bulk, a new “basket-weave” vinyl was released for the seats and a major benefit were the new swivel sunvisors. At $2,053 suggested retail for the basic convertible, just 7,848 were imported into the USA when new.

The Model: This bright yellow example has been used, but has also been well maintained under the rear engine cover, and given a few subtle upgrades to make the motoring experience of this pleasing little Beetle that much better. Mechanically, this car is reported run out quite well with the trademark exhaust noise. The interior is finished in black vinyl and accented with a black fabric folding top. Sitting on stock wheels painted black, they are adorned with a set of original VW moon-style hubcaps. These were basic cars when new, when even getting a fuel gauge was a step-up from the basic package, of which this car has. A modern stereo/CD system has been added with special speakers placed under the dash board. The seats appear to be a couple of years old, but are quite comfortable and ready for that Sunday cruise or weekend retreat. Reported to be an excellent driver, this convertible is not only delight to drive and own, but is sure to get plenty of “thumbs-up” approval from your fellow motorists.

ot 07 L 1972 Fiat Abarth 500/695 Elaboration Designer: Dante Giacosa Estimate: $15,000 - $21,000

Chassis Number: 2559309 Decoded: 2559309=Fiat 500F/L, Fiat Mirafiori, Turin, Italy Construction (1970 production) Engine: 650cc 49 bhp Vertical-Twin Engine All-Synchro 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Wheel Disk, Rear Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 28,682 Kilometers

The Model: The Fiat 500 was a revolutionary compact car. Produced between 1957 and 1975, the 500 was launched as the Nuova (new) 500. Measuring just under ten feet long, and originally powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the 500 redefined the economy car. The buying public fell in love and quickly wanted more from this economical grocery getter. Abarth stepped up and offered a forty percent increase in displacement and race inspired suspension upgrades in the form of the legendary Abarth 695. The Car: This car was produced in Italy in 1972 and is fresh from a complete mechanical and body restoration in 2014 that was performed in Tolentino, Italy. During restoration, this car underwent an upgrade to Abarth 695 specifications, transforming it from a simple city car to a track legend. The engine has been replaced with an Abarth race-spec 650CC engine. The transmission was upgraded to a lightweight aluminum four-speed synchronized manual gearbox. The addition of competition wheels and tires transform the handling while the addition of front disk brakes keeps everything in check. The sale includes the recent importation paperwork and some Italian documentation. This car also sports a folding sunroof. The car has been fitted in racing trim throughout. The fresh blue paintwork is matched by a new black leather interior that includes modern carbon-fiber details. The entire project was meticulously executed to produce an exciting result. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this exciting Fiat to your garage.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Performance-Tuned Microcar

Iconic Fiat Abarth

Perfect Touring Car

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 09 L 1981 Chevrolet Corvette Designer: William “Bill” Mitchell Zora Duntov Estimate: $7,000 - $12,000

Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 1G1AY8760BS409699 Decode: 1=USA, G=General Motors, 1=Chevrolet, A=Manual Seat Belts, Y=Corvette, 8=Body Style, 7=Restraint System, 6=L-81 V-8 Engine, 0=Check Digit, B=1981 Model Year, S=St Louis, Missouri Assembly, 409699=Serial Number Engine: 350cid, 190bhp V-8 Three-Speed Turbo-Hydramatic Automatic Gearbox Rochester Quadrajet Four-Barrel Carburetor Front and Rear Vented Power Disk Brakes Mileage: 71,348 Actual Miles • • • •

Complete Matching Numbers Car Preservation Condition Desirable Cast Alloy Wheels T-Top Model

The Model: The new C3 Corvette of 1968 ushered in a complete new restyling of the GM’s signature sports car. The overall design proved to be the Corvette’s longest-running style. The C3 underwent numerous minor revisions including the 1980 facelift that added integrated front and rear spoilers into the bodywork. For 1981 the model lineup simplified to offer only the L-81 350 cid V-8 engine for all markets. The overall specification for all cars increased with air conditioning, tilt/telescoping steering column, sports mirrors and power windows that became standard on all Corvettes. The Car: This 1981 Corvette is presented in unmolested original condition with 71,348 actual miles. The silver paint is original and still shows well overall with some sun blemishing reflecting the careful limited use over the past 25 years. This car features its patinated original silver leather interior and comes with the desirable cast aluminum wheels. This car is the attractive T-Top model and still carries its top bags. The engine bay also reflects the low mileage and conservation this sporting classic has enjoyed. The chrome air cleaner and cast magnesium valve covers still display well. This low-mileage C3 is an honest driver-condition car ready to enjoy now or take to the next level.

18 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

L ot 1008 1970 Subaru 360 Coupe

Launch Pad for Subaru Nameplate

Micro-car Efficiency

Chassis Number : K111L11028 Engine Number: EK32-721997 Decoded: EK32=358cc/25 HP 2-cyl. Engine; 721997=Unit number Engine: 358 cc air-cooled 2-cyl. 1-barrel Carburetor/25 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Advertised as “Cheap and Ugly”

Odometer : 23,000 miles showing

Designer: Shinroku Momose Estimate: $8,000 - $12,000

Without Reserve

The Model: Tracing the legacy of Subaru takes us back to 1915 and the founding of Aircraft Research Laboratory by Chikhuei Nakajima. Eventually reorganized as Nakajima Aircraft Company after WWII, a number of diversifications, mergers and business dealing, created Fuji Heavy Industries. Wanting to get into the growing vehicle trade Fuji produced a small scooter followed by an very economic car. Eventually named Subaru, the logo with six stars represented the star group Pelides. With production starting in 1958, it was a very successful little car, when marketing promoter Malcolm Bricklin got into the act, bringing the little coupe to America in 1970. The 360 had served it purpose for Subaru which had been developing bigger, more contemporary vehicles with the last of these little cars coming off the line in 1971. Over 390,000 were produced in its 12 year run, and they are sought after by collectors in both the USA and Japan. The Car: If one ever wanted to get into the world of micro-cars on a budget, this is your car. It is in what has been described as “highly original”. Mechanically, it appears to be a rather sound investment, featuring the second, more powerful version of the “EK” power plant. This car is lightweight, but isn’t “dainty”, able to go from 0-60 in under 40 seconds when in prime tune. Body panels and paint, while not perfect, appear to be original to the car and the interior it still serviceable . Perfect for use on a large estate or ranch, or as a crew car at a vintage racing event, this is the type of car you just cannot pass up.

20 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 11 L

1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith 4-dr Sedan Estimate: $10,000 - $14,000 Chassis Number: LRK38273 Decoded:Decoded: L=Long wheelbase; R=RollsRoyce; K=1979 year model; 38273=Unit number Engine: 6750 cc OHV V8 4-barrel Carburetor/220 bhp (estimated) 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 79,400 Miles Showing •

Excellence in Design

Proven mechanics

Carburetor model

The Model: Continuing on the very successful platform launched with the Silver Shadow, the Silver Wraith was marketed to those looking for just a bit more luxury than the earlier model offered. The original Wraith from Rolls-Royce had been produced in the immediate post-war years from 1946 to 1958. While the “Shadow” was still performing quite well, to build excitement the long-wheel base version of the Shadow was renamed the Silver Wraith II and introduced in 1976. With the Silver Shadow setting production records for Rolls-Royce, the Wraith would only add to those numbers as customers quickly stepped up for the mini-stretch, just four inches from 119.5” to 123.5”, which was applied to the back-seat passengers. Today these Silver Wraiths are sought after and appreciated for their superb ride, luxurious appointments and motoring 22 elegance. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: During its lifetime, the Silver Shadow enjoyed a number of improvements with the apex arriving with the Series II for 1977, and all of these advancements were applied to the Silver Wraith. Improved electrics, rack and pinion steering, and dozens of little touches such as push-button headlight washers made these cars the cutting edge in luxury motoring. Finished in factory Silver Sand over Walnut, the original paint is showing a bit of aging, but it also shows a rather straight body that has never been molested. The interior finished in the standard tan leather that set these cars apart from everyday motoring, retains much of its suppleness and is quite ready to go for a ride. Occupants of this Silver Wraith are treated to beautifully finished Bird’s Eye Maple veneer on the dashboard and interior garnish moldings. All of the original gauges have been retained and it is believed that the current odometer reading is from the new. Never was so much elegant 23 23 motoring offered for such as reasonable price when the cars were new, and now many years later, they can still be a luxury W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M ride for the new owner. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 12 L

1958 Bentley “S” Series “F” 4-dr Saloon Designer: John P. Blatchley

Estimate: $35,000 - $42,000

A Classic Design of Elegance

Driver and Owner Friendly

Well Appointed and Turn-Key Ready Chassis Number: B92FA Decoded: B=Bentley; 92=Unit number; FA=Sub-series designation Engine: 4887cc OHV inline 6-cylinder 2xSU Carburetors/176 bhp (est.) 4-Speed Hydramatic Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 7,360 Miles Showing

The Model: From the establishment of the Rolls-Royce brand, the most important goal for the company had been to design and produce a superb engine mated to a rugged and reliable chassis, complete with a suspension and running gear package fit for royalty. When Rolls acquired Bentley, these qualities were combined with the sporting adventure of that heralded marque. Customers would select their own coachbuilder and have their Bentley or Rolls-Royce built to order. After WWII, after the company had acquired the coach building firms of Park Ward and H. J. Mulliner, the first offering of in-house or catalog bodies were offered straight from the factory in Crewe. When Rolls-Royce released the Silver Cloud in 1955, Bentley benefitted from the same standard coachwork from the shops of Mulliner craftsmen for the all new Bentley “S” series. The standard saloon was one of the most commanding, well designed and expertly assembled bodies to ever appear on a production vehicle with the long hood flanked by fenders that flowed into the main body. Spacious interiors that were functional and stately in presentation were the order of the day. Combined with precision mechanics and there simply was no better car on the market. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: It is said that owners of a Rolls-Royce enjoy being driven in them, while owners of Bentley motorcars enjoy driving their cars. What a thrill it would be driving this rather charming example of the craftsmanship from the Crew factory. Originally built and produced for the home market, this car passed through the famous H. R. Owen dealership on Berkeley St. in London. At some point it was delivered to the colonies where it was purchased by a man who wanted to prove his success to his mother. He bought this stunning car for the sole purpose of taking his “mum� from her senior living facility to church and back each Sunday. Pristine overall condition with recent service and partial restorations to produce a show winner car. Rated condition 2 (driven often) with minor work needed to make condition 1 show stopper. Most recent updated cosmetic items include carpets, weather stripping, refinished wood and chrome. Vehicle is fully detailed, including inside bonnet and undercarriage. Service records with tons of history. Completely rust free vehicle! All lines are tight and original. Paint is 9/10. This S1 shows extremely well with lots of local show awards. Finished in a stately combination of black over gold, the interior has been done in a light tan leather that is soft and comfortable. The woodwork on the dashboard is beautifully finished and the body work appears to be splendid in every way. This Bentley presents a rather unique opportunity to one of the most attractive cars ever produced.

ot 14 L 2002 Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa Convertible Designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro Estimate: $ 19,000 - $25,000

ot 14 L 2002 Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa Convertible Designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro Estimate: $19,000 - $25,000 Chassis Number:ZAMBB18A5200006476 Decoded: 56=1956; SL=St. Louis, MO assembly plant; 59963=49,963rd ’58 Mercury scheduled for production at St. Louis; M=Mercury line Engine: 4244cc DOHC V8 Fuel injected/390 bhp Paddle-Shift 6-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Odometer: 16,735 Miles

The Model: Maserati’s history is filled with a number of amazing Spyders from its past including the 3500, Mistral and beautifully designed Ghibli. When released in the fall of 2001, style #3200 from Giugiaro was simply called the spyder. It had a newly design V8 that had more displacement and weighed less than the 3.2 Liter Turbocharged units, which provided more torque and horsepower than ever before. While a 6-speed manual transmission was standard, the Cambiocorsa 6-speed Electro-hydraulic unit did a lot of thinking for the driver with settings for Sport, Automatic, Normal and when needed in low-grip situation, “Ice”. Also included was an impressive listing of features such as memory seats, integrated entertainment and navigation systems with a 5.8 inch display screen and climate control. Riding on 18 inch alloy wheels 0-60 mph could be achieved in under five seconds with a top speed of 175 MPH.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Superb Styling

Ferrari Inspired Mechanicals

Well Maintained-Turn Key Ready

The Car: During our test drive of this outstanding example of Italian engineering, we were impressed by the lightning-quick quick acceleration and total command of the road this Spyder delivered. The original fit and finish is presented with the same degree of perfection as when it was delivered new, and the plus leather seats seemed to cradle one so that full concentration could be focused on the road ahead. Shifting with the paddle units took a few moments to get used to, but the ease of this system made that task as effortless as tuning in a favorite radio station on the center unit. All of the gauges appeared to function as they should, and with the top up, which showed only a minimum of wear, the air-conditioning helped to keep things cool in the passenger compartment. Including with this car are the original books, tool-roll, jack and other factory related amenities. A fun car with lots of excitement ahead, do not pass up this Maserati Spyder.


W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 15 L

1962 Porsche 356B Designer: Ferry Porsche

Estimate: $57,000 - $68,000 Chassis Number: 120309 Engine: 1600 cc 4-Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetors 4-Speed Transmission Odometer: 30,800 Miles Showing


ot 15 L 1962 Porsche 356B Designer: Ferry Porsche

Estimate: $57,000 - $68,000

Numbers Matching Example

Restorable Condition

Vintage Charm

Chassis Number: 120309 Engine: 1600 cc 4-Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetors 4-Speed Transmission Odometer: 30,800 Miles Showing 32 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Model: Imported from Germany from 1948 to 1965, the 356 was Porsche’s first production car. When “Ferry” Porsche went to the drawing board he had one principal in mind, he said “if you have enough power in a small car it is nicer to drive than an over powered large car”. Ferry delivered with the 356, producing a small car with adequate power, that would soon develop a reputation for being a racing machine. The people in Stuttgart wisely offered the 356 in three configurations, the coupe and two convertible models that varied in name. The Car: If this 356 coupe was one of your friends, it would be the one that is cool without trying, the one that gets away with wearing jeans to a black events. The red paint lacks luster. In fact, fading is probably its only consistent quality, and yet the look is undeniably cool. The original seats, now under cover, show the usual wear from 60 plus years of use. The too-cool-for-restoration look continues throughout the interior space, completing an overall stand out look. Out back rests a fully rebuilt and restored, numbers-matching engine that brings the whole thing together. The reliability and drivability of this Porsche make it perfect for Sunday drives with the dog riding shotgun or outings to the local cars and coffee. With 356 Porsches reaching the must-have status, why not make yours 33 stand out from the crowd, and enjoy the ride along the way. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 16 L 1954 MG TF Roadster Estimate: $24,000 - $28,000

Chassis Number: HDC46/4016 Engine Number:XPAG/TF/34130 Engine: 1250cc OHV 4-cylinder 2xSU Carburetors/57 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 1769 Miles Showing

Unique Marque Styling

Traditional Sports Roadster

Last Version of T-Series from MG

The Model: After World War II, a number Americans were bitten by the sports car bug. Either for an exhilarating weekend ride or to participate in the growing sport of road racing, the British car industry was answering the call. One of the more economical entries in this field were the peppy little T-series roadsters from MG. In its final incarnation, the TF, drivers found the chassis had been tuned to a finer degree, and body styling, while still featuring independent fenders and pseudo-running boards, was starting to look a bit more contemporary with other sporty type vehicles. These cars featured a number of options such as wheels, soft tops, extra lighting plus for passenger comfort heaters and dash mounted radios. Of course full instrumentation was included.


The Car: This MG TF is one of the earliest examples we have seen. It appears to have been given a cosmetic re-do a few years back as it shows a light patina of use. The body and fenders appear to be without any major issued while the simple interior looks quite tidy and the dash-mounted gauges are clean, clear and very readable. One upgrade was the addition of a Moto-Lita steering wheel, adding a bit more strength and grip for the driver, An understatement in elegance the dark burgundy finish is accented by black vinyl seats and a taut fitting black fabric top. The factory steel wheels are fitted with blackwalls which adds to the subtle overall appearance of this car. Since its restoration there is evidence of light usage as several minor scratches in the finish are visible, but the overall enjoyment of driving an open-air roadster like this MG-TF so exciting that one would never notice these slight blemishes. An excellent opportunity to experience sports car motoring to its fullest degree.


ot 17 L 1986 Panther Kallista

Designer: Robert “Bob” Jankel Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000 Without Reserve Chassis Number: SA9KA21A0GB005107 Decoded: S=United Kingdom; A9=Panther West Winds Ltd.; KA=Kallista roadster; 21=2.3 Liter 4-cylinder; A=4speed transmission; 0=Check digit; G=1986 model year; B=Brooklands assembly; 005107=Unit number Engine: 2.3 Liter OHC 4-cylinder by Ford 2-barrel Carburetor/88 bhp 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Hydraulic Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 20,920 miles •

Sporty Appearance and Performance

Unique and Attractive Styling

Open Air Motoring Enjoyment

The Model: Panther West Winds Ltd. has produced a wide range of automobiles over the years that have ranged from contemporary sedans to open two-seaters that beckon back to the days when only the bravest souls would climb behind the wheel of a sports car. The Kallista was produced from 1982 up to 1990 and proved to be quite popular with just under 1,440 examples produced. A wide variety of engines, sourced mainly from Ford of England, were found under the hoods of the Kallista, and with a wide range of options in both appearance and performance, each car could be custom built to suit the customer’s needs and desires. Using a combination of metal and glass fiber, construction was rugged and yet handsome, presenting a vehicle that resembled a bit of classic Jaguar XK with a bit of Morgan for a very unique and distinguished look. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: This example appears to have been driven and enjoyed, but always well maintained, and showing just under 21,000 miles, it has a lot of life and miles to be experienced down the road. Finished in a deep gloss black, the car today wears its original paint as well as its gray cloth seats. Splashes of burgundy are found on the folding convertible top and the cover for the rear-mounted spare tire. A full assortment of gauges are mounted in the dash and surrounded by elegant wood facing with the contemporary steering wheel is emblazoned with the company’s logo, a mighty Puma created in honor of one of Panther’s first and most successful designs. Riding on a set of chrome wire wheels this Kallista is fitted with duo-tone chrome horns, accessory driving lights and in-dash stereo cassette and radio for the occupants entertainment. A very interesting car that is sure to turn heads and37 put smiles on the new owner’s face.

38 38

L ot 19

1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee 2-DR Hardtop Designer: Jeffery Godshall Estimate: $69,000 - $78,000

39 39

ot 19 L The Model: By 1968, the muscle-car wars were in full swing and with the introduction of the new B-body to the Coronet line, it was natural that high-performance would be a major part of this family of attractive vehicles. While the first season of this style was commendable, all the stops were pulled out for 1969 and one of the most feared engines was the mighty 440, offered in the Super Bee package with the “Six Pak” option, placing a trio of two-barrel carburetors on top of the well-tuned V8. Released after the official start of the model year, the engine identifier for this brutish engine fell under the letter “M” which in factory books was listed only as a “Special V8”. And special it was, neck-snapping performance from a well-engineered and reliable motor that would go on to power a wide range of Mopar vehicles. While the grocery getting Coronet sedans, coupes and wagons were the line’s bread and butter, and brought home the bacon for Dodge, it was up to cars like the Super Bee to bring in the showroom traffic and stir up interest in the marque. In the end, it appears to have done what marketing had hoped.

1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee 2-DR Hardtop Designer: Jeffery Godshall Estimate: $69,000 - $78,000

Excellent Restoration

Factory M-code 440 V8

Striking Color Combination

Chassis Number: WM23M9A271378 Decoded: W=Dodge Coronet; M=Super Bee; 23=2-dr hardtop; M=Special V8 Engine; 9=1969 model year; A=Hamtramck, MI assembly; 271378=171,378th 1969 Dodge scheduled for production at Hamtramck. Engine: 440 cid OHV “Big Block” V8 3x2--barrel Carburetor/390 bhp 3-Speed Heavy Duty Torqueflite Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 58,170 Miles Showing

The Car: Finished in Bright Green Metallic, code F6, with the “lift-off” black-out hood, this 1969 Super Bee had been given what appears to be a professional level restoration. Taken back to its original appearance everything was done to factory specifications, including the full-width bench seat covered in black vinyl with a full assortment of gauges in the dashboard. While Dodge did offer several dress-up type wheels, this car is fitted with the “down-to-business” hi-po steel wheels finished in gloss black and fitted with equally impressive tires. The owner of the Super Been didn’t want a trailer-queen, he want to be able to go out there and create quite a buzz, which means there is a lot of fun and real excitement awaiting the new owner. Muscle-cars like the Super Bee didn’t build their legacy from being coddled and stored in temperature controlled rooms from new, and this car has been built with that same thought in mine. If you think you’re ready to play with the big kids, then you need this Dodge in your garage!

ot 20 L 1942 Lincoln Continental Coupe Designer: E. T. “Bob” Gregorie Estimate: $32,000 - $38,000 • • •

Recognize “Full Classic” by CCCA Limited Production with Unique Styling Custom Bodywork for the Factory

Chassis: H131648 Engine: 302 cid “L-Head” V12 2-barrel Carburetor/130 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes


The Model - Edsel B. Ford hit a homerun with the release of the Lincoln Zephyr, a V12 power line of aerodynamically beautifully styled cars that reflected the ultimate in Art-Deco design. For 1939, the young Mr. Ford hit another home run with the release of the medium priced Mercury line of V8 powered cars. But he wasn’t finished and he turned his eyes to Europe for his next creation, the Continental. Based on the popular Zephyr, these limited edition cars featured hand-crafted bodies that were channeled and refined. When released they were considered instant classics by the media and automotive enthusiasts. The original Continental styling last for just 1940 and 1941, with 1942 slated to receive new styling and a more powerful engine. Unfortunately, world events nipped the face-lifted Continental’s production year with just 336 units produced, of which only 200 were the stylish coupes.

The Car - Treated to what appears to be a full professional restoration, this Burgundy beauty is a stunning automobile to admire. As the mighty V12 engine, adorned with all aluminum heads, roars to life, the transmission slips into first gear and a fun ride lies ahead. The interior is fitted with a full assortment of gauges that monitor oil, electrical systems, fuel and engine temperatures. In the center is the original 1942 era radio as well as a clock and speedometer, both with large readable faces. Under the hood, the engine looks show-car ready finished in proper colors and with the right components, including those Continental exclusive aluminum heads. With just a push of the buttons on the outside, the doors pop open and invite you inside. The interior has been finished in a rich tan wool broadcloth and yes, the hydraulically operated power-windows do work. Very rare by production, even rarer by survival, and a true classic from the start, do not miss this 1942 Lincoln Continental.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

43 43

ot 21 L 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo Estimate: $85,000 - $100,000

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

45 45 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 21 L 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo Designer: Butzi Porsche Estimate: $85,000 - $100,000 Chassis Number:WPOJB09366S050699 Engine: Turbocharged 3.3 liter Flat 6-Cylinder Direct Injection G50 5-Speed Transmission

Billy Boat Exhaust

XPS Direct Injection

Garrett Turbo

The Model – Homologation is a funny word, that has given us some of the best road going cars out there. The desire to stand on the top of the podium, and the pesky FIA rulebook, finally gave Americans what we had always wanted in 1976: A Porsche that could hold its own down the straights. We wanted POWER. The product of tinkering in the Porsche R&D shop, that began in the 1960s, the 930 had it all with the addition of a turbo to the base 911. It was nimble and had the zip of a turbocharged 3-liter engine. The combination that put out 280 horsepower, has become a bit of an urban legend with tales of unbridled tail whipping power when the turbo “kicked in.” Perhaps exaggerated, the stories of power and handling were enough to sell the upgraded sports cars until 1989. With power peaking at a still respectable 330 HP the path to Porsches modern machines was clear. Thirty some odd years later, the Porsche 911 is an all turbo line, ceasing production of anything that breathes on its own in 2017.

The Car: Covered in a smooth, clean finish that reflects the factory K5 hue, this street machine is ready to thrill. With an exterior package that includes just enough custom touches from the period, like the 18-inch Fikse wheels, it’s easy to tell this isn’t your run of the mill turbo. Once you get past the nearly perfect exterior finishing, you enter a cockpit that retains the original champagne leather seats. The interior space shows a well-cared for and gingerly-used car, as the 81,000 miles were put on the clock. While fast, the 930 is, after all, a luxury car, with luxury appointments like heated seats, power windows, and a sunroof. Like all 930s, the best part is out back under the whale tail. What started as suitable numbers matching 3.3-liter engine, was transformed by Patrick Motor Sports, into a bona fide streetfighter. A Garrett turbo now forces the air into the HPX direct injection. Out the other end is a Billy Boat exhaust, that produces a classic and refined Porsche sound. All that power is then put to the ground through a smooth shifting G50 five-speed transmission and brand new rubber. Running perfectly, with recent mechanical service that included an axle repack and new boots as well as new wheel bearings, this classic and collectible from the air-cooled era is ready to serve as a Saturday night hot rod or a classic piece for your Porsche collection. Whatever your pleasure, you will not regret raising your hand for this 930.

ot 22 L

1972 Chevrolet Corvette T-top Coupe Designer: William “Bill� Mitchell Estimate: $37,000 - $45,000

The Model: As the fourth year of the third generation Corvettes dawned there were a number of changes on the landscape for performance vehicles in the USA, and the picture wasn’t exactly rosy. Due to a new formula for displaying horsepower ratings, the mighty 454 was downgraded to 270 HP, but it could still propel the Corvette to neck-snapping speeds in just a few moments. New federal regulations would soon be affecting the exterior appearance of all automobiles, but for 1972, Corvette was able to retain both front and rear real chrome bumpers for one last season. Sales saw a sharp increase over 1971 totals with a near 40% increase in coupes to 20,496, helping to secure the Corvette as America’s sports car. Its rakish style, open air T-top, ergonomically well laid out interior and lots of options, it was still the cat’s meow in the performance league and no one was ashamed to be seen in one of these beauties.

ot 22 L

1972 Chevrolet Corvette T-top Coupe Designer: William “Bill” Mitchell Estimate: $37,000 - $45,000 •

Largest Displacement Factory Installed Engine

Desirable Color and Trim

Front and Rear Chrome Bumpers

Chassis Number: 1Z37W2S504990 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet; Z=Corvette; 37=2-dr coupe; W=454 cid V8; 2=1972 model year; S=St. Louis assembly; 504990=4,490th 1972 Corvette scheduled for assembly Engine: LS5 454 cid OHV V8 4-barrel Carburetor/270 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Odometer: 52,966 Miles Showing

The Car: For 1972, there was still quite a bit of excitement left running through the veins of the Corvette engineers and designers. Starting with the W-code “LS5” 454 big-block V8, of which just over 3,900 customers also elected to choose, this powerful engine was backed up by the M21 close-ratio 4-speed transmission. Vibrant colors were a part of the Corvette legacy and code 989 was one of the hottest for 1972, War Bonnet Yellow. Actually more of a golden metallic, this car is accented with Saddle vinyl bucket seats. Treated to a cosmetic restoration a few years ago, the car has a light patina of use, but we are told, can really get out and light up the tires or cruise all day long at highway speeds. Also included are the original warranty booklets and GM Protect-O-Plate. Purchased new in Alabama, it appears to have been well taken care of with details like the original Rally wheels with Goodyear Eagle tires will insure that this Corvette will hug the road like a teenage couple on their first date. For the new owner, this might just be the answer to a mid-life crisis, or the spark that could put a little romance into a loving relationship.

51 51 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 24 L 2006 Ford GT Coupe Designer: William “Bill” Mitchell Estimate: $265,000 - $305,000 Chassis Number: 1FAFP90SX6Y401101 Decoded:1=USA; F=Ford Motor Co.; A=Ford Passenger Cars; F=Restraint system; P90=GT coupe; S=5.4 Liter V8; X-Check digit; 6=2006; Y=Wixom, MI. assembly; 401101=Chassis number. Engine: 5.4 Liter DOHC V8 Supercharged/550 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Odometer: 14,670 Miles

One Owner

Garage Kept

Under 15,000 Miles

3 Of 4 Options

Upgraded Transmission Cooler

The Model: In the 1960’s, Henry Ford II set about getting revenge on Enzo Ferrari’s due to his refusal to sell his “Prancing Horse” company to the “Blue Oval” group. HFII did it by initiating an all-out effort to beat Ferrari wherever else he could. The result was the stunning 1966 victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the fabulous GT40. Trying to recapture those days, in 2002, Ford produced a GT40 concept car that won rave reviews from the public as well as the media. Looking to go head-to-head with the contemporary Ferrari 360 Modena, this new Ford super coupe was right on track. While the “GT40” name couldn’t be used due to ownership issues, Ford felt that the letters “GT” said it all. With a specially developed 5.4 liter, supercharged V8, speed was paramount, 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Even a couple of German entries paid notice to Ford, such as Porsche’s Carrera GT and the McLaren SLR from Mercedes-Benz. 52 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: Cars don’t become legends by touting test track figures, only to have owners of the production models wrap them up and put them away with no miles on them, never having had the chance or opportunity to experience the potential thrill of motoring. Our consignor bought this Ford GT brand new, and has enjoyed taking it down the open road, clocking just under 14,700 miles, and discovering how well-crafted this Ford really is. Look closely, you may find a small chip here or there that only goes to prove that this GT has been road-proven. Garage kept when not on the road, it has been well maintained so that at the push of the starter it will roar to life and give you the thrill of American performance at its best. Finding a road-proven Ford GT is as rare as finding a 16-sided building, such as the Nott Memorial Hall at Union College where we photographed this exciting car. As hundreds of other Ford GT’s sit in their cocoons, silently weeping because they will never get to know their full potential, this is a car you can enjoy without guilt, and smile the entire time you’re cruising the highways. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 24 L 54 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

2006 Ford GT Coupe Estimate: $265,000 - $305,000

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 25 L

Chassis Number:Ky12160 Engine:250cc Honda Helix Odometer shows: 5,000

1955 Messerschmitt KR200 Designer: Fritz Fend Estimate: $24,000 - $30,000

• • •

Modern Honda Power Automatic Transmission Custom Roadster Coachwork

The Model: Some find it hard to believe that the little three wheel cabin scooter we know as the Messerschmitt is a product of the same company who provided the air power for Hitler in WWII. But it does indeed come from the same people that were only years before producing fighter planes for Germany’s war effort. Not surprisingly, after the war the Allies politely asked the people at Messerschmitt to cease and desist all aircraft production. With no significant revenue stream, the company teamed up with Fritz Fend, also an aircraft engineer, to build what has become an icon in the micro car industry, the kabinenroller, or cabin scooter. The three wheeled scooter with a bubble top canopy design did have some fighter plane characteristics from the tail dragger era, in its own harmless way. While Messerschmitt did attach their name to the funny little scooter, a separate company called Regensburger Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH, was formed to take over manufacturing of the scooter.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: While undeniably adorable, all Messerschmitt owners face one ultimate truth, they are utterly unusable. Between the impracticality of mixing fuel, and lack of power production from that fuel, Messerschmitts have been relegated to the corner of collections where they collect dust. One industrious owen fixed that problem once and for all. In a German and Japanese mash-up, the likes of which have not been seen since WWII, the original 2-stroker was replaced with a water cooled honda engine. Borrowed from a helix, along with the rear suspension and electronics, the new mill breathed new life into the little machine. Now capable of reaching 65 mph, this converted roadster is ready for the road. The robins egg blue paint is a testament to the miles of enjoyment this scooter has to offer. The finish is far from perfect but shines nicely, save the few spots that have been scuffed or scrapped out on the road. If you want to be the center of attention this is your chance. Raise your hand and ride off into the sunset in this one of a kind.


ot 27

2007 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake Designer: Shelby American Estimate: $79,000 - $92,000 Chassis Number: 1ZVHT89S175331080 Engine: 5.4 Liter supercharged v8 6-Speed Transmission Odometer: 10,200 Miles

Early Super Snake Example

Explosive Power

Limited Production

The Model: Tire smoke is a sensual smell. Some cars make more than others, like the GT500 Super Snake. With 650 HP launches and corner exits are difficult although a smoke show is easy. Yes, the Super Snake sits lower on a polished set of Alcoa rims and yes it has all the body modifications you would expect, but underneath it all you just can not help but to marvel at all that power. All that juice originates from a 5.4 liter V8 topped with a blower, huffing 16 PSI into the Shelby’s lungs. Engaging the throttle simultaneously delivers neck snapping performance, and a symphony of rpm’s from the ample Ford V-8 and the 4” tipped stainless steel exhaust. Inside the driver is immersed in a retro interior refined in 2010 and reminiscent of the ’64 model with a brushed aluminum accented 6 gauge instrument cluster and aluminum accented air register vents. 58 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

59 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 27 L 60 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

2007 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake Designer: Shelby American Estimate: $79,000 - $92,000

The Car: Delivered in red with a black over the top racing stripe, the stance of this Super Snake says it means business. It is adorned from every angle with Shelby badging indicating that this is no ordinary Mustang. Under the hood this car looks as it should registering just over 10,000 miles, spotless. The Kenne Bell supercharger dominates the space in the engine compartment, revealing what is hiding under the bulging track inspired Shelby aluminum hood with accessory hood pins. Styling carries through into the interior where the Super Snake insignia is monogrammed on the matching seat headrests. The leather bucket seats are in excellent condition as would be expected in a low mileage car. A leather wrapped 6-speed shifter in polished white is welcomed in a world of increasing paddle shift operated performance cars, and the center console is further emblazoned with the striking snake logo. Performance gauges such as the Auto Meter Products Boost indicator remind you that you are in for a lively ride. Like the muscle 61 car era of years past, America is again delivering the ultimate pony cars to the market, get yours while you can.

ot 28 L

1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Designer: Dillan Chassis Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000 SOLD ON BILL OF SALE Engine: 358 Ci V8 Dry Sump 4-Barrel Carburetor Jerico 4-Speed Transmission • • •

Campaigned By Jerry Miller Raced the Entire 1986 Season Ready to Race

The Model: From the beginning of what has become a sort of epic sibling rivalry, Chevrolet was up front about the purpose of the new Camaro. At its unveiling, Chevrolet general manager Pete Estes was asked what exactly is a Camaro? To that, he answered, “a small vicious animal that eats mustangs.� That snarky answer set off a debate still being had today as both companies keep pouring on the power. While the Camaro struggle with weight in the 70s by 1981 all of the dieting and hard work finally paid off as the new slimmer, sleeker, fuel-injected coupe ushered the 60s icon into the modern era. After dropping almost 500 pounds and fitting the old school, tried-and-true small block with an advanced tuned-port fuel injection, the new design was ready for the track. A limited production IROC-Z name plate was given to a few upgraded units, giving a nod to the International Race of Champions stock car racing series that used the cars. 63 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 28 L 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Designer: Dillan Chassis Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000 The Car: This IROC-Z was destined for the track, but not as an IROC series racer, rather as Trans Am series star. In fact, it was campaigned by Jerry Miller for the whole of the 86 season. Now, after a mechanical and cosmetic freshening, this former top tier racer serves as very competitive vintage racer. This, the first of the Dillon chassis built for racing, is still Jam-packed with good racing parts, starting with the 683 HP Comptech Small block to the clutchless Jericho 4-speed transmission. The car is accompanied by 3 racing log books, including the original that documents the 13 races it ran during the 86 season. Whether you collect significant pieces of racing history or are just looking for an edge at next year’s SVRA vintage Grand Prix, you will not regret winning the bid on this IROC-Z.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

65 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 29 L The Model - The natural successor to the original Land Rover series, the Defender was released as the Land Rover Ninety in 1983. While styling was familiar the Defender was given coil springs and a full time four wheel drive system, new to the line. The power plants were largely carryovers overs from the original series, offering both a diesel and gas powertrain. 66

1985 Land Rover Defender 110 Estimate: $105,000 - $125,000

The Car - There is more to this British icon than meet the eye. Under the elegant smooth gloss black paint, lies a truck, a brut even. After disposing of the original frame a galvanized steel Richards Chassis was chosen to serve as the foundation for the new build. The ground up build of this utilitarian beast saw a handful of creature comforts added to make the truck just a little more user friendly. Fresh from the resto-shop 4x4 stands ready to attack the off-road or the urban jungle. If your life is full of adventure this truck will ensure that your equipment is up to the task.

ot 29 L

1985 Land Rover Defender 110 Estimate: $105,000 - $125,000 •

Aftermarket Galvanized Steel Richards Chassis

Fresh Ground Up Build

Go-Anywhere Capability

68 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

69 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 30 L

1965 Corvette A Production Race Car Designer: Larry Shinoda Estimate: $110,000 - $135,000

Engine: 427 CI V8

4 Barrel Carburetor

4-Speed Transmission

2009 Champion SVRA Gold Medallion Eligible Hold Lap Records at Multiple Circuits

The Model: Ten years into the Corvette’s production run, a fresh new design hit American street. It started with the now iconic split window and went on to offer several slightly different designs only discerned by the keenest Corvette aficionados. By 1965 the Corvette lines were clean and smooth, disc brakes were available for the first time and the availability of the big block ended the era of the fuel injected cars.

70 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

71 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 30 L 1965 Corvette A Production Race Car Designer: Larry Shinoda Estimate: $110,000 - $135,000

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: This mid year Vette has been a stand out from its inception. Originally used as a NHRA drag racer in the 60s, the car held several records. After its time as dragster the car was converted to road racing trim. With a logbook of competition entries and a litany of road course wins and lap records this car has been described as the fastest C2 in road course racing today, having success at every significant circuit in the US. With all period correct parts this gazelle is a faithful example of A production Corvette racing in 1965. Chosen for two Nascar legends, Bill Elliott and Ray Evernham, to race in SVRAs pro Am race this car even has some celebrity provenance. Built to win this mid year Corvette is ready to make its new owner a champ. There is only one way to find out if you have what it takes. You have to raise your hand and get your helmet.

ot 31 L 1973 Triumph TR6 Convertible Estimate: $24,000 - $28,000

74 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 31 L 1973 Triumph TR6 Convertible Designer: Giovanni Michelotti

Estimate: $24,000 - $28,000 Chassis Number: CF8624U Engine: 2498cc OHV in-line 6-cylinder 2xSU Carburetors/106 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Hydraulic Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes Odometer: 36,570 Miles Showing

Sporty Driver

Restored to Like New Condition

Used Only for Special Occasions

The Model: Triumph’s TR6 would mark a new era for this respected sports car maker, adopting an in-line six for its totally restyled top-selling sports car line, would really pay off. About the only “old-school” item left was the series number. With styling by Michelotti combined with some modification from the German coachbuilder Karmann, plus quality craftsmanship in the coachwork, the TR6 fit in well with the performance and sports cars of the era. No Hemi V8, no “high impact” colors, just pure true styling combined with much improved engine performance as well as handling advancements that really brought it into the big leagues. Owners of the TR6 have always reported an enjoyment in driving these cars because they are just fun to drive. With real wood trim, dual SU carburetors, rack and pinion steering, the TR6 was nimble and very responsive to the touch. Improved braking and electrical systems were also welcomed improvements to the Triumph fans around the world.

The Car: Not everyone who loves sports cars is a playboy sportsman ready to hit the road and speed away with some ladies hearts. This car is one of those that had a different type of owner, one described as a “little old lady school teacher from Iowa!� Included in the purchase were receipts for thousands of dollars showing how this car was restored, piece-bypiece, to exacting factory specifications. Finished in Sienna Brown, the folding soft top is done in a matching color while the interior is saddle brown leather. Under the hood, the engine bay has been brought back for factory standards and the TR6 is reported to run just as well as it looks. Paint and trim, including the proper pinstripes and decals. The special factory wheels look to be in new condition, as does the rest of the car. From the tight fitting top to the soft and supple seats, the new owner of the TR6 will be riding in high style with dependability as well as sure fired performance. 77 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

L ot 32

1964 Porsche 356SC Estimate: $80,000- $100,000

ot 32 L 1964 Porsche 356SC Designer: Erwin Komenda Estimate: $80,000 - $100,000

Chassis Number: 215401 Decoded: 2=356C, 15401=Serial Number. Engine: 1.6L, 95 bhp Pushrod Flat-Four Engine Four-Speed Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Disk Brakes

Beautiful 356SC Restored to Exacting Conditions

Incredible Red Leather Interior

Largest Engine Available in 1964


The Model: Ferry Porsche conceived the 356 with the idea that a lightweight car with enough power would deliver superior performance and driving experience. A class win at LeMans and a reputation for performance and quality ensured that the 356 was a success. The 356 underwent evolutionary changes to improve usability, power and handling that culminated in the outstanding 356C that offered four-wheel disk brakes and the 75 bhp engine as standard equipment. Selecting the optional SC upgrade delivered the race-tuned 95 bhp flat four. The added power paired with brilliant handling and stopping power offered a brilliant and uniquely Porsche driving experience. Today the 356SC is still recognized as the pinnacle of 356 development, elevating the SC to must-have status among aficionados.

The Car: This car is the brilliant result of a meticulous complete nut and bolt restoration. Carefully stored and maintained since completion, this 356SC is in absolute top condition. This car contains optional seat belts, antenna, floor mats and fog lights. The incredible blue paintwork and fresh red leather interior present beautifully. The chrome, glass, and lighting are equally resplendent. This car runs and drives as well as it looks, making this 356SC perfect for vintage touring or just taking in the local Saturday morning scene. This is a rare and outstanding opportunity to collect one of the finest 356SCs available. 81

ot 34 L The Car: It is unusual for an early G-wagon to come to auction, especially in the USA. Our research shows this 300GD was originally sold as an export from Germany to South America. It has been given a recent cosmetic re-do and mechanical tune-up to allow it to start up easy, ready to go wherever the road may lead. The best part is that this G-wagen can make its own road if needed. Finished in Gloss Black it rides on a special set of BBS alloy wheels, with heavy-duty off road tires.

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300GD 2-Door Sport Utility Designer: Sindelfingen Estimate: $27,000 - $33,000

• • •

Respected Around the World Legendary Performance and Design Ready For Any Purpose You Can Toss At It

Chassis Number: 46033217042830 Engine: 2987cc OHV inline Diesel 6-cylinder Fuel Injection/111 bhp 4-Wheel Drive with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 24,925 KM Showing

Up front is a 12,000 pound capacity Badlands Winch, ready to help a fellow off-roader, or should the rare need arise, pull itself out of a jamb. The interior is finished in durable black vinyl, with an upgraded sound system and full instrumentation. Currently registered in the state of New York, this is a vehicle that is ready to take on anything you can give it, as long as you raise your hand and bid on another legendary vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

ot 34 L The Model: Developed in the 1970’s primarily for use by various military organizations, starting in 1979 Mercedes-Benz began to market the Gelandewagen series to the public. One of the earliest versions was the 460 series, which was offered in a number of choices, both body wise and power plant. The most powerful and desirable was the 300GD, with its 3.0 Liter diesel power that provided enough horsepower to get down the road as well as plenty of torque to pull the sturdy vehicles out of just about any situation. Offered in both long-wheel base 4-dr models and the more popular and maneuverable short wheelbase models, the G-wagon’s legacy has continued to this very date. With variations of the “G-wagon” used by over 40 different countries include the USA, as well as Russia and even North Korea, it is a truly international vehicle with worldwide respect. 84

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300GD 2-Door Sport Utilit Designer: Sindelfingen Estimate: $ 27,000 - $33,000

85 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 35 L 1972 Ferrari 246 GT “Dino” Coupe Estimate: $305,000 - $340,000

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 35 L

1972 Ferrari 246 GT “Dino” Coupe Designer: Leonardo Fioravanti Estimate: $305,000 - $340,000 • Dealer Installed Headlight Covers Chassis Number: 03000 • Well Documented Service History Engine Number: 0008955 • Known Ownership From New Engine: 2419 cc DOHC V6 Triple Weber Carburetors/195 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic Disc Brakes Odometer: 66,227 Miles

The Model – The elegant Silver Wraith II evolved as the long wheel base derivative of the Silver Shadow that originated in 1965. Born in response to criticism of the manufacturer’s resistance to innovation, the Silver Shadow and Silver Wraith II introduced power disk brakes and independent rear suspension to the model line. These were the first Rolls-Royce cars to incorporate a monocoque body. The design represented a dramatic styling change for the company as well. Unlike most manufacturers in Great Britain, the domestic market still represented almost half of the sales volume. To this end, the narrow roads drove the design team to produce a car that was smaller than the car it replaced. Despite the smaller exterior dimensions, the adaptation of unitary construction actually increased the available passenger space. The single most innovative feature of the car was the high-pressure hydraulic system licensed from Citroën that delivered not only dual-circuit braking but also performed self-levelling of the suspension. Although Rolls-Royce realized an outstanding level of ride comfort with this system, it often proved unreliable in service. Rolls-Royce introduced a long-wheelbase version of the Silver Shadow that was later given its own name, the Silver Wraith II for the 1976 model year as it gained further distinction from the Silver Shadow with the addition of an Everflex-covered roof and a rear opera window.

The Model: One might ask why Ferrari would want a V6 race car when their V12’s ruled the tracks and roads around the world. In the mid-1960’s, the governing body for competition, FISA, declared that all racing engines must be based on a production car with a minimums output of 500 units. Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino had spent much time with smaller V6 engines, but Ferrari did not have the production facilities nor what they felt was a customer base to warrant production of such as car. To address this issue, an alliance with Fiat was born. Fiat would perfect and product the engines, Pininfarina would build the streamline and swooping bodies, while Ferrari engineers would work on the steering and suspension, plus oversee all of the components. Thus was born the 246GT, designated this model by its 2.4 Liter V6 engine. The rest is history as the model entered production in 1969 and ran up to the 1974 model year with 3.569 examples produced.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: This example comes from a well-known enthusiast’s care where it has been maintained and ready for use on the road. This is the popular Series II version of the 246 GT, with the clapper-style windshield wipers and five-bolt Cromodora alloy wheels. Reported as an original U.S.A. spec car, it is finished in Rosso Corsa which does have one high-level professional respray, with black leather seats. It is a full numbers matching car in regards to chassis, motor, gearbox and all other major components. It included the original jack, books with leather binder and tool roll. Showing a December 1971 build date it has alloy front and rear lids with the single post, flush fitting bumpers. Well maintained with records, recently the brake calipers were rebuilt, a new fuel pump installed and a new MSD ignition coil installed. The 246GT was the car that really brought Ferrari to the forefront of mid-engine performance vehicles, and this example is sure to turn heads wherever it is shown.

ot 36 L

1973 Volvo P1800ES Sport Wagon Designer: Pelle Petterson/Jan Wilsgaard

Fun For the Whole Family

Estimate: $15,000 - $22,000

Well Preserved Original Vehicle

Chassis Number: 6078

Popular Sporty Wagon Design

Engine: 1996cc OHC in-line 4-cylinder 2-barrel Carburetor/130 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes Odometer: 21,334 miles

The Model:A few years back there was an advertising campaign that tried to malign the Volvo brand by effectively claiming this heralded Swedish car maker never produced a sports car. They evidently did not remember the car of choice by TV’s The Saint, portrayed by Roger Moore. Actually, the producers of the TV show had set out to use a sleek new Jaguar E-type, but Coventry said they didn’t need the publicity. Volvo offered Simon Templar the use of a new P1800 coupe. History was made, a British produced car, (Swedish mechanics, English body courtesy of Jensen), a popular show that produced 100’s, if not 1,000’s of sales. Making a good thing better, in 1972, the Sport Wagon was introduced, and though they were the last of the breed, they are highly sought after today. 90 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: This example, believed to be a latter 1973 production unit, is finished in its original Sea Green color, appears to have been fairly well maintained with a solid body and the original saddle leather seats are quite serviceable. The only major modification to the dashboard is the addition of an after-market sound system. Still riding on its original stamped steel rally-type wheels, this P1800ES is a car that needs to be driven to be enjoyed. During the production of The Saint, Roger Moore actually used the on camera car as his daily driver. These cars are starting to be recognized as a verified sporty collectible and values have been increasing at a rapid pace. This preserved example is a solid starting point for the latest trend in performance in style with a Scandinavian twist.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 38 L 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Convertible Designer: Frederich Geiger Estimate: $45,000 - $55,000 Chassis Number: 113.043.10 Decode: 113=SL convertible; 043=2.5 Liter 6-cylinder; 10=4-speed transmission; 003456=unit number. Engine: 2496cc DOHC inline 6-cylinder Multi-port fuel injection/170 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four-wheel Disc Brakes

230SL Style Chrome Dash

Features Both Hard and Soft Top

Rarest by Production of Pagoda Mercedes Benz

The Model: When the might 300SL Gullwing Coupes and later roadster were place on sale, they were big, impressive and very well constructed. Although the 190SL wasn’t in quite the same performance league as the 300SL, its charming looks and respectable performance found plenty of buyers. In the vein of a smaller sports car from Mercedes, the 190SL gave way to the first of the Pagoda models, the fabulous 230SL. Ready to move on the bigger is better drive-train, the 250SL served as kind of an interim model preceeding the 280SL and ultimately later models leading up to the current day Mercedes catalog. With its superb handling, easy maintenance and reliable performance, the 250SL’s have developed some dedicated fans. The Car: Finished in Artic White with red leather seating surface, this 250SL is the type of car you can only dream about buying. With a quick glance it looks like it is ready for the concours field, while at the same time it has a patina of light and well-cared for enjoyment. Under the hood is the original inline 6-cylinder backed up by the trustworthy 4-speed transmission. This roadster does exhibit some signs of wear and tear, but on our test drive it cranked more excitement that we could have predicted. Retaining is original wheelcovers mounted to factory steel wheel, we believe this little roadster deserves a full restoration that can be driven and enjoyed before being reborn.

92 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

93 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 39 L 1960 Porsche 356 Cabriolet Designer: Ferry Porsche Estimate: $95,000 - $120,000


95 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 39 L 1960 Porsche 356 Cabriolet Designer: Ferry Porsche

Estimate: $95,000 - $120,000 Chassis Number: 153350 Engine Number P*085595* Engine: 1600 cc Super Odometer: 85,700 Miles Showing •

Period Correct Super Engine

Carefree Driving

Poshest of the 356 Line

The Model: Many agree that the Porsche 356’s pedigree is one that helped defined the sports car industry. As Porsche’s first production car, with its soft yet distinct lines and driver focused balance, the 356 was almost mandatory for any serious racer in the 1950’s. While the 356 may have lost its competitive edge as a race car to modern technology, its desirability has not wavered. The collector car market rarely sees a demand, love and following like that of the Porsche 356. As was the case for serious racers in the 50’s the 356 is a must have for any serious collector today. The 356 B Cabriolet gave the sports car market a convertible with creature comforts more closely aligned with the coupe model. The Cabriolet was designed with those who wanted more than a racing machine out of their new Porsche convertible, even though the 356 had earned a reputation for its racing prowess. The more refined Cabriolet owners would find some basic features not found on the roadster model like roll up windows and a radio, among other elements. These cars also came appointed with wider, upgraded seats as the cabriolet owner would have been more concerned with comfort than weight and cost savings. The windshield on this car was not removable like its roadster brother, making the Cabriolet more of a road car perfectly suited for chic social events. The Cabriolet would have represented the poshest of the 356 line in 1960. The Car: Elegant in tuxedo black, this Porsche is the Quintessential driver. The product of an older restoration this cabriolet shows the signs of a car that has been enjoyed while preserving a piece of history. The black paint has plenty of shine for the cars and coffee and the bright work remains full of life. Inside you again find a space that you are not afraid to make yourself comfortable for behind that wheel. The cream textiles offer a future own a life time of Sunday drives. The interior bright work shows mild pitting, that could be refinished, but has a vintage charm. The 1600 Super engine still cranks at close to the original 75 Hp, reliably powering this rag top down the back roads or up the boulevards. A virtual guarantee for investors the 356 has equal promise for those that just want to hit the road, grab this one and do both!

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

97 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 40 L 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4 2+2 Roadster Designer: Donald Healey

Estimate: $32,000 - $43,000 Chassis Number: BN4L038413 Decoded: BN=2.6 Liter 6-cyl.; 4=four passenger model; L=Left-Hand Drive 038413=chassis unit number Engine: 2639cc OHV inline 6-cylinder 2XSU Carburetors/102 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Odometer: 11,065 Miles Showing •

Original 2+2 seating

Long Wheelbase for Better Ride

Fun and Functional Open Roadster

The Model: Building on the success of the Austin-Healey 100’s, the new BN4 series introduced a number of desired components for those sporting young souls looking for a thrilling ride. Most important was the introduction of the inline six cylinder engine, based on the BMC C-series, fitted with a pair of SU carburetors and backed up by a 4-speed transmission. The styling was unmistakably Healey, even with a two-inch longer wheelbase, wider opening for the radiator up front plus a functional hood scoop, fixed windscreen, and for the first time fold-down occasional seats installed behind the front bucket seats. Acceleration was decent, 0-60 mph in just under 11 seconds, with conservative fuel usage of right around 21 miles to the gallon. In its four model years of production a total of 14,436 Austin Healey 100-6 models were produced. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car -Finished in a monochromatic scheme of pure white, this little roadster has been treated to a fairly comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical restoration. The body panels line up quite well with proper gaps seen for the doors, bonnet and boot. This 100-6 is riding on a set of knock off wire wheels with fresh rubber, white the bucket seats are covered in supple vinyl retaining the original stitching pattern. Under the hood is clean and tidy, with all the proper markings plus all wiring and hoses sorted out and looking just as they did when new. The gold faced speedometer and tachometer are 100% function, as are other gauges mounted properly in the dash. To keep one toasty and warm on a cool early morning drive is the original heater provided by Smith’s. On the rear deck is mounted a handy luggage rack perfect for carrying the picnic basket on. This would be the perfect launch for an afternoon lunch. 99 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 41 L 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 Coupe in the style of Zagato Designer: Elio Zagato

Captures the Essence of Zagato

Easy to Maintain Engine Suspension

Enjoyable Car that Can Be Played With

Estimate: $95,000 - $120,000

Chassis Number: AR17283 Engine: 184cc DOHC inline 4-cylinder 2-barrel Carburetor/90 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

The Model: In the emerging post-war Italian automotive world, Alfa Romeo had created some of the best engineered vehicles ever for mass production. The mighty 1900 series had proven to be the basis for family vehicles, and this chassis also served as the basis for a number of rally cars, open two-seaters and custom built coupes. One of the leading Italian coach builders was Zagato know for their trademark “double-bubble” roof line, as well as sleek body panels with just the right amount of flair for those wanting the ultimate in a sporting coupe. A total of just 40 original 1900SS Zagato coupes were produced and today an original example can set you back close to $500,000. This popular body style has spawned a number of imitators, and the example we are offering here is a rather intense tribute to the styling genius of Elio Zagato

100 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car: Finished in Italian Red, this tribute to the genius of Zagato has captured many of the traits that were common to the original 1900SS-Z coupe. Of course the double-bubble roof line has been captured and up front the styling is very similar to the original including the protruding “bullnose� at the front of the car. According to our consignor, this body is hand-crafted aluminum created in Italy and place on what start life as a 1900 family sedan. Sliding windows allow for the flow of cooling air as do a pair of function scoops on the front hood of the car. The original Alfa Romeo power-plant starts with little coaxing and it is reported that the performs respectfully upon alignment of the stars and the moon. What a fun car this would be to take it out and mix-it-up just a little, while impressing your friends on such a wise purchase that you have made. With the skeleton and heart-beat of a high performance race car, the looks of a classic coupe and purchases at a price so reasonable, you will be glad you bought this car the morning after the auction.

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M


L ot 42

Chassis Number: 1P9A1823VB213033

1997 Panoz AIV Roadster Estimate: $36,000 - $45,000

Highly Sought After

Cutting Edge Technology

Beautiful Proportions and Design

Decoded: 56=1956; SL=St. Louis, MO assembly plant; 59963=49,963rd ’58 Mercury scheduled for production at St. Louis; M=Mercury line Engine: 4.6 Liter, 4-Cam modular V8 by Ford Electronic Fuel Injection/305 bhp 5-Speed Borg-Warner T45 5-speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Mileage: 9,440 Miles (Actual)

The Model - When Panoz released the AIV (Aluminum Intensive Vehicle), it was a performance roadster ahead of its time. Using an all-aluminum spaceframe chassis, it provided a superb power-to-weight ratio, combined with a hand-built 4-can 4.6 Liter, Ford-SVT V8 that had been hand-assembled and pumping out a rock solid 305 HP, which worked out to just 8.4 lbs per horsepower. Additional features include the carbon fiber trim with leather used for the seats plus the wrapped steering wheel and white-face instruments in the dash. Handling came directly for Ford’s Mustang Cobra program with coil-over suspension, disc brakes on all four corners, with Roush supplied 18” 5-spoke alloy wheels. Over its three years in production just 176 AIV roadsters were produced by Panoz, with these cars so adored by their owners that it is rare occasion to have one come to auction.

The Car – This beautifully presented AIV from Panoz is one of just 49 units produced for the 1997 model year, and one of only three finished in deep rich blue metallic. Accented with the full leather interior in light tan, this roadster has been well maintained from new. Driving this Panoz is like a dream and during out test run everything seemed to be in good working order, with all gauges functioning as well as the Fujitsu Eclipse stereo/CD sound system. Under the hood is spotless and the engine still has the label bearing the signatures of the two skilled technicians that hand-assembled that potent SVT 4.6 Liter 4-cam V8. Protect from the day it was built and presented here in Watkins Glen is your opportunity to own one of the most influential performance vehicles from the 1990’s, your very own AIV from Panoz.

103 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 44 L

Chassis Number: 130S0049

1963 Simca Abarth 1300 Evocation Designer: Carlos Abarth

Imported From Italy

Estimate: $125,000 - $155,000

Aluminum Body

Documented Abarth Ownership

The Model: While Carlos Abarth is known primarily for his work with the Italian Fiats, there was also a French connection. In the early 1960s, Simca, a French automaker, introduced the Simca 1000. Abarth would take that platform and turn it into another racing success. The Abarth Simca 1300 GT would feature most of the underpinnings of the Simca but power would now be supplied by Abarths twin cam engine that was fee by a pair of webers cranking out almost 200 Hp. Cloaked in aluminum alloy, the Abarth bodies were sleek and light, and proved to be an on-track success. The Car: This example of the Abarth Simca collaboration started life as a Simca 1000, that was purportedly purchased by Abarth. What happened to the car between then and when a modern craftsmen rebodied the car is what remains an enigma. On a trip to Italy, the consignor reports that met with Anneliese Abarth, who still headed the Abarth foundation, to research the car. Consignor asserts that she concurs that Abarth had indeed owned the car but was unable to documented or substantiate anything further than a signed picture of the car. The engine appears to be the correct Simca, rather than the twin-cam screamer that Abarth was producing. The piece that lives in the car, is well sorted and provides lively and spirited acceleration. Presented today as an evocation based on the inability to fully document its history, but what it certainly represents now is a strong rolling tribute to an Icon of the industry.

ot 45 L

1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Designer:Benjamin Dimson Estimate: $38,000 - $45,000 •

Iconic Porsche Design

Rare Automatic Model

Classic Color Combination

Chassis Number: WP0C82967MS461796 Engine:Air Cooled 3600 cc Flat Six Cylinder Bosch Fuel Injection 4 -Speed Automatic Tiptronic Transmission

The Model: A new iteration of the 911 hit the streets in 1989 under the internal name 964. With a renewed dedication to design, the 996 offered drivers several advancements. Suspension benefited for the first time from coil springs and brakes would be aided by ABS. An all-wheel-drive model would be offered for the first time as well. The Tiptronic transmission became available for the first time in the 964, and while met with mixed reviews by purest, has become the gear shifting choice of some of the most track focused drivers. The Car : The red paint that covers this 911 is clean and smooth with only one small scratch in the rear bumper. The red paint is accented perfectly by the deep black top that remains clean and serviceable, and moves up and down automatically. The speed activated spoiler still lifts into place to help keep the car’s feet on the ground or it can be bumped up at a stand still for a more sporty look. The cockpit is typically porsche. The minimalist interior is is elegant in a driver’s eye. The black leather shows very little use and will serve a new pilot well. The well-organized, easy-to-read gauges dominate the dash, making management easy in race traffic or commuter traffic. If you happen to be in stop and go traffic, you will appreciate the Tiptronic transmission, or take on shifting duties yourself on the track. The power from the air-cooled flat-six get this 911 to a gallup at the first request and produces an exhaust note that cannot be mistaken. This is a great opportunity to grab a new classic and let the market come to you. Raise your hand and watch your investment grow.

106 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

107 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 45 L 108

1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Designer:Benjamin Dimson Estimate: $38,000 - $45,000 •

Iconic Porsche Design

Rare Automatic Model

Classic Color Combination

Chassis Number: WP0C82967MS461796 Engine:Air Cooled 3600 cc Flat Six Cylinder Bosch Fuel Injection 4 -Speed Automatic Tiptronic Transmission

ot 46 L 1970 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Designer: Malcolm Sayer Estimate: $75,000 - $85,000 Chassis Number: 1R11237 Decoded: 1R=Series II, 1=Left Hand Drive Open Two Seater, 1237=Serial Number (Nov 1969 construction) Engine: 4.2L DOHC, 245 bhp Straight-Six Engine Dual Zenith-Stromberg Side-Draft Carburetors All-Synchro 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Power Disk Brakes Mileage: 40,361 Actual Miles The Model: Jaguar set the motoring world on fire with the release of the new E-Type. The new E-Type delivered sleek lines legendary handling and staggering performance for a fraction of the price of Ferraris and Aston Martins of similar performance. Throughout its life, Jaguar continuously improved the E-Type’s safety and drivability. The new Series II from 1969 was a comprehensively updated realization of Malcolm Sayers’ legendary original design. The Series II represents the perfect choice for a useable classic with refined manners, better seating and improved safety features over the early cars. Jaguar resolved the cooling issues of the early cars by a adding a high-capacity radiator, larger water pump and wider air intake. The introduction of larger Girling disc brakes brought a significant improvement to the car’s stopping performance as well. All of these improvements resulted in a car that is a superior choice for the owner wishing to enjoy all-day touring in a car that is an incredibly easy to drive classic that is well-suited to modern traffic.

Desired Series II Comfort and Reliability

Freshly Commissioned From Long-Term Ownership

Perfect Long-Range Tourer

The Car: This striking 40,361 mile silver E-Type roadster presents in incredible unrestored condition throughout, right down to its original sharp black leather interior. This car has had just one respray in 1989 and has only driven around 2,000 miles since then. The chrome wire wheels are also factory originals and still in incredible condition. The black vinyl top is the same one it left the factory with and in near-perfect condition. The addition of the rare optional headrests and sun visors add to the appeal that makes series II E-Types the perfect choice for owners who want a truly useable classic car. The period-correct optional chrome rear luggage rack adds to this roadster’s appeal as an elegant long-range tourer. Mechanically, this E-Type runs well and is just as it left the factory with complete matching numbers throughout. This car has just had the carburetors cleaned and rebuilt as well as the fuel tank cleaned to return the car to roadworthiness. True enthusiasts have caught on to the value that these Series II cars represent as much more reliable and comfortable cars for regular usage than the early variants. Don’t miss your opportunity to secure this original E-Type. 111

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 48 L

1964 Porsche 356C Designer: Erwin Komenda Estimate: $38,000- $45,000 •

Matching Numbers 356C For Restoration

Certificate of Authenticity

Early Service Records

Chassis Number: 218123 Decoded: 2=356C, 18123=Serial Number. Engine: 1.6L, 75 bhp Pushrod Flat-Four Engine Four-Speed Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Disk Brakes Mileage: 8,026 Miles Showing

The Model: The 356 was the car that launched Porsche’s reputation. When “Ferry” Porsche went to the drawing board he said “If you have enough power in a small car it is nicer to drive than an overpowered large car.” The 356 earned a reputation for racing performance and the legendary build quality ensured that the 356 was an enduring success. When Porsche introduced the 356, its lines were a perfect blend of style and beauty that also delivered superior aerodynamics and remain timeless to this day. As Porsche continued to improve the performance of the diminutive 356, the lines remained with little change, even with the advent of the fourth generation 356C. Those improvements culminated in the outstanding 356C that offered four-wheel disk brakes and the 75 bhp engine as standard equipment.

The Car: Look past the color and the warts to find the prince. What you’ll find is a genuine matching-numbers 356C with the Certificate of Authenticity to prove it. This car started out in the Boston area and has been in single ownership since the 1970s. The original drive train is all there and still runs well. The factory Zenith carburetors are not on the car but come with it. It still retains its original early service records. Some spares, books, radio instructions and records come with the sale. This car was the subject of a basic restoration in the distant past. Today this 356C is an excellent restoration candidate due to its matching numbers and completeness. Don’t miss this opportunity to get started on a 356C today.

ot 49 L

1988 Oldsmobile Race Car Designer: Banjo Matthews SOLD ON BOS ONLY Estimate: $10,000 - $14,000 Without Reserve Engine Number: 34944601 Engine: 350 CI V8 Dry Sump 4 Barrel Holley Carburetor Richmond 4-Speed

Raced By Butch Miller

Banjo Matthews Chassis

Won at Bristol and Dover

The Car: Fans will recognize the familiar Country Foods/Tombstone Pizza livery that remains as it was raced in the 1989 season wearing the number 75. The blue paint is perfect for getting back on the track as a truly vintage car. This Olds has been campaigned in vintage racing and does show some signs of track time, but is largely straight and clean. The interior space will only need updated safety equipment to return to competition, however all components are currently present. The heart of the car, the Banjo Matthews chassis is complete with lots go good racing components ready for their first shake down and adjustments. While the Busch series of the time ran V6 engines, for vintage competition this racer has a fresh small block Chevrolet race-prepared engine. The fresh Richmond 4-speed and clutch will serve the new owner well, putting power to the classic Goodyear Eagles. A perfect entry into vintage racing or a nice addition to any collection this vintage racer exudes excitement deep in a corner or just sitting in the paddock. If you crave the excitement raise your hand and take this one home to victory lane.

The Model: The antitheist to Formula 1, NASCAR takes domestic sedans and turns them into proper racing machines. Full bodied and, as racing legend Richard Petty described them, “ate up with motorâ€?, these cars put on a show that is action packed with door banging, paint trading, with the one thing not allowed in Formula 1‌passing. The sports up-and-coming drivers often pass through the Busch series. This was the case for ASA-great Butch Miller. Miller would continue racing his way up the ladder, eventually racing in the top series for the coveted Winston Cup.

ot 50 L 1952 Cisitalia 202 SMM Spider Nuvolari Evocation Designer: Piero Dusio

Estimate: $125,000 - $155,000 Chassis Number: 157SC Engine: 1220cc OHV inline 4-cylinder 2 X Weber Carburetors/60 bhp (estimated) 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes •

Groundbreaking Italian Design

Evocation of Celebrated Model

Recent Italian Importation

The Model: Prior to WWII, Piero Dusio had lived a fascinating life creating a conglomerate that was successful in the sale of fabrics, the hospitality industry plus banking and distributing sporting goods. The last part was near and dear to Dusio as he was an accomplished athlete in soccer and a notable race car driver. During WWII, he dreamed of creating his own car company and was able to enlist the help of two veteran engineers from Fiat to make his dream come true. Leaving Cisitalia in 1949 to move to Argentina it is rumored several of his cars followed him from the Italian motherland. Among the most accomplished models was the Nuvolari Spider, named in honor of the championship driver who had campaigned in the early post-war years behind the wheel of an early Cisitalia.

The Car: The history of this particular car has been lost to the ages. From research, it appears the serial number was originally assigned to a Pininfarina bodied coupe. Our consignor was told that this hand-crafted alloy body was created and mounted to this chassis in Italy, using the old-world methods of trial-and-error for the fit and finish. The engine has the appearance of an original Cisitalia unit with the Weber DR3 carburetors mounted in place. The coachwork is very similar to existing examples of the Nuvolari Spider, but there are a few shortcuts in the craftsmanship that might take some further research and explorations to determine who, when and where this rolling piece of artwork was created. Mechanically functional, this roadster was recreated to the craftsman’s interpretation of an authentic Cisitalia chassis and the drive train, in homage to the marque. This could be an diamond in the rough for a collector that appreciates one of the most celebrated designs in automotive history.

ot 51 L

Factory Original Color and Trim

Optional and Desirable Alloy Wheels

Turn-Key Ready For The Road

Chassis Number: Decoded: 107=SL Class chassis; 044=2-Seat convertible; 1=Left hand Drive; 2=Automatic Transmission; 056975=56,975th 450 SL scheduled for production Engine: 4520cc OHC V8 Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection/180 bhp 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Odometer: 79,800 mi showing

1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SL Convertible Designer: Sindelfingen Estimate: $17,000 - $22,000

The Model: The science of genealogy or researching a family’s history can be interesting and exciting. This goes double in the car-world if you own a part of the Mercedes-Benz SL family. SL, aptly translated means Super Light, and in the early days that is exactly what it meant. While Mercedes was known for luxury vehicles, it also had a racing heritage. The SLs saw a number of changes evolving into the “R107” models the first V8 sports cars from Mercedes. The most popular member of this family was the 450SL, produced from 1973 to 1980, it found wide acceptance. Over its lifespan just under 66,300 units were produced making it, up to that time, the most popular single model Mercedes had ever produced. Excellent handling and performance were trademarks of this beloved model. The R107 chassis would live on for a number of years, but the 450SL could not be surpassed in production numbers.

The Car: Finished in its original Milan Brown, this sharp example of one of the later 450SL’s, has been well maintained and is reported to be in excellent running condition and a close inspection will find that cosmetically, this is one car to be very proud of. The leather seats look as close to new as possible. Under the hood does show a patina of use, but it appears to be far less than the miles indicated on the odometer. When new there were reported issues with the Climate Control system, and we have been informed this 450SL has been sorted out and works just as those German engineers had originally planned. Glass all around in the original Sekurit, and shows no chips or scratches. One of the few after-market items is the modern stereo system professionally mounted in the dashboard. Fitted with original alloy wheels and a fresh set of tires, this 450SL is a great opportunity to enjoy the finest in engineering, construction and performance, all rolled into one beautiful and desirable sports car.

ot 52 L

1967 Morris Minor 1000 Series V Convertible Designer: Alec Issigonis Estimate: $12,000 - $17,000

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M


L ot 52

1967 Morris Minor 1000 Series V Convertible Designer: Alec Issigonis Estimate: $12,000 - $17,000

Popular Series V with Big Engine

Turn-key Ready, Dependable Driver

Highly Desirable Convertible

The Model: When Morris introduced the Minor in 1948, it was an immediate hit, with the factory in Crowley finding it very hard to keep up with demand. Almost from the day it went on sale until the Series V was released in late 1962, constant improvements were created for these popular vehicles. The most common variety were the sedans in two and four door form, followed by the Traveler station wagon. Among the rarest by production to be produced, was the Minor convertible. This was the first car that Sir Alec Issigonis would create in a long-line of successful creations. By British standards it was as every bit a modern car as those coming from the USA, fenders that were part of the body, no running boards, yet a secure passenger cabin that could accommodate a driver and three passengers in relative comfort.

The Car: This example of the Morris Minor 1000, Series V convertible is a splendid vehicle for the discerning collector who wants unique looks, light maintenance, and dependable service, but who isn’t worried about a concours ready vehicle that can only be looked and at and rarely enjoyed. We understand the engine is a proper Morris unit, but not original to the car, as is the charming color scheme of pale yellow with red vinyl seats accented by a tan canvas folding top. All of the components are original to the Series V edition and the chrome trim presents very well. We are told this car runs and drives as new and can maintain modern highway speeds delivering both safe and dependable transportation. Riding on 14” wheels, the braking is simple and sure and shifting gears requires only the lightest of touch. Indeed, a fun car for ferrying passengers or enjoying a day at the races with the top down. 123 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 53 L 124 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1975 Triumph TR6 Convertible Designer: Giovanni Michelotti Estimate: $15,000 - $18,000 Chassis Number: 35431CF Engine: 2498cc OHV in-line 6-cylinder 2xSU Carburetors/101 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Power Assisted Hydraulic Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes •

British Quality and Craftsmanship

Carbureted Version for Dependability

Exhilarating Performance


ot 53 L

1975 Triumph TR6 Convertible Estimate: $15,000 - $18,000

The Model –Though the TR6 was related to the 1950’s era TR2 and succeeding models, it was a far cry from the bare bones roadsters that won the hearts of thousands of sports car fans, as well as quite a few road races and rallies along the way. Talented designer Giovanni Michelotti was given the task of modernizing the popular TR4 and TR5 convertibles, seeing the birth of the TR-250. His same basic design was selected for use on the new 6-cylinder TR6, but with some revisions primarily to the rear-end design by Karmann in Germany. The end results produced an aggressive looking sports car that looked as well as it performed. Those versions exported to the USA were carbureted and while their horsepower ratings were slightly less than the European fuel-injection models, they proved to be considerably more dependable, as well as being emissions compliant. With production running from 1969 to 1976, they were popular when new and have maintained legions of satisfied happy owners. The Car – Finding a basically original car that has been stored away for many years is something car collectors around the world hope to find. Such a car is this TR6 convertible, finished in its original French Blue paint scheme and still sporting its factory seats and what appears to be even its folding soft top, both of which are done in black. It rides on its original Rally-style wheels and under the hood, the engine is ready to serve. Brought out of storage it may need a little re-awakening, but as Motostalgia’s camera woman found out, “put a jump box on it and drove to the location where I photographed it.” There were several issues related to soft trim, most noticeably worn carpet in the area of the driver’s seat, and in several areas the factory paint is showing its age. However, this is the type of car you can get into and hit the open road with confidence, once you road check the tires and critical systems. Originality is becoming a major part of the collector-car world, and this TR6 is ripe for participation in preservation classes across the land. Solid, complete and full of adventure awaits the new owner of this glorious Triumph.

126 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 54 L

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1957 Speedster 356 Recreation Estimate: $18,000 - $25,000 Engine: 1600 cc “flat” 4-cylinder Single Carburetors / 135 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Fresh Built Recreation Functional Convertible Top Built on a VW Platform

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

ot 54 L

1957 Speedster 356 Recreation Estimate: $18,000 - $25,000

The Model - With a reputation for pomp and circumstance that dates back to the 1920s, Rolls Royce continued seamlessly as they entered into an era under the tutelage of BMW. The first Phantom under BMW ownership was released in 2003, The Model : Itthey is kind of hard to believe that Porsche’s popular 356 Speedsters actually camethat fromdemand an idea Rolls-Royce of an American. Max but as often do, the public loved the car but demanded a convertible. To meet unveiled Hoffman of New York was the leader with the importation of German built sports vehicles. In the early 1950’s, he approached the Phantom drophead coupe at the North American Auto show in detroit in 2007. Based on the Phantom’s platform, the Porsche and toldcoupe them did thatnot if they could produce lightweight, sports roadster, they would sell well infrom the 0-60 USA. Drophead disappoint housing a BMW’s V12 thatbare-bones was sourced for power in the behemoth, slinging Porsche listened, created the Speedster and they did as Hoffman had predicted, sold well. Sleek, lightweight, no fancy appointin 5.7 seconds, not bad considering it weighs in at 5800 pounds. ments, not even windows in the doors, these cars became legends and were somewhat affordable by privateers who wanted to Even with itsaGerman the Starting Phantominremains as replicas ever, even youSpeedsters an umbrella when you open the door. go racing but had budget infusion, to maintain. the latepolite 1980’s, of offering these little started to appear, proving The doors also close themselves with a push of a button, like having a valet at every stop. The Phantom has attempted to that greatness spawns imitators. anticipate your every need, and putting a solution at your fingertips. To say that the Phantom is plush would be understating the stateliness and grace the Marque has delivered. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - This recreation is based on a Volkswagen Beetle Coupe’s chassis. Under the engine cover sits a built 1600 cc, horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine that is fitted with a single carburetor. With construction of this car completed within the past couple of months, it is fresh and ready for the road, a professional quality build that look like the original and performs on a par with those produced back in the 1950’s. Finished in German Sterling Silver with a light Buff leather interior, this Speedster captures so much of that nostalgic era, low-cut windscreen, bare-bones interior, and great fit and finish. With original Speedster starting to hit the half-million dollar mark, here is one at a fraction of that price and 100% more enjoyable when you take it on the road.

ot 55 L

1995 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe Designer: Jack Telnack Estimate: $ 10,000 - $15,000 Without Reserve

The Model:The tenth generation of the Ford Thunderbird debuted in late 1988 and would last until the end of the 1997 model year. The base model car produced 140 bhp which many considered underpowered for a car pushing 3,500 pounds. Ford’s answer to the power shortfall was to mate an Eaton supercharger to the Essex V-6 and produce the new Super Coupe also

The Car: This immaculate Thunderbird Super Coupe has seen only 15,600 miles of careful limited usage since its delivery. Resplendent in white with an incredibly well-preserved grey leather interior, this car is one of only 574 delivered in the final year of production. This example is a rare manual transmission car. No expense

known as the Thunderbird SC.

was spared in preserving

In the final model year, 1995,

this car as it left the fac-

the Super Coupe delivered 230

tory. A high-performance

bhp. Savvy buyers opted for

stereo system is discreetly

the rare Mazda-sourced five-

mounted in the glove box

speed manual transmission.

to preserve the originality

Motor Trend magazine tested a

of the dash. The owner also

1995 Thunderbird Super Coupe

discreetly integrated a back-

against the Chevrolet Monte

up camera into the rear view

Carlo Z34 and the legend-

mirror as well. A high-ca-

ary Buick Regal Gran Sport.

pacity billet radiator is fitted

Surprisingly, the Super Coupe

as are new factory-correct

performed best overall perfor-

Tokico adjustable shock

mance with a 7.0 second 0-60

absorbers. The engine bay

mph time and a 15.2 second

is just as well-preserved as

quarter mile at 88.1 mph. Truly

the paint and interior. This

a car that does not disappoint in any performance category. The final 1995 production year saw only 574 Super Coupes leave the Lorain, Ohio factory. Most suffered at the hands of over-enthusiastic owners making them rare cars today in any condition. Rarer still are mint-condition

is truly an extraordinary preservation car with numerous awards to prove just that. This is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a perfect car that delivers uncompromised street-legal performance.


W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 44

• • •

Like-New Condition With Only 15,600 Miles 1 of only 574 Super Coupes Produced In 1995 (Final Year) Rare Factory Five-Speed Manual Transmission Car

Engine: 3.8L, 230 bhp V-6 Eaton Supercharger Mazda M5R2 Five-Speed Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Power Disk Brakes Mileage: 15,600 Miles Actual




Vehicles - 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final hammer price of each vehicle lot purchased. The buyer’s premium applies to all forms of biding including on-site, telephone, absentee, and online bidding.

Non-Vehicles - 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final hammer price of each non-vehicle lot purchased. The buyer’s premium applies to all forms of bidding in cluding on-site, telephone and absentee bidding. PAYMENT TERMS Payment is due by the first business day following the auction. Payment may be remitted by: Wire Transfer Bank Letter Required Cash or certified check / money order made in Buyer’s name Reported in accordance with U.S. government regulations Personal or company check Pre-Approval and Bank Letter Required Payment may not be split when using a credit card. SALES TAX Motostalgia LLC will follow all guidelines pertaining to the collection, payment and reporting of sales tax. All bidders who qualify for tax exemption must provide proper documentation at the time of registering to bid. Under no circumstances will a lot be released from Motostalgia LLC without proper payment of sales tax or proper exception guidelines being met. VEHICLE REMOVAL All vehicles must be removed by Tuesday, September 13 before 5pm. Under no circumstances will a lot be released from Motostalgia LLC without payment in full.





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Acceptance The Terms, Provisos, and Conditions of Sale create and constitute a binding legal contract between you and Motostalgia. By accessing, using, or registering to consign or bid onsite, offsite, and online, the auction site and offices, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms. If at any time you do not agree to these Terms, you should immediately terminate any and all use of the site. If you submit a registration, consignment, absentee, or telephone bid through motostalgia.com, you are deemed to have executed such form as if you had signed an original copy, and you are deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms, Provisos, and Conditions of Sale.

Interest in Property All Vehicles and lots in this Auction are offered by Motostalgia LLC as agent for the seller and not on behalf of Motostalgia LLC. Motostalgia LLC shall not have any liability or responsibility for any act, omission, default or failure by seller.

Buyer’s Premium, Taxes, and Fees Buyer's premium is 10% on all automotive lots and 15% on non-automotive lots. The buyer's fee is part of the purchase price and is subject to sales tax, if applicable. Indiana residents are subject to sales tax, local tax, and applicable title, tag, and registration fees unless otherwise exempt (see “Title and Registration”). Non-residents transporting to a Indiana address may be subject to local and state tax. Bidding ALL BIDS ARE FINAL AT AUCTION At auction there is no “cooling off period”. If you are awarded the final bid, ownership changes at the drop of the gavel. You own the merchandise and are responsible for payment. No bidder may retract a bid after the fall of the hammer for any reason. Winning bidders will be charged a buyer's premium in addition to the accepted bid price. Bidder is responsible of all risk of loss or damage immediately upon purchase of the vehicle or item, which occurs at the time of the sale when the bidder is declared by the auctioneer to have successfully bid. You are responsible for all bids made with this bidder number, whether or not made by you and whether or not authorized by you. If your bidder card is lost or stolen, immediately report to Motostalgia as all bids made with this bidder number will be your responsibility.

Roadworthiness/ Compliance Buyer is solely responsible, before bidding, for ensuring that a motor vehicle is roadworthy and safe for use and complies with all relevant laws and regulations of the buyer's jurisdiction including, but not limited to, title, registration, insurance, emission control, and safety equipment. Damage and Liability Motostalgia is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged properties; or for any and all liabilities during said event. Bidder acknowledges that Motostalgia is not liable for any loss, damages, or injuries that occur during the transport and delivery of a vehicle. Any attendee, bidder, or consignor who damages a lot, property, or person will be held liable for all damage caused and shall reimburse Motostalgia LLC or its agents for all costs and expenses relating to rectification of such damage.

EACH ATTENDEE AT THE AUCTION AND EACH BIDDER AND BUYER BY ATTENDING OR PARTICIPATING IN THE AUCTION WHETHER IN PERSON, THROUGH AN AGENT OR REPRESENTATIVE, BY TELEPHONE BID OR ABSENTEE BID AGREES THAT (A) ANY CLAIMS RELATING TO THE AUCTION, SALE OF A VEHICLE OR THE GENERAL CONDITIONS MUST BE FIRST PRESENTED DIRECTLY TO MOTOSTALGIA LLC BEFORE FILING A LEGAL ACTION, AND (B) MOTOSTALGIA LLC SHALL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO ANY ATTENDEE, BIDDER, BUYER OR OTHER PARTY FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND RESULTING FROM OR RELATING TO THE NEGLIGENCE OF MOTOSTALGIA LLC OR ANY OF ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES, ACTIVE OR Lots are auctioned in numerical order as they appear in the catalog. Lots may be withdrawn or added OTHERWISE, OR RELATING IN ANY WAY TO ANY VEHICLE(S) OR THE AUCTION OR ANY without notice to buyers as Motostalgia LLC see fit. The auctioneer may vary bidding as well as split or ACT OR OMISSION OF ANY OF THE FOREGOING, UNLESS MOTOSTALGIA LLC OR ITS reject a bid at his or her discretion. Motostalgia LLC shall not have any liability whatsoever to any bidder EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES ARE GROSSLY for exercise of bidding or for any errors in execution or failure to execute any bid(s), regardless of NEGLIGENT AND MOTOSTALGIA LLC’S SOLE LIABILITY AND DAMAGES, AND EACH circumstances or events of any kind. ATTENDEE’S, BIDDER’S, BUYER’S AND OTHER PARTY’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY, IF ANY, AT LAW, UNDER THE GENERAL CONDITIONS AND OTHERWISE AND ARISING OUT OF Absentee and Telephone Bidding OR DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RELATING IN ANY WAY TO THE AUCTION, ANY VEHICLE(S) Subject to availability during the Auction and prior approval. Service is offered as an accommodation and (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY INABILITY TO DELIVER POSSESSION OF A convenience. Neither Motostalgia nor any of its employees, directors, officers, agents or representatives VEHICLE TO THE BUYER), THE GENERAL CONDITIONS OR OTHERWISE, ARE IN ALL shall have any liability or responsibility of any kind if Motostalgia elects or is unable to provide absentee or EVENTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO AND SHALL NOT EXCEED AN telephone bidding or for any failure to execute such bids for any reason regardless of reason, neglect, or AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE BUYER’S PREMIUM PAID BY SUCH BUYER TO MOTOSTALGIA LLC fault. WITH REGARD TO SUCH RESPECTIVE VEHICLE, IF ANY, OR ADMITTANCE OR REGISTRATION FEES, IF ANY, PAID TO MOTOSTALGIA LLC BY THE RESPECTIVE BUYER, Currency Converter ATTENDEE OR BIDDER TO ATTEND AND/OR BID AT THE AUCTION, AS THE CASE MAY BE. The rates presented for the conversion of other currency to U.S. Dollars are for the convenience of bidders THE AMOUNTS PAYABLE BY ANY ATTENDEE, BIDDER OR BUYER ARE NOT SUFFICIENT TO and attendees and are estimates only. Bidders are solely responsibility for current market values and WARRANT MOTOSTALGIA LLC ASSUMING ANY RISK OF DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, conversion. Motostalgia LLC shall not be responsible for accuracy, error, omission, or cost incurred INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES TO THE BIDDER, regarding the operation of the currency converter. ATTENDEE OR BUYER AS A RESULT OF OR RELATING TO ANY NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OR FAILURE TO PERFORM BY MOTOSTALGIA LLC OR ANY OF ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, Buyer Payment EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES. IN NO EVENT SHALL MOTOSTALGIA LLC OR The balance is due in full on or before 3:00pm on the first business day following the auction. All payment ANY OF ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES BE must be in the form of cash, certified funds, or wire transfer. Funds may be reported to the government as LIABLE FOR, AND EACH ATTENDEE, BIDDER AND BUYER HEREBY EXPRESSLY, required by law. Motostalgia will not release lots until payment is received and all relevant paperwork is KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVES AND AGREES THEY SHALL NOT SEEK ANY signed. Payment made by personal or business check may result in property not being released until SPECIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND purchase funds clear our bank. ARISING OUT OF OR DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RELATING IN ANY WAY TO THE AUCTION OR ANY VEHICLE(S), INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY LOST PROFIT, Seller Payment APPRECIATION, LOSS OF OPPORTUNITY OR LOSS OF INVESTMENT, REGARDLESS OF THE Motostalgia pays the Seller when payment is received and confirmed from the buyer. In the event of a wire ACTS OR OMISSIONS OR FAULT OF MOTOSTALGIA LLC OR ANY OF ITS DIRECTORS, transfer, payment may not arrive until the first business day after the auction. In the case of international OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES. wire transfers, this may be longer. Seller checks are then mailed within 10 business days. Non-compliance Transport and Removal Should either buyer or seller default on any part of the transaction, Motostalgia shall remain entitled to any If not removed by Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 5PM EST, Motostalgia will remove the vehicle or item with all and all fees and commissions by the defaulting party. Should a bidder default on payment in any manner costs of moving and storage to be paid by the bidder. Lots not transported by an ICC carrier shall be subject whatsoever, without limiting any recourse Motostalgia may have, bidder agrees to pay Motostalgia all lost to Indiana tax and fees as outlined in, but not limited to, “Titling and Registration”, except as exempt by auction fees (which is the maximum published rates for (1) the seller's commission, (2) the buyer's law. premium, and (3) the entry fee). This amount is due and payable without relief. Bidder will also be liable to seller for its damages. Bidder hereby authorizes Motostalgia to deduct these lost auction fees from Estimates bidder's cash deposit, or to charge this amount to the bidder's credit card provided. Bidder agrees not to Motostalgia LLC provides estimates online, in catalogs, and at the sale. These estimates are an approximate dispute this charge with the credit card company or bank at any time. In addition to other remedies guide based on market value, previous results, collector car trends, and should not be interpreted as a available by law to Motostalgia and/or the Owner (including the right to hold the purchaser liable for the bid representation or prediction of selling price and future resale value. Estimates are subject to revision. price), Motostalgia and/or the Owner, at its option, may do either of the following: (1) Cancel the sale and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by Bidder, or (2) resell the article on 5 days written notice Reserves to the Bidder at a private or public sale for the account of and at the risk of the Bidder, and in any such event Vehicles not marked as “no reserve” (or similar) are subject to a reserve bid set by the Consignor, which is the Bidder shall be liable for any deficiency plus all costs for such reselling, including moving and storage the minimum hammer price the seller is prepared to accept. This figure is confidential. When a vehicle is and all reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs incurred. sold subject to such a reserve bid the auctioneer may bid on the consignor's behalf in an amount not to exceed the amount of the reserve bid. Jurisdiction and Legal Matters This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Texas. By signing this Titling and Registration document, both parties agree that any action relating to this bid card, auction, or Motostalgia LLC that must Any motor vehicle lot sold to an Indiana resident is subject to sales tax, local tax, license, and applicable be taken to enforce the terms of this agreement shall be brought forth in Travis County, Texas. If Bidder fees, unless otherwise exempt. Exempt buyers must hold a valid sellers permit number and be a licensed brings legal action against Motostalgia and does not prevail, Motostalgia shall be entitled to recover its automobile dealer and provide documentation of the same prior to or at the time of purchase. Lots arranged reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred. All communications between buyer and seller shall go through for transport by an ICC carrier and to buyer’s home state or country are exempt from local and Indiana sales Motostalgia LLC. Both buyer and seller shall be legally obligated to transparently share all tax unless said lot is transported to Indiana, unless exempt by law. Lots transported by an individual or non- communications regarding legal matters, complaints, and settlements. licnesed carrier will be subject to local and Indiana sales tax. Titles will be mailed from our Austin office, but please allow up to 30 days to receive the title. Titles that are announced as ‘in transit’ at the sale may Notices take additional time. Any notices shall be deemed to have been recieved if 1) hand delivered: at the time of delivery 2) If sent by mail: two days after the date of posting and in providing such delivery 1) by hand, it shall only be necessary MOTOSTALGIA MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO ANY to produce receipt for the notice signed by or on behalf of the addressee or 2) by post, it shall only be EXISTING CERTIFICATE OF TITLE OR REGISTRATION WITH REGARD TO ANY VEHICLE. IT IS necessary to prove that the notice was contained in a pre-paid envelope which was duly addressed and THE BIDDER’S AND BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE ITS OWN INDEPENDENT posted. INVESTIGATION WITH REGARD TO THE TITLE, INCLUDING EXAMINING ANY AND ALL DOCUMENTATION PERTAINING TO THE TITLE PROVIDED BY THE SELLER AND MADE Copyright AVAILABLE BY MOTOSTALGIA PRIOR TO THE AUCTION, AND DETERMINING WHETHER A Vehicle and lot photographs, videos, illustrations, written description, and the like created for Motostalgia VEHICLE CAN BE REGISTERED. MOTOSTALGIA DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR MAKE ANY shall be the copyright of Motostalgia. Motostalgia shall have the right to use the aforementioned in any REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY THAT ANY OR ALL TITLE DOCUMENTATION OR manner before or after the auction and no media, buyer, consignor, or bidder shall have the right or interest REGISTRATION WILL SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS OF ANY STATE IN THE UNITED STATES and shall not reproduce or publish for any purpose without the express written consent of Motostalgia LLC OR OF ANY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, AND MOTOSTALGIA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITH REGARD TO WHETHER OR NOT SUCH DOCUMENTATION IS Release ACCEPTABLE, COMPLETE OR ADEQUATE, OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION THEREWITH, By attending the Auction and related events, each attendee grants all necessary rights to Motostalgia LLC AND ALL SUCH TITLE DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED BY THE SELLER AND MOTOSTALGIA and agrees that Motostalgia LLC has permission and license to use his or her likeness for television, video, DOES NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY WITH REGARD TO SUCH TITLE still photography and/or any other visual/audio recording, display, transmission, broadcast and/or DOCUMENTATION OR THE QUALITY OR MARKETABILITY OF TITLE TO ANY VEHICLE. THE publication for any and all purposes (including, without limitation, advertising and marketing) at any time or BUYER OF A VEHICLE IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLYING WITH ALL REGISTRATION times, including, without limitation, concurrent with and/or subsequent to the Auction, waives all rights or REQUIREMENTS AS TO SUCH VEHICLE. claims (including, without limitation, residual rights and rights of privacy and publicity) that might arise from use of the bidder’s image, voice, picture or likeness for any purpose, including, without limitation, at Description, Inspection, "As-Is” - No Warranties any future date, under all applicable laws, including, without limitation, common law or by statute, and Statements printed in catalogs, brochures, signs, window cards, and verbal statements made by auctioneers agrees that admission onto the Auction site and offices constitutes full and express acceptance of the above or auction staff are representations made by the Consignor and Motostalgia has no obligation to verify or terms and conditions. authenticate any such claims or representations. Any announcements made at the time of the sale or supersede any earlier printed information. Except as herein provided, all vehicles are sold as-is, where-is, Miscellaneous with no representations or warranties, expressed or implied. CONSIGNOR AND MOTOSTALGIA Headings are for ease of reference only and may not be used to interpret the substance of the section to DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO CONDITION, ORIGINALITY OR which they apply. AUTHENTICITY, ORIGIN OR PROVENANCE, PREVIOUS USE OR OWNERSHIP, MANUFACTURING OR RESTORATION PROCESS, YEAR OR AGE, SERIAL NUMBER, MAKE, MODEL, OPTIONS, TOOLS, OR MILAGE OF ANY VEHICLE OR COMPONENT OF ANY VEHICLE AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY WARRENTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR



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1957 AUSTIN-HEALEY 100-6






























2006 FORD GT























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Motostalgia The Glen Auction Catalog NYG16  

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