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VINTAGE THEMED GALA 31 October / 6pm - 11pm

AUTOMOBILIA AUCTION 31 October / 7pm - 9pm

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• Public access to Vintage Chapeau Picninc or Auction.

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• Vintage Chapeau Picnic admission. • Lobster and Champagne Served Al Fresco.

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• Bidder badge and 1 Guest Pass • Official auction catalogue.
 • Genral Admission to Ladies Vintage Chapeau Day. • Friday Evening Automobilia Auction. • Pre-Auction Cocktail Preview.


• Inlcudes All of the Above. • VIP Bidder Badge and 1 VIP Guest Pass.
 • Vintage Chapeau Picnic with Lobster and Champagne Al Fresco. • Vintage Theme Gala and Auction with Reserved Table. • Exclusive Access to Entertainment. • Events with Complimentary Cocktails and Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres • Exclusive Access to VIP Auction Lounge

BIDDER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS • Valid photo ID driver’s license or passport • Credit card on file
 • Bank letter of guarantee For those unable to attend the sale, complimentary remote bidding options include telephone, absentee and online bidding. Please note the auction is open to guests, registered bidders, consignors, and qualified media only. 7 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M




MAY 2–3, 2015 • 20TH ANNIVERSARY


“BEST OF THE BEST” Best of show winners from years past on display in honor of our 20th Anniversary







Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 in Seabrook, TX -NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTSW W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 101

1937 Honest Charley Flat Head V8 Motorcylc Estimate: $25,000 - $35,000


Chassis Number: 958181 Engine: 136 ci Flathead Ford V-8 Cylinder Single Carburetor / 60bhp Direct Drive Transmission Disc brakes

Limited Custom Creation

Runs and Drives from 0 to 90+mph

Smooth and Well Balanced with Springer Frontend

The Model - Putting a V8 on a motorcycle while a radical concept, has been done. But if you have a hot rodders heart then a motorcycle with the iconic flathead Ford will certainly speak to you. Built by Honest Charley Speed Shop these bikes are a custom built frame that uses a model 60 flathead for power and a direct drive transmission. With full instrumentation, turn signal and high and low beam headlights these bikes are street legal and ready for cruising. The Car - Paying homage to its Ford power plant roots, this machine has a smooth coat of black paint that remains a top quality finish. The bright work shines and accents the lines of the custom bike, adding to its vintage appeal. The craftsmanship in the leather seat is apparent and it shows little wear. The 60 series engine fires up at the press of a button and rumbles to life. If you can see yourself on a motorcycle that sound like a 40 ford with straight pipes this is the only bike for you.

10 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

11 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 102

1972 Fiat 500L “Cinquecento Lusso” Designer: Dante Giacosa Estimate: $17,000 - $30,000

Luxury Model of the Iconic 500

Fully Restored

Exciting Color Combination


Chassis Number: 5058214 Engine: 499 cc 2 Cylinder Single Weber Carburetor / 22 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - They say that necessity is the the mother of invention, and no truer statement could be made about the Fiat 500. The first 500’s were released to the Italian public in 1957, the product of post war design. In order to sell cars postwar, they needed to be efficient and practical and as it turns out, kind of cute. The revolutionary design rethought every aspect of the car from the cabin to the suspension and springs, every component doing more with less. The somewhat forgotten economy car has recently seen a resurgence in popularity partially due to the re-release of the new Fiat 500. The Car - An older restoration has left this classic micro a perfect driver. While the dark blue paint is not straight from the paint booth, it is clean and smooth, leaving a finish that shines and has no major defects. The interior was restored some time ago as well and does show some mild use but is also free of any major issues. A solid runner this petite coupe has a rebuilt and detailed engine giving this car a slew of horsepower per pound. While its not a Ferrari at least there is room for the bambinos in the back of this classic Italian auto.



Lot 103

1967 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet Coachwork: Karmann Estimate: $28,000 - $38,000

Highly Collectable Early Convertible

Fully Restored with Desirable Options

Fitted with Matching Period Schwinn Bicycle

Chassis Number: 157344685 Engine: 1300 cc Flat 4 Cylinder Single Carburetors/ 53 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes The Model - Whether you call it the Volkswagen Type 1, the Beetle or the bug, the peoples car has been in some level of production since 1938 and with 21 million units produced the most prolific car on the road. While the concept was Hitlers, the design belonged to Ferdinand Porsche. The rear engine rear drive layout was new to the motoring public and was a trend that would soon catch on. 1967 would see the Beetle change into a more modern automobile while still maintaining its identity as the Beetle. The 1967 model year would include a more powerful, larger displacement engine. The electrical system would be updated to a more practical 12 volt system that would power the new sealed beam headlamps. If the the coupe was too confining for your tastes you could get the practical little car with the spice of a cabriolet. Renowned coachbuilder Karmann saw a market and successfully produced the open air model for the more adventurous consumer. The Car - An exacting body off restoration has left this cabriolet in phenomenal condition. The ruby red paint shows full luster and shines in any light, and is accented nicely with the new white top. The exterior is finished with correct wheels and a period correct set of firestone tires. The new tan interior was put in place at the time of restoration and remains undamaged and full of life today. Included with this little gem is its unique bike rack and vintage, matching red, bike. The little Beetle has undergone a complete mechanical rebuild making this a perfect, reliable choice for adding a little spice to running the usual mundane errands around town. 14 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

15 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 104

1950 Nash Ambassador Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000

Airflyte Body Style

Enclosed Front Wheels

Fully Reclining Seat Converts Into A Bed


Chassis Number: R556401 Engine: 235 ci Inline 6 Cylinder Single downdraft carburetor / 112 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - A product of the art deco style, the Airflyte Body that covered the Nash Ambassador was highly influenced by the relatively new study of aerodynamics in automobile design. With long swooping lines and its fastback style these cars did the trick in terms of increasing Nash sales. The new Nash engine design was also unique because it had no intake or exhaust manifolds. No other car quite captures the style of the early 1950’s so succinctly as the Nash Ambassador. The Car - Finished with a hint of green this 50’s throwback has been professionally restored leaving a finish that serves this Nash well. Upholstered in the appropriate upgraded green pattern the interior shows almost no use. With its carburetor and exhaust bolted to the engine block the engine is in top running condition showing the patina of a car that is enjoyed. This Nash would be appropriate for any collector of art deco work or for the collector of the eclectic.

16 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

17 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 105

1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet Designer: Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie Estimate: $45,000 - $65,000

Dual Windshield Spot Lights

The Last V-12 Model Car Produced by U.S. Automaker

Often Rated as the Most Beautiful Post-War Design

Chassis Number: 7H173890 Decoded: 7H=76H V12 Pass. Car 173890=Serial Engine: 305ci V-12 Cylinder L-Head Single Downdraft Carburetor / 125 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 98,160 Showing Not Documented The Model - Power and luxury have always gone hand in hand. As such, it was fitting that the Lincoln Continental would receive a massive flathead V12 to promote steady and smooth power for this top model. While the Lincoln Zephyr did wonders for sales, the newly refined lines of the Lincoln Continental would give them a place in the collector car history books. The Car - The quality raven black finish on this hefty Lincoln is overshadowed only by the girth of the chrome bumpers and accompanying bright work. The exterior look is completed by the wide white wall tires, of course the obligatory fender skirts and extended rear bumper that houses the Continental kit. While the most eye catching hue on the interior is the maroon accents, the touch of gray invites drivers to get behind the wheel. The interior components show little to no wear leaving a truly wonderful restoration that has yet to be enjoyed. The luxury is not only in the look, but also in the convenience of power windows and a power convertible top with boot. The large 305ci flathead V-12 is paired with a column mounted 3 speed manual transmission. The seller believes the odometer has yet to roll over on this black beauty. As one of the last of the full classics as recognized by CCCA, this Continental makes a top notch addition to any collection.

18 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

19 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 106

1921 Packard 116 Five Passenger Touring Body Maker: Packard Estimate: $35,000 - $45,000

Fully Restored Pre-Depresion Model

Wooden Drive Wheels and Steering Wheel

Company Slogan “Ask the Man Who Owns One”

Chassis Number: U4250 Engine: 268.4 ci Inline 6 Cylinder L-Head Single Carburator / 54 hp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - As the world ushered in the 1920’s, Packard hoped to usher in a new class of clientele. The idea was to take the big 12 cylinder Packard and scale it back using a 116 inch wheelbase and a 6 cylinder engine. Unfortunately, the 20’s brought with it a sluggish post-war economy that virtually killed sales for the Packards that were priced competitively with the Cadillac. With most of the units unsold the line was quickly replaced with a larger model more suited for Packard’s more traditional customers. The Car - With an older restoration that included a fresh coat of blue paint this little Packard has been well cared for as a part of an exquisite, climate controlled collection. The interior was not forgotten in the restoration process, completing the space in black leather that only shows slight patina and little actual wear. The engine has been rebuilt and can be coaxed into firing to life with little effort. A terrific parade car or as a static piece this will be a lovely addition to any collection.

20 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

21 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 107

1970 Datsun 240Z Coupe “Fairlady Z” Series I Coachwork, Designer: Nissan, Yoshihiko Matsuo Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000

Professionally Restored to Factory Specs

National Award Winner

Driven Less Than 250 Miles Since Restoration


Chassis Number: HLS3006116 Decoded: H=L24 Engine L=Left hand drive S30=Model 06116=Serial Engine: 2393 cc Inline 6 Cylinder #009100 Dual Side Draft Carburetors / 151 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 57,104 Showing Not Documented The Model - A stark contrast from its predecessor the “Fair Lady”, the new 240Z still served to compete with the British sports car in both price and performance. The first Series I produced between late 1969 and 1970 are identified by the fresh air exhaust vents located on the rear hatch. Datsun quickly realized that they had hit the mark with the modern lines and overhead cam 6-cylinder that red lined at 7000 RPMs! The Car - Restored to like new condition, this 240Z is one of the most pristine examples on the market. The only thing this car lacks to be a ZCCA gold medallion car is the factory wheels and hubcaps, as the restorer chose a period centerline wheel to complete the sportier look. From the paint to the interior, great attention to detail was used during restoration. The engine starts promptly and pumps incredibly smooth power to the rear wheels. If owning the nicest of its kind appeals to you, you will want to seriously consider this first series Z as a proud addition to even the most respected collections.

22 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

23 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 108

1962 Triumph TR3 Designer: Walter Belgrove Estimate: $25,000 - $35,000

Small Mouth TR2 Front End

Older Well Maintained Restoration

Reliable Driver Ready To Be Enjoyed


Chassis Number: TS80209L Engine: 2138 cc Inline 4 Cylinder Dual SU Carburetors / 100 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive Front Disc Rear Drum Brakes

The Model - If you can’t join them, beat them? After failed acquisition attempts by Standard Motor Company of Morgan Motor Company, top brass decided they would build a sports car that would not only challenge the MG’s but even the Porsches. The resulting car was Triumph TR2 that would remain in production from 1953 to 1955. The short life of the TR2 did not however mean the Triumph legacy was dead. The TR3 hit the market in 1955 and would be the Triumph flagship until 1962. The TR3 was much heavier than its counterparts, but at 100 horsepower Triumph’s roadster was a true competitor. The Car - In an inquisitive white, with just enough blue to leave you asking if its there, this Triumph is clean and smooth with a finish that leaves virtually no flaws. The front grill pays homage to the TR2’s small mouth design, setting this TR3 apart from the rest. The interior is done in black, trimmed with body colored piping adding just a pop of needed color to the cabin space. Mechanically well sorted this roadster is a fantastic driver. The engine is well tuned and reliable. If you enjoy sunday drives on twisting roads you must try it in this TR3.

24 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

25 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 109

1957 Porsche Carrera GS/GT Speedster Re-creation TITLED AS A 1964 VOLKSWAGEN

One of the Best Recreations

Dual 550 Spyder Racing Mirrors and Bucket Seats

Faithful Creation with Practical Drivability

Estimate: $40,000 - $50,000 Chassis Number: 5971228 Engine: 1915 cc 4 Cylinder Boxer Dual Carburetors / 130 hp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 25 Miles Since Completion

The Model - The Porsche Speedster is perhaps one of the most iconic cars in sports car history. With its stripped down no frills options and removable windscreen these cars were born racers. The racing community made these cars legends, and the collector car community made them prized possessions. The Car - This Carrera GT replica is ready to give a new owner an opportunity to drive a piece of history, without the worry of putting the real thing on the road. This hand built car is loaded with the details that give it a faithful look like the authentic badging, VDO gauges, wire mesh headlight guard and beehive tail lights. With only 25 miles on the dial since being built, the 1900 cc dual carb engine has the performance to back up this historic racers look, so when you make this Speedster yours, make sure you latch its 4-point harness on before you test its racing prowess!

26 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

27 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 110

1974 FIAT Tow Truck “Abarth”

Micro Tow Truck

Diesel Engine and Fully Fuctional

Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000

Abarth Competition Graphics

Chassis Number: R0221377 Engine: 4 Cylinder Diesel 3300 cc Diesel Engine Direct Injection / 61.5 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Drum Brakes

The Model - The 616 was Fiat’s light truck from 1965 to 1978. The little trucks were fitted with various diesel engines through the course of their production run. The 616 would also undergo many cosmetic changes that would transition from the round front to the more modern square grill that the production run would end with. These trucks were often fitted as tow trucks to recover Italy’s exploding microcar population. The Car - Given the Abarth livery that brands this mighty micro “Abarth Corse”, this tow truck pays homage to the storied Abarth Racing history. The white paint does show so use testifying to the fact that this vintage piece is not a trailer queen, but still a useful work horse. The interior is complete but is not without the industrial feel of a tow truck. The diesel power plant is strong and ready for duty. If you have Italian cars in your collection, there will come a day when you need a recovery vehicle, and when your Ferrari does need a tow hook, give it the dignity it deserves and let a fellow Italian bring it home.

28 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

29 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 111

1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six Sedan Coachwork: Budd Manufacturing From The Larry Vaugh Classic Collection

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Upgraded Upholstery and Gauges

Motometer, Fender Steps and Side Lights

Estimate: $20,000 - $30,000 Chassis Number: 552510 Engine: Inline 6 cylinder Single Stromberg Carburetor / 68 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - After the tragic death of the Dodge brothers so shortly after they began production of automobiles, the company fell into the hands of the investors who would sell the company in 1928 to Chrysler. The first car to be produced under their supervision would be the Victory Six. What better way to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of winning a world war than to reintroduce the six cylinder engine? The moderately priced Dodge had an all steel body and four wheel mechanical drum brakes, two features not found on cars at its price point at the time. The Car - Restored and refinished from top to bottom and bumper to bumper, no bolt was left unturned when this car was returned to its glory. The two-tone blue is period correct colors for the Chrysler family and has been skillfully applied showing virtually no flaws. The interior is finished in tan and in like new condition. The engine is fully rebuilt and shows little sign of use and fires almost instantly when the ignition is pushed. This car is truly a museum quality restoration and has been maintained as such, with its current curator saying that this car has not even been around the block since its restoration was completed.

30 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

31 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 112

1957 Ford Thunderbird “E-Bird” Convertible Designer: Frank Hershey Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Rotisserie Restored with Superb Detail

Kelsey Hayes Wheels with Wide Whites

Chassis Number: E7FH318301 Decoded: E=Dual Carburetor Engine 7=1957 F=Dearborn Assembly Plant H=Thunderbird 318301=Serial Engine: 312 ci Y-Block 8 Cylinder Dual Downdraft Four Barrel Holley Carburetors / 270bhp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - Though the Thunderbird was released to compete with the new Chevrolet Corvette, the Thunderbird would not be called a sports car; instead building a new class of car Ford would call it a personal luxury car. As a two seater with convertible models available and a high horsepower V8 engine as options, the line between the two became blurred. The car’s luxury roots of the Thunderbird would however get the better of the model with the addition of a back seat in 1968. The Car - Restored with a keen eye for the original, this Thunderbird was immaculately painted its factory sun gold and given a black port hole hard top. The car has been the part of a professionally maintained collection and has spent its life since resting in a showroom. The virtually unused interior is the factory raven black and colonial white. The E-code engine package is complete with the two Holley carbs tuned and pumping fuel into the rebuilt engine. Whether you plan to return this car to the boulevards or just plan to display this car, with its historically correct restoration this E-Bird would be a complement to any collection.

32 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

33 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 113

1960 Chevrolet Corvette Designer: Harley Earl Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Iconic Red with White Cove and Black Interior

270hp 2x4 Carbs Matching Numbers Power Plant

Chassis Number: 00867S106528 Decoded: 0=1960 0867=Corvette S=St. Louis Plant 106528=Serial Engine Number: Front Pad 106528 / F0302CU Casting 3756519 Engine: 283 ci V-8 Cylinder #3756519 Dual Four Barrel Carter Carburetor / 270 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 02987 Showing Not Documented

The Model - The Corvette is more than just the longest running Chevrolet flagship, it is an American icon. The first generation of the Corvette showcased the famed Harley Earl’s classic designs. The Corvette’s peppy small blocks with power adders like dual quads and fuel injection gave these classics a reputation in the the performance world that would continue to build through the generations. The Car - Nothing says Americana like a two tone red Corvette with white coves. The Roman Red paint is nearly perfect as the result of an aesthetic and mechanical freshing that included a new coat of paint. The interior is in attractive condition that represents the “as delivered” configuration. The dual quads and four speed transmission give this car the grunt that offsets its feminine lines. Under the constant care of a qualified mechanic, the mechanicals of this car have been maintained to the highest standard making this an an excellent addition to any collection.

34 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

35 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 114

1937 Ford 78 Sedan Tri-Power V8 Flat Head

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Inmaculate Bespoke Restoration

Estimate: $45,000 - $55,000

Laser Straight Metal Body and Exquisite Engine

Chassis Number: V183935337 Decoded: V=V8 18=85hp 3935337=Serial Engine: 221 ci Flathead 8 Cylinder Tri-Power 2 Barrel Carburetors / 85 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - A freshened version of its predecessor, the model 78 featured a newer, rounder design and for the first time offered a smaller engine option. The new model would also feature integrated front headlights. Ford would continue to refine and modernize the model for the next three years ending in grand style with the 1940 Ford. The years between have been the subject of many hot rods and racecars, often showcasing the power available with the flathead engine. The Car - A stylish black Ford, this 4 door sedan is far from typical with a meticulous finish that speaks to a quality restoration. The exterior retains its stock format with steel wheels and a new set of wide white wall tires. The interior appears as it would have in a Ford showroom in 1937, with correct colors and materials. The flathead V8 engine is the only sign of tinkering with the original Ford design. A truly breath taking sight, this flathead is not only topped with three deuces, but it is trimmed in red and accessorized in chrome. The sight under the hood is an instant throwback to the early days of hot rodding. An interesting collection piece or a local show stand out this Ford is ready for center stage.

36 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

37 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 115

2 Black & Red Cushman Scooters Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000


From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Pair of Rare Scooters

Restored and Functional

38 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 115

2 Black & Red Cushman Scooters Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000


From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Pair of Rare Scooters

Fully Restored and Functional

39 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 116

1975 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Designer: Bill Mitchell Estimate: $25,000 - $35,000

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Matching Numbers Engine

Last year Corvette Offered a Convertible Option

Chassis Number: 1Z67J5S414850 Decoded: 1Z=Chevrolet Corvette 67=Convertible J=350 V8 5=1975 414850=Serial Engine Casting Number: 3970010 Correct for 1975 Engine Front Pad Number: 15S414850 Matching Chassis Engine: 350 ci V-8 Cylinder Quadrajet Four Barrel Carburetor / 165 bhp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 57235 Showing Not Documented The Model - As horsepower ratings were limited by the petroleum crisis, in 1975 with the most powerful rating at a dismal 205 ponies, the Corvette, as tested by Car and Driver, was still one of the fastest cars of the time. The 1970’s Corvettes did continue a line of cars with V8 power and long attractive lines that continue to turn heads today. The Car - With fresh “Flame Orange” paint, new convertible top, and factory rally wheels the exterior of the car is an eye catching departure from the usual. The interior has also been restored and put to its original factory condition. The 350 V8 engine still powers this Corvette maintaining the American sports car tradition. A solid example of a faithful restoration this car is mechanically well sorted and in driving condition.

40 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

41 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 117

1952 Chevrolet 3100 Pick-up 5 Window Restomod Restoration Estimate: $35,000 - $50,000

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Comfort A/C, Power Steering and Automatic

383 Stroker Engine with Upgraded Suspension

Chassis Number: HLS3006116 Engine: 383 ci Stroker V-8 Cylinder Holley Four Barrel Carburetor / 375 hp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Front Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 00029 Since Restoration The Model - The highly recognizable Chevrolet 3100 series, or more technically call the advanced design, was produced from 1947 until 1956 when the line was replaced. The advanced design was so popular it put Chevrolet at the forefront of pick-up sales for the entire lifespan of the design. With a new cab that was 8 inches wider and 7 inches longer, the advance design centered around driver comfort. The driver focused design of the new workhorse also forced a revolutionary new look that was as popular today as it was when the public got its first look. The advance design has a timeless shape that has become the canvas for many of todays hot rodders. The Truck - Seldom driven since the candy apple red paint was flawlessly laid, this custom truck is the result of what can happen when true craftsmen are put to work. The 15 inch rally wheels are tucked nicely in the wheel wells and expansive bright work accents a nearly perfect candy apple finish. The interior is upholstered in brown bonded leather with a skillfully inked woodgrain dash. The front suspension has been upgraded seamlessly to the more modern Mustang II mechanicals and a fresh, well tuned 383 stroker sits in the engine bay. With power steering, air conditioning, and automatic transmission, this truck begs to be driven. With a show stopping finish, this truck will be the center of attention wherever it is taken. 42 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

43 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 118

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Superb Frame-Off Restoration with Only 25 Miles

Estimate: $35,000 - $45,000

Highly Optioned Original

Chassis Number: A2530167 Decoded: A=Model 2530167=Serial Built October 1929 Engine: 201 ci L-Head 4 Cylinder Single Downdraft Carburetor / 40 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - As revolutionary as the Model T was, by the mid twenties other manufactures had ramped up production and were in fact beating Ford at their own game. Henry Ford initially resisted the Model A, but the lackluster sales eventually forced his hand. The first Ford with a standard set of controls, the Model A was offered in several configurations that included a business coupe, a convertible, and a phaeton. The Car - While certainly not factory colors, the peach over black hues bring this Model A to life. The all steel body phaeton recently received a frame off restoration and has been driven less than 25 miles since restoration. Once restored, this old Ford was put on display in a climate controlled environment and maintained by the collector’s staff mechanic. The restored interior was completed in brown and remains practically unused. The engine runs nicely with upgraded carburetor and manifold, it shows mild patina giving the engine bay just a little character. A perfect parade car or a nice piece for any local show, this historic Ford is a crowd pleaser wherever displayed.

44 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

45 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 119

1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 Coupe Designer: Bill Mitchell Engineer: Zora Arkus-Duntov Estimate: $45,000 - $60,000

From The Larry Vaughn Classic Collection

Tri-Power Big Block 427

Correct Engine Block Non Matching Pad Number

Chassis Number: 194379S715398 Engine Casting Number: 3963512=Correct 1969 427 Block Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 94=Corvette 37=Coupe 9=1969 S=St. Louis Plant 715398=Serial Built February of ‘69 Engine: 427 ci L71 V-8 Cylinder Tri-Power 3 Two Barrel Carburetors / 435 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 58374 Showing Not Documented

The Model - Third generation Corvettes were unveiled in 1968, however, by a less than traditional means. The new shark inspired body style would not be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, but rather at the local toy stores as the Hot Wheels model was released several weeks before the actual car had been seen by the public. The body was a complete redesign while the underpinnings were mostly unchanged and most of the drive train options including the 427 tri power were holds overs from the previous year. The redesign included a sugar scoop roof with a vertical rear window was a design elemet of the mid engine concept car.

46 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Tuxedo black paint was the final step in the full restoration of this Corvette. With less than 100 miles on the car since restoration just enough miles have been put on the car to work out the bugs. The interior is clean and fresh also returned to factory conditions. A powerful L71 has been mounted under the big block hood with the 3 Holley carbs rebuilt tuned and synced. The M-22 rock crusher (date coded transmission), power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning add to the enjoyment of this driver. Mechanically reliable, this car is a perfect addition to a collection as a weekend driver or as an investment in a generation of Corvettes that the market is only beginning to appreciate.

47 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 120

1970 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 Designer: Bill Mitchell Engineer: Zora Arkus-Duntov Estimate: $45,000 - $60,000

Professionally Restored to Factory Specs

Documented Protect-o-Plate and Tank Sticker

Matching Numbers Rare LT-1 Engine


Chassis Number: 194370S413806 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 9=Corvette 4=V-8 37=Coupe 0=1970 S=St. Louis Plant 413806=Serial Engine: 350ci V-8 Cylinder Holley Four-Barrel Carburetors / 370HP 4-Speed Manual Transmission 4 Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 62,778 Showing Believed Actual The Model - Modeled after the Mako Shark II, the C3 Corvette project was initiated in 1964. After abandoning mid-engine dreams, the design was sent to studio to be adapted on the existing Sting Ray chassis. In 1970, fender flares were designed into the body along with new grills with matching side vents, larger squared directional lamps, and larger more rectangular exhaust outlets. New to 1970, previous options such as positraction rear axle, tinted glass, and a wide-ratio 4-speed manual transmission were made standard. The Car - This matching numbers LT1 had original documents including its tank sticker and protect-o-plate. Recently, it has undergone a sympathetic restoration where it was repainted in its correct Donnybrooke Green. Other touch-ups include receiving new weather stripping, seats, and having its engine bay renewed. The LT1 engine fires right up and adds a roar of life fresh from the shop, this Corvette is ready to be broken in by its new owner.

48 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

49 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 121

1999 Shelby Series I Roadster Designer: Carroll Shelby Estimate: $100,000 - $120,000

Top Speed 170 MPH

Solely Designed and Engineered by Carroll Shelby

Modern American CSX Performance Legend

Chassis Number: 5CSXSA1810XL000027 Engine: 4.0 liter Oldsmobile DOHC V-8 Cylinder Fuel Injection / 320 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel disc brakes Mileage: 2,140 Actual

The Model - While Carroll Shelby is best known for taking what the automakers were producing and making them exceptional, in the late 1990’s he decided it was time he design one from the ground up. Shelby started with an extruded and formed 6061 aluminum chassis that held the dual wishbone suspension. He covered it with carbon fiber and fiberglass panels and gave it a set of Goodyear Eagle Racing Tires. Only 249 of his design were made available. As a racer himself, Carroll Shelby’s only pure design certainly reflected that desire to take the checkers. The Car - With only 2,140 miles, this Shelby is in like new condition. The silver paint and red stripes are in showroom condition as it has been kept as part of a collection since it was new. The two tone leather interior shows no wear and will continue to serve the next collector well. The engine is in showroom condition showing virtually no road use when the engine bay is inspected. At just 15 years old, this Shelby design and built car will certainly become one of the most collectable cars of tomorrow.

50 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

51 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 122

1968 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Roadster Designers: Paul Bracq, Béla Barényi and Friedrich Geiger Estimate: $65,000 - $80,000

Believed to be One of a Hand Full with 4 Speed

Roadster with Single Soft Top

Rare Radio Delete Option

Chassis Number: 250SL003157 Decoded: 250= 2.5LEngine SL=Sport Light 003157=Serial Engine: 2496 cc Inline 6 Cylinder Bosch Fuel Injection /150 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 88173 Actual

The Model - The W113 platform that would serve as the basis for the 230SL, 250SL, and the 280SL, was introduced to the public in 1963 as a replacement for the 300SL and the 190SL. The 250SL model was only produced for one production year making it the rarest of the W113 models. The 250 also received a larger 2.5 liter engine while retaining the sportier suspension of the 230. As part of the lineup known as the “Pagodas”, because of their concave hard-top roof line, the 250SL has become a standout because of its added power and superb driving feel. The car - Draped in red paint work, this 250SL is eye catching in every way. As one of very limited SLs bound for the states in 1968, this Mercedes roadster is one of the most collectable of its kind. With its factory optioned light weight alloy wheels and radio delete, this is a very unique piece of motoring history. With an older restoration that shows very little use and a new top, this roadster makes a perfect candidate for weekend getaways. The engine is tuned properly and is ready for a Sunday open air drive. If a red convertible has ever crossed your mind, this classic should be on top of your list.

52 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

53 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 123

1964 Chevrolet Corvette ‘Fuel-Injected’ Coupe Designer: Larry Shinoda Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000

Highest Available Horsepower in 1964 Corvette

Matching Numbers Power Plant

Documented Protecto-o-Plate and Window Sticker


Chassis Number: 40837S101929 Decoded: 4=1964 0837=Coupe S=St. Louis Plant 101929=Serial September 1963 Built Engine Number: 3782870 Matching Engine: 327 ci V-8 Cylinder Rochester Fuel Injected / Code RF=375 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes brakes The Model - Known as the mid-years or simply the second generation, the Corvettes from 1963 to 1967 have become some of the most sought after vehicles worldwide. With the performance of a sports car developed by Zora-Arkus Duntov and the brute power of the American muscle cars, the Corvette immediately gained a following that continues to grow. Known as fuelies, the mechanical fuel injection equipped cars have earned a special place in collectors’ hearts as the highest horsepower engine that was offered in 1963 and 1964. The Car - A red over red mid-year Corvette might be the iconic picture of the American sport car immortalized even by it’s own popular song “Little Red Corvette”. This riverside red paint is full of life, leaving a finish that shines. Rounded out with a set of knock-offs turbine wheels, the exterior is the complete package. The interior is upholstered with red vinyl that shows little use since restoration. The matching numbers fuel injected engine is tuned and brings this sports car to life, pumping the power to the 4-speed transmission. The originality of this vehicle is documented with its original window sticker, and protecto-plate. As a collector or as a driver this car can easily pull double duty for its new owner.

54 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

55 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 124

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale Coachwork: Bertone Estimate: $125,000 - $145,000

Legendary Italian Design and Coachwork

Impressive Top Speed of 200 KPH

Splendid Aerodynamics with 0.28 Drag Coefficient

Chassis Number: 1012000455 Engine Number: 10100015001 Engine: 1290 cc DOHC 4 Cylinder Dual weber Carburetor / 115 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - The brainchild of Italian designer Carrozzeria Bertone the Giulietta Sprint Speciale was made to race. Inspired by aeronautically themed cars Bertone had seen, this car had a drag coefficient that would rival today’s sports cars. Bertone didn’t stop with the shape of the car, he used new lightweight material giving the car an even larger racing advantage. Sleek and light, all this new racer needed was power. The Twin cam 1.3 liter veloce specification engine with twin two barrel Webbers, that netted 115 hp, was just the answer. The Car - Not just built for racing, this Giulietta Sprint Speciale wears it racing prowess on its sleeve with green and red racing stripes. Finished in a pure white, the paint work is smooth and laid with a craftsman’s eye for detail. This has been a road going car that has been enjoyed and some minor character of use persists, just enough to add character to this Italian masterpiece. The interior was also the subject of a restoration that has been lovingly used and would benefit from minor freshing. Major components remain in excellent condition with the seat nicely upholstered in white with blue piping to match the carpet. The power plant is tuned and running properly as a true driver should. The feel of an Alfa deep in a corner and accelerating out is a thing of beauty and with this offering, that feeling can be yours. 56 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

57 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1956 Jaguar XK140 SE Drophead Coupé Designer: William Lyons Estimate: $135,000 - $155,000

Practical All Weather Cabriolet

Restored Realiable Driver with Books and Tools

Factory Laycock de Normanville Overdrive

Chassis Number: A818883DN Decoded: A=Special Equipment 818883=Serial DN=Laycock de Normanville Overdrivel Engine: 3.4 Liter DOHC Inline 6 Cylinder # G7861-8 Dual SU Carburetor / 190 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 72254 Showing The Model - Jaguar set a precedent with the XK120, and refused to rest on their laurels. The new model, the XK140, was not only more powerful but also featured a large more comfortable passenger compartment. The DOHC engine was given slightly more horsepower than its successor furthering the already outstanding performance of Jaguars sports car.

Lot 125

58 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Wearing pacific blue paintwork, this drophead coupe was appointed with the options the most discerning Jaguar buyers required. The opulent options of this 140 are poignantly opposed to it’s racey features like the wire wheels with ear knock-offs. The benefactor of a 2013 engine-out refreshment, this convertible Jag is again ready for reliable drives down your favorite winding road.

59 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 126

1955 Swallow Doretti Coachwork: Swallow Coachbuilding Co Estimate: $55,000 - $75,000

1 of Only 276 Ever Built

Serial Number 1001

Rareest Piece of British Automotive History

Chassis Number: 1001 Engine Number: TS550E Engine: 1991 cc 4 Cylinder Dual SU Carburetors / 90 bph 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 87538 The Model - After being sold by Jaguar and eventually ending up in the hands of Tube Investment Group, a company that supplied automotive components to automakers like Jaguar, Swallow Coachbuilding Co. set about building sports cars. The first and only model to be produced by the company would be named in honor of the manager of the western United States dealership, Dorothy Deen. The Doretti would use a tubular Reynolds 531 chromoly ladder chassis. Mechanical would consists of Triumph TR2 components. The aluminium body was designed by Frank Rainbow with a little help from the lady in America, Dorothy Deen. The Doretti’s performance seemed to make the people at Jaguar hiss, as they threatened to stop buying components from the Tube Investment Co if they continued to produce such a competitive sports car. The Car - Its red paint was laid in an older restoration, but remains lovely and near perfect today. As a collection piece this limited production roadster is one of just 276. It presents extremely well as a fabulous example of a true collector car. The black interior is complete and correct ready for a new driver. The engine shows the patina of a driving car despite its status as a collector car, because it is occasionally taken out on the open road. Its obscure and allusive nature make this roadster not just sporty and fun but collectible in the purest sense of the word.

60 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

61 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 127

1991 Ferrari Testarossa Coachwork: Pininfarina Estimate: $95,000 - $115,000

8,200 Actual Miles

Last Year of the 80’s Super Car Icon

Legendary Heritage Gioacchino Colombo V-12 Engine


Chassis Number: ZFFSG17A2M008699 Engine Number: 24470 Engine: 4,900 cc 48 Valve Flat 12 Cylinder Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel injection / 390 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmissionn Four Wheel disc brakes brakes Mileage: 8,200 Actual

The Model - Released in 1984, the Testarossa was a somewhat divisive design. Pininfarina’s new design left behind the long swooping lines and instead gave the Testarossa short, sharp lines, and strakes that defined the profile and gave it its now iconic look. The radically modern design houses the comfortable 4.9 liter Colombo flat-12 engine, that was given red cylinder heads that gave the new Ferrari its name. The Testarossa quickly gained popularity and as Ferrari’s flagship, it would also be their top seller, the supercar out sold even it’s other less expensive models. The Car - In stunning Ferrari Rosso Corsa, this iconic Testarossa has spent its life resting quietly in a collection accumulating only 8,200 miles. The original paint remains top quality, with only the lower front bumper professionally repainted after cited parking blemish. The interior is full of supple tan Italian leather that shows nearly no wear. The redhead’s flat-12 fires on command and is ready to put the nearly 400 HP to work. As one of the most practical supercars ever built, driving this car has been described as easy, what isn’t easy is returning to your daily driver.

62 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

63 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster 1600

Lot 128

Coachwork: Reutter Estimate: $315,000 - $355,000

1st Class Winner at 2013 Colorado Concours

Harry Pellow Rebuilt SC 1600 cc Engine

Originally a Competition Car-Today an Award Winner

Chassis Number: 84318 Engine: 1600 cc SC Boxer 4 Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetors / 95 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 57104

The Model - Introduced in the American market in 1954, Speedster production would continue until 1958. A natural born racer, these cars were a perfect fit for the weekend racer with the removable front window and lightweight no frills construction. Only about 4,500 of the iconic Speedsters were produced and even less were imported to the United States. These Porsche 356 Speedsters have become one of the most collectable cars on the market, and continue to be competitive in vintage racing events. The Car - Originally sold in Louisiana, this vintage Porsche spent its life as a weekend racer until purchased in 1986 by its current owner. The cars engine was tragically irreparably damaged while being raced in the early 1980’s. Afterwards, it was transformed into a Super (75 HP) which was driven until 2002 when that engine gave out. Then, the current owner sent a 1964 SC engine

case to HP Enterprises and Harry Pellow, the owner, in Santa Clara, CA. It was to be customized with all the best SC features including state of the art counterbalanced crankshaft, sodium filled valves, larger bores, and a lightened flywheel. Aesthetically identical to the original engine, it produces just under 100 HP making this is a very fast 356! In 2012, the car began a bare metal restoration that would use the factory lead filler and would employ authentic metal working techniques so that when the Porsche color Fjord green paint was laid it produced a concours quality convertible. The Porsche was the featured marque at the 2013 Colorado Concours. Under the discerning eye of the concours judges, this Speedster was awarded first in class. Having outgrown its rabble rousing racing days, this car is ready to spend its retirment on the golf courses, as an honored guest at the countries concours events.

Lot 129

1970 Fiat Abarth 695 Coachwork: Abarth Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000

Performance Micro Car

Well Kept in Original Condition

Ready to be Shown or Driven


Chassis Number: 2721205 Engine: 695 cc 2 Cylinder Single sidedraft Carburetor / 49 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - The Fiat 500 was revolutionary for its compact design that rethought every component, expecting more from every piece. The car was a wildly successful grocery getter but with an almost forty percent increase in displacement, and race inspired suspension, the Abarth 695 became a worthy competitor. The Car - The Abarth was designed to make you want to be behind the wheel and it worked. This sporty rag top coupe is the quintessential driver quality car. The light blue paint shows nicely but does show some mild use. The exterior is badged correctly and sits on a fresh set of rubber. The interior is well suited for a car that will be enjoyed by its new owner. The upholstery is free of defects and any major wear issues. The engine is reliable and provides the power needed to sport around town. For a little car this Fiat draws large amounts of attention.

66 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

67 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 130

1936 BMW 319 Cabriolet “Weinberger” Coachwork: Ludwig Weinberger Estimate: $135,000 - $165,000

One of the Rarest Early BMWs

Fully Restored in 2003

Same Coachbuilder as Bugatti “La Royale”


Chassis Number: 58144 Engine Number: 326011000 Engine: 1,911cc OHV Inline 6-Cylinder Dual Solex carburetor / 55 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Brakes

The Model - The BMW 319’s sheet metal is virtually indistinguishable and the perfect marriage of early automotive performance and luxury. Sharing the same legendary coachwork as the Bugatti “La Royale” this unique BMW stands among the most exclusive pre-war classics. With its nearly 2 liter engine and enlarged solex carburetors bringing this sports car’s horsepower numbers up to 55, enough to sling the convertible to 85 MPH. Produced in rather small numbers this car’s price tag put it out of reach from most of the motoring public. Then as today, those that had a real appreciation for sophisticated speed needed this early speedmachine in their garage. The Car - This example of the rare “weinberger” special body was meticulously restored in 2003 while still at home in europe. No expense was spared putting this car back to factory standards and above. Power duties have been given to a very similar power plant from its successor the 326. The engine starts at the push of a button and power is delivered flawlessly through the 4-speed transmission. This car would look great in any collection and even better gallivanting down the boulevard.

68 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

69 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 131

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop

Recent Frame Off Restoration

Continental Rear Spare Tire

Estimate: $45,000 - $60,000

Reliable and Powerful Driver

Chassis Number: VC56B075856 Decoded: V=V8 Engine C=Bel Air 56=1956 B=Baltimore Plant 075856=Serial Engine: 265 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 162 bhp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 10967 Showing Not Documented The Model - The Tri-Five Chevrolets have always been some what divisive, some prefer the well behaved lines of ‘55 and some love the all in 50’s styling of the ‘57, but laying smack dab in the middle is the perfect compromise. Reining in some of the more exaggerated lines of the ‘57 but still adding enough chrome to keep everyone happy the Tri-Five middle child is an elegant machine that has gone underappreciated for too long. The Car - Carrying a two tone paint scheme professionally applied and well maintained this Chevrolet is elegant and pristine. With all of its chrome trim in place and its classic continental kit aboard one is almost forced back in time. Thtppointments are in place. The condition of the interior appears unused since restoration which offers a full life of use to a new owner. The much touted small block V8 supplies power with the help of a four barrel carburetor. Ready for local shows or Sunday drives this middle child deserves a second look.

70 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

71 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 132

1965 Amphicar Model 770 Designer: Hanns Trippel Estimate: $55,000 - $75,000

Restored and Fully Functional in Water

Capable of 7 Knots Water Speed

70 Miles Per Hour Driving = 770

Chassis Number: 106522322 Engine: 1147 cc Triumph 4 Cylinder Single Barrel Carburetor / 43 hp 4-Speed Synchronized Transmission / Water Transfer Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - Getting to the lake, putting the boat in the water and transferring all of the beverages and such for a day on the lake seemed like a few steps to many when Hans Trippel designed the Amphicar. His idea was to arrive at the lake, drive the car into the water, as it would then function as a boat for jonts on the water. The boat was a German design but its target market was America. The American did indeed love the little boat car, despite Time magazines quipt that it was “a vehicle that promised to revolutionize drowning”. The Car - Of the few Amphicars still in existence only and handful are seaworthy and this blue amphibian is not only ready for the water but also ready for the show. The blue paint is clean, smooth, and looks great on the lake. The interior brings in the exterior blue to accent the mostly white marine vinyl upholstery that is pure and clean, free of any sun or water damage. Said to be the fastest car on the water this contraption would make the perfect addition to the most eclectic collections.

72 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

73 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 133

1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 “Troopy”

Rare Diesel Land Cruiser

Full Size Passenger Off Road Trooper

Estimate: $45,000 - $65,000

Reliable Utilitarian Classic SUV


Chassis Number: HJ47-017399 Decoded: HJ47=4.0 L 2H Diesel Engine 017399=Serial Engine: 3980 cc OHV Diesel Engine Diesel Injection / 105 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 003075 Showing not actual

The Model - A variant of the classic off road machine the FJ40 the HJ47 was not just an apt off-roader but also served as a war machine in the form of a troop carrier. Configured with inward facing rear jump seats, the “troopy” has seating for ten soldiers and their gear. The power was produced from a Mercedes Benz 6 cylinder diesel. The added power and wheel base give this truck an unfair advantage as a civilian SUV. The Car - Trading in its camo for a new blue finish this troopy has been restored and updated making it into an SUV to compete with todays SUV’s. The exterior is fresh from a recent repaint and it sits on a new set of all terrain tires. The interior has been refreshed and updated with a modern stereo system and heated power seats. The diesel engine spins to life with a brief preheat of the glow plugs. The classic FJ40’s have exploded in popularity and this larger than life Toyota will certainly become one of the most collectible 4x4 of its time.

74 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

75 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 134

1936 Ford Pick-Up V8 Estimate: $35,000 - $50,000


Restored to Near Perfection

All Original Ford Metal Body

Desirable Flat Head V-8

Chassis Number: 183174401 Engine: Flat Head V-8 cylinder Single Downdraft Carburetor / 60 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - When Henry Ford built a vehicle he expected it to be the industries best seller. Ford started building pick-ups on the Model T chassis in 1925. The Ford truck would continue to evolve with the Ford cars paralleling their design. Ford would indeed lead the industry in truck sales producing over 3 million truck by 1936. Sales were strong partially due to the introduction of the flathead V8 that is so beloved by todays hot rodders. The V8 put the Ford truck in a class by itself, eventually leading to an entire line of commercial trucks. The Car - An all steel relic this hauler has been restored to a standard that would make even Henry Ford smile. The maroon finish was lovingly applied and has been given the utmost care since restoration. The exterior is finished with the correct V8 badging and hub caps on a perfect set of period correct tires. No expense was spared in the restoration of the interior of this truck, ensuring originality. The seat is covered in vinyl looking fresh. The correct style gauges are working properly as is the roll out windshield. The iconic mechanicals of this truck have been faithfully refurbished returning the truck to proper running and driving condition without sacrificing originality. The flathead under the hood is mechanically identical to 1936 condition, producing all 60 hp for its new owner to enjoy. With the long flowing lines of the 30’s and the hot rodders first power plant this historic truck is a great addition to any collection. 76 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

77 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 135

1970 Shelby GT500 Fastback 428 SCJ Coachwork: Ford Estimate: $180,000 - $200,000

Documented Low Miles Original Survivor

1 of Limited 789 Shelby GT500s Built

Ultimate American Performance Muscle

Chassis Number: 0F02R482880 Decoded: 0=1970 F=Dearborn Plant 02=Fastback R=GT500 428 48=Shelby 2880=Serial Engine: 428 Cobra Jet V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Holley Carburetor / 335 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 47,100 Documented Actual The Model - Under agreement with Ford, Carol Shelby started designing and building the GT500 in 1965 and continued to refine these machines until 1969. Billed as Fords performance Mustang the early GT500s were given the 427 but eventually were properly fitted with 428 Cobra Jet. Production of the GT500 halted in 1969 but unsold units were “re-vined” and sold as 1970s. The Car - As one of the 789 1970 Shelby GT500s sold, this example only misses the survivor designation by one paint job. The car was repainted to exacting standards that give this machine a factory look that can’t be mistaken. The rest of the car however, remains unmolested. The engine has never been taken out of the car, and with less than 50,000 miles it’s easy to understand why. The interior is also original from the carpet to the headliner and everything in between. The engine runs perfectly and still appears as it did when it left the the factory, down to the original decals. This rare example of an unmolested low production number car is a rare piece of history that would make a nice addition to any collection.

78 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

79 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 136

1963 Bentley S3 Saloon Coachwork: James Young Estimate: $50,000 - $70,000

The Peak of Luxury in the Early 1960’s

Fully Restored and Reliable

Produced 1962 - 1965 Limited to 1630 Examples

Chassis Number: B608CN Engine: 6.2 Liter Rolls-Royce OHV V-8 Cylinder Two SU Carburetors / 220 bhp 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 22,593 Showing Not Documented

The Model - When the S3 was released in 1962 few changes from the S2 were apparent, outside of the new headlight configuration. The new design did carry over the luxury amenities that separated it from the other cars on the market like the improved air conditioning, power steering and power windows. Bentley bumped the compression up in the 6.2 liter V8 increasing power by 7% over the previous line providing a plethora of power to move the S3 heft. The Car - Cloaked in a champagne finish this behemoth is a prime example of the peak of luxury in the early 1960’s. Fully restored the exterior is straight with a high quality repaint. Inside, the cabin is finished in leather that shows some age but is free of any major defects. The engine has been rebuilt and runs nicely. The engine bay is the product of an older restoration and shows only mild patina from the miles of enjoyment the previous owner has put on the dial. A nice example of the how the other half were living in the early sixties this Bentley is ready to comfort its new owners in its vintage lap of luxury.

80 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

81 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 137

1963 Land Rover Santana Series IIA

Rare Spanish Santana Model

Fully Restored to High Standards

Estimate: $35,000 - $50,000

The Most Capable Off Road Vehicle

Chassis Number: 45303305 Engine: 2.25 Liter 4 Cylinder Gasoline Single Side Draft Carburetor / 72 bhp 4X4 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 02988 Showing Not Documented

The Model - As the second oldest 4X4 builder in the world, Land Rover has long been world renowned for their off road machines. In 1958 Santana Motor Co. reached a license agreement and began production of Land Rover 4x4’s in their Spanish factory, marketed and sold in Central and South America. The Santana’s hearty nature quickly earned a reputation in Central and South America as one of the most able vehicles on the market. The series II model began production in 1958 and stayed in production until the model was replaced in 1971 by the series III. The Car - - This Colombian relic was imported to the country in 1963 to Barranquilla with 16 other Santana Land Rovers. The ownership history on this truck documents its life as it changed hands throughout Colombia until finally ending up in the hands of its current owner and US native who was living in Colombia at the time of purchase in 2012. He almost immediately began restoring this hard working truck, seeking out renowned Colombian Land Rover expert Jader Pinson to offer

82 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

his craftsmanship to oversee every detail of the Santana’s frame off restoration. The final step of the restoration was the gorgeous forest green paint that remains shiny and full of life. The interior was given no less attention to detail under Mr. Pinsons watchful eye, with the seats being recovered in black with a gray accent headline much the same as factory material. The 2.25 gasoline engine fires up on first request and provides plenty of power through the four-speed transmission. With the safari rack on top and the spare tire on the hood the overall package is as iconic and collectable as the Land Rover comes. While at home, on the trails or on the road this truck would make an excellent addition to any collection.

83 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 138

1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400

400 Ram Air High Horsepower Engine

Extensive Restoration in Showroom Appearance

Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000

Desirable Model of Popular F-Body Platform


Chassis Number: 226870N128780 Decoded: 22=Pontiac Firebird 687=Formula 0=1970 N=Norwood Plant 128780=Serial Engine: 400 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 350 bhp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Front Disc Rear drum Brakes Mileage: 61,965 Showing

The Model - Paralleling the Camaro from 1967 until 2002 the Firebird has been Pontiacs premiere performance car for decades. These performers were built on the the same F-Body platform as the Camaro and resembled the other GM but engine options were varied and included both Pontiac and Oldsmobile engines. Firebird trim options included the Trans Am and the Formula that was easily identified by its two ram air ports at the front of the hood. The Car - Fresh from the paint booth the green finish professionally laid on this F-body is smooth and shiney it shows almost no defects. The metalwork is straight with no signs of rust remaining after a thorough restoration. The interior also underwent an extensive restoration that left it with a showroom appearance. The correct Pontiac 400 under the dual ram air tunnels has been rebuilt and returned to its factory specifications. With the value of second generation Camaros exploding the Firebird can only be steps behind, take this opportunity to get one before the tidal wave of buyers makes it impossible.

84 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

85 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 139

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SE Coupe 4sp Designer: Friedrich Geiger Estimate: $30,000 - $45,000

Rare and Desirable 4 Speed Transmission

Sunroof and Hardtop Design

Last of the Hand Crafted German Motorcars


Chassis Number: 11102110088208 Decoded: 111021=W111 250SE Coupe 10088208=Serial Engine Number: 129980-12-021681 Engine: 2.5 liter Inline 6 Cylinder 6 Plunger Fuel Injection / 170bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 65,502 Showing Believed Actual The Model - Replacing the dated tail finned w111 and w112, the 250SE would be unveiled in 1965 and would be built on the new w108 platform. With a new lower and sleeker shape the 250SE would also feature a new fuel injected engine. The last of the hand built Mercedes, production of these true classics was limited to about 13 cars per week, as such these hand crafted cars have become very collectable. The Car - Fitted with all of the desirable options this coupe features an electric power top and a manual four speed. The silver paint shows only slight use and is very adequate for a driver quality car. The interior is clean and free of any major issues showing only gentle use, with the blue leather and nearly new carpet. Tuned and running well this driver is ready for the road with the windows down and the sunroof open.

86 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

87 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 140

1977 Ferrari 308 GTB Coachwork: Pininfarina Estimate: $55,000 - $75,000

155 MPH Top Speed

Rarest 308 with Less Than 1000 Built

The Most Collectable Factory Fiberglass Body

Chassis Number: F106AB21885 Decoded: F106AB=Carbureted 308 Berlinetta 21885=Serial Engine: 2.9 Liter Tipo F106AB V-8 Cylinder Four Independent Weber Carburetors / 235 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 36,733 Actual

The Model - Replacing the iconic Dino would be no easy task for Ferrari designers. Conceived by artists who were responsible for the shape of cars that are legendary, the 308 GTB captured aspects of all that had come before it in natural flowing arches and a swept back look of speed. With a slightly larger engine the new 308 would motivate from a standstill to 100 mph in 15 second and could hit speeds of 155 mph. The Car -In original Ferrari Rosso Corsa paint work that was professionally reapplied the all steel piece has become the most desirable of it kind. The black leather interior space is in excellent condition and is a compliment to Italian leather. As one of the most practical Ferraris built this stallion is equipped with A/C, adding countless days a year you can enjoy this Italian wonder. Destined to increase in value over time this car comes complete with its factory leather emergency kit that contains the jack and proper owners manual. As a driver or as a speculative purchase this car is great to see, hear and drive.

88 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

89 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 141

1963 Porsche 356 B 1600 Super Coupe Coachwork: Kharmann

Documented Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Matching Numbers Original Super Coupe

Restored and Reliable Driver

Estimate: $90,000 - $110,000

Chassis Number: 212924 Engine Number: 705511 Matching to Certificate of Authenticity Engine: 1582 cc Boxer 4 Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetors / 75 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes Mileage: 30,564 Showing believed to be Actual

The Model - The Porsche 356 was conceived with the premise that a small car with extra power would provide an undeniably wonderful driving experience. That premise proved to be valid with the production of the “S” model. The 356’s S engine was upgraded from 60 hp to 75. The added power paired with legendary Porsche handling characteristics creates a driving experience that only a genuine Porsche can deliver. The Car - This champagne yellow Porsche 356 is a faithful restoration complete with its Certificate of Authenticity. Finished in its original paint code color 6205, the paint work shows very nicely. The interior has also been restored to its original condition using the appropriate materials including black leatherette for the seats. The 1600 cc engine is tuned and running properly putting all 75 HP to the wheels. The feel and sound of a vintage Porsche on a windy road is an experience not everyone will get in life, but that can be at your fingertips with the purchase of this lovely 356.

90 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

91 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1953 Allard J2X MKII Factory Continuation

Lot 142

Estimate: $200,000 - $230,000

Chassis Number: J2X9033 Engine: 6.1 Liter Hemi V-8 Cylinder / 350 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: Test Miles Only

The Model - For “the enjoyment of sports car lovers from around the world (Roger P. Allard)”, the Allard Motor Works decided it was time to bring the name plate back into production. Reintroduced for collectors and aficionados, the J2X MKII pays homage to the most successful racers of the Allard collection. The J2X MKII is a modern hand-crafted version of the legendary British competition roadsters in a faithful continuation that incorporates the modern touches, making the roadster safer and easier to maintain. Recognized by the Allard Registry, each of the limited production cars are awarded special serial numbers and a place in the registry. The Car - Fresh from Allard Motor Works, this roadster has its Certificate of Origin from Allard Motor Works and only test miles on its upgraded 6.1 liter Hemi engine. With a fresh coat of deep blue paint, this roadster is in showroom condition reflecting the exact aesthetics one would have witnessed in the showroom in 1953. With modern power and new metal work, this open air sports car is perfect for those who can’t get enough of the roadster lifestyle.

92 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Factory Continuation Modern Built

Monster 6.1 Liter Hemi V-8 Power Plant

Hand Laid Composite with Alloy Louvered Hood

93 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 143

1966 Fiat 2300 S Ghia Coachwork: Ghia Designer: Sergio Sartorelli Estimate: $35,000 - $45,000 Chassis Number: 187995 Engine: 2279 cc Inline 6 Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetor/ 135 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Hydraulic Disc Brakes

94 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Fresh Sympathetic Restoration

Genuine Grand Touring Car

Italian Heritage in One of the Rarest GT’s

The Model - After being introduced at the Turin Auto Show in 1962, Fiat released the 2300S. It was designed to be Fiats sports car offering. With power disc brakes on all four corners, a four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox, and a healthy 2.3 liter engine, the Ghia bodied grand touring car was often referred to as the affordable Ferrari. The Car - Recently freshened with an engine out service, fresh paint, new upholstery and carpet, this Fiat is ready for the road. This car has been driven less than ten miles since the sympathetic restoration was completed. The engine provides all the power you would expect from a genuine grand touring car. Virtually non-existent in the American car scene, this Fiat will certainly garner attention and questions every time you turn the key.

95 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 144

1953 Jaguar XK120 Roadster Designer: William Lyons Estimate: $105,000 - 135,000

Named XK120 for its 120 MPH Top Speed

Acclaimed and Desirable Roadster Model

Matching Numbers Power Plant

Chassis Number: 673870 Engine Number: W8109-8 Matching Numbers Engine: 3442 cc Inline 6 Cylinder DOHC Dual SU Carburetors / 160 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 65,421 Showing

The Model - When you produce the fastest production car you make sure that the world knows it, and that is what Jaguar did when it was naming its new sports car. With its new 3.4 liter DOHC engine the XK could achieve 120 mph, a speed no other sports car could tout, thus the name XK120 was born. The Car - Covered in a fresh coat of Old English White, this 2 seat roadster makes a profound impression with all of the chrome and trim fresh and in place. This motif is continued inside with the striking biscuit and red interior which provides the perfect contrast to the white exterior. This roadster is ready for the pavement, being mechanically maintained as a driver’s car. Jaguar created the XK series for one specific purpose, to be driven and enjoyed at an exhilarating pace and the new owner of this XK120 roadster is sure to have many pleasurable miles with this outstanding example.



Lot 145

1960 Modena 250 GT Spyder California Coachwork: Modena Design and Development Estimate: $150,000 - $220,000

Chassis Number: CA815074 Engine: Ford V-8 Cylinder / 400 hp 5 Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes / Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 2,081

The Model - Part of Ferrari’s most successful early lineup, the 250 GT Spyder California has gained unprecedented notoriety because of it appearance in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. The California Spider was based on the 250 GT Berlinetta chassis and used the legendary Colombo engine. Only about 55 of these cars were built in todays market price achieving the double digits multi-million dollar premium. During production of Ferris Buellers Day Off, filming required a few 250 GTs and for that purpose, Paramount contacted Modena Design and Development which was founded by Neil Glassmoyer and Mark Goyett in the early 1980s. They provided the replicas for the movie and continued to produce the cars after the movie was released. These were well crafted re-creations and for the untrained eye it is very hard to tell if they are authentic or not. Being so close to the original, Ferrari ended up suing Modena for use of trademark design and emblems.

The Car - Most of the Modena Spyder Californias claim to be one of the actual Ferris Bueller movie cars, while it is difficult to document one way or another, it is known that several of them were used for filming. With less than 40 cars factory built before Ferrari stopped their production, this car could be one of the filmed and based on production it is certainly one rare machine. Finished in Ferrari red, the finish remains a high quality tribute to the original. The interior is finished in tan leather and has a modern stereo and cold air conditioning. The power plant is a Ford V8 that while not the Ferrari’s V12, bares a small resemblance with the stacks from its 4 webers. The 400hp Ford engine is hooked to a five-speed transmission, making this little Ferrari recreation a ton of fun to drive. If you love the Italian styling but are turned off by the multi-million market of the original, this American powered roadster is a perfect stand in.

Lot 146

1972 Citroen SM Coupe Designer: Robert Opron Estimate: $35,000 - $50,000 Chassis Number: 00SB9896 Decoded: 00SB=2.7L Carbureted 9896=Production Serial Engine Number: 326011000 Engine: 2.7 Liter Maserati V-6Cylinder Dual Weber Carburetor / 170 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disk Brakes Mileage: 95,564 Showing •

1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year

Design and Engineered Beyond its Time

Adjustable Hydropneumatic Leveling System

The Model - Making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show the Citroen SM immediately made an impact in the luxury car market. Intended to compete with all of the Ferraris, Jaguars, and Aston Martins, Citroen made use of newly acquired Maserati for power in the SM, bolting in the 2.7 liter with dual webers. The exotic power plant was just the start however. The SM featured variable assist steering, a feature common today but revolutionary at the time. Perhaps its most notable feature is its hydropneumatic self leveling system, allowing the car to go from nearly dragging to a ridiculously high ride height. The innovative feature would ironically be the demise of the SM in the American market as it made implementing the 5 MPH bumpers impossible. With an exhaustive list of technical innovations, the SM received Motor Trends “Car of The Year” award in 1972, an award not often bestowed upon a foreign car. 100 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Painted a factory black, the exterior is well maintained having served as a driving quality car. The interior of the car remains as Citroen designed it. The condition of the interior is impeccable, showing almost no wear. Mechanically, this SM is well sorted, running at its peak and delivering full power to the front wheels. The SM was jam packed with hints as to what modern motoring would look like. As a collector this piece is the missing link from the past to present and would be a wonderful addition to the most prestigious collection.

101 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 147

1935 Plymouth PJ Business Coupe Estimate: $35,000 - $45,000 Chassis Number: 1060724 Decoded: 1060724= Detroit Business Coupe Serial Engine: 201.3 ci L Head 6 Cylinder Single Downdraft Carburetor / 65 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 60,895 Showing

Older Restoration to Highest Standards

Fender Skirts and Sear Mounted Spare

Laser Straight Black with Red Pinstriped Accents

The Model - Fun, Action, Thrills --- Find them in a Plymouth! That was the new message Plymouth was sending to customers. The Plymouth PJ was offered in a variety of configurations for 1935. Seen here as a two door business coupe, it was also offered as a 4 door and a rumble seat coupe. The 1935 model was remarkable, as the new design featured 4 wheel hydraulic brakes and was purported to use 20% less gasoline. The Car - The product of an older nut and bolt restoration, the deep black with contrasting red accents set this Plymouth apart from the 350,000 other PJ’s produced. The dark paint displays how laser straight the metal body is below its shine. The mohair interior shows only light use and is fit for this pre-war relic. The engine and engine bay have been restored and returned to the factory condition. A great parade car or a car show delight, this Plymouth is a pristine example of pre-war engineering.

102 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

103 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 148

1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

Excellence in Automotive Design

Redesigned in 1956 Lincoln Outsold Cadillac

Estimate: $70,000 - $85,000

Faithfull Original Restoration

Chassis Number: 57WA12625L Engine: 358 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 285 bhp 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 66,324 Showing

The Model - When Henry Leland left Cadillac and started Lincoln, he certainly never imagined that his company would be in direct competition with his former employer for the better part of the next century. Even after being acquired by Ford in 1922, Lincoln would be Cadillac’s competitor. In 1945, Ford Motor Company decided to merge the Mercury and Lincoln divisions together, which formed the Lincoln-Mercury division. Sold by the Lincoln-Mercury division from 1956 to 1960, the Lincoln Premier outsold the competitor Cadillac. The Car - The iconic 50s fins on this Premier stand out with the red paint covering its body and contrasting the immense bright work that trims it. Correct inside and out, the interior is finished with black cloth with red leather bolsters and shows only light use. The engine and engine bay have been restored and detailed to represent what any Lincoln buyer would have seen on the showroom floor in 1957. Restored and detailed to exacting standard this convertible is ready for touring or the local car show, where it is certain to garner extensive praise.

104 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

105 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 149

1967 Corvette Corvette L71 Stingray 427/435 Designer: Larry Shinoda Estimate: $135,000 - $160,000 Chassis Number: 194677S114905 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 9=Corvette 4=V8 67=Convertible S=St. Louis Plant 114905=Serial Engine Number: 3904351 Engine: 427 ci L71 V-8 Cylinder Tri-Power 3 X 2 Barrel Carburetors / 435 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 25,710 Showing •

The Holly Grail of Classic Corvettes

NCRS Top Flight Award

Documented Matching Number / Tank Sticker

The Model - 1967 should have rang in the 3rd generation of Corvette but with design flaws still to be overcome, the C2 would live one more year. The ‘67 model saw only modest changes to what most in the motoring world saw as near perfection. The Stingray had it all, handling, power, and tons of style. The 427ci / 435 hp Tri-Power engine was every red blooded American’s dream come true and continues to be held in the highest regard today.

106 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Against the exacting standards of the National Corvette Restorers society, the benchmark with which all vintage Corvettes are judged, this remarkable roadster achieved Top Flight Award status twice, scoring a nearly perfect 99.4 out of 100. This true numbers matching car is documented with its tank sticker. It is equipped with its original factory L71-427 Tri-Power Big Block Engine. The car remains in much the same condition as it was when it left Tim Thorpes shop after receiving a full restoration in 2010. Thorpe put his extensive Corvette experience to work putting all of this mid years appointments back as they belonged. Finished in correct Goodwood Green exterior and green vinyl interior, the car also boosts a soft ray tinted windshield, power steering, power disc brakes, power windows, and date code correct 15� rally wheels with Firestone Red Line tires. Ready for a new home that can care for and appreciate the history and correct nature of one of America’s finest machines, this Corvette will certainly be a high point in any serious collection.

107 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 150

1957 Chrysler 300 C Hardtop Designer: Virgil Exner Estimate: $65,000 - $85,000 Chassis Number: 3N571071 Decoded: 3N= Chrysler 300 57=1957 1071=Serial Engine: 392 ci Hemi V-8 Cylinder 2x4 Barrel Carburetors / 375 bhp 3-Speed Push-button Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 42,799 Showing •

One of 1,918 Built

Legendary C Letter Model Chrysler

Hemi Powered Dual Carb Hardtop

The Model - Designed and built as Chrysler’s high performance luxury cars, the “Letter Series” started in 1955 with A and continued on until they reach L in 1965, having skipped only I. With power at the forefront of thought in design, these cars are seen by most to be the predecessors to the muscle car era that would follow in coming years. Touted in late 1956 as “America’s highest-performing automobile,” the Chrysler 300C’s optional Hemi engine outperformed many of its competitors from the Plymouth Fury to others whose mainstay was the flat-head sixes. Only 1,918 of 300Cs were built and according to the Chrysler 300 International Club, only 377 with these options.

108 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car -In a subtle white, this big finned fifties relic is clean and smooth. The product of a detailed restoration, this 300C is correct in every way. The exterior is nicely rounded out with wide white wall tires over wire wheels and the bold red, white, and blue 300 badging. The interior is refurbished in the same manner using only correct materials in correct colors. The interior is full of life and presents well. Modern day conveniences, but straight from the factory in 1957, include power steering, power brakes, and a pushbutton transmission. Under the hood, the engine houses the rare Hemi 392 CI 2x4 configuration. Considered to be the pinnacle of the 300 series this 300C is sure to make its new owner proud whether it is showing it off or taking advantage of its performance for an enjoyable tour. You will want to seriously consider this first series Z as a proud addition to even the most respected collections.

109 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 151

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Tribute Concept: Zora Arkus-Duntov Estimate: $55,000 - $75,000

Faithfull Tribute Built on An Original Corvette

Modern Competition Suspension

Vintage Racing Events Ready as well as Road Ready


Chassis Number: 194377S118073 Titled as a 1967 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 9=Corvette 37=Coupe 7=1967 S=St. Louis 118073=Sequence Engine: 327 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 350 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes The Model - In the early 1960’s, auto racing was all the rage, except at General Motors where there was a very clear policy against any factory racing efforts. So while Carroll Shelby was building race cars he produced with the full support of Ford, Zora Arkus-Duntov, the “Father of the Corvette”, could only stand by and watch his chance to be a racing legend slowly slip away. By 1963, Duntov’s secret program to homologate a Corvette that would compete with Carroll Shelby become public knowledge. The Grand Sport Corvette, as it would come to be known, would address Corvette’s weight problem and its ineffective brakes. The Grand Sport program would also develop a completely new power plant that would use four Weber Carburetors to fuel its small block V8 engine. Its first testing session created such a buzz in the racing world that the Chevrolet brass caught wind of the program and quickly axed the program, but not before five of the cars were built and sold. Those five racers would not be allowed to race in their intended class because the 125 units needed for homologation were not produced. They would eventually go toe to toe with the Cobras and the results were devastating to Carroll Shelby.

110 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - This tribute to the Grand Sport Corvette has all of the tell tail modifications that gave the Grand Sport its racing edge. With a refined front end, iconic fender flares, and race inspired vents, the exterior of this coupe holds true aesthetically to the original. The interior is race inspired, but still a very usable space. The seats are black leather bucket seats that mimic the feel of a full race seat holding the driver tightly when the 5 point belts are buckled. The 327 under the hood is in full race tune and with exhaust routed to the side pipes, this Corvette even delivers the race car sound. Unlike many re-creations this tribute was created on an original 1967 Corvette car body and chassis offering the originality of a Chevrolet with the legendary GS look and upgraded competition performance. The suspension was significantly upgraded using the top of the line Corvette competition package called Shark-Bite. While only five people can own one of the originals, this faithful recreation can be yours.

111 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 152

1970 Plymouth Road Runner 440 Six Pack

Professionally Rotisserie Restored

Original 440 Six Pack Mopar Muscle

Estimate: $55,000 - $70,000

Desirable Color Combination

Chassis Number: RM23V0A137074 Decoded: RM=Satellite / Road Runner 23=2 Door Hardtop V=440 3-2 Barrel V8 0=1970 A=Lynch Road Plant 137074=Serial Engine: 440 ci V-8 Cylinder 3 x Holley Two Barrel Carburetors / 390 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 46,751 Showing Not Documented

The Model - $50,000 was paid to Warner Bros-Seven Arts for the name and depiction of the Road Runner cartoon character when Plymouth decided to to get back to muscle car basics, scrape the necessities, and focused on performance! Based on the Chrysler B platform, same as the Belvedere, they started their basic, performance inspired machine. When released in 1968, some units were shipped lacking even carpet, because carpet didn’t help the car accelerate or turn, so it was no longer needed. What did help performance was an engine that could only be had in the Road Runner, the 335 hp 383, which was just the base engine with horsepower only increased from there. The back to the basics platform was so successful that sales more than tripled Plymouths expectations.

112 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - This “Vitamin C” colored Road Runner is fresh and ready to excite. Equipped with all the best like high back bucket seats and the coveted 440 Six Pack, this bird is the cream of the crop. The paint is smooth and has the correct graphics in place. The interior is in the factory configuration and features the “pistol grip” shifter for the four-speed transmission. The crown jewel of this machine is the 440 Six Pack that is fitted with the desirable Edelbrock intake. That monster under the hood is tuned ready to pounce on the first pony car to wander by. This rolling attitude problem needs a home that values the finer things in life, and the faster things! The engine starts promptly and pumps incredibly smooth power to the rear wheels.

113 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 153

1966 Dodge D-Dart Lightweight Trans Am ex-Johnny Dart Racer Estimate: $35,000 - $50,000

Original Car Driven by Johnny Dart

Signed Photos and Johnny Dart Racing Helmet

1 of 50 Cuilt and Competition Ready

Chassis Number: L023D62653920 Decoded: L=Dodge Dart 0=Price Class 23=2 Door Hardtop D=275hp 4-bbl V8 6=1966 2=Hamtramck Plant 653920=Serial Engine: 273 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Holley / 275 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes

The Model - Built for competition, Dodge released the D-Dart in 1966 for competition in the NHRA D class. Boosting the horsepower to 275 with solid lifters, a newly ground cam, headers and a Holley carburetor, Dodge had a feisty little mill. The factory also lightened the car ensuring its future as a proper racecar. The car was not only used as a drag racer but it was also raced in a new class created by SCCA in their Trans Am series. The Car - In SCCA Trans American Racing, a big contender in the new Group 2 category was Dick Carter, the driver of this number 72 D-Dart under his alias “Johnny Dart”. When Dick Carter and his boys took possession of his new D-Dart they made short work of preparing the car for racing action. Because of the new rules they were able to remove both of the bumpers, all of the interior components and add a racing seat, and a rollcage. Competition records from the early days of the Trans-Am Series are lacking, adding mystery around the competition history of this D-Dart. While not a race winning car, this D-Dart is truly a versatile car with an interesting and significant Mopar Trans-Am history. Now fully restored to its race condition, this car is ready to take to the track at any vintage race.

114 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

115 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 154

1959 MG A Twin Cam Coupe Designer: Syd Enever Estimate: $50,000 - $70,000

1 of 220 MG A Twin Cams Built

SCCA Vintage Raced with Log Book

Ready for Competition and Cruises


Chassis Number: YM11955 Engine: 1588 CC DOHC 4 Cylinder / Twin Cam Dual SU Carburetors / 100 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes The Model - When MG announced a successor to the much loved T-series sports cars, there was a lot of buzz in the motor press about the new Model A. Initially offered as a pure roadster and later joined by a fixed head coupe, these little cars were popular, but lacked in overall performance. That all changed when the “Twin-Cam” design was released. With fuel fed to the engine via a pair of SU carburetors, it delivered unparalleled performance unlike anything to ever come out of the Morris Garages. Using hemispherical combustion chambers, inverted bucket-style valves and a number of other innovative developments, speeds of 110 to 115 mph were consistently reported. The Car - Finished in Rally Red, this is one of just 220 Twin Cams produced for the 1959 model year and is even rarer still because it’s an enclosed coupe. The engine has reportedly been completely gone through with the twin SU’s performing as only Skinner’s Union could make them do. Inspecting under the hood finds only a minimum of seepage and a very light patina from use. The interior is finished in black leather with red piping, a motif that is repeated on the door panels. All gauges are clean, clear and operational. While it is street legal and on a clear California title, it has been prepped for racing with the installation of a roll bar and competition fuel cell, plus the log book accompanies this car. Our consignor is a major fan of the MG brand and reports that this is one of his favorite cars, but now it is time for a new conservator of this fun little British sports car to enjoy the thrill of a Twin Cam. 116 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

117 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1957 Gullwing 300SL Tribute

Lot 155

Titled as a Modern Car Estimate: $90,000 - $110,000 Chassis Number: 159GR11TO78879005 Engine: 5.7 Liter GM V-8 Cylinder Fuel injection / 300 bhp 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 1907 Showing

Faithful Tribute to the Iconic Gullwing

Modern Drivetrain with Great Reliability

Air Condition and Modern Comforts

The Model - Sometimes a name says it all. The Mercedes Benz 300SL was named for its 3 liter engine and because it was “Sporty” and “Light”. These features were not the attributes that would make this car the iconic classic that it is today however. The Gullwing type doors and a revolutionary direct injection system for fuel delivery would be the subject of the public’s affection for decades to come.

The Car - This tribute to the classic 300SL, constructed around a purpose built chassis that not only provides a platform for the classic shapes, but also allows use of a modern fuel injected Chevrolet engine and transmission. The added power and reliability of this combination make this 300SL an exciting one to pilot. Finished in an iconic silver, the exterior of the car is in pristine condition with very little signs of use. The interior is a faithful tribute to the original, except for the vintage air AC controls and steering wheel. The 5.7 liter engine never misses a beat and can propel this Mercedes at highways speeds, even on long trips. Drawing more attention than most other cars on the road this tribute provides an opportunity to drive distances most would never consider in an original.

118 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

119 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 156

1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe Designer: Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche Estimate: $100,000 - $120,000


Factory CARRERA Model with “Ducktail”

Documented Original 61,450 Miles

Original Color, Matching Numbers with Certificate of Authenticity

Chassis Number: 9114400397 Decoded: 911=911 4=1974 4=Carrera 2.7 0=Coupe 0397=Serial Engine Number: 6342210 Engine: 2687cc Air Cooled Horizontally Opposed 6 Cylinder CIS Injection / 175 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 61,450 Documented Actual The Model - In 1974, the Carrera was added to the 911 line up and became the top performer in the group, leaving the S in second place. The American model came with 175 horsepower, making it the fastest American 911 ever built and it would retain that title for several years to come. Outside of the engine, upgrades to the 1974 911 made the transition to the 5 MPH bumpers and the unmistakable RS “ducktail” became an option for Carreras. The Car - This survivor still wearing its original light yellow paint, albeit a few touch-ups typical of a 40 year old car, correct badges, and black trim. The car does have its Certificate of Authenticity which documents the authenticity of its paint, engine, and options. It is known that in 2012, its previous owner had minor components restored on this Carrera. Mechanical repairs included service to all the fuel lines, replacing the gas expansion lines, cleaning up the washer fluid tank, lines, and gas expansion tank, replacing the brake master cylinder, and installing new gaskets. Cosmetically, the paint recieved a deep polish to repair paint imperfections, and oxidation, revealing the much improved shine of the original paint. This well cared for Carrera is a fine example of the cars that are driving today’s market. 120 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

121 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 157

1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster Technical Director: Fritz Nallinger Estimate: $125,000 - $160,000

Well Preserved Original Roadster

Numbers Matching Drivetrain

Desirable Color Combination

Chassis Number: 121040109501084 Decoded: 121=190 Series 0=Gasoline 40=convertible 10=LHD / Manual Transmission 9501084=Serial Engine Number: 121 921 10 95 01095 Engine: 1897cc OHC Inline 4 Cylinder Dual Solex Carburetor / 105 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Power Assisted Drum Brakes Mileage: 50778 Showing The Model - The 190SL may have grown up in the shadow of the bigger faster 300SL, but it has maintained it’s place in the collector car world. While built on a completely different platform the 190SL shared many styling and mechanical traits with the 300, and its pedigree is easily recognised at a glance. The Car - Preservation of a vehicle for 55 years is an art, and this Mercedes is a masterpiece. Benefiting from one repaint in its factory color, this Mercedes is otherwise original. The engine is documented to be the numbers matching factory piece as is the rest of the drive train. The seller believes that the 50,778 miles are original due to the condition of the engine and interior, but does not have documentation to that extent. The most impressive aspect of this car is its original interior. Finished in the original red leather installed by Mercedes Benz the interior is in remarkable condition giving the 55 years of service with no tears or excessive wear. The cars data card provides documentation of this cars numbers and codes. This 190SL is well preserved and would make a great addition to any collection.

122 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

123 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

124 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

commodo mattis

125 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 158

1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Coupe Coachwork: Mulliners Estimate: $285,000 - $325,000

First Model which Initiated The Legend

Professional Restoration of Well Cared DB2/4

400 Miles Since Restoration

Chassis Number: LML793 Engine Number: BV6J 251 Engine: 2.9 Liter Twin Cam Inline 6 Cylinder Dual SU Carburetors / 140 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes Mileage: 38,835 Showing

The Model - Starting with a combination of opulence and performance, the first roadgoing coupe, the DB2, made an immediate impression. Looking to cater to customers desiring a more versatile vehicle, the innovative hatchback styling and more spacious 2+2 interior, became a winning design. The Aston Martin DB2/4 is a 2+2 version of the 2 seat DB2, that also allowed access to the interior from a rear hatch, the first of its kind. The 2.9 liter DOHC engine supplied the 4-speed transmission 140 horsepower. The Car - The former member of large collection from Guatemala, a two year frame off restoration advised by award-winning Kevin Kay Restorations in Ventura, California, resulted in a concours quality product. The maroon paint presents nearly new with all the correct brightwork still in gleaming condition. The interior is finished in a subtle maroon leather, and features the full set of original gauges trimmed in gorgeous wood grain. The engine is tuned and running properly, ready for its next agent, of 007 standards or not, to getaway on a new adventure.

126 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

127 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 159

1957 BMW Isetta 300 Development: Iso SPA Designer: Ermenegildo Preti Estimate: $35,000 - $45,000

Award Winning Restoration

Luggage Rack w/ Vintage Luggage

Reliable Fully Functional Driver

Chassis Number: 500812 Engine: 298 cc Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Single Carburetor / 13 HP 4-Speed Manual Transmission Hydraulic Drum Brakes

The Model - The origins of the Isetta can be traced back to Italy, but it is the German company BMW who made it a hit. In the early 1950s, Renzo Rivolta, the owner of the Italian firm Iso SpA, decided that he wanted to make a small car for the masses. When introduced in Turin in the fall of 1953, the Isetta created a sensation in the motoring market. In fall of 1954, BMW bought both the license and the complete body tooling, setting forth to make the Isetta their own. After finding success with the Isetta 250, BMW continued production of the cars and in 1956 and rolled out their new model: The Isetta 300 (or “Isetta Moto Coupe DeLuxe”). BMW ditched the bubble windows that had earned earlier models the affectionate nickname “the bubble car”. With its new flat windows that could now be slid open and a newly enlarged engine cranking out a whopping 13 HP, the Isetta would be able to reach speeds over 50 MPH. The Car - This delightful little car is very presentable and ready to be driven around town. Finished in canary yellow paint work that remains in excellent condition since its restoration. Accompanying the paint is all of the appropriate chrome, in place and shining brightly. The back end of this Isetta features a well maintained luggage rack. This Isetta is sure to cause smiles and waves from onlookers when its new owner takes it to it’s next show or on an adventure.

128 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

129 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1987 Land Rover Defender 90 “Diesel”

Lot 160

Estimate: $55,000 - $70,000


The Most Capable Off-Road Vehicle

Fitted with Comfort Air Condition

Superb DIESEL Restoration Rarest in North America

Chassis Number: SALLDVAC8AA297846 Decoded: SAL=Land Rover, U.K. LD=Defender V=Defender 90” Wheelbase A=Hood Cab C=2.5L 8=5 speed / left hand drive AA= Solihull, UK 297846=Serial Engine: 2.5 Liter Diesel 4 Cylinder Diesel Injection / 168 hp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 95,490 KM (59,335 miles)

The Model - The natural successor to the original Land Rover series, the Defender was released as the Land Rover Ninety in 1983. While styling was familiar the Defender was given coil springs and a full time four wheel drive system, new to the line. The power plants were largely carryovers overs from the original series, offering both a diesel and gas powertrain. The Car - This rare factory diesel 4X4 is the product of a fresh restoration that has been driven minimally since. The custom orange paint from this restoration is fresh and pristine. The interior finished in black is nearly new showing almost no use. The diesel engine has very low original miles and powers through each of the five gears with ease. Equipped with air conditioning this Defender is ready for whatever you throw at it.

130 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

131 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 161

1970 Mini Cooper “RestoMod”

Fully Restored to Modern Car MK VII Standards

Superb Reliability Essentialy New Vintage Car

Estimate: $25,000 - $35,000

Leather Interior and Fuel Injection


Chassis Number: XA25290987A Engine: 1,275 cc Inline 4 Cylinder Fuel Injection 1.4 Liter / 62 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 5,400 Actual

The Model - The Iconic Mini was born of a partnership and would continue to improve as further partnerships were made. In order to save the businesses after World War II, Nuffield Motors and Austin came together to produce the Mini. As a gas shortage was occurring, the shift to smaller cars with smaller engines had begun. These little cars would still be expected to pull their load, in the case of the Mini that meant transporting four adults that would have a combined weight totaling more than the entire weight of the car. The next partnership would bring racing great John Cooper into the mix. With the use of his 1275 cc engine, the Mini would be transformed from a casual compact car to a sporty microcar that has since become a centerpiece of automotive history. The Car - For all intent and purposes, this Mini Cooper is a essentially a new car. The last series of Mini Coopers built before production was ceased overseas in 2000 was called the MK VII. Fitted with modern amenities such as the largest fuel injection 1275 cc engine, air bags, electronic controls, alarms system, modern brakes, upgraded suspension and even leather interior, this Mini Copper was restored to the exact specifications of the best and last production model of the iconic micro car. This outstanding example will bring a smile every time it’s driven to even the most discerning collector. 132 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

133 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 162

1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack Designer: John E. Herlitz Estimate: $60,000 - $75,000

Factory 440 Six Pack Engine

Highly Optioned with “Shaker” Hood

Rotisserie Restored to the Highest Standards

Chassis Number: BS23V0E122931 Decoded: B=Barracuda S=Special Price Class 23=2 Door Hardtop V= 440 3x2BBL 8 Cylinder “RB” engine (High Performance) 0=1970 E=Los Angeles Plant 122931=Serial Engine: 440 ci V-8 Cylinder 3x2 Holley Carburetors / 330 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 15,323, Not Actual The Model - Though it debuted in 1964 it was not until 1970 and 2 generations later that the public got excited about what would become known simply as the “Cuda”. No longer passed over as another economy car, the Cuda would become an icon in Mopars hefty line up of gas guzzling, tire spinning, no frill muscle cars with shaker hoods and colors deliberately as loud as the engines. The Car - Completed in correct Rallye Red over red vinyl interior, the finish on this stand out is nearly flawless and the product of a painstaking restoration. The base for that restoration was a car that had all of the most desirable options like the shaker hood, rallye gauges with tach, bucket seats with center console, painted dual racing mirrors, and the factory hood tie downs. Under that ominous shaker hood is a date code correct 440 Six Pack that puts nearly 400 heart pounding ponies to the fourspeed transmission. That monumental engine is in tune, with all three carburetors in sync and running perfect ready for its new owner to drop the clutch and feel the power.

134 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

135 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 163

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX 4000 Series Coachwork: AC Developer: Carroll Shelby Estimate: $125,000 - $155,000


Chassis Number: CSX4860 Decoded: CSX=Shelby 4860=Serial Continuation Engine: 427 ci Side Oiler V-8 Cylinder Holley Four Barrel / 500 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes •

Authentic Shelby Continuation

Built to Original Specs with Original Parts

Nearly New with Very Low Miles

The Model - When Carroll Shelby unleashed the Cobra, it was soon surrounding and devouring all of its competition. While the world of motorsports continued to progress in new directions, eventually these potent snakes on wheels were left behind. However, there was a generation that knew that the Cobra was truly the best sports car ever produced in America, maybe even the world. Within a few years of Shelby America’s decision to halt production, a number of Cobra replicas started to show up on the market. In the 1990’s, when Cobra fever hit a high, good old Carroll Shelby decided he had enough of “wannabe” Cobras flooding the market, many carrying his name. If the performance car public wanted a new Shelby Cobra, then he would be making them.

136 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - With a body construction of high-strength composite mounted on its original 4” diameter steel tubular frame, it features aluminum fender closeout panels for both the front and the rear. Other features of this Cobra include Bilstein shock absorbers, an aluminum rear axle housing, 23 gallon fuel cell, coated headers feeding into dual side-mounted exhaust pipes, and extra electrical cooling fans for the radiator. Looking inside the cockpit of this beauty, you will find a complete compliment of Shelby Signature Series Gauges, original style wood steering wheel, and, confirming this car’s heritage, a specially cast signature ID plate which is fixed to the dashboard at the factory. Completing the picture is a show quality paint scheme presenting Shelby’s trademark Shelby Guardsman Blue with complimenting white stripes in a show quality finish. Since its build, this CSX4000 series Cobra hasn’t been a total “trailer queen” or a stashed away recluse, but has been used under strict supervision. This well maintained Cobra has its shipping order and Statement of Origin signed by Carroll Shelby. With period built Cobra’s overpassing the million-dollar mark, here is a genuine continuation Shelby Cobra that would be a proud addition to the most respected collections.

2002 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Roadster Designer: Mercedes-AMG

Lot 164

Estimate: $1,400,000 - $1,600,000 Chassis Number: WDB2973971Y000034 Engine: 6.9 Liter V-12 Cylinder Fuel Injection / 604 bhp 6-Speed Sequential Paddle Shift Transmission Four Wheel Carbon Fiber Disc Brakes Mileage: 00072 Miles Since New

138 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

1 of 6 Factory Road & Track Roadsters Produced

0-60 in 3.8 Seconds / Top Speed 199 mph

Only 75 Actual Original Miles

The Model - As part of a shake up in the world of GT racing, Mercedes-Benz saw an opportunity to again go toe-to-toe with fellow countrymen BMW and Porsche in the new FIA GT Championship Series. AMG was commissioned to design and build the car and within 128 days of the first designs, the CLK GTR was on the track. Under the rules, the manufacturer must produce 25 road going cars before they would be able to race their design. Rather than trying to make a streetcar a racecar, AMG needed to turn a racecar into street car. The 26 street cars they produced show their effectiveness of the teams ability to do just that. With over 600HP, all carbon fiber bodywork, a front splitter, effective rear wing, and a fully integrated roll cage, this is not just a supercar- it is a proper racecar without a number. The roof truly separates this and 5 other CLK GTR’s from the rest of the group. With the first twenty produced as coupes, the last six discarded the roof leaving a modern aggressively styled roadster. With only six of these open air racers produced, they are rarely seen and even less commonly offered on the open market. The Car - The only one in North America, this CLK GTR Roadster sports a mere 75 miles, ensuring it still remains in showroom condition. Inside the two tone black and cream leather seats appear that they have only been sparingly sat on. While its heart is that of a racer, this is, after all, a Mercedes-Benz and passenger comfort has not been altogether forgotten; with air conditioning, power steering, and a stereo. The car was recently serviced by two of the original members of the build team, ensuring the vehicle is up to its namesake’s standards. Every car collection needs a centerpiece, one that is not just stunningly beautiful, but something no one else has and this Mercedes Benz CLK GTR will be the envy of everyone that sees it among your collection! 139 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 166

1962 AC Greyhound Saloon 2+2 Developer: Thames Ditton Estimate: $115,000 - $145,000


Chassis Number: BEF2565 Engine: 2553 cc Zodiac Mk III Inline 6 Cylinder Tri-Power Side Carburetors / 170 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 18,393 Showing Not Documented •

Factory British all Aluminum Grand Tourer

Same Chassis and Platform as AC Shelby Cobra

One of the Rarest Grand Tourer with Only 83 Ever Produced

The Model - Production of the AC Greyhound totaled 83, over the course of 5 years. Making only 16 cars a year with four engine choices, nearly every one of these cars is unique in someway. Sharing many features like engine choice and an all aluminium body with the smaller two seat AC Ace, the Greyhound was however a true 4 seat touring coupe. With iconic DB4 like styling and race inspired independent suspension the Greyhound is a vintage blend of AC Cobra engineering and Superleggera like design. The light and powerful 6 inline cylinder engine made this AC agile and fast. 140 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Rarely do cars with such low total production numbers like 83 see road use, but this Greyhound is a different breed. Showing well, the British Racing Green exterior presents nice patina and character that defines it as a driver’s car, the finish on this Greyhound is older but well maintained. With a model correct engine upgraded to the powerful 2.6 liter Zodiac MK III, it has the highest horsepower that it was offered. With electronic ignition, adjustable coil over shock, power steering and 5-speed transmission, this British tourer is a delight on the road. Some of photography used in our catalog was shot in the beautiful countryside of Scotland during an 800 mile outing earlier in the summer, a testament to the reliability and drivability of this Grand Tourer. Touring along most roads you will be commonly confused with a Aston Martin DB4 and it will provide you great pride to correct the admirers while sharing the unique and interesting pedigree that this GT offers. 141 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 167

2000 Ferrari 360 Spider Coachwork: Pininfarina Estimate: $75,000 - $95,000

Aclaimed Spider Design

F1 Paddle Shift Technology

Desirable Color Combination

Chassis Number: ZFFYT53B000124514 Decoded: Z=Italy FF=Ferrari Y=360 T=Safety Standards 53=360 Spider F1 B=LHD European 000=Maranello Plant 124514=Serial Engine: 3.6 L Tipo F131 V-8 Cylinder Multiport Fuel Injection / 400 bhp 6-speed “F1” Electrohydraulic Manual Front and Rear Vented Disc Brakes Mileage: 45,130 Actual The Model - Luxury, performance, and the Cavallino Rampante (“prancing horse”) are staples of the iconic Ferrari sports cars. The Ferrari 360 Spider has the honor of being Ferrari’s 20th road-going convertible. The mid-mounted V8 engine, which can accelerate its crew up to 180 mph, can be admired by all through the glass integrated into the rear deck lid. The 360 Spider is not to be mistaken for a chopped up version of previous Ferraris. Removing the roof reduces the torsional rigidity so designers strengthened this exotic in other areas. The sills were strengthened, and stiffer front floor pans and rear bulkhead were implemented. Additionally, designers included side reinforcements, a cross brace in front of the engine, a strengthened windscreen frame, and roll bars. Aside from strengthening the body, designers were faced with the challenge of implementing a convertible top into a mid-engine sports car. The solution? An electrically operated top was designed that transforms from a closed top to an open-air convertible with a two-stage folding-action. The Car - The example we are proud to offer presents well, and the tan hand-stitched leather interior seats show light use form enjoyment but remain in distinguished condition. Accompanying the car are the original tool kit, books, and cover. Reminiscent of a fiery Italian sunset, the iconic Corsa Red paint makes a bold statement on this Ferrari. And as the epitome of luxury and performance, this Ferrari will make a bold addition to any collection. 142 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

143 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 168

1955 Chevrolet Corvette V8 Roadster Designer: Harley Earl Estimate: $80,000 - $100,000

1st Year Corvette Produced the Iconic V-8

One of only 700 Built

Matching Numbers All Original


Chassis Number: VE55S001184 Decoded: V=V8 E=Corvette 55=Model Year S=St. Louis Plant 00184=Serial Engine: 265 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 195 bhp PowerGlide 2 Speed Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - For it’s introduction in 1953 the Corvette was destined to be a success. It further solidified its future as the Chevrolet flagship with the introduction of the small block V8 in 1955. However getting your hands on one of those new V8 cars would prove difficult as production was limited to 700 units in 1955. The public instantly fell in love with this new power plant and the rest is Corvette history. The Car - Finished in the most eye catching color Corvette offered in 1955, Gypsy Red, this Corvette is fitted with a period correct 265 CID V8. The fresh paint pops against the white with red stitched seats, new red carpet from Al Knoch, and new white convertible top. Completing the look are wide whitewall tires with Corvette Spinner Hubcaps. This car exudes elegance and is the perfect match for a refined and stylish driver.

144 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

145 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 169

2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Concept: Steve Saleen Design: Phil Frank and Ray Mallock Ltd

Twin Turbo with 1000 HorsePower

American Super Car

Ready for Road and Track

Estimate: $420,000 - $450,000 Chassis Number: 1S9SB18135S000051 Engine: Ford 427 ci 7.0L V-8 Cylinder Twin Turbo Injection / 1100 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Brembro Ventilated Discs w/6-Piston Monobloc Calipers Mileage: 10,442 Actual The Model - Historically known for taking pony cars and turning them into super cars, everyone wondered what a ground up build from Saleen would look like. On August 19, 2000 at the Monterey historic races, the public not only laid eyes on the first pure Saleen design but also the first production supercar: the Saleen S7! Not one to leave well enough alone, time not only saw the Saleen S7 growing bigger, but also stronger with as a result of strapping twin turbos to the 427 small block ford. This resulted in horsepower jumping from 550 to 750. Knowing the markets need for speed, Saleen wanted them to push this car to the extreme. The result was offering the Competition package which boosted horsepower to over 1000, giving the market just what they wanted. The Car - The only S7 to be painted Merlote, this supercar is ready for the road or track. Fitted with the competition package and motec engine management system, the performance of this car is unmatched. The factory one off paint retains its luster and serves this lighting bolt well. The minimalist, race inspired interior is clad in charcoal and gray leather that shows only light use. The innovative small block ford neselled inches behind the pilot fires to life on command and produces a sound that leaves no question this car desires to be taken seriously. No matter if you have track ambitions and what to guarantee a trophy room full of trophies or if you just need to know that you have the fastest thing on the road this Saleen supercar will not disappoint. 146 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

147 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 170

2013 Tesla Model S Designer: Franz von Holzhausen Estimate: $85,000 - $100,000

All Electric Future Available Today

Range of Aprox 240 Miles per Charge

Factory 5 Year 50,000 Mile Warranty

Chassis Number: HLS3006116 Engine: Three-phase AC induction Rear Motor All electric 310 kW (416 bhp), 600 N·m (443 ft·lb) 1-speed fixed gear (9.73:1) Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 17,000 Actual The Model - Tesla Motors has not just changed attitudes toward electric cars they have made the impossible seem inevitable. The Model S represents the first true luxury car with electric power. With a range that approaches 300 miles and charges that can charge the battery 50% in a half an hour these cars have stepped over the line of novel and have become a practical alternative to gas powered transportation. Being electric powered is not the only reason the Model S has gained traction, the sedan is jam packed with luxury features like its enormous touch screen control center. The technology is proven and has shown unparalleled reliability for nearly a decade. The Car - At one year old the black finish on this car is in near showroom condition. From the wheels to the the trim the exterior is complete and in pristine condition. The interior shows almost no use leaving a like new car in the cabin. The electric motor provides the performance that competes and in many areas surpases the AMG Sedan and BMW M5. Hollywood had promised that by now we would have flying cars, we are not yet zooming thru the sky in our personal vehicles but without a doubt the first time you drive the Tesla S it becomes clear that al the other conventional fuel vehicles are simply obsolete. The reliablilty, perfomance and simple technology luxury it is simply unparallel with anything else in the market today. If you dont want to wait 6 months or more to order your own this perfecet example will not disapoint even the most decerning driver. 148 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

149 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 171

1956 Heinkel Kabine 150 Designer: Heinkel Flugzeugwerke Estimate: $40,000 - $50,000

One of the Rarest Micro Collectible Cars

Older Restoration that Shows Well

Running and Driving Example

Chassis Number: 301325 Engine: 198 cc Heinkel 1-Cylinder 4-stroke Single Carburetors / 151 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Drum Brakes

The Model - The Quintessential “bubble-car”, the Heinkel Kabine, was designed by aircraft designer Ernst Heinkel after he saw the Iso Isetta and felt he could create something better. Using his knowledge of aircraft design, he made a car that was lighter, faster, had a smaller engine, and had a roomier design- even providing children’s seats in the rear. These modest vehicles were attractive to the post-WWII economy where demand for cheap transport rose alongside and fuel supplies fell. The Car - This Kabine is one of 5,537 of these peppy little microcars that were produced. Much of its life was spent spent in the Netherlands where it had been delivered new. After much enjoyment by its owner there, it made the journey across the pond about 3 years ago. It has exchanged hands a few times since, offering each of its owners enjoyment, before settling into a home with a Texas collector. This very hard to come by Heinkel is finished in distinguished two-tone blue and white paint and its optional factory sunroof. The interior is an older restoration completed with grey fabric. Mounted on the left side is the car’s 4 speed shifter. Clearly, this car has been appreciated and driven by its previous owners. Few of these cars exist today, with even fewer in running condition. If you are looking for something more unique in your microcar collection or just want a fun little ride, this Heinkel Kabine Cruiser is a fitting example. 150 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

151 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 172

1968 Shelby Mustang GT500 KR Fastback Coachwork: Ford Estimate: $160,000 - $185,000

1 of only 1,053 GT500KR’s Produced

Initials KR Stands for “King of the Road”

Among the Most Desirable of the Pony Shelbys

Chassis Number: 8T02R213278 Decoded: 8=1968 T=Metuchen, New Jersey Plant 02=Fastback R=500KR 428ci Cobra Jet 213278=Serial Engine: 428 ci Cobra-Jet V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Holley Carburetor / 335 bhp (400+) 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brake Mileage: 31,823 Showing Not Documented

The Model - The Shelby badging on any vintage Mustang is a proud reminder of Carroll Shelby’s gift to the Mustang lineup. The GT500 was his top of the line model, but as a racer, fast was never fast enough and by mid year 1968 the GT500 could be found in an even faster form that would be called the GT500KR, KR aptly meaning “King of the Road”. This added nomenclature represented the presents of Fords new performance power plant, the 428 Cobra Jet. While advertised horsepower was 335, the torque rating came in at 440 and led many to believe Ford was not showing all of its cards and horsepower was more like 400+.

152 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - A well documented example of 1 of only 1,053 GT500KR’s, this snake is wearing its original hues, wimbledon white over black interior. The factory invoice, individual order form, and Deluxe Marti Report accompany and validate this Shelby and its appointments. Ordered with shoulder harnesses and the 428 Cobra Jet mated to a four-speed transmission, this car has no documented racing history, but was clearly purchased with the track in mind. Loaded with features, this GT500KR also boosts power disc brakes, power steering, fold down rear seat, tilt-pop steering wheel, remote mirror, fog lights, functional ram air hood, 10 Spoke Shelby wheels with Goodyear Speedway tires. Requiring only a repaint in its restoration, this KR is a true thoroughbred with many of its factory pieces still in place. It is believed that the interior is in its original state having been superbly maintained throughout its life. Detailed and preserved to investment quality, this pony will make an exquisite addition to any serious collection.

153 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 173

2006 Ford GT Designer: Camilo Pardo Estimate: $250,000 - $2750,000

One of the Most Desirable Modern Collector Cars

Factory Inspired by the Iconic GT40

Outstanding Condition Well Maintained

Chassis Number: 1FAFP90S96Y400635 Decoded: 1FA=US Ford Coupe F=Safety Standards P90=GT S=5.5L V8 Cylinder 6=2006 Y=Wixom, MI Plant 400635=Serial Engine: 5.4 Liter V-8 Cylinder Supercharged / 550 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 8,500 Actual The Model - As part of Ford’s effort to recapture their heritage, they brought in the heavy hitters like Carroll Shelby in the early 2000’s to develop what would become the Ford GT. With nothing more than an aesthetic similarity to its inspiration the GT40, the GT was a completely new animal from the wheels up. They created a mid mounted, all aluminum engine which was specially developed for the project and features twin screw type superchargers that boost power output to 550 HP. Screaming to 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds is just one of this pony’s tricks. The Car - This racers immaculate jet black finish gives it an attitude and commands respect. Adorned with every option available, this GT has painted body stripes, the BBS forged aluminum wheels, and Brembo brakes. The car is complete with all components that accompanied it when leaving Detroit, like its unused air compressor, tow hooks, and car cover. With only 8,500 miles on the clock, this supercar is in showroom condition, eager for its new owner to take it on a ride. If you find going fast and looking tough to be a virtue, this pony belongs in your stable.

154 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

155 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 174

1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL “Pagoda” Designer: Paul Bracq and Béla Barényi Estimate: $95,000 - $115,000

Highly Optioned Iconic “Pagoda”

Last Year and Most Desirable Model

Desirable Automatic with Air Conditioning

Chassis Number: 11304412020026 Decoded: 113=280SL Roadster 044=1967-1971 1=Hydraulic clutch 2=Automatic 020026=Serial Number Engine: 2778 cc Inline 6 Cylinder Fuel Injection / 170 bhp Automatic Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 8,466 Showing Not Documented The Model - Nicknamed Pagoda after its Japanese architectural style roof. The final incarnation of the “Pagodas”, the 280SL was still built on the W113 platform but was given a power boost with the expansion of the old engine pushing the displacement to its maximum capacity, almost 2.8 liters. The ‘71 model year would be the final year Mercedes Benz would produce the timeless Pagodas. The final year of production would see only 830 units making them remarkably rare. The Car - Fully restored to factory standards, this Pagoda is complete with dual tops as well as its spare tire, jack, and tools. Finished in its correct Signal Red with matching hubcaps, the paint has been well maintained since restoration. The interior is clad with back leather and accented with a red painted dash. Factory conveniences include air conditioning, AM/FM radio, clock, and disc brakes. Mechanically well sorted the M130 under the hood is tuned and ready to produce the power needed for touring or just for weekend use. As part of a collection or a weekend cruiser this simple Mercedes is a perfect fit.

156 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

157 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 175

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Coachwork: Bertone Estimate: $385,000 - $425,000

The Original Posterchild of Supercars

Desirable color combination

Anniversary Edition of one of the Fastest Appreciating Collector Cars in Today’s Market

Chassis Number: ZA9CA05A1KLA12650 Decoded: Z=Europe A=Italy 9=Lamborghini C=Countach A=USA 0=Coupe 5=5.2 V12 A=Active Restraints 1=Vin Check K=1989 L=Bologna Italy Plant A12650=Serial Engine: 5167 cc V-12 Cylinder Bosch Fuel Injection / 455 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 26,714 km (16,599 miles)

The Model - Still considered a radical design today in 1974 the Lamborghini Countach was jaw dropping. The design came from a young Italian designer in the Bertone studio, who simply could not be bothered with the restraints of incorporating even the slightest bit of practicality into his first masterpiece. Its jagged lines left behind the classic swooping and flowing lines that Italian designers had become famous. The countach was largely composed of trapezoidal panels that came together in a shape that looked more like a jet fighter than a sports car. Undergoing minor changes in the course of production, the 25th anniversary edition was released to commemorate Lamborghini’s silver anniversary. This would be the most radically style design yet with reworked tail lights, air boxes, the addition of the massive rear wing, and the now iconic scissor doors.

158 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Imposing in solid red paint that is only broken up by its angular lines and black tinted windows, the finish on the car has been cared for by its three owners in the most meticulous manner. The Black Italian leather interior creates a cabin space that is inviting to anyone with a pair of driving gloves. The upholstery is a testament to the care given to this supercar. The V12 mounted just behind the cockpit is tuned and ready said to be a strong runner that provides the supercar performance you expect from a Lamborghini. A testament to being well maintained, the car also still has its books, jack, spare tire, and keys. Not only strong on the track, these cars have also developed a reputation as a performer as an investment.

159 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 176

1959 Messerschmitt KR200 Designer: Fritz Fend Estimate: $35,000 - $55,000

Operable in Both Engine Directions

Iconic and Desirable Micro Car

Running and Driving Ready to Turn Heads

Chassis Number: 70712 Engine: 191 cc Fichtel & Sachs Two-Stroke Single Cylinder Single Carburetor / 15 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Drum Brakes

The Model - The end of World War II marked significant change for everyone, but this was especially true of the maker of Germany’s fighter planes, Messerschmitt. After the war’s end the company attempted to transition into the automobile market. The result was a three wheel bubble car that boldly showed its aircraft roots. From its steering that moves horizontally rather than rotating to its canopy top and tandem seating, the K200 unabashedly shows it aeronautical heritage. The Car - Finished in red, this three wheeler is ready for action. The paint on the exterior has lots of life left and still shows well. The upholstery has like new black vinyl with white piping that speaks to a professional quality restoration. With little effort, the little engine comes to life and will provide just enough power to scoot around the neighborhood. When this car leaves the hanger, it is never short of an audience as it draws a crowd wherever it goes.

160 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

161 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 177

1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL Technical Director: Fritz Nallinger Estimate: $150,000 - $175,000

Desirable German Roadster

Fully Restored to High Standards

Among the Constantly Appreciating Collector Cars

Chassis Number: 1210425500559 Decoded: 121=190 Series 042=Roadster 5=LHD 55=1955 00559=Serial Engine: 1897 cc OHC Inline 4 Cylinder Dual Solex Carburetor / 105 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Power Assisted Drum Brakes Brakes Mileage: 78330 Showing Not Documented The Model - The 190SL may have grown up in the shadow of the bigger faster 300SL, but it has maintained it’s place in the collector car world. While built on a completely different platform the 190SL shared many styling and mechanical traits with the 300, and its pedigree is easily recognised at a glance. The Car - Finished in jet black, all of the chrome trim was restored or replaced with new bright work. Using only the highest quality materials for the interior, it is presented in a pleasing parchment leather finish with the seats plush and comfortable, while all of the gauges with their chrome bezels have also been restored to their factory appearance, mounted in the body-color dash and trimmed in luxurious leathers. It is also fitted with a proper vintage multi-band Becker Europa Radio. In the “up” position the new black top is clean, tight, and fresh and when in the “down” position it is neatly concealed by a matching cover. Under the hood, the only departure from factory equipment are the pair of Weber 40DCOE carburetors which are a vast improvement over the factory supplied units. The suspension, undercarriage, and engine bay were clean to bring them back to their original beauty. During the past year, this 190SL has undergone additional restoration to take the already beautiful car to an even higher level. The timeless lines of this car give it an appeal we are sure you will share. 162 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

163 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 178

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider Coachwork: Pininfarina Estimate: $65,000 - $85,000

Rotisserie Restored to the Highest Standards

Desirable Pininfarina Design

Italian Heritage in a Beautiful Roadster

Chassis Number: AR392016 Decoded: AR=Alfa Romeo Serial=392016 Engine Number: 10500-01500-00 Engine: 1600 cc DOHC 4 Cylinder Solex Carburetor / 92 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 5,398 Showing Not Actual The Model - With sales of the Giulietta exceeding expectations the model was essentially continued with few noticeable differences outside of the expanded power plant. The traditional Alfa twin cam 1300cc would be enlarged to 1600cc given the engine an added smoothness and reliability that put the little convertible at the top of its class. With classic Pininfarina lines the roadster is regarded as one of Alfa’s best. The Car - Manufactured on the 9th September 1964 and sold on the 24th September 1964 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark USA, this Giulia has survived with no rust damage and as a testament to this, the undercarriage still carries the factory spot welds. This rust free foundation gave the previous owner the perfect platform for a restoration that would produce amazing results. Originally white over red, this Giulia now sports eye catching red paint. The black interior is like new and shows little to no wear. Mechanically this car is well constructed with the desirable 1600 cc engine running just as it should. As an addition to a collection or as a head turning driver was built on a solid foundation that will continue to stand the tests of time.

164 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

165 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 179

1954 Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 Designer: Gerry Coker Estimate: $30,000 - $50,000

Acclaimed British Roadster Design

Adjustable Windshield

Wire Wheels and Red Piped Interior

Chassis Number: 1B213967M Engine: 2600 cc Inline 4 cylinder Engine Dual Side Draft Carburetor / 90 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive Four wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - In their first venture together Austin and Healey named their creation for its top speed, in this case 100 MPH. The Austin Healey 100 BN1, introduced in 1953 as a replacement for the Austin A90 Atlantic, was equipped with the same 2.6 liter 90 hp unit that powered the A90, the only powertrain change would be in the modified 3-speed gearbox. The two seater sports car went on to be known as the “Big Healeys” and proved their driving merit on the racetracks of the time. The Car - Lovingly maintained and recently restored, this car still has its original registration form 1964. This Healey’s paintwork is done in the fashionable Carmine (red) that suits the roadster well. The paint shines well and provides a nice backdrop for the bright work that trims the British machine. The interior complements the exterior red piping to match the body which stands out nicely against the black seats. The car has recently received a new top, wire wheels, and tonneau cover. With the side draft carburetors tuned and the engine running properly providing all 90HP to the wire wheels, this first of the Healeys is ready for touring or the local shows. Whatever your pleasure this roadster will be a bright spot in any collection.

166 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

167 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 180

2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Acclaimed Modern Design

Coachwork: Lorenzo Ramciotti at Pininfarina

Projected to Follow Strong Appreciation

Front Engine V-12 Ferrari

Estimate: $85,000 - $100,000

Chassis Number: ZFFZS49A0Y0118275 Decoded: Z=Italy FF=Ferrari Z=550 S=Safety System 49=550 Maranello A=LHD North America 0=Check Digit Y=2000 0=Maranello Plant 118275=Serial Engine: 5474 cc DOHC V-12 Cylinder Bosch Motronic Fuel Injection / 485 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Vented Disc Brakes Mileage: 41,580 Actual

The Model - When introduced in 1996 the 550 Maranello was touted to be Ferraris exclusive model. The name itself tells the story, 550 being representative of the 5.5 liter V-12 engine, while Maranello referred to the town where Ferrari headquarters are located, a designation that was certainly endearing to the Ferrari executives. A front engine car, the 550 was given a 48 valve dual overhead cam, variable length intake, naturally aspirated V12 monster, cranking out 485HP. The fire breathing engine out front was balanced with a six speed transaxle in the the rear, all connected by a tubular steel frame and covered in a lightweight aluminum body. This package Ferrari put together for their most exclusive customers was nothing short of phenomenal. The result was a forgiving GT car that has room for your golf clubs in the truck.

168 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

The Car - Sporting Argento Metallic (Silver) paint that continues to provide luster and protection for this rare aluminum auto, this 14 years old Prancing Horse has been well-maintained throughout its life. The interior of the car is just as well maintained as the rest. The red leather seats show light use but still retains its supple Italian leather finish. The appointments on the inside of the this car remain in admirable condition. The engine has had been maintained in the past by Ferrari and recently been service by an independent knowledgeable company. The 6 speed manual transmission and the clutch is working properly, ready to put the almost 500 HP to the wheels. This Ferrari is a suburb example of what Ferrari had to offer their clients in the late 1990 and into the 2000’s and is a great opportunity to get into a quarter million dollar vehicle at a much lower entry point.

169 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 181

1926 Packard 326 Roadster Sport Coachwork: Pullman Company Estimate: $65,000 - $75,000

Full CCCA Pre-War Classic Roadster

“Goddess of Speed” Motometer

Older Well Maintained Professional Restoration


Chassis Number: 88794 Engine: 288.6CID 6 Cylinder #83934 Single Carburated / 60bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - Like all other Packards, the Third Series was a gracefully crafted work of art. The 326 Sport nomenclature was chosen to differentiate between it and its larger 133 inch wheelbase brother. The Third Series was not just about looks, it employed new technology like a seventh combustion chamber for vaporizing the fuel called the gasolizer. The 6 cylinder engine was renowned for its power and reliability. From a historical standpoint, the Third Series is top notch. The Car - An older but well maintain restoration, the exterior is covered with a two tone brown over tan paint scheme. The six cylinder engine has received recent service. The saddle brown leather interior, including the iconic rumble seat still have a supple finish. Not only is the rumble seat a unique feature, but the car also has golf bag doors ready to store your clubs on your next tour. Recognized as a Full CCCA classic, it is ready for national and regional events across the nation.

170 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

171 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 182

1969 Corvette Pro Touring ZL1 427 Coachwork, Designer: Estimate: $50,000 - $65,000

Period Correct All Aluminum 427 ZL1 Engine

Tribute to only 3 Corvettes Built in 1969

Professionally Restored Pro-Touring

Chassis Number: 194379S716821 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 9=Corvette 4=V-8 Engine 37=Coupe S=St. Louis 9=1969 716821=Serial Engine: 427 CID Aluminium V-8 Cylinder Holley Four Barrel / 550 bhp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Mileage: 42535 Showing Not Original

The Model - Speed and cost, how fast do you want to go and how much do you want to pay? These were the question Chevrolet was asking when it released the ZL1 Corvette in 1969. With a 4 second 0-60 time and running the quarter mile in 11 seconds flat, these Corvettes with their upgraded L88 all aluminum black, these engines made even the prized regular L88 seem slow. The ZL1 RPO, however, when all said and done was going to set you back nearly five thousand dollars, more than doubling the price of the car. Not surprisingly, Chevrolet only produced two of these car. The ZL1 was, however, available over the parts counter and there were about 140 complete engines sold. The rest of the know ZL1 blocks were sold as just that, blocks- and primarily to racers.

172 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Car - A big block from the factory, this tuxedo black Corvette has been fitted with the elusive ZL1. The aluminium is cast with the number 052, pointing to the ZL1 power house. This vintage big block has been mated with a 5 speed transmission and has been given other minor updates like MSD ignition and a modern cooling system. The black paint pops against the lightly used tan interior, which remains largely unchanged from its factory configuration and color. The ZL1 engine under the hood is tuned up and producing plenty of power for this t-top coupe. While not one of the original aluminum engined cars, this pro touring tribute is a great way to feel experience the massive power of those vintage racers.

173 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 183

1962 CRC / 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Coachwork: Classic Reflections Coachwork Estimate: $85,000 - $95,000

Factory Built Full Carbon Fiber Body

Modern Reliability with Classic Looks

LS1 Engine and 6 Speed Transmission


Chassis Number: 1G1YY32G215106082 Engine: LS1 350 ci V-8 Cylinder Fuel Injection / 350 bhp 6-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Disc Brakes Brakes Mileage: 81,500 Actual The Model - It appears you can have your cake and eat it too. In the world of classic cars we always seem to trade power, comfort and reliability for the style of vintage cars . This Classic Reflection Coachworks Corvette has truly captured the best of both worlds. The company does not just rework a panel here and there. Every panel is reshaped using space age computer technology and is a vacuum formed carbon balanced part. The final product is a stunning tribute to an American classic that is every bit as drivable as a car straight from the Chevrolet dealership. The Car - All the styling elements of the original ‘62 ‘Vette are included from the round “quad-headlight” design to the wide-mouth radiator air intake up front, to the unique scallop design complete with custom crafted side trim. The body then terminates with that sleek tapered rear-end and a specially built trunk. The finish on the car has been finished in a deep rich black with blue sparkle using a special formula and has been well cared for, however as was intended, this car has been driven. The interior, including the upgraded CRC seats, of the car are also well maintained, but does have some signs of gentle use and enjoyment from its previous owner. Power is provided via the factory LS1 that can be expected to continue stroking for many more miles. Produced in limited numbers hindered not by customer demand but by the time it takes to create these outstanding roadsters, this car represents a chance to have that vintage look in a modern, safe and secure package. 174 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

175 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 184

1951 Studebaker Champion Business Coupe Designer: Raymond Loewy and Bob Bourke Estimate: $35 ,000 - $50,000

Iconic “Bullet Nose” Design

One of 2,429 Business Coupes

Part of a Private Studebaker Collection

Chassis Number: G1005268 Decoded: G=Champion 1=1951 005268=Serial Engine: 170 ci Inline 6 Cylinder Single Downdraft Carburetor / 85 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Hydraulic Cast Iron Drum Brakes

The Model - With a reputation developed throughout the war years, the Studebaker Champion touted reliable and tough power with remarkable fuel mileage, which would prove so crucial during periods of fuel rationing, advertising milage of 27.25 MPG in 1940. Undergoing several styling changes during the art deco period of the early 1950’s, the Champion took on its most distinctive feature, the bullet nose. The Car - The subject of a frame off restoration, this bullet nose Studebaker has been reset to its factory condition. The 85 HP inline six cylinder engine has been rebuilt and given this Studebaker the reliability they were known for. The 3 speed transmission is column mounted and also features overdrive. Under the hood it can be seen that the car retains its six volt positive ground battery. The blue paint has a deep luster and attention to detail. The interior has received tender love and care and shows only small signs of use. In 1951, 2,429 of these business coupes were built. A true piece of automotive history, prepare to stand out as the highly identifiable bullet nose attracts both collectors and enthusiasts alike.

176 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

177 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 185

1952 Studebaker Commander Starlight Designer: Robert E Bourke Estimate: $40,000 - $50,000

Parts Catalog and Shop Manual

One of 3,748 Starlight Coupes Produced

Part of a Private Studebaker Collection

Chassis Number: 8230096 Engine: 232.6 ci V-8 Cylinder Single Carburetor / 120 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - Studebaker continued its long running name plate the Commander when 1952 rolled around. The 1952 model year would do away with the controversial “bullet nose” design opting for a more traditionally styled grill. What would be carried over would be the small block V8 power plant that whipped 120 excitable ponies. The Commander was available in a variety of forms including the Starlight. The Starlight had a roof rounded at the rear and a wraparound window system. Two wide pillars supported the four fixed panels that achieved the curved window look. The Car - This Commander features the special Starlight finish. Other exceptional touches on this coupe included dual spotlights, windshield light shade, driver and passenger window shields, and rear mud skirts. Benefiting from a complete frame off restoration, this Studebaker is at the top of its class. The fresh blue paint shows almost no flaws and the abundant chrome has been polishes and still retains a fine shine. The interior of the coupe is completed in period correct colors and materials. Under the hood it still retains its six volt positive ground battery. This stately, restored Commander Starlight is ready for its new owner and passengers to enjoy the wraparound windows on a cruise around town.

178 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

179 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 186

1948 Pontiac Torpedo Estimate: $25,000 - $35,000


Last year for the Torpedo

Fresh Professional Restoration

Reliable Driver and Comfortable Cruiser

Chassis Number: K8PA3979 Engine: Inline 6 Cylinder Single Barrel Downdraft Carburetor / 65 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Rear drum Brakes Mileage: 53,345 Showing Not Documented

The Model - Another of Harley Earl’s designs, the Torpedo, has an eight year production run that would be built first on the C body platform and in its second generation on the A body platform. Most of the second generation bodies were styled as notch backs, however a few did receive a fastback upgrade that set them apart from the crowd. Ending in 1948 the Torpedo would be called the Chieftain in 1949.

The Car - Restored to the highest standard this Pontiac’s cream paint is immaculate and fresh. As the top quality restoration focus was turned to the interior, period correct materials and colors were used to finish the seats and door panels in gray cloth accented with a brown painted dash. The straight six cylinder engine is running properly showing just the right amount of patina to bring you back to the good ol’ days. With all of the hard work out of the way, this Pontiac is simply ready to be enjoyed.

180 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

181 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 187

1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

Matching Numbers All Original

True and Desirable RS/SS

Estimate: $45,000 - $55,000

Factory Air Conditioning

Chassis Number: 124377N122681 Decoded: 1=Chevrolet 24=Camaro 8 Cyl 37=Sports Coupe 7=1967 N=Norwood, OH Plant 122681=Serial Engine: 350 ci V-8 Cylinder Four Barrel Carburetor / 295 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 67,549 The Model - The world changed when Mustang hit the road. It demanded a rebuttal from all of the American automakers. The pony cars would define the late 60’s and the release of the Camaro would spark a battle that continues unsettled almost 50 years later. Whatever side in the battle you have chosen the first generation of Camaros have earned their place in muscle car history. The RS package included a blacked-out grill with hidden headlights, revised parking and tail lights, upgraded interior trim, and RS badging. The SS package included a modified 350 V8, simulated air intakes on the hood, special bumble bee striping, and a blacked-out grill. It was possible for customers to order a RS/SS. The Car - A true numbers matching car, with all major components correctly numbered including the engine, carburetor, intake, transmission and rearend and a highly optioned, true RS/SS, this Camaro is a prime investment candidate. In 2002, a full rotisserie restoration was completed and the car has been pristinely maintained since. Equipped from the factory with A/C and power steering, the interior was correctly restored featuring the factory colors and materials. The red leather seats show little wear and the red dash is free of cracks or tears. The exterior paint remains nearly spotless in deep black with white striping, accented by the red line tires. With its thorough restoration complete this car will certainly gain value as this caliber of car becomes more difficult to find. 182 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

183 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 188

1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop Custom

True Impala SS

Overly Restored with Professional Crafsmanship

Estimate: $30,000 - $50,000

Great Driver with Solid Reliability

Chassis Number:41847A169513 Decoded: 4=1964 18=Impala V-8 47=2 Door Sport Coupe A=Atlanta, GA Plant 169513=Serial Engine: 383 ci V-8 Cylinder Edlebrock 600 CFM Carburetor / 375 bhp Automatic Transmission Power Assisted Baer disc brakes with Slotted Rotors Mileage: 71,954 Showing Not Documented The Model - With its signature six taillights the third generation of the Impala would be the first Chevrolets to get the Super Sport package. The SS badge that has become synonymous with Chevrolet performance also gave the cars stiffer springs power brakes and even a 7000 RPM column mounted tach. The 1964 Impala SS was easy to spot with its spinner wheel covers and engine turned aluminium trim. The Car - After a frame off restoration this SS was completed in a tuxedo black and today the paint on this resto-mod is pristine. The aluminium trim is in place as is the factory SS badging. Standing on a set of five spoke chrome wheels gives this full size Chevrolet a muscular stance. The interior has also been fished in black leather and carpet that remains fresh and clean. The cabin has been given a few modern touches like the power windows and CD player. The muscular look of this SS is backed up by a beefy 383 stroker topped with Dart heads and an Edelbrock carburetor. To improve drivability the underpinnings have been upgraded as well with front coil over shock and improved trailing arms rear springs and sway bar. Bringing all that to a stop is the four wheel slotted and cross drilled disc brakes. A visual throw back to the days when full size cars dominated that market, this SS is the whole package. 184 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

185 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 189

1934 LaSalle 350 Convertible Designer: Harley Earl Estimate: $135,000 - $155,000

Chassis Number: 215650 Engine: 353 ci V-8 Cylinder Single Carburetor / 95 bhp 3-Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drum Brakes

The Model - Originally, The Lasalle 350 was conceived as a stopgap measure to save the floundering luxury car market in the US. With design in the hands of Harley Earl, this new breed took on a fresh role in the American automobile market. Touted to be “all Cadillac” Earl saw the LaSalle differently, he saw an opportunity to showcase his new sleek, modern designs. No other Lasalle model typified this style better than the 350. With thin lines composing the grill, aeronautical port holes spanning the length of the hood, and its low roof line, the 350 was defining 1930’s style. However, chosen to be the pace car at the 1934 Indianapolis 500 was the only time this car would see its way to the front of the pack as sales numbers simply could not compete with the new Packards.

The Car - As part of a large privately held collection this car has spent most of its modern life resting quietly on display. This pampered lifestyle has left the maroon finish on the stylish exterior in pristine condition. The wide white wall tires add a bright accent to the maroon paint. Upholstered in appropriate materials the interior continues the maroon pallet and remains largely unused since its restoration. The engine and engine bay have been restored to factory standards and stands ready to motivate this stylish auto or to sit proudly receiving the praise of onlookers.

Lot 190 Lot 190

1964 Austin Mini Cooper

Restored as a Tribute S

Desirable Micro Car

Estimate: $20,000 - $30,000

Reliable and Fun Driver


Chassis Number: AA2S7L535515A Decoded: A=Austin A=Mini Engine 2S=2 Door 7=MKI Austin L=Left Hand Drive 535515=Serial A=Longbridge Assembly Engine: 1275 cc 4 Cylinder Dual Carburetor / 70 bhp 4-Speed Manual Transmission Front Disc Brakes Rear Drum Brakes Mileage: 10,005 Showing Not Documented

The Model - As revolutionary cars are concerned the Mini ranked second behind the obvious first place Model T. Outside the box thinking led to the British Motor Corporation to move the drive wheels from the rear to the front leaving space traditionally consumed by mechanicals to be occupied by passengers and their things. When Formula One chassis designer John Cooper got his hands on the little Mini everything changed for the compact car. Eventually given a 70 hp 1200 cc engine his Mini finished in first place at the Monte Carlo Rally in ‘64 despite being disqualified for illegal headlights. The Car - Restored as an S tribute to proper driving condition this little coupe is ready for the road. The finish does show some road use but is overall very adequate for a weekend cruiser and local “cars and coffee” meets. The interior is much the same quality, having received a restoration in the past, and was well maintained despite being driven and enjoyed by previous owners. Mechanically well sorted the engine fires upon request and produces a sweet throaty exhaust note that begs the driver to turn this would be rally racer loose!

188 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

189 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

190 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M


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Automobilia Lot 01 The Scuderia Ferrari

Lot 04 Salute to Ferrari Book

Lot 02 Aston Martin Manuals

Lot 03 Cunningham, The Life of Cars

Lot 06 Lot 05 Maserati Orsini Mercedes by Lehbrink & Schlegelmilch

192 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 07 Packard Book

Lot 08 Carrera Panamericana Mexico Book

Lot 09 The Grand Prix Car Vol. I & Vol. II

Lot 10 Lot 11 Juan Manuel Fangio Peter Collins B&W Mercedes photo Victory

Lot 12 Trintignant’s Bugatti 1956

193 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 13 J Clark

Lot 14 F1 Blueprint

Lot 15 Dino Blueprint

Lot 17 Heading to Victory

Lot 16 Testa Rossa Print Mirgelet

Lot 18 Mille Maglia Stirling Moss

194 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 19 1990 MilleMigliaposters

Lot 20 1957 French Grand Prix

Lot 21 John Surtees Montag

Lot 22 Bugatti Atlantic Razzia Poster

Lot 23 Mercedes Benz GP of Belgium 1955

195 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 24 Watkins Glen Poster 1963

Lot 25 Vuitton Ford GT Poster Razzia

Lot 26 Razzia Rockefeller

Lot 28 Monaco 1967

Lot 27 Monaco1966

196 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 29 Brands Hatch

Lot 30 STP Poster 1968

Lot 31 Monaco Poster 1969

Lot 32 Targa Florio Poster 1971

Lot 34 Grand Prix Australia 1996

Lot 33 Grand Prix Germany 1995

Lot 35 Indy 2000 GP Poster

197 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 36 Ferrari Checks

Lot 38 Luyendyk’s Racing Suit

Lot 37 MilleMiglia Directional Sign

Lot 39 Alfa Romeo Rally Ricardo Kemerer

Lot 40 Oldsmobile Pedal Car

198 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 41 Driving School Cutaway Engine

Lot 42 Duel at Avus

Lot 43 Glockler Porsche Sculpture

Lot 44 Stirling Moss Sculpture

Lot 45 Vintage Grand Prix Ricardo Kemerer 199

W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 46 Testarrosa en Rally by Ricardo Kemerer

Lot 47

Mille Miglia Watch

Lot 48 Alas de Gaviota by Ricardo Kemerer

200 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Lot 49 Porsche 911 Carrera by Ricardo Kemerer

Lot 50 Ferrari 275 Sculpture

201 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

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F1, FORMULA 1, FORMULA ONE and GRAND PRIX are trademarks belonging to Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One group company. W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M

Packages 2014 Monaco Star Events bring 12 years of extensive hospitality and


Formula1 Grand Prix Packages 2014

event management experience,

specializing in Formula One con-

cierge and guest services familiar with the discerning needs of the

Formula One traveler. Based in

Austin Texas, US Star Events has the experience mixed with local knowledge and partnerships to

cater to your every need making






your Formula 1 experience

Monaco Star Events bring 12


years of extensive hospitality and event management experience, specializing in Formula One concierge and guest services familiar with the discerning needs of the Formula One traveler. Based in Austin Texas, US Star Events has the experience mixed with local knowledge and partnerships to cater to your every need making




your Formula 1 experience unforgettable.

203 W W W. M O T O S T A L G I A . C O M



Vehicles - 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final hammer price of each vehicle lot purchased. The buyer’s premium applies to all forms of biding including on-site, telephone, absentee, and online bidding.

Non-Vehicles - 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final hammer price of each non-vehicle lot purchased. The buyer’s premium applies to all forms of bidding in cluding on-site, telephone and absentee bidding.

PAYMENT TERMS Payment is due by the first business day following the auction. Payment may be remitted by: Wire Transfer Bank Letter Required Cash or certified check / money order made in Buyer’s name Reported in accordance with U.S. government regulations Personal or company check Pre-Approval and Bank Letter Required Payment may not be split when using a credit card. SALES TAX

Motostalgia LLC will follow all guidelines pertaining to the collection, payment and reporting of sales tax. All bidders who qualify for tax exemption must provide prop- er documentation at the time of registering to bid. Under no circumstances will a lot be released from Motostalgia LLC without proper payment of sales tax or proper exception guidelines being met.


All vehicles must be removed by Monday, Nov 3rd before 5pm. Under no cir- cumstances will a lot be released from Motostalgia LLC without payment in full. Passport Transport can assist with all domestic and international logistics.


Life is a highway – We’re going your way.

commodo mattis

Since 1970 we have shipped thousands of treasured vehicles door-to-door with our fully enclosed auto transporters. Whether your prized possession is your daily driver, a vintage race car, a classic, a 60’s muscle car, or a modern exotic you can depend on Passport Transport. We share your appreciation of fine automobiles.

www.PassportTransport.com 1-800-734-2601

Our services:

Door-to-door Ê UÊ œÊ˜ii`Ê̜ÊܜÀÀÞÊ>LœÕÌÊ}iÌ̈˜}ÊޜÕÀÊ car to and from terminals. We’ll bring it right to your driveway. Experience and expertise Ê UÊ "ÕÀÊÃÌ>vvÊ>˜`Ê`ÀˆÛiÀÃÊ՘`iÀÃÌ>˜`Ê the intricacies of vintage vehicles, from properly starting them to safely securing them in our trailers.

Specialized equipment Ê UÊ *ÀœÌiV̈œ˜ÊvÀœ“ÊÜi>̅iÀÊ>˜`ÊÀœ>`Ê hazards. Ê UÊ Þ`À>ՏˆVʏˆvÌÊ}>ÌiÃÊvœÀÊÃ>vi]ʅœÀˆâœ˜Ì>Ê loading. Ê UÊ 7ˆ˜V…ʏœ>`ˆ˜}ÊvœÀʈ˜œ«iÀ>LiÊÛi…ˆVið Ê UÊ ˆÀ‡Àˆ`iÊÃÕëi˜Ãˆœ˜ÊvœÀÊӜœÌ…ÊÌÀ>˜ÃˆÌ° Ê UÊ ,i>‡/ˆ“iÊ*-ÊÌÀ>VŽˆ˜}ÊÜÊޜÕʎ˜œÜÊ where your vehicle is during transit

OPERATIONS CAR SPECIALISTS /AUCTION STAFF Antonio Brunet Car Specialist / Editor / Chairman +512-813-0691 x700 abrunet@motostalgia.com

Manuel Brunet Car Specialist / Latin America / Europe +512-813-0691 x711 mbrunet@motostalgia.com

Larry Christian VP of Event Operations / Production +512-813-0636 x707 larry@motostalgia.com

Andrea Hedlund Director Operations / Co-Editor +512-813-0636 x707 ahedlund@motostalgia.com

Kenny Garman Car Specialist / Consignor Ambassador +512-813-0691 x705 kgarman@motostalgia.com

Dan Kruse Principal Auctioneer / Car Specialist +512-813-0691 x708 info@motostalgia.com

Tiffany Kruse Auction Office Director +512-813-0636 x704 tiffany@motostalgia.com

Phil Skinner Senior Writer +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Marty Hill Car Specialist / Bidder Ambassador +512-813-0691 x706 mhill@motostalgia.com

Brian Marshall Principal Auctioneer / Car Specialist +512-813-0691 x708 bmarshall@motostalgia.com

Douglas Loyo Technology Director +512-813-0636 dloyo@motostalgia.com

Mark Otte Writer +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Yayo Brunet Car Specialist +512-813-0691 yayo@motostalgia.com

Richard Biele Car Specialist +512-813-0691 rbiele@motostalgia.com

Jesse Attas Technology Director +512-813-0636 jattas@motostalgia.com

Yusuf Johnson Operations +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Dallas Wolbaum Announcer / Reader +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Mike Steel Bidder Amdassador +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Steve Enyeart Videographer / Advertising +512-813-0636 steve@motostalgia.com

Linsey Otte Photography +512-813-0636 info@motostalgia.com

Ken Willits Videographer / Advertising +512-813-0636 steve@motostalgia.com

Robert Toy Restoration / Service +512-813-0691 info@motostalgia.com


TERMS AND CONDITONS ALL BIDS ARE FINAL AT AUCTION At auction there is no “cooling off period”. If you are awarded the final bid, ownership changes at the drop of the gavel. You own the merchandise and are responsible for payment in full. No bidder may retract a bid made during the sale for any reason. Winning bidders will be charged a buyer’s premium in addition to the accepted bid price. Buyer’s premium is 10% on all automotive lots, 15% on non-automotive lots. The buyer’s fee is part of the purchase price and is subject to sales tax, if applicable. The balance is due in full on or before 3:00pm on the first business day following the auction. All payment must be in the form of cash, certified funds, or wire transfer. Should either buyer or seller default on any part of the transaction, Motostalgia shall remain entitled to any and all fees and commissions by the defaulting party. Should a bidder default on payment in any manner whatsoever, without limiting any recourse Motostalgia may have, bidder agrees to pay Motostalgia all lost auction fees (which is the maximum published rates for (1) the seller’s commission, (2) the buyer’s premium, and (3) the entry fee). This amount is due and payable without relief. Bidder will also be liable to seller for its damages. Bidder hereby authorizes Motostalgia to deduct these lost auction fees from bidder’s cash deposit, or to charge this amount to the bidder’s credit card provided. Bidder agrees not to dispute this charge with the credit card company or bank at any time. In addition to other remedies available by law to Motostalgia and/or the Owner (including the right to hold the purchaser liable for the bid price), Motostalgia and/or the Owner, at its option, may do either of the following: (1) Cancel the sale and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by Bidder, or (2) resell the article on 5 days written notice to the Bidder at a private or public sale for the account of and at the risk of the Bidder, and in any such event the Bidder shall be liable for any deficiency plus all costs for such reselling, including moving and storage and all reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs incurred. Motostalgia pays the Seller when payment is received and confirmed from the buyer. In the event of a wire transfer, payment may not arrive until the first business day after the auction. In the case of international wire transfers, this may be longer. Seller checks are then mailed within 5-7 business days. Motostalgia will not release vehicle to buyer until payment is received and all relevant paperwork is signed. Statements printed in catalogs, brochures, signs, window cards, and verbal statements made by auctioneers or auction staff are representations made by the Consignor and Motostalgia has no obligation to verify or authenticate any such claims or representations. Any announcements made at the time of the sale or supersede any earlier printed information. Except as herein provided, all vehicles are sold as-is, where-is, with no representations or warranties, expressed or implied. CONSIGNOR AND MOTOSTALGIA DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO CONDITION, ORIGINALITY OR AUTHENTICITY, ORIGIN OR PROVENANCE, PREVIOUS USE OR OWNERSHIP, MANUFACTURING OR RESTORATION PROCESS, YEAR OR AGE, SERIAL NUMBER, MAKE, MODEL, OPTIONS, TOOLS, OR MILAGE OF ANY VEHICLE OR COMPONENT OF ANY VEHICLE AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY WARRENTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR REASON. Bidder is responsible of all risk of loss or damage immediately upon purchase of the vehicle or item, which occurs at the time of the sale when the bidder is declared by the auctioneer to have successfully bid. Buyer is solely responsible, before bidding, for ensuring that a motor vehicle is roadworthy and safe for use and complies with all relevant laws and regulations of the buyer’s jurisdiction. Motostalgia is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged properties; or for any and all liabilities during said event. Bidder acknowledges that Motostalgia is not liable for any loss, damages, or injuries that occur during the transport and delivery of a vehicle. If not removed by Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014 at 5pm CST, Motostalgia will remove the vehicle or item with all costs of moving and storage to be paid by the bidder. Vehicles not marked as “no reserve” (or similar) are subject to a reserve bid set by the Consignor. When a vehicle is sold subject to such a reserve bid the auctioneer may bid on the consignor’s behalf in an amount not to exceed the amount of the reserve bid. Bidder is responsible to pay all city, state, or other taxes due for which the buyer does not qualify as exempt. Proof of exemption is bidder’s responsibility. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Texas. By signing this document, both parties agree that any action relating to this bid card or any auction held in connection that must be taken to enforce the terms of this agreement shall be brought forth in Travis County, Texas. If Bidder brings legal action against Motostalgia and does not prevail, Motostalgia shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred. All communications between buyer and seller shall go through Motostalgia LLC. Both buyer and seller shall be legally obligated to transparently share all communications regarding legal matters, complaints, and settlements. Any notices shall be deemed to have been recieved if 1) hand delivered: at the time of delivery 2) If sent by mail: two days after the date of posting and in providing such delivery 1) by hand, it shall only be necessary to produce receipt for the notice signed by or on behalf of the addressee or 2) by post, it shall only be necessary to prove that the notice was contained in a pre-paid envelope which was duly addressed and posted. You are responsible for all bids made with this bidder number, whether or not made by you and whether or not authorized by you. If your bidder card is lost or stolen, immediately report to Motostalgia as all bids made with this bidder number will be your responsibility.



INDEX GRAND PRIX AUCTION 2014 LOT 166 124 178 142 132 158 179 136 130 159 113 117 118 119 120 123 131 149 151 168 182 183 187 188 150 146 115 107 111 153 127 140 167 180 102 110 129 143 138 112 114 116 134 173 155



1962 AC Greyhound Coupe 2+2 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1953 Allard J2X MKII Factory Continuation 1965 Amphicar Model 770 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 1954 Austin Healey 100-4 1963 Bentley S3 Saloon 1936 BMW 319 Cabriolet Weinberger 1957 BMW Isetta 300 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1952 Chevrolet 3100 PickUp 5 Window 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 Coupe 1970 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Fuelie 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Tribute 1955 Chevrolet Corvette V8 1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 Aluminum 427 Tribute 1962 Chevrolet 2001 CRC Corvette 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop Custom 1957 Chrysler 300C 1972 Citroen SM Coupe Cushman Scooters 1970 Datsun 240Z Coupe Fairlady Z Series I 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six Sedan 1966 Dodge D-Dart Lightweight Trans Am Racer 1991 Ferrari Testarossa 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB 2000 Ferrari 360 Spider F1 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello 1972 Fiat 500L Cinquecento 1974 Fiat 616 Autocarro 1970 Fiat Abarth 695 1966 Fiat 2300 S Ghia 1970 Firebird Formula 400 1957 Ford Thunderbird E-Bird Convertible 1937 Ford Sedan Tri-Power V8 Flat Head 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton 1936 Ford Pickup 2006 Ford GT 1957 Gullwing 300SL Tribute




171 101 125 144 175 137 160 189 105 148 122 174 157 164 177 139 176 154 190 161 145 104 106 181 147 152 162 186 109 128 141 156 169 121 135 163 172 184 185 126 170 133 108 103

1956 Heinkel Kabine 150 1937 Honest Charley Flat Head V8 Motorcycle 1956 Jaguar XK140 SE Drophead Coupe 1953 Jaguar XK120 Roadster 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary 1963 Land Rover Santana Series IIA 1987 Land Rover Defender Diesel 1934 LaSalle Convertible Coupe 1947 Lincoln V12 Continental 1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL 1967 MercedesBenz 250SE Coupe 4sp 1959 Messerschmitt KR200 1959 MG A Twin-Cam Coupe 1964 Mini Cooper Saloon 1970 Mini Cooper 1960 Modena Spider California 1950 Nash Ambassador 1921 Packard Model 116 Five Passenger Touring 1926 Packard 326 Roadster Sport 1935 Plymouth PJ Business Coupe 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 Six Pack 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack 1948 Pontiac Torpedo 1957 Porsche Carrera Speedster Replica 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster 1600 1963 Porsche 356 C Super Coupe 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupé 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo 1999 Shelby Series I Roadster 1970 Shelby GT500 Fastback 428 SCJ 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX 4000 Series 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR Fastback 1951 Studebaker Champion Business Coupe 1952 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe 1955 Swallow Doretti 2013 Tesla Model S 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 “Troopy” 1962 Triumph TR3 1967 VW Beetle Convertible



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Motostalgia Catalog Grand Prix Auction 2014  

Collector Car Auction in Austin Texas on November 1st 2014 Weekend of the Formula 1 US Grand Prix

Motostalgia Catalog Grand Prix Auction 2014  

Collector Car Auction in Austin Texas on November 1st 2014 Weekend of the Formula 1 US Grand Prix