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ow do I estimate the speed and braking through a corner I have never been through before?” There’s a question every rally and autocross driver would love the “secret” answer to. Even road and oval track racers could use it, although it is not as important since they have the luxury of being able to go round and round until they figure it out – using trial and error. So, let’s take a look at what you face when faced with a corner you’ve never been through before, and see what we can do to discover that “secret.” Approaching an “unknown corner,” there are four interrelated factors that come into play: Speed Sensing: This is your ability to sense, determine and establish a particular speed. Obviously, this must be done at an intuitive level, not by looking at the speedometer. Traction Sensing: Your ability to feel or sense whether and how close your tires are to their limit. Data Base: You have a Words by Ross Bentley, photos by Ian Rae and Norman Nelson Data Base of information from the hundreds, thousands, or millions of corners you’ve driven in your life. Your Data Base is primarily made up of visual images of what corners look like, along with the resulting speed and traction sensing information. If your Speed Sensing and Traction Sensing skills are poor – a lack of sensory input – the Data Base will not be accurate or as useful



Motorwerks Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1