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promise to promote camaraderie to all our fellow Siklowistas. Watch out for the events we are staging in the coming months that targets groups and clubs and individual riders all over the country.

Greetings Siklowistas, I would like to welcome you all on our exciting, exhilarating, innovative, and informative motorcycle magazine called, “Motorsiklo News Magazine!� We are the very first magazine that offers print, online, and video episodes/issues in the Philippines. We have a lot of topics and motorcycle news in store for you in our pages, video episodes and website. Our love for the industry radiates in our magazine where we

Get updates on new motorcycles being introduced by manufacturers in the country and be guided in our technical discussions, bike reviews, touring destinations, and places to hang out. Have a take in knowing the latest trends in bike fashion and bike gears; also find out about motorcycle clubs and motorcycle 3S shops near you. Read and watch about motorcycle shoot-outs and comparisons, and get a chance to watch it live as it transpires in venues announced.

Be involved in online discussions in our website forums, chat with friends and clubmates, and be active in our buy and sell section. We also offer 24 hours motorcycle help service in cities and provinces from Siklowista volunteers in case you have bike breakdowns, flat tire, and accident assistance. We assure you of our dedicated support in the motorcycle industry, and we will be your buddies in hard times and good times, remember that just like you, we live and love the ride. Thank you Siklowistas! Joel Isidro Joya Editor/President Motorsiklo News Magazine


ARE WE ALWAYS ON THE WRONG SIDE... OF THE ROAD? Dumaan ang araw, linggo, buwan, at taon pero madalas pa rin natin napapakinggan sa radio, nababasa sa newspaper, at napapanood sa news on TV and mga accidents, killings, and crimes na madalas involve ang ating mga kapwa motorcycle user. Riding-in-tandem man o nananakawan ng motor... either motorcyclist ang napahamak or pasimuno ng incident, affected ang mundo ng siklowista. Our government has implemented laws such as proper motorcycle gears (helmet and vest sticker plate... sira ang get-up!), motorcycle lane (blue dashed lane mga pre), speed limit (40kph ba?) and checkpoints all over the metro (liscense and registration ba o wallet?). The idea... prevention or at least to lessen the accident and killings. “Eh hindi naman kami lahat magnanakaw at pumapatay! We are just an enthusiast, riders and ordinary commuter who loves to ride a motorized bike”, sigaw ng mga affected people. Ano ba itong rules na ito at bakit nawawlan ng rights ang mga riders? Bakit ba ganito ang mga batas na pinapasa at hindi ata maka-masa? The license plates on motorcycles are smaller and harder to read. Dapat daw mas malaki making everyone to see. Hindi puede malaki liscense plate kaya wear these vests and helmets with the numbers prominently displayed.. Sa ibang bansa kasi ganito like states of Alabama and Panama. May age limit pa like North Carolina must at least be 18 years old and above to

wear a helmet and ride a motorized bike. It would make it harder for such crimes to be committed kung susundin daw itong law na ito. Speed limit ng motorcycle riders will make lesser accident daw kung ma-implement ito. Sa Malaysia is 80 to 90 kph and properly implemeted kasi may proper allocated motorcycle lane. Eh dito ba kumusta - 80 to 100 kph, parehas ng bus. Ang kaso nakakatakot pa din mag stay sa motorcycle lane dahil sa swerving and over-speeding ng bus.. By implementing the prohibition on having a passenger, it will break up the “tandem shooter” or “tandem stealing” thing. Paano na missis ko mag-jeep? People are asking better ways for the government to “do something” in order to control the accidents and crimes. Mabuti siguro kung meron tayong motorcycle awareness program wherein the leaders of our riders club, enthusiast, and law makers will meet up and collaborate ways in order to come up a better solution. Alam ba ng lahat ng members ng club ang implementing street laws? May siklowista ba sa law-makers? May common riders organization dito sa Pilipinas to infrom all riders and non-riders about it. Nung binista ko ang website... abay teka! January 2014 ang update at zero (0) reply sa forum? Anyare!? Until such time let’s do our share to make our streets a better and safe riding condition to everyone. Ang intersection ay hindi “to speed-up”; ang pedestrian lane ay hindi linya ng patintero ng rider at tumatawid; ang stop light ay para sa lahat ng motorized vehicle; at ang proper riding gear ay hindi pang porma, pang safe ride po... stay on the right side of the road mga siklowista!

It was a great sunny Saturday at the Petron Portofino Daang Hari, and it felt like it’s a perfect day for a Bike Shoot-out! We are a bunch of newbies when it comes to staging a big event like this, especially if you made the gasoline station look like an E-Heads Concert with bikers filling the grounds with... Cool bikes of course. Motorcycles we have in the shoot-out were Racal Bull Rider 150, Motorstar Z150, Motorstar X200r, Yamaha SZ16, SYM RKS150, and TVS Apache 150. The Rouser 180 was also in our list but unfortunately the Rider we invited wasn’t able to come because of miscommunication between us... our apologies :)

All the Bikers who own these bikes came with their friends and clubmates in pure camaraderie in anticipation of what results it can give in the end... what bike will come on top. The shoot-out / review were based on these categories: – Price – Speed / Acelaration – Engine (Horse power & Gearbox) – Ride / Handling / Suspension / Braking – Looks / Features – Quality / Reliability – Spareparts / Value for money & Resale


The Racal Bull Rider 150 was for us the biggest bike of the bunch. With large tubeless tires that grips the road well as tested by our Host/Rider Bogs. The price is affordable at P68,000 and you can get it through easy payment financing too! The engine is powerful with minimal vibration as you feel the 150cc underneath your crotch... 0-60kph is under 5 seconds and cruises to 100kph in a breeze. Stable at high speeds and swift at corner turns. It tops at 120-125kph 5 speed manual tranny that lets out 17hp! At around 40-43km per liter fuel consumption. It has good suspension courtesy of the monoshock rear and complimented by the smooth pillion seats that will surely be fit for long rides. Braking is great due to front and rear disc brakes that will keep you safe in times of sudden braking. Looks is handsome enough to make heads turn and features like digital speedo and rpm shout out up to date design copied exactly from the Yamaha FZ16 speedo console. With the engine bar grill makes it more appealing though its just an eye candy for its of plastic material but makes it look like it came out of the Ducati line. The quality finish though is not as satisfying as what the leading Japanese brands bring, but hey! Its worth the money and its not far behind. It is a very reliable bike after all as what we learned from the owners, and with TLC (Tender Loving Care) this bike can live forever! Spare parts are readily available at the local bike shops and compatible parts from Japanese brands brings out the best of the Racal Bull Rider 150. Resale value maybe stiff for it is still a China bike but with the affordable price and honest to goodness reliable quality... it is indeed worth the buy. Rider/Owner:



This bike sure is a notch higher when it comes to looks and quality-feel amongst the previous models MotorStar (Eastworld Motor Industries Corporation) released in our shores. It has a premium character and kudos to China brands for this bike. The naked look is outstandingly cool and its big bike feel is there at the touch.

For the price of P55,000 its affordable for the average Pinoy who wants to experience the accelerating ride this Motorcycle brings! The Z150 with its powerful 150cc (11.94 HP) engine can go from 0-60kph at 4.73 seconds but with a bit of vibration if you go all out on the throttle. Top speed can go up to 120kph and can cruise easy at 80-90kph. The gearbox my not be as smooth as the Yamaha’s or Honda’s but it serves it purpose well enough in gear changes.The dual shocks provides comfortable ride even through uneven roads and because it’s complimented by wide stock tubeless tires the stability is felt by the rider at high speed. Braking is swift and smooth that gives worriless riding experience.

The Digital Speedo and Analog RPM gauges are clear enough for view even at bright sunny days. Quality and design of this bike is great even the decals are of premium looks. Sturdy frame and tough build quality is its essence. We bet it is reliable enough to last for as long as you want to, just give it the proper care and maintenance to last for years. We highly recommend the Motorstar Z150 to all the riders who wants an affordable, handsome and durable bike that will give your money’s worth! Rider/Owner: Jose Mari “Zeus” Mallari



A 200cc Sports bike with a P60,000 price is a dream come true for Race fan boys! With aggressive styling that is worth the punch in entry level sports category. It is another China bike released and distributed by the Motorstar brand.

Speed and power along with good sporty ride handling and reliable braking makes the X200r a favorite amongst riding enthusiast in the country. Topping speeds of 135-143kph with acceleration from stand still to 60kph under 4-5 seconds at 17 Horse power it is proof enough that this bike belongs to the crotch rocket, adrenalin packing sports motorcycles we see in our roads. The 5 speed manual tranny has some rough clutch changes but its trouble free as you go changing gears while on the roll. It has dual headlights resembling the higher displacement sports bikes we see from the Japanese brands that look as if it is ready to go while it stands. Both front and rear are on Disc brakes that surely will pull you to a stop safe and swift. The stiff ride feel is evident for it is a “Sports bike� anyway, and it was built for the sport bike ride, with its mono shock and wide tires to grip the road while at high speed turning. There are vibrations felt as you squeeze on the throttle but it’s tolerable even on long rides. Stable at high speeds and the fuel Consumption is at 32-35kpl (14 liters tank capacity) even with its size and weight. Handsome and crisp for our taste boosting with digital / analog gauges and with its overall design that could last for ages. Quality is good for a China brand and reliable for long use for riders who owns these bikes are testaments enough on its credibility. We certify that this bike will turn heads as you ride by. Rider/Owner: Jude Labatigan



The only Japanese brand that we included in our first ever shoot-out, the Yamaha SZ16 is clearly the most premium when it comes to build quality amongst the rest. With a P70,000 price tag, it is at the price range we could afford. Smooth engine and 5 speed gear box transmission are clear indication of the Yamaha brand. 100kph is a breeze as you squeeze on that throttle for the 153cc single cylinder engine fires up the horses. Acceleration is fast and great for city driving. Although it’s not the fastest amongst the bunch, this bike can still top at 128kph. The relax ride position will give comfortable long travel commute especially on the traffic episodes of Metro Manila. Long Rides out of town is a must do for its 14 liter tank capacity offers 43-48 km per liter‌ you can go ride all day long at a relax comfortable position. The dependable rear dual shocks and soft pillion seats brings additional comfort and stability even on rough roads. The instrument clusters and switches are ergonomically designed for ease of use while in traffic conditions. Front Disc brakes and rear drum brakes gives confident braking. Quality is never an issue on a Yamaha bike for the years of quality and excellence is proof enough of their great motorcycles. Reliable motorcycles from all over the world, with spare parts abundant in stores and motorcycle shops which makes this bike a great buy for your hard earned cash. Rider/Owner: Jepoy Aberia








t the Price category, we find the Motorstar Z150 the most value for money. It is simply because you can get a great motorcycle with good handling, quality of parts and great fuel economy at best. It has handsome naked sport bikes design that will appeal to most riders.

For the Quality, reliability & value for money and the Overall Shoot-out winner! The bike that stands out is the Yamaha SZ 16. It is second in 5 out of 6 categories which makes it slightly better than the rest and deserves to be the very first Motorsiklo News Magazine “Motorcycle Shoot-out winner.”

When it comes to speed and acceleration, the Motorstar X200r gets our vote. It can run side by side with the likes of the Japanese entry level bikes out there but with minimal engine vibrations on top end speeds. If the 150cc Japenese entry level sports bikes run top at 160-170kph, well the X200r is not far behind at 135-140kph!

The Price is great at P70,000 for a 150cc engine with great value for money, and is second in terms of fuel economy.

Engine/Gear box vote will definitely be with the TVS RTR Apache 150. The smooth engine and 5 speed transmission makes it a great motorcycle, with state of the art engine technology which brings out the best fuel economy amongst the rest. Quality of craftsmanship is present and the overall bike look is premium. Ride & Handling category goes to the Racal Bull Rider 150. It’s fun and precise in corners, with its wide tires that grips the road effortlessly makes it more exhilarating in every turn. The comfortable riding stance and soft pillion seats gives it more points in long ride touring. The mono shock suspension brings great cushioning on uneven/rough roads. It is light when in rolling and heavy enough for stability at high speeds. Looks & Features has got to go with the SYM RKS 150… the refined craftsmanship styling is dramatically configured to make this bike look more exquisite. The curves and the quality of build make it so pleasing to the eyes. The naked look makes the handsome engine stand out and be admired. The handle bars down to the mud guards speak of volume in design. Handling is up there with the Bull Rider & SZ16. Thumbs up for this bike!

It may not be the fastest, and that almost all the bikes run at the same top speed.The SZ16 will trail behind the X200r, and that the engine may not be as high tech as the TVS but it is built for the Yamaha quality and dependability. It’s incredibly quick and equipped for Metro Traffic. The gear box is as smooth as the TVS or maybe better but the shortage in power compared to the TVS makes it settle for second in the engine category. The ride handling is superb but the confidence in sharp turns due to its thin stock tires makes it average compared to the Racal Bull rider 150 (The SZ16 has almost the same handling with the RKS 150). But overall ride comfort is top notch. The looks maybe subjective and it is in the eye of the beholder…it may not be as good looking as the SYM RKS and just a bit fresher than the Z150 but the SZ16’s design will last for a long time and the artistry of its look will still be attractive to riders of any age. The simplicity of design and ergonomics plus the superb comfortable riding position matted with the Yamaha engine technology makes it for us, the motorcycle shoot-out winner. *Though the X200r is the only sports bike category amongst the bunch, it belongs to the shoot-out’s common denominator which are price range, entry level displacement, standard backbone frame and kick ass cool looks!

Classic, nostalgic, iconic, and a treasure of history is what best describes the Volkswagen Kombi Van. Collector’s love it and to hippies... “Priceless!” A simple van made by the Germans decades ago that captured hearts of millions. We see it on T.V. Commercials and ephetomises the meaning of cool. This van have soul in it that whenever it drives by, people tend to admire it and smile as it slowly rolls away. It gives owner satisfaction in every drive making every moment a proud moment. We have VW Kombi clubs here in the Philippines, making the classic styling of this iconic van live forever. It may not be as fast as the latest model of vans today or has cool airconditioning and it may not be as high tech in vehicle engineering.. but the soul and the history of the VW Kombi will never be surpassed. I hope I’d get a chance to own and drive one someday. Watch out for our story article on the VW club next issue.







“It feels like this club knows what they’re doing”



“You can see how close like family their club is”



“This club is a sure head turner”



“A solid and unified club that practice safety�


Motorcycle of the Month

Motorcycle of the Month61





Mr. Wayne Guamos has been riding his trusted Kawasaki ZX130 for about 7 years now. We were surprised of how well he maintained his motorcycle as if it just came out of the production line. He has been using his ride everyday at work and travels almost a hundred kilometers back and forth. His Kawasaki never did give him any major problems because he took care of it with the proper TLC (Tender Loving Care). He works at the STI School Head Office as an admin. He says he never gets tired of riding his motorcycle for the fun and excitement is always there in every twist of the throttle. The great fuel economy makes him earn more savings and the cheap cost of maintenance is easy on the pocket. Only the usual change oil, tune up, bulb and tire replacements, and brake maintenance was all it took to give his bike the tip top condition it is today. He now plans to purchase a new motorcycle, hey! A great man deserves a great ride wouldn’t you agree?

The Kawasaki ZX130R, is a 130cc 4 Stroke underbone motorcycle (Gasoline tank located in the front cowling just above the headlight), Single Piston SOHC, Air Cooled engine. This bike handles like a charm, it is one of the best I have tried out. It has unquestionable handling and stable at high speeds. Rough road conditions like what we have in our country makes the ZX130 a perfect everyday bike. The Kawasaki ZX130R feels quick. It handles the curves well and the ZX130’s engine fuel economy is very impressive. Its size it just right for tall and heavy riders, and it’s well balanced at low speed, which makes it ideal for filtering. It has enough power that gives strong acceleration up to 80 km/h. Reaching the speeds of 100 km/h takes a while from 80kph, but it’s clear that Kawasaki’s engineers gave more on acceleration to tackle the torque demands of city traffic and Having a rev/tacho counter makes it more fun to ride. The Kawasaki ZX130R will cruise happily at 90 to 100 km/h and can reach up to 120 km/h flatout. Even at those speeds, the bike feels relaxed and stable, giving you the much needed confidence in tearing up the high ways. Production of this incredible motorcycle was stopped a few years back but parts are still readily available at the Kawasaki Plant and motorcycle shops nationwide. This bike will still be one of the best underbone motorcycles sold in our country.


Biker’s Place Palms Grillery

Bars are one of the best places we can spend time with our friends, it gives us the opportunity to meet other people as well. We drink, eat, chat, dance, and listen to music weither through DJs or Live bands. Bikers usually hang out on places like gas stations and coffee shops, and that bars are a bit crowded and noisey with other people who are not into riding. It also is a place you tend to drink and incidently get you drunk which of course is a no-no if you’ll be going home riding. But some bars are biker friendly that the simple parking space for bikes are considered by bar owners to give more room to riders and their buddies. Such bars are like the “Palms Grillery� in Mindanao avenue and just in front of Starbucks. Yes, you have all the beer to drink and you can very well enjoy the night through listening live music and chitchatting with your friends. Food is delicious and the drinks are all affordable and cold. The staff are all friendly and smiles are everywhere. If ever the uncontrolled situation of getting drunk is inevitable, there is an Appartelle just a few feet away from its shoulders that offer cheap affordable rates to sleep out your drunken master friends. So come on with your clubmates and friends on tow, ride your bikes to Palms Grillery and have a fun night together!


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