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The All in One Info System for Your Car If you have purchased a new car and are thinking about having a nice complete customized control system for your car such as a great audio system, GPS and a car security system, the best you can do is to get a complete package, which consists of everything from music, GPS, reverse parking camera to car security system. The new age systems are a complete technological hub because these systems are made such that all the facilities are integrated into one unit. There are many manufacturers who offer integrated car security system that are reliable, efficient, save space and are cost effective. Traditionally, you have a head unit for audio, a GPS device, a separate car security system and other functional units in the car. The problem with such products is that they take up lots of useable space of your car dashboard and are expensive as well. Car security systems are of various types depending on your budget and car type. Major unit manufacturers these days include a LCD screen so that you can use it as a GPS device as well as for reverse parking. The advantage here being that you get all the extra features in the audio head unit and there is no need for added systems. Your car audio installation should be done along with the GPS and car security system so that they can be properly connected to each other. Basic installation of car audio system consists of the head unit, speakers, rear speakers, amplifier and subwoofer. During the audio installation, a lot of precaution should be taken because if wires are left hanging, they might cause damage to the entire system in the car. Additionally, if a car security system has been fit previously, don’t mix or cut any wires of the two security system. This might cause damage and will ultimately stop working. GPS navigation is very important nowadays because not knowing the way or treading the wrong path can be a problem when you off on long drives. GPS can be fitted in any car audio or car security system because the screen can be used as a reference map. Many car audio manufacturers have come up with models which have GPS by default; hence the screen of the head unit can also be used for searching road routes. Another useful feature is an IPod integration with your car audio system unit via the auxiliary or USB port which is present on the head unit. Your car security system should also include engine immobilizer, siren, gear lock and cameras. The immobilizer is used to immobilize the engine of the car in case it has been broken into. Car security system is very important because of the increase in the number of thefts reported worldwide. Car security system provides a high degree of security to your car. Author’s bio: Latest audio systems come with USB and aux modes by which iPod integration with the system is possible. You can get a combined GPS Navigation with an audio system for better functionality. Car TV Installation and car audio installation require good precision work so better get it done from a known dealer or audio setup outlet. is where you get the latest reliable car audio, security and navigation systems.

The All in One Info System for Your Car