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Car Alarm Installation – Professional Job or DIY? If you are planning to install a car alarm system, the obvious question that crops up in the mind is whether to do it yourself or get professional help? Whoever is doing it, one thing to be ensured is that the new alarm system should integrate with the car's central locking system which already exists. This is because the remote control has to synchronize activation and deactivation of the alarm with that of central locking. Most of the latest model cars have built in plugs and sockets for accommodating the alarm system. One simply has to plug in the alarm unit without bothering about the cumbersome manual wiring. Another point one has to consider is the compactness of the alarm unit, because in small cars there is space crunch. A slightly expensive system where the alarm and the associated electronic unit are bundled into one will be of much help and worthwhile too. The wiring of an alarm unit with integrated immobilizer is a bit complicated. The fuel pump, ignition and starter motor circuits are to be connected to the alarm-immobilizer unit. In such cases the installation is best left to a professional. Insurance companies generally do not recognize alarm systems installed by owners themselves. In such cases it is best to go for approved installers to avail of the insurance benefits. On the other hand, if one does not require the insurance benefit, then DIY installation is a good option. In the US there are many approved car alarm system installers, whose services can be availed over the internet. Accessories for the car There are many accessories available that enhance driving pleasure. One such accessory is the audio system. There are many audio systems that are available in the market, but Kenwood car audio system stands out above the rest. There are many models to choose from depending on the budget of the purchaser. As Kenwood car audio system comes with installation manual, one can install the system following the DIY instructions or hand over the job to a professional. If one possesses an expensive car, then the first choice of car accessory is the car navigation system. These systems help to reach the destination without any outside assistance. The system gets signals about the exact location from satellites and displays the information on a display unit mounted on the dashboard. In an unknown territory the GPS car navigation system is a boon to drivers. For some enthusiasts, irrespective of the difficulties encountered, it is a challenge to do things on their own. Custom car installation, be it installing an audio system or a cumbersome alarm with immobilizer unit installation, they love to do it themselves. For such geeks, help is available aplenty over the internet as "do it yourself" instructions. By following these step-by-step instructions the job of custom car installation is made easy. But at times, one wrong electrical connection can damage the expensive accessory and hence it is better to get the help of a professional for installing these car accessories Author's Info: An electronic geek will be interested in installing the car alarm system all by himself. Even an amateur can install Kenwood car audio system, as the instruction manual gives all the information. The same goes with car navigation system also. Installation of all these gadgets on a DIY basis amounts to Custom car installation. All car accessories are available at

Car Audio Installation - DIY or Professional Help  

If you own a car or planning to buy one, then two things you have keep in mind are; car alarm system and car audio installation. With these...

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