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Firstly, enter the MIA official website Click “login� to enter your personal account

Fill in your username and your security password. Type in the verification code shown above from the system then click “login�


Click“EWallet” And Choose“Withdrawal”



Choose your “Wallet Type””

Fill in the amount that you want to withdraw System will automatically deduct 3% withdrawal fee

Remark:Withdraw amount must be 50 multiple. Example:50 USD 100 USD 150 USD ….and more

-- Cash Point - Refers to your dynamic commission (market plan) -- Broker Point - Refers to your personal static income (MT4 Profit)

Update Bank Information – Please reference“Update personal information ,Change password and Binding bank account”pdf Only need to be binding once, next time the cash withdrawal automatically refers to the bank card by default, unless you want to change it, then change it before withdrawal, and then go to withdrawal


The system will automatically bind your bank details. You only need to check

Fill in your Security Password

After fill in and checking,Click“Withdraw”

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Steps to Withdraw Profit and Bonus Procedures  

Steps to Withdraw Profit and Bonus Procedures