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Festival Campervan Hire The increasing popularity of festivals in the UK and Europe has meant that accommodation, for those who don’t fancy being in a tent, is in much greater demand including Campervan and Motorhome hire. In recent years, particularly 2010, festival campervan hire suppliers have quickly run out of vehicles even many weeks before the festival season has got into full swing. The secret is to get in early; you’ll find better rates, more choice and have a much better chance of securing the vehicle you’re after. For those who are new or returning to campervan hire much has changed over the past few years and the vehicles people choose for festival campervan hire are no exception. Long gone are the days of cramped conditions, uncomfortable beds and minimal facilities. The vast majority of Campervans today come with bathrooms including shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen, LCD television, DVD players, double beds (and we mean double beds not large singles!) and plenty of space. And even the largest 6 berthers are surprisingly easy to drive. Combining your wheels with your bed is a great way to take in the Festivals and there are quite often festivals that offer powered sites nearby. Again the secret is book in early as they are snapped up quickly. If you would like to talk to someone about festival campervan hire, then please call 0800 612 8719 and we can get you sorted out, nicely in advance of the festival season. Related posts: 1. Campervan Hire Kent 2. Weekend Campervan Hire 3. Benicassim Festival Campervans 4. Campervan Rental Holidays 5. Campervan Hire in the UK

Festival Campervan Hire