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Family Holiday Ideas for 2011 Family holiday ideas for 2011 could include renting a motorhome and heading off to Europe, here are some places you could go: 1. France’s Atlantic Coast:  This region offers something for every taste, from the riches of its history to the unrivalled quality of its wines. Broad sandy beaches make it one of the preferred holiday destinations of the French themselves. 2. Cycling in Provence: Most motorhomes have cycle racks on the back so you can easily take your bikes with you.  Provence in the south of France is a magical region, largely unspoiled and blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Its famous pink-gold Mediterranean light has attracted countless writers and artists over the centuries: Matisse and Dufy, Braque and Picasso have all left their mark here.  A motorhome/cycling holiday combines rural tranquility with beautiful landscapes dotted with sleepy hamlets seemingly unchanged over the centuries.  You can pedal gently along quiet lanes taking in ancient squares, olive groves, vineyards and spectacular villages perchés dating back to the Middle Ages. Best of all, you will enjoy the most wonderful panoramic views without having to climb too many hills. 3. Walking in Northern Spain:  Spend a week in Asturias or Galicia and you will understand why Spain’s northern coastline is known as the Costa Verde – the Green Coast. Here, lush hills tumble down from the high mountains of the Picos de Europa to the rugged shores of Asturias, characterised by beaches of virgin sand, tranquil coves, prehistoric caves and grassy cliffs.  Further west is the fjord-like coastline of Galicia, dotted with timeless fishing villages and giving way to steep valleys where farmers tend small herds of cattle on foot and winegrowers harvest the famous albariño grapes by hand. 4. Explore the UK: after the lovely places mentioned above this might sound a step backwards, but I can assure you that you would not be alone in considering the UK for family holiday ideas for 2011. Whatever you do we would love you to consider hiring a motorhome as part of your family holiday ideas for 2011.

Family Holiday Ideas for 2011