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Efoy 1600 Fuel Cell Generator The Efoy Fuel Cell generator is the “must have” accessory for any motorhome owner today. These things are amazing pieces of kit, but, are rather expensive – the price tag is £2995. So if you want one, Andrew Hughes of Motorholme has decided to give one away. All you have to do is watch the video and answer 3 simple questions (the answers are in the video). This will enter you into the prize draw and you could be the lucky one. The Efoy Fuel Generator has an output of 1,600 Watts and is the convenient way to satisfy high-energy demand in your motorhome. This is the latest model with improved efficiency, which uses less fuel for the same output. You can happily enjoy the freedom of quiet, reliable power anywhere, at any time of the day or season and whatever the weather – even if you are a high energy user. It is worth noting that old fashioned noisy, smelly petrol and diesel generators are banned in the motorhome field of Glastonbury Festival, but these eco-friendly fuel cells are not. This means that you can have mains electricity for the whole time you are at the festival. Having an Efoy 1600 fuel cell on board your motorhome means you’ll have your own clean electrical power source, whenever you want, wherever you go. An Efoy fuel cell generator is economical and produces no harmful emissions. The only things that the fuel cell produces besides electricity are water and carbon dioxide in amounts no more than a child’s breath. All the conveniences of home – even high energy appliances are no longer a problem. Watch the video and win one!

Efoy 1600 Fuel Cell Generator