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Porsche Club of America Hosts 6th Annual Charity Car Show




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October 15th Navarre Beach Classic Car Show

October 15th Destin Car Club: Euro Exotic Show October 15th Grammy Award Winning Band October 15th Vintage Aircraft Flyover


October 15th - 22 Legendary Boat Show October 16th Motorfest Rally October 19th-22 Hog Rally October 20th-26 Pensacola Custom Car Show October 21 Playground Corvettte Car Show October 29th Armament Museum Car Show

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Last year was a heckuva year for men on the Emerald Coast. By “heckuva” I mean not terribly great. Those of us, who choose to remember 2010, will recall it as the year the Emerald Coast momentum finally stopped. We did see a few impressive projects; namely the new Uptown Station, and Vision Airlines opening in our area. Flash forward to 2011 time for change. Change is good. Sometimes it can hurt a bit, like a new exercise routine, but in the long run, it almost always leads to improvement. From my perspective, going from looking at a magazine to publishing one; not only is change great, it doesn’t even hurt! Our terrific magazine group has labored for several months coming up with a new design, and editorial focus. I love it, and I hope you will too. What is the best way to describe MotorFest? The American male’s aesthetic revolves around their guy’s night out, sports, their toys, a comfortable couch, and 200 plus channels on TV. Maybe that’s why 54 percent of Emerald Coast men are single; and as the top stag city in the nation, we have a lot of men that fail to link their crappy pads, lifestyle, and toys to the death of their dating life. But guys consider this: your toys communicate your level of ambition and taste to potential mates. After all, what woman wants to partContinued on Page 64














Navarre Beach Classic Car Show

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Destin Car Club 6th ANNUAL CHARITY CAR SHOW Motorfest Rally Armament Museum Car Show


Band-Ricky Lee Phelps


Hog Rally


Pensacola Custom Car Show


Playground Corvette Car Show




WET in the wild



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ONTHECOVER 1987 930 Turbo

The whale-tail 911 turbo is a much greater car then legend suggests. Once an expensive- must have -however the slightest of errors in high-speed cornering often meant you wouldn’t get a chance to try again. The front cover 930 Turbo version is equipped with an air-cooled six-cylinder 3.3-liter turbocharged engine with

an overhead camshaft valve train. It has 282 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 278 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm. The engine has eight main bearings, and a compression ratio of 7.0:1. It comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission. The Turbo engine is standard on the Targa and Cabriolet models, while it was an option for the base coupe Carrera. For 1987, the Porsche 930 S had over 282 horsepower and could race from zero-to-sixty in about 5 seconds. Performance upgrades continued to all aspects of the vehicle including the brakes, suspension, and

transmission. The slant-nose front end and flaired in headlamps were designed to improve the vehicles aerodynamics. This was an option offered by the factory in 1987. To date the 911 big name hasn’t changed for almost a century, but the Porsche 930 Turbo has advance extraordinarily, from a peaky race car for the road that was likely to bite you, to a docile, usable supercar that’s as easy to drive as a Honda– only far more exciting. When it comes to motoring greats, no car is more iconic than the mighty 911.


FEATURES It will never happen ... 18 ZAPPING AROUND With the FISKER KARMA

Motorfest Event... 38 intro to gulf MOTORFEST WHAT IT IS MAP TO MOTORFEST

PREMIUMBURN ... 42 How to protect your CIGAR investment



MotorFest Program 2011 Florida Panhandle’s Biggest Car Show of the Year Welcome to Florida’s Emerald Coast, featuring the vacation destinations of Destin, Fort Walton Beach & Okaloosa Island

October 2011 by air by land by sea


When WHENperformance PERFORM ANCE IS not NOT a A QUESTION is question

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_________________________ MotorFest Magazine PO Box 236 Destin, Florida 32541 Letter to the Editor may be mailed to the Address above or submitted by visiting the website at 227 miles of white sandy beaches stretching from Pensacola to Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle For Two Weeks this October MotorFest will be the largest motor and lifestyle show in the U.S.

_________________________ Cruisin the Beaches of the Emerald Coast Come live and work in paradise!


Another Alabama Charlie production

ionPOWER power PRODUCTS porducts Peachtree ION PEACHTREEcity, CITY,GA GA404-891-0999 404.891.0999

state of the MOTORING MAN By Frank Berte With the cacophony of everyday life it’s becoming ever more difficult to find true happiness. The motoring man finds his solace nestled in the lap of fine crafted machinery. The sound of a flat-6 or a blown Mustang is satisfying, nurturing even to an independent spirit. Modifying, tweaking and updating is allegorical to the old adage of the destination being the journey.


THE EDITOR Finding your true inner cave man can be a real challenge. There’s no simple formula that yields motorized nirvana. To some it’s a twin engine jet, to others it may be a souped up 1989 JetSkiTM. There are myriad pitfalls along the way - without discipline you may blow your entire discretionary wad on racing seats or a 16-speaker surround sound stereo. These days you need to seriously consider every option before pulling that trigger.

RETRO: The new modern

My personal story - of late - involves a 1970 2.2 911 motor that was bequeathed to me by a fellow enthusiast. I’m on my 3RD car now in an almost decade long relationship with this antique power plant. I’ve considered more modern motivation to achieve my own personal goals. Subaru engines are light, powerful and Japanese. The Audi Quattro layout to the right is robust and esthetically symmetrical. Alas as perfect, affordable and smooth as these new motors and transmissions are there will always be a certain siren call from Porsche’s flat six. As whacky as it may sound, to me the 40 year old engine is really the only choice to consider for a steed of equal vintage. Sure a 6-speed transmission and over 300 WHP would be a joy to behold but alas at what price for “rightness”?

1972 PORSCHE 914 2.0



So what does the future hold? For this long suffering Porschephile it’s unequivocally the past. Putting the best possible modern upgrades on the older rebuilt motor is the chosen path forward to pursue. What is your passion, what will be in your garage? Use your head, listen to your heart, but ultimately remember this: it doesn’t have to add up to anyone else but you. Above all, stay driven ...

AUDI 3.2 Twin-Turbo Narrow Angle V6 9



HERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT THE MOTORFEST TEAM why we are here and where we are going By The Libertine


Like all great “bromance” novels, our story starts with two guys, Alabama Charlie and Admiral Adduci; who share an intense passion of all things “male”. Stuff with motors, beautiful women, nightlife, and various vices; each elicited intellectual, passionate tales of mechanized wonder, realizing how grande it all was and that it must be shared – voila! Motorfest was born. Their shared vision is of both a publication and event that celebrates the local male aesthetic. They soon realize that they need someone to help bring substance and form to their creation;

so they ask the great Italian artist, Ildo Itmiway, to join their merry band. Soon, word of their creation reaches the ears of a Libertine, with a flair for words, who offers his services to the cause. After much intellectual intercourse, the vision starts to take form, and the final result is what you hold in your hands. A unique publication that describes the happenings of our great shores from the of the Male Perspective. We truly hope you enjoy.

destininteractive Frank Ber té

Senior Principal destininteractive

Frank Ber té


Senior Principal

4 1 0 0 L e g e n d a r y D r i v e , S u i t e 2 4 0, D e s t i n , F L 3 2 5 4 1


4 10 0 Le g e n d a r y D r i ve , S u i te 24 0, D e s t i n , F L 3 2 5 4 1


Luxury Vacation Homes


MOTORFESTMAGAZINE The publisher, editor and writers for Motorfest Magazine welcome you to our world -- the world of fine motors and the toys those motors propel. More than just a magazine about what makes the wheels go ‘round, though, this is a publication designed to appeal to lovers of all the toys our motors drive, and all things surrounding them. Between these pages expect to discover articles about Porsches, Corvettes, airplanes, bikes and boats along the beautiful emerald coast of the

Gulf of Mexico, and the collectors who own them. You can even find valuable dating advice for men, and ideas on the best places to take a date to impress. These gorgeous Gulf waters attract the most diverse and fascinating people on earth. You are cordially invited to come and meet us, join us here in paradise, and be a part of our Motorfest. Come by land, by air, or by sea, just come; we welcome you, and promise you won’t regret it.


REPRESENTING HOMES LOCATED SOLELY IN S E A S I D E Scenic Properties was founded upon a vision of providing professional, personal property management and real estate services to property owners of luxury vacation homes. Our attention to detail and superior guest service has created an impressive list of returning guests.



F L O R I D A We are passionate about exceeding the expectations of our Owners & Guest. We believe the luxury homes in our boutique vacation rental program, along with our concierge amenities, deliver a level of service that will allow property owners to enjoy carefree ownership of their vacation properties.

8 5 0. 5 8 5 . 2 3 4 0 TOL L F R E E 8 0 0.69 2 . 9 2 1 8 S C E N I C P R O P E R T I E S F L .COM

THE MOTORFEST Cruisn the beaches of the emerald coast By Alabama Charlie • 10 Best Places To Live & Boat • Largest Motor Show in the U.S. • Florida’s Best Beaches • Best Beaches in the United States Last October FUEL-guzzling supercars wowed thousands of motor fans who turned out to the beach to support the annual MotorFest event. This year Supercars, racing bikes, boats, and aircraft will impress old and new enthusiastic visitors; who will come to the beach in October, to get a closer look at the powerful machines on show. For two weeks Motor Fest will be the largest motor and lifestyle show in the U.S. Cruisin The Beaches Of The Emerald Coast, 227 miles of white sandy beaches stretching from Pensacola to Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle. MotorFest will be an extravagant lifestyle week featuring the world’s finest automobiles, motorcycles, watercraft and aircraft placed for display at exclusive venues at the beach. This month marks the 2nd annual MotorFest; the largest motorsports festival in Florida. This year’s MotorFest event is being expected as one to piggyback on paired events, fundraising, retail sales and local venues. There will not be a shortage of entertainment during this event because of all the organizations involved, I am so excited that people and organizations are asking to be a part of the event. The Navarre Beach Classic Car Show, Sixth Annual North Florida Region of the Porsche Club of America Car Show, Hog Rally, Pensacola Custom Car Show, Playground 14

Corvette Car Show, 15th Annual Rare Air VW Show, Armament Museum Car Show, 2011 Emerald Coast Cruzin’ Car Show Vintage Aircraft Flyover, and Legendary Boat Show. On Stage: Ricky Lee Phelps and the Lektric Mullet, and “The Monsters of Classic Rock” will also be here to entertain you! The band includes: Chris Slade of AC/DC, The Firm and Asia on drums, Greg Douglass from Steve Miller Band and Greg Kihn Band on Guitar, Mario Cipollina of Huey Lewis and the News on Bass, Terry Ilous from XYZ on Vocals, Sam McCaslin of the Michael Schenker band on keyboards and, and our 2012 Spokes model Kelly Thornton who is proud to take the banner of


MotorFest to the masses. At the end of the day we hope that MotorFest 2012 will build an enhanced link with web pages of automobiles, motorcycles, watercraft, aircraft clubs and their events. This is the easiest way for each club to have access for all information regarding all motor events. We are entering in a new era with a big participation in motoring. Cars, Boats, Aircrafts, and Motorcycles, Riders, Associations and other groups of motor fans will be used by MotorFest web to find new companion and provide the ways on sharing new motor experiences.





Avoiding close calls wiTH Military AircrafT


The FAA Safety Team to announced that in conjunction with the Department of Defense, the FAA is now hosting the See and Avoid website on Originally created by the Air National Guard Aviation Safety Division and funded by the Defense Safety Oversight Council, it now includes all military services. Our goal is to eliminate midair collisions and reduce close calls through continuous flight safety and proper flight planning. By promoting information exchange between civilian pilots and the military flight safety community, we hope to provide one-stop shopping to help all of us safely share the skies. This portal will allow users to find and link to all existing military Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA) programs in a single web site, while also enjoying new access to information from military bases that did not previously have web-based content. Since 1978, there has been an average of 30 midair collisions in the United States each year. These collisions resulted in an average of 75 deaths per year. There are also over 450 Near Midair Collisions (NMACs) reported each year; no one can calculate the number that have gone unreported! As recently as February, 2006 a civilian pilot was killed in a single plane crash after colliding with an Air Force jet. In many cases, one or both of the aircraft are not aware that a midair collision nearly occur red. Particularly in cases where military and civilian aircraft come into close proximity, lack of basic information regarding military flight characteristics creates problems among civilian pilots. FAA regulations and EAA guidelines just aren’t enough. The portal offers a centralized, credible website that provides civilian and military pilots with reciprocal information and education on airspace, visual identification, aircraft performance, and mutual hazards

to safe flight - with the ultimate goal of eliminating midair collisions and reducing the number of close calls. After all, what price can be put on proper flight safety and flight planning? This portal is targeting two user groups. The first group is General Aviation (GA) Pilots, who we encourage to include as part of their flight planning. From weather to Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) to flight planning, pilots in general and civilian pilots in particular, use the Internet to get their most important flight safety information. As important as the weather, knowing where the military operational flying areas are - and how to avoid that airspace - is crucial to a safe flight. Unexpected turbulence, icing, terrain obscured by fog, or a jet flying low at 500 knots; each one is just as deadly to the GA pilot if not planned for prior to takeoff. The second group targeted are the military safety officers at all military bases. This portal site provides every participating DoD flying base in the U.S. with the opportunity to create a web-based MACA educational and public outreach program. This web-based MACA program, intended primarily for an audience of 750,000 civil pilots, is modeled on centralized support, with decentralized execution. This website integrates and links with related sites such as FAA Special Use Airspace, AOPA’s Air Safety Foundation, and the new FAA MADE (military airspace deconfliction) program.

European Breakfast 99 Eglin Parkway Northeast Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

For Reservations Call 850 243 0707

Saturday 8am to 12pm | Sunday 8am to 1pm. 16




W hen Steven Dominique first told me about the sexy, low-slung Karma plug-in hybrid concept, I immediately put it into the “we’ll believe it when we see it” file. After all, as talented as Henrik Fisker is at design (he penned the Aston Martin V-8 Vantage and BMW Z8, among others), I wasn’t sure of his ability to get something as technically challenging as a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan to US market. I was especially doubtful in light of claims of 50 miles on battery-only range, a 250-hp engine capable of extending the range and perking up performance, and a $80,000 asking price. 19


But Fisker has been busy at work turning his way-cool concept into an absolutely fabulous certainty. Now, put a Tesla Roadster or a Fisker Karma in front of a sixteen-year-old and you’ll see excitement that you could measure on a multimeter. With the production version of the sporty Karma ready both Steven and Ron Adams will be heading to Orlando to get their own Karma that they place orders and deposit for in 2008

Best of Both Worlds

Much like the upcoming electric cars, the Karma combines a big fat battery

pack with a GM-sourced four-cylinder engine. Both of these vehicles are considered by GM and others to be “E-REVs,” or extended-range electric vehicles (where propulsion comes from the battery-powered electric motor, with the internal combustion engine serving only as a backup electricity generator), although the powerful Karma seems to be slightly less focused on efficiency. Furthermore, the Karma has three different modes to vary the system’s behavior on a whim. In default “Stealth” mode, the electronics prioritize battery propulsion, “Sport” mode prioritizes performance, and “HEV” mode helps conserve energy once much of the battery power has

been depleted. Its 110/220-volt recharging port is behind a lid on the driver’s side, while the gasoline filler is on the passenger’s side. The engine found in the Karma is the zesty, turbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder that makes 260 hp in its more traditional role under the hoods of the Chevy Cobalt SS and Pontiac Solstice GXP, among others. Fisker says the lithium-ion-batterybased power-storage system has a maximum capacity of 22.6 kilowatthours (kWh) and is capable of delivering peak battery power of 200 kilowatts (kW). When using maximum battery output combined with additional electricity generated from the


it can help recharge the batteries or provide power for climate control, for instance—and 22-inch wheels, which wear high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 rubber. The most noticeable change is a toning-down of the concept’s grille to something a little less Joker-ish. Curiously, the engine’s exhaust is routed through the front fender, not to the rear of the car. The suspension features control arms all around, as well as monotube shocks and rear self-leveling. Steering is thankfully electro-hydraulically assisted, not fully electric as on many hybrids.

Sold Out Through Mid-2012

“In the year since we debuted the Karma, the reception we’ve received has been tremendous,” says Fisker. “I’m proud to announce at this time that we are already sold out on the car until mid-2012.” Customers have already preordered 1300 of the cars, and Fisker Automotive itself hopes to sell as many as 15,000 annually. The company says some 40 dealers will be online by October of next year; it will announce 20 of them in January. Pricing strays from his initial $80K estimate, but not by much, at $87,900, plus destination and delivery. That’s a chunk of change for a hybrid, but a relative deal compared to Tesla’s all-electric Roadster, which is only a two-seater. Customers will also be eligible for a $7500 tax credit, says Fisker. We suspect there will be many an early adopter that will find this a brag-worthy bargain, and a beautiful one at that.

gas engine, total system output is 300 kW (408 hp) and a massive 959 lb-ft of torque. The Karma rides on a 124.4-inch wheelbase, and is 196.3 inches long, 78.1 inches wide, and 52.4 inches tall. That’s some nine inches shorter in length, nearly five inches wider and almost six inches shorter in height than a Mercedes-Benz Sclass, although the wheelbases are nearly identical. In Sport mode, the hefty, 4650-lb Karma is said to still be able to hit 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds on its way to a respectable top speed of 125 mph (top speed is limited to 95 mph in Stealth mode.) Electric-only operation appears to fulfill the concept’s promise, with Fisker claiming a maximum range of 50 miles, or 10 more than promised by the Volt. Fisker claims that overall fuel economy will average out to 100 mpg, a figure aided by the possibility of allelectric operation. A regenerative-braking system also contributes to the Karma’s overall efficiency. “Eco-Chic” Styling with Innovative Solar Roof Panels Fisker’s composite and aluminum body is wrapped around an aluminum space frame and stays true to the beautiful concept’s form. He also

retained the concept’s innovative three-mode solar-panel roof—


best of show with his alluring red Mustang. Also in 2010, he took home the awards of best interior, best chassis, as well as best in his division. Horvaths infatuation for customizing and restoring cars, especially Mustangs, began at a ripe age of eight when he witnessed his father and family friend rebuild a 69 Mach I Mustang. At that moment, Steve realized that reviving these venerable antiques would soon become a life long passion. Steve spent seven years restoring his Mustang into the attraction it is today.


This classic beauty is equipped with a 428 engine pumping out 650 horsepower through it’s four speed transmission. Power is transmitted to the pavement via 411 Detroit Locker rear end. Come on over to Navarre & see the Classics...

NavarreClassic Navarre Beach Classic Car Show By Brooke Calipers For the past 10 years the Navarre Car and Bike Show has unified fanatics to celebrate their admiration for cars and bikes. The show has brought thousands of diverse automobile, bikes and their owners to the beautiful Emerald Coast. In recent years, the Navarre Car and Bike show has been dominated by all things vintage and still also includes numerous euros and exotics.

Dry Storage Includes access to all facility amenities!

Dry Storage Customers Enjoy -

The 11th annual Navarre Car and Bike Show hosted by the Navarre Area Board of Realtors, will be held at Navarre High School, Saturday, October 15th. The show will kick off at eight am and continue through four pm. Entertainment will include live music as well as a DJ. Eight speciality awards will be presented at the event. The awards will be honored for best paint, best interior, best engine, best chassis, best car club participation, best of show and peoples choice. A student award will also be presented. Two year champion, Steve Horvath, is the proud owner of a mint 1967 Shelby GTI 500 Mustang. In 2009 and 2010, Horvath stole

Refuel, Reload & Relax • AMPLE staging dock & wet slip use

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Storage rates starting as low as $12 per foot per month!*

• Dockside Café provides fun, casual dining with a great view • Premium fuels: Ethanol-free 93 octane & diesel • Ships store & gift shop

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• Refreshing pool, hot tub & sundeck overlooking water • Several boat-up restaurants on bayou & bay • Minutes from Destin Harbor & Crab Island • Storage for boats up to 42 feet in length

VHF Channel 16 • 8-ft draft at low tide


What’s it like to gets behind the wheel of the flagship 911 Carrera, with 408 bhp or the

new hard-core Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera supercar? The Porsche Club of America, North Florida Region will Host the 6th Annual Charity Car Show, benefiting Alaqua Animal Refuge; Pet Welfare. This Charity Car Show has become a favorite for car collectors, fans and spectators from far and wide. The Emerald Grande is

Porsche Club of America Hosts 6th Annual Charity Car Show

the perfect host. It’s one of the area’s premier resorts and an ideal choice for the drive up the famous Harborwalk. A spot kown for its breathtaking seaside atmosphere. Around 130 Porsches and exotic cars will line the Harborwalk and the parking lot of Harborwalk Village from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. The event offers the public a chance to view some of the finer local cars; racing & sport exotics up close and personal.



On stage Grammy Award winner Ricky Lee Phelps and his band Lektric Mullet will be playing Beach Boys, The Beatles, heavy harmony music, music they love from the ‘60s and ‘70s— the Byrds, and others from that era of rock and roll oldies throughout the MotorFest event. Also on display will be Jeff Gordon #24 car compliments of Pepsi Max. Watch the Vintage Aircraft Flyover and the Motorfest Boat Show Review. The Car Show is sponsored by Smith Mo-



Car Club CAR SHOW torworks, MotorFest Magazine, Emerald Grande and the Destin Car Club. The car show is open to all Porsches from 1948 to 2011, as well as exotic cars; including the Lotus, Lamborghini and Ferrari. For additional information please contact Emerald Grande at (850) 650-8010 or Destin Car Club (Alabama Charlie) at

Eglin Pet Welfare Puppies & Mustangs Porsche Club of America cruises for critters at 6th Annual Charity Car Show Cars and critters will be the focus of the Porsche Club of America,North Florida Region’s 6th Annual Charity Car Show, benefiting Eglin Pet Welfare and Alaqua Animal Refuge Oct. 15 in Destin.

Around 130 Porsches and exotic cars will line Harborwalk from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., offering the public a chance to view some of the finer car inspiration for racing up close and personal. “The Destin Car Club has stepped up to the plate to help Pet Welfare meet our primary mission of rehoming pets military

October 15th 2011 Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Boulevard Destin, FL

113 John Sims Parkway West Niceville, FL 32578 (At NorthLight Marina Yacht Club)



This show has become a favorite for car collectors, fans and spectators from far and wide, said Alabama Charlie, Destin Car Club president. The Emerald Grande is the perfect host as it is the area’s premier resort and an ideal choice for a drive up the famous Harborwalk Village and its breathtaking seaside atmosphere.

members are forced to leave behind,” said Jennifer Chapman, Pet Welfare president. “This event will be fun and provide the funds needed to continue caring and feeding for our animals as we have for nearly three decades. We can’t say thank you enough.” Pet Welfare is a no-kill, allvolunteer animal shelter located on Eglin Air Force Base. To learn more about Pet Welfare, visit or find us on Facebook.

Avaiable for photoshoots, film and production


MotorfestRally Navarre Beach Cruise



AIRFORCE ArmamenT MUSEUM CAR SHOW By Brooke Calipers

The Hurlburt Force Support Squadron will be hosting the annual Commando Cruise-In Car Show at the Eglin Air Force Armament Museum on Saturday, 10/26. The show begins


This Fall Florida most breath -taking beach and lifestyle destination

welcomes Motorfest,; a two week celebration of Automobile, Motorcycle, watercraft and aircraft enthusiasts that kicks-off October 15, 2011. The 2011 Motorfest Car Rally will start October 16 at 10:00 am at the Emerald Grande in Destin, FL, and will pass through Fort Walton Beach into Navarre Beach. Rally participants will travel 56 miles of white sandy beaches; stretching from Destin to Margaretville Beach , then returning to Destin by way of Helen Back Café or ‘Boondocks’ Helen Back or The Drunken Sailor at Helen Back in Navarre FL. MotorFest Car Rally - informal setting - fun - food - socializingn - babes & of course lots of hot cars!


PHELPS PERFORMING LIVE 10/15 Destin Charity Car SHow Raised a ‘son of a preacher man’ in a family full of musicians, there are some things in life one can’t escape. Ricky Lee’s destiny was laid out long before he became aware of it. He realized his passion for music at an early age in church services where he found that he could pick out and sing different harmony parts during praise and worship time. Little did he know he was honing his craft in those backwoods churches.


Through the years his musical interests grew in various directions, finally leading him to Music City-Nashville, Tennessee. Doug Phelps, Ricky Lee’s younger brother, was already in Nashville playing bass guitar for a noted country artist but spent his spare time jamming for fun with some good ol’ boys from Kentucky. The brothers soon saw an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing music together. Thus, The Kentucky HeadHunters were born. What started out as a fun sideline turned into success, fame and fortune, seemingly overnight. The six-year ride with the ‘Heads’ produced two albums, a Grammy, an American Music Award, 4 CMA Awards, 1 ACM and 2 Billboard Awards. Feeling the need to broaden their musical scope, Ricky Lee

at 11am and admission is free for spectators! This year’s show is expected to present approximately 250 custom cars, trucks, and bikes! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies and cash prizes will be awarded in each class.

and Doug pulled away from the group to launch out on their own. The dynamic duo called Brother Phelps shot out of the gate with a Top 10 single, music video award success and nominations at most of the major award shows, including Duo of the Year from the TNN/Music City News Awards and the Country Music Association. After the release of two albums with Brother Phelps, Ricky Lee decided to leave the duo and pursue other personal life goals. Since that time, Ricky Lee has spent much of his time raising his son, Eli. He is married to Karen, his best friend and the jewel of his life. So the family has grown now to include her son, Jeffrey, his wife Margaret, his daughter, Willow and their brand new arrival, Mackenzie Gail. In the midst of all that he has managed to record two solo CDs, “Full Access”, a collection of Christian based songs and “Signs of the Times”, A blending of introspection and fun. These days he calls the Gulf Coast his home. Far from the hustle and politics of the music industry and enjoying playing music more than ever. Collectively known as ‘Lektric Mullet’, Bill Dossey, David Glencoe, Randy Whitaker and Ricky Lee have been rockin’ the gulf of late. They have gathered thousands of loyal ‘Mulletheads’ who never seem to tire of the party these boys provide when they take the stage. Along with performing, Ricky Lee has taken on his father’s mantle as pastor of Word and Grace Ministries of Florida. Headquartered in Hendersonville, TN, Ricky Lee was ordained to pioneer the first branch of Word & Grace on the Gulf Coast. Aside from all that he keeps himself relaxed by a newly discovered hobby. Just recently he sort of stumbled into another form of artistic expression through the medium of paint and has been putting brush to canvas feverishly ever since. He tends toward portraiture, some of which can be seen at this website. So the summation of his life these days is, preachin’, pickin’ and paintin’. He says, “Life is good because God is good”. 31


Few places in Florida offer what the Emerald Coast has. When you reach the Emerald, and BBQ party at AJ’s located in Harbor Walk Village. AJ’s is known as one of the top 10 entertainment locations in Florida. Beginning Wednesday, October 19 though October 21 there will be three poker runs that are 100% free, and have a payout of $150.00 each day to 10 people. Along with this there is daily and nightly entertainment, parties at great locations such as the oldest Hog’s Breath in Florida, which is located in Destin. On Thursday night October




HOGRALLYCONT. 20 you have to check out HelenBacks Free Pizza Bike Night; if you go...ask for Chris’s Special. Friday night entertainment features the Monsters of Classic Rock: Greg Douglas of the Steve Miller Band, Chris Slade from AC/DC, Carmine Ross from the Rod Stewart and David Bowie Bands, and Zig Zag from Gun’s N Rose’s and the Alice Cooper Bands; play at the main stage at the Emerald Grande. Then, on Saturday night the party will continue on with 38 Special, fire works and a vintage aircraft fly over. Some of the best motorcycle drill teams in the USA will perform, world class bike games and a whole lot more. This is a party you will not want to miss. For more information visit us at:













or call Bruce at 352-383-8673.



Malibu Jack’s Surf Grill Casual Elegance Private Event Space & Catering Masters Week and Special Occasions

m a libuja c k s . c o m

Private Events: Call Dennis 706.364.9175 231 furry’s ferry station, AUGUSTA, GA


PensacolA Custom Car Show The Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club is a family-oriented, non-profit organization, chartered by both the State of Florida and the National Mustang Club of America. We are dedicated to the purpose of enjoying the Mustang Automobile and helping children’s charities. Our club is involved in many activities during the year of which the two primary activities are the annual Pensacola Interstate Fair and our Regional or National Mustang show in March. We have been involved with the Pensacola Interstate Fair for over twenty years displaying many different models of classic cars and the event has become one of the most popular of all Fair displays. The dates for the 2011 Pensacola Interstate Fair are Oct 20th-30th. We invite all to come and enjoy a memorable adventure and reminisce the past of our classic car display.

Rare Air

In March, our club will host the first 2012 National Mustang Show for the Mustang Club of America. The dates are set for March 23rd-25th. This event will be the largest display of all Fords and Mustangs nationwide. The show location is at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds and can visit our website at for a flyer download.

Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club Rare Air Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club 15th VW Car Show, Sat. October 22, 2011. 5 Flags Speedway 7451 Pine Forest Road Pensacola, Florida 32526 This is Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club 15th Anniversary Show so check back frequently as we schedule events and update activities as we get closer to that date. If you have any questions or inputs contact Wild Bill Tucker:

850.748.3238 36




hot rod mechanic custom build race fabrication

Newnan Georgia






Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast By Deb Wheeler


Now, people come from all over to see our pristine, white sand beaches that when walked upon sing like sugar between our toes. Few places will you find water as clear and in a hue of gorgeous aqua. Our own wide expanse of Grayton Beach has been named as one of the most beautiful beaches in America. It is still so unspoiled that in the winter, deer can still be tracked on the beach at some of the more secluded spots.






Long a hidden gem obscured by monikers such as “the redneck Riviera,” the Gulf Coast was enjoyed mainly by families from neighboring states such as Alabama and Georgia. However, in the last two decades, the closely-guarded secret we know as “our paradise” has been outed. Traveling mostly by word of mouth between friends, relatives, and acquaintances, and then the emergence of places such as Seaside in the news, we who live here have learned to share our piece of paradise with others. 38



With all its natural beauty, it’s no wonder notables such as Karl Rove, Mike Huckabee, Miley Cyrus, Wayne Rogers, Sheryl Crow, Britney Spears, Amy Grant, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and quite a number of athletes either own homes here or make this a regular vacation destination. For those who have never been and wonder what all the fuss is about, this is what to expect: In addition to natural unsurpassed beauty, expect a calmer, quieter beach experience. This is a place that draws a lot of families. This is

also a place that lures former executives looking for that slower, beach lifestyle. If you want the nightlife, it’s available. If you want to experience the culture of a fine wine tasting weekend, some of the top in the nation occur here. There are also beer fests, boat races, car shows, and acclaimed world-class fine dining restaurants. The choice is yours. Getting here just got easier with Vision Airlines basing itself in Fort Walton and offering flights from Atlanta, Louisville, and Memphis. Southwest Airlines also offers service from Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Jackson, and New Orleans into the new Panama City airport. Those with yachts can sail in easily from New Orleans and other ports into Destin Harbor. By car, getting here is an easy four-hour drive from Birmingham or New Orleans, five to six hours from Atlanta, and around eight hours to Nashville or Memphis. Come by land, by air, or by sea, & see why we call this paradise.






















October 15th Navarre Beach Classic Car Show


October 15th Destin Car Club: Euro Exotic Show October 15th Grammy Award Winning Band October 15th Vintage Aircraft Flyover October 15th Motorfest Boat Show & Tour



October 16th Motorfest Rally


October 19th-22 Hog Rally October 20th-26 Pensacola Custom Car Show October 21 Playground Corvettte Car Show October 22nd Rare Air VW Show October 29th Armament Museum Car Show Navarre Beach Classic Car Show | October 15th 8am-4pm Navarre High School, 8600 High School Boulevard Navarre, FL

Destin Car Club at Emerald Grande | October 15th On Stage: Ricky Lee Phelps Vintage Aircraft. Motorfest Boat Show, at Harborwalk Village and the Galati Docks 10 - 4. 10 Harbor Boulevard Destin, FL

Motorfest Rally | October 16th Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Boulevard Destin, FL

Hog Rally Emerald Grande | October 19th-22nd 10 Harbor Boulevard Destin, FL

Pensacola Custom | October 20th-30th Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds 6655 W. Mobile Hwy, Pensacola, FL

Playground Corvette Car Show | October 22nd Hosted by: The Playground Corvette Club, Fort Walton Beach/Destin & The Village of Baytowne

15th Annual Rare Air VW Show | October 22nd, 5 Flags Speedway, Pensacola, Florida

Air Force Armament Museum Car Show | October 29th 100 Museum Drive Eglin Air Force Base, Florida


PREMIUMBURN protect your cigar investments By Nicholas Barlotta III CRPC Financial Advisor | Barolotta Financial Group ©

In our society, since prehistoric times, we have passed on legends. In old times, these were spoken. With the advent of written language, these were transmitted in writings. These days, many legends are transmitted via email. Once they go “viral”, they obtain the status of urban legend. One such urban legend tells the story of a gentleman in the law profession who had an extensive collection of cigars. According to lore, after years of collecting them, he decided he would like to start smoking them. Of course, his collection was very valuable. After he had smoked them all, he came up with the ingenious idea of filing a claim with his insurance company. His claim: that he had lost all of his cigars in a series of “small fires.” Now, society has proven this story to be false. For the most part, that is. The part of it that is true: it is possible to insure wine and cigars. Much is made of insuring valu42

ables today. Living along the Gulf Coast, one prime concern is hurricanes. Another issue: with so much dense residential, those who live in condos want to ensure they are covered against other perils such as theft, fire, etc. Many have had houses, cars, lives, and valuables insured. For those of us who love to collect and smoke cigars, it’s a nice thought that we may be able to insure these against the same perils.

Cigars can be quite valuable. Certain cigars painstakingly manufactured in Cuba are the best in the world. A cigar is never just a cigar. Exclusive cigars are signs of wealth, success and triumph. That’s a reason why the world’s most expensive cigars hold value far beyond their price tags. One of the most valuable cigars in the world is the Cohiba Behike made by Altadis of Spain. Upon its release, it took the title as one of the most expensive cigars in the world. These cigars were allegedly labeled after the tribal chief or sorcerer of the Cuban/pre-Colombian Taino tribe. Clean and ready to burn, four thousand of the limited edition Cohiba brand cigars were released with

each box containing forty cigars and retailing for around $18,500. Yes, each smoke cost $462.50.

Because of these dynamics, and the results if they fail: risk and its insurance must have these characteristics:

They’ve been outdone, however, by Gurkha’s premier cigar: His Majesty’s Reserve. Publicized as the most expensive cigar on Earth, these cigars are infused with a generous portion of Louis XIII Cognac in a process that retains the flavor of the tobacco. Louis XIII Cognac is one of the finest cognacs on the market today.

• Large number of exposure units: there must be an adequate amount of possible exposure by many individuals to create a large enough pool to combine resources. • Definite loss: the loss must take place at a known place & time & from a known cause. • Accidental loss: the loss cannot be deliberate. • Large loss: the size of the loss must be meaningful. This is important because premiums can be expensive. Why would anyone pay hefty premiums to insure against a meaningless and worthless loss? • Affordable premium: this ties into the large loss. If the premiums outstrip the usefulness of the insurance and the value of the loss, it becomes pointless to carry the burden of insurance. • Calculable loss: the loss must be calculable in terms of dollar amount and probability. • Limited risk of catastrophically large losses: the losses cannot be across the board. This is the reason for systematic failure during large natural disasters. This is also the reason why many carriers will only insure one residence per family in Florida. They are trying to limit their exposure to protect themselves from insolvency.

Each year, fewer than 100 boxes of His Majesty’s Reserve cigars are produced and Gurkha’s president oversees their allocation to retailers. At $750, just one of these tantalizing cigars will probably cost more than a night out, but for the true aficionado, it’s a smoke too good to pass up. Most cigars do not cost near as much. A good Arturo Fuente runs around $10.00. A nice, smooth Liga Privada will run about $15. If we calculate the median price of a cigar to be about $12.00, it’s easy to see how valuable even a small collection can be. 100 cigars could be worth $1,100. 500 cigars (which is your average large home humidor) could be worth over $5,000 – and this is not considering any of the special blends and cigars mentioned above. Most aficionados have a few $50.00 – $200.00 cigars in their collections. Factor that in and an average collection could be worth around $15,000 or more. What’s more, the value of these collections goes well beyond their worth in dollars. There are blends and cigars that many people have that are rare or extinct – Liga Privada Flying Pig, anyone? All of these factors make it important to consider insurance. Since, we prize our cigars, what can we do to protect ourselves from losses? Let’s start with the basics of insurance. Insurance is merely a risk management technique where people are pooled into risk categories. Underwriters decide which losses will be insured and who for. These decisions are made based on past experience. In fact, this past experience is required to measure acceptable risk. If the system works, many will pay a premium and never file a claim. Others will file a claim and the insurance company will be hedged from insolvency by collecting the premiums from those who didn’t.

This system has been in use for centuries. Early insurance policies were in the form of granaries during prehistoric times. Families would store grain in common silos to protect themselves from future famine. The very first insurance policies as we know them today were paid by Babylonian merchants in 1750 BC. These merchants when financing shipments would pay extra for insurance that any loans would be cancelled if shipments were lost at sea. Today, nearly all of us deal with insurance on some level. But how do we obtain insurance for our cigars? The good news is, there are enough of us out there that collect and store cigars to create a risk pool (remember the rules above, if you are the only one – chances are you won’t be able to get insurance). If you have extremely valuable wines and cigars, you would go with an insurer such as Lloyd’s of London. They would write a policy specific to the wines or cigars, themselves. These policies are prohibitively ex-

pensive and should only be used on the most valuable of these vices. If there would be any possibility of excessive consumption, it could make these policies too expensive. For most of us, our main concern is that we have built up large collections of wine and cigars in our homes, but they are for eventual consumption. They are changing all the time because we are discovering new blends and we are consuming those that we already have. These collections have become quite extensive and valuable. The good news: a revolving collection is covered within most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies. If it is over a certain value, specific coverage may be needed. The bad news: if you

have to file a claim, you better have proof of what you had and what it is worth. My suggestion: keep receipts for everything you have. Discard the receipts for what you don’t have. Take pictures of your collection and how it is stored and maintained. Insurance company underwriters will want to see that your cigars are properly stored. If they find that you are not exercising proper diligence in maintaining your collection, they may assess that when paying your claim by assuming that the just value is lower. The most important step you can take is to notify your insurer of what valuables you have and make sure that you have adequate coverage. Insurance

offered and coverage available varies by company. It is best to speak with your agent and glean their expertise on how to best protect yourself from loss. Insurance is a profession. And, like doctors, lawyers and financial advisors, they cannot help a client with a need they don’t know about. It is best to give full disclosure of your situation so your agent can offer you the best and most meaningful coverage. Who knows? In addition to your wine and cigars, this conversation may also uncover other areas of concern. There is nothing like peace of mind. Happy smoking! Sources: Lloyd’s of London, McMahan and Hadder, USAA


VILLAGE Playground Corvette Car Show By Alabama Charlie 7th Annual Corvette Show Saturday, October 22rd 2011 Hosted by: Playground Corvette Club, Fort Walton Beach/Destin & The Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and the National Corvette Museum. On Saturday, October 22th 2011 from 0900 to 5:00 pm, The Village of Baytowne Wharf and Playground Corvette Club present: Vettes at the Village (VATV) Area Corvette Clubs bring “America’s Sports Car” to the Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Chevrolet Corvettes old and new will be here—lots of them– shined to the max and wanting your Vote!!


Arrive 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Thru Sandestin’s Main Gate. Show and Shine Noon to 5:00 p.m. inside the Village Dash plaques for the first 125 participants! Awards in each class for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Awards for Best Paint, Interior, Engine & People’s Choice Award and the Museums Choice Award and Longest Distance to show. DOOR PRIZES GALORE! Pre-Registration fee by the 8th of Oct. is $25/car. After the 8th of Oct. registration fee is $30.00. You are strongly encouraged to preregister early – space inside the Village is limited Visit the Village online at or contact Roger Hibbs (850) 796-0946






2011 Spokesmodel Kelly Thornton is proud to take the banner of Motorfest to the masses. Kelly is an avid Porsche fanatic as well as a professional model here in Northwest Florida. Look for Kelly ifuture issues of Motorfest.







Rev Up with the Hottest New Boats in Destin By Wanda Kenton Boating Magazine recently named Destin as the “#1 Place to Go Boating in America” and hosted its best-selling swimsuit issue photo shoot here, for good reason. As locals know, there is no place on earth, at least in the USA, that comes close to matching its powder-soft white sand and spectacular, sun-kissed turquoise waters. For these reasons, along with the wealth of boating and fishing hotspots that abound, Destin and the entire Gulf Coast serve as a natural draw to boaters and anglers alike. The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village plays host to multiple boating and fishing events year ‘round, ranging from the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo and Destin Swordfish Shootout, to a wide assortment of Poker Runs and rendezvous, among others. And the infamous Crab Island -- the ultimate boaters’ play and party headquarters -- is always brimming with plenty of excitement, fun and a heady mix of old and new boats representing every brand, size and price range. Its no wonder that boating aficionados from all over North America converge on Florida’s panhandle to enjoy their favorite pastime. Like car enthusiasts, boaters share the passion for following the latest product news and industry trends. Two of the hottest new boats recently debuting in the market include the sophisticated Marquis 50 Sport Coupe, and the classic and traditional favorite, the Chris Craft Corsair 25. MARQUIS 50 SPORT COUPE The strategic design, engineering and manufacturing mix of renowned Italian design with the best in American boatbuilding technology is manifest in the Marquis 50 Sport Coupe. The globally recognized Nuvolari-Lenard Naval Architects of Venice, Italy, have created a truly trend-setting sport coupe that delivers impeccable styling, quality and performance that is distinct throughout the world. Partnered with Marquis, America’s leading yacht builder, the team has won multiple design and construction awards.



The Marquis 50 is also built to CE-Class A specifications, among the most stringent and demanding in the world.

and smart features throughout make this model a mustsee for 2011 and beyond.

The Marquis 50’ Sport Coupe is a winner, inside and out. Belowdeck, discover a three-cabin design, along with the rich use of African Zebrano cabinetry and Brazilian cherry floors, with glossy black lacquered cabinet highlights and elegant designer fixtures throughout. Exterior appointments are equally impressive, with a single level swim platform, cockpit, saloon, helm station and galley, all within easy access. Driving is a also a captain’s dream, thanks to IPS joystick technology, plus propulsion featuring three Volvo Diesel engines equipped with innovative IPS drives.

Power includes a standard 5.7 liter engine with 300 horsepower, with numerous Volvo or Mercruiser engine options up to 400 HP.

CHRIS CRAFT CORSAIR 25 The golden brand in boating is no doubt Chris Craft which has been delivering fine sportboats and cruisers since 1874. A company steeped in history and tradition, Chris Craft was born in the same breath that Henry Ford was creating the first motorcars. Throughout the ages, Chris Crafts have continued to delight boaters who appreciate their All-American craftsmanship and thoughtful design, hallmarks of this legendary brand. If any series defines Chris-Craft, the Corsair series is it. The Corsair 25 reflects the styling, design and performance that make Chris-Craft a favorite with boaters all over the world. Teak is luxuriously embodied throughout this sportster from bow to stern, as well as on the extra spacious swim platform. It features a stylish foredeck for an uninterrupted forward view, coupled with a comfortable cuddy cabin below. The combination of stunning lines

INFORMATION/SEA TRIALS For more information on the Marquis, and Chris Craft lines, as well as the eight additional new boat lines represented by Legendary Marine, or to schedule a sea trial, call (850) 337-8300 or visit Legendary Marine is a Top 100 dealer, multi-year winner of the BEST IN SALES & SERVICE by Emerald Coast Magazine, and previous winner of Dealer of the Year by Boat & Motor Dealer Magazine. Legendary Marine has five locations in Florida including Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Gulf Shores, and its newest location at Tampa Yacht Harbor. CHRIS CRAFT CORSAIR 25

Wanda Kenton is editor of two national boating publications and the national marketing columnist for Soundings Trade since 1998. She also is the former editor of WaterSki and Windsurf magazines, and WaterSki Business. 49




THEWORKS From 654 to The Rolex 24 A Play in Three Acts … The Libertine Act One: The Entrepreneurs This tale starts about eight years ago. Two entrepreneurs, Andre Drevinskas and Haim David; strangers from faraway lands, who arrive on our fair shores in search of opportunity. As all good entrepreneurs do, they soon find a niche to fill….They start a limousine service, and call it 654-LIMO. With luxurious limousines, and impeccable service, they become the premier limo service in Destin, and are voted The Best Limousine Service 6 years in a row. Success finds our young businessmen, and their fleet grows to eight limousines. At this time, our heroes find another niche to fill….Destin was in need of a quality taxi service! So, 654-TAXI was formed. Offering the same impeccable service as 654-LIMO, 654TAXI finds success quickly, and soon grows to a fleet of five taxi cabs. 50

Act Two: Success Breeds Challenges, Which Breeds Opportunity With the success of 654-LIMO and 654-TAXI, our heroes are faced with a daunting challenge: Maintaining their growing fleet of vehicles. Again, opportunity knocks; they buy a struggling auto service center, and Autoworks of Destin is born! As with their previous ventures, Andre and Haim find success by offering impeccable service! Autoworks of Destin provides vehicle maintenance service for all makes and models, but seems to excel with imports and luxury cars. Along with their


full service shop, Autoworks of Destin offers pickup and delivery in their repertoire of services. Act Three: The Twenty Four Hours of Daytona Enter stage right Mr. Stephen Steinmeyer, operations manager for Autoworks of Destin; whose involvement with TRG Motorsports brings even more prestige and fame to our heroes. TRG (The Racer’s Group) is a racing team based in Petaluma California; who compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Camping World Truck Series, and the Rolex Sports Car Series. It was at the Rolex 24


Being involved with the local community Autoworks started a non-profit organization for local under served kids. Wish Upon A Car was born. Learn more at:

at Daytona, where Mr. Steinmeyer distinguishes himself as a member of the crew. The Rolex 24 at Daytona is a 24 hour long sports car endurance race held at the Daytona Motor Speedway every January. In 2011, TRG had five entries in the GT class. And, after a grueling twenty four hour test of men and machines, TRG’s number 67 car, a Porsche driven by Andy Lally emerges victorious! And with the victory celebration, the curtain closes on our play. But, the audience is left to wonder what lies ahead for our intrepid heroes Andre and Haim… 51

Birds OF WAR Texans Over Destin By The Libertine It has become a common evening event along our fair shores. The low hum of radial engines are heard, everyone stops what they are doing, look up, then out come the cameras….Click! Click! Click! What causes this phenomenon is a a group of World War Two vintage T-6 Texans flying in close formation. The planes then perform aerobatic maneuvers to the delight of the crowds, then as suddenly as they appear, they depart. As many times as I have witnessed this spectacle over the years, I honestly didn’t know who these pilots were, what type of airplanes they flew, and what motivated them to

make their early evening flights. After a bit of searching on Google, and some phone calls; I managed to contact a member of the group who generously allowed me to meet with them, check out their planes, and even ride back-seat. So, one Sunday evening, I met with them at what I affec-

tionately call “The Great Toy Box”, the private hangers at The Destin Airport. The aircraft they fly are the North American T-6 Texan. It’s a two seat trainer, introduced during World War Two. They were widely used by both American and British

air forces, plus remained in service with various air forces around the world even up to 1995. It has also been widely used in the movies, usually as a stand in for the Japanese Zero. It has a 600 horse power Pratt and Whitney radial piston engine, which produces a cruising speed of 146 miles per hour. The T-6’s I saw were all restored to like new condition, including authentic paint schemes, and “nose art”. I did search for similar planes for sale on the internet, and found that for a $180,000 investment, you can own one too. Definitely a high end “boy- toy”. I also saw a North 53

“For one of the best cigars you’ll ever smoke” Cigars, Cars, & Cash for a Cause Wish Upon a Car Foundation First Annual Fund Raiser

American T-28 Trojan, which sports a 1400 horse power Pratt and Whitney radial engine; but sadly, they didn’t take that one out that day. Now I confess, my only flying experience has been as a passenger on commercial aircraft. So, I was really not sure that to expect from this experience. For starters, I was never briefed on using a parachute when I have flown commercial flights. So, after I has strapped in all snug in the aft cockpit, we started the engines and taxied to the runway. But, before we could take off, we had to wait for a private jet owned by a famous country/western singer to land …. more on that later. I was really

surprised how smooth the take off was! Once we were all airborne, we entered formation over the Gulf, and headed for Destin Pass. Ok, I swear that as we were all flying along the beach in formation, I had the almost irresistible urge to make machine gun sounds! Yes! I had regressed to about age ten at that moment, but managed to pull it together and not embarrass myself. We were soon over Destin Pass, and started the aerobatic maneuvers. What a rush! All the banks and turns with all the other planes so close! After about 10 minutes of various maneuvers and

passes over the harbor, we headed back to the airport. Again, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the landing was! Definitely smoother than my usual commercial experience! It was definitely an experience I won’t soon forget! Oh, and that country music singer? As we were about to take off, I saw him exit his plane, turn, take out his camera …… Click!

SUNSET through the window of a time machine

Sponsors will welcome over 150 guests to a one of a kind event with companies suppliers, retailers, consumers and industry associates gathering to celebrate Destin’s only Cigar Event of the Year. The festival will raise money for the wish upon a car foundation. For the last 5 years, Wish Upon a Car has been bringing holiday joy to underprivileged and underserved children in Destin and surrounding areas with the belief that joy is as important as food, shelter and education to help children grow up into well-rounded adults. With the help of 150 guests at this event, Wish Upon a Car will expand on the positive difference they make and bring joy to more children more than once a year. A once in a lifetime Cigar Experience | Entry Fee –US $150.00

All tickets must be purchased in advance. Only 150 guests will attend this exclusive event.

motorfest The Cigars, Cars and Cash for a Cause festival will offer a unique opportunity for cigar lovers to meet and celebrate the pleasures of smoking fine, handmade cigars along side fellow enthusiasts, representatives from the cigar industry, at the same time viewing cool cars, and men’s toys while supporting the Wish Upon a Car foundation. In addition, attendees will savor premium spirits, taste great food all provided by local vendors, view cool cars, motorcycles, and men’s toys. Wish Upon a Car is a 501C3 Charity.

6pm October 21, 2011 at Sago in the Palms Contact 850-259-2573 or visit for more information.

Slices of Heaven



After all is said and done at my last meal ... Tiramisu By Alabama Charlie How many times have guys gazed at dinner and thought: If this is the last thing I eat, I’ll be happy. It happened over a double crusted chicken pot pie at my exgirlfriend’s mother’s house in Thomasville, Al.. Bar-B-Que at Hancock’s Country. Bar-B-Que in Selma, Al.. Catfish at the Ark in Riverside Al.. Chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House in New Orleans, LA.. I don’t like to think too much about that last supper or what’s going to put me in the grave, still I wonder. So that I might die happy I’ve started a collection of stolen recipes to die for. The fist recipe is from Clemenza’s in Ft. Walton. Thank’s Dom.



4 cups Strong Espresso Coffee 6 Egg Yolks 1 ¼ cups Sugar 1 ¼ cups Mascarpone Cheese 1 1/3 cups Heavy Whipping Cream 3 Packages Lady Fingers (3oz each) 1/3 cup (or more) Dark Rum 1 ½ Frangelica Liquor ¼ tsp Cinnamon 1 cup Cocoa 1 bar Premium Imported Italian Chocolate

Combine egg yoke and sugar, whip until thick and lemon colored, about 1 minute. Place in top of double boiler over boiling water. Reduce heat to low and cook 8 to 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add mascarpone cheese, beating well. Whip heavy cream and add ¼ tsp cinnamon until stiff peaks form. Fold into egg yolk mixture and set aside in refrigerator. Put espresso, dark rum and Frangelica in shallow baking pan. Quickly dunk lady fingers into mixture and line bottom of serving dish. Install layer of the whipped mixture and line bottom of serving dish. Install layer of the whipped mixture over the lady finger. Repeat process till complete and dust top with cocoa. Grate chocolate of the top, refrigerate over night – served chilled. Now, if my guardian angel is listening make this my last meal, Tiramisu Cheesecake. Stay tuned for our next issue. Slices of Heaven will feature the Ultimate Southern Comfort Food. 56




2012 92’ Lazzara LXC Available for Charter $ INQUIRE _________________________

58’ Viking Motoryacht Available for Charter $ INQUIRE _________________________

2009 Fountain 38 LX Sexy!!! $ 249,000 _________________________

2011 Everglades 320 with Tower Extremely Well-Equipped Fishing Machine $ INQUIRE _________________________

Features four engines, an atrium and sleeping quarters for 8 guests. This is the ultimate toy, have it for a day, a week or a lifetime. Travel the Gulf Coast, Keys, & Bahamas Contact: Capt. Matt Condon Galati / Signature Charters 850-654-1575

In Destin Harbor, Features an extended bridge with BBQ & ample seating, sunpad on bow, and a splendidly appointed interior. Yours for a day, a week or a lifetime. Contact: Capt. Matt Condon Galati / Signature Charters 850-654-1575

Super sexy and loaded with every option! This 38 LX is like new and can be bought for a fraction of what one would cost new. Contact: Todd Royall 850 259 9991

Step into an Everglades for the best ride on the water! This high quality vessel is loaded with options and has warranties through 2016! Contact: Micki Gramm 850-374-0507

2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Italian Passion - No Drama $ 179,900 _________________________

2008 Rinker 276 Bow Rider Beautiful Classic - Super Fresh $ 48,900 _________________________

2008 Sea Ray 38 Sundancer Joystick-Equipped, Low Hours, Immaculate $ 329,000 _________________________

2005 Silverton 43 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Diesel Cummins Power 400hrs $ 259,000 _________________________

Extreme Low Mileage 2006 F430 Spider, F1... truly a perfect example with less than 400 miles!!!! Climate controlled garage may just be the finest example in the country! Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

This Rinker has been high and dry since day one. MerCruiser MAG 496, cruising speed 32, maximum speed 51 mph. Engine hours 160. A very fast and fun boat for the hole family. Contact: Gary 850-461-6440

Equipped with Zeus Joystick that enables you to control the entire boat with your finger tips! It has every conceivable option and only 170 hrs on diesel power. Contact: Neil Courtney 850 974 4416

Two private staterooms and two heads with loads of entertainment space above and below deck. She can also be drystored indoors at Legendary! Contact: John Burns Certified Yacht Broker 850-974-6767

Carrera GT Supercar Less than 9,400 miles $ INQUIRE _________________________

Beautiful F430 F1 Coupe 24k miles $ 114,900 _________________________

2005 330 Grady White Express A Must See! Power by the Preferred Yamaha F250s $ INQUIRE _________________________

2005 Rinker 342 Super Clean at this price won’t last long! $ 98,500 _________________________

A mid-engine, two-seat roadster from Porsche, The Carrera GT is powered by a 5.7L 605 hp V10 Horsepower 605 @ 8000 RPM Torque (lb-ft) 435 @ 5750. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

24k miles.-Rosso Corsa (Red) exterior with Cuoio (Leather, Tan) interior and Daytona Seats. Just like new - great driver / track car. Fast & exotic. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

Dry stored, one-owner 330 Grady Express, fully loaded with all available factory options & equipped with Furuno electronics & a bow thruster. Contact: Erik Anderson Licensed Yacht Broker 850-974-5600

Fabulous layout, 2 of the largest beds of any 34 in the market! Seller is highly motivated including the dingy and outboard. Contact: Nathan Hare, Certified Yatch Broker Legendary Marine Call 850-246-4999



1990 300ZX Twin Turbo Superbly Modified $ 14,995 _________________________

1991 BMW 850i Mileage: 55125 $ 19,000 _________________________

HKS Exhaust - Stainless Down pipes - Amps - Race Seats Enkei 18” Wheels - AMZ Stage II Turbos - AMZ Short Throw Shifter - New Tires - AMS Headers. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

This car has low milage and it shows very well. It has been well maintained and is in great condition. Stop by for a look at 500 Beck Ave, Panama City Florida. Contact: Smith MotorworksPanama City, Fl-850-769-9500


Rental with Boat Access

The Destin Premier Club gives boat club members access to a fleet of vessels without the typical hassles and expense of ownership. Through our concierge members also have access to exclusive travel, dinning options and additional services. | 850-273-1966


Destin Premier Club 850-273-1966


2006 Mercedes CLS 55 AMG Sports Package $ 38,000 _________________________

1955 FORD FAIRLANE SUNLINER CONVERTIBLE $ 65,000 _________________________

Only 48,000 miles and it has navigation, chrome wheels,leather, adjustable suspension, and much,much more. Black/Charcoal, 48k miles,All Books, Keyless Go, Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

This car not only has the muscle under the hood but the interior to match. Engine: 351 Crate Motor Bored and Stroked to 392ci / 474 hp at the tires Transmission: 5 Speed. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

2006 Porsche Cayman S Mid-Engine Sports Car $ 36,900 _________________________

1982 Porsche Targa 3.0L SC 172HP Smith Motorworks Engine Rebuild $ 15,900 _________________________

2006 Cayman S 6 speed manual..H&R lowering springs, CPU Reflash, B&B Exhaust. 26,900 miles Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

Great Paint, Stabilizer Bar, Nardi Steering Wheel, Master Brake Cylinder, Stainless Brake Hoses, Short Shift Kit, Fuschs 16’ Wheels, Tires, Carpet, Brake Pads, Dansk Muffler Sport Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

ADD the logo from tyhe boat flag


Trey Thriffiley is a student in Aviation Management at Auburn University. He currently holds his Airplane, Single Engine Land & Sea Ratings & an Instrument Airplane Rating. This is Trey in his AA-1 Yankee, looks like Kelly may need a ride! Look for a full feature on Trey’s Travels in our Winter issue.



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Written By - Alabama Charlie Scenic Properties ... 13 When planning a first date, most guys settle for the high cost ceremonial dinner night. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this line of attack. It’s been tested. It’s easy. The only thing is, when taking a lady out on a date, you don’t want to be like the majority of the guys; you want to be The Man. A good first date allows for conversation, but at the same time takes some of the focus off you ; so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly. Sharing new experiences together is a great way to build a connection with someone. That’s why if you’re going to take her out to a restaurant, you should try taking her somewhere a little more adventurous. Check out a new spot something neither of you have tried before. The element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite. The Car: Mercedes SL Black Some guys feel like they need to rack up as many “mack” points as possible to impress the ladies. I think personal integrity, and animal-like chemistry should count way more than what kind of vehicle you drive; but I guess some guys feel that spending the extra money on a racy ride is certainly worth the dating gamble, and they are right. The Mercedes SL might seem like an odd choice for these shores, but there’s a lot of old-school, quirky charm left in the German cabrio. Any car that looks good under the Destin sunshine is going to bring a little glamour to a wet Wednesday night. And a decent SL 62

repays your investment with a sense of well-worn panache that cannot be found in contemporary Mercs. Put a beautiful girl next to the Mercedes SL and you’ve really got something. Tradewinds Restaurant: Tradewinds started out as a sandwich and beer fan hang out, and remains a local favorite; as a casual, eclectic Italian, noisy-when-busy, open kitchen restaurant. Arguably Tom and wife, Terry are Niceville’s most famous Italians. Since 1996, Tom D’Eufemia has owned Tradewinds Restaurant in Niceville. Customers usually find Tom selling wine, or talking to regulars. Tom’s wife, Terry, works behind the Scenes, and she sometimes as the hostess. Tradewinds showcases the best produce and local fresh fish. The kitchen crew focuses on using fresh ingredients, and cook to order each night. Tom dishes up chicken, veal, seafood, pasta and pizza along with grilled steaks (no baked potatoes!), and weekend specials. The salads, and desserts are fantastic in their own right. The ambiance is a relaxed with innovative cooking, an extensive wine list selected to complement the cuisine; and Tradewinds own coffee roasted on site. Everything about Tradewinds says casual. Their décor, plates, tables, and silverware are unpretentious; and are a pleasant distraction. The patterns remind me of dinner at my grandma’s house. It seems to me that, a good part of the china was acquired from her.

The awkwardness is when you walk in, it looks like a Alabama double wide trailer.

Aesthetique ... 15 Mama Clamenzas ... 17

Finally we find a place with well-crafted food that was not forced to compete with dining on expensive china that I help shell out for because just

North Light Yatch Club ... 25 Dock Side ... 29

FUNNY any dinner just don’t cut it. The cost of the car? Who’s counting! At least the car will make it home with me, and remains a good investment. At the end of the day whether you’re looking to reignite sparks with an old flame, or see if they fly with a new one. When date night rolls around, impress your boo with a table for two at Tradewinds where the ambiance oozes with romance. And if that fails, just keep drinking the wine ‘til the awkwardness goes away ... One last tip … It’s illegal to dance naked in the moonlight. TradeWinds Restaurant 850.678.8299

NOISES JOKES, GOSSIP & SUCH THANK YOU OFFICER A couple of young tourists are pulled over by a highway patrolman. The officer walks up, asks for the driver’s license and registration, and when he doesn’t get it quickly enough, whacks the driver in the head. “That’s for not having your driver’s license ready,” he snaps. “I ain’t got all day.” After he issues the driver a ticket, the patrolman walks around to the other side of the car and whacks the passenger in the head. “Owwww!” hollers the passenger. “What’d you do that for?” “That’s to make your dream come true,” replied the cop. “I know that when you’d gotten a half-mile down the road, you were gonna say to your friend here, ‘Wish he’d tried that with me!’”

SOMETHING IN THE AIR Exchanges between Revision Airlines Pilots & their Engineers: Revision Pilots: Number 3 engine missing. Engineers: Engine found on right wing after brief search. Revision Pilots: Aircraft handles funny. Engineers: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right & be serious. Revision Pilots: Target radar hums Engineers: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics. Revision Pilots: Mouse in cockpit. Engineers: Cat installed. Revision Pilot: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer. Engineers: Took hammer away from midget.

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Restaurant & Biergarten


HELUVAYEARCONT. ner with someone who thinks milk crates make great book shelves? In other words, men want what they will see in Motorfest, and they will get a glimpse of how their toys will positively impact their lifestyle; by throwing parties, scoring dates, impressing friends, productive networking, and forming prosperous relationships.


As for the staff here at MotorFest magazine, we remain committed to telling the stories of the Emerald Coast and helping you get the best of the beaches. We will bring together people at events large and small. - Alabama Charlie




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