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How to choose the best car servicing workshop for your car? Qualified Mechanics A good service workshop is the one which has qualified mechanics guided by the best professional experts. But, how do you know if they are adroit and skilled? Check out if the service provider has any measurement or certification process to gauge the skill and expertise of mechanics. Hence, skillful labor is something you should never compromise on. Genuine Spare Parts Enquire about the spare parts they use, branded or non-branded ones. Get a cost estimate of the spares if they advise you to replace some after the inspection of your car. Compare it with other workshops and also cross check the market price by browsing the web. Do not fall bait if the prices are cheap. Agree only if the prices are reasonable. Replacing manufacturer’s spare parts with low-priced ones should be avoided. Always buy the best spare parts even if it costs a little higher.

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Customer Service Service time is a crucial factor to decide if your daily plans involve visiting a lot of people. Check how long the service will take after the inspection of your car. Amenities like free pick-up & drop from and to the place of your choice are an added advantage. Make sure they have a well responding and a prompt customer care service. Negotiate for a free inspection for your car once a month on some mutual terms if feasible. Infrastructure It is the one of the prerequisites for selecting the right garage. You cannot afford to repair your car in an outdated workshop short of sophisticated equipments. Get online, take a tour on their website and observe the environment of the workshop. There are chances that you might get deceived with what you see on their website and the reality. Check out the word-of-mouth for the workshop with your friends, colleagues, neighbors and other fellow car owners. Make your way to the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Have a look at their official pages and check out the photos section of their workshop. This might give you an idea or a bit of satisfaction to go ahead. Guarantee Policy There are various policies that car workshops offer customers like guarantee policy for spares/parts, labor policy, customer satisfaction policy etc. Some workshops provide guarantee policy in months and some offer in terms of number of Kilometers you drive your car from the date of service. See if they take feedbacks and implement them graciously in your next service. Keep all these things in mind before selecting the right workshop for your car. Do not jump into conclusions by hearsay alone. MotorExpert takes into account all these factors in providing you the best car servicing workshop for your car. But, why should you choose MotorExpert to select the workshop for your car? Read the following list and know more about us.     

All our workshops are rated on a 12-point rating process 100% Guarantee on Labor and Spare parts or Work redone Get instant Cost Estimate for Health Check/General Service Online Critical Assessment of Tools & Equipment, Spare parts, Mechanic Skill and experience In-house expert audits for Workshops

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How to choose the best car servicing workshop for your car