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5 ways to beat #Monday Blues in your Car Yes, Monday is back and so is the long commute to Work, Office, Club, School and College. And its sad that our beloved cars have to bear the wrath of #Monday Blues

We list 5 things which can totally bring life and hope back in our Monday Morning Rides. 1. Clean all trash from the Car Interiors : There could not be a better idea to start a day. Our Cars go through Bills, Challans, Toll Passes, Chocolate Wraps, Tissues and probably everything from the neighborhood store if you live in Asia. A quick dry cleanup for 10 minutes can change the dynamics of driving on a Monday morning. Its cleaner, feels better and back in the game! We say : Do IT! 2. Use Air-Conditioning Smartly : Sometimes, or rather mostly, we think of our Car Air-conditioning as an extension of our Household Central Air Conditioning‌ Don’T! Once our bodies get used to working temperatures, it can laze throughout the day. Surprise those skin cells by chilling a tad more than comfort. It is recommended to ease the temperature to regular just before you step out. Quick Exercise, but it can replace the need of a RedBull #tryandtellusincomments

3. Play a Car Discipline Game : We are humans and we love games. Why not have a precision tradition on Mondays to remain in the lane for the entire day. You do that every Monday and mail us the same at We shall share the joy with a free car accessory for 2 Lukcy winners every Monday. How do we ensure you’re not lying. We don’t! We trust you. Period. 4. Play Progressive Rock : There is something about those songs which start slow and then progress like a Bhopal Shatabdi on a Delhi winter morning. Tests have shown, leaving a premises on a mental high helps increase productivity by 2 folds! (Source : #takeitandgo) Why not end our commute with some Iron Maiden or Dream Theater take the tempo to work or home! #beattheblue 5. Car Pool Every 1st Monday : Yes, we’ve heard all the troubles of engaging in a Car – Pool. However, it saves the planet and importantly gives you company for some cool conversation on a stupid Monday Morning. Try it on the first Monday of every month and tell us how awesome it slowly gets #tradition 6. Caution : Now that we’re game on the 5 things we want. How about things we should totally avoid on Mondays (or rather any day) Phone Calls / Lane Jumping / #dhooming / Honking / Jumping Traffic Signals. Have a vibrant Monday ahead #Beattheblues Follow Us for Car Tips:

5 Ways to Beat #Monday Blues in Your Car