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This week everybody’s talking about

Can Rossi win again with Ducati? The new MotoGP season starts next week and Valentino’s doubtful he’ll get on a podium all year. What do you think?

Turn to page 8 of MCN’s MotoGP guide for the expert view on Rossi’s chances

Pains me to say it, only if Stoner, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Spies, Crutchlow, Dovi et al don’t finish. Will Lee, Facebook/motorcyclenews

The Ducati GP12 isn’t Rossi’s main problem. It doesn’t matter what machine you put him on he’s just not as fast as Stoner or Lorenzo these days. Yes I think he will win again, but it will be a lucky win and he will have to be really on it that day. He’s just got to the point in his career when he can no longer keep the young guns at bay. All that said he’s still one of the best battlers on the grid so I guess we’ll have to see how much fight he’s got left in him. diceman23,

As the old saying goes “Form is temporary. Class is permanent”. Rossi is full of class and I’d never bet against him winning again because he will. morganboyz, Rossi’s only chance to win with Ducati is switching to World Superbikes. He was the greatest in his era but that era has passed. It happens with every great sportsperson. Irwan ‘DQ’ Dolman Facebook/ motorcyclenews

The competition for the title is greater than it’s been probably since Doohan, Schwantz, Lawson, Rainey, etc were slugging it out in the early 90s. And like Lawson, who won on both Yamaha

Rossi’s only chance to win with Ducati is switching to WSB Irwan Dolman, Facebook

I think he’s been blagging the testing and is going to whoop some ass

Wayne Colenutt, Facebook

what bike he’s on. Even the Ducati. I’ll name a few legends in motorsport and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common... 1) Ayrton Senna 2) Valentino Rossi 3) Michael Doohan 4) John Surtees... They they were right at the top of their game until the end of their respective careers. OliKart,

The Ducati is a whole new concept and needs much more development than Honda or Yamaha. If the team keeps up the work rate, then I wouldn’t bet against Rossi. Maybe not this year though. Adrian Cherry Facebook/ motorcyclenews

Hope he can win the title but if not just hope he finishes above Stoner. And if Simoncelli was still here he would have won it! Lee Swarbrook Facebook/ motorcyclenews

ShoulD the CaR teSt have a queStion on motoRCyCleS?

and Honda bikes and ended up on the Cagiva, Rossi has picked the wrong Italian horse in Ducati. But Lawson did win a race on the Cagiva in his second year... RawDawg,

Yes. But it only caters for the next generation of riders and drivers. In my opinion the main cause of many near misses is middle-age drivers who are too complacent about their abilities. L4Leezus,

I think he has been blagging the testing and is going to whoop some ass. Wayne Colenutt Facebook/ motorcyclenews

Yes. I signed the e-petition to get a question. If new car drivers are made aware of the issues then that has to be a good thing. viaciofano,

A legend’s skill never goes. Put Rossi back on the Yamaha and he would win the championship. There is something about Rossi that very few people have had in this sport. I’ve never seen anyone like Rossi on the brakes – so controlled and confident, no matter

We need more than that. As part of the car test, why not make all new car drivers do a CBT? That’s the only way they’re going to be aware of the dangers from crap driving we face. BusaBeater,

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