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MOTORcheckUP Presents: The Idea The Innovation The Invention Patents and Credentials Product Overview

To whom it may concern

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Gert Horstmeyer, inventor of the sophisticate products, patent holder and CEO of the companies MOTORcheckUP GmbH and holding MCU IP GmbH. Let me introduce you at a glance to this product presentation, which is only a part of all our possible production. However, with the following samples we like to give an overview and inspire for so called “HOME MADE” products for companies, too. Designed in company’s image and brand, with logos, a product from the company.

Our capacity is likely as endless: Knowing in time, we can produce millions of different products within a few weeks. In addition, we can guarantee the quality, reliability and safeness of delivery. We have exclusive contracts with the only company in the world, which produces the special basic paper, and we have a contract with that company which refines the paper with the special chemicals that are necessary to make the paper a special one – my patent. Be assured: We are very well organised and always dependable. Thank you for your interest. Please let us know when you have further questions. We will be happy to explain and train personally in workshops. Yours, Gert Horstmeyer CEO MOTORcheckUP

Some Test Samples of MOTORcheckUP Product Range

MOTORcheckUP Single and Evaluation This test is created for many applications and target groups: garages, experts, organisations, advertising for insurance companies or banks, cross marketing campaigns, supplement in journals, end user. Delivery always together with the reader and leaflet. Also offered in packages of 25/50/100. For example the Single can be applied in garages as additional service or in combination with marketing and advertising campaigns. The single gives a quick answer of the condition of the engine. Benefits for clients: • up-to-date image of the engine’s health state • possible changes are visible now • possible defects an causes are recognized • necessary measures can be explained • the client can understand what the expert tells him Benefits for dealers and garages • more confidence and assurance • satisfied clients • the expert explains instead of suggestion • creditability is increased and strengthened • understandable statements • better image and client binding • innovativ product, innovative garage

MOTORcheckUP for Used Car Dealers Content: two different tests with one test filed each, the brochure, reader, representative folder. This shape protects the dealers against claim of companions and helps to build up confidentialness. Most important for the dealer is in step one to check the car’s engine which is coming in. Now he finds out if there is everything ok with the engine or he knows what to repair. He sells in step two a car with an engine which he had checked and which he can guarantee its engine’s quality. Benefits for the client: • He knows the current health state if his engine’s state • He doesn’t buy the pig in the pork • Possible defects are indicated • More safety in buying a used car Benefits for garages: • A look into the engine for security • better image • proof not suggest • easier arguments • more profit.

MOTORcheckUP Garage check-up Set Two tests in one for self - control, finding possible defects, marketing, to show the client and to integrate him. The garage tests should be used for all incoming cars. The clients can see when there is something wrong. He can take the test home and check himself on the second field if there everything ok after the service. This test is FOC for the client and gives him a look into his motor. Now he is integrated in the process and the garage can explain and not only suggest. The client feels much more safe. The garage sells easier more filters, injections, oil changes, maintenance parts. Benefits for Clients: • to know if his engine in good health state • he understands what the expert tells him • he getting a good image of the garage • he is thankful for such services • he can save money. Benefits for Garages: • better image • easier arguments, easier sales • more profit • The client will come back – and only the clients who come will buy.

MOTORcheckUP 6 Pack With this test kit it is possible for example to check an engine for a long period. One can test the abrasion and the state of the engine and at the same time documentation. So it is easy to find out when damages are appearing. Also possible to use the 6 Pack combined with the service booklet. And now together with the normal service interval the engine is tested, too. Possible defects can be recognized earlier on. Benefit for Clients. • Current picture of the health state of the engine • Defects are assessed in the engine • Possible defects are recognized • Safety over a long period • Especially for professional drivers: Taxi, Bus, Heavy Duty, Trucks Benefit for dealers • More confidence for clients • Satisfied clients • The dealer proves the result and doesn’t suggest • Better creditability • Understandable Statements • Prove of Image • Documentation for a longer period of the engine

MOTORcheckUP for Experts MOTORcheckUP test kit for Experts contains 4 Test fields and is produced in the format DIN A 6, 8 pages. Besides TÜV-Süd, Dep. of evaluation and leasing returns, with experts of MAS association, SZU association and many discussions with experts from GTÜ, VKS, BVSK, KÜS and DEKRA this version was created for the experts market, garages and institutions. In addition, the whole sellers are very interested. What are the applications? Especially experts and garages use these tests for: • • • • • • •

Evaluation of vehicles Leasing Returns Calculation of damages Second hand car valuations Diagnoses Services Client binding

With this test kit, it is possible to check the health of the aggregates: brakes, power steering, transmissions – and the engine. Only one drop of each fluid is needed to check and to find possible mistakes or break downs. Easy, fast, intelligent. Now the aggregates are not separated when an expert estimat the vehicle or the garage offers a special service. Benefits for companies and experts: they are better than competitors. There are many applications with this new test kit.

FLUIDcheckUP Automotive The FLUIDcheckUP Standard contains three test fields. This test kit tests the efficiency of the operating oils and determines the functionality of breaks, power steerings, transmissions and automatic transmissions. FLUIDcheckUP Standard can be applied to detect defects and these can be remedied at once. More safety for the client and more turnovers for the garage. FLUIDcheckUP can be helpful to increase the sales of all fluids. As a marketing instrument it will invite more clients to visit the garage and it gives safety for both the clients and garage. Benefits for Clients • More safety in view of the fluids and aggregates • He understands the explanation of the expert and agrees faster • He can follow the arguments and is integrated in the decision process • Possible defects are recognized Benefits for Car Dealers and Garages • Satisfied clients • Better service and increase of image • More confidential • Understandable statements • Better client binding • More turn over and more profit

FLUIDcheckUP Industry The FLUIDcheckUP Industry Tests contents two test fields for simple, fast und safe tests for efficiency and functionality of all operating oils. Hydraulic as well as industrial transmission can be checked.FLUIDcheckUP Industry for preventive maintenance, fort he liability of the aggregates, avoidance of expensive repairs and prolong the life. The final result is visible after 5 to 30 minutes depending on the age or weariness of oil. The test can also be used for Marketing actions, invitations, advertising and gifts and special actions Benefits for Clients: • more safety for operating oil and aggregates • client can comprehend possible or necessary maintenance and repairs • potential damages are visible • client can follow the arguments of the specialist Benefits for trading and workshops • more turnover • satisfied clients • professional service and better image • higher trust potential • understandable statements • better client binding

MOTORcheckUP and FLUIDcheckUP for Motorcycle This MOTORcheckUP and FLUIDcheckUP Test Set is created especially for the target group Motorcycle. It is possible to produce the test kit in client’s design (BMW, Honda etc). Cyclists are cautiously with their brakes and they are happy to have a simple and effective way to check both: breaks and engine. With this test he can check the safety of his brakes and the health state of the engine. This test kit is also predestining as an advertising instrument, client binding, give away, marketing, invitation, and proof of service. Not only for garages but also for insurance companies, shops, presentations, fairs, open house. Benefits for Clients • safety for the breaks • safety for the health of the engine • possible defects are indicated • safe money Benefits for Garages • satisfied clients • better service and image increase • increase of confidence • client binding

Client Specification Tests On the following pages we would like to give some samples how we support our clients with their own ideas for Marketing and Sales Promotion. We are not only supplier but always partner and consultant of our clients – we don’t leave anybody alone and research together the best solutions. There are much more samples and ideas. We try always to take our client by the hand and lead him on the right track. Our philosophy is the longterm business. We have also TÜV SÜD, Dekra, GTÜ as clients and in many countries of the world bigger and smaller ones. One of our targets is to be supplier for TÜV TÜRK to check the brakes and power steering.

Also in China and India MOTORcheckUP can be a simple and effective instrument to fight against the pollution, which are one of the biggest problems not only in these countries:

MOTORcheckUP und FLUIDcheckUP for better environment and more safety.

CONRAD Electronic and AXA Insurance Company CONRAD Electronic is selling new consumer package. CONRAD Electronic, one of the biggest shop and online shop for electronic articles in EUROPE, is selling since two weeks the new designed MOTORcheckUP for end consumer. Already from the introduction of that design, CONRAD has shown great interest of this Health Check for Motors.

AXA promotes a special client binding program within their Sales Promotion and Client Compliance Program and has integrates MOTORcheckUP. AXA offers our product for their clients to take advantage of MOTORcheckUP when buying a second hand car or before starting on holiday as well as check to bike and mobile homes. This is for an insurance company important to give their clients the feeling to care about them. Clients can buy the test directly in their shop.

LIQUI MOLY LIQUI MOLY has a new idea created; we designed it and delivered the complete product: Gear Tronic. The concept behind: LIQUI MOLY sells to work shop this kit to give an instrument to store the old ATF and the sample of the new after changing for possible guaranty. With our test, the workshop can check the oil and find out if it contains water or cooling water. On more important benefit: The workshop can show the result to its client. He proofs the necessity of regularly changes of automatic transmissions oil. Client binding in two, three ways.

MOTAIR More safety when replacing the turbo charger is the motto of MOTAIR. In order to assist the workshops of safely replace of turbo chargers, MOTAIR attaches to its turbo chargers two MOTORcheckUP test set to check the lubrication system. „This simple test cannot replace a detailed oil analysis in a specialized laboratory, however it delivers quick and simply valuable indications related to typical breakdown causes in the case of turbo chargers“, declares Andreas Solibieda, CEO of MOTAIR.

SPECIAL TURBO For over 20 years, Special Turbo are the authorized distributor and maintenance center of GARRETT, HOLSET, BORGWARNER, KKK, SCHWITZER, MITSUBISHI and ト兄 turbochargers. And the portfolio also includes turbochargers from IHI, HITACHI and TOYOTA. Special Turbo have over 900 different turbocharger types in stock for various types of passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as for special applications, such as: power generators, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, marine engines, military power units, aircraft engines and also racing high performance engines.

ANNUAL REPORT TESTKIT Developed for Indian and Chinese markets: • • • • • • •

Compact Test Kit for different parts in vehicles Visible graphical way of testing Content can be changed, added, modulated easily We can add a flyer for costumers (car owner) to convey the idea behind and appeal to everybody to get part of this very important task The poster is part of control and advertising in waiting area Posters must be printed on good paper The poster and possible other advertising supports and carry the message of the Government: CLEAN AIR AND MORE SAFETY ON INDIA/ CHINA’S ROADS

PROFI TECH PROFI TECH’s clients are mainly in the near east countries. Motor oil like we have in our countries are in those not available. To proof the quality and reliability of Profi Tech oil, this company trusts on MOTORcheckUP with big success.

FILTEC RIXEN The very well-known filter specialist has its clients mainly in the ship industry. FILTEC uses the tests with 6 windows (six-pack) as a service instrument and for marketing. Now the clients can check the diesel engines themselves.