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A few thoughts about myself...

I was born in Transylvania in the late sixties, where I tried every extreme sports that were possible to try there (motor racing, ski, mountain climbing, water sports, etc.) through which it was decided that the sport is my life. As time passed, in the interest of better results, I had to choose, so motor and ski sports were left. I graduated at the coach and sport-manager department of the University of Physical Education in Budapest as a Hungarian citizen. This helped me to deepen my relation with sports, which is my profession by now. I regularly participate in international competitions as a professional athlete (alpine ski, snowboard, off-road motor sport). The mental, physical and technical trials of the long-term off-road motorcycle rally races are the real challenges for me now and as the first professional Hungarian participant I see opportunities in the off-road rallies within the country as well as abroad.

In order to be effective...

I am looking for such long-term sponsors that would help me in preparing with the latest technology for off-road rally races, some of them taking place through more thousand kilometers of landscapes with extreme weather and conditions. This is the beginning of a long-term program that last trough several years, in order to participate in DAKAR 2012 as the first Hungarian competitor.


My results in motor-sports: Romanian League (1980) third place Romanian League (1984) second place ENDURO Romanian League (1987) third place Hungarian Championship (1997) participant Hungarian Championship (1998) participant Hungarian Championship (1999) participant RALLY Budapest Bamako Rally (2008) participant Budapest Bamako Rally (2009) participant Budapest Bamako Rally (2010) participant

The Team I have a highly skilled team consist of professionals who are committed to do everything they can in order to archive the most outstanding success.

My Goal My goal is to prepare (with participating in several races) for the most extreme off-road rally race in the world, the Dakar 2012. As this is a very expensive technical sport, it has become necessary to cooperate with such serious sponsors, who have a passion for this extreme and very popular sport.

Zsolt Hadnagy motorcycle racer (professional athlete)

Dr. Endre Németh

Dr. Viktor Géza Szûcs

Csaba Erdôs

physical and mental trainer

manager (lawyer-economist)


Dr. Anikó Szunyog



assistance services (provider at DAKAR Rally)

True Off-road



The 2010 KTM 690 R is the best base in the market right now which (with it’s low-mass, brutal performance, rugged off-road techniques and maximum reliability) could be a source for a powerful, built rally motorbike. The 690 Enduro R is the hard enduro of the century. Unbeatable performance, better drivability and a genuine off-road frame. Recipe to an allroader with strong enduro qualities.

Technical data Engine Type

single-cylinder, four-stroke

Bore x Stroke

102 / 80 mm


654 cubic centimeter

Compression ratio



6-speed, claw coupling


hydraulically operated, APTC clutch

Starting from this base (in many places reinforced, rebuilt and enlarged) will be born the most competitive motorbike of the “Argentina-Chile Dakar 2010” race. It is essential to have a background service (assistance) team, that would disassemble and rebuild the motorbike at the end of every day, reducing the chance of technical failures.

Planned preparatory races in 2010 and 2011: Heroes Legend Rallye 2010, 16.10-30.10.2010

Budapest Bamako Rallye 2011, 15.01-30.02.2011

Saharun Rallye 2011, 19.02-04.03.2011

AbuDhabi Desert Chalange 2011, 31.03-07.04.2011 Rallye International de Tunisie 2011 Shamrock Rallye du Maroc 2011

Sardegna Legend Rallye 2011 Silk Way Rallye 2011

Merzouga Rallye 2011 Pharaons International Cross Country 2011

Heroes Legend Rallye 2011



Heroes Legend Rallye, the successor of the Paris-Dakar Only few can afford to participate in endurance motor sport, because the costs and the expectations of the increasing multi-national approach. The spirit of the Heroes Legend competition goes back to the beginnings, thus making the sport more accessible. Roel den Braven came up with the idea of the Heroes Legend. The dutch businessman is an enthusiast of Africa and the Paris-Dakar race and supported several competitors racing in the the desert. The businessman was not so familiar with organizing competitions so he found two partners: Anne Marie and StŽphane Peterhansel, who had all the experiences needed thanks to former Dakar races. Peterhansel is a six-time Dakar winner (he won with Yamaha motorbikes and three times with Mitsubishi off-roads. Their goal was to organize a more professional yet more affordable off-road rally. The Heroes Legende is organized for those who are not racers of constructors but professional athletes looking for a challenge and want to compete with motorbikes or off-road vehicles. This is a race in a such a safe environment, that no other competition can guarantee! The concept and organization of the race is unique, including the appearance in the media as well. The organizers have contact with the governments of all the states where competition is passing. These governments help everyone during the race if needed. It is very important to note that it is also possible to go through a military zones in an organized manner where helicopters and military escorts guarantee the maximum security. The Heroes Legend provides a safe race for competitors and teams who decide: the day has come to test their limits and race through the desert from Paris to Dakar with motorbike or car.



director of the race (six-time Dakar winner)

general coordinator (multiple Dakar-organizer)

Heroes Legend Rally 2010, with a Hungarian racer for the first time! One of the greatest challenges in the non-constructor racer category is the Heroes Legend, where the competitors race through 5 countries, 6500 kilometers, from Paris to the shore of Lac Rose. The race (known mainly in Western Europe so far) opens in 2010 for the Eastern part of the continent too, providing the participation of Hungarian racers for the first time. The organizers allow only 200 racers to participate in order to retain the high standards of the competition.

The Route of the Heroes Legend Rallye 2010. Start : 14.10.2010 (Paris, Eiffel Tower) Offici a l s t a r t : 16.10.2010 (Southern France) Finis h : 30.10.2010 (Dakar, Lac Rose)

Heroes Legend Rallye 2010 media appearances International media appearances

National media appearances (plan)

Media, on a daily basis: • Eurosport • France: France2, France3 • Netherlands: M6 • Belgium: RTL7

Media, on a daily basis: • RTL Klub • Eurosport (being finalized) • Travel chanel (being finalized)

In printed media, on a daily basis: • daily press (being finalized) • journals (being finalized) • sport magazines (being finalized)

In printed media, on a daily basis: • Blikk • Motorrevû • 4x4 magazin

Websites, on a daily basis: • • (being finalized)

Websites, on a daily basis: • • •

YouTube, video: • Heroeslegend 2010

YouTube, video: • Heroeslegend 2010 Own DVD: • Heroes Legend 2010

What we can offer for sponsors: • advertisement space on the motorbike • advertisement space on the team’s clothing • advertisement space on the delivery vehicles • advertisement space on the promotion objects of the team • advertisement space on the team’s website • advertisement space on the poster (1000 copies printed) • advertisement space on the team’s DVD of the race • continuous press and media appearances • participation on the sponsor’s PR events • poster made together with the sponsor for advertisement purpose • the personal appearance of the sponsor at the start and finish line of the Heroes Legend 2010 race • the use and promotion of the equipment provided by the sponsor • daily reports and continuous video • direct link from the team’s website to the sponsor’s website

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Information material for future sponzore, Heroes Legend Rally 2010  
Information material for future sponzore, Heroes Legend Rally 2010