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SOC 315 Week 5 Team Assignment Diversity Action Plan (JP Morgan)

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Diversity Action Plan

Submit the report component of the diversity action plan to the Center for Writing Excellence. Based on the feedback received on the rough draft from the Center for Writing Excellence, finalize the 2,800 to 3,500-word report for the diversity action plan. The format should be both creative and informative, containing accurate information and research from four to six sources. Students will be graded on the following criteria: a. Accuracy of information and concepts and use of credible sources b. Analysis of information and inclusion of a strong summary and/or conclusion c. Interesting, creative, and logical presentation of material d. Quality of writing and composition e. Collaborative group involvement in development of the final product Prepare a project presentation based on the written report for the diversity action plan. Each learning team member will be expected

to participate in the presentation and class activity. Students will be graded on the following: a. Effectiveness of the activity b. Suitable use of required time c. Creativity in delivery of information and utilization of all group members d. Use of visual aids to enhance the presentation The diversity action plan written report and presentation are due in Week Five.

Soc 315 week 5 team assignment diversity action plan (jp morgan)  
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