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eaning behind The Crest...


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The Pillars represent the duality of




(Spirit & Law). The fire represents the purity of her worship while the bridge represents the ushering of the people from the

Vision at Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

natural into His Presence.

Meet Tabitha Vinson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

The arch represents the covering

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Tabitha Vinson

and the wording on the arch is Hebrew for, “Motivational Worshiper”.

omen W

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How long can you go without wearing makeup? ❏ A day ❏ A week ❏ Are you serious? ❏ I don’t wear make up Do you wear artificial hair? ❏ Yes ❏ No ❏ Sometimes ❏ Are you kidding me? Are you whole or hole? ❏ Yes ❏ No ❏ Unsure ❏ Signed, Sealed & Delivered Is there an author in your spirit? ❏ Published ❏ In Route ❏ No way ❏ Plead the Fifth Do you know your purpose? ❏ Yes ❏ No ❏ Unsure ❏ Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Cassietta Jefferson

Art Director

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Copy Editor

Cecile Jo Higginbotham

Illustration & Layout

Jean “Jness” Nerestant

Are you operating in your purpose? ❏ Yes ❏ No ❏ Unsure ❏ Signed, Sealed & Delivered

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Tabitha Vinson

Catch Me if

YouCan… It’s Hard To Get Hit If You Are A Moving Target!


ust the other day I was watching some kids playing a long forgotten game called Dodge Ball. Many of you may remember how it goes and to some degree there are some variations to the game, but the basic rules are as follows:

know the rest. A fight could break out;

One person, who is “picked” has to

space was definitely required, but kids

chase the others with a large, soft ball of

are so creative they can even make the

any color and hit them below the waist

neighborhood block with parked cars

or on their back. If a person is hit, they

on the street and in driveways work to

are out of the game and the last one

their advantage.

you know kids.

Anyway, many times this game is played in the park. As I was watching the kids, they would run in back of each other’s houses or even their neighbors’ homes, hiding behind cars or trees, running up and down the street, even hiding behind a relative as they got out of the car or came out of the house. Every now and then the one who had the ball got one of the players, who then had to sit on the sideline and “watch the game.” There was even a point in that game, because of so much running they would call a “time out” and everyone would get a chance to rest, get something to drink, or whatever.

Afterwards, the

game would resume. I want to add that in order to play this game, a large

standing is declared the winner. If the person that threw the ball hits them, by

As the game eventually came to a close,

accident or intentionally, in the face,

and no one got hurt, thank goodness, I

the stomach, or the chest, tears start

started to look at life the same way as

falling, people get angry, and well, you

this game was played.

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Catch Me if



In the first paragraph of this article

problem; 5) hiding behind a tree which

the enemy; I mean really study the

is a description of a childhood game

is like communal time with nature; 6)

enemy the way that little girl studied

that is very much like life. You see,

running to a relative you can trust and

the one who had the ball. How many

the ball represents the problems that

somehow they’re able to “shield you”

times would we be able to dodge the

we are faced with, whether financial,

or provide an avenue of escape for you;

fiery darts of the wicked or avoid the

employment, marital, children, friends,

then last but not least, 7) out smarting,

traps our enemies set for us?

emotional, mental, physical; you name

out maneuvering the problem until it is

it. When one is “hit” by the problem,

conquered and you no longer have to

it can come from behind (hitting us in

dodge the ball. It is this last statement

the back), or in the face (e.g. getting

that I want to focus on and hopefully

laid off unexpectedly, spouse cheating

bring value to you, the reader.

a friend or loved one, or you or some one close to you finds out they have Cancer). However, in the same game of Dodge Ball, there are at least six solutions to the perceived problem, of which many of us have been guilty of. They are 1) hiding behind a car (we take a drive to calm our nerves); 2) go inside the house and find solace there; 3) go to a neighbors house and seek advice 4) running up and down the street like a lunatic with no real direction and eventually being overcome by the


Tabitha Vinson

watching children play games we grew out of. By watching how she played and won the game, it drove home this one penetrating spiritual principle – it’s

on you, friend or family betrayal, etc.) and even bring you tears (the death of

In essence, we can learn a lot from

As I watched the kids play this game the winner did two things the others didn’t: First, while she hid behind the cars, the trees, the homes and periodically went into the “safety zone” to rest; she actually studied the player who had the ball. She noticed the player was left handed. Secondly, she made sure she stayed on the right side of the thrower. She noticed every time the person threw with their right hand, it showed a weakness; their aim was not that great, thus she was able to “dodge the ball.” Imagine, if we take the time out to study

hard to hit a moving target.


he Vision at Work...


Donec lacinia massa id neque. Ut mattis lacinia dui. Nunc tristique ipsum at arcu orem ipsum Vinson enim in purus. CrasVinson viverra, nibh a tincidunt faucibus. Aenean faucibus ForEver dolor sit PWICU rhoncus viverra, metus massa tincidunt enim eget Paralegal mi. Vestibulum a justo quis Publishing Word amet, enim, ut imperdiet turpis justo nec nulla rutrum porta. Nunc nisl neque, nisl. Nunc turpis libero, tristique eget, tempus at, congue vitae, pretium Is an artistic Is the Internet TV Is the scribal arm Is a paralegal consectetuer convallis sit amet, est. et, erat. firm In nonummy ullamcorper that focuses organization that and radio show,eget, dignissim where the papyruses Duis of euismod massa.are Donec pede. Nunc purus leo, luctus sit amet, on Entrepreneurial adipiscing brings the Wordelit. of and winner the rhoncus (books) written Ministry Duis molestie convallis who mi. interdum id, aliquam nec, elit. Nullam God to lifeid through of Power by authors Etiam nulla Women justo. Education, business Phasellus vel sem. Fusce libero. Fusce accumsan, dui ac accumsan rhoncus, mi dance presentations, Award for Excellence demonstrate organizations and vel nulla dapibusin Broadcasting. dictum molestie neque. magna, ac nonummy plays, street skits, an anointing in ante fermentum intellectual property. seminars and film. principles that are eratin erat vel ante. Donec suscipit. scelerisque. DuisThis faith-based Duis quis est. Nunc vitae arcu sit amet inspirational alignment with the erat tortor, tempor libero dictum malesuada. Vestibulum Ut lorem ligula, aliquet nec, cursus non, phenomenon mindset of Christ. catapults the viewer sed quam a felis dictum volutpat. facilisis pellentesque, enim. Integer auctor, lacinia and listener intosuscipit, elit ut condimentum auctor auctor augue. Aliquam nibh Maecenas id, commodo at, taking full control ofodio laoreet sapien, et enim, viverra lobortis, ullamcorper porttitor, nulla laoreet pede dui vel dolor. Curabitur vitae, aliquet non, dolor. Donec sapien. Nunc eu.their destiny. pulvinar lectus eu ipsum. In eleifend

convallis, magna quis pellentesque

www.tabithavinson.net | publicist@tabithavinson.net


inson V Meet Tabitha


hrough the power of Christ, Prophetess Tabitha Vinson has designed an unmatched method for connecting with people around the world. As founder of the highlyacclaimed media outlet Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit (PWICU), Prophetess Vinson has inspired thousands since 1998. Her accomplishments in the radio, literary, and several other industries have positioned her to become one of the strongest soldiers in the Army of the Lord. A WRITTEN MINISTRY Dubbed the “Motivational Worshiper,” Tabitha began her

Tabitha’s gift to “the skills of a highly-qualified medical

journey toward prophesies while still in elementary school.

surgeon performing a spiritual-based surgery…a unique

She became one the youngest scribes in Lakehurst, New

compilation of self-help and spirituality. Unknowingly,

Jersey to capture emotional teenage issues such as hormonal

she may have introduced a new writing style while

changes and its effect on high school students. After

combining writing and teaching.”

graduating Seton Hall University in the early 1990s, Tabitha rededicated her life to Christ and became aware of the power of healing through words.

Check Your Keys, which Vinson described as her introduction into the literary realm, received accolades from some of the toughest critics in the church – pastors.

As a result of following God’s order, Tabitha announced

“It’s a book that transports ones spiritual being into

plans to author her first book, Check Your Keys. In December

a mode of self-evaluation,” one said. Another stated,

2006, she launched Vinson Publishing, a Christian-based

“Many things I already knew, but the format and content

literary house. Award-winning author Baba Evans compares

provided me with a fresh perspective.”


Tabitha Vinson

THE DOCTOR IS IN ... In the early 2000s, Tabitha found more ways to spread the gospel to a large audience. Her experience in broadcasting eventually took her to Fort Wayne, IN. where she used her industry skill set in public access television, volunteering as a director and audio technician. She was the co-executive producer of Higher Ground, a ministry platform founded by husband and wife team Elders Charlie and Cherry Shivers designed, for pastors to share the good news. As a guest speaker on Full Force Apostolic and The Ministries of Jesus Christ, Tabitha would continue to bless the broadcasting world with inspiration through the Word.

But it was a spiritual quest in 1998 that would help Tabitha discover her calling. Studying under the leadership of world-renowned Pastor Patty James of Word Up Ministries, Incorporated, Tabitha traveled to Israel where she received a life-changing message from God. He ordered her to share His message through performance artistry, and

in 1999, she launched a new ministry called ForEver Word. Through dance, plays, seminars, and dramatic presentations, Tabitha reached people by portraying actual events which can transpire in the spirit realm. A second spiritual retreat in 2000 would find Tabitha in the Midwest to cultivate a deeper relationship with

the Trinity. When she returned to her New Jersey home in 2005, Tabitha introduced the first subsidiary of ForEver Word. PWICU, an internet-based television and radio show, covers a broad range of Christian-geared topics coupled with everyday life issues such as money matters. Airing Thursdays at 9:00 p.m., PWICU features profession-

www.tabithavinson.net | publicist@tabithavinson.net


als who are highly blessed in their fields of expertise, along with well-known authors and speakers.


PWICU soon earned the attention it

Tabitha continues to receive accolades for her service in Christ. This includes degrees, honors, and mentions in various publications.

deserved because of its track record of providing motivational programming. Christian magazine Black Essence


nominated the show for a Christian Broadcasting award and people were talking about how PWICU had grown into the spiritual hospital for the spiritually infirmed. Minister Gilbert Baker, Ph.D of Fort Wayne, IN. stated, “I really felt the anointing very strongly when you spoke; I was in tears. Thank GOD for your faithfulness, for listening to GOD rather than giving up. I am impressed, as always, with your boldness. Be Blessed.”

EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS— Brookdale Community College October 2009 —Loan Officer Certification Monmouth College - February 1995 —Certification in Paralegal Studies Seton Hall University May 1993 —BA Political Science

LEGAL SUPPORT EXTRAORDINAIRE ... Through a relentless can-do attitude, Tabitha founded Vinson Paralegal in 2011. Vinson Paralegal is a virtual firm with a team that boasts more than seventeen years of experience in corporate and non-profit law. From researching, to writing, to providing various administrative duties, Vinson Paralegal delivers the ultimate legal support to small and mid-sized law firms statewide. Tabitha has quickly emerged as a legal professional with a keen grasp of businesses solutions to combat disputes, contractual discrepancies, and organizational compliance.


Tabitha Vinson

PROFESSIONAL AWARDS Manchester’s Who’s Who In Executive and Professional Registry HKC (Higher Kingdom Consciousness) Eagle Award of Encouragement Women of Power Magazine’s Excellence in Broadcasting Award for PWICU

Magazine Features Breathing Word, Gospel Synergy, AAKultureZone, Faithwebbin, A Great Host, Power for Today, His Heart Scribe

Real…Talk, Talk,Talk. Real…Talk, Talk,Talk. Real…Talk, Talk,Talk.

Tabitha’s Seminars: “Praise God Prophetess, I thank : Dancer e mine h t a h God for you, I enjoyed the workc Tabit ’s dan d t r I o . l W u r o e shop explaining How to write or “ForEv y blessed my s the l n o u r k t release what God has placed in tloo istry true ou e a h e w m o your heart and the Panel Dish e gav b, and o t j a s h i t h e , cussion “Writing with Immovrt tim enemy e r a sho o W F ! . h s a k able Conviction, Faith that will thin us, but e o h i t r o s t n c i i not be Shaken” It was an enjoyys w he is v ho alwa as shown w w o n able, very en-lightening Conf. all k lly w I ac-tua an up close . s e l May God continue to Lead you t t ba Word r ” e . v e r E a r and Guide you and your team by Fo l warf Perry as to help birth out new Revolupiritua e s l a f o G w vie od, NJ tionary Christian Writ-ers.” Lakewo

Love Grace & Peace in Jesus Name! Prophetess Shirlene Dozier

e the wright: y. I’m glad I cam ar lv Tabitha the Play Ca to y ne ur ree Day Jo er seeing “I went to see Th enlightening. Aft e or m as w y da corEach light. Each play w ne very first night. le ho w a in riod. see Calvary ring that time pe the whole play I du en pp ha at th events so than a movie. e or m responded to the en ev c ti is g the vivid and real were able to brin The play were so rs to ac e Th . ay see this pl this play was very in e se u Children should yo gs in ne. It eir world. The th t this play to anyo es gg audience into th su d an ge -a should ld encour East-er! This play meaningful. I wou ng ri du st ju t no ytime should be seen an n Sis. Joe Ann Darde be on the road.” te erment Cen r Fellowship Empow

Tabitha th e Speaker: “Thank Go d for your Testimony (Keep it R eal)” Bishop Clare nce Eldridge Christ Church of F aith – Indian a

Tabitha the Paralegal: “Tabitha is an out-of-the-box thinker while at the same time demonstrates the ability to tailor projects to the vision and needs of her clients. Her mark enthusiasm in her work is contagious and inspires others to excel.” Dr. Harvey, CEO Greater Works Deliverance Ministries, Inc.

www.tabithavinson.net | publicist@tabithavinson.net


Spotlight: Check Your Keys

This inspirational book offers insight on how to snatch back your keys of authority and take full control of your life. Through the use of metaphors, Check Your Keys provides avenues to do some heavy duty spring cleaning in the home (i.e. your spirit). Written in a simple, straight forward style, this invaluable tool will help you live life to your fullest potential. The book is like an atom; small in size, but mighty in power. Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: Vinson Publishing - October 2013 Language: English ISBN-13: 978-0-9795649-2-5 ISBN-10: 0-9795649-2-1 Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches


orem ipsum “I started reading Check sit Your Keys Part dolor 1 and I couldn’t put it down! I love the amet, way you’ve written it, how clear and to-the-point it is. Sometimes Christian consectetuer writing is just a lot of confusing words but yours is not. It makes the point, adipiscing gets everything acrosselit. that we need to CHECK OUR KEYS and watch what we Etiam id nulla are handing ourselves over to through our actions and thoughts. We need to bevelwhat nulla dapibus ware doors we are opening! It was an incredible read - powerful and very scelerisque. Duis timely. I know it has so much power to reach many and transform them just erat tortor, tempor with the easy-to-read and understand presentation. so blessed you shared auctor,I am lacinia it with me and I look forward to Part II.” id, commodo at, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino For Today sapien.Power Nunc eu.Magazine


Tabitha Vinson

Reviews: Donec lacinia massa id neque. Ut mattis

lacinia dui. Nunc tristique ipsum at arcu

enim in purus. Cras viverra, nibh a

tincidunt faucibus. Aenean faucibus

“Anyone can go tometus a store to purchase rhoncus viverra, massa tincidunt a book, but sometimes you come across enim, imperdiet turpis justo one thatutcatches your attention and nec beforeNunc opening to the first tristique page you eget, just nisl. turpis libero, know that it’s a good read. Check Your convallis eget, dignissim sit amet, est. Keys - Part 1 is such a book. First and Duis euismod rhoncus Donec foremost the cover caughtmassa. my attention the Duis detail and colors are fantastic. justo. molestie convallis mi. Inside, the message came from a totally Phasellus vel sem. Fusce libero. Fusce different direction. It’s a book that dictum neque. providesmolestie an insightful and enjoyable message that everyone could apply to their lives. Simply putvitae I loved It! sit amet Duis quis est. Nunc arcu

“Let me be mi. the first to say that I’m not enim eget Vestibulum a justo quis into self-help books. HOWEVER, I found

nulla rutrum nisl neque, this reading to porta. be of a Nunc great awareness.

I have never one’s spiritual being tempus at, seen congue vitae, pretium

compared structural foundation of et, erat. toInthenonummy ullamcorper a house. This opened my eyes to many

pede. Nunc in purus leo,and luctus amet, more things my life how sit some-

thing so profound as your spiritual being interdum id, aliquam nec, elit. Nullam

can be related day life. I would accumsan, duito acevery accumsan rhoncus, mi recommend this reading to all, especially

ante ac They nonummy to thefermentum “new” babesmagna, in Christ. will

be able tovel easily seeDonec how the things that erat erat ante. suscipit.

Lynette Hernandez

cause destruction in our lives are actually set in motion by our lustful ways. Ut lorem ligula, aliquet nec, cursus non, Keep up the writing/ministering!!!!!!!”

Maecenas suscipit, elit ut condimentum

L. Carter auctor auctor augue.Saundra Aliquam nibh

porttitor, nulla odio laoreet sapien, et

enim, viverra lobortis, ullamcorper

laoreet pede dui vel dolor. Curabitur


pulvinar lectus eu ipsum. In eleifend

convallis, magna quis pellentesque

libero dictum malesuada. Vestibulum

sed quam a felis dictum Toms volutpat. River, NJ

facilisis pellentesque, enim. Integer

Macon, GA





Suggested Q Interview Questions? Interview Questions

1. Who is Tabitha Vinson?

2. You’re called in many Christian circles a Motivational Worshiper. How did that come about and what is the meaning behind it? 3. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 4. In your writings, you seek to encourage and inspire others. What life circumstances has God used to inspire your writing and your writing style? 5. Tell us about your journey to publication. 6. Being a Prophetess, how has your book been woven in your ministry? 7. Can you share with us some of your accomplishments? 8. How do you find time to do everything? 9. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans? 10. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

www.tabithavinson.net | publicist@tabithavinson.net


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Choose the topic(s) you wish to discuss: Prophetess Vinson to conduct a workshop: q Armorbearer q Dance q Entrepreneurial Ministry Education Prophetess Vinson to give an artistic presentation: q Dance q Play q Street Skit Conduct an interview with Prophetess Vinson: q TV q Radio

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The purpose is to get to know who YOU are? Answers can be submitted via email on our site or via fax to 413.639.9794 1) Tell Us About Yourself! 2) Who do you admire the most? 3) Do you own a non-profit or wish to? 4) What would your non-profit do five years from now? 5) Share a milestone from your Christian journey 6) What has been some of your greatest accomplishments? 7) If you could write a book, what would it be about? 8) Are you published? 9) Who is your favorite author? 10) Would you consider yourself a leader?

A staff member will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours from the time of submission to obtain further details. 14

Tabitha Vinson

Profile for Tabitha Vinson

Motivational Worshiper Tabitha Vinson Media Kit  

Motivational Worshiper Tabitha Vinson Media Kit