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Enhancing Business Performance Visitor Analytics in Shopping Malls


he future is now! Visitor Analytics cracks open the door to the next era of shopping, using data to advance service and boost profits. Home to world’s biggest shopping malls, Middle East has always been a leading force adapting new technologies. The tremendous value of using this immediately actionable real-time data, generated by visitor analytics devices such as people counting, queue management and multicamera heatmap, is not only increasing conversions but ensuring your customers to choose your mall repeatedly over competitors and even online shopping. As setting the goal of being the best customer-centric visitor analytics technology company in the field, V-Count was born a decade ago. Today, with 25.000 devices installed around the world and partnering with 100+ shopping malls and 300+ retailers, our company has evolved into a success story and a leading global manufacturer of state-of-the-art people counting sensors able to measure not only every visitor coming in a shopping mall but also their age group, the specific areas they have visited, which floors were the most popular, which stores had the biggest engagement/ footfall, how visitor traffic changes day to day or year to year, the correlation between visitor traffic and weather patterns. In addition, malls can measure the performance of each corridor’s footfall activity, which will allow them to validate and adjust accordingly the rents of their tenants based on actual data. Measuring day-to-day the traffic of every store and therefore their conversion rate, shopping malls can also keep track of the stores with the highest revenue contribution. Our continuous effort to push the technological boundaries further and provide our customers with revolutionary new features such as

DEMIRHAN BÜYÜKÖZCÜ Co-Founder & CEO V-Count Demirhan, who has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA, is the Co-Founder & CEO of V-Count, the global technology leader in visitor analytics solutions. He has also developed computer vision and machine learning solutions for retail, military, security and automation industries over the course of 13 years. He has co-founded Onedio. com, which is the 3rd most visited website in Turkey, with more than 80% of Turkish internet population visiting monthly.

gender recognition and AI based forecasting compliments our 98% data accuracy rate. Due to our persistence to our customers’ safety and privacy is the reason, all data collected by our sensors are stored and analyzed on our own cloud-based Business Intelligence Platform powered by Amazon Web Services. We keep working hard to tailor our solutions to the needs of our customers while we provide 24/7 support. To support our clients in the best possible way, we opened our latest office in Dubai, which will be leading all operations in the Middle East. Our offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Miami, as well as planned new offices in Singapore and London, are a testament to our commitment to great service. This commitment together with our goal to be the best in business has been complemented by our 100% annual growth and two major European venture capitals who have invested more than $4 million in V-Count.


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Retail People Magazine – Issue 15  
Retail People Magazine – Issue 15