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The Rise and Rise of

Food & Hospitality in Malls


rom the social and business events to the personal hunger, the multidisciplinary ways we eat, dine and socialize are changing dramatically with future trends being clearly identified. The science of the art of food and hospitality master planning and its ability to set your malls apart is now very clear. The transition to a “Lifestyle Destination” has been confirmed. A deeper understanding of these key trends in food and hospitality is crucial to the success of future centres of consumer engagement. Francis Loughran is a global leader in the foresight of food in food and hospitality trends. He’s a trend subject industry specialist with over forty years experience in translating hospitality, cultural and consumer research into a highly effective strategy for the world’s leading malls developers. In this article, Francis not only identifies the current and future trends affecting our malls, but he explains the relationship between the multi-disciplined approach which is converting our malls into mixeduse developments. Is it possible that the modern lifestyle destination will drop the four-letter word M.A.L.L. as it reinvents itself as a mixed-use project featuring food, hospitality, entertainment and other experiential asset-growth segments? Looking across the Middle East and the world, it is clear that our shopping centres, malls, retail precincts - whatever you want to call them - are

no longer single-purpose shopping malls, they are mixed-use projects offering so much more than product-focused retail. Changing customer needs and behaviors bring new opportunities to our lifestyle destinations through food, hospitality, and entertainment. The ever-changing demands of consumers are one of the biggest concerns our clients have, as they seek to tailor buildings, spaces, and experiences fit for the modern lifestyle destination. Those consumer behaviors are constantly evolving. Reacting and responding to global trends and individual needs, consumers now demand a highly customized lifestyle. As people seek more ways to connect in real time and extend their social experiences, food is a big component of this.



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Retail People Magazine – Issue 15  
Retail People Magazine – Issue 15