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Editor’s Letter

Jean-Marc Mansvel in An Emblem of Distinction on Welcome to The Clarity Issue. page 30, Suzanne Santos, Co-Founder & Chief Customer This issue focuses on clarity of mind, body and Officer AESOP in The Invisible Details on page 60 and most importantly vision. Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s International Artistic One call-out for this month and with clarity Director in Natural Clarity on page 66. of vision in mind, is the launch of the new version of emirateswoman.com 2.0. The new website is Beauty and lifestyle wise, we look at purifying from designed to deliver an enhanced reader experience to the inside to see clarity on the outside. In Nourish on match the appetite of our ever-growing regional and page 68 we compile an edit of the best smoothie and international audience. We are grateful juice recipes for clean skin and a clear to be growing this community and this mind, A Clear Path to Beauty on page was the vision from the outset, to have 70 looks at how Gua-Sha contours and YOU ALWAYS both a global and local viewpoint. refines and Refuel on page 86 gives us the KNOW. Aligning the standard of digital full lowdown on how to hydrate, invigorate aesthetics to that of the content produced and rejuvenate with vitamin IV therapy. and with the execution level of print issue has been an We spend time in the office with Julie Lemke, important focus as this allows digital to reflect the Founder of Julie Lemke Skin in Personal Space on incredible work the team produces on a daily basis, page 82 and speak to some of the most incredible showcasing it in the best light. I couldn’t be prouder of women we know about how they find clarity in their what the team have achieved – huge congratulations! lives in Finding Clarity on page 78. Finally, The For our cover shoot Elevated Cool on page 20 we Wanderlust enchants us with global bolt holes that partnered with Lala Diamonds, a fine jewellery brand feel next-level calming on page 92 designed to deliver dedicated to crafting timeless pieces with an added you to a place of clarity of thought. edge and from stones with optimal clarity. When it comes to clear vision, if in doubt take a step back and give yourself some peace. You always know. We have exclusive interviews with Chaumet’s CEO




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ava i l a b l e at a l l m a j o r b o o k s t o r e s a n d o n b o o k s a r a b i a . co m








Monitor News p.16 Social Listings p.18 Elevated Cool – Cover Shoot with Lala Diamonds p.20



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An Emblem of Distinction – Exclusive interview with Chaumet’s CEO Jean-Marc Mansvelt p.30

The Edit – The coolest optical frames for crystal clear vision p.34



Hot New Buys p.56 Clean & Clear p.58 Natural Clarity – Interview with Guerlain’s AnnCaroline Prazan p.66


Flawless – Timepieces set with flawless additions p.36

Building a Legacy – Exclusive interview with Dr Harold Lancer, founder of Lancer Skincare p.64

Poetry in Motion – Interview with International Marketing & Communication Director of Van Cleef & Arpels, Jean Bienayme p.40 Transform – Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book 2022, BOTANICA p.42

Nourish – The best juice recipes p.68 A Clear, Contemporary Cut – Interview with Amy Smilovic, Founder & Creative Director of Tibi p.46 The Legacy – Celine’s revival of the Triomphe monogram stands strong p.50

A Clear Path to Beauty – Gua-Sha contours and refines p.70 Skin Deep – Filters & social media p.72 Beauty Shelf – Haya Abdullah p.74 AM to PM Beauty – Fay Ezzat p.76


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The Invisible Details – Interview with Suzanne Santos, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer AESOP p.60

The Pad – Perspex additions that add edge to your interior p.80

Personal Space – In the office with Founder of Julie Lemke Skin, Julie Lemke p.82

78 Refuel – Hydrate, invigorate and rejuvenate with vitamin IV therapy p.86 Clear Vision – How Mayabay is set to make its mark on Dubai p.88


Finding Clarity – Incredible women discuss how they find clarity in their lives p.78


The Cover

Canary Club – The latest addition to Joey Ghazal’s restaurant empire p.90 The Wanderlust – Luxe resorts set amongst clear sapphire seas p.92

Emerald studs Bel Lala Diamonds


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5/31/22 4:38 PM

S PA I N D U LG E N C E Treat your loved one for something unique and special at Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa. Offering privacy and tranquility in equal measure, the Spa Indulgence stay is inclusive of secluded private suite with your own private, temperature-controlled swimming pool, gastronomic dining experience at our signature restaurant, Al Diwaan and selected spa services for two at Timeless Spa. *Terms & conditions apply FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK YOUR STAY PLEASE CALL 971 4 832 9900 OR VISIT AL-MAHA.COM

The Refresh


The latest launches, new openings and hero buys C O M P I L E D BY: S A R A H J O S E P H

S I L K- S AT I N S TA P L E S Taking inspiration from under the sea, Oliva Von Halle’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection merges screen-printed artistry with modern finesse. Each set from the Siren Collection is carefully constructed from the most superlative silk-satin mix.

Cleo Diamond & White Agate Ring in 18kt Rose Gold Dhs12,000 Marli

Lace-up Duchesse-Satin Midi Dress Dhs6,052 Rasario

Casablanca Seppia Silk Crépe De Chine Pyjama Set Dhs1,950 Olivia Von Halle


Magic Wand Brow Gel Dhs90 R+CO available at NET-A-PORTER



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Face Tight Serum 30ml for Dhs1,044 Skin Design London available at NET-A-PORTER

Mina Bag Dhs1,900 Cult Gaia


SoftLight Luminious Hydrating Concealer Dhs112 Rose Inc

Les Mules Aqua in Leather Dhs3,135 Jacquemus




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hen working out, you always want to feel as comfortable as possible. With new designs and innovative technology, Nike is equipping women with everything they need for seamless movement all day, every day and this is why the Alate bra range ticks all the boxes. Embodying complete comfort, inclusivity and versality, it’s the must-have piece for all women. Using innovation, the comfortable sports bra is lightweight and breathable, designed to be versatile for any activity. Most importantly, inclusivity lies at the forefront of the design and is the first bra by Nike to be offered in a wide range of skin tones

and sizes. Available in two different models, the Nike Alate Coverage and Nike Alate Minimalist, both ensure you are free to move how you please. The Nike Alate Coverage bra supports completely giving increased coverage and the internal fabric technology gives the perfect amount of stretch and optimal support for any activity. Similarly, the Nike Alate Minimalist bra uses the same elevated internal fabric technology for the best support whatever the activity, just with a more minimalist appearance. So, whether you’re sweating it out in the gym, sitting at a desk or climbing a mountain, the Nike Alate bra will become your most reached for wardrobe item.


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Award-winning skincare products plus glow-giving facial treatments.

Bringing the iconic style and flavour of the West Coast to Dubai.

A luxury brand devoted to culture & lifestyle.




Wellness, IV infusions and booster shots for a clean, clear life.

Non-invasive skincare tools to enhance your daily beauty routine.

Clean, contemporary classics, founded by Amy Smilovic.




This culinary Asian haven is where modern meets traditional.

Luxury fragrance house born in Paris, shaped around the world.

The cruelty-free makeup brand committed to being transparent and sustainable.

Social Listings A curated guide of inspiring accounts to #follow C O M P I L E D BY: S A R A H J O S E P H



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Lala Diamonds creates timeless pieces with an added edge EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 20

5/31/22 3:43 PM

EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 21

5/31/22 3:43 PM

Previous page: Diamond hoop Seetha, Diamond letter necklace; This page: Emerald studs Bel; Right page: Diamond half band Haya, Emerald ring Golden Solitaire; All Lala Diamonds

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EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 23

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EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 24

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Left page: Diamond Peace ring Athayde, Diamond cross necklace Fé; This page: Hearts ring Hera, Rainbow ring Rainbow; All Lala Diamonds

EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 25

5/31/22 3:44 PM

This page: Diamond band earring Lagertha; Right page: Diamond hoops Seetha, Diamond half band Aya, Diamond ring Rita; All Lala Diamonds

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5/31/22 3:44 PM

EW_062022_P20-29_Cover shoot.indd 27

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Both pages: Diamond square ring Alma, 3 level stack ring Aurora; All Lala Diamonds

5/31/22 3:44 PM

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AN EMBLEM OF DISTINCTION Rich in heritage and history, experts in craftsmanship and adored by some of the most prestigious families of the past (and present), it’s safe to argue Chaumet is one of the most iconic jewellery houses of all time. Dating back almost two-and-a-half centuries, the Maison’s CEO Jean-Marc Mansvelt discusses with us why Chaumet is – and always has been – an emblem of excellence. 30 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P30-33_Chaumet.indd 30

What does Chaumet’s brand represent? A Maison of heritage and history which is almost two-and-a-half centuries old, whose history is intertwined with the history of France, which has served very prestigious clients, first as the jeweller to Emperor Napoleon and the Empresses, then to the royal families, to the great families who have succeeded in business, in all the countries of the world. But it is also a Maison whose clients have been great artists, musicians and writers because it is not only a Maison of distinction but also a Maison of culture. But to survive and go through the decades and centuries, Chaumet is also a Maison that has known how to adapt, to live with its time, to adapt to the times, to the fashions and to the desires. It is therefore a Maison that combines tradition and modernity, that remains faithful to its style, its spirit, its culture, but at the same time knows how to please the customers of the different times, adapting, renewing, combining a long time with the creativity of the present time Talk us through the history of this iconic jewellery house. Born before the French Revolution, Chaumet took off with the first Empire as the jeweller to Emperor Napoleon and Empresses Josephine and Marie-Louise. It then crossed the eras and periods and was again a very essential Maison in the Second Empire. And although very Parisian, this Maison was very early open to the world. It knew how to take an interest in different cultures, to respond to the expectations and special orders of the great clients who typically came to Place Vendôme, the place of reference for Haute Joaillerie, where Chaumet created its first address in 1809. This openness to the cultures and customers of the world is very important because it has remained faithful to its style, its taste and its themes, but its vocabulary has been enriched over time and its creativity has been nourished endlessly. How do you ensure you continue the legacy of such a historic Maison? Several things are essential. First of all, a good knowledge or understanding of the Maison, its history, its stylistic repertoire. This is made possible by the extraordinary quantity and quality of heritage preserved at 12 Vendôme, our iconic address. Everything has been preserved since the birth of the Maison in 1780. Without repeating what has been done, by nourishing today’s creativity with this knowledge of designers and jewellers, the Maison draws on its roots to reinvent itself. Second, are we up to the standards of our predecessors? Are we up to their standards, their creativity, their virtuosity? Or, in other words, do we think that what we are doing today will be seen in 20 or 50 years as being worthy of what has gone before us? This combination of knowledge, understanding as well as a humble approach are very important to continue on this legacy we believe.


5/31/22 4:29 PM


EW_062022_P30-33_Chaumet.indd 31



5/31/22 4:29 PM

32 emirateswoman.com

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“If we are to characterize Chaumet, we must remember one simple idea: Chaumet is and always has been a choice of distinction.” FAS H I O N

5/31/22 4:29 PM

Chaumet is all about the finer details when it comes to its pieces. Talk us through this process. It is the very essence of Parisian Haute Joaillerie to pay the greatest attention to every detail. A Haute Joaillerie creation is a team effort, which can last from two to three years between the vision, the designer’s drawing and then the interpretation and manufacturing of the craftsmen (jewellers, setters, polishers). Typically, a detail that is really striking is how you do the openwork, the polishing on the back of a piece. A piece is magnificent obviously from the front, but you can see in the Chaumet tradition how it is incredibly worked, meticulously composed and finished on the back too. Another example at Chaumet, how we stay true to a style that is as light as possible, almost miraculous, to make the stone shine as much as possible, reducing the material as much as possible to give the impression that the stone is suspended as if by miracle, floating in the air. What have been the most significant moments in the 240-year history of Chaumet? In fact, it is difficult to summarise Chaumet in a few key dates or moments. Of course, we can talk about the take-off at the time of the first empire, but in fact, what is most remarkable is how Chaumet has eternally been able to adapt to the times, to fashions and to different customers. The Maison has always been able to evolve, question itself, to adapt without ever denying itself, while remaining faithful to its major themes, to its stylistic repertoire, to its most emblematic virtuosities. What sets Chaumet apart from other jewellery houses? If we are to characterize Chaumet, we must remember one simple idea: Chaumet is and always has been a choice of distinction. The Maison’s customers are not looking for recognition or demonstration, they are not looking to say that they have arrived, or to look like everyone else, by wearing Chaumet. On the contrary, wearing Chaumet is a sign that you are not wearing what everyone else is wearing... you are wearing a creation that sets you apart. But this creation is not only an alternative, it is also a cultivated choice. This creation has a meaning because it is symbolic and/or part of history, etc., and in a style made of lightness and a kind of minimalism where the strength is not in the “too much” but on the contrary in a certain form of sophisticated simplicity, in a kind of purity that goes straight to the essential, the opposite of “in your face”. Chaumet is, in a way, the Maison of clients who make up a club of very “graceful and characterful” personalities, a sort of club of distinguished and distinctive people. When it comes to creating new collections, where do you get your inspiration from? Very much from the heritage and what has been important in the history of Chaumet… a

theme and inspiration ideally that has always been around. And, as a sort of endless creativity, it is the challenge to reinterpret once again, reinvent once again… In fact, it is once again the same idea: Chaumet is about time, about eternity. How do we select a theme and inspiration in order to stay in continuity with this legacy but always adapted to the moment, the mood of today, the choice of our clients now! Throughout its lengthy history, Chaumet designs have adorned many notable figures.


EW_062022_P30-33_Chaumet.indd 33

Who would you say are the most iconic women to have worn Chaumet pieces? The first personality that comes to mind is obviously Empress Josephine, who has been a great client and muse of the Maison ever since. This very modern woman for her time, who knew how to create fashions and be a true figurehead of style and good taste, a multi-faceted woman, very “grace and character”, really contributed to forging many dimensions that remain alive today at Chaumet. A strong woman who knew how to move the lines while remaining in her place, an aristocratic woman of great culture who accompanied her husband in this crazy destiny of a couple who fascinated her contemporaries and left a lasting mark on history. And also, very emblematic of the icon of the Maison: the tiara. It was really with her both the symbol of the emblem of power as well as the coronation of this love story between her and Napoléon.

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5/31/22 4:30 PM

34 emirateswoman.com

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5/31/22 4:31 PM


From top: Aviator-style tortoiseshell optical glasses Dhs1,506 Gucci Eyewear; Square-frame optical glasses Dhs3,962 Cartier Eyewear; Metal aviator glasses Dhs1,350 Bottega Veneta available at MATCHESFASHION; Dior Signature O oversized optical glasses Dhs1,798 Dior Eyewear available at NET-A-PORTER; Square-frame acetate optical glasses Dhs1,409 Celine Eyewear

THE EDIT The coolest optical frames for crystal clear vision


EW_062022_P34-35_The Edit Optical Frames.indd 35

emirateswoman.com 35

5/31/22 4:31 PM


FLAWLESS Timepieces set with flawless additions

36 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P36-39_Flawles Watches.indd 36


5/31/22 4:34 PM

CARTIER Cartier Libre

Entirely reversible, the Cartier Libre watch can be turned over thanks to a flexible elasticated strap: on the front, it is a watch, and on the back, a bracelet. The exquisite craftsmanship and character of this hybrid creation consists of a series of triangular links. This continuously repeating sequence of forms allows the colours to infinitely diffract light.


With this delicate demonstration of its miniature painting know-how, Jaeger-LeCoultre interprets the fascinating unpredictability of shooting stars. Made of sapphire glass and set with diamonds, the dial is hand-painted with stars, clouds and a moon.


Orlinski Bracelet Titanium Alternative Pavé The Art of Fusion is expressed right through to the heart of the movement. In this watch Hublot carries out a perfect symbiosis between functionality, architecture and design with the Unico automatic chronograph.


EW_062022_P36-39_Flawles Watches.indd 37

emirateswoman.com 37

5/31/22 4:35 PM

BVLGARI Legacy Machine Flying T Allegra

This story is also that of an unlikely connection, of two paradoxes combining to form a single, homogeneous and sophisticated whole. When MB&F and Bulgari decide to join forces, the result can only be extraordinary, in the truest sense of the word.

TAG HEUER Carrera Plasma

The new timepiece features the innovative Diamant avant-garde technology and a disruptive design. This technical disruption is a new way of mastering design and the play of light with material, and the versatility of lab-grown diamonds provides unbounded creativity.

38 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P36-39_Flawles Watches.indd 38

5/31/22 4:35 PM


Limelight Gala


With over 250 diamonds meticulously positioned using a claw setting for the marquisecut diamonds, a snow setting on the dial, a channel setting for the baguette-cut diamonds, and a grain setting for the brilliant-cut diamonds on the bracelet, this piece is nothing short of stand-out brilliance.


Octo Roma Grande Sonnerie Watch

A masterpiece that brings together the marvel of sound with the preciousness of gemstones, the Octo Roma Grande Sonnerie watch in 18 kt white gold with a green alligator bracelet magnificently fuses Haute Horlogerie with High Jewellery.


EW_062022_P36-39_Flawles Watches.indd 39

emirateswoman.com 39

5/31/22 4:35 PM

Poetry in motion

French luxury jewellery and watch company Van Cleef & Arpels debuted stunning models at the recently concluded Watches and Wonders. We speak to Jean Bienayme, international marketing and communication director at Van Cleef & Arpels about the direction that the maison is headed 40 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P40-41_Van Cleef.indd 40



Tell us about some of your highlights at Watches and Wonders this year. On one hand, we have the automatons – the Rêveries de Berylline automaton and the Fontaine aux Oiseaux automaton are major highlights this year. On the other hand, our highlights also include the Heures Florales watch with the flowers that open to tell the time. It’s a new poetic complication with a completely new module that we have developed internally, which is a big achievement for the maison. Give us an overview of your presence across the Middle East market and how much does this region contribute to Van Cleef’s overall business? A lot. It’s a region that includes several countries, and we are now developing teams in more countries on the ground, for instance in Saudi Arabia. We operate there with a partner. Now we also have a team there. We started three years ago and this is very important because it helps us really to develop the business and build the brand’s image. The entire region contributes significantly to our business. And during the pandemic, the clients within the region didn’t travel a lot, and it was during that time that our business developed quite significantly within the region. Van Cleef has been an active supporter of the Saudi Arabian creative arts scene. It recently renewed its partnership for the “21, 39 Jeddah Arts” event too. How invested is Van Cleef in Saudi in general? Saudi Arabia is very important to us. In fact, we’re going to be sharing some information later this year that will further illustrate the investment we plan for the country in the future. We have a continuing partnership with Jeddah Arts. Jeddah Arts is


5/31/22 3:49 PM

important because [the major cities in Saudi are] Jeddah and Riyadh. We also recently announced that we are opening a new boutique in Khobar and we just launched online too, so we’re going into e-commerce. Last year, the “Transformation of Gold” exhibition was held at the Dubai Opera boutique. What are your plans this year in the UAE? It’s always a matter of transmitting our values through special exhibitions like the one we had in Dubai Opera last year. We regularly have exhibitions within our boutiques to transmit knowledge about our high jewellery. In Dubai, at the end of January this year, we launched our high jewellery collection titled ‘Sous les Étoiles’. Several Van Cleef pieces regularly come up at auctions worldwide. Do you work with auction houses to authenticate these pieces? They approach us sometimes for authentication. We have our patrimony department that can trace the products in the archives. We have really detailed archives because the Van Cleef & Arpels family kept detailed drawings, and mockups of some pieces too within the archives, so we can rely on it to certify specific pieces. We have our teams dedicated to certification and authentication, and they work closely with these auction houses. The pandemic has seen a shift in overall consumption patterns and attitudes towards luxury. How has Van Cleef responded? For us, the Covid pandemic meant that we had to evolve to online sales, build our e-commerce platforms and develop our digital platforms. When we were developing our e-commerce, the idea for us isn’t only about a channel to sell, but also one that would present the [story of the] maison. We don’t use our digital channels only to increase our sales, but we use it to help people know our maison better. We’re looking to build a long-term business [strategy]. And if you want to be long-term, you have to really develop your image. So on our side, we had to develop a lot of the content specifically for our digital platforms. Alongside developing our online presence, our physical network is integral to the overall experience of the brand. People who come to our boutiques have high expectations, so we’re working constantly at [upgrading our] physical boutiques too. The Dubai Mall boutique will be renovated in the coming months. Markets like China have become increasingly domestic-focused, while the Ukrainian crisis has impacted certain markets in Europe. How is Van Cleef adapting to these shifts across its international markets? I think our mission is to offer beauty and enchantment. Even with the situation globally, we still pursue our mission. We’ve always had some Russian clients in the Middle East. We are welcoming clients wherever they are, and we hope to offer them the same experience [that they

would find at home]. Our other markets, for example the US, is really booming. Tell us about this year’s Lady Arpels Ballerine Enchantée. This is the perfect example of Van Cleef & Arpels’ love for dance. The inspiration came from the dancer Anna Pavlova who was comparing herself to a butterfly. The movement is on-demand and you have the wings that indicate the time using the rattrapante function. We are all about craftsman-


EW_062022_P40-41_Van Cleef.indd 41

ship and so we have plique-à-jour enamelling technique. The most difficult part was finding the right colour for the dial. We now work with lead-free enamel. We didn’t want to compromise at any level and so it was a real challenge to find the light pink enamel dial. How is Van Cleef furthering product innovation within the maison? So product innovation [is evident] with the new Heures Florales watch. It has a completely new module. You can read the hours by counting the number of open flowers. It took us four-five years to develop this project. Some of our craftsmen have been in the maison for 30-40 years. They have great technique, and they too often innovate by combining, for example, white gold and rose gold which sounds easy, but it is very hard to do. It is really about innovation at the service of telling a story. We work with external experts as well – for example, we didn’t know how to blow the glass for the Planetarium, so we approached an expert living on an island in the west of France. He said that he could help us but that he only blows glass of 34 cm. But we said that we required 60cm. And so we worked together and pushed the boundaries of each other.



5/31/22 3:49 PM


EW_062022_P42-45_Tiffany.indd 42

5/31/22 3:53 PM

Left page: Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Feuillage Earrings in Platinum and Yellow Gold with Tanzanites and Diamonds; This page: Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Collection Unenhanced Purple Sapphire Bracelet in Platinum with Diamonds

Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book 2022 – BOTANICA is a celebration of heritage and innovation, encapsulated by transformable high jewellery pieces that feel as contemporary as they do classic

EW_062022_P42-45_Tiffany.indd 43

5/31/22 3:53 PM

This page: Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Collection Esteemed Demantoid Garnet Necklace in Platinum with Diamonds; Right page: Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Fleurage Brooch in Platinum and Yellow Gold with an Aquamarine and Diamonds

EW_062022_P42-45_Tiffany.indd 44

5/31/22 3:54 PM

EW_062022_P42-45_Tiffany.indd 45

5/31/22 3:54 PM

A C L E A R ,

EW_062022_P46-49_Tibi.indd 46

5/31/22 3:56 PM


EW_062022_P46-49_Tibi.indd 47

5/31/22 3:56 PM


What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine? While still in bed, I grab my iPad and download the Wall Street Journal. I peruse and read about four to five articles before getting up, which is usually around 6:15 am. I then make two cups of coffee and while it’s brewing, I check my Instagram DM’s. I can usually answer around 20 messages before the coffee finishes brewing. Lastly, I write a to-do list for the day while sipping my coffee. What inspired you to launch Tibi and how has it evolved? I’ve always been fascinated by why we dress the way we do. I always knew I wanted to start my own company and as I have been pretty good at business, I decided to launch one. With a strong experience at Ogilvy and American Express, in addition to the myriad of jobs I had since the age of 11 throughout college, be it waitressing or

48 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P46-49_Tibi.indd 48

more, I knew my experience would help. After moving to Honk Kong in 1997, I had already spent four years at American Express. I was in the right place and it was about time for a career pivot, hence, I decided to start my own company. With a combination of my love for fashion and sketching as I had a minor in art in college, I believed this was something that I could do well. The brand champions individuality yet embraces a cool, contemporary aesthetic. Was this the vision from the outset? It was the vision from day one, but I would say on day 15, the vision changed. I didn’t understand what I needed to do to stay on track. As I became interested in exploring fashion and different styles, I wasn’t great at connecting the dots for my customers on how the whole story fits together. For years, I became more about key trends rather than an identifiable

throughline – a clear brand DNA. But today, it’s a different story. We know who we are, and we never steer from it. How do you achieve effortless polish when you personally dress and how does having a clear idea of your own taste support this? I always think about the way I would describe myself – relaxed, modern and a bit classic. This always has to be reflected on me at all times, especially in my clothing choices. The character trait that makes me distinct is that I crave things with a sense of humor, with a witty spin. Every time I dress, I work to achieve this. Can you talk us through your creative process and how do you ensure consistency season after season? The creative process is ongoing. Each collection begets the next in some way, either it is a reaction against it or a desire to continue for more. No matter what, it keeps the collection connected if I am rejecting something I’ve done in the past, because I am a human and really do wear my own clothing that logically follows that others are rejecting it too. It’s the answer we all may be craving mutually. The same stands to reason for when I desire to continue a storyline we’ve started – but to leave it stagnant never feels right. I always want to push forward, with measure. Your utilitarian spirit is visible in the Spring 2022 collection – tell us more? The Spring collection really was about curiosity and thoughtfulness. How I crave that expression in what I wear, that balance between creativity and pragmatism. I wanted to explore a creative side this season that involved handwork like the crochet of a knit or the slice in the sleeve of a sweater while balancing this with utility, making sure each detail had a place in the life I live every day. This is The Clarity Issue – how do you maintain clarity in your life and work practice? Well, it’s all a scale. Some days I do it well and some days I do not. Often, when I reflect back, I see maybe I did not give myself enough credit at the time as it’s a process. The best way to achieve a clear vision is to constantly question yourself but doing it in a way that propels you forward and does not lead you in negative circles is key. I am not indecisive; however, it doesn’t mean I always make good decisions. This does mean that I choose to move forward or backward if it’s where the decision led me. I trust in the process, and sometimes you do have to take a few steps backward in order to move forward, right?


Amy Smilovic, Founder & Creative Director of Tibi on creating a brand with a clear, contemporary DNA


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Previous pages: Chain shoulder bag Triomphe; This page and left: AirPods Pro case on chain; All Celine


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This page: AirTag medal holder; Right page: Crossbody oval purse Cuir Triomphe; All Celine

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An edit of powerful products created for a well-defined beauty routine

The Creative Design your own lip shades with cutting-edge technology and take them with you on the go. Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lip Colour Creator Dhs1,500 YSL Beauty

This redefining eye serum reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines while conditioning the brows. The Radiance-Renewing Eye Serum Dhs1,175 Chanel

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A Clear Support This nourishing blend lifts impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Cleansing Balm Dhs175 Verso




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The Detox A powerful cleansing face mask that exfoliates the skin and tightens the pores. Pure Qasil Face Mask Dhs70 Black Flamingo

SMOOTH The ultimate post hair removal care formula to eradicate bumps and soothes irritation. Ingrown Eliminator Serum Dhs132 fur

Dreamlike This scent takes its wearers to the French Riviera with stand-out floral notes and a touch of mystery. Lust in Paradise Eau de Parfum Dhs955 Ex-Nihilo

Youthful Volume

Hydrate This nourishing lip treatment infused with lemon and mint essential oils protects the skin from dryness. Balmessence Lip Treatment Dhs128 Oribe


EW_062022_P56-57_Beauty Hot New Buys.indd 57

This cream moisturizes thirsty skin for a natural, high-volume plumping effect. Vanity Cream 50ml Dhs275 The Seated Queen



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CLEAN & CLEAR Cleansers that deliver a deep clean while staying kind to your skin WORDS & STYLING: AMY SESSIONS

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01. Cleanse & Clarify Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Mask, 100ml Dhs270 MZ Skin; 02. Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser, 120ml Dhs247 111 SKIN; 03. Breakout Foaming Cleanser, 100ml Dhs112 Dr Sebagh; 04. Cleansing Balm, 100ml Dhs191 Verso; 05. The Cream Cleansing Gel, 100ml Dhs225 Augustinus Bader; 06. Botanical Milk, 200ml Dhs166 Anne Semonin; 07. Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk, 200ml Dhs180 Aesop; 08. Electrogel Cleanser, 100ml Dhs135 Lixirskin available at NET-A-PORTER; 09. Purifying Cleanser, 125ml Dhs297 Tata Harper; 10. Cleanser, 150ml Dhs247 Dr. Barbara Sturm




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05 07

06 10


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tants, and an aesthetic anchored not only to our sensibility but also to local culture, traditions and materials. Staying afloat in today’s consumer society is about staying true to your values. We have found our voice by operating outside of industry norms and honing the simple pleasures of honest communication, exceptional customer service and products that are backed by science. Tell us how your past experiences led you to co-found your own brand? I grew up with a family that paid attention to a good diet with a focus on whole food and a healthy lifestyle. Thereafter I studied sociology at university and then travelled outside Australia. Finally, I became a parent. All these experiences combined with an engaged life contributed to the beginning of Aesop. Being engaged in the community and enjoying the pleasure of conversations also assisted the creation of a customer focused brand. We also began in a world where much of what defined cosmetics was poorly formulated and executed, so a creative approach was eagerly embraced by the first customers. How did you know you were ready to make the leap and launch your own brand? Aesop was established with an anticonformist approach. When we first began 35 years ago, very few beauty companies were using essential oils, however our founder Dennis understood these botanical ingredients and the remarkable ways they could support the skin. He initially pioneered the use of essential oils in formulations to treat colour-damaged hair, and from this work grew a modest hair and body care range. By 1991, we were ready to start developing exceptional skincare products. The sink demonstration has long been at the core of the Aesop experience. Back when we started, we had very limited access to sinks, so I used bowls and replenished them with fresh water for each customer. Aesop was different, because the experience wasn’t just about explaining the benefits of each product – it was about the need to feel and smell the aroma of our products. Working with the imagination, and nourishing the totality of the senses, was the best way for people to understand us. These demonstrations deeply resonated with our customers; that is why the sink remains the pivotal being of Aesop to this day. Have you had any mentors along the way and if so, what has been the best advice they have imparted to you? Pursuing skincare alone without supporting it with great decisions around food and lifestyle is nothing more than a waste of time. The results of cutting corners with your physical and mental health will catch up quickly. Feeling fantastic, is visible and tangibly supports your skin. I don’t remember from whom this came, however I grew up in a home where food mattered as did exercise and reading. The foundation of my life was led this way, as was the selfresponsibility that promoted. How do the creative and commercial sides care to create formulations of premium efof the business work together and do you ficacy and sensory pleasure through solid science. We will never stray from focusing feel particularly drawn to one side of the on products that are formulated with our business? A creative sensibility underpins customers’ needs in mind. Above all, our all that we do at Aesop – not only our colstores and counters are the embodiment of laborations with artists, artisans and arour philosophy, and our approach to retail chitects, but also our approach to hosting service. Architecturally speaking, no two and the formulation of our products. We Aesop spaces are ever the same, but when a believe that good design improves lives and customer enters any door around the world, implement this ethos in every aspect of the they encounter the familiar: the products on company, from product packaging to inteour shelves, the knowledge, gracious hospirior architecture. The creative and the comtality and service extended by our consulmercial at Aesop are therefore intertwined.

The Invisible Details

Suzanne Santos, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer of AESOP has a meticulous eye for detail and an incredible sense of what it takes to build a global brand, subtly What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine? My day almost always begins with a long walk, before which I like to prepare my skin to face the day. The skin on the face is more delicate than that of the rest of the body and it is exposed to our environs constantly. For both these reasons, we need to treat it with care and respect; and the breadth of Aesop’s cleansing range is testament to the importance we place upon this simple everyday act. A gentle but disciplined approach helps to purify the skin and maintain its natural balance. We have just had summer in Australia, which is very dry and hot. To support my skin in these conditions I would use something like Amazing Face Cleanser, a product with long history in our range which is suitably effective in lifting and removing excess sebum and surface impurities. I would then tone, moisturize and apply Protective Facial Lotion SPF25 to support my skin in the sun. What is at the heart of AESOP, the DNA? Our approach to skincare has always been fiercely independent. We take meticulous

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exceptional service to our customers, though the COVID-19 pandemic posed a great challenge to our approach. While we could no longer see each other or host our customers in store, the events of the last two years also created opportunities for us to connect with our customers through new avenues. During this time, we began to offer Live Assistance and Virtual Consultations via our website, as well as Click & Collect and Call & Collect services as a safer way for our customers to experience our retail locations, while maintaining our commitment to impeccable service. This offering will only expand in the future, allowing our customers to engage with us in whichever way is most convenient and agreeable to them, ultimately strengthening our bond. Meanwhile internally at Ae-

sop, despite the challenges, we have worked in incredible unity and harmony. We were always a harmonious group of individuals across 26 countries and numerous languages. The design to hold each other tight has absolutely been the home of innovation for us during this period, and it’s been the safety net that’s held us all together. How has social media affected the business and which platform has been most useful? As a brand that focusses on the needs of our customer, social media is another medium for us to connect with them and serve them. It is our digital language and gives us the opportunity to share our values on an ongoing basis and grow a community that shares those values. Social Media has not necessarily ‘affected’ our business, it is simply part of our business and has become another medium through which we can communicate our authentic self. Through social media, the story of anything happening in one store can be told globally, such as ongoing sustainability efforts: support of under-


Overall, this approach underscores our commitment to a balanced approach to life – one that regards creative pursuits and intellectual curiosity as integral to a life well-lived. The brand is known as much for its ingredients as its aesthetic. Was combining the power of both a key strategy from the outset? In a way, our ingredients and ‘aesthetic’ feed into each other. The amber bottles we use, reminiscent of a 20th century pharmacy, were no longer widely used in the industry when we first started the business. Our primary intention has always been to ensure the quality of the contents; the vessels must be functional, minimalist and humble. We are attentive to aesthetics, but the amber bottles’ main purpose is to protect our products from light, therefore making them last longer. When it comes to ingredients, the strength of our approach relies on combining the best that plants and science have to offer, mixing generous doses of botanical extracts with laboratory-made ingredients. Beyond the quality of our formulations, we also take great pride in the skilled, knowledgeable and gracious hosting extended by our consultants to an ever more diverse audience across the globe. How important is honing in on the finer details to building a business? Honing in on the details is the most important thing you can do as a business – this is how you find out what matters most to you, how you find your voice and how you stay true to yourself. Though there have been many attempts to imitate our approach, none can match the formulations, sensibility and attention to detail that distinguish what we do – or our unique approach to hosting our customers, or the calibre of the service we provide to them. Our dedication to detail is what defines us. How do you implement such detail when it comes to customer experience? The experience within any Aesop store, and our relationship with our customers, is never a simply transactional one: it is also educational, prescriptive and sensorial. We host our customers in calm, warm, comforting spaces that look, feel and smell good – each store a restorative haven of visual harmony where they can sit and have some tea if they wish, and receive informed service from consultants of the highest calibre and knowledge. We have a meaningful conversation with each of our customers to understand their concerns, skin type, environment and preferred textures. We invite them to explore the formulations with us: demonstrating each product at the sink, allowing customers to experience how it feels on their skin, has become the ritualistic hallmark of the Aesop consultation. What has been the biggest challenge since launching the brand and how did you overcome it? We have always strived to deliver


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“Staying afloat in today’s consumer society is about staying true to your values.” represented voices with Radiomatique, and passion for design with store photography. All platforms serve a purpose as long as we feel we are connecting to a customer. We have taken time to cultivate a presence globally and communicate in multiple languages across all platforms. Do you see any buying trends globally in terms of products and if so which? A longterm approach to supporting skin health has always been at the heart of Aesop. With the pandemic, however, I noticed a real change in people’s understanding of this mentality. Before, people would perform their skincare rituals as quickly as possible, without giving much thought to the ingredients they applied and where they came from. The various lockdowns endured around the globe, for many people offered a pause, and we now look at the products in our bathroom cabinets with much greater consideration. We now give further thought to the purpose behind each product, as well as its ingredients. As part of this, I think people are now

much more open minded to the idea that that tending to the health of the skin is an ongoing endeavour, rather than a case of quick fixes or ‘end results’. We invite our customers to embrace a process and approach of continuous – but gentle – care and support, giving ongoing attention to their skin and understanding its individual needs. This attentiveness requires time and space, but there is so much joy to be found in shutting out the itself and must be obtained through dietary noise and really connecting with our skin as sources or topical application. it passes through the seasons, if only for a few moments each day. How do you implement the finer details into Which are your personal favourite products your own life? Thoughtfully, the finest qualities in life are the most well considered of simand why? For me, a key product that exemple pleasures. Self-care whether physical, inplifies Aesop’s innovation and respect for tellectual, or emotional defines real attention. ingredients is Sublime Replenishing Night Making decisions to favour early morning exMasque, which was designed as an alternative to sheet masques, without the waste. ercise, focusing on reading as a daily pleasure It’s a richly hydrating facial treat for skin and the giving of yourself to others truly rein need, boosted with Vitamins B, C, E and wards. The joy of homecooked food, made of F to even, nourish and replenish. Sublime love, feeds the soul, as does stopping to smell is extra special because this is Aesop’s flowers, walking on beaches, and seeking the first product that incorporates Vitamin F, vision of nature whenever you can. By clingwhich is an essential vitamin. This means ing to quality in whatever decisions I make, it is a substance the body cannot produce this has enhanced the joy of living.


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Building a Legacy


Dr Harold Lancer discusses building an effective and beloved skincare brand that’s been patient-focused for over 37 years

Talk us through your career. At the age of seven, I accidentally fell into a basin of nearboiling water, burning over 10 per cent of my body. It was an incredibly painful and unfortunate experience, but it also changed my life forever. My mother would take me daily to the general medical doctor in my small town who would gently remove all dead and melted flesh from the various parts of my body, putting on oils and superficial “dressings”, as that was all my doctor had. Slowly, day by day, week by week, month by month, my very significant burns healed. This is where I became very impressed at the meticulous nature of the practice of medicine and surgery, and the fact that the skin can heal when it’s nurtured. Essentially, I became fascinated with the fact that skin is an organ that can do miraculous things and heal itself when it’s given the right tools. This led me into wanting to pursue medicine and dermatology from a very young age. In 1983, I began to practice medicine, surgery, and cosmetics treatments of the diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. I saw the incredible importance of home skincare regimens, and that the global population should be educated on the importance of daily skin self-care in order to perpetuate normal restoration of naturally aged skin and environmentally prematurely aged skin – and the rest is history! How did you first enter the beauty space? Well, I trained in medical and surgical dermatology and was aware of the fact that even when you’re dealing with skin cancer removal, the end cosmetic results is as important to the patient as the fact that the tumour has been removed. When a patient has

a problem that must be treated, the elective cosmetic component is just as important and plays a factor from the beginning. What inspired you to start your own brand? From my professional experience, I saw the need for developing a very specific new approach to skin home care. I aimed to reinvent the concept of a normal “wash, tone and moisturize”, into a new method of skincare by introducing the original Polish, Cleanse, Nourish for three different skin types, Normal-Combination Skin, Sensitive-Dehydrated Skin and Oily-Congested skin. You launched Lancer in 1985 – 37 years ago – how have things evolved since then? Things have evolved immensely. The brand is now globally recognized and it’s a national brand in the US using high-grade ingredients, thoroughly studied chemistry “cookbook” formulations as it’s called. How has Lancer changed the skincare game? Lancer Skincare is guided by consumer patient needs. Patients are the ones who feeds the brand the nourishing information of what niche needs to be filled, hence our “From


EW_062022_P64-65_Lancer.indd 65

Practice to Product” and “Achieving Believable Beauty” statements. You’ve become the go-to for many high-profile names. What’s it been like to know your brand and your skills have achieved this level of success? It’s extremely gratifying that the effort you’ve put out there is recognized and appreciated. It makes me feel humble and blessed that you have actually done something useful that has done some value to other individuals that have been recognized. Throughout your career, what have been the challenges you’ve had to overcome? There is a big differentiation between the education of an ingredient or product from a specially trained, board-certified dermatologist and other studies that may be out there. In order to properly educate the consumer, having the knowledge of an expert, board-certified dermatologist who has had many years of experience, medical school residency and fellowship should be the true education for the consumer. What have been the key milestones? The global marketing of the brand has been very successful. The growth of the brand as a physician solo-owned brand has been a huge accomplishment for Lancer Skincare. This is The Clarity Issue – what does this mean to you in a beauty sense, but also as a life mantra? There is an evolution of a legacy. I grew up on a farm and suffered from an injury. I benefited from this injury by learning and observing the skin’s healing process. Decade after decade, there is a persistent evolution of success. It’s a slow, gradual, progressive, honest, evolution. Not only is this the moral of the story, but also the moral of the story in life. Now, that’s a success story.

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Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s International Artistic Director, on protecting the brand’s heritage through clarity of vision WORDS: SARAH JOSEPH

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EW_062022_P66-67_Guerlain.indd 66

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine? When I wake up in the morning, I usually do some stretching and try to bring positivity to my day by being grateful for what I have. I never stop thinking about my projects even at night, so I like to write my thoughts in a notebook every morning. Then I drink a cup of green tea, wash my face with clear water, massage it as I was taught by Guerlain beauty coaches to sculpt my face. I take a shower perfumed with the Herbes Troublantes soap which is still in development, and a touch of my favourite perfume l’Heure Bleue, which is a true second skin to me, and I immediately feel stronger than ever.


Natural Clarity

How have your previous roles prepared you for your current role at Guerlain? When I was working at Balenciaga, I got passionate about the story of its founder Cristobal Balenciaga, I read everything I could about his life, and most importantly, I spent as much time as possible with Mrs. Marie-Andrée Jouve, Head of Archives at Balenciaga at the time. When I joined Guerlain, I immersed myself in the breathtaking history of the house and its extraordinary legacy. Fragrances are my entire career, I have cherished them throughout my life, surrounded with marvelous people who taught me a lot, including members of the Guerlain family. I have always been deeply passionate about beauty. One of my daughters is currently studying ceramics at the Ecole Duperré, after a programme at the prestigious Ecole Boulle as arts and crafts run deeply in my family’s blood. I also studied Art History for a long time and spent most of my free time in art galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world, like the TEFAF in Maastricht and Art Basel. I feel extremely lucky to live right in front of the Centre Pompidou which I visit at least once a week. Everything in my life prepared me for my current role. Being head of culture and heritage requires a permanent curiosity for contemporary art and the ability to seize every enriching meeting opportunity possible. What lies at the heart & DNA of Guerlain? At the heart of the house, there’s a strong family history of brilliant creators who composed


5/31/22 4:59 PM

some of the most iconic scents of their generations. Guerlain is deeply committed to excellence and luxury. Each ingredient is chosen with great care by experts, each fragrance defines its own time. Guerlain means almost 200 years of creative audacity and passion for art and is known for frequently collaborating with highly-talented artists across the world. Guerlain’s DNA is also its deep commitment to nature and the bee, it’s sentinel. Can you tell us about your daily skincare routine? My skincare routine is extremely important, it helps me reconnect with myself and prepare for the day. First, I clean my face with cold water to tone the skin in a natural way. I also use Créaline H20 to soothe my face. Then, I apply my favourite Guerlain products, the Orchidée Impériale micro-lift Serum and Light Cream, as well as the Black Orchid eye contour cream. This combination of products is wonderful, it detoxifies the skin in depth and gives an intense sensation of lightness. At night, I use the Abeille Royale skincare collection using BlackBee Repair technology, which accelerates the skin’s repair process and increases its firmness. As a final touch, I apply my beloved Double R anti-ageing and lifting serum. Finally, when I travel, I use the wonderful Super Aqua mask or the incredible Honey Cataplasm Mask to avoid dryness and revitalize the skin. Guerlain is laser focused on natural ingredients. Has this been the focus since the brand

was founded? Indeed, Guerlain is focused on natural ingredients since the beginning, today more than ever. The Guerlain family has always deeply loved and respected nature. From the creation of the house, sustainability is key, whether through choosing natural ingredients or eco-friendly innovations, such as the creation of the Ne M’oubliez Pas refillable rouge à lèvres in 1870 for the first time in history. The magical appeal of Guerlain fragrances is based on the rigorous selection of raw materials and exquisite oils from all over the globe. In its early years, Guerlain was one of the companies that filed the most patents in France. Innovation is an integral part of its purpose as a brand. Nowadays, Guerlain owes much of its success to nature and especially to the bee and the immense quality of

“Nature has been our greatest source of inspiration since 1828 and remains more than ever at the heart of our concerns.” BEAUTY

EW_062022_P66-67_Guerlain.indd 67

the products it provides. Guerlain is committed to protecting bees at every level, notably through the ‘Guerlain for Bees Conservation Program.’ Our new 2022 Aqua Allegoria collection is the embodiment of Guerlain’s everlasting commitment: its perfumes are composed of up to 95% ingredients of natural origin, contained in refillable recyclable bottles and formulated with organic alcohol. The brand is known for its beekeeping history. Can you expand on the importance of this and how it supports achieving flawlessly clear skin? The history behind Guerlain and its connection with bees dates back to 1853, when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain became official perfumer of the imperial court thanks to the Eau de Cologne Impériale, dedicated to Empress Eugenie, contained in the iconic Bee Bottle. Thanks to the healing and therapeutic benefits of their honey, bees have kept inspiring numerous legendary products of the House, such as the Abeille Royale skincare collection, the Aqua Allegoria fragrances since 1999 and the new Kiss Kiss Bee glow lipsticks. In 2011, when the Abeille Royale collection was created, Guerlain searched for the purest honey possible, and found it on Ouessant Island in Brittany, made from endemic black bees. On this occasion, the bee became even more than an emblem for the House, by becoming its sentinel and the symbol of its sustainable commitments. The protection of the bee has been a priority ever since, which translates into nine meaningful partnerships and initiatives. Among them, the Women for Bees programme in partnership with UNESCO, is a beekeeping entrepreneurship programme for women which aims to train new women beekeepers to increase bees’ protection. We have a strong beekeeping history at Guerlain, and we believe that if we need bees for the numerous virtues of their honey, bees need us to ensure their protection in return now that they’re endangered. This is The Clarity Issue – what’s your key principle to maintaining a clear vision? Nature has been our greatest source of inspiration since 1828 and remains more than ever at the heart of our concerns. Our vision is crystal clear, and I think Guerlain’s Raison d’Être speaks for itself: “In the name of Beauty, we act by elevating Nature to an Art and commit to passing on its wonders to future generations, with the Bee as sentinel.” We’ve been using honey since 1833 at Guerlain, and the House values more than anything the role of bees and their precious elixir. Without bees, there’s no flowers, and without flowers, no planet. Our vision is focused on the protection of bees, sentinels of the environment, to protect the Earth. This is our vision for the centuries to come. Our key principle is to stay true to the DNA of Guerlain, promoting innovation, sustainability, wellness, and beauty.

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The best smoothie and juice recipes for clean skin and a clear mind

The Super Green

1/2 cup water 1/2 cup coconut water 2 handfuls of spinach 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup of blueberries 1 tbsp. of nut butter (optional) 1 tbsp. matcha 1 tbsp. spirulina SUPERPOWER: Energy and clear skin The Good Gut Health


ou might be multimasking daily or adding in tech tools to optimize skin, but if you’re not feeding your face with the nutrients it needs then it won’t work. Fresh ingredients (berry-wise you’re ok with frozen) and high-quality, nutrient rich supplements can boost your skin from the inside out.

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EW_062022_P68-69_Nourish.indd 68

2 handfuls of spinach 1 lemon 1 cucumber 5 stalks of celery SUPERPOWER: Gut cleanser and clear skin The Post Workout Protein Boost

1/2-1 cup coconut water 1 cup oat milk 1 banana 1-2 cups of any berries 1-2 dates (optional) 1 handful of spinach

1 tbsp. WELLECO’s – Nourishing Protein in chocolate 2 ice cubes SUPERPOWER: A protein boost The Rise and Shine

1 cup pineapple 2 cubes of ginger (cut to taste) 1 tbsp. turmeric 1 whole large cucumber 1 handful of basil SUPERPOWER: A clear mind The Full Power Player

1-2 handfuls of kale 1 tbsp. spirulina 1 tbsp. WELLECO’s – The Super Elixir 1 cup chia seeds 1/2 of a vanilla pod (optional) 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup Coconut water 1 squeeze lemon SUPERPOWER: Improved digestion, clear skin and enhanced energy levels


5/31/22 3:39 PM

EW_062022_P68-69_Nourish.indd 69

5/31/22 3:39 PM

A Clear Path to Beauty WORDS: SARAH JOSEPH

Gua Sha stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage, releasing excess fluids that can cause puffiness and bloating. For a clear, well-functioning system whether you’re working on the face or body this practice can help contour and refine 70 emirateswoman.com

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We spoke to certified esthetician, Julie Lemke, to get the beginners guide so you can practice at home. What are the benefits of Gua Sha? Facial Gua Sha promotes a healthy flow of lymph, blood and qi, which are all key elements for naturally glowing skin and chiseled cheekbones. It helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production which is essential for bouncy and plump skin. Furthermore, it can help to diminish dark undereye circles, as well as minimise the appearance of your pore size and reduce blackhead activity. Facial Gua Sha can work on completely eliminating superficial fine lines and aid in improving the appearance and depth of wrinkles. It speeds up the natural detoxifying properties of your skin and can help lessen inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. It is phenomenal at releasing muscle tension – rehydrating connective tissue and giving you a brighter skin tone. Looking below surface level we also need to acknowledge that Facial Gua Sha is a game changer in terms of tension relief, it is simply impossible to feel stressed when you glide the tool over your skin. And being in a relaxed state of mind will help your body to heal and repair better and faster. The benefits are apparent just after one session; however, consistency is key, the more consistent you are the longer the results will last. Are there any specific techniques involved in Gua Sha and what should we watch out for when practicing at home? I frequently get asked, am I doing this incorrectly? Nine times out of ten, I would reply, no, it is not wrong, but the technique is less effective and will not give you the full benefits of what Facial Gua Sha has to offer. In order for Facial Gua Sha to be the most effective one must apply the correct technique. One of the biggest downfalls is forgetting to open the neck, you need to drain the neck before the face to ensure the flow is correct. It is crucial to open the lymphatic pathways and release tension in your neck and shoulder region before moving to the face. That is where the magic happens and where you start to notice a dramatic difference in your skin’s appearance. It is also key to be mindful of not combining pressure and speed at the same time, when the pressure is a bit firmer the movement must be slow. If working on superficial lines releasing and breaking up fascia-adhesions using a friction technique – we can go at a high speed, but the pressure would be the lightest – otherwise you run the risk of bruising. Last but not least, maintaining a 15-degree angle to the surface of the skin, not pulling, but gliding and always having an anchor hand supporting your skin for a gentle pull and stretch when moving your Gua Sha tool. How often do you recommend doing a Gua Sha facial massage and do you suggest visiting a professional practitioner to guide your learning first? I believe it is such an individual thing. However, I would say, just because Facial Gua Sha is good, too much of anything can have the opposite effect. If you’re practicing it too frequently and for longer sessions, you can run the risk of overstimulating your skin, which will counteract the purpose of performing Facial Gua Sha. You can practice Facial Gua Sha daily, however, I do not recommend

practicing multiple times in a day, but once a day or a few times weekly is desirable, all depending on how your skin reacts. When working with the Facial Gua Sha technique we are working with the natural healing response in the skin to boost rejuvenation. Being gentle and making sure your skin adapts to this new routine is key for a successful result. I offer one-on-one Gua Sha training simply because it is so much easier to get the technique once it is shown hands on. Having spent several years learning the correct technique myself, I know how confusing it can be to watch a tutorial online. I would say having hands-on training, fused with online tutorials is probably the most effective and quick way to get the technique right. Secondly, social media is flooded with non-licensed professionals giving incorrect advice or showing techniques that are ineffective, which then results in you not achieving the optimal outcome. When is the best time of day to incorporate this into your skincare routine? There is really no best time to practice your Facial Gua Sha, as long as it is done consistently you are good. Finding the best time is so individual. Some of my clients like to use it an unwind ritual in the PM hours to smooth out the day and prep for their nighttime routine. Others may find it incredibly invigorating and awakening, which helps them to drain, contour and depuff their face from a long night of sleep. Gua Sha is also a game changer in contouring your face, before applying makeup. So, grab your tool before a night out and notice how many compliments you will get. Where should we be buying our tools from and which stones do you feel work best for all in terms of their properties? I personally love the FaSha-Gua Sha from Shiffa. The tool is made of clear quartz and has multiple edges to target different concerns and areas on your face, neck and decolletage. The Clear Crystal quartz is known as the “master healer” and can aid in improving your overall skin condition and boost skin immunity. I recommend always buying your Gua Sha from a reliable source to make sure your crystal is authentic and ethically sourced. I am aware that you can probably find some cheap alternatives online on Amazon. However, be aware that those can mimic a crystal but in fact be coloured glass. This is essential as you will hopefully be using the Gua Sha on your skin daily if not weekly, so make sure the stone is of good quality and made by someone who knows the anatomy of the face, to utilize all the effects of what Facial Gua Sha has to offer. This is The Clarity Issue – how do you maintain clarity in your life and work practice? I swear by meditation to keep my mind clear, focused and sane. It is such a simple practice yet so powerful and life changing. My goal is to practice it daily, however, I do not force it and I do not practice full on 45 minutes sessions each day. Meditation for me is about gently tuning in and connecting with yourself. It can be for five or 10 minutes, preferably in the morning to set the baseline for the rest of the day. Taking a quiet space can give you a sense of calmness and awareness even though you are living in a fast-paced lane. I would say the busier I get the more important my meditation practice becomes.


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Skin Deep

Influencer Faye Kingston on creating more transparency in the world of social media and filters


ocial media was once a space where the fourth wall was broken down and transparency and relatability were at the helm. However, over the years platforms have grown and developed as have the millions of daily users on them. What once was used as a space to connect with people all over the world has become a booming business and arguably a place of thwarted reality. Social media, particularly Instagram, is often used as a highlight reel, showcasing curated tidbits of people’s lives showing only the very best. Along with this, we have seen a boom in the use of filters on platforms. In various different ways, users are now able to warp their appearance – some in funny ways, others so realistic you’d be mistaken what people look like which, in turn, are creating unrealistic beauty standards. In a bid to bring back transparency to social media, UK entrepreneur Faye Kingston took a stand in 2020. Launching her own filter on Instagram, ‘Filter vs. Reality’. This filter, in short, aims to show people what you look like with or without a filter, with half the face airbrushed and porcelain and half the face normal. “The idea behind my split-screen filter, ‘Filter vs Reality’, was to create something unique to show people how these dramatic beauty filters rid selfies of skin textures, tones, scars, everything that makes you and how it’s affecting our mental health,” she tells Emirates Woman. A little over two years after launching, the filter has had nearly five billion impressions to date, with even celebrities like Jessie J and Jen Atkin jumping on the bandwagon. Below, Kingston tells us the inspiration behind launching the filter and how she’s bringing transparency back to the internet.

unique, beautiful, strong, powerful, loved & worthy without any filter. It’s now had nearly five billion impressions. What has the feedback been from the campaign? I have been blown away by the positive response I had, and I never knew we all needed this reality check in our lives. So many people have reached out to me to say how my ‘Filter vs Reality’ filter has made a positive change of ‘self-acceptance’ in people’s lives. It’s a reminder that social media is fake, and textured, pore filled, and discoloured skin are all a natural occurrence. How has using filters/Instagram over the years affected your mental health? I was addicted to using filters until I realised social media is fake and what you see online simply isn’t real or achievable. The beauty filters can do more harm than good, altering self-image and pressuring young girls to try and be the way the filters make them look on the apps. And such pressure can cause depression or even eating disorders in some cases. In what way do you think it contributes to unattainable beauty standards? The problem with these filters is you see a side of yourself with dramatic filters that doesn’t exist, which corresponds to an unnatural and inhuman ideal of beauty that you can now achieve with filters. It’s the unhealthy obsession we all have with that perfect look. A 2017 study in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications found that people only recognised manipulated images 60 per cent to 65 per cent of the time. With the prevalence of filters and airbrushing on social media, it is terrifying to think of how it will be possible for young people to grow up with standard, realistic images of what is beautiful? What is your relationship like now with using filters on Instagram/social media? I have a love and hate relationship with filters as all the playful filters are fine, but the ones that can be damaging are those with dramatic changes to the face – which can cause mental health and self-esteem issues. It’s easy to feel insecure, seeing how so much of the content we consume daily is filtered and photoshopped, and everyone looks picture-perfect; it’s hard not to point out your flaws, but REAL Is always beautiful. How can we move forward in a world of social media to be transparent with the way we look/without filters? I think it’s time to “break that habit” of overthinking how we look in pictures because nobody is perfect, and everyone has “bad photos” we choose what and what not to share on social media to put out a good image of ourselves. We all should move towards the powerful place of self-acceptance.


“The problem with these filters is you see a side of yourself with dramatic filters that don’t exist, which corresponds to an unnatural and inhuman ideal of beauty that you can now achieve with filters.”

You’re now a well-known content creator on Instagram. What has your relationship been like with editing photos and using filters over the years? I have been on a self-love journey for a long time and at this stage of my life I am in the best place I have ever been, I have never been happier and it’s all down to self-love. I tend not to edit my body shape however I do edit my photos to brighten up the lighting and makeup etc. I have always been open about the edit as I got nothing to hide and like I said, ‘Social Media isn’t real life’. What inspired you to launch ‘Filter vs. Reality’? The idea behind my split-screen filter, ‘Filter vs Reality’, was to create something unique to show people how these dramatic beauty filters rid selfies of skin textures, tones, scars, everything that makes you and how it’s affecting our mental health. Don’t let these filters fool you; you’re


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The Beauty Shelf Haya Abdullah, digital creator and creative consultant at Honneur Studio, on the best beauty buys to invest in Cherie Lip Tint Dhs132 Victoria Beckham Beauty

This is my favourite everyday lip colour. It’s soft and dries with a semi-matte consistency. It also works great when paired with a nude lip liner for a polished look. Flawless Finish Powder Dhs200 Charlotte Tilbury

My friend used this on me while she was doing my makeup once and I haven’t used anything else to set my makeup since. I love how you can use it lightly to set a natural no-makeup look.

Designed for a custom-made look, this fluid-formula ensures a natural finish for any occasion. Vitamin Enriched Face Base Dhs292 Bobbi Brown available at bloomingdales.ae

lock in moisture and gives the face a beautiful glow even after washing it off. Leave-in Conditioner 250ml Dhs82 Kristin Ess

don’t like using anything heavy. This conditioner effortlessly detangles my hair and brings dull hair back to life without feeling like it’s adding weight.

I have super long hair and it weighs down on me naturally so I

Climax Extreme Mascara Dhs125 NARS available on OUNASS

I love how versatile this product is, as it works both as a primer and a hydrating cream. Quad Eyeshadow Dhs225 NARS


EW_062022_P74_Beauty Shelf.indd 74

Byredo Bal D’Afrique Hair Spray Dhs305 Byredo

I love small compact things for when I’m on the go and this palette has all the basic colours that you can work with anytime.

A subtle scent that lasts all day and works for any occasion.

Ceramidin Cream 50ml Dhs150 Dr.Jart+

One of the most useful, compact purchases with all the key shades.

The best nighttime cream to


It’s hands down one of the best mascaras with a high pigment formula.

Beachy Nudes Mini Kit Dhs127 Nudestix


Face and Body Foundation Backstage Dhs138 Dior


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THE HERO BUYS CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask Dhs8,490 One of the brand’s most popular and well-known products is the CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask. Known to be the most powerful LED Device in the market, the mask has a number of different wavelengths, meaning you can target different skin concerns – red for anti-ageing, pigmentation, skin pore size reduction and rejuvenation; blue for treating acne; pink for calming the skin by targeting eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and more. All of the modes are timed at only 20 minutes, but if you’re really pressed for time there’s also a nine-minute fast-mode which can give your skin a quick pick-me-up.

The Skinvestment



cience-backed beauty is on the rise. No longer is a beauty routine singularly focused on creams and serums, but next-level innovations which are derived from the expertise of doctors, technicians and scientists, and CELLRETURN has been a leader in this space for over a decade. The technology-driven beauty and wellness brand was founded by two female entrepreneurs Lily Earle, the daughter of wellness and beauty powerhouse Liz Earle, and Amanda Powell, an entrepreneur with a focused background in the medical space. Harnessing the science behind beauty and utilizing the expertise of medics and skin doctors in South Korea, CELLRETURN is now a leader in the beauty space using LED and NASA-

developed Near Infrared technology. Throughout the years CELLRETURN has developed a number of groundbreaking luxury devices using photo biomodulation with proven results. Having become hugely popular the globe over, particularly in South Korea with The King Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho as one of their main ambassadors, CELLRETURN has now entered into the Middle Eastern market. With four revolutionary devices across the wellness and beauty areas, CELLRETURN produces nothing short of powerful and effective products. You can now experience the innovative technology for yourself in Dubai at selected spas across the emirate including Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace Dubai, St Regis The Palm, SLS Dubai and Anantara The Palm.

CELLRETURN Neck Ray Plus Dhs4,290 Using three different wavelengths Near Infrared (NIR), red and blue, the CELLRETURN Neck Ray Plus is the world’s first 360-degree neck device which will improve the skin’s laxity, target unwanted lines and increase collagen around all parts of the neck.

CELLRETURN Alpha Ray Dhs8,990 The CELLRETURN Alpha Ray specifically targets hair health. Using Dual InfraRed technology, there are three different modes ranging from five to 20 minutes which will encourage hair growth and improve overall scalp health.

CELLRETURN Wheroes Dhs4,490 This revolutionary wellness device by CELLRETURN uses three complex light therapies; Red LED light, Near Infrared (NIR) and Far Infrared (FIR) technology known to help with back pain, pelvic inflammatory conditions, postpartum care, pelvic and core strengthening and tightening, prostatitis and more. www.cellreturn.ae


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UAE-based content creator, Fay Ezzat, talks us through her daily beauty routine Talk us through your morning routine. The ideal basics of my morning skincare routine are a gentle wash, an antioxidant serum, hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen. I start by washing my face with room temperature water and then use my Bioderma purifying cleansing foaming gel for combination/oily skin. After that I use my antioxidant serum, as it helps to repair and defend skin against sun damage throughout the day. I then use a moisturizer and/or sunscreen from La Roche Posay. I’m also a fan of the Sunday Riley ice cream moisturiser.

76 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P76-77_Beauty AM to PM.indd 76

How does your evening routine differ? In the evening, I follow the same routine without the sunscreen, and if I used heavy makeup during the day, I use micellar water to remove everything and then I like to use the Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid that helps in relaxing my skin during the night. What are your go-to skincare products? My go-to skincare products are the Bioderma cleanser, Clinique toner and La Roche-Posay moisturiser. Are you a fan of masks? I’m not really a fan of masks, but I use masks once in a while just to


5/31/22 5:07 PM


Clockwise from top left: Effaclar Mat Moisturiser Dhs53 La Roche-Posay; Clarifying Lotion – Combination to Oily Skin Dhs125 Clinique available at namshi.ae; Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment Dhs363 Sunday Riley available at NET-A-PORTER; Oud Satin Mood Eau de Parfum Dhs1,087 Maison Francis Kurkdjian available at OUNASS; Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream Dhs255 Sunday Riley available at sephora.ae; Anthelios Ultralight Invisible Fluid SPF50+ Sun Cream Dhs111 La Roche-Posay

give my skin some extra hydration when I have a long day or during my free time. However, I can’t use them too often as my skin is very oily and using masks can cause breakouts. How would you describe your approach to makeup? My relationship with makeup is really minimal because I like to keep it natural because that fits more with my style and character. What can always be found in your makeup bag? You will always find lipstick and concealer in my bag. What is your go-to fragrance? It’s hard to choose, but Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Oud Satin Mood is one of my favourite fragrances at the moment. How do you choose your evening fragrance? That is a bit tricky for me, as choosing my evening fragrance always depends on what I’m wearing and where I’m going, especially as I would love every fragrance I use to fit a specific atmosphere. Talk us through your hair routine. I always use hair products free from sulphate and parabens, vegan products are the best. What is the most unusual item in your makeup bag? For me, a red lipstick.


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Incredible women we know discuss how they find clarity in their lives C O M P I L E D BY: O L I V I A M O R R I S

FINDING WDEEMA AL MHEIRI CONTENT CREATOR @wdeemajay How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? I stay on a clear path by focusing on myself and what I want. I avoid listening to other people’s judgements or opinions so as to not distract me from my own goals. I decide my own path. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence. Manifesting the things I want allows me to maintain clarity. I set my affirmations for every era of my life and whatever is meant to happen will happen. I also believe it’s important for me to surround myself with great people that have good intentions that encourage me to maintain this clarity.

NADYA HASAN CONTENT CREATOR @nadyaa How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? With the work that I do, it’s very hard to separate personal life from business and that could lead to burnouts, which happens in my case all the time. So I try to disconnect with travel which I do very often and it helps me have a clear mind and be able to continue to do what I love. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? In my everyday life, clarity doesn’t come that easy, so my husband and I take an hour off all social media and any electronics and take long walks around our neighbourhood and talk and have deep and meaningful conversations.


CEO OF APOTHECA BEAUTY @apotheca_beauty How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? What I have found works for me is to set achievable, short-term goals on a monthly and

quarterly basis that I strive towards. I make sure that these goals are not so out of reach and celebrate any small wins throughout the journey. When I focus too heavily on the long-term, the path towards achievement does not tend to be as clear and can change drastically. However, my overall views are to align my actions and goals with things that bring me happiness and peace of mind. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? In order to maintain everyday clarity, I try to stay as organized as possible and create several lists for things such as discussion points for meetings, overall daily to-do lists, household tasks that need to be done, etc. I tend to create lists sporadically on my phone and add to them as things come to mind throughout the day. All of my tasks, meetings and appointments are also put into my calendar – both work and personal, so that I can make sure nothing is missed and I have it all in front of me. Separately to keeping organized, taking time for self-care every day is incredibly important and necessary. This would include prioritizing morning work-outs, cooking (which I love and find therapeutic), and quality time with friends and family. I try to listen to my body and give it rest when needed.

“I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence” – Wdeema Al Mheiri

78 emirateswoman.com

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5/31/22 5:09 PM

ASMA LOOTAH FOUNDER OF THE HUNDRED WELLNESS CENTRE @thehundredwellness How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? I have learnt over the years that gaining clarity begins with asking yourself many questions, especially questions you might be avoiding that could trigger changes you may feel unprepared for. I don’t always have the answers, however it gives me more of a sense of direction. I really believe it is also important to pay attention to what you want or need every day. Making small decisions – it can be as simple as choosing between tea or coffee, these small steps help build your confidence around what you want out of life. When you gain that clarity of what drives you, you can manifest anything you want. These small steps build the foundation that will allow you to pursue your goals without fear. Mental clarity gives me the awareness to stop and see things as they are in the present, appreciate life, celebrate what makes me happy and healthy and feel content. When you live in the moment, you have greater control over your mind, body, and emotions, and that moment you experience is the only moment you can control. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? Clarity is a work in progress, as life isn’t clear cut, however making time for myself to be still, to reflect and detach from the noise of the outside world is vital. Whether that is praying, sitting still and making mental notes or enjoying my morning ritual of sencha green tea, I believe looking

deep within yourself, embracing selfawareness, and trusting your intuition is powerful, and ultimately gives you inner peace and clarity. I also believe in living life intentionally, a life that is aligned with your core values and one that promotes selfgrowth. It is important to have a purpose behind every decision you make, not to underestimate the importance of loving yourself, your uniqueness, and being present in the moment gives you and your life more clarity and meaning.

ASMA AL QASSIM CONTENT CREATOR @asmaqassimm How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? In terms of my careeer, I’m always focused on presenting the product in the best way possible. I put myself in the designer’s eye and make sure to make the best out of it. I believe that every design should have its chance to be seen correctly. Every photoshoot I carry out, it feels like it’s my first time, so I make sure it’s the best one ever. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? Maintaining clarity means being clear about what makes me happy, healthy, loving, and with less confusion and doubts. But to reach there, this requires clearing out my mind from all distractions, then through a commitment to my designers who are looking for the best out of their designs, and then prioritizing my priorities and identifying what matters to me and my customers, get creative, and lastly to bring out the best of that day by enjoying what I do and sharing my day to day life, coffee, and drive with my followers to make them feel close and special.

RHEA JACOBS MODEL & CREATIVE @therjacobs How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? By respecting myself enough to relearn the true meaning of balance. I’ve placed it such that I work towards my goals giving it my best and yet am learning to prioritise my happiness and peace of mind – happiness to me means spending time with people I love, self-care moments, being present, letting go of negative and toxic baggage. Most of all, learning that it’s always about the journey rather than the destination. Every stumble is a lesson learnt and rightfully so. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? By understanding that a lot of times things may seem unclear… and that’s part of the journey teaching you something. And mainly realising that you can’t pour from an empty cup. To replace what you take from yourself with introspection, kindness, self-care and love.

AMNA BANIHASHEM EMIRATI SHOWJUMPER & MECHANICAL ENGINEER @amnabanihashem How have you managed to stay on a clear path throughout the years? Faith plays a major role in my stability and clarity. It helps me focus and maintain my internal strength. When things get tough or confusing I use a method of introspection and self-reflection. My faith has helped me achieve this and self development. Everyone needs a compass that brings them back on course, it is very important for each person to find his/her own. In everyday life, how do you manage to maintain clarity? Faith plays a major role in the clarity of the mind. It reminds one that life is fleeting and the only certainty is death. A heavy reality, but it remains a reality. Thus, improving clarity on certain aspects in life like goals, family, and reactions. Taking the time to pause and think about what is truly important, and what is important enough to spend one’s energy on is crucial to maintaining clarity in an increasingly distracting world. The quality of our lives is heavily dependent on our perspective. Remembering that we have a limited time helps us make better decisions, stay present and create clarity in what is worth our precious and limited attention and time.


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The Pad

Perspex additions that add edge to your interior 80 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P80-81_The Pad.indd 80


5/31/22 3:36 PM

The LOMBARDY bookends

The minimal Lomardy bookends are made for book lovers and décor enthusiasts alike. This pair of transparent olive green bookends are as beautiful as they are purposeful. Comes in a pair of two and one tree will be planted for every item sold (via onetreeplanted.org) Dhs1,028 available at lafsharstudio.com

Pietro Chiesa, Fontana coffee table Dhs4,165 available at finnishdesignshop.com

The CALDER coffee table

With a focus on symmetry, the CALDER Coffee Table is a mix of modern molded materials ideal for today’s contemporary living rooms. Both the clear acrylic top and base legs are substantially thick. The resin legs come in different colour options for a customized look to match your space. One tree will be planted for every item sold (via onetreeplanted.org) Dhs4,499 available at lafsharstudio.com

Perspex Magazine Rack Dhs174 available at jukiamsterdam.com

The TACCIA lamp

Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni this table lamp provides both indirect and reflected light creating the ideal ambience anytime. Taccia – small Dhs4,720 Flos available at one52.ae

STORK Barstool Dhs485 Marina Home


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In the office with Founder of Julie Lemke Skin, Julie Lemke

EW_062022_P82-85_Personal Space Julie Lemke.indd 82

5/31/22 5:13 PM

EW_062022_P82-85_Personal Space Julie Lemke.indd 83

5/31/22 5:13 PM


84 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P82-85_Personal Space Julie Lemke.indd 84


5/31/22 5:13 PM


How long have you lived/worked in this space? I have always lived in the sphere of holistic beauty – however physically established my own space two years ago. Did you have a clear concept from the outset and which key pieces are your favourite? I wanted to create a space for pure relaxation, unwinding and escape from a hectic city life. I am a very visual person and had it all pre-created in my mind of how I wanted it to be reflected in my space. I want people to get a feel as if they were entering my own living room. A ton of mixed textures, welcoming old with the new – cozy and warmth – classic Danish design. A very welcoming Scandinavian breeze of ambience to make you feel at home. My favourite pieces are my crystals that purify, cleanse and energize the atmosphere and my posters of natural wonders and

botanical prints from The Dybdahl Company in Denmark. Have you custom built any bespoke pieces? Everything from the moment you step into my space is bespoke – from my treatment menu to the bed and my own facial Gua-Sha’s that are soon to be announced. It is very important for me to honour the uniqueness of the individual and I wanted my space to reflect that. How do you think your interior reflects you/your brand? I want everyone entering my space to feel a calm and sense of peace. Circling back to feeling as if you were in my own home. A space that is unique to Dubai, focusing on the comfort of being in a warm and loving environment – that is nowhere else to be found – as it represents me and the art of holistic beauty. Describe your taste in 3 words. Balanced, homey, minimalistic.


EW_062022_P82-85_Personal Space Julie Lemke.indd 85

emirateswoman.com 85

5/31/22 5:14 PM

86 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P86-87_IV Drips.indd 86


5/31/22 5:17 PM


R E F U E L Hydrate, invigorate and rejuvenate with vitamin IV therapy


ith life moving at a faster pace than ever, we can all be run down over time. An IV (intravenous) drip is an accelerated way to get the energy boost you need and to give you a glow from the inside out.


Cornerstone Clinic

Celebrated international plastic surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel has expanded his healthcare offering with the opening of Cornerstone Clinic. The clinic brings a series of treatments including IV infusions and stem cell treatments for the face and to combat hair loss. THE HERO TREATMENT: Regenerative Ozone IV Treatment LOCATION: Grosvenor House Hotel, Tower 1, 4th Floor, Dubai Marina www.cornerstoneclinic.ae

Atelier Clinic

With a team of multi-talented experts, the clinic offers a plethora of revitalizing services to boost energy and treat fatigue and dehydration. THE HERO TREATMENT: Express Immune Boost Drip LOCATION: Villa No 03, Umm Suqeim next to Burj Al Arab; atelierclinic.ae Elborno Clinic

With state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic creates an unparalleled experience for all patients with personalized services according to their requirements. Founded by Dr Ahmed Elborno, the clinic is known for its regenerative medicinal therapies and antiageing treatments. THE HERO TREATMENT: Red Carpet! Glowing IV Therapy LOCATION: Teslaama

Street, Jumeirah Street, Umm Suqeim 1. www.elbornocenters.com/ dubai-services.html SKIN111 Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Established by a team of medical healthcare professionals, this clinic addresses nutritional and general health concerns with a modern approach. To make clients feel their best from the inside out, the team of experts customizes drips to suit each individual’s needs. THE HERO TREATMENT: Post Party Drip LOCATION: Gate Village 5, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) skin111.com Revitalife Clinic

Founded by Guillaume Safa, this clinic is designed to minimize the effects of chronic dis-


EW_062022_P86-87_IV Drips.indd 87

ease and illness by using a functional approach to wellness. With a 360-degree wellness programme, clients can feel an overall sense of well-being. THE HERO TREATMENT: Ozone Therapy LOCATION: Dubai Health Care City, Al Razi Building 64 revitalifeclinic.com The Elixir Clinic

Founded by Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh, the clinic offers a plethora of intravenous (IV) nutrient therapies to sustain long-term wellbeing while creating a rejuvenating wellness experience. The clinic has designed a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond any treatment. THE HERO TREATMENT: Intramuscular Therapy LOCATION: Villa 583, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1 www.theelixirclinic.com

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5/31/22 5:17 PM

Clear Vision

One of the most exclusive haunts in Monaco, Mayabay, has officially arrived in Dubai. With a clear vision for making its mark in the region, Head Chef Shane MacNeill discusses with us bringing a new luxury concept to the emirate Talk us through your career. I have been working in professional and Michelin star restaurants since 1997. After completing a Diploma in Hospitality Management at Worcester College of Technology, London looked like the most logical choice. The first high-end restaurant was with the Nobu Group, and it seemed that Asian cuisine was where it was going to continue until today. After leaving Park Lane and taking the first head chef position in the group at Ubon by Nobu the seeds had been sown, it was quite daunting but turned out to be a great experience. With the closure of the restaurant looming the group moved the scope to Nobu Paris, Armani/Nobu in Milan followed by St. Moritz with a pre-season pop up in the Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich, Mykonos and finally Matsuhisa Athens.

88 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P88-89_Mayabay.indd 88

The eleven years with Nobu had been a giant learning curve working closely with Nobuyuki Matsuhisa himself on some of the openings, In Milan, Gorgio Armani was at the restaurant several times per week which proved to be essential to the business due to his professionalism, strong work ethic, and a genuinely caring attitude towards his staff members. Mark Edwards, the Nobu group executive was a pure inspiration as he was the head chef from the very beginning at Nobu Park Lane, he also organised twelve months with Jean Georges at Vong in Knightsbridge as part of a year out to learn different types of cuisine. Mark is a knowledgeable professional and a master of his craft. Cipriani restaurants headed by Giuseppe Cipriani was an opportunity to create a menu and work on more openings from

Abu Dhabi to Ibiza, London, Monte Carlo and finally Miami over a four-year period. Throughout this period, the Cipriani family were incredibly hands-on with all projects and professional with a fine eye for detail. This also helped me to familiarise myself with Italian products and cooking techniques. In 2015, the Bulldozer group brought Novikov restaurant to Dubai, it is dedicated to serving world-class food in a stylish environment. With an impeccable record and history revolving around fresh products there are very few restaurants in my opinion that are like this here. In 2018 I began work and opened Novikov in Doha, Qatar. As well as cooking and training, I also managed the kitchen design, tableware order, selected suppliers, assisted HR and chose the kitchen team. Novikov Doha is the first Novikov




5/31/22 5:19 PM

restaurant for the group operating without an alcohol license and all recipes had to be adjusted to the market, which was successfully completed. I completed the opening of Shanghai Me restaurant in Dubai, UAE in July 2019 finishing in October 2021. In December 2021 I started the Mayabay project in Jumeirah Al Naseem with Orange Hospitality under the founder Omar Saideh which will open in May 2022. What eventually brought you to Dubai? Having done a tour of the hottest dining spots internationally, in 2010 I found myself with the distinguished Cipriani restaurants over a four-year period, going from Abu Dhabi to Ibiza, London and Miami. You’re now the Head Chef at Mayabay, which has just arrived in Dubai. What’s it been like launching a new concept in Dubai and bringing such an iconic brand from overseas? For me, it is a very important time to venture into this project with Orange Hospitality. I feel blessed to have learned so much from my peers and the owner Omar. I have worked with many iconic brands before and each opening of course has a place in our memories. For me though, restaurants have the same formula, and we should always follow the basic principles, quite simply we must go to great lengths to create a home away from home, and to provide the highest quality of food and service meaning no less than 100 per cent satisfaction for the guest. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with all of my team, they have shown immense spirit and great attention to detail in a hard-working environment. The team brings the restaurant to life! Talk us through the concept of Mayabay. Well, absolutely the most beautiful restaurant I have been lucky enough to be a part of that’s for sure. The attention to detail makes the venue itself quite simply beautiful. First opened in 2005 in Monte Carlo, Mayabay quickly gained its reputation as one of the most famous restaurants in Monaco. Mayabay Dubai will present an extensive menu of Asian favourites – from dim sums to Japanese tempura and sushi, Thai curries and salads and other more contemporary takes on the classics. Guests can also expect to enjoy special vegetarian and vegan-friendly options on the menu, as well as MayaMoki, Mayabay’s signature mochi line. Following in the footsteps of Mayabay Monaco and being Orange Hospitality’s fifth restaurant opening, Mayabay Dubai is set to quickly become a household name in Dubai’s thriving F&B scene. How do you think the venue will differ from others in Dubai? Mayabay is set to leave an impact on Dubai's gastronomic scene – with a particular highlight on Thai and Japanese cuisines. With a myriad of Asian restaurants opening in the city, Mayabay stands out with a

menu deeply rooted in Asian traditions. This, combined with the restaurant’s seamless ambience, unique bar programme, and buzzing atmosphere complete with an exciting live entertainment programme, Mayabay would be an exciting new addition to Jumeirah Al Naseem’s Turtle lagoon and its nightlife scene. What are the hero dishes at Mayabay? Some of our hero dishes include Maya Crispy Duck, because of the complexity of the whole process to prepare, the care and attention required and the history of the dish. Our Thai curries are also standout dishes because the homemade pastes have been developed for the Dubai market without losing their characteristics and retaining their authenticity. The spring rolls simply for their flavour value and their crispy yet airy textures with sauces packed full of flavour. What sets the F&B industry in Dubai apart from


EW_062022_P88-89_Mayabay.indd 89

the rest of the world? I am fortunate enough to have been part of the Dubai F&B industry from 2008 with a very short visit for consultancy. There has been incredible growth since then of course but I would say that there are certain parallels that have been incredibly well developed to assist with the growth. The geographical location lends a hand in this, along with the diversity in ethnic backgrounds meaning it is rich in culture. The government authorities host festivities throughout the year attracting international people and organisations, and the world-class designed hotels are the most stunning on the planet. I could not imagine living anywhere else and experiencing what Dubai does. What are your hopes for Mayabay in 2022? Awards for the group and the team. I believe Orange Hospitality is making groundbreaking moves within the F&B industry.

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5/31/22 5:19 PM


Canary Club Taking inspiration from the West Coast, Joey Ghazal’s latest addition to his restaurant empire is Canary Club in Dubai – a laid-back mix of Mexican vibe and California cool 90 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P90-91_Canary Club.indd 90


5/31/22 5:21 PM




anary Club blends the iconic style and flavour of West Coast destinations like Malibu, Palm Springs, Cabo and Acapulco. Designed by Joey and Eddie Ghazal, of Fighterbrands, the interiors are ‘70s revival with rattan additions, macramé and of course canary yellow. Canary Club boasts a blend of Californian diner, Mexicatessen, Robata with a hint of Polynesian tiki bar. Take a journey through the West Coast with a menu that features a range of rolls, ceviche, taco-makis, robatas, healthy bowls, grilled fish, retro classics and more. If you’re feeling like you need a change of scene or simply want to try something new, this will be your new favourite hangout.

From top: The Curve recycled gold vermeil hoop earrings Dhs833 BY PARIAH; Cutout embellished jersey maxi dress Dhs6,252 Christopher Esber; Embellished leather-trimmed raffia coin purse Dhs1,850 Saint Laurent; Nolan suede sandals Dhs583 A EMERY


EW_062022_P90-91_Canary Club.indd 91



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The Wanderlust

Set amongst clear sapphire seas, these luxe resorts will enable you to truly escape from it all EW_062022_P92-95_The Wanderlust.indd 93

5/31/22 5:27 PM

Previous pages: Naladhu Private Island Maldives – Maldives; Left: (top and middle) Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi – Maldives; (bottom left) Hermitage Bay Resort – Antigua

Naladhu Private Island Maldives – Maldives

One of the most exclusive resorts you’ll find in the Maldives is Naladhu Private Island. With just 20 private villas, seclusion and relaxation is what embody a stay at this resort. While each individual accommodation has its own private pool, you’ll most likely find yourself exploring the blue azure waters which surround the private resort. Naladhu also takes the meaning of bespoke to a whole new level with its no-menu dining concept, where a one-of-a-kind menu is created specifically to your preferences and needs. naladhu.com/en Hermitage Bay Resort – Antigua

Nestled in a quiet corner of the Caribbean island of Antigua, five-star resort Hermitage Bay embodies the natural beauty of the region. Surrounded by lush greenery, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, this luxury resort is like no other in the region. Hermitage Bay aims to “soothe the soul” of its guests and in a setting like this, you’ll experience the true meaning of what it is to “escape from it all”. hermitagebay.com Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi – Maldives

Escape to the tropical playground of the Maldives at this exclusive resort. Having first opened in 2019, the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

94 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P92-95_The Wanderlust.indd 94

takes luxury to a new level. This sprawling resort is now one of the biggest and most impressive in the Maldives. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, the resort features an incredible 11 dining concepts – the most of any resort in the country – and also has its very own private island, which is an impressive 344,445-sq ft and can be booked out in its entirety for those seeking ultra seclusion. waldorfastoriamaldives.com The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort – Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Tucked away on a secluded island in French Polynesia, The St. Regis Bora Bora embodies


5/31/22 5:27 PM


the epitome of tropical paradise. Surrounded by nothing but sapphire blue waters, it’s a haven you’ll never want to leave once you arrive. To experience the true ‘wow-factor’ of the resort, opt for one of the luxurious over-water villas where you’ll see nothing but the blue ocean for miles on end. Each bungalow even features glass viewing panels in the floor throughout where you’ll be able to catch glimpses of your temporary neighbours – the tropical fish – swimming by. marriott.com/en-us/hotels/ bobxr-the-st-regis-bora-boraresort/overview/ Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa – Taha’a, French Polynesia

Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa is an undisturbed resort located in the tropical islands of French Polynesia. Honouring the traditions of the region, the resort embodies authentic Polynesian architecture and interior design. Engulfed by the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean, each accommodation option ensures guests experience the surrounding seas to their maximum. The standout, however, has to be the overwater villas where you’ll experience barefoot luxury at its finest, taking in the refreshing surroundings of the crystal-clear waters. letahaa.com


Above: Naladhu Private Island Maldives – Maldives; Right: The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort – Bora Bora, French Polynesia


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From top: Chain-detail sunglasses Dhs1,229 Stella McCartney available at MYTHERESA; Ascu cropped one-shoulder top Dhs727 Jacquemus available at NET-A-PORTER; Printed satin-twill trousers Dhs3,875 Etro available at FARFETCH; Leather-trimmed tote Dhs1,791 Loewe available at MYTHERESA

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All Balmain SS22

A Accessorize (04) 3399098 Adidas (04) 2325690 Aerin (04) 4098888 Aesop (04) 3293030 Agnès b. (04) 3520391 Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons (04) 3398881 Aigner (04) 4341333 Alberta Ferretti (04) 3398957 Aldo (04) 2328162 Alex Perry +44(0) 2039622362 Alexander McQueen (04) 3398760 Alexander Wang +44(0) 2039622362 Alexandra Rich (04) 4098888 Alexandre Vauthier (04) 409 8888 Alexandre Birman (04) 3951200 Alighieri +44(0) 2039622362 Altuzarra Online at Farfetch Anita Ko +44(0) 2039622362 Amina Muaddi (800) 5383573 Antik Batik (04) 4343080 Areej (04) 3405223 Armani Exchange (04) 3399472 Assouline (04) 4384546 Aquazzura (04) 3882367 Ayesha Depala (04) 5136415 B Banana Republic (04) 3398462 Balenciaga (04) 3951769 Bally (04) 3231643 Balmain (056) 1883796 Bambah (055) 224 1538 Baruni (050) 4579249 Ba&sh (04) 3854557 BCBG Max Azria (04) 4340627 Benefit Cosmetics (04) 3951978 Blaze Milano (800) 044 5703 Bloomingdale’s Dubai (04) 3505333 Bottega Veneta (04) 3951201 Boucheron (04) 3410039 Boutique1.com (04) 3951200 Burberry (04) 3998243 Bulgari (04) 3308834 Byredo (800) 74676277 BySymphony (04) 3106900

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EW_062022_P96-97_Directory.indd 96

5/31/22 12:23 PM

F Fendi (04) 3399782 Farfetch (800) 0320327 Forever 21 (04) 3277488 Fornasetti (800) 74676277 Francesco Russo (800) 5383573 French Connection (04) 2273848 Furla (04) 3410285 G Galeries Lafayette (04) 3399933 Galleria Mall (04) 3444434 Gap (04) 3850988 Gérard Darel (04) 3399780 Giambattista Valli +44 (0) 2039848044 Gianvitto Rossi (800) 5383573 Giorgio Armani (04) 3951373 Giuseppe Zanotti (04) 3413117 Givenchy (04) 4227073 Globe Trotter Online at matchesfashion Golden Goose (04) 3355218 Gucci (04) 3398576 H H&M (04) 4190346 Harry Winston (04) 3398972 Harvey Nichols – Dubai (04) 4098888 Hermès (04) 8181390 Hervé Léger 800 382246255 Holland & Barrett (04) 3882401 I&J Ibn Battuta Mall (04) 3621900 Inglot (04) 2228344 Jacquemus (04) 3951200 Jaeger (04) 2840840 Jaeger-LeCoultre (04) 3398769 JetSet (04) 3995005 Jimmy Choo (04) 3398925 Jo Malone (04) 4190287 Joseph (04) 8803433 Juicy Couture (04) 3475591 K Karen Millen (04) 3398608 Kate Spade (058) 1030866 Kenneth Cole (04) 3555872 Kenzo (04) 3308455

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Clear acrylic bookstand Dhs350 Assouline available at assouline.com


THE PAGE TURNER Designed by Alex Assouline, this luxe stand is the ideal way to display your favourite coffee table books

98 emirateswoman.com

EW_062022_P98_Backpage.indd 98


5/31/22 5:28 PM

Beach Club & Restaurant Pfifififififi fi fififififi fififid bfifififi fififidfifig fifi fi “100fimfifififi fifififififififi fifififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififi fifififififi fifififififi fififififififififi fifififi fifififififififififififififififififififififififi

@fififiggfidfibfifi bfifik@fififiggfifififi | fififififififiggfifififi +971 4 602 1105 Tfifiggfi bfi Lfi Cfifififififi fifi Pfifik Hfifififi


KAIA GERBER’S CHOICE Surrounded by fashion from a very young age, Kaia Gerber is no stranger to the modelling world. While following her famous mother onto the most exclusive runways and photoshoots, she is now choosing to walk a unique path, bringing her own sense of style and personality to the role. It’s a family passion, with a very bright future.

OMEGA Boutiques: UAE: The Dubai Mall • Mall of the Emirates • Mirdif City Centre • Deira City Centre Dubai Festival City • Al Ghurair Centre • Bur Juman • Nakheel Mall • Dubai Hills Mall Jumeirah Beach Hotel • Yas Mall • Marina Mall • Sahara Centre • City Center Al Zahia OMAN: Avenues Mall • Mall of Oman • Muscat City Centre QATAR: Doha Festival City • Ezdan Mall • Landmark Mall • Place Vendome Qatar


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