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In 2010, NEAT will have a home! It will be an environmentally responsible building allowing for reduced operating costs, a reduced load on local infrastructure and will have positive effects on the performance of the building occupants. The new building will have the primary mandate of exemplifying environmental, social and economic sustainability through demonstrated building and lifestyle practices and technologies.

Some of the technologies may include: • • • • • • • •

ground source heat pumps solar water heating system composting toilet natural ventilation system high performance windows water saving plumbing fixtures including a waterless urinal dark sky compliant exterior lighting occupancy sensors for lighting

The building design strategy is to allow for future variations in program and use. The main floor is dedicated to NEAT programs and will be flexible in use. There will be an education room and workshop area, a mobile library and a limited area assigned to administration. The basement may be partially accessible by public (to examine composting toilet and building infrastructure such as ground source heat pumps) and may also house the staff showers, kitchen and storage space.

The grounds are an integral part of the Centre. It will be a welcome “green space” in the centre of the City. Some of the features of the grounds may be: • • • • • • • • • •

raised gardens lawn to demonstrate grass-cycling an area set aside to showcase alternatives to grass for lawns working composters demonstration orchard different paving materials including grass-crete and paving stones made from recycled tires storm water drainage system garden shed with a large overhang for shaded demonstration area outdoor classroom wind turbines

NEAT Green Building Project  

NEAT's future home

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