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Issue 01 2013

Rick Pendleton Para Olympian Gold Medallist Hoyt family Defying the Odds Team Long The Bond Between Brothers

Matt Golinski The Road to Recovery Noosa Food & Wine Festival The 10th Anniversary Home Cooking recipe Jessica Ainscough the Wellness Warrior

Table of Contents


Benny’s Beat - Benny Pike


Oceans a Plenty - Beach & Surf Scene


The Falcons Nest - Local Rugby League news


Tri Tales - Triathlon news with Belinda Granger


Greg Swan - Takes us into the crazy world of an Ultra-Marathon runner


Wheels in Motion - Cycling news with Michael Baker Personal Trainer - A trainer with a big heart.


On Par - Golfing with Peter Heiniger


DevOcean - Yachting & Sailing news with Paul Blundell

16 Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton 18

Team Hoyt - An inspirational story of a Father & Son defying the odds


My Brother’s Keeper - the touching story of a Brothers love


12 Week Challenge - Michael Wright chats about how he managed to change his life for the better.


Rick Pendleton - Para-Olympian Gold medallist and just an all-round great guy gives us an insight into his demanding world in the water


Neville Kratzman - Eternal cricketing all-rounder Roy Henzell - Kaizen Exercise specialists


Functional Fitness - Jack Trent, the Sunshine Coasts golfing prodigy Injury Rehab - with Miguel Rojano


Manu Fieldel - Tackles the Kokoda Trail


First Class Service - Where has the service gone?


Matt Golinski - Road to Recovery


Forest Glen Organic Meats - Why Organic meats are better for you Noosa’s Woodfire Grill - Chef Luke Czajkowsky

34 GBT - Chef Wayne Smith 35

Ground Café Buderim - How their healthy meals changed a father’s life forever


Noosa Food & Wine Festival - Tenth Anniversary


One on La Balsa Café - We visit this Stellar Café

38 The Wine Vine - with Darren Naylor 39

Its Rawsome Café - takes us on an organic journey


Jessica Ainscough - the Wellness Warrior


THE GUIDE - Our Entertainment & Events Guide

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Kerry Keightley


elcome to Motion Magazine, the Sunshine Coasts premier Sports and Dining publication. In today’s society we are constantly bombarded by media outlets spruiking filtered, heavily biased information and pay to promote style recommendations. Motion Magazine steadfastly rejects this current trend; we will discard mediocrity and provide the Sunshine Coast region with a publication that has integrity. Within our pages you will find renowned athletes, celebrities and chefs. Our expert column writers will keep you informed of all the latest news in regards to your most loved sports and the hottest new dining trends. We will introduce you to our region’s best athletes and award winning chefs as well as providing you with an insight into their high pressure and demanding worlds. We will take you on a tour through our region’s best dining destinations whilst stopping by our most well respected providers of sporting equipment, products and services. Our goal, apart from providing a stellar read, is to create awareness, to educate and also to inspire. We will achieve this by allowing you access into the world of some of the most inspirational individuals on the planet. A little about myself, my name is Kerry Keightley and I am the editor of Motion Magazine. I like every one of us, has faced and overcome adversity in life, from breaking my vertebrae (spinal C6 and C7) and having to basically learn how to walk again, to overcoming an auto immune disease that truly took its best shot of sending me to an early grave. Through these hard times I turned to the inspirational stories of others to motivate me, to keep me focused on creating a positive belief system that one day I would be healthy enough to be able to walk again. I am hoping that through Motion Magazine you, the reader, will gain the inspiration needed to start your own journey along the path towards achieving your goals and dreams in life. Your dreams may seem simple like mine were, that is, having the desire to walk again, for others’, their dreams may be more complicated, like wanting to win a world title. Whatever your dreams are you will only ever achieve them if you let go of fear, allow yourself to be inspired and walk the path towards your dreams one step at a time. Remember to forgive yourself when things go wrong, appreciate yourself when things go right, and always look for the positive things in your life. No matter how bad things may seem there is always something in your life you can be grateful for, your health, your family, your friends, the place you live, the weather, the roof over your head or even just the clothes on your back. As you will find by reading this magazine, many of the world’s most influential and inspirational people started with much less than you have today. So once again welcome to Motion Magazine, please sit back, make yourself comfortable and come on a sporting, culinary and inspirational journey with us. Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram @ Motion Magazine. Keep informed on all the latest sports and dining news by logging on to: | 5


Benny pike


hat does the 1982 Commonwealth Games and up-coming 2018 Gold Coast Games have in common? Silly question you say, but believe me the answers will help Queensland and Australia for many years to come. Firstly, the event is a great tradition for countries that make up the Commonwealth. Secondly, it’s being held in Queensland a State known for hosting great and successful events. Thirdly, and most importantly the legacy that will linger for many years to come. Having been involved behind the scenes in 1982, especially in the lead-up with fundraising, promotion and marketing, I know first-hand how Brisbane changed the attitude of most Aussie’s and gave the country some much needed pride. The day Matilda winked its way into the hearts of everyone who sat glued watching the opening ceremony. The event also gave State and National politicians a boost as well, running off the International exposure gained by the massive media coverage. Business

opportunities and confidence sky-rocketed, and surely played a role in securing and hosting Expo 1988. Competitors like Robert De Castella, Kenrick Tucker, Dean Lukin, Glynis Nunn-Cearns, Robert Kabbass, Raelene Boyle, Lisa Kenny and of course the Mean Machine all playing a golden role in Australia’s domination. That winning culture flowed over with Australia winning the America’s Cup, Davis Cup, Cricket’s Ashes series, Rugby League’s Kangaroo Tour, Greg Norman started his blitz on World Golf, Rugby’s Grand Slam 4 Nations Tour, Queensland finally beating New South Wales. Yes it was the start of a great era for Australia, brimmed with confidence on and off the field. A fact most aren’t aware of is the venue for the proposed QE2 Stadium nearly didn’t get built at Mt Gravatt. In 1976, a delegation of Sporting officials were summoned by then mayor Clem Jones to tour Brisbane and select the best possible site. After a day long bus tour, the officials



entered Mr Jones office with their preference, Marchant Park near Aspley. The Mayor quickly poured water on that option, telling them that Mt Gravatt/Sunnybank would be the venue. Work started and when built produced a major up-set in its first big hit-out in 1977. When a skinny sprinter from Redcliffe Paul Narracott up staged the 76 Olympic Champion Hasely Crawford over the 100 metres in a special meet to launch the facility. The Stadium and other Games venues are still in use with most producing plenty of Champion’s since 1982. The Gold Coast is all guns blazing with work already started on new Venues and up-grading of others. 6,700 athletes from 71 Countries competed in India at the last Games and who knows how many will be lured to the Gold Coast. The Sunshine Coast must start its campaign to be part of and share the Games legacy. South East Queensland will benefit the most but we will have to set up a plan to



maximise any or all opportunities. There were 22 different Sports represented at the annual Sport Star of the Year Awards in February. I believe we will have at least 12 in next year’s Glasgow Games, with Sports ranging from Athletics, Swimming, Lawn Bowls, Boxing, Netball and Sevens Rugby. Participation will be the key as all the 2018 Games athletes will come from today, tomorrow and the future. Getting them interested and involved is the first step, and the level they reach will be their decision. That is the Legacy I’m talking about. Take care, till next time Benny



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Oceans a Plenty

Rhys Drury


riting this column gives me great pleasure as I get the chance to talk about my love of the ocean and my passion for our Sunshine Coast beaches. I do feel fortunate to have landed, which to me is a dream job, the position as a lifeguard supervisor here on the Sunshine Coast. This position requires me to help plan and strategize the best ways to keep the public safe whilst they indulge in a day at the beach. It also means that I witness some amazing events that occur here on our beaches. Through my column I will endeavour to provide you the reader with an idea of what has been or will be happening on our coast beaches, but before we look forward I would like to take this opportunity to briefly recap the events of the Summer just past. Our Lifeguard service is made up of some great characters ranging from current and former Nutra-Grain Ironman/Women to current and former Pro surfers. On staff are also some individuals

that have been watching over our beaches for the good part of two decades. Last summer having a plethora of beautiful hot days was our busiest for many years and it took all of this ocean expertise and knowledge to keep our beaches safe. That beautiful weather however turned feral on Australia Day with a huge amount of rain bucketing down, wind and large seas quickly turned our beaches into a mess and caused some serious erosion. This erosion made it very difficult for a lot of events such as the State Surf Life Saving titles, which were supposed to be at Maroochydore but were forced to be held at the Spit on Mooloolaba Beach, where once again our coast athletes performed extremely well and did the Sunshine Coast proud! Speaking of Surf Life Saving events it was also great to see our local Ironmen/Women do extremely well in the Nutra-Grain Series. This series showcased two of our beautiful beaches, Coolum and Noosa, and It also gave local

fans the chance to get up close and personal to their hero’s and witness just how fit and skilful these guys and girls really are. The Sunshine Coast’s Surf Lifesaving scene is going from strength to strength and I am confident we will have state, national as well as ironman and women champions come from our region for many years to come. Talking about all things in regards to the ocean our local surfing scene seems to be also be going from strength to strength. I have noticed just how many grommets and young crew are becoming involved in our boardriding clubs and I am positive it won’t be long until we see our next Julian Wilson emerge onto surfing’s biggest stage!! Looking forward, we are starting to head into the colder months but please keep taking care on our beaches and remember to swim between the Red and Yellow Flags. Lastly, go say hello to your local Lifeguards and get to know them!! | 7

The Falcons Nest

James Ward


elcome to the inaugural update from the Falcons Nest, the home of Local Rugby League and “Footy 4 Families” on the Sunshine Coast. We look forward to the opportunity of keeping you informed on all things “local footy”, but before we talk about the current it is important to reflect briefly on the past. Rugby League was born on the Sunshine Coast on Monday the 8th of March 1920, when at a North Coast Rugby Union meeting held at the Club Hotel in Nambour it was decided by some to adopt “the new game”, and so Rugby League in this area was born. The clubs were made up primarily of players and volunteers from hard working farming, fishing and logging families. In those days families would happily load up the truck or horse and buggy for a 3 hour, twenty kilometre trip to the Footy for an away game

and some social interaction between local communities.

be the second largest junior competition in QLD.

As you can see Rugby League on the Sunshine Coast has been integral to the community spirit and social culture that makes life on the Sunny Coast what it is today. From its humble beginning early last century, and through generation’s since, families have gathered on the grassy hills of their local parks to watch their local legends play this great game. For many decades it was picnic blankets, with mum’s homemade treats on offer, and kids kicking the footy around while their local hero’s gave their all.

In 2013, the world we live in barely resembles the one inhabited by those in attendance at the Club Hotel all those years ago. “Progress” has led to regression for some of the basic foundations of life and family that once were a given. Our cars may be faster, communication has taken a vastly different and ever evolving direction, and our footy paddocks have become maintained fields. Mums and Dads are working more hours, technology is “stealing” active outdoor time from our kids, and consequently quality family time and community participation has become a casualty for many.

FOOT Y 4 FAMILIES 93 Years on and the League is stronger than ever. There are 16 senior clubs and 13 junior clubs spanning from Caboolture in the South to Gympie in the North and out to Kilcoy in the West. In fact, our Junior League has grown to

There is one thing however that hasn’t changed. Footy is still for Families!!

It is acknowledged that the brakes can’t be easily applied to the furious wheels of progress, just as they can’t be to our desire of ensuring that community based sport will positively contribute to the foundation of social fabric for those that follow us. So do your family a favour. Dust off the picnic blanket, (or borrow your mums), and get along to a local Rugby League game in 2013. It’s a family tradition !!!

Celebrating 50 Years in 2013







e cl



ar water c

Phone: (07) 5438 5800 19 West Terrace, Caloundra QLD 4551 April 1.indd 1

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give us a go!


Caloundra Y 5413 4600 54 Caloundra Rd *Terms and conditions apply. Present this voucher before 31/12/13 to redeem. Offer available at Goodlife Caloundra only. Available to local residents and first time users only. See website for details.

Tri Tales


elcome to my first edition of, ‘Tri Tales’. My hope is to keep you all informed on the latest happenings in the world of triathlon on the Sunshine Coast. I am originally from Sydney, NSW, but moved up here ten years ago with my husband to pursue my career as a professional athlete. Why Noosa? Well I had been up here several times to race the iconic ‘Noosa Triathlon’, so I knew the weather was perfect for my ‘outdoor job’. It also has an amazing road network and the riding possibilities are endless - from the coastal roads to the beautiful hinterland. The best part though is that many of these roads have dedicated bike lanes.’Peak hour’, as we know it in the big cities, really does not exist here. There are plenty of great outdoor swimming pools and of course the ocean gives you one endless pool. By far one of my favourite places is the Noosa National Park where I can be known to disappear running for hours. I have seen the Sunshine Coast


really evolve as a ‘triathlon training mecca’ over the years. Triathletes from around Australia and overseas have been coming here in droves and setting themselves up for the summer and now the winter as, let’s face it, the Sunshine Coast really does not have a winter if you compare it to the bitterly cold winters of Europe or the United States. The sport of triathlon is not just about swimming, biking and running, it is about pursuing a lifestyle that emphasises healthy living. We have so many amazing triathletes, including past and present World Champions, Olympians, gold medalists who base themselves here for a good chunk of the year. Greg and Laura Bennett have been coming here for just on thirteen years now. Pete Jacobs (the current World Hawaiian Ironman Champion) and his wife moved up here last summer. Emma Snowsill and her partner Jan Frodeno (both gold medallists from the Beijing Olympics) recently purchased a

house here. Javier Gomez, from Spain (the current leader of the ITU World Triathlon Series and winner of this year’s Mooloolaba triathlon) has been coming here for years now to prepare for his race season. Even the Brownlee brothers from Great Britain (Gold and bronze medallists from the London Olympics) have spent some time here in Noosa. We also have David Dellow (winner of Noosa triathlon in 2011) and his partner Caroline Steffen (former World Long Course Champion and regular top 3 at the Ironman World Champs) living just down the road at Alexandra Headland. What attracts these athletes? The answer is obvious. The great climate, the wonderful lifestyle and the simplicity of living here on the Sunshine Coast. The training conditions are perfect; the food is local, fresh and healthy and there is such a great network of athletes to train with. There are also so many great events all year around like the Noosa Winter Multisports Festival, the Noosa Triathlon Festival, Mooloolaba Triathlon, Mooloolaba

Ironman 70.3, Sunshine Coast Running Series, Sunshine Coast Marathon, Ocean Swim series ... the list is endless these days. When Justin and I first moved up here, it only took a short time before it became quite apparent that we would never be moving back to Sydney, and that Noosa was now home. The lifestyle here just cannot be beaten and you don’t have to be a professional athlete to appreciate this. Justin and I travel the world for a living but the Sunshine Coast will always be home for us. In coming articles I will let you know all of my favourite training haunts, here on the coast, for swimming, biking and running. Of course, as with any athlete, food and coffee are an integral part of an athlete’s day, so I will also be filling you in on all of my favourite coffee spots up and down the coast, and where we refuel for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy! Belinda

7/105 Brisbane Rd | Mooloolaba QLD 4557 | Ph 5478 1001 | |

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GREG SWAN promise to myself to turn my life around, I simply decided to lose weight and run the Gold Coast Marathon, since then I have run close to 50 marathons/ultras.”

ltra marathon runners are a breed on to their own, some may call them crazy, I prefer to call them simply inspirational. Recently, I caught up with one of the Sunshine Coasts best Ultra-Marathon runners Greg Swan and gained some insights into what makes these masters of endurance running tick.

Greg’s ultramarthion career has taken him around the globe; in fact, Greg has endured the gruelling conditions put forth from one of the most uninhabitable continents on the globe, the Antarctic. “I had read about the 7 continents club and noticed no Australian male had completed Ultras in all continents and decided that was my goal. The Antarctic is somewhere you just wouldn’t normally go, yet it is so amazing, it was like stepping onto the moon when we first stepped off the plane.”

Greg after having a successful running career in his teens, turned away from his beloved sport during most his early adult years “My injuries, mainly stress fractures, eventually took their toll, I basically didn’t run from my early twenties to early thirties. When I turned 33 I was close to 25 kilos overweight, one day I made a

It amazes me that the human body can withstand such extreme conditions, and when asked what training he did to prepare himself for this torturous endeavour, Greg nonchantly replied “Some soft sand running helps to toughen the legs like running through snow and I also tried an altitude training machine.”


Greg then described to me his weekly training schedule, and to be honest even just hearing the kilometres he travels in a week made me exhausted “Usually I do around 100 to 150km’s a week depending on my long run during the week as well as pool running, core strength, speed work and hills.”

racing 650km across the Simpson Desert in September. Next year Greg will be again racing over 240km’s through the Sahara Desert in Egypt. I don’t think I will ever completely know what goes on inside the head of an ultramarathon runner but one thing I know for sure, the word ‘cant’ does not exist in their vocabulary.

Endurance athletes have to be extremely mentally tough and when I asked Greg what career moment he holds closest to his heart, his answer was very indicative of this fact “I ran the Las Vegas marathon the week before Antarctica and severely tore my right calf muscle at 10k. At that stage anything faster than walking was too painful, yet I have never not finished a race so I strapped a bag on ice to my calf at the 32k mark, and I pushed on as hard as I could through the pain. I finished the race in 3hr 59min 13secs and struggled to hold back the emotions in the last kilometre.” Greg will be heading off soon to compete in the Great Wall of China Marathon in May, before

Live irnil Ap

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Steak knife tueSdayS

s Kidat E ree! F

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s kids, my best mate Dave and I rode our bikes everywhere – to school, the local pool, the park, the shops, you name it. Our favourite ride however was simply around the block, approximately 500m with 4 right hand turns; the trick of course was to ride this ‘no hands’. The first time I pulled it off was on a 3 speed with cowhorn handlebars, I thought I was Evil Knievel. As I rounded the final corner, looked back at Dave and pumped my fist in the air I assumed it was simply sour grapes that he hadn’t joined in my celebration, in fact he looked downright distressed, and momentarily I found out why… as I ran straight up the back of a parked car. I spent that evening in hospital; my bike went to the big scrap heap in the sky and my parents, some weeks later, after giving me a huge dressing down and



hat makes a great personal trainer? After a long winded and heated debate with my work colleagues we came to the following conclusion, the most important element a personal trainer can have is that he or she must sincerely care about who they are training and genuinely care about helping them achieve their goals. We are all different, we all need different forms of motivation and training, the only way a personal trainer can tailor make suitable sessions is if they genuinely care. One such personal trainer that embodies the above statement is 25 year old Steven Page. Now keep in mind Steven himself has recently undergone three lifesaving major surgeries for abdominal issues, yet this hasn’t stopped him doing what he loves and that is helping individuals with special needs lead a healthier and fuller life. “I am currently at university and am working as a teacher’s aid for special needs kids. I get so

MICHAEL BAKER docking my pocket money to pay for damage to the car, bought me my first racing bike – 5 gears, drop handlebars, about 2 sizes too big, I could barely touch the pedals. Back then no one had heard of a bike fit, if you could straddle the top tube and reach the pedals with bottom planted on saddle the bike was considered the ‘right size’ and off you went. Today bike fitting has become a science – the Retul 3D Motion Capture System that’s used by many of the world’s best triathletes and professional cycling teams actually reads the body in motion, in three dimensions whilst you ride your bike. The data set that’s gathered (knee angle flexion & extension, back angle, knee forward of foot, etc) allows the fitter to make very specific changes to the bike which can increase power, minimize the risk of injury and greatly improve rider comfort and performance.

Bicycles come in many different sizes, usually when being ‘sized’ for a bike in a shop, staff will talk in terms of frame size as measured along the top tube – 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, etc, however not all frames are built even. For example, the stack (558mm) and reach(395mm) of a 56cm Cannondale SuperSix varies quite significantly from a the stack (589mm) and reach (387mm) of a Specialized Roubaix. If the stack of the bike is too deep you’ll have a very hard time getting low and aerodynamic – important for anyone who’s serious about their riding, critical for triathletes where an overly high back angle

means that you’ll have to generate additional power to overcome aerodynamic drag and stay close to your competition – not good when you then have to dismount and run.

on a treadmill or something like that we make up games together, basically I just need to make it fun for Andrew.”

ten pin bowling.

Professional bike fitting using the Retul system has been available on the Sunshine Coast for almost a year. Custom Bike Fit is located in Point Arkwright, just down the road from Coolum. To book a fit visit or email mention that you read about this service in Motion Magazine and receive a 10% discount off your personal Custom Bike Fit.

STEVEN PAGE much more of a rewarding feeling working with special needs individuals as you really see the enjoyment on their face, you are changing their lives forever.” Pagey is also currently training Andrew, who was born with down syndrome and according to pagey is starting to kick some major health and fitness goals “It has been all about Trust, Andrew wouldn’t really speak or communicate with anyone when he started, there is no easy fix when it comes to earning trust it simply takes time and perseverance. I try not to ever miss a session and I never let anyone take my session with Andrew when I am not there. I want him to respect me and that means me not putting him in any situation where he may feel uncomfortable.” Pagey tailor makes his sessions to fit in with Andrews needs “It is essential to tailor make every session no matter who your training. The main thing with Andrew is that instead of sitting

Andrew who when he first came to Pagey couldn’t run for longer than a couple of minutes can now blast out a good half hour session on the cross-trainer, he is more open and you can often find him shaking hands and saying hello to other regulars at the gym. Andrew’s family have stated he is happier and gets quite upset if he has to miss even just one session. Pagey even stated that Andrew is now enjoying his other passion in life more than ever, that is, competitive

Pagey is a stellar example of what does make a great personal trainer. He genuinely cares, he tailor makes his sessions, he is supportive, caring and fosters a spirit of fun and enjoyment into his workouts. So if you are looking for a personal trainer, my advice to you is, get to know the personal trainer your thinking of using, if he seems to care about you like pagey cares about his clients, you have found a PT that will help you achieve your goals and change your life forever. Contact Pagey on: 5409 7000 - Suncoast Fitness. | 13



elcome to the first edition of “On Par” with Peter Heiniger. Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, my passion for the game of golf began from my junior days at Nambour Golf Club. I completed my PGA traineeship at Keperra Golf Club in Brisbane and later went on to be Head Teaching Professional at the Hyatt Coolum for 23 years, before accepting my current position as Teaching Professional at the renowned Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort. I hope you enjoy my column.

PETER HEINIGER Really, we have it all here on the Sunshine Coast! Fantastic beaches, restaurants and beautiful weather. As locals we are spoilt for choice - not to forget the golf courses. The Sunshine Coast is paradise for those looking for a game as tourists are quite rightly now starting to realise. Boasting over a dozen 18 hole courses and several par 3 courses, the Sunshine Coast sets the standard for all to follow. Kept in impeccable condition all year round, each course is distinctive in its own way and will offer every standard of golfer with their very own individual

challenge. Although indifferent of late, the Tropical Queensland climate provides ideal weather 12 months of the year, allowing players to take advantage of what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Impressive practice facilities are a regular feature at most layouts and driving ranges are welcome inclusions. The level of coaching available for those looking to further enhance their game is first class, with several award winning and highly accredited teaching professionals available throughout the Sunshine Coast at very affordable fees. As a result

the Sunshine Coast has nurtured many successful golfers such as 1992 British Open Champion Ian Baker-Finch, LPGA Tour Star Katherine Hull-Kirk, current US PGA Tour player Steven Bowditch and even Adam Scott who was once a junior member of Twin Waters Golf Club. The Sunshine Coast very own Invincibles Junior Golf tour as founded by President Graeme Miller, paves the way for our next wave of child prodigy’s. The Tour provides them with the experience of competition golf on local Sunshine Coast courses. The assortment of courses at our disposal provides differing standards to ideally suit the varying standards of golfers. If it is an enjoyable, not overly challenging game that you are after, recognised club courses such as Horton Park, Headland, Nambour, Beerwah and Tewantin - Noosa come highly recommended at very affordable prices. However, if you are after a true test for your game and price is not a concern, Noosa Springs, Twin Waters, Pelican Waters and Palmer Coolum should be included on your bucket list. Not only championship course’s, each provide accompanying luxury accommodation and as such the ideal location for a great golfing getaway! If you haven’t so already, come and test your game at Queensland’s golfing mecca – the Sunshine Coast and experience for yourself what all the hype is about. For more information visit: and get out playing! Good Golfing - Peter Heiniger

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he Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club’s Youthsail journey has seen a small river sailing program for local kids grow from a modest boatshed based weekend activity into the largest Youth Sailing program in the country. In fact, after doing some research, I ascertained that the program has enjoyed around a 1000% increase in participation numbers since 2005. Many sporting codes have suffered over the years, with the new generation of young Australians becoming obsessed with some form or another of electronic device. So how did Noosa, one of the smaller clubs in Queensland gain such growth? I became involved in Youthsail around 10 years ago when I booked my then 10 year old daughter into Learn to Sail classes to give her the opportunity of playing around boats just like I did as a kid growing up in Sydney’s Pittwater. At this time Yachting Australia was racing down the High Performance Olympic Feeder avenue with many of the larger and wealthier Yacht & Sailing club youth

programs following suit. Noticing that many of the kids that attended the Noosa Yacht and Rowing programs were there for the social side of Sailing we designed an alternative program far left of field to what Yachting Australia was focused on. Youthsail designed a pathway where the kids enjoyed the sport of sailing without the usual expense and stress on time poor parents. We offered training courses that qualified them as Trainee Instructors, YA Assistant

Instructors, Safety Boat drivers and later the School Based Traineeship program that, with approval from the Department of Education and Training, allowed Year 10 and 11 school students to complete a Cert II or Cert III in a Sport & Recreation / Sailing Coaching course whilst at school. The encouraging part of this approach was that kids remained in the sport and many, after a few years working in the program, got the competitive urge, purchased boats and began racing as part of the Team Noosa Sailing Squad.

The Youthsail Program is now all encompassing with a vast variety of curriculums and pathways. There are a number of courses both in School Holidays and the School Term starting with the little kid’s first sailing experience in the YA National Tackers Program for the 6-12 year olds. Kids can then migrate to the YA Start Sailing levels using club owned Vagabond 2 sail training dinghy’s and then progress to the Start Racing and Better Racing programs in both the Sabot (8 foot entry level single sail dinghy) and Laser (Olympic class single handed dinghy) squads. Other programs include The Disabled Access program and the Youth Blazer 23 Development squad where young sailors get the chance to race amongst the senior club members. This year Youthsail will complete around 14000 lessons and is still growing – it’s not rocket science, its sailing. Keep your Kites full Paul Blundell | Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club | Sailing Manager


Become a social member and recieve over $400 of instant benefits as well as ongoing privileges For more information visit the Golf Shop or call 5440 3333 • Links Drive Noosa Heads • | 15

Bethany Hamilton


n today’s society, where media outlets bombard us with tales of destruction, decay and immorality, it is refreshing to come across a story that portrays the human spirit in all its beauty and glory, one such story is that of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton. October 31st, 2003, started out like most other days for 13 year old Bethany Hamilton, as along with her best friend Alana Blanchard as well as Alana’s father and brother they headed over to Tunnel Beach, Kauai for their early morning surf session. However, at around 7.30am on this fateful day, Bethany’s day became far from normal when a 15 foot tiger shark attacked her, severing her arm just below the shoulder. The Blanchard’s helped

SOUL SURFER Bethany to shore where Alana’s father fashioned a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash and wrapped it around the stump of her arm, before she was rushed to Wilcox Memorial Hospital. By the time she arrived at the hospital Bethany had already lost over sixty percent of her blood. After spending seven days in recovery at the hospital, Bethany made it clear to everyone that she was determined to return to surfing. Less than one month after the incident, this brave, courageous and determined young girl returned to her board. Initially, she longboarded but quickly moved to shorter boards and adopted a custom-made handle to make duck diving easier, she adapted her paddling style

by adding kicking, adjusted her hand positioning while standing up on the board, and after figuring out how to surf on a shortboard with one arm, on January 10, 2004, she entered a major surfing competition.”

I knew God would turn something so disastrous into something beautiful. There were some hard

The unassuming Bethany, when questioned about how she managed to overcome such a horrific accident and return to her beloved sport of surfing replied “I know this may sound crazy but I knew God was in control and that he had a plan for my life, this brought me an overwhelming sense of peace.


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“I know this may sound crazy

but I knew God was in control and that he had a plan for my life

and frustrating times but I just kept focusing on the positives like the fact that I am still alive.” The physical injuries that Bethany had to overcome were nothing short of what most would call insurmountable, however, Bethany explained that “When I was younger it was easier to adapt, as I grew older and became a woman the training necessary to keep my alignment correct became very demanding. I loved the fact that it challenged me, I found fun in the process of taking care of my body.” Bethany wrote about her experience in the 2004 autobiography Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board. In April 2011, the feature film Soul Surfer was released based on the book and additional interviews. ‘Soul Surfer’ received critically acclaim and quickly became an international blockbuster movie. “I found making the film fun and challenging, I helped cast Anna Sophia Robb, the actress who played me and I did all the onearm surfing stunts myself”

I asked Bethany how it felt to know that she has inspired and changed the lives of millions of people around the globe, and once again the very humble Bethany replied “I don’t invest too much time considering the impact I have on the world, I just try and be the best person I can be. I am a simple person and love living the simple life” Bethany may enjoy leading the simple life, but her achievements since the attack are well far from simple, they are breathtaking and that of legend and folklore. Against all the odds Bethany’s surfing career kicked major goals, winning NSSA National Competitions, Junior Pro Competitions, placing 5th at the US Open of Surfing and 2nd in the Billabong ASP World Junior Championship. Furthermore, Bethany tackled what is regarded as one of, if not the heaviest wave in world, Banzai Pipeline, placing 4th in the 2007 Women’s Pipeline Championship. Banzai Pipeline is a treacherous and deadly break, in fact, more people have died or been seriously injured at pipeline than at any other break on the planet.

The fact that Bethany managed to achieve all these stellar results with one arm, in extreme conditions, competing against other full bodied athletes, is an achievement that in my opinion rates Bethany Hamilton as one of the best athletes ever to walk the earth. I am obviously not the only person that stands in awe of this remarkable human being as since the attack, Bethany has also been a guest on numerous television shows, including The Biggest Loser, 20/20, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show and The Tonight Show, as well as featuring in magazines, such as, People, Time and American Girl. Additionally, she was the cover story in the premier issue of niNe magazine. In 2004, she won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete and also received the Courage Teen Choice Award. It seems Bethany is always on the lookout for new challenges as she is about to become an off road racer and embark on the torturous all female Rallys Ai’cha Des

Gazelles, considered as one of the toughest female sporting events in the world “It was a little daunting thinking about it at first but I have always wanted to go to Morocco and it will help raise money for the charity of my choice, I am looking forward to the challenge and am really excited to be a part of the rally.” Bethany runs a charity called ‘Friends of Bethany’ which is a non for profit organisation that, as Bethany puts it “We assist amputees and other shark attack victims by sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ, we provide encouragement packs, helpful information and connect them with relevant organisations and companies. We do our best to inspire people and to help them with their self-esteem.” I know the humble and unassuming Bethany would be uncomfortable with me saying that she is my Hero, but I am struggling to find another term that embodies who this amazing, inspiring and caring individual is and that can also encapsulate the beauty and the light she brings to this world.

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Father & son

TEAM HOYT Rick Hoyt was born in 1962, diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy due to oxygen deprivation. Immediately experts told Dick and Judy Hoyt, Ricks Parents, to institutionalise Rick as there was no chance of him recovering or ever being able to lead a ‘normal’ life. Dick and Judy Hoyt however had other plans. Dick Hoyt recognised almost immediately that his son’s eyes would follow him as he moved about the room; he knew that regardless of Rick’s physical limitations inside he was astute and alert. Dick pushed administrators and fought tirelessly to integrate Rick into the public schooling system. Dick and Judy would take their son sledding and swimming, they even taught him the alphabet and basic words, like any other child. Dick Hoyt through tireless perseverance and commitment soon provided concrete evidence to those so called experts of Rick’s intellect and ability to learn like everyone else.


gainst all experts opinions, against all odds, Dick Hoyt refused to take no for an answer, he refused to listen to so called expert opinion, and why should he, that is his son that they are

wanting to condemn to a life in institutions. Dick Hoyt showed the world that with belief, faith and most importantly love, you can overcome any adversity life may throw at you.

Rick had always showed great compassion for others, in fact, in the spring of 1977 Rick told his father that he wanted to participate in a 5-mile benefit run for a local Lacrosse player who had been paralysed in an accident; little did they know that on this day their lives were going to change forever. Dick agreed to push Rick in his wheelchair, and they finished all 5 miles, coming in next to last. That night, Rick told his father, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.”

After seeing the joy in his son’s eyes, that sense of freedom of truly feeling normal for the first time his life, Dick knew what he had to do. Over the ensuing years Dick and Rick would complete over 1,090 athletic events, including, 70 Marathons, 30 Boston Marathons and 252 Triathlons, 6 of which were Ironman distance. Dick and Rick even biked and ran across the U.S in 1992 completing a full 3,735 miles in 45 days. How does someone who can’t walk or even stand for that matter complete a Triathlon you ask? Once again love knows no boundaries and Ricks dad found a way to make it happen. In the swim leg Dick would tow his son behind him in dingy, Dick made a special two seater bike so Rick could do the bike leg with him and in the run leg Dick would push his son in a custom made running wheel chair. 2012 saw Dick now aged 72 and his son Rick now 50 compete in their 30th Boston Marathon, and they have no plans of slowing down just yet. Rick Hoyt was once asked if there was anything in the world he could do what would it be, he replied “The thing I’d most like is for my dad to sit in the chair and I would push him for once.” Team Hoyts Moto in life is simple “Yes You Can” Visit their website at: to learn more about their story and see many pictures of their journey through their 34 years of racing.








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TEAM LONG Brothers


his story basically mirrors the Hoyts, but revolves around an ambitious elementary school athlete, Conner Green aged 7, who wants to complete a triathlon with his younger brother Cayden. A normal request for a young active kid some might say, however, Cayden Long aged 5 has cerebral palsy and can’t talk or walk.

if event organisers ever show concerns over accommodating the pair’s special equipment, Conner simply refuses to compete alone.

Conner always had a dream of a playing outside and riding bikes with his brother, and after being shown a kids triathlon page in a local magazine by his mother, Conner realised that this was his opportunity to make his dreams become a reality. Conner was committed to his path, and with ingenuity and creativity Conner created a system so his younger brother, could go with him every step of the way, from his first stroke in the water to the final few feet of his run. For the swim leg Conner built a special harness which allows him to tow his younger brother behind in an inflatable raft, for the bike leg Conner also designed a small cart so he can again tow Cayden along behind him and lastly for the run leg Connor recruited a simple stroller to push Cayden in. On one faithful June day in 2011, Conner and Cayden’s lives were changed forever when they participated in their first Triathlon together. Since that momentous day in 2011, the brothers have now competed in more than a dozen triathlons. This deep brotherly love and commitment to their cause cannot be broken,


Even though Cayden can’t speak or walk, Connor told ESPN he knows when his brother is having a good time because he can see him smiling and laughing, something that has happened numerous times since the duo began trialthloning together. The boys’ mother said she thinks the events have changed her younger son for the better in a more lasting way, too. “I know it’s changed him,” Jenny Long told ESPN. “With the help of his brother, he’s found something he can do.” Recently brothers Conner Green and Cayden Long of White House, TN were awarded the 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids SportsKids of the Year. “The spirit that Conner and Cayden show every day, and in every race, is in perfect keeping with what we look for in our annual SportsKid of the Year search,” said SI Kids Managing Editor and Publisher Bob Der. “They are true examples of the good that can be accomplished through sports and we are proud to honour them.” While the two have never won a race, Connor and Cayden have inspired all those that have crossed their paths and have shown all families with special needs children that anyone can do anything with the support and love of each other!



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12 Week challenge


hen we go looking for inspiration in our lives, many of us begin to think of faraway places, elite athletes and humanitarians that have helped changed society. I am here to inform you that there is no need to look towards the podiums of greatness and on most occasions we need only to open our eyes and our hearts the people we pass going about our daily lives to be inspired. This lesson was again reinforced to me last week when I visited Caloundra Goodlife Health Club and met Michael Wright. Michael explained to me that when he turned 41 he was your typical Aussie guy, a glazier by trade who loved his footy, V8 Supercars and of course a few beers with the boys. Michael was however far from average weight for his height, in fact Michael was weighing in at 117kgs “At that stage I just wasn’t watching what I ate, wasn’t training or playing any sport” Michael stated. The Michael I was looking at

Michael wright seemed a far cry from the 25 kilo plus overweight person that was just described to me, so I enquired how the transformation came about “I was actually lucky that my partner at the time became involved with Goodlife Health Clubs and introduced me to their 12 week challenge. I ended up losing 18kgs in 12 weeks” So what is the 12 week challenge and why does it produce such great results? “For me getting to the gym in the first place was the hardest part. The 12 week challenge allows you access to personal trainers, nutritional seminars and weekend boot camps. You meet maybe 30 other individuals that are in the same situation in life as you are. Having a training buddy or personal trainer at the gym keeps your motivation up to get there in the first place.”

Michael’s health and fitness journey did not end there; Michael took part in the Goodlife Health Clubs AIPT course to become a personal trainer. Fast forward to today Michael has now lost 25 kilos and is a fully accredited personal trainer who works out of the Goodlife Health Club Caloundra. Having done the hard yards himself I was interested to find

out what training philosophies Michael passes on to his clients “I tell my clients to enjoy the journey, get to know others at the gym, make friends and immerse yourself in the health and fitness environment. As a trainer I make sure I get to know all my clients on a personal level and I actually truly care about them. The clients see that I care and it motivates them. It is always an uplifting feeling when you realise someone actually does care about you.”

Michael also stated that “The 12 week challenge also comes with incentives for you to reach your goals. You can actually win money



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if you end up a club, state or national winner of the competition”


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Rick Pendleton


ecently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Para Olympian Rick Pendleton, who I feel is one of the most genuine, passionate and inspirational individuals I have ever met. Rick was born with one hand, however, this has never stopped him achieving anything in life, in fact, Rick informed me that “When you are born with a disability you don’t see things as barriers, you just learn to adapt without too much trouble” Ricks can do attitude was obvious at an early age as he became a keen football player and a surf lifesaving nipper. This love of the ocean, combined with a little push in the right direction from his mother, soon saw Rick take up swimming “My swimming career started around that transitional time between primary and high school, my mum actually entered me in my first swimming carnival and I broke the state record. Not long after that the 2000 Sydney Olympics hit town and I just went wow I want to do that.” Rick did more than just make it to the Olympics, throughout his career he has smashed world records and has taken home 5 Para Olympic gold medals. I asked Rick what is left on his sporting to do list “I am currently in training for the Worlds in Montreal later this year. I don’t really have any long term goals I just take every day as it comes. As long as I still have the passion and the drive to keep swimming I will.” Rick has been there and done that, along the way conquering more barriers than most, so I

PARA Olympian asked what advice he could pass on to other young kids with a disability “When I hit high school I became very aware of my differences. Sport allowed me to focus on something other than my differences, all I can say is that if any sport interests you have a crack at it as you never know where that sport may take you.” Rick also believes that to be a successful athlete you must dream big “I always had big goals, I wanted gold medals and I wanted to smash world records. Back than I would never have mentioned my goals to anyone but they were always on my mind” I asked Rick what has been his most memorable sporting achievement “The Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics, I just missed out on a medal four years previously at Athens by .07 of a second, after that I set myself a target, worked hard for four years and then achieved that target” Rick who has been the recipient of the prestigious OAM, Medal of the Order of Australia, for his 2008 gold medals has only recently taken on a coaching position at Matthew Flinders as the head coach for the Flinders Swimming Club. This is a great opportunity for any inspiring swimmers to learn from a true champion. I will leave you with Rick’s motto, the one he kept telling himself between the Athens and Beijing Olympics; maybe it can help you stay on the path to your dreams. “Pain only lasts for a minute where failure can last for a lifetime” | 23

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Phat Stretch cruiser

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NEville kraztman


eville Kratzman is an Australian representative cricket player that can be found nearly every weekend mixing it up out on the pitch with the best teenagers in our region, not a bad accomplishment considering he turns 70 years young this August. When questioned how he keeps competing at such a high level, Neville’s answer is simple “It is all in your mind, I am a hundred percent certain it is all about keeping a positive outlook” Neville has been a stalwart in regional, state and national teams for decades now and shows no signs of slowing up “I turn 70 soon so I am the oldest in the over 60’s Australian team. I have been asked to captain the over 70’s Australian team, but I am still really competitive in the over 60’s so I think I will stay in this division and move into the over 70’s with the teammates I have now.” Neville has had his fair share of setbacks, In 2007 Neville was diagnosed with prostate cancer and although he is still undergoing



e are a team of exercise physiologists passionate about inspiring healthy life choices to create a ripple effect of positive change in our Sunshine Coast community. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continual improvement. It’s all about doing the small things consistently – getting better with small steps. That’s the approach we take with our business, ourselves, and with our clients. We are fortunate to work with some amazing people and be involved in their life changing results. From diabetics who no longer need their medication, people in pain who can now move more freely, rock bands, CEO’s, junior athletes and even 91 year olds wanting to improve their ten pin bowling score! Whilst we have so many inspiring stories we wanted to congratulate a well-known Sunshine Coaster, Roy Henzell on his 60th birthday and

THE BAGGY GREENS treatment Neville has fought his illness with stellar results and continues to work on his farm as well as representing Australia for cricket. A few years ago Neville also smashed his knee cap during a cricket match which saw him rushed to hospital and undergo basically a full knee reconstruction. Neither of the above two setbacks has slowed this true blue Aussie battler down “I definitely never feel sorry for myself, I am and always will be committed to playing cricket whenever and wherever I can. I just keep reminding myself of all the positive things in my life. You just have to get out there and give things a go; it is amazing what you can achieve when you whole heartily give things a shot.”

against teenagers “It is a good thing; I am the oldest out there so I can teach them things about sportsmanship and how to play the game, being around younger people keeps me feeling younger as well.” Neville has been there and done that and could teach any athlete a thing or two about what it takes to become successful at their chosen sport. “Dream big, it’s the ones with the biggest dreams that will do the hard yards and do

the work when others won’t.” You don’t get more true blue than Neville Kratzman, a local stock farmer that still works the land, an Australian cricket representative and a damn good bloke. If there was any parting words I could leave you with that I took out of my conversation with Neville is that make sure you dream big in life and love what you do!!

The social side that cricket offers is also a very important element in Neville’s life “I have met some amazing people that I would not have met if I didn’t play cricket; some of them have become my best friends.” Neville does play B grade local cricket which sees him come up

KAIZEN Exercise Physiologists share with you how he has turned his health around. Ten years ago Roy celebrated his 50th birthday. While the party was great, the after party wasn’t such a success. On the night of his 50th birthday Roy was rushed to hospital with a serious heart attack. In fact he almost didn’t make it into his 50s. Years of high work stress, a hip replacement, a family history of heart disease, and an inactive lifestyle almost cut his life short. Roy made a decision that he wanted to be alive for his family and see his kids grow up. He was sick of being tired and feeling uncomfortable with his shape and fitness. Roy started off slowly (the Kaizen approach) and we developed a programme to build up his health momentum along the way. He now works out three times a week at Kaizen Exercise Physiologists doing a variety of exercises

to maintain his hips, keep his cardiovascular system in top shape, and pumping iron. In Roy’s 60s you’re more likely to find him out on the golf course, walking his dog, or cycling on his racing bike rather than eating fast food, sitting in an office all week, or in bars. In fact Roy put himself on a selfimposed 3 month alcohol ban this year leading up to his 60th. He is fitter, trimmer, moves better, eats better, has another daughter, and most importantly is not in hospital having a heart attack like he did on his 50th Birthday. Not only has his own health improved but we’re proud that he’s helped us with our mission to create a ripple of positive health by bringing his family along to Kaizen. While Roy’s chronological age may have increased 10 years, his biological age has reversed - yours can too. Contact Kaizen on: 5641 1132 | 25



elcome to MOTION Magazines functional fitness section. In every edition we will profile a successful local athlete from a different sport, and highlight the types of injuries these athletes may be prone to suffer. We will then provide you, the reader, who may also engage in this same sport a perfect exercise to help prevent you from suffering from the same sort of injuries.

Name: Jack Trent Age: 14 years Years Golfing: 8 years Major achievements: 2011 – runner up at School boy Nationals; 2011 Tied first La Quinta PGA West Future Champions World Championship USA; 2nd at Greg Norman Junior Masters U13 2012. Biggest Career Highlight: Under Par Round 69 and 70 at Headland Golf Course off black tees; 3 hole-in-ones before age 14; Handicap of 1 age 14. Career aspirations: Top 10 PGA golfers in the World and to be the first Australian golfer to win a US Masters at Augusta – the coveted green jacket. Favorite Course on the Coast: Noosa Springs Golf Course, Palmer Coolum Resort and Pelican Waters. What Training do you do: Weekly golf lessons; 1 ½ hours golf practice every day; 30 min fitness training weekly by Dave Liow at Kaizen Ex Physiologists; weekly 1

5474 9555 u


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½ strength and stretching session at Matthew Flinders Gym. What or who inspires you: Tiger Woods is an inspirational golfer because he refuses to lose; and Rory McIlroy because he achieved so much at a young age. Golf, along with many sports, requires rapid, rotational acceleration (torque) of one or more limbs of the body. To produce the required force to drive a ball onto the green, the body’s joints must work in sequential, segmental coordination. Due to the repetitive nature of golf, overuse injuries, particularly the knees, lower back, shoulders and elbows are common. The recent shift in the field of Strength & Conditioning has been to train the body as one, functional unit; thereby, training movement patterns (motor control) and the movement of a joint (functional movement) as a way of not only decreasing the risk for injury, but also enhancing performance. Functional movement training systems (FMS) aim to not only rehabilitate such

injuries but, when implemented correctly, can reduce the risk of such injuries occurring. FMS focuses on training the movement of the body and its joints, rather than an individual muscles size or strength. Therefore, functional movement capability should precede performance-based capability. To create a functional training program, one must break down the movements required by the sport. Once an understanding of what is required has been established, exercises can be developed and manipulated to become more sport specific. As golf requires the production of such high amounts of torque through multiple joints, particularly the core, the focus for training leans toward the mobility, stability, flexibility and strength of the core. One such functional training exercise that focuses on the core is the “T Spine Mobility Series” This exercise keeps the hips stable while generating movement

through the spine, while also dynamically activating the muscles of the core, scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff. If there are any issues with flexibility in the core or shoulder, this exercise is great for identification, improvement and management of that inflexibility. By utilising FMS with elite junior golfer Jack Trent a sound functional movement base has been established ensuring performance measures are evaluating only performance and not fundamental movement pattern issues. Therefore, fundamental movement capability should precede complex movement activity or skill training. These movements form a neuromuscular foundation for sporting performance and reduce compensatory substitution as a result of limited fundamental movement. By Matthew Bousson, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Matthew Flinders Anglican College, (which boasts strength and conditioning coaches as well as Sports Scientists on staff).

Keep Arm straight up at 12 o’clock

Toes to shin

Bottom leg keep in neutral straight position

Top arm comfortably bend across body grabbing ribs

Keep legs in same position and ensure they stay pressed to ground

Keep hips pressed to ground and in neutral position.

Ensure arm at 12 o’clock does not move.

Keep top arm bent gripping ribs and slowly rotate until that shoulder gets as close to the ground as possible

Keep legs and hips in same position

Top arm stay at 12 o’clock

Rotate shoulder as far back as you can whilst keeping top leg firmly pressed to ground.

Return to neutral position and repeat three times. Turn on to your other side and repeat exercise. Athlete: Kirra Seidel | 27




t is undeniable that all Australians have fallen in love with Manu Fieldel. I can’t remember any other celebrity chef in our nation’s history that has enjoyed such widespread acclaim. Recently, I was lucky enough to catch up with Manu and I endeavoured to try and find out what is it about this French born Chef that has captured the hearts of all Australians.

Working in a high pressure kitchen is definitely not for everyone, every year we see the contestants on My Kitchen Rules crack under the pressure. What advice can you give to aspiring young chefs out there?

You first entered into an apprenticeship at the age of fifteen, many years on you are at the top of your game and have become globally renowned for your talents. What keeps you inspired and keeps the love of cooking burning so brightly? “It is my life, and I feel it is something I was born to do so I don’t get bored with it. I think it is the same with any career if you keep on being creative and discovering new products and techniques it keeps it interesting.”

~ Authentic French Restaurant ~ Special 3 Course Meal $27.50 Not Valid Friday & Saturday Night

344 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton Phone: 07 5445 7157

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Did you ever think, back when you first became involved with My Kitchen Rules, that it would become the most watched reality TV show in the country? “I never knew but I hoped!!” You showed you are just as brilliant on the dance floor as you are in the kitchen when you took out Dancing with the Stars in 2011. What was your most memorable moment from the show? “Winning! It was a great experience being involved in the show and I have to say I enjoyed every minute, including dancing for hours EVERY day! Obviously though winning and getting to do my show dance was a highlight and the most memorable moment for me.” You’re internationally famous, yet you carry yourself like the archetypal bloke next door, how do you remain so grounded and humble? “I remember where I came from and where I started. I don’t take life for granted and realise I’m very lucky right now, you never know how long things will last and it could all end tomorrow.” You have had many stellar achievements since moving to Australia, Is there any one achievement that holds a special place in your heart? “To be honest my greatest achievement in my heart is my son and bringing him up the way he is” On My Kitchen Rules when you utter that one word, Bonjour, you cause an instant hot flash with the ladies right across Australia.

Put simply you have become a massive Australian sex symbol, how does this tag sit with you? “It is a strange phenomenon, I never quite get used to it although I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it from time to time!!!” In this edition of MOTION Magazine there is a feature article on Matt Golinski and his passion to return to the kitchen. Can you explain your involvement in the charity foundation Plates for Mates? “When I heard the tragic news about Matt and his family I was straight on the phone to George, Gary and the others and we all were wondering what we could do. From us all putting our heads together Plates for Mates was born, the 1st fund raiser last year was a huge success and I believe is going to help Matt set up a facility to help others in similar situations.” Are there any upcoming events or fundraisers for Plates for Mates that my readers should be aware of? “Well we have expanded a little and have Cruise for Mates coming up; it’s a great opportunity for people to get up close to us chefs. There are 2 different cruises around Europe - I’m very excited about it. If people want to know more, donate or jump on board a cruise they need to go to” Your about to walk in the footsteps of heroes and tackle the treacherous Kokoda Train. This trek, 96km in total, is only

passable on foot and will take you across rugged, isolated terrain, climbing to 2,190 metres above sea level. What is the motivation behind engaging in this adventure? “Helping others. I wanted to set myself a challenge and what better way than to involve a charity and raise awareness and money for a great cause at the same time.” Depending on fitness, the Kokoda Train normally takes between 4 and 12 days to complete. What training have you been doing to prepare your body for this journey and do you have a target amount of days that you want to complete the trek in? “I have been training intensely with my personal trainer (Anthony Thompson) who is joining me on the trek for about 3 months. As Kokoda is more about endurance than strength or general fitness we have been doing lots of hill walking, stair training and hikes. We are going with an organisation so will be planning to do the walk in 9 days.” Has your diet changed whilst you are in training? If so what stable nutritional meal do you enjoy on a daily basis? “I cut out all carbs, sugar, alcohol and was on a high protein diet. It has been tough at times and sometimes I just want a great big bowl of pasta! It has been strange as I have been allowed as much fat as I want but no carbs or sugar!” You are also a proud ambassador for the charity Camp Quality.

How did you get involved in this charity and what does being an ambassador for this charity entail? “I was approached by Camp Quality a few years ago to organise a Mother’s day morning tea - it was a great success and I was so touched by the families and their stories that I asked if I could be involved in an ongoing role and they then asked me to be an ambassador. I try and help all I can by donating my time or experiences for auctions and attending events, last year I attended a surf school with one of the camps and had a great time I’m waiting to hear what I may be doing this year at the camp!” I think my question about why Manu Feildel is so well loved in Australia has been answered. I now believe his popularity isn’t all due to the fact that he is a maestro in the kitchen and more due to the fact he is a thoughtful, caring human being that donates his time and money to a myriad of charities. I originally thought his fame was due to his stellar hosting of Australia’s most loved reality TV cooking show, My Kitchen Rules, but once again I was mistaken, I now realise it is due to the fact he is the archetypal cheeky, humble Australian guy who is also an admirable devoted father. Lastly and of course I am sure his notoriety has been bolstered by the fact that at least ninety percent of Australian women think Manu is simply gorgeous.

Unique to the Coast, modern Australian cuisine with a Mediterranean influence







LIVE MUSIC FRI / SAT / SUN SLIDER & CIDER SUNDAYS BUSINESS LUNCHES AT YOUR PACE OPEN 7 DAYS - 11am till late | P. 07 5478 2742 Entry through the Mantra arcade on Venning St or Mooloolaba Esp 26/121 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba Q 4557 | 29

1st Class Service


ue to our demanding financial climate, our local dining scene has witnessed the emergence of most operators offering affordable, price point meals. This trend however makes me question, if prices have been reduced what corners are venues cutting to make this viable? More often than not I have found it is the service standards that are affected the most. The Caloundra RSL through their Nexgen Training Restaurant is going against this current trend and educating a new breed of hospitality workers on how to provide first class service regardless of the monetary figure attached to the dishes they present. Aura Restaurant is situated within the Caloundra RSL premises and operates as an elegant, casual, fine dining, and A-la-carte restaurant from Thursday to Sunday nights. A must visit for all those looking for a divine mouthwatering meal in intimate stylish and relaxed surrounds. During the week however Aura doubles as a

Caloundra rsl training restaurant that provides local school based trainees and apprentice chefs, the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practise in a live training environment with real customers. I was lucky enough to catch up with Jason McKey, the man responsible for training Caloundra RSL’s hospitality students over the last few years and asked him what sets Aura restaurant and their training facilities apart from the rest. “Most employers want their prospective employees to not only have qualifications but also tangible work experience, we can offer both of these to our students” Jason went on to say that “We also work with many deportment issues, teaching not only practical work skills but also practical life skills that will hold our students in good stead no matter what occupation they pursue in the future.” Two other aspects that I found very interesting and I am sure any prospective student would as well, is the fact that students

are allocated paid work shifts as part of their training program. Therefore, they can earn an income whilst at school and whilst they are receiving a nationally recognised qualification. Furthermore, there is no cost to the students for their training as the entire program is funded by the Caloundra RSL itself and the State Government.

out of the four onsite restaurants that best suits the dining experience you are looking for to catering for your every need whilst you are on premises, their service standards are simply impeccable.

Adding the icing to an already very tasty package deal is the fact that basically 99% of all students are placed in employment on completion of their studies “The Caloundra RSL is forever expanding so we have the opportunity to place basically all of our students into work. We know just how well trained our students are and would prefer they worked for us than anyone else” Jason stated. The permanent staff at Caloundra RSL are great mentors for the students involved in the Nexgen Training Program as they truly practise what they preach. From taking your dining reservation and making sure you are placed in one

Celebrating 50 Years in 2013

Training rEsTauranT Our school Based Trainees serve up their newly acquired skills and knowledge, in their very own training environment at aura restaurant.

$19.95 - 2 Courses

m - 2p day m p 12 ednes y yW Ever Thursda olidays h & blic u

ng p

di Exclu

$22.95 - 3 Courses

* Bookings Essential


Mention this ad and present your membership card, on arrival at aura restaurant and you will receive a FREE Dessert with your 2 course meal. That’s 3 courses for only $19.95* Phone: (07) 5438 5800 19 West Terrace, Caloundra QLD 4551 April 1.indd 2

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2/04/2013 11:30:11 AM

Matt golinski on deck in the kitchen until he (hopefully) can one day return to the business.. Matt informed The Courier-Mail that “Although I’m really keen to get back into the kitchen, time will tell as to when and if that can happen”


hey say one man can make a difference, however, for many this colloquial saying is more akin to a myth than a statement of truth. For those that doubt the power of one, they need not look far to find evidence to the contrary. Matt Golinski’s tragic story has touched the hearts of millions of individuals throughout the globe. I am sure we have all heard the heart breaking story of how Matt lost his wife and children in that dreadful Boxing Day fire in 2011. I am not here to recap these unfortunate events, but to shed light on Matt’s inspiring road to recovery and how, through his will, courage and determination, he is changing lives and inspiring others. The entire nation stood breathless when the dreadful news about Matt Golinski’s family broke. Almost immediately, a fund raising initiative, ‘Plates for Mates’ was formed by six friends of Matt’s - a group of Australia’s leading chefs. Janelle Bloom, George Calombaris, Manu Feildel, Damian Heads, Alastair McLeod and

Gary Mehigan. Along with the Australian hospitality industry, the group rallied together as a way to express their care, concern and support for their friend, Matt Golinski. Funds raised as a result of Plates for Mates has helped with Matt’s physical and emotional recovery but also assisted other burns survivors. In an incredible display of generosity, in 2012 Matt shared a large portion of Plates for Mates funds with the McComb Foundation, the Peter Hughes Burns Foundation and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Burns Unit to help others affected by burn injuries. The chefs have now embarked on a second fundraising initiative, Cruise for Mates, which is also raising money for Matt and the charities he supports. The brave and unselfish Matt Golinski recently stated to the The Courier-Mail “So much needs to be done regarding prevention, treatment and research,” he said. “My hope is that I will be able to contribute to that work in some way.”

Matt’s road to recovery has only just begun, the physical repercussions of his burns are far more extensive than many of us would think. Matt now suffers from a condition known as Heterotopic Ossification, which means bone is trying to form in the soft tissue around his joints. He has lost over twenty kilos and due to an increased metabolism as his body heals, his heart rate is elevated with extreme physical stress putting him at ongoing risk of a heart attack. This however has not stopped the courageous Matt Golinski, a keen runner before the tragic fire; Matt has already started to engage in various fun runs, albeit with strict monitoring of his heart rate. Matt’s goal is to complete a half marathon in the near future and has a long term goal of one day finishing a full marathon. Matt believes his commitment to fitness has helped him towards his physical and emotional recovery. Matts catering business ‘The Rolling Dolmade’ is still operating with his two business partners

Reflecting on the events of that notorious Boxing Day in 2011 and on the family he lost, Matt also stated to The Courier-Mail that “I have no idea why I was spared from the fire but I am determined to look forward and live a life that would make them proud,” he went on to say, “I want to honour the memory of Rachael and our girls by finding a silver lining somewhere in these dark clouds.” Matt Golinski has honoured the memory of his family, his courage, resilience and bravery has inspired thousands around the globe to stand up against adversity and to pursue their dreams regardless of the barriers they face. The fund raising initiative Plates for Mates, has created much needed resources not just to help Matts recovery but to help all burn survivors within Australia and beyond. Matt Golinski’s name will echo throughout the ages, his tale of overcoming insurmountable odds and inspiring a nation will be told to your great grandsons and granddaughters, his legacy will be that one man can make a difference! For more information on Plates for Mates or Cruise for Mates visit or | 31

Live sport every weekend on 4 huge plasmas.

T-Bone Tuesdays $12. Thursday night Parmas $15. Mouth Watering Steaks.

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here’s long been debate over the nutritional benefits of organic foods compared to conventional foods and studies on either side have come to wildly different conclusions. In terms of organic meat, we can say with certainty that if it isn’t more nutritional – though Miranda Kerr can’t be wrong, right? - It is at the very least much better for our health, environment and animals. Add to that the conviction by many that organic meat simply tastes better - “like meat should taste” and it becomes clear why organics are becoming increasingly popular. Certified organic farms meet strict certification rules and are prohibited from using any chemicals such as pesticides or artificial fertilisers, as well as any antibiotics or growth promotants. Additionally, no genetically modified components enter the growing or processing stage at any time. The pesticides, antibiotics and growth promotants that are used in conventional farming - to boost production levels and cut down on feed requirements - include more than 80 allowable pesticides – yep, 80 - that can be used in Australia but are banned overseas. Even America won’t allow them… More than 60 per cent of the antibiotics used in Australia are given to farm animals – the other 40 per cent over the counter at pharmacists for human consumption. The aggressive application of these drugs is linked to the emergence of new strains of human infections including those which fail to respond to antibiotics. Additionally, such additives in food have been blamed for the

ORGANIC MEATS growth of behavioural disorders, allergies and a growing incidence of serious illnesses in humans. The one thing you’re assured of when consuming certified organic meat is that meat, and meat alone, is all your body is digesting. Finally, the issue of animal welfare is paramount in consumer’s minds - they want to know that the livestock has been humanely raised and processed. Certified organic meat is only processed in certified abattoirs thus again ensuring the priority of animal welfare. Make sure you visit Forest Glen Organic Meats and experience what meat should taste like. Based at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast of QLD, they are a certified supplier of certified organic meats to the public. Their boutique butchery has an excellent reputation for quality and variety, with a loyal local and distant customer base. Their huge range of meats is certified organic and free-range, being sourced from genuine certified growers. This guarantees that no chemical pesticides or insecticides are used at the farms, either on the livestock or on the land. It also guarantees that the animals are antibiotic free, and never given any hormones or growth promotants. Most importantly, it ensures that stringent animal welfare practices are in place Please also read the profile on the highly acclaimed Wood Fire Grill, as they are now using organic meats and are sourcing the majority of their produce locally through Forest Glen Organic Meats.


ecently, Ricky’s River Bar & Restaurant, which has always had a stellar reputation as a first class dining destination, have added an exciting new element to their business, the unique Wood Fire Grill. With a blend of riverfront views and parkside location, coupled with high standards of service and cuisine, Wood Fire Grill exceeds expectations for intimate dinners, business lunches and perfectly catered functions. The very clever architecture and design of Wood Fire Grill allows patrons to witness first hand the theatre of the modern grill technique. Their mouthwatering rustic styled menu is a perfect unison of exciting seafood, chargrilled vegetables and an extensive selection of meticulously sourced meats. Ricky’s passion for using only the finest of local and seasonal produce, has led them to now utilising the best organic meats in the country, many of which are sourced locally from our very own Forest Glen Organic Meats. Recently, we managed to catch up with Wood Fire Grill’s chef Luke Czajkowsky, and chatted about this exciting new element to Ricky’s already extensive dining repertoire. Luke has had a long history within the hospitality industry working as head chef in some of the most well-known dining destinations throughout Sydney, such as, the Flying Fish and Rock Pools Bar and Grill. Luke’s resume doesn’t end there, after many years spent overseas as a private chef for the rich and famous Luke took up a position as a consultant on the very popular Masterchef TV series. “It involved a lot of travel as I

was working closely with the producers. George and Gary would come up with challenges and ideas; we would test the dishes, check for safety issues and basically find ways to make their ideas come alive on television.” Luke has now found his home here on the Sunshine Coast and adds yet another flavour to our already internationally famous reputation as a haven of culinary delights and world class chefs. We enquired to Luke about his thoughts on the integration of organic meats into the Wood Fire Grill menu “The end product is sensational; our organic meats are sourced from farms where they nurture their animals and treat them exceptionally well. The time has been spent on raising them correctly and this is reflected in the product we plate up as the meats are always super tender with incomparable flavour.” Luke went on to say “It is an undeniable fact that organic meats are just so much better for you, I eat healthy at home so I did welcome this decision with open arms. However, the decision to use organic meats was simply based around Ricky’s Mission statement to provide our patrons with the healthiest, tastiest and most nutritional produce in the country” There is so much on offer at this exceptional dining destination, from Ricky’s River Bar & Restaurant with their modern flair and tastes of the Mediterranean to the new Wood Fire Grill with their stellar range of organic meats grilled to perfection. For all bookings you can contact Rickys River Bar + Restaurant and Woodfire Grill on (07) 5447 2455. | 33



ecently MOTION Magazine caught up with acclaimed Chef Wayne Smith who has only just taken over the reins of the GBT kitchen, and by all reports has lifted GBT’s standard of dining from above average to simply amazing. Wayne’s stellar career spanning 16 years in the industry has seen him own his own gourmet Deli/ eatery as well as being the head chef at some of the Sunshine Coasts most acclaimed and respected restaurants, such as, The Terraces of Maleny and Tides Waterfront Dining. The GBT has undergone massive renovations recently and it seems by appointing Wayne as head chef improving their food quality and dining services was also a major concern “Since the revamp the GBT is now much more than a tavern so we have ensured we have a menu to match our new standard. I am a cook, I don’t believe in opening

packets, I cook the food and I make it from scratch, I ensure we use local fresh ingredients and do it properly which in itself simply lifts the standard.” We had to enquire what Wayne’s favourite style of cooking actually is and if he personally has a favourite dish he loves to indulge in “Japanese has always been a favourite and I am loving Middle Eastern and raw food at the moment. In regards to a favourite dish I just like things out of the ordinary. Something that sends the taste buds crazy.” I then asked Wayne to give me an example of one of the dishes available at the GBT that exemplifies his above statement “At the moment we are serving a Queensland Soft Shell Crab with Nori Mayonnaise. It has been very popular with our patrons and guaranteed to make the taste buds go

crazy. A great night to attend the GBT is our Gourmet Dinner nights held every Full Moon of the Month. It’s a night to really test our ability and deliver a one off experience to our patrons. It’s a night of 4 courses of exquisite food and it is carefully matched with the appropriate wine.”

It was also great to hear that Wayne is also a strong believer in using only the best Australian produce available “We ensure that we use fresh local produce where possible, if need be we will source certain items from farms within Australia but never from overseas”

Wayne then made it very clear to me that GBT does cater for everyone “We have our signature style dishes and our gourmet nights but overall we are currently serving a wide variety of dishes to cater for all markets, from the very affordable all the way up to the extravagant.”

With Wayne at the helm of the kitchen you can be confident that the GBT will quickly gain a stellar reputation as one of the best dining destinations in Caloundra. As Wayne himself puts it “Come and have a meal at the GBT you will be pleasantly surprised by your experience!”


Cnr Baldwin St & Bowman Rd Caloundra Qld 4551 34 | motion magazine

P: (07) 5492 8300 F: (07) 5492 8700

11/43 Burnett Street Buderim Ph: 0467 672 020 facebook/groundorganics


very week for the last few months, my 19 year daughter Kim and I have made the effort, now that she has moved out of home, to catch up for lunch. We rendezvous at this amazing little café in the heart of Buderim called Ground Café, I love it, the food is great, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is inviting. It is like a warm, cool, funky little slice of West End Brisbane that has made its home here on the Sunshine Coast. My gorgeous Kim, always orders the same meal for me, I am a traditional sort of guy raised on steak and chips, and knowing this Kim always gets me Nachos followed by a Chocolate smoothie, apparently it is her way

to thanks for all the support I have given her over the years, bless her lil cotton socks. I realised that when Kim moved out of home, it put more stress on me than I originally thought, as I started to go through some embarrassing tummy problems. Now that I have been seeing my baby girl once a week these stomach issues have all but disappeared and it has made me realise just how much stress can affect your health. Last weekend we had the whole family around for a Sunday lunch, whilst we were waiting for my lovely wife’s famous lamb roast to be ready, we did what most families do and started to flick through the TV Channels for our weekly dose of sports. A program came on about the benefits of eating healthy raw organic foods; obviously being such a staunch supporter of my steak and chips I let my views be known that I thought this whole raw organic eating trend was a load of codswallop. “Eating raw organic foods helped you and your stomach problems dad” Kim blurted out. What was she talking about? I had never eaten raw organic foods before!! My darling daughter than informed me that the cool little Ground café that I loved going to in Buderim was actually an Organic Raw Café, the yummy Nachos I enjoy so much are made with Brazil nut mince and my chocolate shake is made with Cacao, mixed with berries, almonds, greens and other superfood’s. I knew what I was eating tasted healthy and fresh but I never imaged that I had been ingesting raw organically grown healthy superfood’s. Kim then explained to me what superfood’s were and why they

By Craig Thomson

are so good for you. “Dad you have started surfing again, you stomach issues have gone and mum tells me your sleeping better, doesn’t this tell you that raw organic foods are good for you?” Okay being the parent you like to thing you know best, but I just got schooled by my 19 year old daughter. “Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to eat healthy all day every day dad, just find healthy foods you enjoy eating and let things evolve naturally” Kim said. Since that enlightening day I make sure I drop in to Ground Café to get my healthy Nachos twice a week and knock back at least 3 or 4 superfood smoothies a week. My wife has even started to purchase some of Ground Cafés living food products to incorporate into our home cooking recipes. I don’t do this to be cool, to fit in to a trend, I do it because I love the taste and I love how the food makes me feel. As you eat more and more healthy foods, they become tastier and tastier. It makes sense really as after 30 years of steak and chips anything else is going to taste a little strange at first. I love Ground Café, it’s not pretentious, the young owner James is so unassuming and even makes a rugged bloke like me feel at home in an organic café, a feat that I always thought impossible. My stomach issues have gone, I now have twice the energy I used you and I am surfing almost daily, look out world I am back!! My number 1, my heart and soul, my baby girl Kim and Ground Raw & Organic Café gave me the greatest gift of all, the gift of Life.

“Raw/Living Foods, is food that has never been exposed to temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius, so as to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes, and carry on as much life energy to you as possible” “Certified Organic” “Superfood’s are high sources of nutrition regarded by cultures & traditions all over the world as potent sources of healing energy” “Housemade, we handcraft everything here so we can guarantee that only organic ingredients are used and everything is made with care, and with your wellbeing in mind” | 35



he normally relaxed seaside town of Noosa will for four days, from the 16th to 19th of May, erupt into a cataclysmic culinary celebration for the Noosa Food & Wine Festival. This Internationally famous Festival sees guests flock in to the Noosa region from around the globe for to rub shoulders with internationally renowned Chefs, Musicians and Celebrities. 2013 will mark the Noosa Food and Wine Festivals tenth year anniversary, and with event organisers integrating new breathtaking elements to help celebrate this amazing milestone, this year’s festival will be bigger, bolder and better than ever before. Recently we caught up with the creator of this magical event, the one and only, Jim Berardo. How did the Noosa Food & Wine Festival come about? Greg O’Brien and I began the Festival from scratch. Initially it was a way to say thank you to all the wonderful local producers and growers who supplied the restaurant and to celebrate the culinary reputation of Noosa and the many world class chefs who made Noosa their home. In year 1 there were nearly 40 contributors and 60 patrons – for a total 100. Compared to our 9th year in 2012 where we had over 26000 attend – a massive growth. Every year the festival just gets better and better, is it a daunting process coming up with ways to continual improve the festival?

JIM BERARDO Yes, absolutely, however because a Festival like ours is 18 months to 2 years in planning each Festival naturally morphs to the next with many tweaks along the way. What are some of the major highlights for the 2013 Noosa Food & Wine Festival? I have got to admit that I’m really looking forward to the Gala Opening evening – we are doing a world first with an event called Edible Music where dining patrons will receive a box of canapés created by 10 of the world’s best chef and then eat them after the respective chef does a theatrical cooking demonstration in sync with an Aria performed by a full orchestra. Not to mention the 2 Qantas degustation dinners presented by the S.Pellegrino’s World’s Best restaurant chefs and our brand new Seafood Feasts on the Beach (to be held in an over the sand marquee in the middle of Noosa Main beach) The Noosa Food and Wine Festival has grown from a local event to an international event, was this always the plan? From the start the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with its nationally acclaimed producers has always been a key part of the Festival. One of the key elements of the event’s success was to keep it fresh and evolving, we started with a local focus and moved onto regional, then State , then national and naturally next to international. Also Noosa and the

Sunshine Coast have evolved into an amazing international destination and it was naturally fitting to take this Festival to that level. We made the name change to “International” 2 years ago. Planning for the 2014 event is well underway and will have a much larger international component to it.

called Top Tastes of Queensland Lunch - Friday May 17.

Do you organise the entertainment yourself? Yes we do. The event is all about lifestyle and will continue to be in to the near future. We have learned that our patrons love the combination of food, wine, music and other lifestyle related activities. Hence we are always trying to reinvent new things and new experiences to titillate that lifestyle experience. Events such as our Food Trails, Lifestyle lunches, International Picnics and the new World First events such as Edible Music are the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival’s point of difference with all other Festivals in Australia and many in the world. In this edition we have profiled Matt Golinski, who has captured the hearts of our nation. Will we see Matt at this year’s festival? Yes, you absolutely will. We are so excited that he is making his way back to cooking again. He is one of the most accomplished chefs I have ever known and is the most cool, calm and collected chef I have ever been exposed to. What a beautiful person he is. This year he is really heading up the bill of Top Queensland chefs in the event


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No.1 Harbour Parade Buddina Qld 4575 Phone: 07 5444 6444


few weeks ago I visited One on La Balsa Café in Kawana, situated a stone’s throw from Kawana Beach, overlooking the gorgeous La Balsa park and entrance way to the Mooloolaba River. It quickly became apparent to me that One on La Balsa Café is a true jewel in the crown of our local café and dining scene. From the Cafes balcony you can see surfers making their way to the beach, families relaxing in La Balsa Park as well as boats and yachts making their way along the river. “Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their breakfast or lunch whilst taking in a great view, nothing worse than staring at cars or a brick wall” owner Jeff ‘Lemo’ Le marseny explained. One on La Balsa is a family run business that exudes a stylish, warm and inviting atmosphere. Owners Jeff and Danielle Le marseny captain the ship, however, the humble Lemo believes he only plays a small role in the success of One on La Balsa Café “It is all my amazing wife, Danni really runs the

show along with our manager Nikki Kirby, they are the backbone of our operation.” The warm inviting atmosphere that One on La Balsa exudes has to be experienced to be believed. Lemo’s daughter, Brittany, popped in and out whilst I was there and I watched Lemo personally welcome every patron that walked through their doors, he even individually thanked every patron as they left. This personal service is very refreshing and sorely missed in the majority of current modern day businesses. Getting Lemo to chat about himself was like getting blood out of a stone; however, I did find out that he has won the Coolangatta Gold ironman masters twice, he is still an avid champion competitive ski paddler and that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as his daughter Hayley was also crowned National under 19 Single Ski champion in 2011. Lemo has of late turned his hand to helping out our local athletes of the future and from what I have heard through the

grapevine Lemo has been lending his experience and knowledge to wide range of athletes, from Aaron Franklin a Ski Paddler to Mark Visser a big wave surfer. I assumed it was Lemo’s sporting background that influenced some of the super healthy dishes on their menu, however Lemo once again turned the praise to others “My amazing wife Danni designs the menu, she works closely with Cindy O’Meara who wrote the very successful book Changing Habits, I am sure this has influenced the design of the menu.” Casting my eye over One on La Balsa’s menu, it is extremely extensive, catering from the healthy right through to the indulgent, Lemo explained that “We only use the freshest of local produce, and everything is made fresh on site daily. Our menu items including our juices and smoothies change frequently as we only use the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables. There is also a range of vegetarian and gluten free options. Nothing is brought in pre

made or pre-packaged even all our cakes are homemade. We are also very proud of our coffee as our baristas are well trained and very particular about what they produce.” With fresh local produce prepared daily and presented beautifully within an array of mouth-watering menu items, a stellar view, stylish surrounds and first class service with a personal touch, One on La Balsa is a must visit destination for all Sunshine Coast locals and tourists alike. One on La Balsa is also available to hire for functions and weddings. You can contact One on La balsa on (07) 5444 6444, like them on facebook at www.facebook. com/pages/one-on-la-balsa or check them out online at www. If you’re an aspiring athlete and want to get some tips from a true champion don’t hesitate to ask for Lemo when you call and book yourself in for a training session … after you enjoy a gorgeous breakfast at the Café of course. | 37




oming from a background in building and then swim coaching who would ever foresee the natural transition would have been the wine industry, proves anything is possible with passion. After 13 yrs of sipping, tasting and spitting I would rate myself an amateur in the wine industry, but having managed five bottle shops run countless wine events and now brand manager of our family vineyard in Eden Valley, I would say I’m getting better. Welcome to Motion magazines wine column. Wine trends are like haircuts and short skirts; they all change but last the test of time. Riesling and Rose’ are the first wines that come to mind, Riesling was what Nana would have a glass of after a big day on the bowling green, with its overly sweet front palate and crisp soft taste. Now we have Riesling’s made the way

the consumer are asking for, ripe citrus fruits of Lemon over lime and clean quick finish that is palate cleansing and refreshing. As seafood has increased in popularity so has Riesling, with acid and mineral balance, everyone wins. Rose’ can be a different beast, as it has so many shades of Red (not Grey) Simply it is a red wine grape that has been given less skin contact time and this gives its lighter look and taste, hence perfect for our QLD summer. Rose’ served chilled, matched with a spicy Indian or Asian meal will still have the characters of the grape used i.e. - Grenache, Shiraz or even Cabernet, but will not over power the spice in the meal. Craft beers and ciders are now as common as a blue cattle dog at the Gympie music muster. The average punters palate wants

more bang for their buck, so spending more and getting a better quality beverage is much more common. With wine makers brewing their own beer to piggy back onto their wine sales we are now finding beers with depth and a greater variety of flavours to the point we can now have beer degustation dinners. Watch out for ciders, they are easy drinking and very refreshing, but too many can leave the throat a bit dry. Now put some pretty cool names like Wicked Weka, Dirty Granny and Murray’s Punch and Judy in to the mix and the marketing sells half of what you can produce. Sweden in Scandinavia is believed to be the original home of Cider. Kopperberg was founded here in 1943 by a small group of brewers and is now owned by brothers Peter and Dan-Anders Bronsman. Kopperberg is regarded as a truly world class cider that is sold in

more than 40 countries and is the world’s bestselling pear cider. With the cooking shows dominating the TV channels we are now opening up our frontal lobes to newer and exciting tastes and varieties of food and wine. My best tip is to find a smaller independent bottle shop close to you and you will find that the guy working there most days is the boss or the owner. Start to test his knowledge as these guys love to explore new avenues of wine/beer/cider and food matching, they will become your high priest and his store your Saturday day afternoon temple of worship. Enjoy every drop, as life is too short to drink bad wine. By Darren Naylor Darren Naylor is the Brand Manager for Brockenchack, Eden Valley Vineyard, Barossa SA.

Using only the finest freshest new season produce, Providing meals of the highest standard. Catering for weddings, business meetings, dinner parties, staff parties, functions (any excuse for a party we will cater).

P: 0401 561 800 | E: | Facebook jimmys catering

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he Sunshine Coast is full of mouth-watering dining treasures, and last week on a leisurely drive out towards Bli Bli I stumbled across a true gem, It’s Rawsome! Café, nestled into the grassy landscape along Petrie Creek Road. We have all heard professional chefs state that any quality meals must be created with love and from the heart. There is no better example of love and passion being spliced into food then the divine meals presented at It’s Rawsome! Café. It’s Rawsome! Café, owned by Gerald and Susanna Short is an inviting, accepting and simply gorgeous Raw Organic café. The first thing that will strike you as enter the Café will be Gerald’s vivacious personality, in fact, if Gerald doesn’t make you laugh at least once during your visit I would go see a doctor as you may have no pulse. Inside, the stellar and acclaimed artworks of Susanna adorn the walls providing the café with an eclectic, arty invigorating ambiance. Gerald and Susanna exude passion for what they do and this love is truly represented not just in the meals they present but also in the overall atmosphere of this divine Café. Not only are their meals affordable and simply bursting with flavour they are also supremely healthy. Every element of each meal is prepared daily using only

the freshest of natural, organic and spray free produce. There is nothing pre-packaged, no fatty sugars, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Furthermore, all products used have not been genetically modified and are grown without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Whilst I was there I treated my taste buds to a gluten free California Burrito, which is made up of ground up flax and vegetables that are filled with antioxidants. Inside the burrito were seasonal vegetables, avocado, pineapple, chipotle cheese, topped with avocado lime sauce, red pepper sauce, salsa & cashew sour cream. The amazing thing is there is no dairy to be found anywhere in these sauces! To be modest the dish was simply delightful, however, the best was yet to come. Rawsome Cafes’ cake and slice range is out of this world, although potently healthy, they are filled with flavours that would excite even the most discerning of indulgent treat lovers. Their cakes are world class exquisite mousse style preparations and are all dairy free, gluten free and sugar free, a true guilt free experience! I couldn’t hold back my urges once I saw their elegantly displayed treats and immersed myself in their Banoffi Cake, which is a pressed nut crust filled with almonds, walnuts, cashews and

Californian dates. Layered on top is raw caramel made with coconut palm sugar, followed by a layer of organic bananas and then dressed with cold pressed coffee cream. All I can say is wow, the flavours that came bursting through this cake were simply divine and my palate was set a light like the sky on Guy Fawkes night. After I finished my meal I chatted with Gerald and Susanna and was once again made aware of the amazing powers of healthy eating. Owner Susanna grew up in Germany, caught the health bug early in life, selling her bliss ball creations to health food stores at the age of 14 to support herself. Susanna started in her journey to become a talented artist and costume designer, in fact just prior to leaving for the USA with her sewing machine and $500 she was offered a position with the Hamburg Opera in costume design. She left anyway, artists! While studying for seven years with her art mentor in Texas, Susanna started her healing journey with foods, healing a thyroid condition that would otherwise require life long medication. Gerald and Susanna met in California, they had been married 5 years when in 2004 she received the devastating news that she had breast cancer, experts informed her that her only option was a Mastectomy and immediate engagement in aggressive full body

chemotherapy. Susanna had other ideas and hence began her battle with breast cancer by holistic methods and healthy raw organic eating. Fast forward to today, Susanna is vibrant, healthy and effervescent with simply no signs of the battle she fought and won against maybe the greatest evil of all. Gerald and Susanna, have major plans on expanding their business and in particular the wholesale side to their business. This is not a new thing as many organic businesses here such as Organika and Forest Glen Organic Supermarket here and down to the Gold Coast had been stocking their products for years. An interesting side story is that when they were first starting out with their wholesale business it was actually the kindness of Matt Golinski in providing them some commercial kitchen space that helped kick-start their business endeavour. It is obvious that It’s Rawsome! Cafe and its associated wholesale side is not simply just a business to Gerald and Susanna. After experiencing first hand the power of healthy eating they want to use their business as a way to help educate others in the flavoursome beauty and freedom of healthy eating. Their motto says it all “Elevate your Mood with our Food!” | 39

Raw Choc-Goji Brownies 1 cup whole walnuts


n every edition of MOTION Magazine I will endeavour to provide you with a healthy, nutritional yet simply scrumptious home cooking recipe. This month I checked out a blog written by a young Sunshine Coast resident, who is not only one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met, but through her blog provides cutting edge lifesaving nutritional information. I do not use the term life saving lightly, the blog I visited, entitled The Wellness Warrior, is written by Jessica Ainscough, who has faced and overcome one of the greatest evils in life, cancer. Jessica an attractive 22 year with the world at her feet was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, epithelioid sarcoma, and so called experts in their field informed Jessica that her only chance of survival was

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amputation of the affected area along with aggressive full body chemotherapy. Jessica however took matters, and her health, into her own hands. Through a transformation of mind, body and spirit Jessica showed the world and especially those so called experts, that cancer can be beaten through a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I strongly urge everyone to check out Jessica’s blog: to learn more about this inspirational young lady and her path to health and happiness. A major part of Jessica’s holistic approach is healthy organic eating, and over the years Jess has compiled the most scrumptious and divine recipes. We are lucky enough to be able to share one of them with you.

1 ¼ cups Medjool dates, pitted ½ cup raw cacao ½ cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped ¼ cup goji berries Place walnuts in food processor and blend on high until the nuts are finely ground. Add the cacao and pulse to combine. Add the dates one at a time through the feed tube of the food processor while it is running. What you should end up with is a mix that appears rather like cake crumbs, but that when pressed, will easily stick together (if the mixture does not hold together well, add more dates). In a large bowl, combine the walnut-cacao mix with the chopped almonds and goji berries. Press into cake pan or dish. Place in freezer or fridge until ready to serve (it is also easier to cut these when they are very cold). Store in an airtight container.


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