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motiondynamics™ PREMIUM Rubber Tracks � for KUBOTA 60.3 Mini Excavator Size 400X74X72 � Call 812.853.2583 �

motiondynamics™ PREMIUM Rubber Tracks for KUBOTA 60.3 Mini Excavator Size 400X74X72 are the finest rubber tracks made today- featuring continuous wrap, corrosion resistant, jointless STAINLESS STEEL CABLES for STRENGTH and LONG LIFE, premium-grade VIRGIN RUBBER and synthetic rubber compound blends for MAXIMUM PROTECTION against cracking, chunking, and abrasions, stainless steel and micro-fiber PROTECTIVE BONDING MESH designed to keep your tracks intact for LONGEVITY, our patented self-cleaning MULTI-BAR TREAD PATTERN and a scientifically engineered DEDICATED TRACK DESIGN to match your machine specifically which means true sprocket alignment, fewer undercarriage replacements, and an OEM quality fit!

KUBOTA 60.3 Size 400X74X72! � FREE FREIGHT and WARRANTY! Don't delay- ORDER NOW! � BUY YOUR SET NOW of PREMIUM motiondynamics™ KUBOTA 60.3 Rubber Tracks Size � 400X74X72 and be ready for your upcoming jobs! � CALL NOW! 812.853.2583 �

Size 400X74X72 also fits: CASE CK62, CASE CK82, HITACHI EX60 LC.7, HITACHI EX60.1, HITACHI � EX60.1L, HITACHI EX60.2/1, HITACHI EX60.2/2, HITACHI EX60.3, HITACHI EX60.3/1, HITACHI EX60.3/2, � HITACHI EX60.3/3, HITACHI EX60/1, HITACHI EX60/2, HITACHI EX60UR/1, HITACHI EX60URG.1, HITACHI � EX60URG/1, HITACHI EX75UR /1, HITACHI EX75UR/3, FURUKAWA FX60.2, FURUKAWA FX60.3, � FURUKAWA FX60URG, KUBOTA KX191, HITACHI EX60, KUBOTA KX60.2, KUBOTA KX60.3 � Don't forget to ask about our UNDERCARRIAGE PARTS FOR KUBOTA 60.3 Size 400X74X72: � Rollers for KUBOTA 60.3, Front Idlers for KUBOTA 60.3, Rear Idlers for KUBOTA 60.3 and � Sprockets for KUBOTA 60.3...all marked down just for you for a limited time! �

Do you need a Roller, Idler, or Sprocket for your KUBOTA 60.3? We have the finest Replacement � Undercarriage Parts available anywhere in the world! Don't delay-

GET YOURS NOW! � CALL NOW! 812.853.2583 � � MOTION DYNAMICS, LLC � P.O. Box 643 � Newburgh, IN 47629 � USA � TM & Copyright © 2012. MOTION DYNAMICS, LLC & motiondynamics™. All Rights Reserved.


motiondynamics KUBOTA 60.3 Rubber Tracks Size 450X74X72 Call 812.853.2583  
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