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Use stepper motor for varieties of commercial and industrial applications Stepper motor is basically an electronic motor, having no brushes. It is quite different device from DC motors. It divides full rotation into number of equal steps. It is a userfriendly, rugged and reliable device, converts digital impulses into mechanical rotation. It is exclusive variety of motors that works in any environment. It takes one step at single time and each step of equal size, so it provides full gripping control to user. It gives continuous rotation to system. The input pulse and rotation angle of motor are proportional to one another. User can achieve different type of speed, using different types of stepper motor. Fundamentally, there are three varieties of step motor system are available including hybrid, variable reluctance and permanent magnet. Hybrid motor is the known as the most efficient type of motor, as it include the best feature of both variable reluctance and permanent magnet. Hybrid step motor system is extensively used for varieties of commercial purpose include CD player, computer disk drives, printer and others. Moreover, it is also used for various scientific and industrial applications such as automated wire bonding, cutting machine, pick and place machine, machine tool, fluid control device and robotic devices. These days, lots of companies are available, offering wide range of stepper motor drivers, controller and related accessories at the best rates. There are lots of step motor applications around us such as paper feed, print wheel, disk drive, photo-typesetting, X-Y plotter, clock, factory automation and others. Stepper motor drivers are a brushless and synchronous electric motor, converts digital pulses into precise mechanic rotation. Each pulse causes the motor to rotate a precise angle typically 1.8째. When, frequencies of digital pulses are increases, the step movement changes into continuous rotation. The speed of motor is directly related to the frequency of the pulses. Stepper motor control system controls the motion of motor with lead screw and worm gear drive system. There are two ways to connect a stepper motor is series and in parallel. Series connection provides high inductance, while parallel connection will lower the inductance. Stepper motor control system controls the overall processing of stepper motor. Permanent magnet stepper has permanent magnet rotor that is cylindrical in shape. It if used in computer printer for quality paper printing. Controller system monitors and controls the circular and linear movement of the device. Reliable dealer facilitate comprehensive online services for the convenience of customers such as placing order, making payment, fast shipping and others.

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Stepper motor control system  

Maintain the high performance of the stepper motor drivers with cost effective product motion control products by OES. Oes used the best qua...

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