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MAY, 2010


The New Face of Online Gaming?



“MMOs are social games and, in order to have a successful social game, you need people”

I can't believe I get paid to do this...

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WoW has been the undisputed king of MMOs for the past 6 years, whether it was the amazing 3D graphics of its time, the engaging PvP battles or simply the stigma attached to anything “WarCraft”, there has never been an MMO to quite live up to the WoW factor (no pun intended). Many thought Age of Conan with their M rating for graphic violence would be able to do it. Others thought Warhammer Online with their huge budget and RvR pedigree could possibly knock out the champion. Of course, neither came close. And now, the true heir of the gaming throne has surfaced – Facebook. Although Facebook itself isn’t a game (to most people), the Facebook platform has a created a massive stage for companies like Zynga (developer of the ever-green Farmville) to create social games that bring together users. Back in the early days of gaming (read – Ultima Online), we imagined that gaming could only further improve. Back then, the criterion for a good game was amazingly complex features, impressive 3D graphics and the ability to pull of moves and skills that required an insane amount of talent. Now with Facebook, that has all changed. When you look at WoW it's hard not to ponder the game’s success. World of Warcraft has been running for 6 years now and shows no sign of slowing down or ageing. When you take a real good look at WoW, you’ll notice that there is nothing in WoW that you can’t find in the barrage of other MMOs out there. So then how is

Blizzard able to keep the franchise growing after all this time? The answer is easy, it’s because everyone is on WoW. MMOs are social games and, in order to have a successful social game, you need people. A developer could make the most amazing MMO in the world but if your friends aren’t playing it, chances are you won’t be either. That’s where WoW sets itself apart, every time you log on, you’ll see several people you know are able to hang out with. It doesn’t matter that the game is dated, because if you’re friends are there, you’ll make do rather than move to a fancy new game where you end up playing alone. This is exactly why Facebook poses such a threat to the gaming industry as a whole. Find that hard to believe? The numbers don't lie, and one has only to look at them to realize that the MMO model will change. WoW dominates with its subscriber numbers, and every other developer out there would sacrifice their first born for a tenth of those numbers). Now let's take a look at Facebook and compare that to Battlenet from Blizzard. Both are social networks which allow users to interact with each other and play games with other users. Farmville, currently the biggest game on Facebook, has over 73 million monthly users and over 27.5 million daily users. The second biggest game on Facebook, Cafe World, has over 32 million monthly users, and over 9 million daily users. We know what you’re thinking: "Dude,

those games are free. You have to pay for WoW." That’s true, but take into account that most companies get their money from venture capitalists to fund their projects. Put yourself in the venture capitalists shoes. I need tens of millions of dollars and years of development time to produce a triple-A MMO. There is no guarantee that it will break even, much less turn a profit. Conversely, you can whip up one of these little social games in a few months for a tenth of the budget and watch the cash come in by the truckload. Which venture would you invest your capital in? Chances are in a couple of years large scale MMO developers will no longer have the funding to churn out immersive worlds. How is that possible? How is it possible that WoW is such a small fish compared to these games? Farmville? Seriously, Farmville? You play a farmer, and you farm all day. 73 million people want to take time out of their busy lives pretending to be farmers? In MMOs you at least get to play a hero of some sort. No matter how thinly veiled your hero status is, you feel you are making a difference, saving a world. The best you can hope for out of Farmville is to find some mundane farming equipment and share it with your friends. But that’s also the beauty of the game you get to share your experiences with your friends. And that's one thing Farmville and MMOs have in common. If we are honest with ourselves, MMOs are not that great as far as gaming goes.

Single player games are better by far. The main reason we play MMOs in the first place IS for the social aspect. We don’t mind some inferior gameplay if we can beat our friends up. There’s no doubt in our mind 73 million people really want to pretend they are farmers; they simply want to connect with friends and they find the interaction within the game addicting and a way for them to share something with their friends. That's the same thing that made WoW so popular. WoW is not the greatest game ever made, but it does one thing better than any other MMO out there--it allows me to connect with more of my friends. Facebook takes that to a whole new level. Friends of mine who would never play

MMOs are playing on Facebook. The games don’t have to be great; they just have to be where my friends are playing. We’re not saying that WoW will be closing their servers down anytime soon. We’re not saying that there’s no more room for traditional MMOs. But believe us; the face of MMOs will change because of Facebook. Odds are you’re playing a game or two on Facebook now. Farmville, and other games on Facebook, is where your friends are at, which means it's only a matter of time before you end up playing there as well. Now if you will excuse me, a friend of mine has just found a lonely Brown Cow on her farm and it needs a new home. Score!

MAY, 2010




Multiplayer Online Times


Asia’s Latest Online Gaming Juggernaught


by Eliot Lefebvre (Massively)

Language English & Chinese -- Website --

Publisher MyCNX (M) Holding Sdn. Bhd.

MMOG.Asia is an integrated online game portal that brings a whole lot of variety of games and community features to gamers from around the world. MMOG.Asia is only 4 months old but has already amassed over 50,000 members worldwide. MMOG.Asia currently has two titles available; these are BoomZ (available in both English and Chinese) and War2. Both BoomZ and War2 are web-based games, meaning that users do not have download or install any clients in order to play the game. Both games also run on the free-to-play model and users simply need to sign up for an account at MMOG.Asia to start playing either game.

BoomZ Cute Characters, Innovative Weapons and Friends, what more do you really need? BoomZ is a web-based MMOG that can be run directly from a web-browser. BoomZ plays as a turn-based shooter, where players each take turns to shoot projectiles at each other from one end of the screen to the other. If you’ve played Gunbound, you’ll feel right at home with BoomZ. BoomZ features cute character designs, innovative maps and a whole bucket load of interesting costumes and weapons available to users. Most of the items can be obtained by completing missions or by purchasing them through the in-game store.

Key Features


Cute Interface:

BoomZ comes with a huge variety of inter-changeable equipment for your game character. Almost everything from your character’s eyes to their facial expressions can be changed.

Cute and adorable game character designs makes the game extremely appealing to the younger crowd. The maps (or scenes as they’re called) in the game are well designed and affect the way you go about playing the game.

Battle Effects:

Equip your character with a ton of innovative weapons available with BoomZ. Sound Effects: From bombs to boomerangs, there are a The background music of BoomZ captures number of weapons to equip your character the cheery atmosphere of the game very with. Depending on the situation or scene, well, with a number of different tunes to nod some weapons are more effective than your head along to, BoomZ is one of those others. games where you won’t need to have your Equipment Synthesis: iPod playing in the background. A player can upgrade their powers by synthesising their equipment with other


pieces of equipment to create more powerful equipment. Easy ‘innit? Special Features Wedding Ceremony: Couples who want to walk down the aisle may hold their wedding ceremony at the marriage church. All they need to do is to pay a certain fee and ensure that both parties must be present at the ceremony hall. The couple will receive their wedding rings in their message boxes after the ceremony is over. One ring is allowed for each marriage. Each player will only be allowed to wear 2 marriage rings. Divorce:

that proposes the divorce has to pay a certain fee to complete the ‘transaction’ and both parties will be able to break off their marriage ties. Once a divorce happens, both players will be free to marry other players. Marriage Proposal: Players may purchase a wedding ring and propose to any user who is not married. The couple will be married if the proposal is successful. Married couple can team up in battle to gain extra points. The player who proposes will obtain a ‘good ranking’ card if his/her proposal fails. The ‘Good Ranking’ card can be used in the ‘Good Person Reward’ mission.

Married couples can use the divorce function at the marriage church. The party

types of artillery available and the unit combinations to conquer their enemies. The sheer amount of strategies available to players gives weaker players a chance to outsmart stronger players. Key Features Control Functions Players can build and command more than 40 types of weapons that were used in the Second World War. Innovative Combat System

Quell the Nazi threat with the latest in RTS from MMOG.Asia War2 is an online casual MMO web game set in the time of World War 2. Players assume the role of a military commander in charge of an occupied town. Players are required to extract resources, manage production, research and trade in order to grow their towns into a military stronghold and political powerhouse.

The game features a number of real heroes and generals from the time including prominent figures such as Patton, Guderian, Rommel the Desert Fox and Wolf pack Leader Karl Doenitz. The best thing about War2 has to be the strategies available in the game. With a number of different units and teams to take control of, players can devise a number of different strategies that take into account the terrain, the different

War2 breaks out from the conventional combat system of web based games for a more immersive feel that brings the Second World War battles in the game to life. The combat system is designed in a way to allow weaker players (read noobs) to pit their skills against stronger, more experienced players. By utilizing a combination of land, sea and air weapons, players can outsmart their opponents if outmuscling them is out of the question. Command Actual World War 2 Generals A variety of actual Second World War generals are available for recruitment in the game with their own individual statistics. Each general has their own special powers and can be used in various scenarios.

Naval Warfare Players can use the sea to their advantage in War2, unlike most other RTS games out there; the sea is not just a barrier that prevents you from crossing over in the map. The development of navy forces allows players ambush their opponents at sea and barricade them on land. Chat System and Communication The new chat system in War2 allows players to interact with both their team

mates and their opponents. There are three types of chatboxes in the game, these are the general chatbox, which allows you to publish messages to everyone n the game, the alliance chatbox, which allows you to chat with players in the same team as yourself and the private chatbox, which allows you to communicate personally with another player. For more information on both War2 and BoomZ, check out the official website at MMOG.Asia.



MAY, 2010


Multiplayer Online Times



Make your own Legend!

Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher iG-Interactive

Legend of Heroes Online is a multi-player web game that combines resource management, strategy game-play with role-playing elements. All in all, Legend of Heroes is that it’s easy to pick up and play but hard to put down. Being a web game, you do not need to download or install on your PC or Mac, all you need is a working computer and an internet connection to kick-start your medieval fantasy, making it ideal for gamers that are constantly on the go. In the game, you play as a general, called, believe it or not, Hero. You are required to lead an army of warriors and other fantasy creatures to explore, attack and conquer enemy castles and armies. You can build your army with a variety of characters from warriors, mercenaries and a variety of creatures which you can capture and tame. One of the cooler aspects of the game involves team play, in which players can recruit their friends to form teams or guilds as they’re called. The main features of Legend of Heroes revolves around resource construction, hero training, map exploration, missions, BOSS warfare, equipment development and upgrades among plenty of other features.

Instant Levelling: Newbie Card The nice people at iG-Interactive have decided to give our loyal readers a little boost in their quest for survival in Legend of Heroes with some newbie cards and items, all you have to do is send a SMS to the following number – Type ‘LOH <space> Your Name’ and SMS +6016-6658884 or +6017-227210 Take note that each phone number is only eligible to receive one newbie code. Don’t be greedy. In-game Botting System One of the more innovative features of Legend of Heroes is allowing you to level up your heroes without having to stay online or by your computer. Your character can gain experience from ‘whacking’ mobs which are within range and that are 10 levels lower than your hero.


THE LICH KING GETS BEAT Can you actually finish a MMO?

Saying you have beaten a game is usually reserved for single player games and not for MMOs like World of Warcraft but there are rare instances where MMOs are beaten. Recently a player by the name of Caspi has beaten World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It sounds ridiculous but check out Caspi’s armory. He has completed every achievement in the game giving him 1054/1054 achievements completed. This means he has beaten the Lich King on 25 hard mode, got a Gladiator title in PvP and completed every difficult achievement in the game.

“HE HAS COMPLETED EVERY ACHIEVEMENT IN THE GAME GIVING HIM 1054/1054 ACHIEVEMENTS COMPLETED.” That’s about the closest anyone will get to beating an MMO. We’re impressed. Source: MMOCrunch

MAY, 2010




Multiplayer Online Times



Eaglegame keeps us jumping and jiving for more!


“HighStreet5’s Love Horoscopes is bound to have Zodiac enthusiasts licking their lips at the prospect of busting a move to this latest update.”

Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher Eaglegame (M) Sdn. Bhd.

HighStreet5, the popular online dancing game has recently released a new expansion pack called Love Horoscopes. Packed with a bunch of brand new features such as Astrology Giftcards, Zodiac Titles and Unicorn Mounts, HighStreet5’s Love Horoscopes is bound to have Zodiac enthusiasts licking their lips at the prospect of busting a move to this latest update. Astrology Giftcards & Zodiac Titles There are a bunch of brand new gifts and items that can be purchased in HighStreet5, among these include a love crystal, a parcel of the night, a birthday cake and the new Astrology Giftcard. The Astrology Giftcard allows players to open up random zodiac cards such as the Aries Card and the Virgo Card. The purpose of these cards is to allow gamers to obtain vanity titles to match their own zodiac symbols, for example someone who is an Aries can collect random Aries Cards to be awarded the Aries title. Ambitious gamers can try their luck in collecting all 12 Zodiac titles to earn the ultimate Star Collector title, which really sets players apart from their peers. Enigmatic Unicorns There are two brand new creatures in the game; these are the Silver Unicorn and the Night Unicorn. Both these mounts are extremely rare and difficult to obtain in the game; however, with enough determination and grit, players can try their luck in regular in-game events. So don’t give up!

Guild Dance Halls The Guild Dance Hall system gathers all the players from a particular guild and sticks them into a giant dance hall for an almighty ‘ho down! There are 3 dance halls that are currently available in HighStreet5; these are the Rafters, the 5th Avenue and the East Zone beach. However, for now, only Guilds of Level 3 and above are able to participate in the Dance Hall snatch game. How to Lay Claim to a Dance Hall When your guild reaches Level 3, the guild master can submit a Challenge in the dance hall interface. Upon the submission, your guild will be displayed on the Challengers Roster. The guild that shows the highest Control Points for 3 consecutive days can control the dance hall until it is edged off the top position. How to Obtain Control Points After your guild has filed a Challenge at a particular dance hall, whenever guild members with contribution points of 50 or above earn 1500 game scores via common dance or battle dance in that dance hall, the guild will gain 1 Control Point. Attributes Level-up Project A number of dance hall improvement projects are available in the guild construction page. However, only the guild master can activate such projects to level up the guild dance hall to benefit the guild members, lifting their various attributes.

How Much It Costs to Take Control of a Dance Hall It costs the controlling guild a fee of Control Points to keep the dance hall to its exclusive use. The fee will be determined by the size of the guild and is deducted from the guild’s coffers on a daily basis. No. of Guild Members

Fee (Control Points) /Day

≤10 ≤20 ≤30 ≤50 ≤100 ≤150 ≤200 ≤300

There are also a number exciting competitions coming up in the next couple of months including the Tiger Challenge where you can take on the Tiger NPC to win special event titles. Newly registered players as well as returning HS5 players can participate to be rewarded with fabulous gift packs that include popular in-game items. For more details of HS5 events, check out their official website.


Teamwork for survival!

Official Website -- Language English -- Distributor Miracle Castle

Talisman Online is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG that brings players from around the world together in a magical world. Talisman Online has 5 character classes that players can choose from; each class has their own advantages and skills that players can use to get a leg up on the completion. In addition to 5 character classes, players can equip their characters with thousands of weapons of different weapons available in the game. With plenty of challenging quests to undertake and a beautifully crafted 3D experience, Talisman is definitely one to check out in 2010. Interactivity is an important aspect of Talisman Online, players can interact with other players in a number of ways. There are a number of ways that Miracle Castle have tried to integrate more interactivity features in the game such as the Mature Guild & Team, Original Competition Mode, Reputation System and the popular Weekly Guild War. Another interactive feature of note is the Guild Demesne and Guild Quests which requires players to band together and form teams with other players to complete a task. If you’ve ever wanted to own a pet but your parents/spouse/lack of responsibility has stopped you, then Talisman Online maybe the game for you. There are a number of cute little pets in the game, these pets accompany you on your journeys and are upgradable meaning players can change their pet’s appearance

or develop their performance stats. Talisman Online has been gathering in popularity around the world, so if you’ve been looking for something new to pick up or are in the mood for some good ol’ PvP action, then Talisman Online may be right up your alley.

10 Pts 20Pts 30Pts 50Pts 100Pts 150Pts 200Pts 500Pts


“With plenty of challenging quests to undertake and a beautifully crafted 3D experience, Talisman is one to check out in 2010.”



MAY, 2010


Multiplayer Online Times


Bring your favorite digital monsters out to play! Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher WeMade Entertainment

Digimon Battle is based on the wildly popular cartoon series, Digimon. Digimon Battle plays as an online role-playing game where players take on the role of a Digimon Tamer, a human character who is able to nurture and train creatures called Digimon (short for Digital Monsters) to become great warriors. Tamers must help the good Digimon digivolve into stronger and better fighters as they join forces with other players to defeat the evil Digimon threat. Together, Tamers and their Digimon will embark on amazing adventures in the Digital World all while playing with other players from around the world.

KEY FEATURES: Immersive Storyline Based on the animated series Digimon that has captured fans’ attention for over a decade, players enter the digital world

and take on the role of a Digimon Tamer on various missions to defeat the evil Digimon. It is the players responsibility to raise and nurture their Digimon into powerful companions as they work together to save the world. Multiple Character Combinations Players can choose from among 4 types of Tamers and 3 different types of Digimon. These are Gigimon, Gummymon and Viximon. There are currently only 3 Digimon available for selection, this number is expected to increase in future updates of the game. Captured Digimon Players are not limited to their own Digimon they can recruit other Digimon by capturing them in Battle. These captured Digimon become the players’ partners in the game and can assist the players during battle.


Would you take an exam online?

Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher Ingle Games

Zodiac Online, a popular online MMORPG published by Ingle Games released its latest update, aptly called ‘the Fantastic Journey’ earlier this month. This expansion brought with a number of new features such as the fancy draw system, the weekly trivia contest and the monthly Zodiac Arena games. The fancy draw system lets players draw a random card from a deck of 25 cards to stand the chance to win some prizes. Of course, you will be required to pay for the privilege of turning the cards, but from what we hear, they are well worth it. The new Trivia Contest in the game is a simulated exams, although why anyone would want to take an exam online is simply beyond us. However, we’ve been told that once you’ve cleared the 5 exams available in the game, your character will emit a light aura around their feet. The other feature in this update is the Zodiac Arena, this is where teams get together in one giant battle for supremacy – think Lord of the Rings meets the Chronicles of Narnia. The Zodiac Arena is basically a free-for-all battle where teams beat each other senseless in the hope that they’re the last team standing. Fun times! Players will also be happy to hear that in this update, the max level was raised from 70 to 90.


Collaborative Gameplay Players can recruit or join their Tamers in groups or guilds, as they’re called. There a number of benefits of joining a guild, the player can participate in multiplayer tournaments and also participate in group battles. Challenging Battles The battling system in Digimon Battle requires players to strategize their attacks to be successful. With a combination of skill and strength, players can navigate their way through even the toughest battles ensuring that lower leveled players are not at the mercy of high leveled players. In winning battles, players will be rewarded with improved stat points and boosts in their Tamer Rankings. A higher Tamer Ranking allows player to open up secret dungeons in the game.

AVAILABLE with Digivolution system Players can turn their Digimon into even more powerful allies by using the Digivolution system in the game. This system allows players to merge two Digimon together to create a bigger, better Digimon (if you’re lucky). Simple and Intuitive Interface Digimon Battle uses a turn-based battle system where players and monsters take turns attacking. This allows players to strategize their moves in advanced and provides for some engrossing gameplay. Also, because of the lack of the time limit,

newer players can take their time in learning how to use all the functions in the game. Appropriate Game Content for All Ages Digimon Battle distinguishes itself from other online games by ensuring a family friendly experience that can be enjoyed by Digimon fans of all ages. The developers of Digimon Battle have minimized the amount of violent scenes in the game and have ensured that the game will be a fun experience for all.

MAY, 2010




Multiplayer Online Times


A real-time journey through war torn lands of ancient China Official Website -- Language Chinese -- Publisher Game Pro Network Malaysia

INTRODUCTION Blood Journey is a real-time browser-based strategy game in which players take the role of a "Lord" who controls a kingdom. The game is set in the time of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, where three kingdoms are at war in China. Blood Journey has a simple and clean interface which makes it easy for all types of players to pick up and play. The game revolves around a historical storyline and players are required to complete a variety of different quests to progress in the game. Players are required to develop their Kingdoms through construction of new buildings, recruiting armies and conquering other Kingdoms. Players can upgrade their skills in the game to harvest resources quicker, develop new technologies and build larger armies. The availability of quests is an important aspect of Blood Journey’s game play; players can complete quests to obtain a number of rare items or stat improvements. The ultimate goal in the game is to become the strongest Kingdom in the land. Remember it’s not only about the size of your army and the aggressiveness of your tactics, you must also master the art of diplomacy, resource allocation and the strategic ties in your quest to become a member of the elite. Gameplay Each player begins the game with one city, where you can choose your preferred dynasty and your gender. After you have selected your desired dynasty, you can proceed to developing your Kingdom by

constructing buildings, harvesting resources and developing your army. There are a number of buildings in the game such as barracks, dockyards and academies. It’s up you to prioritize what type of army and technology you want your Kingdom to develop. More of a foot soldier man? Barracks aplenty please. Another important aspect of the gameplay is ensuring the citizens of your Kingdom are happy, if the citizens are unhappy with the way you are running the kingdom, they could pack up and leave, meaning less tax dollars for you and less money for your military. There are 5 different types of resources in the game, these are gold, stones, copper, food and timber, all these resources can be harvested through some means or another in the game. However, sometimes a severe shortage of resources will require you to trade resources with other players. Probably the most interesting aspect of Bloody Journey is that your City is always ‘live’, meaning that even though you are not logged into the game; your city runs in real time. This means that your city can be attacked at anytime during the game. However, in order not to dissuade newer players from picking up the game, the developers have thoughtfully put in a feature aptly called ‘new player protection’. This feature gives new players immunity from being attacked for the first seven days from the time they pick up the game. Once it the player has reached the 7th day of protection then it’s a free for all. .

with other players to develop alliances. The benefits of alliances are numerous, especially given that the game runs in real time, it wouldn’t hurt to get a partner that lives in the opposite side of the world. The number of alliances you can create are dependent on your Embassy level, which is like the game’s grading system. The higher your Embassy level, the more members you can get to join your alliance. The great thing about being in an alliance is that you can view various types of information on your alliance members, such as attack and defense stats. Also, you can communicate with your alliance members personally through the chat function. Essentially, an alliance is like having a posse in the game.



Alliances Bloody Journey is heavily geared towards co-op play. This means that in order to be successful, players need to work together

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS 3RD PHASE CLOSED BETA! Get ready to pillage and plunder with BOK!

Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher Run Up Game Distribution & Development Sdn. Bhd.

The 3rd phase of the Battle of Kingdom’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is set to be launched on the 8th of August, 2010 at 6 pm (+8 GMT). This latest update brings with it 13 new selectable heroes for players and also the long awaited clan and invasion mode. Clan With the new update, players can now create a clan once they hit level 10, then the player is ready to begin recruiting. Players can view the clan’s motto and vision on the clan list once the clan has been created. Invasion Once players have created or joined in a clan, they can start having some fun with the brand, spanking new invasion mode. There are a couple of limitations for Invasion mode for now, such as invasions are only allowed to be held during the weekends during a stated time. We say it’s worth the wait! Invasions allow clans to fight for control over the channel they are playing in. Once the clan has conquered the channel they are in, they will profit from the points spent within that territory. Skins Players can now update their characters with skins to change their character’s appearance. Although vanity items, some skins can be really creative and some work as great ice breakers for those awkward silences before a raid!

Point System The game awards players points for winning battles and even points for simply participating. The most active players in Battle of Kingdoms stand the chance to score the most points. However, if a player’s points fall below 200, the can participate in the ‘Free Channel’ to earn points and rejoin the ‘Battle Ground’.





MAY, 2010


Multiplayer Online Times


The Only Game You Need! Official Website -- Language English -- Publisher Asiasoft Online

Come explore the world of Monster Forest, the latest free-to-play pet and farm MMORPG by and Asiasoft Online!

Who knows, you might even get a nice little reward if your customers are satisfied with the food from your café. Remember, customer service is king!

Set in a captivating fantasy world with thousands of cute mysterious creatures, Monster Forest empowers you to set forth on an exciting adventure with your furry companions.

Battle System The battle system in Monster Forest features a special turn-based battle system to battle opponents! Battles can be fought in a one versus one format or in a group clash of five against five.

Pet Breeding and Evolution There are a total of eight different pet species - aquatic, beast, insect, demon, robot, human, dragon and plant. Pets of different genders can breed with each other and have offspring that inherit their attributes. Some can even merge with other pets to become an even better pet that has the base characteristics of both pets! Pet Equipment You can make your pets stand out from others by equipping them with a wide range of items, such as weapons, hats, necklaces, rings, capes and belts. Each piece of equipment enhances your pet’s attributes in a number of ways ranging from enhancing your attack or defense to equipment that helps your pet regenerate HP and immunity to status effects

During battle, players can cast different spells based on sets of skill cards which they can use to pin down their enemies. Different cards can be found throughout the game - some will allow you to cast spells while others help upgrade your pets with new skills..

Free Item Codes for Monster Forest The nice people at Asiasoft have offered our readers a FREE ITEM CODE for Monster Forest. So if you haven’t signed up for Monster Forest yet, this is the best reason yet to sign up now! The in-game item code is: 6F7D5996D4

How to redeem the item code 1. Register for a free Monster Forest account at on/ 2. Download Monster Forest for free at 3. Visit mf_redemption/ to redeem your free in-game item code!

Mini Land Monster Forest also offers a variety of Role Playing elements in the game such as Mini Land. If you fancy yourself as an entrepreneur, you can try your luck in the game by becoming a farmer and cultivate crops and develop a comprehensive farming system either that or become a café owner to serve food and drinks for the farm’s harvest.



Official Website OR -Language English -- Publisher i1Play

Start playing some of the games published by and stand the chance to win some amazing prizes with GPP’s lucky monthly draw. There are RM 45,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including 3 x iPhones, 3 x RM 2000 in cash and a bunch of other great prizes to be given away. The lucky draw lasts from April to June, 2010 so start playing with GoPlayPlay now and stand the chance to win BIG!

Poker games have been in vogue recently and i1Play is continuing this trend with its own version of the popular online card game, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. The gameplay plays similarly to its Facebook counterpart, requiring players to get a valuable combination of cards in order to win the round. For all of you that don’t know how Texas Hold ‘Em Poker works, essentially players are given two cards, which are dealt face down. The dealer then opens up five community cards in succession,

initially with three cards called ‘the turn’ and subsequently two cards called ‘the river’. Players have the option of checking, increasing their bets or folding after each card dealt in ‘the river’. Probably one of the coolest things about i1Play’s version of the popular poker game is that you have to option of both playing online through a browser and also through Facebook. For more information on i1Play’s latest offering, check out the official website.

For more information, check out


PRIZES ON OFFER Every month, there will be RM15,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

G 16 Gs e3 on iPh

Monthly Grand Prizes (April, May, June): iPhone 3G 16GB x 1 winner RM2,000 x 1 winner Monthly Awesome Prizes (April, May, June): RM500 x 2 winners RM200 x 8 winners RM100 x 10 winners iPod Touch 8G x 2 winners 320G External Hard Disk x 2 winners 16GB Flash Drive x 2 winners 8GB Flash Drive x 10 winners Virtual items worth RM50 x 100 winners Lucky Draw Schedule Entry Period

Monthly Prize Winners  Grand Prize Winners  Announcement Announcement

1 April to 30 April  1st May, 2010  1 May to 31 May  1st June, 2010  1 June to 30 June  1st July, 2010 

15th May, 2010 15th June, 2010 15th July, 2010


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$ x10 RM R M10 500

16G B

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320G HardExternal Disk

2 h 8G x od Touc



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8G DriB

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$ x8 RM 500 2

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Terms and Conditions 1. To enter the lucky draw, you must play at least one game published by (check out the official website) 2. Each game you play will give you one automatic entry. Your entries will be included in every month’s lucky draw from April to June, 2010. 3. For entry submission, please refer the “SMS Registration” section below. 4. To increase your winning chances, you need to play actively and/or top-up your game account. Each Level or Round Gained

10 additional lucky draw chances

5. An announcement will be made on GoPlayPlay’s official website at as well as the official GoPlayPlay Facebook Fan page to announce the winners of the Lucky Draw.

SMS Registration SMS to register your game account for lucky draw. EXAMPLE Type ‘Win<space>[Code of the WIN GAME CODE Game]<space>[Game ID]<space>[Your Real GAME ID REAL NAME IC/PASSPORT NUM Name as in IC]<space>[IC /Pasport Number]’ and send to (Malaysia) +6017-2272100, (Singapore) +65-90058862



Malaysia +6017 - 2272 100 or Singapore +65 - 9005 8862


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