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ePortfolios Celebrating creativity and innovation beyond the pass mark What is an ePortfolio? An ePortfolio (aka e-Portfolio or Digital Portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence and reflections that shows a student’s learning over time. A student builds and maintains a digital repository of artifacts, which they can use to demonstrate competence and reflect on their learning.

What are the benefits? Students (and teachers) are able to access their ePortfolios anywhere and anytime. That is, students don’t have to carry heavy portfolios and teachers don’t have to chase students for them. In addition, students (and teachers) can achieve a greater understanding of their individual growth over time. Creating an ePortfolio can also encourage your students to also think about how they publish and share their content online; especially if you decide to opt for an ePortfolio tool that allows students to engage with other students, teachers or the wider community.


The Monte ePortfolio Cycle



Share Tom Lee (ICT Integration Projects Manager) Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College 128 Miller Street North Sydney, NSW 2060 W: E: Twitter: @motik

What types of tools are out there? There are plenty of tools out there catering for a whole range of devices, platforms and institutions. It depends on the scale of the activity. If you are intending on starting small, you might look for something online (Web 2.0 etc.) or software (depending on budget). If you are looking at whole of faculty, year group or school solutions, you might look for something that could integrate with your existing intranet. Here are some examples worth investigating: Weebly is a great online tool for creating websites quickly and easily. There is also a great blogging engine and you can design your ePortfolio easily as everything is essentially ‘drag and drop’. URL: More Info: Welcome to Weebly via YouTube - Click here iPhone App: Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your electronic portfolio. You can create blogs, upload files, embed third-party resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups. Integrates well with Moodle. URL: NB! Speak with your IT department to see if Mahara is possible at your school! Handy iPhone/iPad App for uploading photos and video - PortfolioUp!!/id398444044?mt=8

Adobe Acrobat


iBooks Author

Creative Book Builder

Adobe Acrobat is more than just a PDF creator! You can create engaging portfolios with Adobe Acrobat. PDF portfolios can include text, images, audio and even video! URL: More Info: Already have Adobe Acrobat? Some great tips and tricks for Adobe Acrobat can be found by clicking here Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. URL: Evernote Apps: Click on appropriate device - iPhone/iPad/Android More Info: Welcome to Evernote via YouTube - Click here iBooks Author is an app for the Mac that allows you to create (digital) books for the iPad. With a whole range of widgets including galleries, video, interactive diagrams and 3D objects, it can be a very effective ePortfolio tool. URL: Mac App Store Link: Click here! More Info: You’ll also need iBooks to view your book on the iPad - click here. Do you have an iPhone/iPad, but can’t use iBooks Author because you don’t have a Mac? Try Creative Book Builder. Creative Book Builder enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. All published ebooks can be read by any ePub reader including iBooks. Apps: Click on appropriate device - iPhone/iPad More Info: You’ll also need iBooks - Click here.

ePortfolio Samples Using Mahara at Monte...

Year 10 IB MYP Personal Project

Reflection Journal

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ePortfolio Samples Using Mahara at Monte...

Year 10 IB MYP Personal Project Initial Brainstorm

Initial design sketches

Image Galleries

Inspiration & Support Materials

Reflection Journal

ePortfolio Samples Using Mahara at Monte...

Year 9 Music Developmental Workbook Composition Files (audio/Sibelius)

Composition Journal

Image gallery of musical score

Performance Files (video)

Performance Journal

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AISITIC12 AIS ICT Integration Conference 2012