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Issue 10, October 2013


Mom to Mom of Maine is an organization of diverse mothers devoted to helping each other and the community by sharing support, knowledge, and activities.

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Board Notes By Theresa R. Lacadie

OK I admit it: summertime and all its myriad activities is fun but autumn is really my favorite time of year. I live for that moment when the night air gets that crisp ‘hmmm I think I need a sweater’ feeling to it. I LOVE watching the leaves turn their beautiful colors and am sad when they fall from my trees because it means winter is approaching. I love watching kids go back to school and noticing how much they’ve grown since the prior year, even more fun since we joined that brigade last year. I love apple picking and then the delicious smells of apple pie that fill the house when we use our freshly picked apples. I love watching

people decorate for Halloween, and finding that perfect pumpkin for carving. And I adore Thanksgiving because it means I get to spend so much time with people I love without the added pressure of gift giving… just being together and enjoying each other’s company, it does my heart a world of good. One of the other things I love about fall, it is the anniversary of my joining Mom to Mom. This October marks 3 years of membership for me in this terrific organization. Mom to Mom has given me so much and I’m happy to give back as a member of the Board of Directors and, I most of the way through my 2nd year as Treasurer.


Mom to Mom’s fantastic 2010 Halloween party was my very first event. Christian had so much fun that day, and at each subsequent one. This year’s party will be Sunday, Oct 20th and will again be held at the lovely Camp Ketcha in Scarborough. Our co-chairs are hard at work to ensure that the party is once again a highlight of the year for our members, families, and guests. Make sure you RSVP so you won’t miss out on any of the fun! All of this New England bliss is being interrupted by a long awaited and much anticipated trip out west. We’ve been invited to visit dear friends in Arizona and we’re really looking forward to it because I love them dearly but… vacation planning always stresses me out! We will have a wonderful time, they’ve got some great things planned for

us and among them I cannot wait to see the Grand Canyon (a dream I’ve had for a long time); Sedona is on my list of must see places, too. They’ve even tossed in a bunch of kid friendly places so Christian will have as much fun as Mama & Dad. This trip will only be our second major vacation since the little man came into our lives and our first plane ride with him. Eighteen months ago we went on a family cruise to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary and it was lovely… but it didn’t entail flying… cruise left right from Bean Town. In my mind I realize this trip should be much easier because we are now traveling with a savvy, potty trained, preschooler so there is much less ‘stuff ’ that has to come along with him and yet… I am still stressed out. How do parents with more than one child do it? I am in awe of some of my friends… they have it down to a science, or seem to have the precision of a military campaign. I am usually pretty organized but this trip has just about been my undoing and it hasn’t even happened yet! Of course all of the TSA restrictions are almost enough to induce a swoon. A child of 3 going on 4 needs serious snacks and activities to occupy him. Our flight is 5+ hours each way; how am I going to pack enough to satisfy him w/o incurring mega bag fees (I’ve loaded a bunch of stuff on my iPad but that’s not going to cut it the whole trip)? And how am I going to have enough for him to drink (will probably bring in empty water bottles and fill


them after we pass through the security checkpoint) w/o needing to enlist a sherpa to schlep my bags through the airport? In the end I am positive it will be a wonderful trip… but if you should hear any strange hollering in mid to late October it’s just going to be me… send some happy thoughts my way, I’m going to need them!

October is Exhilarating at the... Teensy Weensy Acting Class: This Is Not My Hat Wednesdays, 10/2 - 10/23 • 10:15am Stega Nona Wednesdays, 10/30 - 11/20 • 10:15am $60/members, $75/visitors Acting basics for 3-5 year olds. Pumpkin Decorating & Carving Workshop Saturday, 10/5 • 12pm Thursdays, 10/17 & 10/24 • 3:30pm $13/pumpkin for members, $15/pumpkin for visitors Create a spooky or silly pumpkin at our workshop. Block Printing Workshop Sunday, 10/6 • 1:30pm Learn how to make a block print - from making the plate to inking it up to printing on paper. Young Makers: Jars Full of Stars Saturday, 10/12 • 12pm Monday, 10/14 • 1:30pm $4/members, $6/visitors Explore the stars and build a constellation jar. Pumpkin Decorating Workshop for Toddlers Tuesday, 10/15 & 10/22 • 11:30am $7/pumpkin for members, $8/pumpkin for visitors Decorate your own mini, no-carve pumpkin.

142 Free Street, Portland 207-828-1234

Find info about these events and many, many more at


M2M Member Profile Emily Wright By: Elise Richer

Would you like to get to know a mom who is kind, funny, and makes models of lady parts? Here’s your chance! This month’s member is Emily Wright. I have a special fondness for Emily because we met at a M2M Summit a long time ago and despite having spent relatively little time outside of M2M together, we have enjoyed a lot of fine conversations about Spiderman underwear and the general insanity of young people. She knows a lot about both; if you have questions, just send her a shout out on the main loop. Emily and her husband, Carl Eppich, live in South Portland with daughter Ninon (7) and son Ansel (5), and she’s been a member for five years or so. She also just joined our board which makes her double awesome!! How has being involved with M2M made a difference in your life or your child's lives?  I love having a network of knowledgeable moms at my fingertips. It is so helpful to be able to put a question out to the group and hear so many responses. I really value the information and experience that women bring to the forum. I also like the evening speaker series. I love learning about new topics. When did you join the board, what do you do, and what are you excited about? I joined the board this past summer. I felt like it was something I should do to support the organization- they needed people on the board and volunteer organizations can't sustain themselves without volunteers. I am the moderator for the Professionals Group. I am also the PR Coordinator--if you have any suggestions for that position, please let me know! One of the things I'm looking forward to as a Board member is getting to know the small group of people over time. I am also looking forward to having a hand in making good things happen. I would strongly encourage moms of small children to get involved in the many ways you can volunteer within M2M. You have the opportunity to make great friends and guide the organization. Do you work outside the home? If so what do you do?   I've been a teacher for 13 years. During that time I've taught first grade, literacy, and kindergarten. This year I am teaching kindergarten. It is such a unique job in that every year, month, week, minute is different--constantly evolving and changing. I love seeing the world through the eyes of five year olds.


What are some of your hobbies or interests? I love to sing, bake and cook (when I am alone and have no time restrictions), and read. I also love visiting any locales related to creating (fiber arts, fabric, art stores or shows). How do you keep your sanity when your kids are driving you crazy?   Something I've done a few times that makes me smile just thinking about it: I tell my husband I need to go out, then I head to the library, take out a book, go for my local indulgence (Beal's chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups), and sit in the car, reading, and eating an ice cream cone. Alone. Ahhhhhhh.  What's important to you right now during this stage of parenting?   Finding balance, or riding the rollercoaster, depending on the day... Work/play, parenting/playfulness, chaos/routine, spending/saving, productivity/calm. If money/child care were no object, what would you like to be doing December 31st, 2013? Let's see--since the sky is the limit with the budget... I would bring the whole family to St. John to stay at the Eco Resort where we had our honeymoon. The beaches we visited would be so fun to go back to with kids. I'd indulge in everything the island offers. And of course hire someone to watch the kids to have evenings out! What is one thing that most people don’t know about you? I have an intermittent side job assembling uterine models for surgeons to practice laparoscopic surgeries. It is fascinating and I like the idea that I'm helping to improve women's medicine in some (very) small way. What is the most random place you have ever traveled? I think one of the most random places I've been to is the Bottle House museum on Prince Edward Island. It was impressive and unexpected. What is your most treasured possession?   I have a jar of old, old clay marbles that I bought when I was little. They were at my church's annual Christmas bazaar one year on the White Elephant Table for $10 and my grandmother gave me the money to buy them. The jar is pale green and the marbles are all different muted colors. It has decorated a shelf in every place I've lived since then. It is a sweet bit of beautiful nostalgia that makes me think of treasure hunting, indulgence, play, tradition, and my grandmother.



Ronald McDonald House Meal By Elise Richer

One of Mom to Mom’s ongoing community outreach projects is to provide dinner for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House on the third Wednesday of every month. Thank you so much to all of the members who donate their time and cooking talents for this great cause. The August meal was generously provided by Laura Rancourt, Tracy Johnson Zager, Karli Efron, Laura Crockett, Winnie Paulino, and Jessica Evans. If you would like to volunteer to help provide a meal, please contact Elise Richer at To assist the Ronald McDonald House in other ways or for more information, please visit their website.

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS We are always looking for editorial contributions for the Mother Matters newsletter. Our members are what make this organization so wonderful, and we want to hear your stories! We are also seeking feature articles on general topics. You don’t have to commit to writing a monthly column; you could do one-off short story (fiction or nonfiction), a quarterly book/movie/ concert review, a travel piece inspired by your last vacation... whatever you’re interested in, please share it! The deadline for newsletter submissions is the 21st of the month. Please contact the Newsletter Editor [] for more information or to volunteer.

CARE%COMMITTEE Mom to Mom members care about each other and want to help provide support to fellow members in times of need. If you just brought home a new baby (or have a baby in the NICU), are dealing with hospitalization or surgery, or have had a serious accident, illness or death in your immediate family, please contact the Mom to Mom Care Committee []. The Care Committee coordinates delivery of meals to your family so that cooking is one less thing you have to worry about. Don’t feel like you have to bear the burden alone—we are here for you!


October 2013




Mom to Mom Activities and Events Calendar Now it’s even easier to RSVP to Mom to Mom events! Just click on the event you want to attend in the calendar below, and you will be taken directly to the BigTent page for that event. Remember to RSVP to each event you plan to attend in order to get updates of possible event changes. Also, don’t forget to consult the Going On Around Town (“GOAT”) group calendar on BigTent for events happening all over Maine. If you know of any family-friendly events, please feel free to add them to the GOAT calendar.























Open Playgroup at Riverton




16 Ronald MacDonald House Meal Member Coffee





Annual Halloween Party 1-4 pm



Open Playgroup at Riverton





OFFICERS Co-Leaders: Alysia Phillips, and Melanie Bond, Treasurer: Theresa Lacadie, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jessica Anderson, Melanie Bond, Jen Castonguay, Chenango Coutts, Marla Crossetti, Theresa Lacadie, Myranda McGowan, Alysia Phillips, Elise Richer, Emily Wright We are always seeking board members; if you would like to join the M2M Board, please contact one of the Co-Leaders for an application. INFORMATION EXCHANGE New Member Coordinator: Prudence Jones, Publicity Coordinator: Emily Wright Website/BigTent Coordinator: Lisa Pelton, (OPEN as of 9/1/13) Member Profiles: Elise Richer, Newsletter Editor: Erin Falk, Advertising Coordinator: Myranda McGowan VOLUNTEERING/OUTREACH Community Outreach: Elise Richer, Care Committee: OPEN, interim: Alysia Philips, ACTIVITY & EVENT COORDINATORS Calendar: Marla Crossetti, Member Coffee: Jessica Anderson, Field Trips/Weekend Family Outings: Jen Castonguay, Fundraising: Chenango Coutts, Going On Around Town (GOAT): Andrea Cole, Happy Healthy Family Workshop Series: Kristy Blaquiere Playgroups: Jessica Anderson, Mom’s Night Out: Elissa Nauman, SUBGROUP MODERATORS Allergy/Asthma: Sara Yates, Arts & Crafts: Melanie Bond & Jenique Tairne, Elise Richer, Connection Parenting: Sarah MacLaughlin, Developmental Issues: Gail Meyer, Entrepreneurs: Lisa Pelton, Exploring Nature with Kids: Tracy Zager, & Renee Kramer, Green Living: Cheryl Denis, Health and Fitness: Alonna Pitreau, In The Kitchen: Catherine Stine, K–12th Grade: Natalie Haskell, Moms of Babies: Jenique Tairne, Older Moms: Cheryl Denis, Political Discussion: Whitney Letellier, Amie Moore, and Cheryl Denis, Professionals: Emily Wright Newsletter Submissions: Mom to Mom encourages members to submit stories, personal experiences, and photos of M2M events. Submissions are subject to editorial approval and space limitations. Contact the Newsletter Editor, for more info. Member Coffee: The perfect opportunity for kids to play while moms socialize with other moms. Contact Jessica Anderson at to volunteer as a host. Ronald McDonald House Meals: Share your cooking talents and spread good cheer with a meal for the guests at the Ronald McDonald House near Maine Medical Center in Portland. To volunteer, contact Community Outreach Coordinator Elise Richer at The views represented in the newsletter are not necessarily the views of Mom to Mom of Maine.


Mother Matters October 2013  
Mother Matters October 2013