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Nadeem Din-Gabisi is a multi disciplinary artist, creating with the intention of reframing and reshaping how the black human. being.figure is seen. Shining a light on the often unseen and ignored narratives that are a part of, the whole, black experience. Din-Gabisi’s film w1mn inspired by Nina Simone’s composition “Four Women” is a thanku to the spirit of

Nina Simone and was made, to get us to look with our, oju ode (outer eyes) and our oju inu (inner eyes) to see the ewa ode (external beauty) and ewa inu (inner beauty) in these four (and all!) blk w1mn. The film can be viewed here https://vimeo. com/130841934 The rest of his work can be viewed here https:// v ime emdingabisi.

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ISSUE ONE pick up a copy at

ISSUE ONE pick up a copy at