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What is test tube baby and how it can be a major breakthrough in medical science? To overcome the infertility issue, the medical science breakthrough the problem and find out a wonderful moment of motherhood. By doing male factor infertility diagnosis and finding out ​female factor infertility causes​, the infertility specialists in Hyderabad working in Motherhood fertility centre, one of the Best Fertility Treatment Centers in Hyderabad find out this fantastic way “test tube baby” to beat the infertility issues. Because of the success rate of test tube baby, the centre is now becoming the ​top test Tube Baby Center in Hyderabad​.

Test tube baby process is also known as in vitro fertilization treatment, which helps to deal with infertility problems. Test tube baby, this term refers to a child, that is conceived outside of the body of a woman with the help of a scientific process called as in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF). The whole procedure is carried out in a lab. In this procedure, the eggs are taken from the ovary of the mother and fertilized by the sperms of the father.The fertilized egg is cultured in between 2-6 days and allowed to divide 2-4 times inside a test-tube. Then these eggs are returned back to the uterus of the mother where it can be developed normally.

IVF procedure – An Overview Now, let us understand in detail the steps which are involved in the test tube baby process. These steps are divided into four phases. The infertility specialists before doing in vitro fertilization treatment, they find out the actual cause of infertility and make the couple understand this test tube baby procedure in depth. Step 1 - ​Egg stimulation​: to stimulate the production of egg, the patient is given fertility medications. Multiple eggs are needed to boost the success rate of the treatment. The infertility specialist in Hyderabad suggests not to rely on a single egg. That’s why they give fertility drug to increase the production of eggs. Depending upon the response of the patient medications are advised. There are several protocols for egg stimulation. Step 2 - ​Egg Retrieval​: to retain the ovarian follicles imaging ultrasound is used with the help of the hollow needle. The retrieval of the egg is followed by small surgery. The complete process takes near about half an hour. The follicular fluids are seen carefully by the infertility scientists to trace the available eggs. After the whole process, the eggs are preserved in the incubator till insemination. Step 3 - Fertilization and Embryo culture: For the insemination process, male sperm is collected. Then the eggs are mixed with the male sperms and carefully stored in the lab. In case there are low chances of fertilization, ​ICSI treatment procedure ​can be considered. To enable the fertilization process, single sperm is infused into the egg. After the confirmation by infertility specialists the fertilized eggs are considered as embryos. Step 4 - Transfer of egg as well as the quality of Embryo: in the whole ​in vitro fertilization treatment ​in the test tube baby, embryo transfer is the quickest

method. Under normal condition, the infertility specialists suggest transferring single embryo with blastocyst and others are preserved. One high-quality embryo transfer reduces the risk of triplets or twins. Contact Us: Website: Email: Phone No: +91 9490026462

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What is test tube baby and how it can be a major breakthrough in medical science  

What is test tube baby and how it can be a major breakthrough in medical science