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Unity in diversity

Our mission: People make the difference – each with their own unique talents and passion.

Five spearheads, five paragraphs worth noting. Why? Because they set out our business principles – with a clear purpose in mind. To show what USG People stands for, now and in the future. Important for new employees, but no less important for people who have been with us for years. At USG People, it’s people who make the difference. A sweeping statement – and no doubt you’ve heard it before. But in our case we wouldn’t be where we are now without focusing on people – on flex workers, clients and, of course, our own employees. People are the clinching factor in our success as a company. USG People is a large company with thousands of employees in countries across Europe. Large, but agile - seemingly a contradiction in terms, but we can show otherwise. It is the combination – large but agile – that singles us out from the rest. Our business principles steer our people in the way we operate, or aim to operate. Some already implement these principles in their day-to-day work, while others see them as goals to work towards. The business principles are the product of input from many layers of the company. They should be seen as core standards or values that bind us together, because they are shared and endorsed company-wide. It is imperative for all of us to operate from the same basis. A multibrand company like ours with a segmented and brand-based market strategy needs collective underpinning. Within our strong diversity we must feel a sense of unity to give us strength and steer us to success, now and in the future. Our motto In varietate concordia – unity in diversity – says it all. This is what makes USG People the clever and strong company that it is.

We want to be the best!

An eye for detail. Not settling for second best, but stretching yourself to the limit. Seizing every opportunity with both hands. Inviting and being open to feedback. These are the qualities that distinguish a true professional. Being alert to opportunities, knowing you have the capacities to exploit them to the full. And constantly critical of your own performance, always looking for ways to raise it another notch. Ambition and the determination to be the very best and manage the entire process are the drivers behind exceptional performances. This applies to every professional, whether they be top athletes or recruitment consultants. At USG People we demand a lot from ourselves. Excellent quality, an impeccable image and the ultimate in customer focus are key motivators in our company. They make all the difference between true professionalism and second best.

We are involved!

Unity in diversity. At USG People we are involved with each other through our shared values, principles and goals. These form the bond that unites us, yet we each have our own identity. It means that we can count on each other’s knowledge and experience, regardless of circumstances, in good times and bad. No one is alone – by pulling together, all of us contribute to the realization of our common goals. At the same time, we are differentiated by our cultures, languages, customs and the various brands we work for. That diversity ensures that we always make the right match, whether it be in the Plaza de Chueca in Madrid or the Place des Nations in Geneva. We speak the client’s language and the candidate’s language – and we know what they want. Unity in diversity. Wide in scope, but firmly rooted in the countries we operate in.

We want to move ahead!

Innovation means many things at USG People: the virtual assistant,, dynamic pricing, mobile sales consultants, and new back office systems. Whatever you call it, it always comes down to the same thing: devising creative solutions to make our company more efficient and effective. Answers to problems that have plagued the market for years, or ways to address newly found needs. Innovations that are universally visible, and innovations that are not so noticeable from outside (but important nevertheless). Small discoveries or big ideas that are rolled out across the group. An enterprising culture is characterized by clever employees who get the space and time to develop their ingenuity and come up with innovative ideas. That is what brought us this far. By choosing our own path with a multibrand approach and giving managers the scope to be entrepreneurs, we encourage the exploration of new horizons and regard every mistake as a learning opportunity.

We do business with passion!

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said that “People with passion can change the world for the better”. It’s a big idea, and it shows insight. Take his words to heart. Passion can’t be faked – it surges from within when you find yourself doing something you’re good at and makes you want to be even better. It’s the reason why you keep raising the bar that bit higher. You believe in it and you go for it. In our field, where everything revolves around people, passion is the basis of success. It inspires and motivates. And passion is contagious – it spreads to colleagues, clients, candidates… In fact, to everyone you come into contact with. At USG People, passionate people make the difference.

We aim for results!

USG People comes in many forms. You might encounter us as Unique, Start People, Secretary Plus, Technicum or one of the other brands. And you will find us on recruitment websites, at the Frankrijklei in Antwerp or at career fairs in Munich. Wherever opportunities arise – we come into action and we aim for results. Results deliver pride, satisfaction and pleasure. And they ensure that we will still be here tomorrow. The moment we stop being a step ahead of the game is the moment when clients and candidates stop taking us seriously. At the end of the day, only one thing counts: did you fill that vacancy or not? Did you help the client, or the candidate? Did you get results today?

“For our own people, the business principles are a guide to the way we operate, or wish to operate� usg people

Business principles USG People  

English version - april 2013

Business principles USG People  

English version - april 2013