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Mostly Medicaid Winter 2008/2009

Winter 2008/2009 Medicaid Crossword (Clues on next page, Answers in back)

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14. 17. 18. 19.

_____ care. estimated at $500M for NV hospitals in 2007. characteristic of someone that determines whether they get Medicaid coverage percent of poor Americans estimated not covered by Medicaid on Wikipedia services optional for over 21s, req'd for under 21s last state to form a Medicaid program. did so in 1982. having delicate health tasks of everyday life used to get into the program this is already starting to rise. Kaiser has estimated a 1 to 1 relationship between this and unemployment (1M this : 1% increase in unemployment)

Down 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 10. 11. 12. 14.

title that created the program the NY one is $15B the number of new CMS-required hospital quality reporting measures key to ROI. tricky in all areas of performance state that just got $775M in emergency funds from CMS for late Medicaid bills. what the Rio Grande hospital demo project is trying to reduce tasks key to independent living one of the crazy words in this issue used to describe CMS pay for performance efforts enrollment _____. some states already have this on new entrants to their Medicaid program (to keep them out) 15. percent of avg state funds (including FMAP expenditure) spent on Mcaid each year 16. ______ Budget Act. 1995 legislation that first authorized S-CHIP

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Answers to Winter 2008 / 2009 Crossword

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Medicaid Crossword Winter 2008  
Medicaid Crossword Winter 2008  

Crossword that tests your Medicaid knowledge. Winter 2008