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The Team Zachary Haroutunian Mr. Haroutunian is a Young Steinway Artist, and executive of his family’s real estate holdings and development company, and is currently Media Manager and Editor at Most Fabulous.

Fabrizio Poli Mr. Poli is an Aviation Analyst & Managing Partner of Tyrus Wings. Tyrus Wings offers Customized Aviation Solutions for both commercial & business aviation. Offering an array of solutions in the Biz Jet market from 12 month leases, to aircraft sales, to headhunting pilots and lots more

Ziggy Harris Mr. Harris is the Managing Director of QuaestorQ. QuaestorQ works with ultra affluent clients to create the best wealth management relationship based on their personality, circumstances and needs.

Arya Raj Arya Raj is an Indian American living in Chennai. She is a Special correspondent to Most Fabulous & Fashionista. She is an Author under the pen name A. Rajam.

Krishna Lester Krishna Lester has always been connected to wine. His first job was sorting out the wine cellar in a very small wine shop in southern England. Later he went on to work as a wine buyer in London and on moving to France found himself running and making the wine for twenty years in the Loire Valley at the Château de Chaintres where he introduced bio-diversity to the vineyard and subsequently to the appellation. He has contributed to the Food Programme on the BBC’s radio 4 on several occasions. Now living in deepest Burgundy he writes and consults for budding wine makers.

RICHARD BRANSON The year 1972 was serene until it witnessed the vivacious Virgin Empire launching its ecstatic recording Studio in Oxfordshire England. Then, started the spread of enchanting Virgin Music that took the world in its fold and within no time Virgin brand grew rapidly and ‘Virgin Music’ thus became one of the top six record companies in the world. The success of the Virgin Music was really fascinating as it came subsequent to the mail order record company’s success of Virgin group. The man behind such amazingly fabulous

success was Sir Richard Branson. Breaking all records, taking business risks, sharing his luck of calamities and embarking on foolhardy adventures, Branson was able to achieve success at every critical juncture of his life and remaining unfazed from such experiences, and taking lessons from them, he took virgin brand as far as he could and diversified it into myriad independent businesses. The fabulous and mysterious journey of Branson is something unusual as the kind of success he achieved in spite of his weaknesses is just astonishing.

If you think success is the cup of tea of only those who excel in studies with a complex set of skills, then your concept of success will be at serious take and you would be compelled to change your stand as this gentleman’s life history is, for sure, going to defy your claim. Overcoming difficulties to become successful is a normal phenomenon, but overcoming inborn inability to become successful is something beyond imagination – that’s what Sir Richard Branson’s mysterious life is all about: a dyslexic, a school dropout and ultimately a successful entrepreneur. Though Richard Branson remains a successful entrepreneur for all, his transmogrification from dyslexia to an entrepreneur is something which is hidden from all. The piece of information here is an attempt to unravel the hidden truths that highlight the prominent aspects of his life and lifestyle that have made him a legendary businessman, humanitarian and adventurer.

Early childhood learning difficulties were not allowing him to continue school as other boys of his age were performing exceptionally well. As the atmosphere was constrained, utterly difficult, and was compounding by every passing moment, little Branson was sustaining life with sheer courage and was incessantly strengthening his spirit of entrepreneurial and courageous independence with his childish determination. As the courageous, fearless and confident Richard was struggling with his own challenges and developing his undeterred spirit to face all intricacies of life – that were augmenting every passing moment, his life was showing its manifestation and the difficulties were surmounting and the word success was still a distant dream for him to achieve. Out of such difficulties his rekindled spirit, instead of bogging him down, allowed him to connect judiciously with the people and taught him to trust his instincts.

The Journey

17 years old Branson remained wittingly undeterred by his weaknesses and shortcomings, his bold spirit with entrepreneurial passion gradually started connecting with the people and encouraged him to begin his entrepreneurial journey, and then Branson chose the crypt of a church to launch his first business venture ‘The Student Magazine’. Very soon the magazine venture witnessed the unusual in the form of cash crunch, and to avoid it, he attempted to avert an excise tax on sale in Britain and was jailed for a night. Luckily, his mother rescued him and secured him a bail by pledging her home as collateral. Thought he averted imprisonment and emerged absolved and courageous, he repented on this act. The lesson that he learned from this

incidence did in fact, made him promise to himself that he would neither get imprisoned, any more, nor do any type of business that would hurt him. He wittingly says: “My Parents had always drummed into me that all you have in life is your reputation: You may be very rich, but if you lose your good name, then you’ll never be happy.”

He narrowly escaped a criminal record that would have curtailed his entrepreneurial ambitions and gradually started believing in himself. Motivated by his instincts, Sir Richard Branson chose the name of the company as ‘Virgin’ that he started in 1970 to sell discounted and import records via mail order. ‘Virgin’ helped him expand his venture and he was able to build a recording studio in 1972, in Oxfordshire, England. And then, he never looked back. Branson’s Virgin brand grew rapidly and ‘Virgin Music’ later became one of the top six record companies in the world. With the success of the Virgin Music he started taking daredevil business decisions.

Taking Flight was a big challenge for Branson as he was aware of it Richard Branson took a plunge into airline business with a bit of courage and risk because Virgin Atlantic was the underdog in the hugely British Airways dominated transatlantic market. Branson, being insightful and courageous businessman, was aware of the shortcomings of big players and he took those to his advantage and by knowing the customers’ needs he started offering affordable and enjoyable flying experience with a leased jumbo jet for a year in 1984.

Branson got the first jolt when the unexpected bird incident exploded the uninsured engine of his plane, and the subsequent jolt came as the plane was not fully functional. As the new engine cost more than $ 1million, he raised the cash from overseas subsidiaries, upon the bank’s denial to back up the costs. Shortly after this, he brought in financial specialists and restructured his company’s financial structure by finding new banking partners. This incident didn’t jolt his grit. Despite the setback, the Virgin Atlantic filled with journalists took off with a renewed spirit. As he was recuperating from the initial flight’s jolt, the seemingly tough and financially debilitating British Airways’ competition and a lengthy court battle was hindering his progress. Amidst such tensions, he agreed

to a settlement with a healthy payment to him and to his firm. The global economic woes of the 1990s brought more challenges and tensions for Richard Branson, and after facing the toughest decision of his life, on the advice of his wife, he sold Virgin Music group in 1992 to Thorn EMI. The financial crunch didn’t allow him to record the Rolling Stones, a lifelong dream Branson would never realize.

The inflow of cash amounting to about $ 1 billion allowed him to own Virgin Atlantic and to pay off his loans. Furthermore, the sale of his beloved music company gave him new life as he was freed from the debilitating indebtedness. Then after, he never looked back and expanded his business empire throughout the world and established Virgin America, wireless company Virgin Mobile and international health club Virgin Active. With an estimated net worth of US $ 4.6 billion, Branson is the 4th richest UK citizen. Amidst Challenges and Hurdles he realized a novel approach: the branded venture capitalism, as Branson

calls it, and with this approach he controls a very large number of companies with minimal financial risk. With such an amazingly superb strategy, the Virgin group has 400 diverse companies that run independently with different shareholders and boards by sharing resources, expertise and knowledge of others, but the same brand name.

Courageous Branson sustained the transformation of his life as bravely as a soldier

As age seems less likely to hinder his ever evolving mind, spirit, imagination, insight and perseverance, so is his composure. His imagination, courage, and perseverance are as strong as ever before and Richard Branson is sustaining the transmogrification of his life out of his family nurtured independence and entrepreneurial spirit. The shiny golden locks of Branson seemingly unlock the utter courage, perseverance and imagination as exuberantly as ever

before. A billionaire and one of the world’s richest Branson took virgin brand as far as he could and diversified it into myriad independent businesses like airline, hospitality, space, travel and financial services. No matter where the golden phenomenon of life takes him, he simplifies the intricacies of life, accepts the challenges, and nurtures confidence, imagination, perseverance and courage as wittingly as ever before. He is a champion in compensating the weaknesses with his strengths as he has demonstrated this time and again.

Branson’s Message for Entrepreneurs

According to Richard Branson, “Entrepreneurship is business’s beating heart. Entrepreneurship isn’t about capital; it’s about ideas. Entrepreneurship is also about excellence. Not excellence measured in awards or other people’s approval, but the sort that one achieves for oneself by exploring what the world has to offer.” Furthermore, Branson believes that there are no specifically set rules for business as every business has its own rules. The business should not run following a set of rules, but run by doing because there are many ways to run a successful company. What works once may never work again. The best you can do for your entrepreneurial success is to get a bunch of talented people around and make them believe in you and your idea.

For the budding entrepreneurs who struggle to tackle negativity, in today’s economy, Richard Branson has this advice: “I do a lot by gut feeling and a lot by personal experience,”

“The challenge is to follow through on a great idea. I think if [you’ve] got a great idea, you need to just give it a try,” he tells SUCCESS. “And if you fall flat on your face, pick yourself up and tryagain. Learn from your mistakes. And, remember, you’ve got to go make a real difference in People’s lives if you’re going to be successful.” “Obstacles and challenges are healthy for everyone, not just entrepreneurs. They force you to think outside the box, so to speak—to be creative.” Branson Once said this: “There is no point starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration”. Branson wrote in his biography of the decision to start an airline: “My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them … From the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it”.

Branson’s Message for Managers Richard Branson believes in empowering talent, offering freedom and fostering creativity as he says that people who are fun loving, friendly, caring and love helping others are the winners in their respective roles and jobs.

His message for the hiring managers is this: the vital attribute while considering whether to hire someone is personality because according to Branson the rest of the job can be taught. Furthermore, he also says judging someone in one interview is not fair owing to the levels of stress an interviewee experiences during interviews. He advices managers to make an effort to really observe a person’s personality and don’t follow hiring liberties and actions because sometimes the best people didn’t seem to fit in at first, but proved to be valuable over time.

BRANSON’S MESSAGE FOR ALL Branson says this for all: “The brave may not live forever – but the cautious do not live at all.” “If you get a great opportunity, but aren’t sure how to do it, just say yes, then learn how later.” “Forget qualifications, value and experience, but focus on personality.”


A BENEVOLENT BILLIONAIRE In 1942, the exuberant and blossoming spring witnessed the swashbuckling act of an enchanting 11-year-old boy from Omaha, who with his prized money, took a plunge in investments and surprised the whole world by investing his treasured fortune of $120 in the three shares of Cities Service Preferred. When the spring lost its charm, so did the shares as well; when June approached the whole stocks nosedived. Along with this fell the holdings of the little boy, too. Amidst plummeting stocks and dripping fortunes, the little boys’ bleak hopes were still alive so was his confidence, but soon the signs of recovery rekindled

the spirit and hopes of the Buffett and when the stocks marginally improved his destiny took a sharp turn. And then, Warren Buffet, as any other little boy, impatiently sold the shares for a very small profit, which he later regretted, and in fact, learned a lesson out of this act. The fortunate Buffet, though thought of making fortune, but didn’t, moved ahead surpassing the repentance, and then started his quest for value – that’s how the amazing journey of little Buffett began. His learning and earning pursuit – while allowing him experience the treacherous financial curve, wherein he slid up and down the financial ladder – made him

gain the impetus for his winning formula, and within no time the signs of such success started emanating explicitly. His business started rewarding him high and gradually he became a successful businessman.

Contrary to a common belief where success is considered as something which is difficult and invincible to achieve and that it is the prerogative of only a few naturally talented ones and the ones who born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Warren Buffett makes, such an improbable phenomenon of Rags to Riches, look exclusively customized for him. Warren Buffett is arguably the greatest investor, philanthropist and the most influential person of all times. Warren Buffett is aptly called the “Oracle of Omaha” or the “Sage of Omaha” because despite his immense wealth, his value investing philosophy, philanthropic mindset and personal frugality make him a distinct personality of this era.

The Journey

The entrepreneurial journey continued without showing even a slight blink of pause and along with it continued warren’s pursuit of business excellence and it moved on and on even during his business studies. It even continued while he was studying degree from the University of Nebraska. The enhanced-business prowess apparently stood high when he emerged successful from the University at the age 20 and surprised everyone with his $ 10,000 earnings from his childhood businesses. This shows his habit of earning and to confirm it he aptly says this: “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

His desire for the best and to achieve the best continued as he decided to enroll at Columbia Business School when he learned that Benjamin Graham, the author of “The Intelligent Investor”and David Dodd an investment and securities analyst – both his favorites, taught there. He joined and earned his Master of Science in economics from Columbia in 1951. In his own words, Warren Buffet says these words about them: “I’m 15 percent Fisher and 85 percent Benjamin Graham. The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market’s fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. That’s what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing.”

While learning, experimenting, trusting and investing, he found his success formula, and the world calls it as the ‘Winning Formula’. Gaining a heart from his winning formula and While involving in all his investing activities, he formed the first firm ‘Buffett Partnership’ in his hometown of Omaha. His keen insight and shrewd prowess, allowed him buy undervalued companies that made him extremely rich over a period of time. As he proudly says, “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

Today, Warren is not just one of the world’s richest men, but also one of the most admired and respected personalities of this era.

An excerpt from his winning formula: Warren Buffett used this simple lesson as a starting point down the road to hone his shrewd prowess with astute practicality. He says that one should not only just focus on the price of one’s equities at any given moment, but also on the actual value of the businesses behind the stocks one buys.

The Values of Buffett worth more than his fortune

Today, 83-year-old Warren Buffett practices the things that others merely preaches and teaches us to stand for our values. Unlike the so called rich of this era who are mere fortune gatherers, Warren Buffet is a rich man with distinct values of his own. Warren Buffett is a man who is demonstrating the world how to become successful and make a better living and is leading by example. The best way in which he demonstrates this is by showing least respect for luxuries of life, instead he prefers helping those who are needy, deprived, sick or in need of help and uses his stature as the champion caretaker of the poor to persuade the affluent class to follow his footsteps. Out of such exalted compassion and benevolence he has so far pledged more than 90 percent of his earning for the philanthropic causes.

Warren Buffet is an inspiration for all

His frugality, skillful investments’ prowess and the art of putting money for better use rather judiciously, instead of spending it lavishly, is what every youngster should learn from this legendary figure. In addition to his personality, every act of this compassionate, generous figure is an

inspiration for all. The man with multifarious attributes possesses versatile characters. On one dimension as being a successful investor he epitomizes his success by becoming a millionaire just within 20 years; on the very next front he acts like a compassionate and benevolent caretaker of the poor by pledging more than 90 percent of his fortune for their upliftment. Similarly, he carries his political prowess as his unique attribute as well. The support and contributions to Barrack Obama talk about it. Though these attributes are enough to qualify him as

the greatest man of all times, yet another attribute of his personality make him a real foolhardy. It emerged when he was diagnosed with stage I Prostate Cancer in 2012. When he underwent two months radiation therapy and became cancer free and was asked about his health he courageous said he became cancer free and feeling vivacious, invigorated and healthier than ever before. The healthier, courageous Warren Buffett thus carries a plethora of inspirational attributes that make us feel reading about him as good as meeting him personally.

Defying fashion by defining it


Most Fabulous รง 2013

In order to be irreplaceable One must always be different. - COCO CHANEL

Audrey Tatou in a scene from the movie Coco Avant Chanel


earing white silk men’s pyjamas trimmed with a black border Audrey Tautou stares sensually at the camera. A cigarette smoulders between her fingers as she lies on bed. The French actor paints a distinct image of fashion’s famous mademoiselle, coco Chanel on the posters of the film based on her life, Coco Avant Chanel, directed by Anne Fontaine, the movie follows Chanel’s rags to rich tale; from an orphan student to defying authority, a tragic love affair to creating an influential fashion legacy. Chanel lived a grand life, and there are many moments in fashion history that make Gabrielle Coco Chanel the greatest fashion influence of our times, and her life continues to fascinate us. Her’s is the story of a revolutionary woman and a century old fashion house with a distinct style, which is now taken forward by Karl Lager- feld, the designer at the helm since 1983. Chanel defies modernity with-out trend, says Tarun Tahiliani. Vociferous in his admiration for Chanel’s aesthetic, he adds it is an enduring, timeless elegance that is fresh rather than radical; screams superb Quality; and is fashion to live one’s life in rather than be overpowered by So what is it about this dressmaker extraordinaire that captures our imagination? What makes the label survive? When others like Schiaparelli, Patou and Poiret from her times have vanished into museum displays? Its her appeal, which lies in the fact that her ideas were classic. Its ironic that the staples in any modern women’s wardrobe – the little black dress LBD supple sports wear, the cardigan suit or even nautical stripes- transcends the term classic. They can all be traced back to this fashion revolutionary. Decades after her death, her ambition that women should dress simply and practically is as relevant as ever. To understand where the meaning behind her influential creations comes from, it is important to take a peak into her background. Chanel invented the 20th century for women, said legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland. By the time she arrived in Paris in 1907, the progenitor of Chanel style was already noted for her schoolgirl

ensembles- black smock and orphan shoes. It was a no to frills for coco when fashionable ladies were dressed in lace gowns by society couturier Paul Poiret. “ Chanel built her wardrobe in response to her needs. Just the way Robinson Crusoe built his hut,” said her biographer, Paul Morand. The men in her life inspired Chanel. A few years after opening her first millinery in lover Etienne Balsan’s apartment in Paris in 1908, Coco Chanel fell in love with rich English man, Arthur Boy Capel. Known for his aristocratic dress-ing sense, he suggested she pay a visit to her tailor to make her andro-gynous jersey ensembles elegant. The Chanel suit that she created remains today a key influence on modern fashion. 31 Rue Cambon grew from there on. This location in Paris was her home, her boutique and the haute couture atelier. Done up in a baroque and Venetian styles, the apartment is kept as immaculately as it was in her time. The tweed inspiration came later, around 1924 from another love interest – the Duke of Westminster, when they took a trip to London. In fact, the double C logo can be spotted on street lamps in London’s Westminster district even today. Post- war, Chanel made a comeback in the time of Dior’s flared new look skirts with a tweed suit, below the knee skirt, the quilted handbag and the ever-present camellia. The first lady at the time, Jacqueline Kennedy, made an iconic style statement with the suit. Today though Lagerfeld had reinvented it with his own touches, it’s the symbolism behind the label – feminine, strong for women who are not afraid to experiment – that makes it relatable to “generation now” it explains why fashion icons Kate Moss, Katie Holmes Cameron Diaz embrace it with ritualistic reverence. A Chanel creation that has epitomised classic over time is the legendary perfume, Chanel no 5. A host of leading ladies have endorsed the fragrance including Catherine Deneuve, Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman and now Audrey Tautou. When asked what she wore to bed, Monroe famously purred “Why Chanel no 5 of course”. Created by Ernest Beaux, this olfactory work of art has close to 83 ingredients. Its speciality? Not one single essence stands out. The art deco bottle reportedly flies off the shelves every 55 seconds worldwide. Think Chanel and the immediate connect is the little black dress. Growing up in a convent, mademoiselle Chanel came to detest authority. Her pauper status made her rebel against the very idea of upper class, the same strata of society that has an adult she befriended and who became her clients. She made it de rigeur for ladies with vaults full of jewels to wear costume baubles. Revenge couldn’t be sweeter. By the

late 1920’s she had begun to create flapper dresses with low cut backs and light weight chiffons in the signature Chanel black. The only accompaniments were strands of pearls around the neck. Givenchy was inspired by the LBD for Audrey Hepburn’s look in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. it became the most copied design – not that Chanel minded she took pride in it. For Lagerfeld the little black dress epitomises the Chanel philosophy. Her passion for non-colour has often been associated with her strict and lonely upbringing. “When you wear black you see the women when you wear colour you see the colour,” she said From Tom Ford and Philip Lim to Yohji Yamamoto to Karl Lagerfeld, chanel’s ground breaking design sensiblities have inspoired generations of designers. Fashion has became a joke. The designers have forgotten that there are women inside the dresses. Most women dressed to be admired. But they must also be able to move, to get into a car without bursting their seams! Said the dressmaker, characteristically ahead of her time.


Prabhu Yalagi Director and Founder of Bio Billion Malasiya

Exclusive by Ravi Ram Mohan, Director Public Relation, Most Fabulous

5 Senses that tell you with hard evidence if your inside body status is at it’s best as we age – Vision, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Breathe. Amida – Very SUPERIOR Nano Nutrients that are 100% natural & have hand-picked natural ingredients.


everal 100s of people fail to listen to these simple communications from their body.

Our body talks to us through these 5 ways to let us know that all is well inside & outside. These 5 senses are the communication channels that help us diagnose what can go wrong when one of these senses fail. Your doctor also starts & asks these questions when you see him. Remember where he starts first? Your eyes, nose, ears, throat, tongue, deep breathing. As we age the sensitivity of these 5 senses decrease and our lifestyle drastically changes the way we try to fix the failed or deteriorating organ. We fall back on rest of the senses to keep us going. A person with poor vision depends on sound to navigate his way. A person who suddenly experiences shortness of breath undergoes cardiac & lung function tests. Therefore, each of the senses lead us to organs that can possibly be affected. Call it poor health maintenance or inability to listen when our body communicates - we now have to move quickly to minimize the damage when these get affected. Introducing Amida – Very SUPERIOR Nano Nutrients for our communication channels– 100% natural, hand-picked from all parts of the world. For example: Vistein is our product for the eyes. It is processed from the best-grown Marigold flowers that have the best source of Lutein. A natural product that is found in leaves and vegetables that can protect you from macular de-generation. Lutein can far enhance your body’s ability to fight vision related ailments like Cataract, Glaucoma and other internal body imbalances, preserve your sense of vision, and filter out the harmful light rays that can damage the eye sight that we ignore to protect as we age. There are medically proven facts about Luetein and it’s health benefits. Vistein does not contain any artificial fillers unlike any other meds or supplements and each capsule contains only 100% natural extract making you feel the energy in your eyes in a few doses. Your eyes won’t twitch, burn or feel tired that you may be experiencing now. Another product is O’ESN 9000 – a combination

of Sesame seeds and Flax seeds. It’s a product that has omega 3, 6, 9. People who have used say “ it’s different than any other muscle relaxant, stress buster,” ……the accolades go on. Each one has their reason to smile because it acts differently on different people. We are still learning ourselves having designed this to help the bio electrochemistry of the body. There are other products derived from Green tea, Turmeric, Cinnamon, and several other natural products. We will be happy to share more info on all of these through Most Fabulous team in the coming days. How did we get started? Well, it all started during the mid 90s when a sudden surge of ailments started attacking people. We saw heart attacks, diabetes and everyone was trying to find ways to treat not knowing the repercussions. If you go back and observe what happened during the following decade you have the answer. We saw a lot of heart failures and kidney diseases that confronted the medical world. Our treatment options go back to the school of thought that any disturbance in the functioning of a human body is a marker to say that there is some deficiency or imbalance in the bio electrochemistry of our life (the 5 senses) and we need to help in plugging this by way of nutrients. So we set out to find a few answers. Through our products; we don’t address to bridge the deficit like the conventional treatment options, but to find ways to correct the chemistry behind it. The treatment time that will take shall vary with each individual and there are no qualified rules. We knew that symptomatic treatments are ways to mask the deficiencies and we are not going that route to find our answers. The nutrients or so called supplements were at their infancy at that time and we had to find our best sources to design these with the right set of dosages – This means we had to go back to understand the functioning of the “Body” – The biggest Bio Sensor that has the ability to sense, process and react to changes around us. “What we do to our body; the body does it back to us” – It’s as simple as that. So going back to the history we understood that the natural substances were used in earlier times

all over the world. They were named differently. In India it is called as Ayurveda and in Chinese it is called as Traditional Chinese medicine - both have been prevailing for thousands of years. Apart from these; there were alternate treatment also in the South America and European Continents. Our intentions were extremely clear that we were going to start a NANOceutical line that would start to address the core of natural human body communication and it’s bio electrochemistry. We started addressing the 5 senses of human body with our product lines and we started seeing some fascinating outcomes. It’s the right step towards balancing the outside and inside environments of the human body. People started to see differences that were just beyond what we would normally hear. They became our mouthpiece and soon, we had to start increasing our sources of supplies and our product lines to address these 5 senses. This gave us a clear differentiator in the way we looked at the bio engineering and functioning of human body and that we need to look at our ability to add life into human cells naturally. We have chosen

Ravi Ram Mohan

processes in the way we extract the ingredients from plants, herbs, flowers, leaves, seeds minerals and the same have been evaluated on a continues process of upgrading our techniques to include in our products under a strict quality management protocol to build effective products that help people live with a smile. Our small but dedicated team of R n D works diligently to understand the body more holistically to address the functions. Bio Electrochemistry is a fascinating science especially when it comes to our human body. The more we leant, the less we know. There is still so much to uncover. We depend on the Ministry of Health of Govt of Malaysia for approvals; so also the other agencies like Hallal, Koscher, GMP. We have no intention of producing our products in millions where we compromise on quality since the raw material is to be planned one to two seasons ahead. Since these are all natural, we have to ensure that all these ingredients are organic in their purest form when we start our process. It’s a very specialized and focused effort to bring each product into the market.

We now are looking at ‘tailored meds’ - A field that is wide open. We would like to formulate our natural products based on each individual and their health profile. One size fits all approach is slowly changing with genuinely health conscious people. When you can have personal trainer, personal coach, why not personal meds? At this time, this is open only for people who know that exclusive R&D of products are being done only based on their health status, their way of life, their environment and their habits. Needless to say, it’s an exclusive and unique product line offering that we are setting out to do and hence our reach through Most Fabulous!

Here is Sunita Ramprasad, Director Marketing at Most Fabulous stating her experience - “When I was first introduced to Biobillion’s O’ESN 9000 a few months ago, I got curious about the health benefits that it offers. Unknown to them, I had a health condition by which I couldn’t lift my left leg beyond certain point for almost 12 years. After a course of 45 days, I noticed that I had enough power to lift my left leg similar to the right leg. This really took me by total surprise that I could do without any physiotherapy. With the help of this course of Nano nutrients, I got rid of body aches & pains which I had carried it all these years with me as being part of my life. My thought that I am going to carry these pains and spasms all my life changed completely. My shoulders had loosened up & are now flexible. Cant believe it; but true. On the whole, I had increased energy levels, felt younger… A key to live life to the fullest- I must say. I never thought I could turn my life for the better or should I say - “towards my best!” Let me share another exciting product: With profound experience in knowing the characteristics and behavior pattern of water and the effect of the same on the human beings we have designed a water purifier - a portable jug which alters the pH level of water and this small change in one’s life to consume this water finds a fine harmony between the body and environment. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in one’s life. We set out a path that is healthy and add a touch of nature in our busy lifestyle. Our body is designed to react and absorb the natural products much easily that other synthetically derived products and altering the chemistry for the better – this means, we can add more to our life!! Our products are an inspiration to our lives and I am happy to share them with the Most Fabulous readers. This next line of emerging market of Nano Nutrition is a very exciting area to be in where the efficacy is at the cellular level - be it a good cell or a bad cell. There is a lot of research being done and we feel through our strengths in Bio-electrochemistry would be able to bring products that would sure add substantial benefits to the users

So……LISTEN to your 5 senses to preserve your health. Complement your lifestyle with natural nutritional supplements to preserve your 5 Senses. Have a MOST FABULOUS life!! Biolife Billions Sdn. Bhd. No.91, A, Jalan.SS 14/1 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel.: +60 03 5632 9100 Website: E-mail:

Author of this Article can be contacted at email id: mobile: +91-9900120011


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Legends of

Van Cleef & Arples L’Art de la Haute Joaillerie


he unique everlasting energy of love always inspired Alfred Van Cleef, for it was love that brought the founding love story and ultimately the brand into existence.

century with a strong family background, youthful enthusiasm, passion for precious stones and a pioneering spirit led to the formation of Van Cleef & Arpels brand in 1906.

An amazingly adventurous love story of a stone-cutter’s son – Alfred Van Cleef and a young girl Estelle Arpels – the daughter of a precious stone dealer, who met towards the end of the 19th

Subsequently, Estelle’s three brothers – Charles, Julien and Louis joined the firm and succeeded in making Van Cleef & Arpels the most exquisite jewelery in the world. full article inside magazine

Stanislas de Quercize

In 1994, the Cartier Foundation moved to the Rive Gauche and opened a headquarters in a building designed for it by Jean Nouvel. Following the accidental death of Robert Hocq in December of that year, his sister, Brigitte Hocq, became chairman. Joseph Kanoui became vice president of Cartier Monde. The next year, a major exhibition of the Cartier Antique Collection was held in Asia. In 1996, the Lausanne Hermitage Foundation in Switzerland hosted the exhibition “Splendours of the Jewellery�, presenting a hundred and fifty years of products by Cartier. As of 2012, Cartier is owned, through Richemont, by the South African Rupert family and 24 year-old who is the granddaughter of Pierre Cartier, Elle Pagels.

Louis-François Cartier

founded Cartier in Paris in 1847 when he took over the workshop of his master. In 1874, Louis-François’ son Alfred Cartier took over the company, but it was Alfred’s sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques, who were responsible for establishing the brand name worldwide. Louis Cartier

Louis-François Cartier

Louis Cartier,

Grandson of the founder, revolutionised timepieces when he introduced the Tank watch in 1917. © Ministère de la Culture Médiathèque du Patrimoine, Dist. RMN / Atelier de Nadar

Royal & Elegant Jewellery Collections by

Cartier About Cartier

Timeline of Cartier

Cartier, a highly acclaimed name for royal and elegant jewellery and wrist watches was founded in Paris, France by Louis Francois Cartier and now the company is owned by Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA. The esteemed Parisian company known for its elegance, sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship, has been manufacturing exclusive jwellery since 1847. Owing to its rich legacy and strong historical lineage –exclusive and exquisite jewelry sales to royal families and celebrities, King Edward VII of England declared Cartier as “the jewellery of kings and the king of jewelers”. Cartiers deserves their right to be called so because they are the distinguished jewellers of royalty. The jewellery and jewels of Cartier showcase a potent combination of rareness and excellence and Cartier jewellery flaunts the magic of artistic superiority and opens the doors to fascination. Let it be the scintillating Duchess of Windsor’s Panther bracelet, amazing tank watches or the iconic trinity ring, Cartiers have mastered creativity, design and their own classic artwork becoming, for others, the gauge to which they can gauge themselves against.

Ever since the jeweler opened shop at 13 Rue de la Paix, in 1899, its pieces have reflected the city’s most fashionable people and most historic places. Loius Cartier, after carefully studying Paris’s monuments and structures, translates those architectural motifs into his designs by using priced metals: gold, platinum and diamond. The introduction of the blues, oranges and greens in 1910 was strongly motived by the Ballets Russes performance of Scheherazade at the Paris Opera. The1925’s Art Deco show witnessed nearly about 150 artistic and classic diamond and onyx style pieces that proved the mastery of the Cartiers. 1944, the period of World War II prompted the artisans and designers to create brooches of caged birds, and since then birds became the part of Cartier’s jewellery. In 2004, a rude decoration inscribed on rocks and walls of the Cartier Foundation displayed Cartier’s love for contemporary culture and color.

A few of the highly acclaimed collections from Cartier include the following: Cartier Panther Collection The motif which was introduced in 1914 was inspired by Jeanne Toussaint – Cartier’s fellow jeweler, who carried Panther as her nickname. She was named Cartier’s head of haute jewelry and her animal pieces became the Duchess of Windsor’s signature. They were available in necklaces, pendants and brooches. The ring carrying the amazing motif became the highly prized and acclaimed ring of style icon Chloe Sevigny.

Cartier Trinity Collection This iconic and mesmerizing collection boosts the image of its possessor by epitomizing different stages of relationship like rose for love and white for friendship. These potent color combinations attracted poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau of 1920s who always was seen with his Trinity pinky ring

Cartier Love Collection This collection was renowned for being sold only to couples. This iconic love bracelet introduced in 1970s was an update on the medieval chastity belt bearing screws all around that can be locked and unlocked with a tiny screwdriver. Epitomizing the ever ending and infinite love and affection, the Love bracelet became the favorite of Sofia Coppola and Katie Holmes.

Star Light, Star Bright This is a modern version of Trinity design in the form of a celestial set of rings, earrings and bracelets flaunting a scintillating star motif made of diamonds. This collection was introduced as one-ofits kind collection of jewellery on the runway of Philip Lim’s fall show.

Cartier’s Panther Collections

Cartier’s Love Collections

Cartier’s Trinity Collections

Cartier’s Diamond Collections


– an Astonishingly mesmerizing diamond Jewellery Graff diamonds, a highly acclaimed diamond jewellery manufacturing company is a name to reckon if anyone is seriously looking forward to have some astonishingly marvelous diamond jewellery. The House of Graff is quite famous for its fabulous quality of the jewels it creates and specially the diamond ones. Laurence Graff founded the Graff Diamonds in 1960s mastering the art of cutting and polishing the jewels and acquired a name in producing glittering diamonds sourced from mines around the world. The artistic mastery surpasses the craftsmanship’s excellence to achieve complete excellence in the beauty and sensitivity of yellow diamonds.

Graff Jewellery adorns exceptional diamonds

Laurence Graff being renowned for their exceptional diamonds has handled quite a few amazingly fabulous diamonds of yesteryears. A few of those include the seven sided 187.82 carats Paragon, the 603 carat uncut Lesotho Promise and other diamantaire extraordinaire. The jewels of Laurence Graff adorn the exclusive selection of a few of the diamond-jewellery enthusiasts’ and even adorn the Graffs themselves, who proclaims them as the most fabulous jewels in the world. In addition, the other precious stones like emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires presents sparkling combination of precious stones in the glittering jewellery of Graffs, which is stationed in some exotic jewellery boutiques of the world. Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds was chosen to receive Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and was awarded this priced award for serving in the jewellery industry for 60 years. He was honoured with this award from the Queen. He played quite a significant role in this field and he is best known for his fascination for larger diamonds and became world famous for purchasing nearly about 60% of the total world supply of yellow diamonds.

Laurence Graff

Graff Diamonds recreate history with their original Hair and Jewel concept Graff Diamonds created history by unveiling an outstanding and unrestrained image of a model wearing millions dollar worth of diamond jewels in her hair, which went down in history as one of the most provocative, glamorous and amazing images of all times. This image was a recreation of the actual image commissioned by Laurence Graff in

1970, which went on to became the image for all occasions. The typical hair style of the model was styled by celebrity hairdresser Harold Leighton. The original Hair and Jewel concept of Graff was a daring move showcasing fine jewellery modeled uniquely in a more audacious style. The image revisited on Mr. Graff’s 60th Anniversary and its diamonds’ value has risen over to half-a-billion.

The 22 rare jewels and some record-breaking diamonds like heart-shaped 51.53 ct and diamond earrings of 50.76 ct adorn the model Dalia Gunther’s hair. The wings of the butterfly and the diamond flowers contain several of the diamonds from the 550 ct Letseng Star, the 14th largest white diamond ever discovered. The other dazzlingly rare diamonds include a spectacular 52.73ct Fancy Vivid Yellow emerald-cut diamond ring 10.47ct, a 6.51ct Fancy Intense

Pink internally flawless diamond ring and Fancy Vivid Blue internally flawless briolette diamond pendant.

Laurence Graff says this about his own concept: “’Hair & Jewel’ is a celebration of our expertise and success, as we continue to operate at the very pinnacle of the industry. I am extremely proud of what Graff Diamonds has achieved, but as I always say, we are just beginning, there is still a long way to go.”


Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Jaquet Droz - The Bird Repeater


orn in 1721, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the founder of the Workshop that was soon to bear his name, was above all a child of the Swiss Jura. In these valleys that are still today the cradle of Swiss watchmaking excellence, there is a sense of life in communion with the natural surroundings. The sound of birdsong accompanies the cycle of the seasons. And the songs of these creatures, a source of fascination during the Enlightenment for naturalist and fashionable aesthete alike, must have sounded sweetly to the young prodigy during his summers beside the waterfall of the Saut du Doubs. Beautiful, free and fascinating, birds captivated the age, and from the beginning of his career, the young watchmaker was to make this trend his own. For while Pierre JaquetDroz made his mark as a virtuoso of horological engineering, he was also an audacious businessman as well as an aesthete, in tune with the tastes of his time. At a time when the Encyclopédie was being compiled, Most Fabulous ç 2013

the sciences were winning their spurs and the foundations of the industrial revolution were taking shape, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was taking on a veritable challenge: imitating life. His automata – the Musician, the Writer, the Draughtsman, and others, now exhibited at the Neuchâtel museum of art and history – would go on to astonish the many crowned heads of the time. But Nature is equally honored in this singular vision, where birds are particularly well represented. Like a scientist dissecting his subject of study to achieve perfect understanding of its secrets, Pierre Jaquet-Droz and his successors made a reputation with their series of longcase clocks. Very quickly abreast of

the latest innovations in miniaturization, they soon began to create breathtaking singing watches. At first incorporated in real birdcages, these creations benefited from developments in miniature clock-making, and were soon transformed into pocket watches and table clocks of proportions as small as they were refined. True stars of their period, the "birds" at the famous farm of Sur le Pont at La Chaux-de-Fonds are treasures, not only of mechanics, but also of the decorative arts of the period. Enamels reproducing the finest nuances of plumage; gold, pearls, precious stones – nothing was too good for these exceptional timepieces, which won Jaquet-Droz

Jaquet Droz - The Bird Repeater

the international renown that persists to this day. For many years, whether on the canvas where the painter brings his work into being or the dial where the sculptor applies his relief decoration, the brand's workshops have paid homage to birds and brought them to life. Today, Jaquet Droz adds a new dimension to mankind's age-old dream of flying and pushes back the boundaries of Haute Horlogerie with The Bird Repeater. This exceptional t i m e p i e c e , c o n c e ive d by t h e craftsmen of the House, blends the history, know-how and imaginative power of Jaquet Droz in a way as precious as it is original. In a stunning visual show, The Bird Repeater represents two Blue Tits, symbolic of Pierre Jaquet-Droz's native Jura region, together over the nest containing their fledglings. In another nod to the origins of the Manufacture, the Saut du Doubs waterfall also figures on the dial of this new horological treasure. Fully animated by a mechanism of unequalled complexity, this threedimensional picture truly comes to life. While one of the birds bobs to give a beakful of food to its offspring, the wings of its companion spread to reveal their delicate shades of color. An egg in the middle of the nest opens to reveal a chick, while the water of the stream flows in a continuous cascade. The Bird Repeater is an authentic automaton, with a cam system inherited directly from the century of Enlightenment, and it calls upon the resources of all the decorative crafts. Jaquet Droz engravers and painters have worked together to produce the yellow, blue, white and deep black of the birds' plumage, the perfectly balanced volumes and the finely detailed wisps of grass forming the nest. To achieve the realism of this scene no less than eight different Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Jaquet Droz - The Bird Repeater

animation mechanisms act in synchronism: the movement of the birds' heads and wings, the movement of the fledglings, the hatching of the egg, the sparkle of the flowing water. True to the brand's extremely exacting philosophy, Jaquet Droz has given The Bird Repeater one of haute horlogerie's most virtuoso complications: Minute Repetition. Simply pressing the pushbutton makes the watch strike the hours,

Most Fabulous รง 2013

quarters and minutes and sets the wonderful animated sequences in motion. The resonance and mellow tone of its cathedral gong, generated by two turns around the mechanism, are equaled only by the complexity of the system of chimes incorporated in the gold case, 47 mm in diameter and only 18.4 mm thick. The Bird Repeater, made up of 508 separate components, has a 48-hour power reserve, and is available in two versions, one in grey gold set

with diamonds and the other in red gold, each one in a limited edition of just 8 pieces. The outcome of two years of development, this new, dazzling masterpiece is the latest illustration, and doubtless the most extreme example of the uniqueness of the Jaquet Droz spirit: giving life, like no other, to the poetry of Time. The Bird Repeater is already on view today, but the Manufacture is in the process of completing a piece that will be the crowning glory of its


Most Fabulous ½ 2013

The story of the HERMÉS

Fashion - “The only kind of victim I ever want to be”

Maria Sharapova

SCARF Most Fabulous ç 2013


For the devoted and passionate lover of luxury, a Hermes scarf is an absolute must have. Most Fabulous takes you through the making of the famed silk square and why it is one of the most coveted objects in the world.


f telling a tale is the incidental by-product of luxury, the famed Hermes scarf is a master storyteller. India being aconstant character in this silken sutradhar that mirrors the world's cultures, it was an Alice in Wonderland experience exploring the birthplace of the wildly colourful la Danse du Cheval Marwari. A scarf inspired from the Indian wedding ghodi. Let's start with a story or few. The distance from Paris to Lyon, the silk region of France, is 450 km. That is exactly the length of silk thread taken from 300 silk cocoons, the grandfather of Pierre-Alexis Dumas (now the artistic director of Hermes' silk division) in 1937 mixed humour with colours. "A good player never gets angry," it read. Zen and the art of making an Hermes scarf? Weil, why not. The 2,000-odd designs since the first scarf have combined history and modernity with inspirations from fashion, arts, scientific advances and parables. Some are abstract, others exotic. A powerful sketch of the Tree of Life hangs on a wall in the engraving division of Hermes at Lyon. "An engraver needs arresting silence to work with full concentration," says Kamel Hamadou, head of communications at Lyon. A process that requires 700 people with different skills, linking 800 chains which can take over two years to create, surely needs total calm. Watching the work of Nadine, an engraver with 31 years

of experience, is a lesson in yogic concentration. After an artist's design is okayed, the engraver re imagines the story. She divides the design onto different slides with the finest combinations of hues, textures and prints closest to the artist's rendition. It takes anything from 600 to 2,000 hours to make one composition. The colours are tried from a palette of 75,000 colours to get the harmony right. Each design is interpreted in eight combinations of a 40colour scheme. The trials go through vigorous inspections and are often sent back for retrials. When it is time to print, a roll of silk is stretched over a 300-ft long printing table and one colour is applied at a time. The printing table is scraped and cleaned after each application. The scarf is inspected for imperfections between applications. There is no deadline. The idea is to not accept anything mediocre. It's not about time, it's about product perfection. Even at the final stage, mistakes lead to the consignment being destroyed. Scarves go through grooming, de-gumming and rinsing to ensure colour luminosity and texture. And are inspected yet again! "The way to spot a fake scarf," says Hamadou, "is to look at the hemming. A genuine one will have the hem rolled inwards and finely hand-stitched." An army of skilled talents work on these scarves with the tenacity of soldiers, who know why errors must be Most Fabulous ½ 2013


weeded out. Each colourist is a student of fine art. "From the beginning, the Hermes scarf was imagined as an object, not an accessory," maintains Dumas. Each square looks like a pictorial coffee table book, with a point of view. When ready, the scarves create magical stories in Hermes store windows around the world, besides becoming subjects of art exhibitions. In the window of Hermes' Hong Kong airport store, a little red heart was once installed between two very graphic scarves, whose beating caused the vibration of silk! Scarves inspired by India offer a lovely perspective to our own culture. Last year when Hermes' theme was India, these were unfurled in stores across the globe. In 1985, when Rakesh Sharma became India's first astronaut to go to the moon, Jean Louis Dumas added an astronaut to a scarf design as a tribute to the country he loved. Embellished elephants, elaborate petal decorations, and the most memorable — a collection of scarves that was turned into a sail for a backwaters boat - make India a pulsating artery at Hermes. Freudian dreams in silk — the scarf (Rs 20,000 at the Hermes India store in New Delhi) is a timeless accessory. Grace Kelly, who became the Princess of Monaco, wore it as a sling for her broken arm in 1956. As the decades wore on,

Most Fabulous ç 2013

legendary ladies from Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monr oe self-styled it. A favourite now with Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker, the scarf invites devotion from those who pray at the temple of luxury. You can't help laughing when Maria Schaefer, head of the women's silk collections, gives advice on the scarf. "Don't respect it," she says, "dare to crease it, to treat it a little roughly." It can be worn as a shawl, a collar, draped belt, sexy bustier, a bolero, a wrap skirt, little handbag, necklace or bracelet, worn on a belt, tied to a bag or in the hair — its versatility makes it a blank slate for a fertile imagination. In fashion's competitive universe, blinded by big brands coming out with the next big thing, the Hermes scarf is a contradiction. It's like a handicraft but has a clean shape and modern values. It is conspicuously oldfashioned yet stands for the future of a tradition. Timeless, truly.


Most Fabulous ½ 2013


H A U T E 2013/14 COUTURE Touch of extreme elegance to Paris Haute Couture. From the exquisite collection full of sequence, jewels and refined applications Elie Saab haute couture 2013/14 is set like as if lifted from a Palace along the banks of Bosphorus, Ottoman motives subtly infuse the collection with imperial slender.


ELIE SAAB Most Fabulous รง 2013


Most Fabulous ½ 2013



Creative Director – Frida Giannini takes you inside spectacular creations of luxury with spring / summer 2014 collection of Italian fashion house. Dressed for a season out & about the Gucci man embraces prince of lovers and foliage. Supporting a conservative silhouette, structured anoraks, leather shirts and color blocked leggings and more contribute to study pacing.

Most Fabulous ç 2013


Most Fabulous ½ 2013


Most Fabulous รง 2013

Men Winter Collection 2014

Men Winter Collection 2014

Women Winter Collection 2014

WOMen Winter Collection 2014

Men Winter Runway Report 2014


he Dolce and Gabbana Really adorable and surprisingly unique – The latest men’s summer 2014 collection from Dolce and Gabbana. The Dolce and Gabbana men’s summer 2014 collection draws devouring inspiration from the indispensable Sicilian mythological artistry that is adorned with immaculate and intricate designs and artworks showcasing Greek’s mythological lineage. Such exemplary artistic works still epitomize the exalted supremacy of artistic excellence at the Valle dei Templi of Agrigento, the marvelous amphitheatre of Taormina, and the Tempio di Apollo of Syracuse. The Collection Encompasses Artistic Excellence The collection exhibits meticulously crafted intricate designs bring forth out of judicious creativity and

intriguing tailoring research. The outstanding features of the collection include the grotesque designs in the prints that typify the antique Gods like Zeus and Apollo mesmerizing any onlookers’ gaze. The whole collection showcases artistic and craftsmanship’s excellence. Subtle elegance marked with the legendary artistic force that symbolizes impeccable, rigorous and immaculate tailoring research has always been the hallmark of Dolce and Gabbana since its inception. The elegant, insightful and intricately drawn grotesque designs on the subtle and mystifying ensemble outrageously signify the purpose of its inscribed subjects: The Zeus representing creation and absolute force and the Apollo representing the sun, the light – the positive vibrant energy and beauty.

Men Winter Runway Report 2014 The Collection Epitomizes Modern Ulysses The preferred Sicilians selection from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana symbolizing the modern Ulysses is now once again ready to take the catwalk by surprise. The emerging fashion trends from Dolce and Gabbana encompassing the immemorial Sicilian and Greek’ s mythological lineage are now assuring men of all categories and likes that they are still liberal and have the privilege to upgrade themselves with the versatile choices and styles of this millennium without jeopardizing their freedom of style.

Women Winter Runway Report 2014


omenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana takes in scintillating inspiration from the superior mosaic of Monreale for their women’s wear. The collection epitomizes Sicilian mythological artistic craftsmanship.

During the 11th century, the city of Monreale became famous as Normans started inhabiting it and the holy Cathedral of Monreale dedicated to Santa Nuova was built along with the archiepiscopal Palace and its lovely cloister. Norman King William II of Altavilla took the charge of building such monuments between 1172 and 1185. The fabulous series of golden mosaics created in the top half of the walls between the end of 100 and the middle of 1200 represent the exemplary superiority of artistic

excellence. Two of such strikingly fascinating mosaics representing William II crowned by Christ and William II offering the church to the virgin show amazing creativity. The mosaic-making art work is precise and intriguing and it progresses slowly. The mesmerizing designs are created by following a step-by-step approach by placing a single piece next to the other, at a time, and then it is followed with a stitch after stitch. Such an amazing artistic work marked with subtle elegance and impeccable mosaics along with immaculate tailoring showcases Dolce and Gabbana’s hallmark tradition. In addition to this, the grotesque mosaics on the dazzling ensemble epitomize the purpose of the inscribed subjects.

Women Winter Collection 2014 To witness such exalted golden mosaics, local experts and artisans from Venice and Byzantium were invited and made to understand such far superior artistic excellence. Dolce & Gabbana judiciously tapped the creative potential of the highcaliber artisans to a maximum extent to create mosaics on dresses, shoes, bags and jewels.


Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

Biz Jet Insights

From China to the West B

usiness aviation in China is in its fledgling years, if you will excuse the pun. Significant barriers have prevented the business jet market in China from growing in line with the country's exponential boom in private wealth observed over the last decade. Barriers such as restrictive airspace access, high aircraft import taxes, a shortage of airport infrastructure for business aviation and high user fees have all contributed to limiting China's fleet of business jets based in the country to a comparatively modest 210 at the end of 2011. However change is in the air. According to the latest airport development plan from General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) the number of civil airports will grow to 244 by 2020, an increase of 88. At the same time China's air traffic authorities underMost Fabulous รง 2013

stand a ban on the use of low-altitude airspace is set to be relaxed by the government later this year. These changes coupled with the continued rapid growth of China's ultra affluent individuals should provide the perfect environment for business aviation to flourish in China during the next two decades. In fact, Bombardier Aerospace, headquartered in Canada, states in its latest market forecast that the number of business jets in China could increase to 2,590 in 2031 from the current 210. If accurate, this would make China the third largest region in the world for deliveries in the next two decades behind only the US and Europe. In 'Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West' we will first consider the various levels of business jet engagement. We will then take a bottom up approach to considering the scale

and potential growth of China's ultra affluent and how their demand for business jets may increase as both their numbers and collective wealth swells. Finally, we will explore the core motivations for choosing business jet travel over commercial airlines. Types of business jet interaction To begin we should consider the various ways the ultra affluent can engage with a business jet and, indeed, the level of wealth usually required to do so. There are four main means of accessing a business jet: purchase new, purchase secondhand, lease for a number of months or charter for a specific trip. Given that we are considering travelling from China to the West we will be considering long-range aircraft capable of such a journey.

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

New purchase As with any other large luxury purchase the cost of a new jet can vary significantly, with capacity, brand, performance and specification all factors in determining how many millions your plane will cost. Prices can range from USD50 million to USD70 million with an average assumed for our analysis of USD60 million. Additionally one must consider the annual expenses associated with running and maintaining your new jet, these of course vary based on how often you use it with fuel and landing fees representing a significant proportion of the variable costs. An average figure of USD15 million annually is indicative which means a first year investment of USD75 million. In order for this to present as a feasible option you are likely to have a net worth of around USD750 million. Second-hand purchase If you wish to enjoy all the benefits of owning your own jet but seek a more economical solution a secondhand purchase might be your answer. Prices can range from USD18 million to USD45 million including a substantial refurbishment and the inclusion of personal specification. Using USD25 million as a representative average and factoring in a slightly larger annual maintenance to cover the great mechanical depreciation associated with age of about USD18 million, a first year investment of USD43 million represents a saving of over USD30 million when compared to purchasing new. At this level a net worth of around USD375 million would afford you the potential to start considering purchasing your own jet. Lease Although in some circumstances shorter leases may be possible, the normal length of a lease is 12 months

and will require an outlay of between USD1.2-1.5 million per month. This figure includes all maintenance costs and so once agreed the monthly invoice only really varies in line with the fuel costs associated with your flights. A figure of USD15 million would represent a fair reflection of the average annual cost of a leased business jet. Leasing therefore becomes an option for the ultra affluent with around USD200 million in personal wealth. Charter The 'gateway' to the world of business jets, chartering represents the entry level means of engagement. In the context of flying from China to the West for both business and pleasure an emerging trend is to fly first class on a commercial airline from China to a central European 'hub' before chartering a business jet to hop around Europe and North Africa for meetings. Of course the fee for chartering is therefore heavily dependent on the nature of the trip – the number of stops, the duration, the geography covered. Assuming the scheduled trip involves meetings in three or four countries the total cost inclusive of return first class flights from China to Europe would be around USD150,000. So to pass through the business jet 'gateway' on a regular basis a net worth of around USD30 million is likely to be required. Although the cost of chartering can of course be reduced if you are able to bring together a group of your ultra affluent friends in order to benefit from economies of scale. China's private wealth creation With minimum wealth levels determined, we can now consider how ultra affluent demand has shaped the business jet industry in China over the last decade and how that demand will evolve over the next

5 years. China's growing economy has played a significant role in the exponential growth of billionaires and multi-millionaires in the last 10 years, and while China emerged relatively unscathed from the 2008 credit crisis that has continued to affect the other parts of the world, the pace of growth in China has certainly been tempered when compared to its 2007 highs. With fluctuating GDP growth China has seen its ultra affluent numbers decline twice since 2007 (in 2008 and 2011). However the foundation of wealth creation remains strong, and with the exception of 2008 China sees it number of millionaires increase year-on-year, even after a difficult 2011. China's ultra affluent 2003-2017 The greatest risk to China's continued growth is external, as the struggling economies of the West show a reduced demand for Chinese exports. The challenge for China therefore is in promoting domestic and regional demand thereby reducing its dependence on demand from the West. Following a difficult 2012 the outlook is largely positive and China's GDP growth is expected to stabilise at a steady rate of 8.5% over the next 5 years according to the WEO Database. Should this GDP growth be achieved it wouldn't be a surprise for China's ultra affluent numbers to continue to grow as rapidly in the next 5 years as they have in the last 5 years as China mounts a serious challenge on the second spot in the world rankings for affluent citizens (behind the US). In this context comments from Zhang Peng, vice president of Hainan Airlines subsidiary Deer Jet, that the demand for business jets in China “will grow 50 per cent annually, and there will be at least 500 business Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

If we consider the above table, the number of affluent individuals potentially able to support the purchase of a new or second-hand jet will grow from 410 in 2012 to 1,097 in 2017 – a 150% increase in 5 years. In the same period the potential market for brand new business jets will grow from 174 to 494 – almost a threefold increase. The business jet industry in China will also be supported by a further 1,165 ultra affluent individuals potentially seeking to lease a busi-

tion can help expand the economy, and so with strengthening demand over the next 5 years business jet infrastructure, such as airports, private terminals and over-flight permits, should be developed more quickly. The world's leading aircraft producers are very confident about China's jet market and are actively expanding their business in the country as, supported by China's ever growing economy, it is believed that China will become the world's

airline is that it represents the ultimate productivity solution. Business jets can support a schedule not met by airlines, reach locations commercial airlines do not service, provide greater connectivity whilst up in the sky, be more cost effective and result in a significant increase in work-related tasks. A business jet is a productivity tool. A recent study by Harris Interactive titled “The Real World of Business Aviation: A Survey of Companies Using General Aviation

Number of ultra affluent individuals






2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Wealth USD200mn+

Wealth USD375mn+

Wealth USD750mn+ Source: QuaestorQ wealth curve analysis, 2013

ness jet for a year in order to aid them in their business and leisure activities across the country, region and the globe. While a further 17,849 ultra affluent individuals will be considering the benefits of chartering a business jet as they seek to do more deals in pursuit of taking their wealth to the next level. This demand will surely help the business aviation industry overcome some of the challenges inherent with being a relatively young industry – only starting to grow in China in the mid-1990s. The Chinese government does recognise that business aviaMost Fabulous ç 2013

third-largest market for business jets in the next decade. Why use a business jet? There are of course many reasons an ultra affluent individual might choose to use a business jet over a commercial airline. It may be the image that owning or traveling by private jet projects, it might be fuelled by a desire for greater personal privacy, heightened security for the individual and their family or even simply to escape the screaming child in row 16. However the number one reason for using a business jet over a commercial

Aircraft” discovered that passengers perceive themselves to be more productive when on a business jet than when in the office. Compared to a typical hour in the office, business leaders are 20% more productive aboard a business jet, while they face a 40% productivity drop on commercial flights. The time spent on work related meetings with colleagues, business partners and clients faces the most marked transformation. While the lack of privacy on a commercial airline means a negligible amount of time (just 3%) can be dedicated to these

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

key aspects of enjoying a meal business, this jumps with his family. A couple of to more than twodays of meetings fifths of time (42%) in London and on a private jet – deals it's time to experget done. Additionally, comience the new panies with business Aberdeen based jets are reaching golf course devellocations that would oped by billionnot otherwise be aire Donald TruOffice Business Jet Commercial airline reachable with mp. Direct flights commercial flights – save our business Passenger productivity getting them to deals owner more than faster. two and a half According to the Harris Interac- unusual to save over 50% of your hours – crucial golfing time. Relaxed tive study, almost half (47%) of time using a business jet when and refreshed from a few days spent private jet flights are made into compared to a commercial airline in the fresh Scottish air, the last airports with infrequent or no solution. meeting of the trip is an oil deal in Consider an ultra affluent busi- Tyumen, Russia. The flexibility of scheduled airline services, while a further third (33%) are into second- ness owner based in Guangzhou who being able to fly direct once more ary airports. In fact it has been wants to undertake a business and saves a huge amount of time over estimated that two in five flights leisure trip to Europe with his core 'airport hopping' with commercial (40%) are to airports in communi- team. He hopes to check on his wine airlines. The journey takes an ties that never had scheduled airline vineyard investment in France, to afternoon, rather than a full day and visit his son who is studying at with the contract signed it is time to service. Oxford, meet with some distributors return home. It is no surprise that with this greater accuracy of travel and and partners in London, play a round In total the time spent in the air increased productivity during the or two of golf at the Trump with direct flights is just under flight, a number of studies show International Golf Links in Scotland, 28hours; in contrast the time spent these advantages translated into before heading to Russia to close a in the air, waiting in terminals and superior financial performance, new oil deal. Quite a trip! connecting via road with a commerTo our business owner time is key, cial airline solution is over 83hours. stronger customer access and higher average revenue growth for compa- he has ambitious growth plans for his This will clearly impact the total time nies that use business jets over those core business in Guangzhou, and required to complete the trip. With a who choose to rely on commercial doesn't want to waste days negotiat- business jet the whole trip including ing his way through the trip on family time, business meetings, wine airlines. commercial airlines. It takes him just tasting and several rounds of golf In short – without a business jet everything is planned around the over 12 hours to fly direct from could be completed in just 8-10 days. airlines, with a business jet every- Guangzhou to Bergerac in France, to The same trip completed using thing is planned around getting see how his winery investment is commercial airlines, and making no doing. He and his team are produc- allowance for the delays that 26% of results. tive on the flight and arrive ready to all airline flights usually face, would “Time is money” do business. A quick jet from take around 15 days. And as we must Eve r yo n e i s fa m i l i a r w i t h Bergerac over to Oxford and on the remember – “time is money”. Benjamin Franklin's famous line in same day he is able to visit his son at Advice to a Young Tradesman – “time University. Had he been relying on A business tool is money”. Many business leaders commercial flights he would have While often considered to be consider their business jet to be their spent a frustrating nine-plus hours simply a symbol of luxury and very own time machine. On long- trying to connect between Bergerac success, a business jet is much more distance trips, whether for business, and Oxford, and would likely be important to its owner than that. A leisure or a mixture of both, it is not somewhere over Europe, rather than business jet is a business tool. Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

As we have explored, a business jet allows business leaders to leverage their time and helps them in building their business faster and more efficiently. Of course in an ideal world everyone would like their first jet to be brand new with a custom interior; however that is not always possible. Many successful ultra affluent business owners, recognising the business jet's value as a business tool, have climbed up the levels of business jet engagement. Starting with a 12 month lease, access to a business jet accelerates their rate of business resulting in enough accumulation of wealth to purchase a business jet second-hand. Once more the business jet is used to accelerate the growth of their business and wealth, until they are in a position to order a brand new business jet. Ultra affluent clients have been observed to complete this process within a 3-4 year timeframe. As the number of ultra affluent individuals from China continues to grow, more and more business leaders are using business jets to give them an advantage, to speed up the growth of their business and increase their wealth. What would you do with a business jet?

Business jet travel Commercial airline travel Ground transportation

Guangzhou (China) to Bergerac (France)

19hrs 55mins

12hrs 29mins

Bergerac (France) to Oxford (UK)

01hrs 30mins

09hrs 55mins

Source: Tyrus Wings flight analysis, 2013

Aberdeen (UK) to Tyumen (Russia)

Tyumen (Russia) to Guangzhou (China)

07hrs 13mins

05hrs 30mins

19hrs 35mins

29hrs 50mins

Source: Tyrus Wings flight analysis, 2013

Most Fabulous รง 2013

Biz Jet Insights: From China to the West

Trip Guangzhou, China to Bergerac, France

Bergerac, France to Oxford, UK

Oxford, UK to Aberdeen, UK

Aberdeen, UK to Tyumen, Russia

Tyumen, Russia to Guangzhou, China

Business Jet Check in: Flight: Layover: Flight: Customs: Drive: Drive: Check in: Flight: Layover: Flight: Customs: Drive: Drive: Check in: Flight: Check in: Flight: Layover: Flight: Layover: Flight: Customs: Check in: Flight: Layover: Flight: Layover: Flight: Customs:


Commercial Flights

20mins 11hrs 49mins 20mins 12hrs 29mins 10mins 01hrs 10mins 10mins 01hrs 30mins 10mins 01hrs 01hrs 10mins 20mins 04hrs 50mins 20mins 05hrs 30mins 20mins 06hrs 33mins 20mins 07hrs 13mins






Guangzhou-Paris (0020-0640) Paris-Bordeaux (0740-0855) Bordeaux to Bergerac Bergerac to Bordeaux Bordeaux-Paris (1800-1920) Paris-London (2055-2115) London to Oxford Oxford to London London-Aberdeen (0955-1125)

Aberdeen-London (0630-0850) London-Moscow (1005-1805) Moscow-Tyumen (0030-0505)

Tyumen-Moscow (0740-0845) Moscow-Dubai (1745-1210) Dubai-Guangzhou (0140-1230)

27hrs 52mins

02hrs 13hrs 20mins 01hrs 01hrs 15mins 01hrs 01hrs 20mins 19hrs 55mins 01hrs 20mins 02hrs 01hrs 20mins 01hrs 35mins 01hrs 20mins 01hrs 01hrs 20mins 09hrs 55mins 01hrs 30mins 01hrs 01hrs 30mins 04hrs 02hrs 01hrs 35mins 02hrs 4hrs 06hrs 25mins 02hrs 35mins 01hrs 19hrs 35mins 02hrs 03hrs 05mins 09hrs 05hrs 25mins 02hrs 30mins 06hrs 50mins 01hrs 29hrs 50mins

83hrs 15mins Source: Tyrus Wings flight analysis, 2013 / Expedia

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Managing Director

Aviation Analyst & Managing Partner

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young & fabulous


Fashion - “The only kind of victim I ever want to be” Maria Sharapova


ennis sensation and brand ambassador of Tag Heuer, Maria Sharapova, is a fashion icon in her own right. On court, she is all grit and determination. Off court, she is quite the quite the femme fatale, carrying high fashion with her statuesque 6'2" frame and lustrous blonde hair. Maria loves to shop in Los Angeles and wears a little dress that's easy to take on and off, so she can try on many things quickly. In Paris, she prefers something trendier like boots, jeans, and a leather jacket. "While shopping, I team up my outfits with the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph in rubber or a Monaco,"

says Maria. For partying her choice ranges between a pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos and a steel gold chronograph. "This season, the colours are sharp, so I will go for turquoise blue or fuchsia," adds she. The diva also maintains her "fashion standards" when flying as the paparazzi always land up to click her umpteen pictures. "I wear pants and a stylish top, limit heels, and keep a colourful wrap. And believe me the new Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 6 RS diamonds is the perfect accessory for this look," says Maria to Most Fabulous.

full article inside magazine Most Fabulous ½ 2013


hopping is in itself, an art. Luxury Merchants from all over the world are selling their products to wealthy consumers, people like myself, Dia Nair, Karthik Pusapati, and oth-ers. But what makes people like us actually buy these products? It isn't necessarily packaging, but it has to do with beauty and quality. Take, for example a beautiful Rolex. These watches are not just things we use to tell time, they are status symbols, status symbols that can be passed on to the next generation, and still be used... That is because of quality. We buy these things to enjoy them, and lets admit it, sometimes we buy things because we know not everyone has them to show them off. Lets take Vertu telephones, for example. These handsets are finely made, aesthet-



By Zachary Haroutunian

About Author Mr. Haroutunian is a Young Steinway Artist, and executive of his family's real estate holdings and development company, and is currently Media Manager and Editor at Most Fabulous.

ically pleasing, and to the highest quality, but what is the use for a $17,000 handset? It is, to please ourselves, and show it off to others. The true shopper does not look at price, he looks at quality, and how many uses he will get out of the product... But what about luxury items that are made to be consumed? How can one justify an expense for a $3,000 bottle of Dom PÊrignon Oenotheque? The answer is simple. They want to enjoy the champagne, and they want to be seen drinking it. Marketers take advantage of this, and push the prices higher every year. For those who can truly afford these items, it is not an issue, but, for the commoners, it can be a major problem to keep up with the wealthy. Now moving on to shopping for larger things, we buy cars by looking at them, holding them to a much higher standard than we do with clothes and other items, evaluating absolutely everything,and Most Fabulous ç 2013

then comes the critical process of loving an object enough to buy it. How do we decide if we love an object? The answer is we evaluate if we can make good and enjoyable use of what we are buying, and we can truly see ourselves using it every day, we will develop an emotional connection to this item, and buy it. In this instance, Dia Nair went to buy a car. She bought a Rolls Royce not for it's fame and reputation of quality and excellence, but because she loved the car enough to set aside a large sum of money and purchase it. She feels truly happy driving this car because it is something she loved and truly wanted. That is the art of shopping, falling in love with an item, then buying it. Personally, I prefer the S600 Merce-des as my car, because I have grown up with several S600s in my family, and I have developed an emotional connection to the S600. I love it, and I am emotionally connected to it, and that's the reason why I buy it time and time again. Onto the topic of hotel rooms: We rent Suites purely to spoil and pamper ourselves, and show off to our guests. We choose suites by determining which one is really "us", which suite matches our character, which is the most beautiful? most functional? most beautiful view? And of course, which one is Most Fabulous? Then we look into our wallets, and based on the colour of our American Express cards, we choose which suite we can afford. As with all aspects of buying, there is an art... Is this truly the most fabulous thing we can buy for ourselves? At least for now? If the answer is yes, then the case is settled.


Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar



by Arya Raj


hen I first meet the famous designer Jattinn Kochhar at the Hyatt hotel, I am immediately struck at how simple and non-starry the man is.Clad in a casual yellow T-shirt and baggy pants with a crew cut, he politely offers me a glass of water before asking me to sit down. His hotel room is tidy, with his red laptop out on a desk and clothes neatly hanging on a rack. I wait as Jattinn talks on his cellphone, ensuring all things are in place for his fashion show tomorrow, which I am eagerly looking forward to. Then he sits down and we begin our interview. Already, he clearly comes across as down-to-earth and humble, despite his numerous achievements. 1.

Good morning Mr. Jattinn Kochchar. You have worn many hats as a designer, painter, anchor of TV shows, and writer for fashion magazines. Which of these avatars do you enjoy the most?

For me it's all an extension of being creative. It is like asking which finger on your hand is your favourite.Everything has its own importance in life. I am not a big 'favourite' kind of person. Everything has its own place and importance. Apples and oranges cannot be compared .I like both-apples and oranges. I like it all. For me it is another opportunity to share my creativity with the world. I do writing, directing, interiors, styling. I do all of it. 2.

As a young boy were you always drawn towards colours, clothes and fashions? Were you creative as a child?

Yes, I think that's when it started. I was extremely creative as a child. In fact, it used to boost my grades. I would get a hundred percent in arts .The bright kids would really object to it because I would get full marks and they wouldn't. They would do well in sciences. So I remember that it was always an issue with the toppers of the class, but that's how the almighty wanted it to be, I guess. I was always fascinated with making my surroundings more beautiful. Whether it was interiors or drawing or clothes, I was always attracted to everything to do with design. 3.

You are such a young achiever having first showcased a line at the age of just 19.What made you decide to follow a creative calling despite coming from an Indian business family?

When I was 18, the family was going to migrate to Singapore. We were there for a year and that's when I decided that if something comes naturally to me, I must explore i.e. did a small exhibition at an Art Centre called 'Substation' in Singapore. They had a weekend market where young artists could display and sell their products. I did a small line showed there and received a tremendous response. That's when I decided 'Wow. This is what I want to do!' Earlier I wanted to Most Fabulous รง 2013

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar

family. Being creative was quite an issue at that time. I am talking about over twenty years ago. It was kinda tough. Still, my immediate family totally supported me. Although what they said was “We can only morally support you but we can't help you because we know nothing about designing.” I come from a business family and that's what they did. Business. I had learn about designing by myself You see I come from a joint family. When I came back from Singapore I applied for a fashion school in Florida and I got through. Then I had to tell my parents because they had to pay the fees. I had no money to do that. To them, it meant that I wanted to be a ladies' tailor. So being

As a teenager what drew you towards the fashion world? What made you decide to want to create fashion?

I think it was the idea of making people look more beautiful. My belief is that it's not just about looking beautiful. Dressing well gives you a large amount of confidence, if you make an effort to dress well. Everyone wants to meet pleasant looking people. It's not only about your looks, it is the fact that you care about yourself. For me, loving yourself is the most important thing. I have a very clear understanding from all my experiences that you can only share what you have. A happy person shares happiness and an unhappy person shares only unhappiness. Having said that in India we are brought up with this belief to put other people's needs first which I don't agree with. This is because when you do that you end up being unhappy and then you make everyone else unhappy. If I put my own needs first I am a happy person and I share it with others. Isn't that a better situation? 5.

When you began, did you face any obstacles from family members when you told them that you wanted to be a designer? Or did they agree to the idea right away?

I am the eldest amongst all the kids in the

7. What is the hottest trend in the fashion industry this season? Do you follow trends and what's in and out of style? The hottest fashion this season is colour blocking. Right now, it's very big and that's what you'll see in my show tomorrow- Lots of colours put together like blocks of colour. I have not tried this earlier. I really enjoyed working on this collection. I don't really follow trends. I believe that it's your personality that matters. I mean as a designer, my job is to offer you options and not restrict you. So the collections that I do caters to all body types and not just model figures. For example, when you go to the market you will find wide bottom pants, skinny pants,etc. You need to wear what you look good in.Forget trends.

do interiors but I did not get the opportunity. This chance came my way and I jumped at it. 4.

heavily embellished garments. My upbringing has largely been in big cities. So practicality has always been very important for me.I also prefer to do seasonless clothing. Clothes that you can wear round the year. Even in winter, my clothes can be worn with a jacket on top. The same thing can be worn in summer too.

I wear and create my own look. It is largely a classic contemporary look. I don't like very busy clothing. It's more solid and simple and I would style it with accessories. I personally wear plain clothing and am more of a T-shirt and jeans kind of person. But it has to fit like a glove. It's all

family they said,” How will you survive?” But then they said, “Follow your passion. Do what you believe in.” I am glad I did that. I had no formal training in design. So I did not know anything technically. I had to learn everything on the job. 6.

Who are your inspirations amongst designers?

I like men's wear by Rohit Bal. I also like Anamika Khanna and Ruchika Sachdeva. But I am not a big 'favourite' person. I like a whole bunch of people. It's a mixed bag. It depends on, well, largely I like to design very simple, extremely wearable, practical clothing. It's about silhouettes and textures. The embellishments are almost zero. Also, most Indian designers do Most Fabulous ½ 2013

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar

about the fit. 8.

Your design style is one of blending conventional classic with contemporary chic which is what people love about your designs. Tell us more about the different lines that you do.

I already do men's, women's and kid's wear.We also do swim wear, maternity and evening wear.I also recently launched an organic clothing line. So the crux remains pretty much the same-simple, wearable, practical clothing. Also ninety percent of the fabrics that I use are knit fabrics. 9. You have showcased your clothes around the world in places like Sydney, London, Rio, Cairo, Bangkok and Colombo. What is the response that you have gotten from these overseas shows? When I showcase abroad I don't want to be labeled as an Indian designer.The minute you say that people expect ethnic clothing. I design clothes which are universally accepted. At age 21 I did my first world tour in Brazil , in Rio and Sao Paulo. The review I got was 'Fashion does exist in the land of the Maharishis.' I was thinking, yes of course India has fashion. It was a great compliment. Even now when I showcase abroad it's difficult for people to believe that I am Indian.They think that I am Lebanese , Greek, Italian or Arabic. When I say that I am Indian, they say “ Indiano? No, no no!” and I say “Yes, yes, yes!” They say I don't look and speak Indian and I say “ But I am!” People say that my clothes are not traditional looking. I do sometimes have an ethnic element in my clothes, an Indian element in either the colour or the accessories.I love showcasing western clothes with Indian jewellery from places like Jaipur.It's an interesting mix.Some designs of mine are very plain and elegant.But the jewellery can be loud.I believe in balancing everything in life, truly, whether it's work,clothes….everything is balanced. Some people think that if you are Indian your design must have an Indian element.So people get really surprised when they see my shows.They say,'Do people wear these kind of clothes in India?' I think, well if they didn't I could not have survived there for 22 years. 10.

How would you describe yourself? What are your hobbies?

I am perfectionist and I like things to be orderly.I don't like chaos.Most of my friends will come to my room and say 'Wow it's so clean.” Their room will be like a pig sty.There will be no place to sit, shoes everywhere, a mess really. You see you are actually sharing your persona.Subconsciously that's how I like it to be,everything in order.Now my room is not orderly because I wanted to move to another room ( Actually contrary to what he says his room looks neat) So everything is usually orderly with me,everything has its place. That's the way I like it. I don't like things out of place. I love music and I listen to music all the time. I have a big radio in my bathroom.I love listening to the radio because it has a surprise element.Which song comes next? You go through this whole surge of emotions when you hear it.One song can be sad and one song can be romantic. Music has the power to get you in that mode. You hear something and it instantly brings back memories and experiences.It's really wonderful.I like largely loungy music and listen to lots of pop artists.I like Katy Perry,Adele,Coldplay ,Sade,Seal,Madonna.I love travelling which I get to do a lot of.I love spending as much time as possible with family –my wife and kids. I love food. Most importantly I love meeting people.I am very family oriented and have been married for nearly fifteen years.My daughter is five and a half.Her name is Niyamat.My son is ten and a half and his name is Sukh.So I am Most Fabulous ç 2013

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar

truly blessed to have them both in my life. Here is the next part of my conversation with famous Indian designer Jattinn Kochhar, who is called a 'Garuda' between art and fashion. Earlier, he told us about being a creative child,following his creative calling as a teenager and being a fan of Katy Perry's music. Now, he shares with readers how he became a designer with no formal training ,how he gets ideas,his inspirations and how he likes to de-stress. Here is Jattinn once more in all his simplicity! 11. Having had no formal training in designing and just being blessed with this creative ability, do you think that people who go to design school are necessarily better equipped to begin designing?

school. But in the end it is your own creativity. You either have it or you don't have it. You can go to any school, but if you are not blessed with the creative ability it's not gonna happen.In my time, also, there weren't any fashion shools.NIFT had just started.So there was a lack of opportunity.I always recommend that young people should study fashion if they want to get into it.All courses are available now.I had to learn everything on my own. 12. About the design process, is there any particular time of the day that you feel more creative? Do you have a space that you like to sit and get your design ideas in? It's not really possible because unlike any other profession where you can refer to a

book there is nothing that I can refer to.The inspiration can come from anywhere, an idea can come to me at any time. Many times in the middle of the night if I get an idea my sleep is gone. I won't be able to sleep and I will keep thinking about the idea.I will then need to document it because the idea then vanishes. I can't control my mind. I will have to sketch the idea down.I'll be really eager then thinking, 'When will it be morning ? When will my team come so we can begin work on it?It's like kids wanting a new toy. They dream about it the whole day and think of when they will play with it. I like my space. I spend lots of time in my washroom which is a room by itself. It has music, books and

Technically it's very good to go to design

importantly once I shut the door it's just me and my space.I tend to project to the world that I'm a people person but I am actually a very private person.I don't like my space being intruded at all.When I am in public I belong to the public but when I am by myself I don't want anyone to disturb me or intrude.My family knows this and I appreciate the fact that they are aware of it and they give me my space. 13. When you get an idea for a line or an outfit how do you go about translating this into reality? Do you make a note of it? I don't really write it down,it's all in my

head.There is no fixed process.Sometimes if I like a fabric I may not know exactly what I am going to do with it.If I like it I'll buy it.Sometimes when I get ideas I go looking for things.For example, the line I am showing here at Chennai Fashion Week is inspired by ice lollies. It's one of my favourite ice creams to have .I love the idea and my kids love it too.My wife gets worried that we'll get a bad throat.I love the taste , the colours.This is what I wanted to share with everyone.So this where the idea came from-ice lollies.I totally love it.I went to buy fabrics and what I went to buy wasn't available. I saw all these colours there and I thought 'Wow, what beautiful colours.' I did not know what I was going to do with it.I liked colours and fabric so I bought maybe 150m in different colors.But the seed of

the idea was already in my mind.The colours had done it! It was a big summer in Delhi and it's very hot then so the only ice cream that I like are ice lollies.I was having it and I thought 'Wow.These colours match the fabrics that I bought.What a great idea.This should be my inspiration.' Also now you get one ice lolly with three different colours .My idea of colour blocking came from there.You'll see that in my show. 14. If you had the chance to dress one celebrity, Indian or international, who would it be and why? I think I would like to dress 'Madonna' because she has the ability to change her look .It's so amazing that even at 55 she looks great.I like the sense of adventure that she has.Some people do not want to change their look.If you are fixed, then you miss opportunities. I tend to gravitate towards people who are open to advenMost Fabulous ½ 2013

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar

ture in life, people who have open minds. 15. What would you say is unique about your own designs? The wearability factor .In fashion, there are a lot of designers who are very famous and do some beautiful clothes but a large number of them are not wearable. It's a work of art and it's great but I can't connect with it. What's the point of clothes that no one can wear? The task is to make regular,normal people look nicer. Celebrities are nice looking anyway. They have access to the best things. What's the challenge there? 16. You have designed costumes for some Bollywood films. Can you tell us more about that? I have designed for one or two films but I'm not much of a costume designer because I like my freedom. I like to be the boss of my creativity. I've also done some costumes for theatre. In designing for these sometimes you are restricted. If I get to design according to my sensibilities which is very contemporary that's what I'd love to do. 17. What is a fashion must have for a person of any age today? I would say a well cut, well fitted, well stitched white shirt. For ladies a white blouse. It's the hardest thing to find-.a white shirt that fits you very well. 18. Do you think young people in India are more fashion conscious now?

Most Fabulous ç 2013

Is there any city in India that you think is more fashion conscious than others? Absolutely because look at the amount of awareness that is there today with the electronic media. In India now you see the same brands that you see all over the world. Zara, Mango, all these styles and brands is what everyone is wearing now. That has made a huge difference. Earlier only if you travelled abroad you could get something trendy. But how often can you do that? You don't have a lot of money to spend abroad, it's expensive now. The world is truly a global village now. Delhi is very fashion conscious, actually kinda a bit over the top. People in Mumbai are more trendy and it's more straight fashion there. The rest of the cities in India have a long way to go. 19. Do you sometimes get inspirations from music or paintings or any other creative medium?

Music absolutely de- stresses me. I like to exercise to keep fit. That makes me feel very happy. Or I would love to have a piece of an authentic cheesecake. Designer Jattinn Kochhar has already won numerous awards and accolades and done everything from interior designing to styling to designing costumes for Bollywood films. In the last part of our conversation we discussed how he believed he was blessed by God with a creative ability, the uniqueness of his designs and how he liked to unwind with music. In this third and final part of his interview, Jattinn shares with us his thoughts on men's fashion, his personal style and how he never wants to slow down! 21. Coming to men's fashion, do you think men's fashion lines in India are increasing in number?

Yes, but most my inspirations come from people that I interact with daily. Each of us is blessed with a unique sense of style. You may or may not be aware of it. Some people wear tight clothes, some wear loose clothes. Some people don't like collars. When you meet twenty different people you can get twenty different ideas.I put them together and create a design out of it. I get ideas from all kinds of people that I meet.

Well, they definitely have a better selection now than earlier but we still don't have enough. There is a lot of scope in men's wear that has to be looked into. Today ,there is a lot of awareness amongst young men. Also, they make better customers than women. Women tend to be very unsure of things but men have a fixed agenda. If something works for them they are like ,�Do me six colours in this.�But, of course, Indian men are getting more fashion conscious now and it's a good thing.

20. What is your stress buster?

22. Personally are you someone who

Fabulous India: Jattinn Kochhar

likes wearing any particular brands? I'm not a huge brand person. My clothes can be branded or non branded. They can be from the street. I travel a lot so I have a fantastic wardrobe. I also tend to use things like a string or a little bead. It depends on how innovatively you use it. I like my personal touch in things. 23. You have designed for the Austrian embassy for the Viennese ball in 2005.What was that like? It was a wonderful experience. They had all the people in the city who do ballroom dancing there. There were professional dancers there, both Indians and foreigners. It was great to work with them. They did a performance wearing the outfits. For that, we had the men wearing bandkalas which is the Indian equivalent of a tuxedo.And the women wore gowns.So it was a very beautiful blend. 24. Is there anyone in your family who you feel particularly encouraged your passion for designing? My family could not support me in any other way because they knew nothing about it. So I think they are all very happy and proud of me now. I think it's everyone's blessings and encouragement that has got me here. 25. Are you extremely passionate about designing? Do you want to keep doing more and more shows or do you want to slow down? There is no reason to slow down. I absolutely enjoy my work. I love it. It gives me so much to learn, so much to experience. I travel, meet different people, taste different kinds of food .I want to do more and more of it. That's why I have been adding more lines. We already do 6,7 lines. 26. Who are your friends amongst other Indian designers? I would say they are acquaintances. We meet and we are cordial with each other. I have friends from the design community all across the world. Designers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Pakistani designers are some of my closest friends. It's a big design community. 27. This is a personal question. Do you have any enemies in the industry? I'm a pretty cordial person. If someone has an issue I think I am actually very flattered. It shows how important I am in their life. That's the way I look at it, rather

than think of them as my enemy. If I was not important then they would not give me importance. It's sad because the most important thing for any creative person is to grow and to share your creativity. It grows only with a smile. If you smile at someone you get a smile back and that's how it grows. 28. There is a trend right now where designers are using organic fabrics. What are your thoughts on this? I already do an organic line. I largely work with knit fabrics .I think we all need to have more awareness about our environment. This is my little contribution to do organic clothing. I am glad I did it. It took me a long time but I am going in the right direction. 29. What do you like the most about your work? I love every bit of it. It's difficult to say what I love the most. I think the joy and the happiness that I see on people's faces when they wear my creations is something that I look forward to because they feel happy. I think it's a big blessing to make others happy. 30. What is a typical day in your life like? I wake up when the kids wake up for school. I am up for an hour. If I want to I go back to sleep because I need enough rest. If I don't do that I have a lot of things to do. I make the bed and have my juice and read the paper. Then I get ready and go for a workout which is for about an hour. I come back and we start work at about So before the gym I allot work to everyone. After the gym I come back and have lunch. Then I work again. If I have a meeting it can be in my office or I can go out, it's quite fluid. But the working out thing is quite permanent, the time for that is fixed. The rest is flexible. I eat an early dinner at 7.30.I don't eat out when I socialize. Within this can be travelling. So right now, since I am travelling, it's not the same routine.

would like to try, it's not that I want to become an actor. I think I would do a decent job. It depends on what the director makes me do. I would be open to suggestions and ideas. 33. Which is your favourite holiday destination? I like to see new places.Some places I really enjoy are ‌Tokyo. Tokyo would be number one. I spent a couple of months there and had a great time. It's an amazing place. I am open to seeing the whole world. I have been to just 25 countries till now and still have a long list to go see. I would say my favourite cities to visit are Tokyo, LA and Paris. 34. Having already accomplished so much, are there any goals that you have set yourself for the next decade? Yes, there are lots of things that I want to do in life. This is just a scratch. The time is right now. I was sort of preparing myself or actually the almighty was preparing me. So many things remain that I want to do. I am doing so many exciting projects now. I am working on a food menu , so I'm designing food for hotel chains. It's very exciting. I have never done anything like that. Besides that I would like to try acting, directing music videos, I would like to try stuff like that. (With that, my unforgettable interview with Jattinn comes to an end. As I leave, he gives me passes for his fashion show the next evening at Chennai Fashion Week which I cannot wait to see. I go away with the impression that he is a huge achiever who is modest and very driven to scale more peaks in life.)

31. Which Bollywood actress has a style that you admire? Anushka Sharma is really chic amongst the new lot. Shruthi Haasan is also very trendy. 32. Are there any more creative fields that you would like to try? I would definitely like to act in a movie .That would be fun. It's just a thing that I

Arya Raj Arya Raj is a novelist based in Chennai,India. She is the author of an upcoming e-book and is also a fashionista who loves to shop.

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