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At Mossack Fonseca we have always regarded technology as an essential element in our constant effort to achieve the highest quality possible in corporate and legal services, to the extent that providing an efficient and fast response has become a hallmark of our Group. This achievement has been accomplished in large part through innovations in our technological platform.

Our goal is that you, our valued clients, can feel confident that Mossack Fonseca is available to you anywhere and everywhere 24 hours a day!

Our commitment to Internet Technology (“IT�) as an added value to our services has been reflected by the release of our client applications, the Online Payment System (2001), the Case Information System (2003) and the Shelf Company Reservation System (2006). These applications have become immensely popular with our clientele as invaluable tools for the daily management of their companies and constitutes a novelty in our service area which is unparalleled by any of our professional peers. In March 2008, we unveiled the Mossfon Client Information Portal, a unified access point that integrates all our previously established client applications. Through our portal, which is protected by a world class security system, you can access your corporate information in real time from anywhere in the world.

INSIDE Banking Details Batch Payment Debit Account Online Company Documents Online Payment System (OPS) Electronic Delivery Service (EDS) ...and much more.


There is no need to search through a hard copy file when you need information regarding one of your companies. Simply access our portal and do a quick search using the company name or one of its directors and instantly view your online company file, including general information regarding your entity (Corporation or Foundation), the board of directors, every case ever assigned to the file and its invoicing history. All general details of the company are available when you click on the company name, including the status of the company, the company number, the date of registration, the authorized capital, amongst other things. If the company has a specific invoicing address, it will also be listed. The client can see former and current directors of the company, as well as both work invoices and annual invoices since the company was opened. By clicking on the invoice number, the client can view the invoice in PDF format. The portal also lets the client view the history of the company since its inception, by clicking on “View Cases�.


Business does not only occur between 9 am and 5 pm, therefore whenever you have an urgent need for a ready-made company, simply access our Portal and view the complete list of available shelf companies at your nearest MF Office. Once you have made your selection, you may reserve your company with the click of a button, with the assurance that we will not sell that company to anyone else in the meantime. Alternatively you can also download an up-to-date shelf list in either PDF or Word format to send to one of your clients or to review during a business meeting.


Your second option is to search for a company in transit. A company in transit is a company that a local Mossack Fonseca office is in the process of acquiring and the paperwork is still “in transit” from the relevant jurisdiction. You can reserve these companies, but will have to wait before the company is available for use. The information displayed in the “Company in Transit” list is similar to the information contained in the list of shelf companies. The main and important difference is that in the list of Companies in Transit, the column on the far right of the page allows you to view the delivery information to see an approximate date the company papers will arrive at the local Mossack Fonseca office. If the documents are being shipped, you just have to click on the courier tracking information tab to view the details.


We are committed to continually improving the CIS in order to meet your needs. We are therefore pleased to inform you that another important and valuable feature has been added to the CIS, which will give you the opportunity to upload attachments into your cases.


This unique service acts as a virtual filing cabinet that provides 24/7 online availability of your corporate documents.

Client Portal Summary


More than just a payment facility, our OPS is a comprehensive account management application that enables you to keep track of all your invoices, pending or paid as well as generate your account statement with up-to-the-minute information. There is no need for you to keep hard copies of invoices because you can always reprint them directly from the system in PDF format. More importantly, you can easily review and reprint all the outstanding renewal invoices for any of the companies for which Mossfon acts as Registered Agent.


If you are not comfortable using a credit card online or if the total payment you wish to make is too large, you may select a batch of invoices and then select whether you wish to pay them with a cheque or a bank transfer. The system will automatically provide you with a unique identification number which you will use as the reference for the transfer or the cheque. This will ensure that your payment is quickly identified and applied by our Collection Department. Both payment methods include an e-mail confirmation that your payment has been applied. There is also a Batch History link where you can view all pending and paid batches of invoices.


You can pay any one of your outstanding invoices online. You can select either one or several invoices - what we call “a batch� - and pay them instantaneously with your credit card.


Before making a transfer you can sign into our Portal and verify you have all the correct banking information in order to guarantee that your funds arrive at our bank account without delays or extra bank charges.


If you need to know what fee will apply to a given service you require from Mossfon you no longer have to wait until you receive a quote from one of our offices. You can access The Portal and check the applicable fee list for the jurisdiction and service you are interested in.


A third payment possibility is the MF Debit Account, where you may deposit funds (over which you maintain full control) with our Collection Department and debit those funds from your online account in order to pay invoices instantaneously whenever needed.


The Mossfon People Search feature allows you to put a face to the name of Mossack Fonseca employees around the world. You simply type in the name of a Mossack Fonseca employee and their photo and biography will appear on the screen.

Client Portal Summary


Your information has never been safer on Mossack Fonseca’s secure Client Portal.

We are very aware of the importance of preserving the confidentiality of the information you access through our online systems. That is why our database resides in a state-of-the-art server in the Data Centre of our Panama headquarters, and all clients connect directly to this server using a secure socket connection with a 256 bit high-level encryption, which is the same level of security that is used by banks for their Internet banking applications. We only grant password protected accounts to clients who already have an established business relationship with Mossack Fonseca and the client can always modify his password to whatever code he or she prefers, although we strongly recommend alphanumeric passwords of at least eight characters for enhanced security. For security reasons, all passwords expire every 12 months and the system will automatically warn you that your password is about to expire within 2 months. If your password expires without your realising it, please contact MF direct and we will resolve this matter. Our Online Payment System works through VeriSign which is the most trusted name in regards to secured connections and identity verification across the Internet (also used by renowned sites such as Amazon and Overstock). VeriSign currently secures more than one million Web servers worldwide including the world’s forty largest banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies.


The third option on the main page of the Client Information Portal is to click on “Reserved Companies,” which will display all of the companies reserved by your selves as our client, along with the dates the reservations expire. Once you make a reservation, you will receive an automatic email with details about your newest reservation, such as the name of the company, the expiration day, fees that will apply, plus more. If the expiration date of a reserved company is approaching, you will receive an email notifying you that you must take action soon. The system will not allow two different clients to reserve the same company. If another client wants to reserve a company already reserved by someone else, a red warning message will appear on the screen saying the company is already reserved and it will also indicate the expiration date of the reservation.


Would you like to make sure you never miss receiving one of your annual invoices? With the EDS you can request receipt of all your yearly renewal invoices either by fax or by e-mail to one or two inboxes, and the aforementioned invoices will be sent to you six months in advance of the jurisdiction’s deadline date. We will also email you an updated account statement every two months.


You may track the progress of each one of your requests to any Mossfon office as the cases develop. Cases are constantly updated by our staff around the world. An envelope icon will appear alongside your cases alerting you to new updates, and additionally you can choose to be notified by e-mail whenever any one of your cases has been updated. You may see photos of the individuals who are in charge of your case and also communicate with them by posting comments directly in the case. All types of files pertaining to the case are attached to the system by our officers and as soon as we receive your corporate documents from the relevant government office, a scanned version of them will be posted online in the applicable case, which can be downloaded immediately - faster than any courier. Quotes and invoices are also available for viewing as soon as they are issued. Once your documents have been dispatched, the courier airway bill number is added to the case with a direct link to the shipping company’s tracking page, so you can be aware at any time of the location of your package and estimate when it will be received. The CIS is a safe channel for communication where regular e-mails with instructions and sensitive information must travel through several e-mail servers from your end to ours. When you communicate through the CIS nothing is sent unencrypted through the Internet. You establish an encrypted connection with a server in our Data Center in Panama and you can read and post your comments directly in this server, so no sensitive information is sent elsewhere. Since cases are always available to our clients even after they have been closed, the CIS also acts as a practical record-keeping aid since you can always search for a case and review all the instructions, exchanges and documents that were inserted.

Client Portal Summary


On the main page of the Client Information Portal is a blue box with regularly updated news about the company and the industry in general. You can select a story you are interested in and it will appear in its entirety in a separate window.


On the left side of the main page of the portal, you can click the “User Guides” option. A list of video tutorials explaining the various features of the Client Information Portal is displayed.


From the main page of the Client Information Portal, you can create up to ten accounts for other users and decide the level of access each user has in every account. This is useful if one of the users deals solely with payments or cases. The system can be tailored accordingly. However, our clients can allow any number of users to utilise the system at the same time, using the general username and password


At the bottom of the main page you can select the link for “One Stop Shop” which will direct you to a list of websites that may be of interest, including the links to websites of the regulating bodies of our jurisdictions.


If you were subscribed to our client applications before the introduction of The Portal, you may sign in utilizing your previous access codes. If you have not yet subscribed to our online services you can request your free user name and password at or contact your nearest MF office, where we will also be happy to receive any comments or queries you might have on the matter.


If you have suggestions about the portal, require further information or need any assistance, you can contact us via your nearest MF office or direct at

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