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With all the marketing campaigns now carried out on the internet, businesses are searching for new opportunities to expand their footprint and increase their customer base. The search engine based online market ing tactics or search engine optimization (SEO) is the most preferred marketing strategy adopted by almost all businesses to increase online visib ility for their brand. In SEO, link building is considered a very potent tactic to increase traffic to your website by increasing the number and quality of inbound links to the desired webpage. As we all know, majority of the SEO tactics are focused on Google as it is the most popular search engine worldwide. Google has its own Webmaster guidelines, which are certain rules that must be followed by those who are using the search engine as a platform for conducting their online marketing campaigns. Recently, this leading search engine updated its link schemes document in Google Webmaster tools that explains about the link building strategies that violate their guidelines. According to Google, “Any links intended to m anipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results m ay be considered part of a link schem e and a violation of Google’s Webm aster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that m anipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site”.

New Rules for Implementing Effective Linkbuilding Campaigns To monitor the quality of links, Google introduced the Penguin algorithm that penalizes those websites which manipulate links to gain more search rankings. This illegal act ivity of manipulat ing links is commonly known as link schemes as per Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Some of the updated rules mentioned in Google’s link schemes document include:


Utilizing autom ated program s or services to create links to your website can adversely affect your website rankings and Google will definitely downgrade it in its search results.

Google has advised SEOs executing link exchange tactics (also known as cross-linking) that the search engine will penalize those sites that use link exchange tactic excessively.

Google is against selling or buying links that pass through their PageRank algorithm . This tactic includes posts that contain links, exchanging money for links, sending som eone a free product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link or exchanging goods or services for links.

Link building services that include guest posting cam paigns with keyword-rich anchor text links or large-scale article m arketing are considered as link schem es and websites using this kind of services will face strict penalization by Google.

The link schemes document also mentions unnatural links that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines and the Penguin algorithm will go after those sites that try to utilize these links to gain SEO benefits. Some of the links that Google considers unnatural include bookmark sites or low quality directory links, text ads that pass PageRank, and widely distributed links in the footers of various websites.


You can Get Customized Link Building Strategies Since Google’s Penguin and Panda updates are roaming in t he search network, you need to be careful while execut ing link building strategies. A reliable SEO service provider can provide you with affordable and customized services to attract considerable traffic to your site. Most SEO companies offer link building packages in which you can choose the services that lie within your budget requirements. Some of the service features include article submission, PR submission, blogging, directory submission, viral marketing, reciprocal link building and social media optimization. Thus a professional SEO company can create backlinks in keeping with Google’s guidelines and increase your site traffic and thereby, its rankings and popularity.


SEO Link Building Campaigns in Keeping with Google's Webmaster Guidelines  

Devising effective link building tactics for your website that adhere to Google's Webmaster guidelines can benefit your site which helps in...

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