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How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

The capability of LinkedIn is hugely underestimated. In fact, LinkedIn connections are integral if you need to be noticed as a professional since this is the one place where most searches for professionals are carried out. If you optimize your network and your profile’s search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, you can experience an astronomic rise in profile views. The following steps should help you create and maintain a successful profile on LinkedIn:

A Complete Profile

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete. This can significantly help, more than it seems like it. LinkedIn can guide you to complete your profile.

Keyword-rich Anchor Text

Get anchor text in your links. You can have up to 3 links in your LinkedIn profile with the option provided including “Blog” and “Company Website”. Now these aren’t exactly SEO-capable, but the

Sensible Job Descriptions with Keywords The job descriptions in your LinkedIn profile should contain

anchor text can be customized within your URL through the “Other” option. Make sure you have a title that’s keywordrich.

relevant keywords. Instead of filling it up with extensive paragraphs, use bullet points. Also make sure your descriptions are formatted.

Keyword-optimized Job Titles It would be effective to make your job titles keywordoptimized. This is a smart move that can help you increase visibility.

List of Achievements Well No Holes in Your Profile Let the summary section of your profile be rich - illuminate your achievements and points of excellence in your current or previous jobs. Granted there is

It is important that there are no blanks or obscure areas in your LinkedIn profile.

an “Experience” section in a LinkedIn profile, but rather than scrolling all the way down it would better if potential

Clear Profile Picture

employers found the highlights of your career right at the top.

This is something you should know when dealing with the largest professional network in

Application-rich Profile

the world. LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook or Google+. So you

The Application Directory of LinkedIn has a range of applications on offer. These can make your profile richer. Add relevant applications.

need to ensure that you have a decent picture of yourself – not a self-taken shot, a group shot, an avatar, or an unclear or blurry picture. Your contacts, potential employers and potential connections need

Twitter Sharing Twitter is one of the most

to be sure of the person they are connecting with. A great profile photo means a lot.

powerful social networks out there. So make it a point to share all your status updates in LinkedIn on Twitter.

Rapidly Expanding Network

Membership in Relevant Groups

Keep expanding your LinkedIn

Keep participating in relevant

network. It is important to stay

groups within LinkedIn.

connected with the maximum

Increasing your membership in

number of people as possible

such groups will really get your

since search results get

network expanded. The names

elevated based on the level of

of the groups you are part of

connections in a network.

will come up on your profile.

Check your email, Facebook

Search engines will be crawling

and Twitter contacts, invite

the titles and getting to know

them over to LinkedIn, or if

you and your profession. If you

they’re already on LinkedIn,

are part of geographical or

start connecting with them

regional groups, that can help


massively with geo-targeted SEO, not to mention the benefits of joining industry-

Follow Major Industry Events

relevant groups.

Get to know the events attended by your connections by adding the Events application. You could also get to know other industry events on-goings.

Profile Promotion in LinkedIn It is important to promote your profile in LinkedIn on your websites or on other social networks. Add a link to your profile in Google+, Facebook or other websites.

No Senseless Keyword Repetition See to it that you do not repeat the same keyword all over your profile since it isn’t going to be very advantageous in terms of search. Optimize

Project Promotion in LinkedIn Promote your work on your LinkedIn profile. There is the projects section where you can incorporate your blog content or eBook.

around secondary keywords which are relevant and describe your skill-set well.

Skill Endorsements Endorsements can influence search results. If you keep getting more and more

Vanity URL

endorsements regarding your It will also be helpful to connect your LinkedIn profile with your name. You can get your vanity URL and give the

talents and capabilities you have a greater chance of appearing effectively in LinkedIn search results.

custom URL to people you know in the real world.

OpenLink Network

Recommendations Recommendations can make

If you are a LinkedIn premium

your LinkedIn profile appear

account holder you can use the

much more attractive,

OpenLink option to send

particularly to employers on

messages to those who are not

the lookout for great talent. If

your contacts. Members, who

you’ve got more than ten

may not be your connections,

recommendations, the search

but belong to the OpenLink

ranking for your profile will

network can send you

certainly rise.

messages and you can do the same too provided you are an OpenLink member as well.

Following Influencers Following some major influencers would inform your connections about the kind of leaders you like or respect. These influencers could be major figures in the national or international political, financial, social media or any other field you like. You could share or comment on their posts.

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views  
How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views  

LinkedIn, the largest professional network you could ever have, is hugely underestimated. It holds the key for many a smart career move.