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Duplicate content is the content that appears on the web at more than one place. When identical content occurs at more than one place, it is difficult for the search engine to identify the more relevant version for a search query. The main challenge for website owners with duplicate content is that they may suffer low rankings and traffic losses. This can affect their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and thereby, online visibility.

Why Website Duplicate Content Occurs Content marketing has emerged as a major promotional tool and is the backbone of SEO. With Google focused on providing search results based on original, informative content, duplication is a major obstacle for SEO.

Many URLs Consider an article focusing on a particular keyword ‘y’ which appears in two different URLs. This is not uncommon. The issue is when people link to the same article on different URLs – some readers who pick up your content link to the first URL and others to the second. This results in duplicate content. The search engine has to pick one as it does not want to show the same content twice. On the other hand, if your article was promoted from the same URL, your chances of ranking in the top 10 for keyword ‘y’ would definitely be higher.

Sometimes, the reasons for content duplication are technical. It may start with website developer. During developing phase, it can happen that the same content is linked to different URLs. These third party creators may not be aware of the SEO issues associated with such linking practices. With websites that are powered by a database system, there would be only one article. The website’s software is such that it allows for the same content in the database to be retrieved through multiple URLs.

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Session IDs E-commerce sites usually keep track of visitors and allow them to store items they intend to buy in a shopping cart. Such information for each user is stored in a distinct session. Each user is assigned a Session ID that uniquely identifies the pages traversed and the actions the user performed. However, the problem occurs when some systems fall back to using Session IDs in the URL. Every internal link on the website now gets appended to the URL and as that Session ID is unique to that session, resulting in the creation of a new URL - and duplicate content.

Sorting During online shopping, sorting is usually done in terms of price or date. Sometimes, the URL for the sorting option and the original URL point to the same page. More precisely, the same content becomes available in both the pages.

Pagination Pagination involves breaking up long "content" into shorter pieces, along with a navigation system to go to the next or previous piece. Paginated content exists across the Web. Websites paginate in many ways. For instance, long articles are divided into several shorter pages. In an online store, products listed in large category list may be divided into pages. What happens is that each of these pages will end up having the same content, title, description, and so on.

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WWW and non-WWW When both www and non-www versions of your site are accessible, search engines may get it wrong. Similarly, in the case of http and https, the same content is served over both the versions. Duplication of content can be avoided by implementing strategies to avoid creating duplicate content, adding a canonical link element to the duplicate page, redirecting duplicate content to the canonical URL, or by adding an HTML link from the duplicate page to the canonical page. Overcoming duplicate content issues is essential





decreased crawl rate, and delayed website rankings.




Beware of Website Duplicate Content  

There are many reasons why website duplicate content occurs. Dealing with the issue is important for successful SEO. A Professional SEO Copy...

Beware of Website Duplicate Content  

There are many reasons why website duplicate content occurs. Dealing with the issue is important for successful SEO. A Professional SEO Copy...