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April 2012

Membership Renewal Form The Moss-Bradley Residential Association is a non-profit organization chartered in 1973 whose purpose is to maintain a desirable residential district and to preserve the architectural and historical heritage of our area.

Annual dues are $12 per year and are due by May 1. Please fill out this form and mail in a stamped envelope to the following address: Moss-Bradley Residential Association 1512 W. Barker Ave. Peoria, IL 61606

Name: Street Address: City:



Home Phone: Work Phone: E-mail Address: Type:

 New Member – Circle one: Owner Renter Landlord  Renewal – Circle one: Owner Renter Landlord  Associate (for those who live outside the boundaries of the district)

Next Membership Meeting

A Letter from the President We are fast approaching the time for several Moss-Bradley signature events and some new ones. At the April membership meeting you’ll be able to learn all about them. First on the list is the Moss Avenue Sale, changing this year to the Moss Avenue Festival and Sale. The Sale

We are fast approaching the time for several MossBradley signature events and some new ones. Committee has planned for changes that will make the event bigger and better than ever while keeping the best of the old traditions. Other traditional events that will continue this year include the Great

Wednesday, April 4 Social 6:30 p.m. Meeting 7:00 p.m.

American Cleanup, the annual membership meeting and potluck, and the July 4 celebration. The Peoria Pops Orchestra will entertain as usual on July 4 while neighborhood residents enjoy camaraderie and refreshments.

Westminster Hall, 1420 W. Moss Topics: Update on the Moss Avenue Sale, discussion of new programs to promote our neighborhood and enhance quality of life in the area.

An entirely new event is an opportunity to participate in a permanent display of Moss-Bradley homes at the new Peoria Riverfront Museum. Part of the Museum’s mission is to highlight Peoria history. A great way to accomplish this is to spotlight a display of historic homes and the value of preserving heritage neighborhoods. Learn about this new program at the meeting on April 4. See you there!

Announcements Thank you: to all the volunteers who answered phones at the WTVP Spring Pledge Drive on Saturday, March 24, including Reggie Bustinza, Stephen & Carolina Erke, Tim Hartneck, and Kelly Kolton. Save the Date: Plan to attend this year’s Moss Avenue Sale – new and improved! We’re adding live music and fine arts. Saturday June 9 from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Rod Lorenz

President, Moss-Bradley Residential Association

Monthly Messenger Readership Survey Comments for newsletter:

Suggestions for stories/photos:

Check any  I would be interested in receiving the newsletter electronically. that apply:  I would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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2 – Monthly Messenger – April 2012

Editor’s Note: Thanks for reading! Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

We will meet in the parking lot of the old Adult Education Center on Moss Avenue. Trash bags and gloves will be provided. We will pick up trash along Moss as well as on Union Hill and MacArthur Hill.

MBRA Annual Neighborhood Clean-up Saturday, April 21 at 9:00 a.m.

This usually takes no more than an hour or two, depending on the number of volunteers. This year, the group with the largest number of volunteers will receive a free tree from the Peoria Park District, to be planted in a location of our choice.

Moss-Bradley and the Community Art Tile Program By Timothy E Shaw, Secretary, MBRA

Be part of the historical opening of the Peoria Riverfront Museum by participating in the Community Art Tile Program. When you donate $25, your photography will be permanently displayed in a special museum installation. Your submission will be reproduced on a 6”x6” textured glass tile which will be installed in a classroom corridor in the new museum. The MBRA board suggests having Moss-Bradley homes displayed as a collective group. We invite anyone who is interested in having their home photographed and submitted. We will also submit the MBRA logo to be incorporated into the display. Your participation will help highlight Peoria’s past and encourage public awareness of the importance of historic preservation. We have a team that is eager and ready to coordinate and complete this project. We will provide the camera, take the picture, and submit the photo along with your check for $25 for no additional charge. The museum will be providing a thank you keepsake tile for each participant. We will begin to take pictures in early May so it is important that we receive your application by April 30. WOW! - How do I participate? 1. Make out a $25 check to: Peoria Riverfront Museum. 2. Complete the enrollment form below. 3 Mail your check and enrollment form to: Tim Shaw - 905 W Moss Ave. Questions? Call Tim Shaw at 637-0274

Photo by Kelly Kolton

Jim Richerson, CEO of the Peoria Riverfront Museum, was the guest speaker at the November 2, 2011. Moss-Bradley residents are invited to contribute to the new museum’s art tile program.

Enrollment Form

Please include payment of $25 to: Peoria Riverfront Museum Send enrollment form and check to: Tim Shaw, 905 W Moss Ave. Peoria IL 61606 *Applicant Name *Address for Photo

* No names, streets or personal information will be displayed on tiles

Monthly Messenger – April 2012 – 3

Springing Up Along Moss Avenue

Photo: Tatiana Johnson

Healthy Choices in 2012 Submitted by Susan K. Parr

As we start to smell the sweet scent of spring, now would be a good time to start thinking about what kind of shape our bodies are in, our overall health, and the quality of our diet. Because time waits for none of us, will you be a candidate for joint replacement, or perhaps a stent? Are you worried about high blood pressure?

Over time, young and old alike will succumb to life-threatening health issues unless we modify our lifestyle behaviors. What about bypass surgery, diabetes, and tumors? We often read about these health problems and wonder if we will end up with any of them. We bounce back and forth from fast 4 – Monthly Messenger – April 2012

foods to home cooking without putting the brakes on the quantity or consider the quality of the food we ingest. Double portions are the norm for many of us. Obesity is not on the rise ... it has risen to shocking proportions! Just look around at the expanding waistlines and those struggling just to move around due to excessive weight! If your bodymass index is above 25, watch out! You are on the road to obesity. According to the latest Gallup WellBeing Index, more than 63% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Over time, young and old alike will succumb to life-threatening health issues unless we modify our lifestyle behaviors. Well, what are the dietary changes people can incorporate into their lives to enhance healthy bodies and longevity? Some of the foods most favored for healthy living have such essential ingredients as fiber and antioxidants, and are found mostly in fruits and vegetables.

First Annual Chili Cook Off Winners

Submitted by Amanda Hendricks

Courtyard Estates of Peoria announced the winners of their First Annual Chili Cook Off. Judges considered 25 entries into the contest by area businesses, residents and their family members, home health and hospice agencies, and local community groups. Dawn with Hospice Compassus was awarded the “Best Chili Award” and Jane from OSF Home Care Services received the “Most Unique Chili Award.” The event brought out over 200 people from the community and proceeds went to the Courtyard Estates of Peoria Active Lifestyles Program.

Start now and begin a healthy diet by eating fiber and antioxidantrich foods daily. The USDA recommends that we eat a total of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. That’s quite a gulp, but steadily increasing our intake of healthy foods over time is a start towards keeping us safe from premature aging and death. What does fiber do? It’s the woody part of the food that sweeps residue from the gut. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are the scavengers that gobble up free radicals that are believed to cause cell damage. Start now and begin a healthy diet by eating fiber and antioxidant-rich foods daily. Cultivate your body’s garden and give yourself the healthy body and life you so deserve.

The Campaign Trail Makes a Stop in Peoria


Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney visited the Bradley University campus on March 19. The event was well attended by students, university staff, elected officials, and the general public. His visit took place one day before the Illinois primary election. Below, left: The Republican Gov. Romney poses in front of historic Bradley Hall with Rep. Aaron Schock, University President Joanne Glasser, and Bradley students.

Photo by Kelly Kolton

Photo by Kelly Kolton

Below, right: Bob and Mary Ann Middleton, residents of the Moss-Bradley Residential Association, watched the rally and enjoyed the beautiful weather in front of Westlake Hall, which is currently under construction. Mrs. Middleton attended many classes in the building during her studies at the university.

Monthly Messenger – April 2012 – 5

Thru the Windshield How do we look to those passing by?

Observations ... questions ... hopes ... concerns Compiled by Marjorie Klise

Why do we always look outside of ourselves for solutions to problems that impact us? It is too bad that we don’t have the confidence to think a situation through and come up with the imaginative and particular solution that we are so capable of…and would be so right for our neighborhood. (It’s probably just the human condition to ask someone else to do things for us!) There is a perception that traffic has increased in our neighborhood over the last ten years or so. The Peoria Public Works Department did a survey which showed that in reality the traffic has decreased. We have as many as 2,0003,000 fewer cars now than in 1994 traveling up and down Moss Avenue each day. Since 2008, there have been several hundred fewer cars per day.

There is a perception that cars are speeding through the neighborhood threatening our children and our peace and quiet. On the contrary - the survey shows that drivers are well within the threshold of the proscribed speed: an average of 34 mph. But there is still a perception of excessive speed and numbers. (And even if you don’t believe the numbers, they are the numbers.) So what do you do to change perception? We can reduce the speed limit below what is reasonable, even though we have no possibility of enforcing this very low number. We can’t enforce the present number. Or we can add more unsightly signs in excess of what is normally used to instruct drivers. Or we can come up with our own unique solutions that might work for us and us alone. Could we do a citizen count of cars that “slow and go” through stop signs? If we have some proof rather than anecdotal stories, the city would send an officer to write a few tickets. That will send a message. What about a group of us

Photos courtesy Marjorie Klise

organizing together to take names of companies who run their trucks down streets where they are prohibited? A few phone calls would alert corporations of our interest/displeasure. (We could certainly tell the company that we plan to share our information with the police department.) What about spending some of our ‘sale’ dollars or membership dues to do some attractive, colored impressed-brick crosswalks that stand out and send a residential message to drivers, rather than paint on a couple of white, commercially painted lines? Have you seen the streets in other cities with imaginative painted symbols used to alert both drivers and pedestrians to be alert? We are drivers. What slows us down as we pass through a neighborhood? Think about it. Would it be a good idea to dream up some ideas of our own and also borrow ideas from other cities? Then we can sit back and enjoy the positive results of our own ingenuity!

Photos courtesy Marjorie Klise

6 – Monthly Messenger – April 2012

Malvern Musings A monthly column about growing things and growing a great neighborhood Submitted by Dan Callahan

“Over the Top – Archways in Moss-Bradley” Nothing extends a welcome like an arch. Rectilinear, rounded, triangulated ... all are featured in our diverse neighborhood. As a framework for vines, arches raise plant growth up to the available sunlight. They make great focal points for entry. A sampling of places to find interesting archways:

1222 Moss Ave.

Photos courtesy Dan Callahan

501 Glenwood Ave.

1307 Barker Ave.

1025 Moss (vintage snapshot) Monthly Messenger – April 2012 – 7

Rocky Glen’s Storied History Submitted by Elaine Hopkins

A storied, 95-acre tract of land, hidden behind a forest along Kickapoo Creek Road, is a geological, biological, and historical treasure experts say. Rocky Glen is also an outdoor lover’s paradise, with its unique box canyon and scenic waterfalls, complete with petroglyphs from the 19th Century. There’s nothing else like it in Central Illinois. The tract is owned by the Jim Connaughton family. They have fond memories of Rocky Glen. “It was beautiful,” Mary Connaughten said, recalling blackberry picking expeditions and the waterfalls, which still flow today. Jim Connaughton’s dad, Harold Connaughton, bought the Rocky Glen property in 1954 from George Vickery. Vickery’s family had owned Rocky Glen since the 19th Century. HISTORY By the 1950s this peaceful rural scene was far removed from the events of the 19th Century. Then, coal miners bravely used Rocky Glen as a meeting place to organize a union and a strike, a daring event in those times. This story is told in the book Horse Shoe Bottoms, a novel written in 1935 by Tom Tippett, an author, labor journalist and activ-

Photo Credit: Todd Abercrombie

ist, miner, educator, and government employee in the New Deal programs of the Roosevelt administration. The novel was reissued in 2008. It is a fictionalized account of the life of Tippett’s father, a miner who organized his fellow miners in meetings at Rocky Glen, according to journalist Bill Knight. His introduction to the reissue details the life and times of Tippett, his place in literary history as a writer, and background on the struggle of miners as it has continued into the present time. Tippett died in 1979. In the novel, the miners hold a secret meeting at Rocky Glen, and vow to stand up for their rights. “The Glen echoed with the sound of clapping hands.” Today the waterfall at Rocky Glen still bears the historic carvings of these early miners, century-old petroglyphs of a vanished era. They include a carving of a hand holding a union card, which may be related to the American Mining Association, a short-lived forerunner of today’s United Mine Workers. ECOLOGY Meanwhile, modern scientists have rediscovered the ecological treasures of this unusual site. Ed Stermer, who

8 – Monthly Messenger – April 2012

teaches earth science and geology at Illinois Central College, characterized Rocky Glen as “a unique ecological treasure.” He added, “Rocky Glen contains ferns, wildflowers and native hydrangeas that are not found elsewhere in Central Illinois. It also contains hill prairies of a different type than commonly found in our oak-hickory woodlands.” Stermer aims to have Rocky Glen designated as a “Geoheritage Site” like similar sites in Europe. It has unique

Rocky Glen would be the jewel in the center this trail. exposures of sandstone, he said. “I envision someday having a Geoheritage trail with different geologic stops from Wildlife Prairie Park to Dirksen Park in North Pekin. Rocky Glen would be the jewel in the center this trail.” Rocky Glen is posted for no trespassing or hunting. But members of a not-forprofit group, Friends of Rocky Glen, lead regular group hikes back to the falls. For more information on the hikes and the book, see the website http://

Happening in Your Neighborhood Save the Date for Wine Tasting Event

Submitted by Kelly Kolton, CIBAC Board Member

The local alumni chapter hosts its annual Wine Tasting on Friday, May 4, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center. This event is a fundraiser for scholarships offered by the local alumni chapter, the Central Illinois Bradley Alumni Chapter. Any Bradley alumus living in the area is already a member of this organization and your newsletter editor, Kelly Kolton, serves on the CIBAC board as scholarship chair. Sample a wide variety of wines generously provided by UFS. Free parking is available in the Main Street parking deck. This event is open to the public. Tickets are $15 before May 4 or $20 at the door. Group discounts are available for six or more. To purchase tickets, call 677-2240. Activities Council of Bradley University Presents their Spring Concert:

Bradley University Theatre presents “The Glass Menagerie” from April 19 - April 29 Source:

One of America’s greatest plays from one of America’s greatest playwrights. Tennessee Williams’ enduring classic is a profound and delicate portrayal of the Wingfield family as they struggle with love, loss, yearning, illusion and the desire for escape during the depression of the 1930s. Performance dates are: April 19-21 and April 26-28 at 8:00 p.m. April 22 & 29 at 2:30 p.m.

Girl Talk with Breathe Carolina & The Ready Set Tuesday, April 24 • Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Renaissance Coliseum, located at 1600 W Main

Tickets are $14 for adults. For ticket information, contact the Box Office in the Hartmann Center at 677-2650.

Public Tickets: $30 Tickets on sale 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 2 at the Coliseum and all Ticketmaster Locations. Charge by phone by calling 677-2625

Arts Events at Bradley News from Westminster Presbyterian Church

Submitted by the Church Office

Palm Sunday worship on Sunday, April 1, at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome. The Mystery of Lent: A Labyrinth of Wholeness. Sunday, April 1, at 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall, with a light meal. There will be reflection and prayer in unity with all who are hurting. It is free and everyone is welcome. Easter Egg Hunt for children of all ages. Sunday, April 8, at 8:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. We’ll also have a doughnut breakfast. It is free and everyone is welcome.

Easter Sunday worship with special music on Sunday, April 8, at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome. Fellowship Luncheon and Birthday Party for the Hungry on Sunday, April 29, at 11:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. Join us for a friendly meal, followed by a fun activity to make “birthdays in a bag” to give to children whose families receive food from the food pantry. The meal is free (a free-will offering will be accepted); we also encourage donations of cake mixes, frosting, paper plates, and other birthday-appropriate nonperishables to give to the hungry. All events are at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1420 W Moss Ave. Call 673-8501 or visit www.

Submitted by Kath Conver, Bradley University

April 5, 5:00 p.m. Lecture by Karen Hammer, Horowitz Auditorium, Caterpillar Global Communications Center. Free. Call 677-2797. April 19-25, Graphic Design Portfolio Show, Heuser Art gallery. Free. Call 677-2797. April 21, 5:00 p.m. Graphic Design Portfolio Reception, Heuser Art gallery. Free. Call 677-2797.

Submit your organization’s news and events to

Monthly Messenger – April 2012 – 9

school noTes News from St Mark School

Fourth through eighth grade students at St. Mark School will be performing the musical Once Upon a Mattress on Friday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, April 28 at 1:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. All our neighbors are invited to enjoy the show. Tickets will be on sale in the school office the week before the performance and before performances in the lobby.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

live Music corner Sunday, April 15 – The Central Illinois Jazz Society House Band will perform at 6:00 p.m. The ICC Hard Bop Jazz Band will start their set at 7:15 p.m. The Starting Gate Banquet Room, located in Landmark Recreation Center, 3225 N. Dries Lane, Peoria. Admission is $5/Members $7/NonMembers, free for students. Visit Saturday, April 7 – Live Music by GEL 8:00 p.m. No cover charge. The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill in Campustown, 1200 W. Main St. No cover charge. Call 494-9600. Saturday, April 14 – Live Music by The New Imposters at 8:30 p.m. No cover charge. The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill in Campustown, 1200 W. Main St. No cover charge. Call 494-9600. Saturday, April 21 – Live Music by The Flying D’rito Brothers at 8:00 p.m. No cover charge. The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill in Campustown, 1200 W. Main St. No cover charge. Call 494-9600.

Source: Parkinson’s Action Network

The U.S. Senate declared April “Parkinson’s Awareness Month.” The Parkinson’s Action Network thanks the United States Senate for this distinction, and encourages advocates and others to use the month of April to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease, and the need for strong federal research funding and policy support for the estimated 500,000 to 1.5 million Americans living with the disease. For more information about your local support group, contact Barb or Roger Halleen at or at 699-7394.

Money Smart Week


Money Smart Week® (MSW) is a series of free classes and activities designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. MSW partners will host events from April 21-28. Topics range from making budgets, preparing for retirement and helping kids learn how to manage money.

Fieldhouse Special Events Submitted by Michelle Renick

Every Monday, join in for LIVE TRIVIA! This month, we host trivia on Mondays, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, starting at 7:00 p.m. ... with prizes! Events are held at The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill in Campustown, 1200 W. Main St. For more information, call 494-9600 or visit 10 – Monthly Messenger – April 2012

This annual week is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and various local partners. You’ll find great presentations at local banks, churches, community centers, and businesses. Learn more at or visit the Facebook Page: “Money Smart Week Peoria, IL” (http://www.

Open Volleyball

at Franciscan Rec Complex

Save the Date for our Craft & Vendor Sale on Saturday, May 19 from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Come experience all the best of local arts, crafts and home-based businesses!

Mondays, 7:30-10:00 p.m.

now acepting vendor applications. interested vendors should call 677-6705 or e-mail

Franciscan Recreation Complex 908 Sterling Avenue in West Peoria or call 677-6705.

These self-refereed pick-up games for ages 18+ are just $3 per visit or get a punch card at $20 for 10 visits. Just drop in!

April 2012 Calendar compiled by Amy Blain











PDC offers yard waste collection starting today!

PSD 150 Spring Break

PSD 150 Spring Break

PSD 150 Spring Break

PSD 150 Spring Break

Moss-Bradley Membership Meeting Social - 6:30 pm Meeting - 7 pm

Zoning Commission 1 pm City Hall Room 400




9 PSD 150 Spring Break


Bradley Percussion Ensemble 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center, Free





Good Friday PSD 150 No School Bradley Saxophone Quartet 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center, Free


Bradley Opera Workshop 7:30 pm Dingeldine Music Center, $5/Students Free


Cinderella Corn Stock for Kids 7:30 pm - Corn Stock Theatre Center

Cinderella Corn Stock for Kids 7:30 pm - Corn Stock Theatre Center


Cinderella Corn Stock for Kids 2:30 pm - Corn Stock Theatre Center


Bradley Symphonic Winds & Band 3 pm - Dingeldine Music Center $5 Adults/Students Free



Bradley Univ. Theatre - Glass Menagerie 2:30 pm, Hartmann Center


MSCS - Faculty Recital - Edward & Janet Kaizer, Piano 3 pm - Dingeldine Music Center, $5/ Students Free Bradley Guitar Ensemble 7:30 pm Dingeldine Music Center, Free Bradley Univ. Theatre Glass Menagerie 2:30 pm, Hartmann Center


Bradley String Chamber Music 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center , Free



Bradley Honors Band 7:30 pm Dingeldine Music Center , $5 /Students Free


Peoria Lunaire (New Music Ensemble) 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center Free


Historic Preservation Commission 8:30 am City Hall Room 400


Bradley Jazz Combo 7:30 pm Dingeldine Music Center $5 /Students Free Bradley Univ. Theatre - Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center


Bradley Collegium Musicum 7:30 pm Dingeldine Music Center , Free Bradley Univ. Theatre - Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center


Bradley Univ. Theatre - Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center Cinderella Corn Stock for Kids 7:30 pm - Corn Stock Theatre Center

27 Bradley Womens Choir 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center, $5/ Students Free Bradley Univ. Theatre Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center


Neighborhood Cleanup 9:00 am Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center Cinderella Corn Stock for Kids 7:30 pm - Corn Stock Theatre Center


Bradley Symphony Orchestra 3 pm Dingeldine Music Center, $5/Students Free Bradley Jazz Ensemble 7:30 pm - Dingeldine Music Center, $5/ Students Free Bradley Univ. Theatre Glass Menagerie 8 pm, Hartmann Center

Moss-Bradley Residential Association 1512 W Barker Ave Peoria, IL 61606

Dated Material – Please Deliver Promptly

PRST.STD U.S. Postage


Permit #1036 Peoria, IL 61601

Time to pay your Membership dues! Form on Page 1

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