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How to keep mosquitoes away Whether you are planning to celebrate a special occasion outdoors or simply want to relax in your backyard reading a mystery novel, it is certainly no fun to deal with the invasion of mosquitos that arrive to interfere with your good time. Not only are mosquito bites painful and uncomfortable, these flying insects spread disease and are a health danger to individuals who suffer from certain allergies. If you want to enjoy your time outdoors without doing battle, it’s important to learn how to keep mosquitoes away. There are a number of chemical lotions available at your local pharmacy designed to repel invading mosquitos. But these can prove to be inconvenient and messy to apply in addition to making you smell like a walking pharmacy! There are also spray cans of insecticides but inhaling their fumes can prove dangerous to your health, especially when children or pets are around. And not only is it inconvenient to always have to remember to keep these special products on hand for use at a moment’s notice, it’s rather awkward to have to announce to your guests, welcome to the party, now slather on this chemical lotion so we don’t get eaten by mosquitoes! There is a much better and more efficient solution when you are wondering how to keep mosquitoes away. The MistAway Mosquito Misting System prevents mosquitoes from congregating around your backyard, outdoor patio and dining areas, decks and swimming pools. The MistAway System involves the strategic placement of very small nozzles throughout your landscaping in order to deliver automatically programmed sprays of safe botanical insecticides, not only to eliminate mosquitoes which are already on your property but also to deter other swarms from even entering your air space. Each MistAway system is custom designed for your specific outdoor needs and is virtually invisible once it has been put into place. Once it has been programmed, the Misting System delivers just the right amount of insecticide in quick, short 30 to 60 second bursts, once at dawn and again at dusk to provide round the clock mosquito protection. The MistAway Mosquito Misting System is the most efficient way of guaranteeing that mosquitoes and other flying insects won’t ruin those times you want to savour outdoors. Stop wasting money on messy and inconvenient lotions, sprays and foggers that only work for a limited time when The MistAway system guarantees easy and convenient 24 hour protection against mosquito invasions.

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How to keep mosquitoes away