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Living Mosman State of the Environment Report 2011–12

Water Cycle

Mosman has an array of water assets including beaches, bays, creeks, groundwater, stormwater and potable water. Mosman’s waterways provide important habitat for native flora and fauna and are highly valued for their aesthetic and recreational opportunities. Key pressures on Mosman’s water sources and waterways include: • Stormwater runoff;

Objectives MOSPLAN has identified the following objectives in relation to water cycle management: • Improve stormwater quality and control stormwater flows to minimise impacts on the terrestrial and aquatic environments, and rehabilitate and improve water quality in Mosman’s waterways; • Implement strategies to reduce consumption of potable water in Mosman.

• Litter; • Nutrient rich run-off from gardens; • Animal waste; • Water pollution incidents; and • Increased water consumption due to a growing population.

SQID construction

Rainwater tanks

State of the Environment Report 2011/12  

The State of the Environment report gives an insight into all aspects of the natural and cultural environment in Mosman and its region: the...