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Living Mosman State of the Environment Report 2011–12


Mosman has regional and arterial roads running through the suburb so traffic congestion and pollution from motor vehicles are major issues. Key pressures on our transport system include: • Heavy reliance on private cars; • Lack of availability of efficient public transport systems; • Lack of cycling infrastructure, including on and off road bike paths; • Hilly topography which makes cycling and walking more difficult; • Traffic congestion, especially in peak hour, due to a large number of vehicles commuting north and south through the suburb.

Objectives Some of the MOSPLAN objectives in relation to sustainable transport include: • Ensure local bus and ferry services are improved so that they become the preferred mode of transport and there is less reliance on private vehicle trips; • Improved accessibility and safety of pedestrian facilities for the convenience and lifestyle of residents; • Provide a bicycle network which meets the community needs and the expectations of the residents of Mosman and is an effective part of the regional bicycle network with access to other parts of Sydney; • Have safe, accessible and effective bus stops and ferry wharfs; • Have environmentally and economically sustainable public transport that meets the needs of the community, including the level and frequency of services; • Initiate actions directed at making public transport a preferred mode of transport; • Have Wynyard Bus Interchange capacity issues identified as a significant barrier to effective public transport to the Northern Beaches; • No further expansion of the capacity of the Spit/ Military Road corridor but relocation of that capacity to give buses priority when needed. Mosman bike rider

Spit bike path

State of the Environment Report 2011/12  

The State of the Environment report gives an insight into all aspects of the natural and cultural environment in Mosman and its region: the...