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Wire Tap Transcription Wire tap transcription can be used as strong evidence in court of law against illegal activities. Outsourcing transcription tasks to a trustworthy company ensures accuracy and quality of transcripts.

What is Wire Tap? Wiretap is defined as the interception of a telephone










involves the use of a concealed electronic transmission





communication circuit which enables recording and monitoring telephonic, mobile, internet or voice conversations by an outside party. Lawful interception is that approved by the legal Wire Tap Act which provides government agencies with the right to record the actual content of telephonic conversations or VOIP. The collected content can become a strong source of evidence in court of law against crimes related to fraud, burglary, homicide and money laundering crimes. Why Wiretap Transcription is important To effectively utilize the recorded conversations for legal purposes, it is necessary to transcribe the recordings accurately. Efficient documentation helps attorneys present the content as material evidences in a court of law. Since the recorded documents are always case-sensitive, it is very important to choose an experienced and professional company which offers accurate, timely and secure wire tap transcription services. Outsourcing Wire Tap Transcription – Benefits Choosing a reliable and professional wire tap transcription service provider offers the following benefits:

Accuracy is maintained – Availing of the services of a professional legal transcription company is the right option when it comes to ensuring accuracy in documentation. These companies have a expert transcription team with extensive knowledge in deciphering legal terms, slang, jargon, and dialects, and who are also familiar with different accents. They also have excellent command over the English language and punctuation rules for legal transcripts.

All these capabilities ensure

99% accuracy for the final documents.

3 tiered quality checking – Reputable legal transcription service providers check the quality of transcribed documents before delivery. The quality of transcripts is ensured through a 3 level analysis program consisting of proof reading, reverification, reviewing and correction. Quality checking is done by skilled and experienced editors and proofreaders.

Affordable pricing – An established company can offer wire tap transcription service at affordable cost. Partnering with such a firm can help law firms save 30 – 40% on their operational costs.

Safe file transfer options – Transfer of files are done through FTP and browserbased 256 bit AES encryption protocol. This ensures top confidentiality for the sensitive legal data.

Choice of dictation options – A professional company will ensure convenient dictation options such as digital recorder and toll free telephone number.

Choose an experienced legal transcription company Hiring the services of an experienced transcription company is important to deliver quality results. One of the significant ways to analyze the suitability of a particular service provider for your wire tap transcription needs is to opt for a free trial. It is possible to analyze and evaluate the accuracy of services through this option. Other important factors to be considered are experience of transcription company and its promptness in meeting your deadlines.

Wire Tap Transcription  
Wire Tap Transcription  

Wire tap transcription can be used as strong evidence in court of law against illegal activities. Outsourcing transcription tasks to a trust...