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What Type of Services Do Legal Transcription Companies Provide? The type of services legal transcription companies provide is comprehensive. Comprehensiveness is one of the greatest qualities of any outsourced service, particularly one involving the field of law. Legal transcription companies offer comprehensive transcription of legal documents which include legal letters, court transcripts, court proceedings, law office recordings, general correspondence, legal pleadings, client letters, briefs, reports, trial transcription, verbatim transcription, wire tap, telephone conversations, interrogations and other communications and summons, and subpoenas. The legal transcription company is also equipped to transcribe business documents and communications in other professional fields. Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Transcription Some of the advantages of the legal transcription company are that: •

It employs state-of-the-art technology as well as experienced and trained transcribers, editors and proofreaders.

It can ensure accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality of the transcription and enable lawyers, attorneys, law firms and businesses to focus on their core tasks.

Reliable legal transcription companies can cover all areas of law including criminal, corporate, personal injury, real estate, patents, and intellectual property.

While the transcribers are trained in understanding the data and transcribing it quickly, the editors are subject experts. Each file is handed to the expert in the respective field of law who can ensure the transcribed data is accurate and also grammatically correct. These editors and proofreaders also carry out multiple quality checks of each transcribed file. Wide Range of Audio Formats Accepted The audio formats generally accepted include MP3, MP4, MPEG, WMV, AIF, DSS, and DIVX. The formats into which these audio files can be transcribed include text formats and document formats such as TXT, DOC, PDF, XLS and RTF. Transcription companies offer live transcription of the various sessions, or legal professionals can dictate the files digitally through a digital recorder usually provided by the company or through a secure toll-free number also provided by the transcription company. Audio files that are not in digital quality are generally converted by legal transcription companies before transcription to ensure accuracy. The File Transfer Protocol and Other Advantages One of the examples of innovative technology with legal transcription outsourcing is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which is basically software with a user-friendly interface for transferring files from the transcription company to the client securely. There is also browser-based transfer of files offered, which is secured by sophisticated encryption technology. The other advantages of legal transcription outsourcing to an experienced company include: • • • • • •

99% accuracy if audio quality is good 3 levels quality check Smooth and efficient document flow management Presence of transcription server interface and EMR interface Availability of complete workflow modules Round-the-clock customer service

As you’ve seen, legal transcription companies provide comprehensive transcription services for legal professionals, law firms and businesses. They do

offer cost-effective and flexible plans and their technological features enable them to ensure security and accuracy of the transcribed data. This is the type of services legal transcription companies provide. For more details contact: 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Main: (800) 670 2809 Fax: (877) 835-544

What Type of Services Do Legal Transcription Companies Provide?  

Legal transcription companies are of great help to lawyers, attorneys and law firms enabling them to save resources and streamline their fun...

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